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Greetings, fellow 40k players. So, how did 6ed affect the way you play your army and what kind of changes did you have to make? Also, 40k gaming thread general.

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Dark Eldar got buttfucked. Everyone else gained as much as they lost, from an army point of view.

Even if Genestealers and Assault Vehicles kinda suck now.

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I threw away all Wyches for Warriors

Fliers everywhere

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I threw away all my sluggas

Shootas are king


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What about the Tau?

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Now I run x2 vanilla russes and x2 demos

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>Dark Eldar got buttfucked
You mean you're crying that you might lose 1-2 wyches when charging into assault. Our shooting got way better, so stop crying.

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Tau got a fucking huge buff.

The old standby of "assault them and stomp them dead" is now countered by "I Overwatch with my eight billion guns".

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I sure hope that's a 2500pt list because that is way too much heavy support for anything less.

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My Chaos Demons have been greatly enjoying the Sky Shield Landing Pad (let me cut out 2 icons).

Also I really like the new Slaanesh Chariot - it's given me a real answer to horde type armies that I'm enjoying.

And to the "assault is dead" crowd - what the fuck? Sure you can be overwatched but its about choosing your assaults better. I stick my plague bearers and my demon princes in and then charge with my damonettes and chariots.

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As an Imperial Guard player, not that much. Just added krak grenades, meltabombs and power axes to my platoons. Vendettas are even more awesome then they were now, pie plates got better, Leman Russes still kick ass, I need to check how viable are mechinized veterans are now.
As for my Chaos Space Marines, I don't make any sudden movements now since the new codex is right around the corner. Other than that, FW fliers are nearly oblifatory now. Kharn and Abaddon got nerfed hard, Typhus is the beast now, Khorne Berzerkers really suck, and Rhino rush works differently.

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Got back into the game, bought a pair of Vendettas for the feudal world Guard I'm building. If I knew how much fun Vendettas were to build, I'd have done that so long ago.

I hope I remember how to paint, it's been maybe 3 years. But yeah, not running melta anymore or blobs anymore. Plasma everywhere.

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I'm putting together a 1500 pt. Ork list. I know I'm gonna want a lot of Lootaz and Shoota Boyz, but what else?

What should I pick for my HQ? I was thinking two Big Meks with KFFs, but I'm not sure.

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Nobz or Meganobz (who got a whole lot better now)?

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>I1 Power Axes
>SC with axes

Well fuck

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>Alright guys, anyone with unusual power weapons just counts as AP3 and keeps their special rules
>Okay Kharn is AP3 now, no big deal
>Check Chaos FAQ
>Okay guys Gorechild actually counts as a power axe; we'll just ignore the BRB rule for no reason other than fucking chaos players.

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New to the game, are BT shit now?

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i routinely see 4 imperial guard tanks at 1500 or more. at least.

and a manticore,

its painful.

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Wait, so Tau blood is red, not blue?


Don't forget their Stealth Suits also got some great buffs: Shrouded & Stealth their way to 4+ cover saves in the open, 2+ in any cover at all. Still anti-infantry, but damn good at it. Jet packs have 2D6 jump moves in the assault phase, so it's less reliable, but has the possibility of more range.

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>bought a pair of Vendettas for the feudal world Guard I'm building
>feudal world

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I love how much CSM players bitch about Kharn's axe. For fuck's sake the book is getting re-done in October. You'll live for 2 months in between.

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>too much HS


>RUNS x6 RUSSES AT 2k/1999

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What the fuck


>run x3 vendettas

I win forever

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I basically refuse to play against any guard player that runs gunline. It's not me disliking the player or being whiny; it's just not fun. The fact that they can run so much shit at even 1500 points just goes to show how poorly designed the Guard codex is.

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If you mean Dante, he does count as having a power axe. If you mean Astorath, his weapon is basically a better version of a relic blade.

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>I basically refuse to play against any guard player that runs gunline


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I'll be as pissed off as I fucking want with GW. There was no need after already nerfing the dex in previous FAQs to do this.

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To be fair, gunline IG can be beaten fairly easily.

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Plasma Guns, Plasma Guns everywhere

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>It's not me being whiny
Yes it is.

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>that was the joke
Seriously though, there's no fun playing against Guard. At all.
I can save myself the pain by rolling a d6 at the start of the game. On a 1-3 he wins, on a 4-6 I win.

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Me i don't mind russes or gunlines, thats fine, I just hate seeing guard players who run vendettas whine about anything.

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Useless ork kommandos

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Not a case of how hard it is to fight, it's just not fun to play against.

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x18 vendettas

your move

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>Tyranids suck
Someone hasn't fought the flying Hive Tyrants yet.

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S10 everywhere

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Eh, overwatch is nice, but it's not that amazing. Changes to rapid fire helped Fire Warriors more.

Besides Broadsides being the most terrifying anti-tank in the game, what REALLY helps the Tau in 6th is replacing Kroot with allies that perform the same job way better.

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>I pack up my shit and find someone else to play with

Your move. Oh wait no one is playing with you.

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>flying MC

Shoot them a bit, watch them crash to the ground completely unsupported

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I play with someone else who isn't a dick

Your move

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Nids can get a crapton of Biomancy psykers and have S 9 T 9 Eternal Warrior Tyrant walking around.

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I have endured 2 years of my Valkyries crashing and burning at the slightest tap. I have endured 2 years of my drop Veterans being skullfucked the second they hop out of their gunships. All my friends just told me to go mech, to run meltavets in chimeras, to buy more than 1 Russ. I told them no. That my day would come eventually.

It's here.


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Last Sunday I ran my Tau against some Blood Angels. First few turns I just blasted the fuck out of them. But when they got into assault range, things got ugly. Lost all my Kroot, a fire warrior squad, my crisis team and my command squad. In the end though, I figured that I might as well let the BA's have their fun ripping apart squads just as long as there was firepower ready to bear down upon the poor bastards.

At the end of the game, he was down to his commander and a few assault marines.

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Honestly, I'd love to see a Fly Tyrant with wings get shot down, only to have a chance to rise back up and start fighting like a Floor Tyrant.

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>implying mobile shooting doesn't exist

Yeah, full mech feudal. 5 Chimeras and 2 Vendettas at 1000. Guardsmen are kitbashes with Brettonians, vehicles painted with the coats of arms and such of different medieval Russian provinces. Have a blurry picture of a few dudes.

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I have to use fliers to compete now, which stretches my already overtaxed Fast Attack slots, though overwatch helps a lot. I'm debating whether or not devilfish are worth it after the hullpoint nerf.

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Necron Air Force reminds me a lot of 3rd ed. black book Tyranids. An army built to abuse a transitional meta.

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x4 night sythes with warriors

x3 ABarges

DLord with Wraiths

All day every day

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Well, that's Tau for you. God-like firepower. And even if you don't win, you can still scare the fuck out of them and fight the good fight.

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DE got buttfucked? By what?

Must be someone who has no idea how insane hellions got.
16pts each
3 attacks on the charge at str 4
combat drugs
pain tokens
Initiative 6, hammer of wrath attacks
assault 2 18" poison weapons
Hit and run.
10 man squad can potentially dish out 20 shots at bs4, then stomp in with 40 Strength 4 attacks, with potentially +1attacks each, +1 Str, or feel no pain just from drugs.
And they can be scoring.

160 points
These things will fucking wreck your face.

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Death Company got really vicious in 6ed, since Rage doesn't force them to run in circles and just gives them +2 attack. Jump pack ones get 5 attacks on the charge + Hammer of Wrath.
Sure is slav in here.

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I think the only reason people don't like them is because
>t3 5+ armour save

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I'm thinking of making my 40k Ork list just... as many Boyz as I can fit in as many Trukks as I can fit. Is this a good idea?

>> No.20435136

>someone looks for other units in the codex that are useable

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Hellions are really terrible dude

Shooty wise trueborn, reavers, even basic warriors do it better

Assault wise beast packs are rape face

>> No.20435185

They're not meant to be a shooty unit. The shooting is just there before they assault. Also yes, beast packs are great; expensive as fuck though, and not that easy to make (I don't really have any ideas for kymerae and razorwing flocks.

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No, but that makes it even more Orky

I like to use my Trukks as Ork carrying missiles. Drive it into the enemy and unload my orks (or it explodes [hopefully where I wanted it to get to])

>> No.20435224

Khymera, take direwolves or chaos warhounds and tack on scything talons

razorwings, I'd say find some cheap birds of sorts like

or so

I fuckign hate the razorwing models anywho

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Well, it wasn't until the last turn that he decided that hiding his last four minis in cover was a good idea. My 21 strong Kroot squad nearly took out his entire Sanguinary Guard until the other nearby marines decided they they wanted in on that and began to collectively chew through units.


Well, I am descended from eastern Poles who figured that packing up their shit and starting over in America was better then fighting in the Tsar's wars against Japan.

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So far my only real complaint I've run in to with 6th is Biomancy spam bugs.

My buddy got lucky and picked up like 3 enfeebles and that's not fun at all.

>> No.20435244


How about some confrontation shit


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Hey, you all may already know this, but I discovered a way around overwatch. If you're scared to assault that squad of burnas, or to multi assault a tau gunline, there's a way to avoid overwatch.

If a squad has gone to ground, it can't overwatch. So if you want to assault, have backup fire with pinning blast weapons, or lash of slaanesh, or whatever you have that can pin. I prefer snipers myself. This edition is so god damn cinematic, I love it.

Remember, every Eldar life is precious, so if you want those howling banshees to survive their 12" charge, have your pathfinders push their squads to thier knees first.

>> No.20435268

Yeah i'm feeling the same hurt in fast attack slots.

I thinking 3 squads of 12 firewarriors with only 1 devilfish and i'll use another devilfish from my pathfinders. (my other two fa slots dedicated to some piranhas and a barracuda.)

I'm also finding broadsides in squads of 2 are best now with target locks being faq'd useless.

Also now that glances remove hull points i like my burstcannon-missilepod, multi-tracker suits that much more.

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Thanks to both of you. I've been saddened that wyches and Incubi took a hit in 6th; and have been wanting to use beasts for a while.
I still want to try hellions though, I see potential for them. Only issue is they seem like mandrakes (they need a pain token to do anything).

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Question. I'm told the Aegis Defense Line is almost mandatory nowadays due to 100pt AA Gun. Is this true?

>> No.20435286

You could bring some allied Farseers or Rune Priests.

>> No.20435306

Have a haem right next to them

give pain token

eject haem somewhere safer

>> No.20435311

It's cool, especially with armies with no access to AA units, just don't expect it to stop Vendetta/Night Scythe spam since it can engage one target per turn. Also, see IA: Aeronautica for some anti-air/flier goodies if people you play are ok with FW units.

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>Retributors on gun
>Rending Quag gin


SoB allies are fuckign awesome for IG

>> No.20435315

Could I start him off in the unit, then move him out on the first turn without slowing the hellions down at all?

>> No.20435333

>Drive it into the enemy and unload my orks (or it explodes [hopefully where I wanted it to get to])

>Da proppa ork taktiks.jpg

>> No.20435337


I don't think it's mandatory, the strategy I've heard to deal with flyers is to take a bunch Assault Cannons and their equivalents.

>> No.20435353

How's this?

Big Mek with Burna & Kustom Force Field

(x5) 12 Boyz w/ Shootaz,1 Rokkit Launcha, Trukk w/ Red Paint Job (or Reinforced Ram, if I wanna be "sensible". Pssh.)

10 Nobz w/ TL Shootaz, Trukk

Total: 1000 pts.

>> No.20435357

Except that's not true.
Units that have gone to ground may only snapfire. Overwatch is snapfire.

>> No.20435362

You need a whole lot of Assault cannons, because you need 6's to hit and usually 4+ to penetrate (people tend to forget you need to damage it too).

>> No.20435379

Glanced at it, meh'd, back to 2e. That starter set might affect our Necromunda games though.

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Plain russes
Plenty of infantry
Autocannon sentinels

Plain russes
Plenty of infantry
Autocannon sentinels

When you stick to basics, editions come and go, but your army stays the same and perfectly usable.

Only real difference is Fortifications and some IG allies for my Marines (aka. cultists for my CSM), put together from spare bits.

>> No.20435406

DCA with power axes and power mauls/swords

Fun times to be had

>> No.20435414

6 russes in 2000pt game?
That honestly sounds completely retarded to me.

>> No.20435416


You're looking at the wrong part. Let me go get my book

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so yea... Templars got shafted in 6th so far they took there best vow that gave them perffered enemy and made it rage which is just +1 on the charge the wording starts with +2 but its really just +1, your emperors champion cant be a warlord so you have to have another HQ which is a point sink and there a assualty army in a shooty game space now... and all i've heard is that there codex will be around after the tau get theres so end of next year maybe.

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Hey guys, casual fuck reporting in. This thread seems appropriate without starting a new one for my question: what the hell is the 40K metagame like? I'm going to a GT in a week, and as I'm shuffling my units into a 2000 pt list I realize I have no clue what to expect. Now, I know I'm probably going to be knocked into a lower bracket pretty quickly, but a general gist of what to expect would be helpful. I decided to come to /tg/ first in my search because fuck blogs, surely 4chan won't troll the fuck out of me.

Also, holy fuck, so much Dark Eldar. As a former 3rd Ed. player getting back into the game I will never get to used to seeing a number of people greater than 1 know anything about DE.

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Playing against a friend, constantly ask him if i can use my barracuda since it's a sweet model
>nope its forge world, fliers would be unbalanced.
6th comes out with flier rules
He rushes out to buy two valkyries.
not even converted uses them as vendettas.
Ask him if i can use the areonautica barracuda
>Nope its forge world, it'll be unbalanced.
UGHHHH i just want to kick him in the dick.

>> No.20435435

same strategy

chimeras and tanks out the ass

Although now my tanks can take on vehicles

>> No.20435436

Stormtalon is a flyer and Contemptor Mortis has Skyfire/Interceptor with 6 shot assault cannons.

>> No.20435454

>what the hell is the 40K metagame like?

Flier spam
Terminator spam
Shooty shooty shooty
Gauss spam

>> No.20435457

Its funny because forgeworlds rules for fliers are significantly less broken than 6th's

>> No.20435460


Yeah. Right now, I'm probably gonna have to rely on my Barracuda for anti-air duties. I'm still trying to determine how many targets a flyer can shoot at, especially since my Barracuda lost Target Lock option.

>> No.20435461

Call him out for being a faggot

>> No.20435466

When he starts putting shit on the table be like
>nope, that's a flier, it'll be unbalanced
and when he starts bitching be like
>then I'm going to play this barracuda
and if he still says no then
>k I'll find a non-twat to play with

>> No.20435467

Fair enough, not all marines have access to these vehicles though.

>> No.20435470


>> No.20435486

Hive Tyrants are now crazy good, Pyrovores still suck, troops Genestealers got nerfed, gaunts are still good.

Biomancy is basically ridiculously strong on Hive Tyrants. And the new Force Org slots open up enough elite slots and HQ slots, that most Heavy Support choices aren't even worth it in 2k point games. Just spam moar Hive Tyrants/Harpies/Ymgarl Genestealers/Hive Guard.

The lack of anti-flyer is a serious problem. However, metal boxes are nerfed, meaning that troops will get out of them more often. Mobs of gaunts with adrenal glands are deathtraps for rhinos and chimeras. But cover save reduction and rapid fire buffs hurt a lot.

>> No.20435488


They do through allies.

>> No.20435506

>Implying that FW is more broken then Grey Knights
I'm ok with Forge World as long as my opponent can explain to me the rules for the unit he takes and has a proper model/conversion.

>> No.20435522

Ork fliers

Dakka Jets are cool

Everything else is shit
The Burna, the blizta, the fighta, the fighta bomba

all shit

>> No.20435525

This so many times.
I hate playing games with new people and they say they're playing an army. Then comes they day you play them, and half their army is Forgeworld shit and they just casually have it on their list and expect you to know the rules.

>> No.20435526

>implying Grey Knights are broken

>> No.20435528


50 man blobs with 5 power axe toting sergants and 5 commisars maybe a priest in there. i dare you to assault this. o and its a troops choice.

>> No.20435529

Vanilla, DA and BT get Contemptor Mortis.
Vanilla get Stormtalon.
BA and GK get Stormraven.

So only wolves are fucked, really, when it comes to assaulty cannony anty-airy.

>> No.20435536

are eldar bike armies any good? thinking of also having some DE support

>> No.20435546

How do they have power axes?

>> No.20435556


FUCK! Nope, I've got Nurgle's Rot in the brain.

I am mistaken. No way to avoid overwatch unless they already fired, or are locked in combat, or choose not to fire because they want to save it for another charge they think is coming, and think that your first one won't reach.

If you pin a unit, you can charge through cover without your initiative being reduced.

... I still like my Allied imperial guard command squad for my daemons consisting of the Officer, four snipers, and an astropath so all my daemons come in on a 2+ on turn two. Snipers are still cool.

>> No.20435583

They can take power weapons which can be power swords, mauls or axes.

>> No.20435593

Well, aside from making my casual Space Marines/Dark Eldar list official, I've started taking a Chapter Master and Honor Guard. Everyone sees the Chapter Master and figures they can Instant Death him with their power fist or whatever. They challenge, my Chapter Champion shows up to wreck face with his choice of Thunder Hammer or Relic Blade.

It's really fun, getting re-rolls to hit and to wound, just to see the other guy's face

>> No.20435598

Model them with power axes.


>> No.20435611

Tyranids.... Well. Monstrous creatures are now imba, but gaunts are even more worthless than b4, not even playable with the new random assault and overwatch...
Well. Warriors/fex army, here I come

>> No.20435624

i guess you cant do an axe or a sword for the same points? actually you should be able to if not a sword is fine. either way its hard to kill and throws off lots of attacks just keep sarges and commisars midway through the back to make sure they get in the assault

>> No.20435685


Are you joking? Gaunts are still, and will always be awesome. I may be a horde army fanboy, but hormagaunts in particular are beasts and so can move 12, and run 3d6 with a reroll. So 18 move if you are not trying to charge. If you do want to charge, 12 plus 2d6 where you can choose to reroll either die. Don't have to reroll both. So likely a 7 to 12 in charge. Gaunts will get in their face, and then be there. With blades and stuff.

I lost my momentum, but you get the idea right?

>> No.20435698

I had an opponent refuse to play me because My hellhound was a Forge World variant. He claimed, like many that Forge World is broken. It was a bloody hellhound that used Codex rules.

Also, take a look at the old Forgeworld Baneblade rules, it had no 7" Pieplate blast and cost a grand total of 625pts. Now it's better then ever and costs 125pts cheaper. Admit it folks, if you actually paid attention, Forge World shit wasn't as bad as they make it out to be.

Also, why do people complain now that it actually takes work to defeat IG, instead of "Get a single magic unit into the lines and watch them run wild." I'm sorry that 200pts of Space marines can no longer defeat 2000pts of Guard if they get to close.

>> No.20435713

Gaunts are awesome as tarpits because fearless wounds are gone now.

>> No.20435725

People don't complain about the fact that IG aren't pushovers. We complain about the atrocious internal balance in the codex.

>> No.20435742

>We complain about the atrocious internal balance in the codex.
Why? What does that achieve?

>> No.20435755


Personally, I love the fact that moving synapse away from 'FEED' nids is a good thing now.

"What do I do now Hive Mind? Hive Mind? AHHH, I'm alone! So angry! So much Rage! I guess I'll still go where I want and only have a bonus attack on the charge as a benifit."

Just be sure to return the synapse for fearlessness

>> No.20435764

Nothing really, it's just something to complain about. The codex has horrible balance.

>> No.20435826

Yup, I'm a Guard player and I think Vendettas are undercosted as hell. Most of other units are fine. People bitch alot about blobs and vets, I don't see the problem with them, vets die like flies if shot or assualted, blobs die to templates pieplates and units with lots of attacks, not to mention painting them is a pain in the ass and moving them in a proper fashion is a pain in the back.

>> No.20435830

How do you tell what is a character? Do they need a special signifier (ex. Unit: Unique), or do they need something else (ex. Independent Character rule)?

>> No.20435834

There is one way to avoid overwatch. You assault from behind a vehicle. vehicle to less than 6 inches away, have one guy spotting, have defensive grenades. 4+ cover save from overwatch.
Not so useful with marines, but very useful with wyches

>> No.20435844

The issue with vets is you can have like 129831238912389 chimeras filled with vets. Doesn't matter when they die like flies when there's 12381289318923 squads of them and 18 vendettas and 30 leman russes all at 500 points.

>> No.20435852

Anything that has a different profile that is like a "leader" is a character. So a shas'ui in a group of shas'la for instance.

>> No.20435862

wow way to exaggerate.
IG are very much balanced.

>> No.20435872

True enough, but 6ed nerfed mech, like transports are easier to kill and you can only leap out and shoot if the transport moved 6.

>> No.20435896

>18 Vendettas at 2k points

>> No.20435906

They can leap out 6 then move 6 though.

>> No.20435913


I think I have a few armies that can utilize that tactic. Unfortunately, Daemons aren't one of them.

... Wait, if you can get cover saves from overwatch, would the D3 template auto hits still ignore cover saves?

>> No.20435922

Look at the Unit Profiles section in the back of the 6th edition book, it has the profiles for every model currently in the game.

If a model is a Character, it will be notated in their unit types. For Example:

Model: Space Marine Sergeant
Type: Infantry (Character), which is abbreviated to In (Ch).

Anything with the (Ch) signifier is a Character, simple as that.

>> No.20435933


>> No.20435954

not quite, since that says, Shas'vres are characters

but the Faq clearly indicates that Shas'vre bodyguard are not characters.

>> No.20436113

Since you can only have up to half your units start in reserve, you should really rethink the shit you're spewing.
The most you can have is 9 with 8 vet squads and an hq, who must start on foot.
Don't bother worrying about those guys, they're dead, or in cc, while your vendets fly harmlessly around because guess what. ANything that isn't going into cc is hugging terrain and going to ground.
The more and more you really flesh it out, the max possible vendets that actually makes sense without sacrificing a whole lot, is 3

>> No.20436127

Shas'vres are characters in a group of crisis suits, however, when coupled with an HQ, they are bodyguards (2+ Look out sir).

>> No.20436218


>> No.20437164

18 Vendettas comes to 2340pts. Also, costs $1188.

>> No.20437291

Overwatch, revamped night fighting rules, power weapons having ap values and not just straight ignoring armor and glaive encarmines that look like axes (not to mention dante's axe mortalis) hitting at initiative 1.

We got nerfed, alright.

>> No.20437311

6th ed made my Orks much more awesome. I'd always tried to run a shooty list, but now it's even more effective. Combined with the ability to buy an Aegis Defence line and I'm loving it. Of course, my Killa Kans and Rokkit Buggies got retired, but I love my Dakkajet and Big Gunz instead.

>> No.20437383

>Dante has a power axe
>implying master crafted AND 2 handed are totally in the special rules section of the BRB
>even more implying that special rules make all power weapons ap 3 at initiative unless codex says otherwise

>> No.20437391

I play Guard, so I didn't have to change anything, we have been invincible for the past three years. Granted a lot has changed, we have the best AA capabilities in the game, can outspam almost every other army in terms of fliers, and with the new rules for blast templates, some basilisks or manticores can stun, immobilize, or destroy 3+ transports per turn, which is useful against mech armies, while the templates also rape horde armies.

Hell even the new power weapon rules gave us a boost. Since the only armies to ever hit with or after us are Tau, Orks, and Necrons having our initiative bumped down to 1 to get +1 strength and AP 2 doesn't really hurt us. Now a Guard blob can get 5 (or 10 if you spam commissars with power axes) str 4 (5 if you get furious charge) AP 2 power weapons, or str 5 (6 if you get furious charge) AP 4 power weapons on the charge.

>> No.20437397

>mfw forgetting to talk about sanguinary guard
>because dantes axe is not 2 handed, obviously

I ditched all my vehicles for this edition. I didn't run that razorback shit in 5th anyway. Non-manly shooting shit army it turns into. If you want to shoot, there is IG, Tau and D/eldar (and that faggy gay knights codex some brain damaged moron wrote).

Also enjoying my flying nids.

>> No.20437616


Hellions are (and were) great, you just have to run them with Baron. A 15-20-man blob has stealth, assault and defensive grenades hit and run, loads of shooting and hit really hard in assault. Without Baron they're pretty bad, tho.

Now, it is true that Beastmasters with Baron do all of that as well (except the shooting part), and do it better, but Hellions are scoring. Now you can no longer score when inside a vehicle, and Hellion blobs are the only scoring unit we have that is relatively tough and extremely mobile without a vehicle.

Overall DE stayed pretty much the same, really. People are complaining how Wytches became useless (not entirely true, they wreck tanks with haywire nades, but are not as good in assault as before), but Beastmasters are crazy now, and Reavers got a massive surviveability boost. Hull points barely affect us, since our vehicles explode when sneezed at, but they make previously tough vehicles like Psyflemen easier to deal with.

>> No.20439221

Is DE MSU still viable?

I'm amazed how much I could fit in

75-Haemonculus: Liquifier Gun, Hexrifle
60-Wyches (5): Haywire Grenades
60-Raider: Disintegrator Cannon
60-Wyches (5): Haywire Grenades
60-Raider: Disintegrator Cannon
60-Wyches (5): Haywire Grenades
60-Raider: Disintegrator Cannon
45-Kabalite Warriors (5)
65-Venom: Splinter Cannon
45-Kabalite Warriors (5)
65-Venom: Splinter Cannon
115-Ravager: 3 Disintegrator Cannons, Night Shields
115-Ravager: Night Shields
115-Ravager: Night Shields


>> No.20439253

With my Nids i'm liking 6th ed. Hull points means tanks are actually alright to deal with, even gaunts are viable anti-tank now, had a lucky unit kill a squadron of 3 russes in one turn last game.
Loving the new psyker powers, having a T9 6W eternal warrior tervigon as troops is great for holding objectives and for that look on your opponents face when it happens.

>> No.20439401

Nid player here. While Genestealers aren't as good I love 6th. Hull points make vehicles so much easier to crack and I love the buffs to MCs. Plus I freaking love the biomancy table. Hell I roll with the swarmlord just to ensure getting Iron Arm my favorite new power. Also I find overwatch isn't as bad as people make it and there are ways around it. Just got to strategies around it like charging the MCs in first so gaunts aren't hurt by it.

>> No.20439422

I don't even understand what the fuck you're trying to say. In the BRB, it says any unique power/force weapon retains its special abilities, and drops down to AP3. Dante does not have a unique power weapon, it's just a master crafted power weapon. Since it's modeled as an axe, it's a master crafted power axe.
As for Astorath, he has what is essentially a Relic blade that forces rerolls on successful invulnurable saves. Because it is a unique power weapon, it is AP 3.

>> No.20439499

I do it the other way around. I send in the left overs of my cannon fodder gaunts to soak up overwatch before my stealers/warriors charge in.

>> No.20439534

Nid player here.

No fliers, no allies. baww, I wanted a genestealer cult.

I'm shooting *a lot* more. biomancy is pretty ace, and validates a tyrant at lower points values than before.

It's pretty much more of the same though.

>> No.20439587

The other player chooses who to overwatch at, so no big deal.

>> No.20439598

Yeah, but if the cannon fodder makes it into CC, then he can't overwatch anymore.

>> No.20439639

I play mostly Necrons (2500+ p) with a side order of SoB (about 1000p) and IG (750 - 1000p depending on how i kit them)

No change.

Have added some seraphims to the mix for more oomph

no change in units.

>> No.20439753

12 Wraiths + DLord, Gauss Immortals, Doomsday Barge, Monolith

Where is you God-Emperor now?

>> No.20439762

>Doomsday Barge, Monolith


>> No.20439931


Take SoB allies
Put Jacobus in the Blob Squad

>> No.20439946


Arent snipers going to neuter that fast?


>> No.20439954

I shelved it. And started playing a game system that doesn't play excessive favorites like GW does.

>> No.20440035

Wolf player here. So far diggin 6th. Assault is not dead btw. So Tau can pop off before I bash their faces in, who cares. Throw a Term with a shield in front and he'll absorb the few wounds they can pull off (6s to hit isn't that easy). Not only that, drop pods (my main transport) are even better now with LoS cover for other vehicles And they can snapfire as soon as they come in. Biggest problem for me now is all of my HS tanks are getting glanced to death. AND WHERE ARE MY FLAKK MISSLES?!

>> No.20440069


I dunno, but 50 dudes with +1A, FnP and stubborn, with a nice spattering of power weapons, is going to be tough to shift.

>> No.20440162

I didn't think my Storm Guardians could get any worse. How naive I was...

>> No.20440268

From mechdar perspective, 6th edition 12'' movement with eldar skimmer tanks and firing both main weapon and shuriken cannon is possible, and they get cover for just moving.

They also got buffed in durability against some weapons and can't be suppressed with glances. Pic related is comparison of probabilities for 5 hits killing a wave serpent in 5e and 6e.

>> No.20440371


Precision shots with snipers were really over hyped in the rumour phase, to actually snipe a character you need a 6 to hit, then a 4+ to wound, then you need your opponent to fail a 4+ look out sir roll and finally you have to get through his armour (unless you rolled another 6 to rend it).

The real issue comes from shooty characters, such as Grey knight paladins since with their weapons they can actually push out a high number of shots and some of them like the psycannon will wound most models a 2+.

>> No.20440605

And ICs get a 2+ Look Out, Sir! I'd rather use snipers to weed out special/heavy weapons, etc. from units.

Could you use snipers to eliminate enemy units so that they're out of unit coherency?

>> No.20440633

Playing BA here

>Power Maul Reclusiarch with death Company that has 1 Sword and 1 Fist

Dem charges. Still expensive as fuck though

>> No.20440652

All charges are declared before charges happen.
I'm not sure what you mean, but it will take two turns to prevent overwatch on one specific unit.

>> No.20440701

Uhh no. Reading the rule book right now. You pick one unit, declare what it's charging. Enemy does overwatch. Then you roll charge distance and move into b2b contact. Then you either choose to charge with another unit, or proceed to the fight sub phase.
This means if I throw a shitty fodder unit at you first, you either shoot it and there goes your overwatch, or hope it doesn't reach you. If it makes it into CC, you don't get overwatch for anything.

>> No.20440785

My terminators are now avoided like the plague by combat units. Feels good, man.

it's purplish, that image is a photoshop

>> No.20440889

My CSM got tabled in their first 6th ed game against necrons.
But then I don't have a very effective army (I just like my terminator models) and avoid all csm purchases till the new codex hits.
Then I'll buy *everything* that is released in plastic (and a finecast Dark Apostle..)

>> No.20440928

Yeah, I don't even like playing my Chaos at this point. I used to like Khorne Berserkers, a unit of Plague Marines, and then a unit of either Emps Children, or 1k Sons. I only used 1 daemon prince at a time, and I hate using 9 obliterators.

>> No.20443640

I've found that the Forgeworld update brought a lot of cool things to the table, granted, your opponent has to be ok with it, but having Plague Marines and CCW dreads in Dreadclaws makes for a rather surprising shock force.

Alternatively, get Epididemus as an Ally, have him bunker in an Aegis Defense Line w/ Quad Gun in a squad of Plaguebearers, and then place the weapon/barricade near your objective. Then spam Blight Drones, Plague Marines (Plasma or Melta) with Icons, and have Typhus in a unit of Nurgle Terminators (With PFists/CFists). Maybe throw in some Hell Talons to taste or Nurgle Havocs to pop stuff at range.

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