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Don't mind me, just gonna dump my spess marines folder. Gonna start with some of the rarer ones.

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I fucking love CSM artwork about standard Chaos Marines. Lords are cool and all, but I love the individualism/ornateness of the armor of their standard troops.
Also, what do Tau skulls look like? You only ever see Tau trophies as their helmets. I've never seen what their bleached skulls look like.
Contributing in the meantime.

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Hmm, that is a VERY good question, also, good to know I'm not just dumping into empty e-space

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Grabbing what I can first ;_;

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Where'd this Storm Wardens art come from? Looks boss.

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sucks man, but I'll try to keep this up as long as possible

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Hey OP?


Did you feel that? I just hugged ya'.

Hugged ya' good.

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most badass SM art ever, perhaps better than horus v emp.

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thanks man

loooongtime lurker here, just giving back the love that /tg/ gives out

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I might be running out of the more unusual ones soon, gonna switch to more general 40k stuff

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I got a few pieces to throw out. Not much, but it's what I got.

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common man, blow me out of the water!

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only a few left ;_;

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We'll see; you've already crushed me.

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its all good

also, Not OP, thanks to you too man

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I like this one, it looks like it could be a 40k Icewind Dale portrait.

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Gonna start dumping some of my stuff.

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i'm out! this could possibly be a 40k image with much artistic license taken. still an amazing drawing though.

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I've got more of these if anyone wants them

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That's Clint Langley work if I've ever seen it.

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yes please. where did you get them? a specific artist's dA site perhaps?

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>Dem pauldrons
>Dem tiny arms

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Got em on a Space Marine dump. Sorry dude.

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Hmmmmm, no clue.

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This dude has huge pauldrons, and tiny hands.

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Nah, that's that new guy that does tons of black library covers. I forget his name because why is it so shitty why
Oh god someone contracted an even worse case of babby arm than the 6th edition coverboy.

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Some dude posts them on the B&C forums. He had a thread called 'clever girl' or something in reference to the raptors from Jurassic Park and then drew a bunch of legion specific raptors that looked pretty boss.

I'll dig up a link if you can't find it.

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Wow, that would be the coolest Alpha legionnaire masquerading as a noise marine evar.

(pro-tip: everyone is Alpha legionnaire)

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Seriously? Is he riding Clint Langley's dick?

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Nice. I'll just dump some of the other stuff I have.

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nvm, you found his stuff.


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Question: Can Alpha Legion into Waaagh?

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i recommend you all to look at this gallery. any 40k fan would appreciate the quality of a lot of these pieces. why is this guy not on the GW creative team?? i would die a little to see some of this art in colour on the front pages of a codex (my current faves are conrad kcurze and asterion moloch).

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Why do people even bother with such unimaginative fanart?

>Depict subject from front similar to how he has been previously depicted, without composition or pose or stylization and a minimum of visible technique.

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This better?

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But these are all terribly posed and proportioned, badly composed, don't have anything particularly interesting about them, generally are just big pauldron tiny head decoration-encrusted marine wank.

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Not really.
>Common subject
>Frontal view, static pose, no action or interest
>Same garments as previous depictions
>Same pose as previous depictions

The naked chicks are okay I guess.

Why the fuck do these twits keep giving him the same leg pose as Adrian Smith's big painting?
Oh right, because they're really unimaginative. Smith's painting is great as a two-pager but it's pretty awful as a whole. His earlier pencil work of the same scene has better posing and atmosphere.

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Yea, but it has a dino.

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>Ohgodohgod I hate drawing feet I'll just put some huge object there because I can't stand the idea of cropping out these groovy shield-shaped kneepads

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you're a pretty cool guy

blingtastic emps is alright as an idealized image, but I like the old power-armoured versions a bit more

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the fuck?

>unimaginative fanart of the emperor
i'll give you that. perhaps the artist was looking to recreate previous GW images of god-emps at the time of the heresy, and did not want to break fluff perhaps?

>terribly posed
how so?
>terribly proportioned
we're talking about 40k. nothing is meant to be realistic. everything is over the top, including the pauldron sizes.
>don't have anything particularly interesting about them
nothing interesting about any of them? are you blind?
>marine wank
awwww, jelly of the marine love? GW will be sticking with marines as the staple of the franchise forever. get used to it.

would you like to post some of your own works? or perhaps you could contribute to the thread some other positive way?

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aaaand I'm done

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>i'll give you that. perhaps the artist was looking to recreate previous GW images of god-emps at the time of the heresy, and did not want to break fluff perhaps?
If you want to depict something that's been depicted before in the same way it was depicted before, why bother?

>stuff about crappy fanart
Crappy fanart's crappy.
>we're talking about 40k. nothing is meant to be realistic. everything is over the top, including the pauldron sizes.
Realistic and not terrible are two different things. 40k isn't realistic. 40k, including marine armor design and proportion can be done in ways that aren't terrible.

>would you like to post some of your own works?
I did all the acrylic paintings for Chapter Master. (Pic related, angry Administratum Prefect is angry). Oddly enough none of them were of Space Marines, much as I love space marines. I really do, jus
>Implying expertise is a prerequisite for criticism
Shiggidoo. I don't think my work's the bee's knees either, I'm way too lazy to draw backgrounds, for one, but I at least try to put some personality into it.

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>I really do, jus
Realized I didn't finish that.
Just I prefer depictions that aren't fucktarded. Fan art on Space Marines tends to take the most ridiculous of GW's published stuff and then make it more ridiculous.

>This was once considered adequate ornamentation and stature for a Primarch. No, this isn't from when Russ was an Imperial Commander, this is from when he was reintroduced as a Primarch.

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Is this thread dead? Can I make a drawfag request?

pic entirely related

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>Aztec Marines
Holy shit, I remember this. Awesome concept they had going with it.

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Blood Jaguars. Look 'em up on 1d4chan.

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I spent a good hour today digging up the thread for more pictures. I absolutely love the concept of them. If/when I get some miniatures, they're going to be the first things I make.

along with some Tau. I just need to find a way to justify having the two on the same side.

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Pre-fancy tech Tau? I'm not sure how that would go but it's the best I can think of.

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Jungle Tau that got caught in a plot device warp storm. Blood Jaguars for the melee, Jungle Tau for the range.

A /tg/er helped me make my Tau scheme but I'm not sure if it works anymore.

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bumping with more Blood Jaguars.

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not quite a space marine, but eh.

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god damn horus looks fucking terrifying

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Okay, I'm really late to the party on this one, but what the fuck. That guy must have spent hours on this painting, but he didn't stop once to see if melta guns had a pilot light? Whenever I so much as WRITE anything, I pause to make sure I'm correct. Hell, I just googled pilot light to make sure it was the right term. If I'm gonna paint something pretty, I'm damn sure going to research every piece of it.


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Gays vs. furries, no matter who loses we win.

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Nah, they should hire this here guy

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Except for the fact, that this author isn't a guy, it's a girl, lol.

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OP here, stay frosty marines

pic related; its me about 5 minutes ago

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I'm gonna defuse back into anonymous now guys. Shot in the dark before that though, anyone know of anywhere to play RPGs in the northeast new jersey area? I have always wanted to try it but alas my one attempt to start a gaming group between my friends ended in much childish wankery and all around madness. I have A MIGHTY NEED /tg/, I beseech thee.


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soviet Empire

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rad man!

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I'm looking around myself, in Central Jersey, Middlesex County. There's a comic book shop in my town that runs D&D encounters, but damnit, I'm not touching 4e.

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That picture always makes me wish that my Plague Marines had access to Heavy Weapons. Even a Heavy Bolter! C'MON MAN!

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