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Need Pictures... Need Lots of Pictures
Warhammer 40k Related
-Death World Landscapes
-Death World Wildlife
-Imperial Guard Jungle Fighting Vehicles
-Anything Jungle/ Death World Oriented

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did someone say pictures?

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This, too, is relavent to my interests.

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death world brah

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Aww sweet, running a really good DH game right now but I need more environment and character art so this thread is perfect. I'll contribute once I've sifted through my shitpile of pictures.

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Here's a few

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If the Dark Heresy group I'm DMing for manage to pull off their current story arc - saving an AdMech system from a Chaos Titan/Iron Warriors/Dark Mechanicus combined assault - then I'm going to have pic related as their reward.

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AdMech ranking system. Try to wrap your head around that one.

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Anyone else in here?

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This is now a Bretonnia thread

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Got any:
>Storm Troopers?
>Sanctioned Psykers?
>Imperial city settings with some class?

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Nice models, they yours?

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Silly knight, by default EVERY thread is a Bretonnia thread

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Unfortunately no, I'm not that good a painter.


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I posted some stormtroopers here >>20422723
but here, have some more anyway. I'll post some psykers in a minute, and if you'll look up you'll see an arbitrator, but I have a few more if you want them - I'll just have to hunt through the mess of pictures. I have some non-40k images that could pass as imperial cities, so I'll post those in a minute.

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Moar stormtroopers

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Arbitrators and Storm troopers would be the preferred ones from that list. Thank you.

If you have any neat servitors, those would be appreciated as well.

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"classy" imperial worlds, or at least art that can pass as one

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One more shweet city thing and then I'll do some arbitrators

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Damn, I only have 2 more arbitrators, sorry.

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Enjoy some psykers

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Aaand I think that's pretty much it for 40k stuff. I have a load more, I just can't be arsed to hunt for something unless someone requests it.

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Hm....by any means, do you have:
- scouts (Space Marine)
- Torias Telion (SM Scout Sergeant)
- awesome IG related stuff (badass guards and such)
- valhallans
- SoB fightan' anything


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Here, have another guard pic. I posted a valhallan further up, but I'll look for another. As for SoB... I think I only have one. Weird.

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Thought I had more scouts, apparently not.

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Aha! Valhallans! Found some.

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Thanks. I haven't seen the scout pic, so it goes into the 40k folder.

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I don't think this counts as SoB fighting...

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Aaand my other one.

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That ain't an eversor, it's a character from a comic book. Can't remember his name but the artist is Dan Luvisii

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My only SoB picture, unfortunately.

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Huh, you learn something new every day. That's the artwork I use for a recurring enemy that my aforementioned DH group keeps coming up against - he's an Eversor loyal to an Inquisitor opposed to the Inquisitor that employs them.

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Ah, Kriegers, how I love you so.

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I did immediately think eversor when I was reading it though.

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I guess I'll post some general 40k pics

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Probably best to ignore filenames.

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Think I'll alternate between silly and awesome.

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Anything people're looking for in particular?

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Little eldar

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Little guard.

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Abrites/Enforcers, Servitors, Cyber-Mastiffs, Dark Eldar, Temple Assassins.

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Suprising amount of Tau around the internet.

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I'll see what I have.

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dang flood

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Duplicate file from another thread.

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contributan with some funny.

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Picture unrelated but it is reallly easy to find black templar. Now back to playing games.

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