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So, /tg/, are you looking forward to Marinehammer 30,000: In the Grim Darkness of the Less Far Future, There Are Only Marines?


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Nice, recycle music from Ultramarines movie.

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I think they've done that for every trailer since that thing came out. That aside, the Forge World guys do seem about 10,000x better at this than the main GW ones, who haven't moved beyond 'text+picture of a galaxy'.

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All my money is already spent.

Fortunately as a Kiwi FW is cheaper than plastic GW crack. My army will actually save me money

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I'd buy. I want Pre-Heresy Kharn.

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It's just an art book, don't get too excited.

They already have your heresy-era minis if you want them.

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Hell yeah

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I support this

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Aren't there far more minor alien races they could put in 30k?

Of course it wouldn't happen...

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>It's just an art book
Oh. You sure? I kinda got the impression it was going to be rules for Heresy-era stuff.

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>more xenos
GW is not in the money-losing business, seƱor.

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Hey, remember back when we used to bitch about how FW was all IG, all the time? Well, I take it all back. I'll take some new regiments and tanks over HOT STEAMY MAHREEN ON MAHREEN ACTION any day.

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Why would xenos lose GW money?

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Because Space Marines are the main characters of 40k, the ones they use to suck all the grubby little 12-year-olds in with.

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So, it would be High-Tech Space Marine : The Game?

I... I'm okay with this.

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(a) They're harder to make, because you can't just take existing power armour designs and tweak them or stick things on them.
(b) People don't like them as much.

...so always bet Mehreen.

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In fact, after some googling... I'm pretty damn sure it's rules. In any case, I'm going to be ready for epic 'but HIS primarch shouldn't be better than MY primarch!' buttdamage.

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So when they don't advance plot, they regress it? Whatever work I guess.
Anyway, it'll be nice making a pre-heresy army with all the high tech stuff. Also, I hope there's a Mechanicus Codex.

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Hasn't 40k always been set in the last days of the Imperium? You can't really advance it without just blowing everything up... all the background has been filling in the bits before that, no?

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>You can't really advance it without just blowing everything up

And that's would be bad because...?

A desperate imperium breaking would be an incredible setting.

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i see what you did there

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Official Primarch tier list:

Secret favourite son of the emperor, designated ruler of the galaxy tier:
Rogal Dorn

Bro tier:
Roboute Gulliman

My name is altin for Iron Hand tier:
Ferrus Manus

Low tier:
The rest

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Fair point. And it would make all the Marine vs. Marine fights make sense. But they would have to ditch a lot of the fluff they don't really change between editions, and the new 'civil war' fluff would probably end up written by Waaaaard.

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bro tier
you've not studied the brodex astartes i take it?

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Russ was totally not bro. The fact that the 1ksons are now teentzies is evidence of that.
Ill give you Khan though

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You forgot 'closeted gay poet' tier.

In an unexpected tweeeest, that's occupied by Leman Russ

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>A desperate imperium breaking would be an incredible setting.
This would be fun. The entire Imperium split into factions, with mini empires inside itself. They unite only when they face a threat that threaten to eliminate all of them.
>Magnus not in I JUST WANT TO HELP Tier
Also >Leman Russ in low tier
This, I like.

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i'd quite like to see the megarchnids and the Robusts done as models maybe some of the other mentioned no standard races

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sons of dorn were here, everyone else is a loser

>> No.20423278

"Oh my huge manly wolf
how I lust for your wolf dick
I want to make hot wolf love to you and a man"

Tactical doctrines laid down by Russ for his Legion

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Nah, Magnus is in COMPLETE FUCK UP tier.

He was told not do one thing, and he fucked it up.

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Secret favourite son of the emperor, designated ruler of the galaxy tier:
Rogal Dorn

Bro tier:
Roboute Gulliman
Sagatai Khan

My name is altin for Iron Hand tier:
Ferrus Manus

Magnus the red

closeted gay poet tier:
Leman RUss

Low tier:
The rest

Dark and Edgy tier:
Night Haunter

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions, eh?

>> No.20423296

>dark and edgy tier
>not batman tier

>> No.20423299

Guess again, loyalist scum. You failed to protect the False-Emperor, failed to defeat us, your Primarch went full retard and you are a legion no more.

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Now I'm imagining an Icelandic transexual superstar called LeMan Russ.

>> No.20423301

"That's a man, man!"
"I know. It's right there in his/her name. But in a classy French way."

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Well yeah, but it was one of those moment where you absolutely have to warn your father, despite the order. The vision show Horus betrayal and plunging the Imperium into seas of flame and destruction. He thought he might prevent the event and then gain his father understanding later. Too bad he show up right in the middle of an experiment.
It was just at the wrong time. Fucking Tzeentch.

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How's that virus treating you?

>> No.20423310


i'm going to crusade my fist right up your silver plated ass you pansy son of a bitch.

say that to my face and not on the vox net and see what happens

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Then Horus, the fucking prick, manipulates Russ into attacking the 1k Sons with intent to destroy them so that he (Horus) can get them to go chaos.

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Secret favourite son of the emperor, designated ruler of the galaxy tier:
+Rogal "Motherfucking" Dorn

Bro tier:
+Roboute Gulliman
+Sagatai Khan

My name is latin for Iron Hand tier:
+Ferrus Manus

+Magnus the red

Bishounen tier:

Low tier:

Traitor tier:
+Lion El'Johnson

Closeted gay poet tier:
+Leman Russ

Gullible tier:

Dark and Edgy tier:
+Night Haunter

Alpharius/Omegon not included because of Alpharius/Omegon

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>dark and edgy tier
>not batman tier

>> No.20423337

It's pretty cool actually.
Why no batshit-crazy tier? Angron and Night Haunter fit right in there.

>> No.20423345

>implying batman dies to an assassin

>> No.20423351

Right, I know I should be hating Horus and Tzeentch for the Thousand Sons disaster, but my hate is still directed at the Space Yiff. Probably because of reading the story from one side only.

>> No.20423362


He wouldn't have had prep-time, so it sort of makes sense.

>> No.20423363

Of course. You have to remember that only three parties know of the trickery. Horus, Tzeentch, and us.

>> No.20423364

Dark and Edgy? Quite effective against the nonassassins! But we are not nonassassins now are we, Nightlord-man?

>> No.20423366

No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

>> No.20423371

Kurze was able to foresee his death, and allowed it. He sacrificed himself for what he had done in an attempt of making up for it. Much like Batman would sacrifice himself.

>> No.20423381

I thought he sacrificed himself to prove his point.

>> No.20423383

also because you are a complete cock sucker?

>> No.20423388

I don't see how being a cock sucker have anything to do with hating Space Yiff.

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>Not Nightlord-man

>> No.20423390

So uh, how's that virus treating you?

Oh, hey. Lysander says "Hi!" He also wants to know if you've let any naked prisoners escape, slap the guards around, escape on a transport, and then return with a fleet to destroy your home world lately.

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>Implying batman would not just have pulled his anti-assassin spray from his belt, after watching how Robin got killed.

>> No.20423394

Dark Angels, duh.

>> No.20423401

Oh. OH. I laugh, good one.

>> No.20423417

Lysander razed Malodrax not Medrengard. Get your facts proper. Also, Hydra Cordatus. And I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your Primarch was a hamster and your gene-seed smelt of elderberries.

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Oh, wow. The disease seems to be hitting you pretty hard. Do you...do you wanna talk about it?

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Maybe now Vulkan will actually get some art like the rest of the fucking primarchs

>> No.20423462

Go to YouTube and watch 'hood life part 2'. That's good enough for now.

>> No.20423472

Yeah, it makes me look kinda fat actually. Can't afford to get fat when you need to move all this equipment, dig trenches and rush in for a final assault.

>> No.20423473

>Your Primarch was a hamster
The mental image of this is extreamly adorable. An army of hamsters clashing across the human city. Half of them have been corrupted by the dark (See Sewers) gods while the other fight for the Emperor (the owners)

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>not eldarberries

>> No.20423493

So what primarchs are still alive as primarchs.

Lion and Rowboat.

Anyone else?

>> No.20423510

It actually fits the Imperial Fists yellow paint scheme.

>> No.20423511

The secret of the lost primarchs is revealed>>20423417

>> No.20423518

Russ hasnt been confirmed as dead niether has Sagatai Khan or vulkan if memory serves

>> No.20423529


Khan, Corax, Vulkan and the Wuffle-Lord Russ are MIA. Russ is also naked.

>> No.20423530

All the traitor ones, apart from Horus and Kurze.

>> No.20423535


Adorable? ADORABLE?

>> No.20423537

citation need?

>> No.20423538


Arent they Demon Princes and transformed guys now?

>> No.20423542

And maybe Alpharuis. Or Omegon. Fuck knows

>> No.20423545

Japan already did this. It's called Hamtaro.

>> No.20423547

Fuck the Horus Heresy, do the Machine Wars.

>> No.20423574

Yes. Angron constantly wrecks Imperium's shit, Mortarion does something and least somehow Grey Knights and Draigo got to him, Magnus and Fulgrim did some stuff soon after the Heresy as Daemon Princes, the rest are just being lazy. And I forgot Alpharius/Omegon.

>> No.20423577


Yeah, Daemon Primarchs. Meaning they're about a hundred times more powerful than they were and deathless to boot.

>> No.20423587

Also Lorgar, who is in constant meditation to his gods.

>> No.20423589


Chaos gets shit done almost as much as we do.

>> No.20423607

Adorable. Absolutely adorable.
And I've watch that. No huge fight between hamsters armies.

>> No.20423609

Which is to say it doesn't.

>> No.20423612

Hamtarohammer 40k pls.

>> No.20423615


Pretty much, as long as you leave it to it's own devices.

Just look at Ahriman. He almost broke into the Black Library which is even crazier than it sounds when you realize this also means he must have already managed to break into the webway, a place the Emperor was still trying to figure out.

>> No.20423631


>> No.20423664

And the eldar had to call in the space marines to help them because they were losing.
Yeah, Ahriman is probably the most dangerous of the chaos champions.
And that's before he summoned a leviathan to do his work for him.

>> No.20423676


It's just a shame he's such a bitch in the Thousand Sons book. Leman Russ has to choke a bitch.

>> No.20423682

>And that's before he summoned a leviathan to do his work for him.

>> No.20423683



>> No.20423685

> Khan was lost in the webway chasing Dark Eldar so is most likely in Commaragh

> Russ was heading to the Eye of Terror to find a magic tree so is most likely chilling with the 13th Great Company

>Trazn has one of the primarchs on display, probably Vukan

>I don't remember the source for this, but I think I heard that Corax lied about leaving and actually went into stasis.

That last one might be bullshit, I dunno

>> No.20423686

>Fighting Leman Russ
Do you mean Magnus? Anyway it's not exactly a fair fight. Leman Russ always fight with two wolves by his side.

>> No.20423701


Yeah, i did. See? I even said so!


>> No.20423734

That was 10000 years ago and Ahriman has been doing nothing but studying and gathering study materials during that time while everyone else was busy fighting for fun, profit and survival.

>> No.20423737

Right then, my mistake. I didn't see it when I post.
In the 13th Crusade, Ahriman summon a Leviathan daemon from the warp by himself. The Leviathan , which is a daemon of Tzeentch, is reported to be bigger than any space ship in the Imperium Navy, and the Imperium Navy have tons of fuck huge ships.

>> No.20423911

>Rowboat Girlyman
>Anywhere but shit-tier
How can you respect someone whose general dickheaded-ness ended up alienating other Primarchs and eventually caused the Horus Heresy?
>Lorgar + Word Bearers are being all religious and shit
>Alpharius' tactics win over a heavily defended planet in record time with minimal casualties
And then you wonder why the Legions turn on you.

>> No.20424063


>Implying he doesn't live amongst us still in the guise of a mortal man, to experiance what it truly means to be human.

>> No.20424217

I'm excited for this if for no other reason than any miniatures that will be produced alongside it. Honest to god if they make a rogal dorn model, day one purchase for me.

>> No.20424412


You're a good person,


Buddy, I'm about to drive this LRC full of neophytes who think your ass is made of chocolate through your wall. And then we'll have words.

I shouldn't go to the gym when fun threads are happening.

>> No.20424530

Robot did as was commanded by him. The Ultramarines even evacuated the city. Guilliman himself even allows some degree of religious freedom within Ultramar. The Emperor was heavy handed and Lorgar a huge supermanbaby. Robot is cool.

>> No.20424536

>inb4 the Primarchs and the Emperor get a bunch of underwhelming rules and 40k explodes.

>> No.20424767


Cousin, don't goad the heretics.

>> No.20424791

Hey guys

>> No.20424810

>moving the plot forward in any aspect of the fluff
n-no it can't be, those end of the world nuts were right

>> No.20424823

>plot forward
THe Horus Heresy happen BEFORE the current timeline. The plot went backward.

>> No.20424919

Waaay backwards.

>> No.20424924


I didn't see you at the last feast of blades.

>> No.20425051 [DELETED] 

You WILL pay for your actions.

>> No.20425070

You WILL pay for your actions!

>> No.20425113 [DELETED] 

Speaking of that...You remember that thing that we're supposed to have at the next Feat in no more than 100 years? Well...uh...

>> No.20425133

Speaking of that...You remember that thing that we're supposed to have at the next Feast in no more than 100 years? Well...uh...

>> No.20425154


I am going to hit you in the head with a thunder hammer if you lost it.

I swear to the Emperor, man. We let you baby cousin chapters borrow ONE relic and you 'can't find it' the next time the feast of blades rolls around.

If Sigismund was still around you'd all get a paddling.

>> No.20425199

The thing I'm looking forward to here is the Sisters of Silence.

I get odd feeling that they'll be one of the last to be made, if at all.

>> No.20425235

But, we were working with the Blood Ravens to purge a planetary system that had shown signs of the taint of Chaos in the Segmentum Obscurus. When we had just about finished the purge of the final planet they pulled all their forces without any word and departed. We thought nothing of it other than a mere curiosity until we realized the Dornsblade was simply gone. And the Blood Ravens are not returning any of our calls, now...

>> No.20425248

Go get it back.

>> No.20425278

Nah they didn't lose it.

>> No.20425333

Y'know...now I'd love to see an edit of that Black Templar bolt pistol comic where the dudes at the very end have their robes covered in Blood Raven heraldry.

>> No.20425343

Thing is, they're going in your direction now. If you can keep them in the same general area we'll be on our way to get it back.

>> No.20425353

you're an asshole, y'know that? Do you have any idea our champion had to fight to win the honour of that sword?

>> No.20425404

But that was gift, don't you remember?

>> No.20425486

The Emperor wasn't looking to break in to the Webway, he wanted to colonize it. Big E's project is long-term and requires stability.

>> No.20425488


Don't worry about it. He's good.

Which is more than I can say for your guy at the last feast. Hit by a cinderblock... Not good.

>> No.20425490


You know, in the Deathwatch 'Honor the Chapter' book, there's rules for the Blood Ravens. They also only get one picture;

An image of a Blood Raven, a big book clutched to his chest, running the hell away from SOMETHING - And firing over his shoulder as he does so. Shit be hilarious.

Also, the Blood Ravens are the ONLY Chapter who don't contribute a single Artifact to the new weapons available.

>> No.20425504

You gotta post up that image now.

>> No.20425540


Here we go.

>> No.20425555

wow....just wow...

>> No.20425601


Except that it's clearly a Blood Angel.

>> No.20425627

This is why no one remembers you guys are second founding.

>> No.20425631

Look there is an Inquisition medal/trinket on the book. He just stole an Inquisitor's journal or something.

>> No.20425666

>>Trazn has one of the primarchs on display, probably Vukan
Does he really have a Primarch? That sounds pretty lame.

Also, how did this thing with the Blood Ravens 'receiving gifts' start? How did it get in to DoW2? Did GW just look at it and say: "A regular chapter having all these precious relics in their possesion to use? Sounds like a great idea"?

>> No.20425698

Nop.e Just gifted the armour by a BA.
He has what's described as a giant of a man in baroque armor amognst his trophies. No real hints at who/what it is beyond that.

>> No.20425704

Yea? Well...nice shoulder pads!

>> No.20425706

It started in Dc/Soulstorm, but nobody noticed.

Then it gone full blown in Dow2 and everybody noticed. Nobody was safe from the Blood Raven ''gifting spree''. Custodes, Grey Knights, Primarches, Chaos, etc etc nobody.

>> No.20425707


No, that *is* a Blood Raven chapter symbol. Seriously.

>> No.20425709


some of the items in DOW2 have hilarious descriptions, like relics from the HH from a first founding chapter ending up in the blood ravens' hands and shit like that.

It kind just got out of hand from that point on.

>> No.20425734


It's a Blood Raven. Image for comparison.

>> No.20425745

Thing with this is it could also be a BA. The pauldrons aren't white.

>> No.20425748


The only way that is a Blood Raven is if he was gifted his armor by the Blood Ange-


>> No.20425783

Blood Ravens must be really popular to get all these gifts. Even precious Chapter Heirlooms are gifted to the Blood Ravens.

>> No.20425802

Jesus christ, I wish someone would make a high CG render of that armor. The gorget and the greaves have such potential, but the graphics look like absolute shit.

>> No.20425807

Like this Item.

>> No.20425827

Trazyn has a THUNDER WARRIOR on display, and the head of SEBASTIAN THOR. He doesn't have a primarch on display, sadly.

Rawbutt Girlyman is the true hero of the Imperium. Not because of his shitty legion. No, because he wrote the Codex Astartes. As we all know, when the Missing Legions were destroyed by the Space Wolves, the ones who stayed Loyal were added into the Ultramarines chapter. Rawbutt wrote the Codex Astartes so as to create a rigid guideline that would make sure the descendants of the Missing Legions would never fall again. And it pained him to see his glorious legion become a shitty, hollow, uncaring waste of shit that only existed to fuel more Marines into the fires of war. After all, the Ultramarines aren't like the Salamanders or Raven Guard. They don't care about the little guy, they just want to be able to say "WE ARE THE BEST AT EVERYTHING!".

>> No.20425840

I swear the Iron Hands got hit the hardest by the Blood Ravens.

>> No.20425903


no one is safe

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16013485/ has a bunch of others

>> No.20425917

They should have included it in DoW2 and said that Indrick's armour was found, but his body was never recovered. Leave his fate slightly more open. Maybe he's dead... or maybe he's fighting the enemeh still in the Eye of Terror/webway, stark naked.

>> No.20425933

Can these be considered the actual items or are they fakes? Seeing as GW considers some endings canon.

>> No.20425939

You guys are forgetting the best gift.

>> No.20425958

Skarband's Axe? This is the Axe that cleaved entire worlds. The same axe that managed to scratch Khorne's Indestructible Armor.

My only question is.....HOW?

>> No.20425959


I'd leave it all as up in the air.

>> No.20425972

I'm so gonna get a Luna Wolf army

>> No.20426007


a hammer, not his axe.

He probably pooped it out when khorne gave him the 1 way ticket to loserville

>> No.20426015

>Trazyn has a THUNDER WARRIOR on display

Maybe, he's just a big dude in power armor.

>> No.20426027

You already could. What's so different about it now?

>> No.20426052

I just hope they don't try to force in a bunch of retarded Xenos shit. Fuck you and your cabal HH writers.

>> No.20426088


the reason they love marines so much is they're easy.

every model is basically exactly the same just with different head and weapons and some small surface details changed

and the basic design of marines hasn't changed since the early 90s

it's just typical GW laziness

>> No.20426094


No. Of course they'll never outright say it, but it's clearly a primarch

>> No.20426102

Perfection was here. Try all you want, but you'll never be as excellent.

>> No.20426177


That face.

>> No.20426190

stop smoking crack, niggers. his pauldrons are red. Blood Angel

>> No.20426278


You are clearly not aware of the armor's relic status.

>> No.20426282


Sorry, I had to sleep and work and stuff.

The video description says it's a trailer for an art book.

>> No.20426349

I ain't seeing nothing about an art book in that trailer description.

>> No.20426440

That is actually the setting for my Only War game.

Only the Segmentum Solar stayed true to the Emperor. And Lion'el Jonson came back.

The players play part of the massive multi-front crusade to get everything back from a combination of Xenos, Mutants, and Heretics.

In Warhammer 50,000

>> No.20426477

> The entire Imperium split into factions, with mini empires inside itself.
>Cannot into the Imperium is already a pessimistic feudal setting

It's been split into factions and dynasties and warlords from day one.

>> No.20426507

Maybe one day they'll learn to make a trailer that doesn't look like it's been put together by three interns in Powerpoint.

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