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So, I apologise for my newness and whatnot, but I was going to begin creating an Imperial guard army.

Now that that is out of the way, I have though, read the rulebook, planning to head out to one of the many gaming areas around me. I have watched, but never participated. I used to do Micro-armor, if that is anything close, but I always wanted to get into the game. I have been reading the recent /tg/ threads for advice and some basic knowlage.

Anything would help. From army designs to general background. I am new, I am not a coward, I am going to allot myself a wealthy sum to get my first army, OR! I would happily buy one. Not sure which is better.

Help me out guys... I was told this was the place to go.

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Welcome to the hobby, I'm so sorry... Also, welcome to /tg/, the best place for said hobby.

Now to business: what kind of army to you want to field? IG has a couple of options: lots of army men, or lots of tanks. Are you familiar with points cost? Or the Force Organization chart?

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Also, Imperial Guard are a pretty powerful army, and can work well in nearly every flavor you favor.

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I am OP, hear me roar!

I know a bit about the points. I am currently reading Gaunts Ghosts. (I know, possibly a bad source and what got me slightly hooked to the IG) But, a basic squad for some quick games to play. I like heavy weapons, vehicals are also good. I simply wish to have an army I can start off and not be confused how to play.

Anything really, Lazguns and whatnot. Armymen is what I would say is my flaverite flavor.

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gotta have some deathworld in ya army boy

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IG are so flexible with this codex, that you can do about anything you like provided you remember some basic rules:

- When it comes to infantry, cheaper is better. This includes HQs. Loading up on a bunch of carapace vets with plasma guns out the wazoo might sound like a lot of fun, but it's likely a mistake. In fact, it's pretty much true of 40k in general - you load too much wargear and weapons on a single thing, you'll eventually reach the point where you could have afforded a second, much more optimally loaded thing of the same kind.
- Flamers on guard infantry are kind of silly - they're going to be throwing around so much lasfire anyways (especially if you get off first rank/second rank) that anything you'd want to use a flamer against is going to die anyways. That said, flamers on vehicles can be rather nice, and you've got a fast vehicle with one of the best template weapons in the game at your disposal.
- You're about shooting. Never, ever forget that. So while something like Ogryns or a Lord Commissar with a power fist might be tempting for the cool factor, look at the points you'll be spending and consider what sort of guns you could buy with those points instead.

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>read the main rulebook
>read the Imperial Guard codex
>start watching battle reports to get a feeling for the flow of the game
>read the main rulebook again
>read several of the non-Imperial Guard codices
>find any friends or family who would be interested in getting into the hobby with you
>read the Imperial Guard codex again
>read the main rulebook again
>buy your first models, but DO NOT buy a huge, expensive army. Start small, play 250/500/750 point games for a while, either with above friends or at FLGS
>expand army slowly over time, buying a vehicle here or a squad there, not hundreds of points all at once

Welcome to the hobby.

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Take this post with a grain of salt. This isn't Magic the Gathering. Don't ever be afraid to to go for the cool factor. Especially if you have friends to play with.

Better to lose but have fun, than win without it.

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Nah, that's fair, I didn't mean to be all NO FUN ALWAYS WINNING.

I wrote that on the assumption that he will end up caving anyways on some things. I mostly was hoping to just keep him in check a little, because nothing's more annoying for a beginner than devoting a lot of time and effort modeling a lavishly kitted out unit, then finding out a handful of games later that they'll do almost nothing every time and that you could have afforded an entire tank for what you spent on them.

Those are the units that sit on shelves for years, haunting you.

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I know. I said a grain of salt, and I meant exactly that. Not to disregard your point entirely.

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>my blood claws

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OP here again with a cookie and milk.

So Basically, do as I was planning to do and get one squad to start with. Someone said they could help me at one of the local stores.

Now, I am going to attempt to get my father into this, since he is the one who made boards and units for Micro-armor. He will have a fun time with this.

As for what I wish to do, Combat Patrols to start off on. Small skirmishes with freinds and local gaming establishments. I don't need anything nuts, but just Unit/Weapon/Other would also be helpful

Thanks again! I knew this was the right place to go!

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Let's see, some basic Guardsmen squads would be good. An HQ could be a basic Lord Commissar. IG also has some cheap, but excellent armor choices. I'd say, get a Leman Russ battle tank. It's good, reliable, and comes best in vanilla with the basic main gun. You can't go wrong with a Leman Russ.

Anything else is up to your force org chart and your own sense of flavor (and wallet!). I'm partial to Sentinels, though there are definitely better Fast Attack choices.

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So you're set on IG, and want an infantry based army? If you don't want to fuss around about setting (there are probably a hundred different IG army themes) I suggest cadian shock troops, vostroyan first borns or catachan jungle fighters. You'd then want an army build regarding infantry which can be found various sites, such as; http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforums/forum/list.page

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I'd go with a Company Command squad rather than a Lord Commissar. Higher model count and potentially more points, but it gets him acquainted with all the different Orders quicker.

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I generally like to think that there's three types of weapons

Anti light infantry: Low St, High AP (i.e. 4, 5, 6, -) and generally have plenty of shots or are template weapons

Anti heavy infantry/monstrous creatures: medium to high strength (5-8) and medium low ap (1, 2, 3, ), and a mid to low amount of shots

and anti-vehicle weapons: High strength (7-10), low to medium ap (1, 2, 3, 4) and low amounts of shots.

i find it best to base your ranged units around one of these three types of weapons rather than trying to mix them all together to make multi-purpose units.

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Like tanks? Buy tanks. Like Infantry? Buy infantry. Like aircraft? Buy aircraft.

Seriously, they're guard, do whatever you want.

Fucking guard man.

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OP still here, having consumed the cookie.

Well, seems I made the right choice, other then having to apparently deal with hand to hand combat, less the guard have a good rate of protection to hone the whole.... only have rifles thing.

Orks looked alright as well, Eldar are not my cup of tea. Space marines seem to be in a legue of their own and I would not oppose getting a squad of them. Chaos also seems rather... fun? Yes, fun. Not to into the Tyranids, and the Tau seem, or rather sound, like they are a bit understaffed, but thats based on someone telling me that.

All in all, I am more towards the God Emperor. No offense, but he seems like he has his shit straight. Other then slowly losing ground... apparently...

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And slowly dying. Only a matter of time before the Throne finally fails. The Astronomicon has already begun to flicker.

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That's the exact word you're looking for. They're not bad, but for the points everyone else can do as good or better cheaper.

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I agree. I really like that wording. Most people say bad, or crippled... but understaffed is really the best word for them.

Hopefully our new codex will be crafted with love.

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Adding an allied Space Marine force is a great thing for IG right now, even if you go for the minimum 1 HQ 1 Troop, it gives you a good "handyman" unit that can plug up any holes in your army.

Space Wolves are a popular choice for that, but really, you can pick whatever flavor of 3+ you want. Again, you're Guard, they're probably the #1 easiest army to build a list for, only other army right now that might be easier is Necrons.

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Everyone says IG is a solid, fairly easy army to play, but I have a friend who loses a lot in general. As an Ork player, I always mock him for camping his deployment zone. Should IG move around or just camp like he does?

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They're an easy army to build a list for, but there are some missteps you can make. In addition, if he has no fucking clue what he should be shooting at first in your army, he's going to get creamed against anything that can eat Guardsmen in CC (which is everything but other Guardsmen and Gretchin).

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Thats what I forgot. Necrons. Damn. Sneaky, but I heard about them as well, was told to have an army if I did not want IG.

Right now, IG is my standpoint. Necrons, they will be a possible secondary army in the VERY DISTANT FUTURE! Once I figure out how to play.

OP has finished his milk, fyi.

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>Everyone says IG is a solid, fairly easy army to play, but I have a friend who loses a lot in general
Player skill always trumps army skill.

>As an Ork player, I always mock him
Good. You are true Ork player.

>for camping his deployment zone. Should IG move around or just camp like he does?
Depends on his list. Arty should stay stationary, infantry should get close-ish, light vehicles should kite around.

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Also Tau. Tau are notoriously bad in CC.


Pretty solid advice. Use units as they should be used. Basilisks in the back, Troops up front, Sentinels infiltrating on the sides, and tanks and aircraft where ever the frak you want, probably behind some troops.

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Of course, the benefit with guard is the variety.

You want to make an army of feudal world guys who just got given their first lasgun and are offworld for the first time? Make an infantry heavy army with vets in plate armour (counts as carapace), and rough riders.

Want something more futuristic? Go for stormtroopers, veterans, and valkyries, armed to the teeth with fancy wargear, and striking from the skies.

And this is without involving Armour, which it has to be said, is one of the Guard's specialities.

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Guard are flexible. Don't be afraid to bring combined arms to the table. A solid mix of infantry, tanks and gunships will do you well.

One thing I have found throughout my time playing 40K is that the movement phase is the most important part of the game. Master movement and you will prosper, OP. Staying mobile is part of reducing casualties and protecting your big guns. Screening units (the "bubble wrap" that Guard are so well known for) are golden, and your more mobile units like Hellhounds and the Valkyries/Vendettas allow you to hit from odd angles.

Yes, you can win a game with brute force application, lots of templates, beamspam from your lasguns, but I find that superior positioning will win the day more often than not, I tend to think of it as a force multiplier, allowing a unit or pair of units to take on more than their equivalent amount of points.

Pic is good for new guard players, learn to love it.

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OP here, time for bed! But I need to hope and pray this will be alive when I get up and back from work.

So this was a productive night in my eyes. Thank you! I will forever say that /tg/ has helped me get started on my path in this game.... God save my soul... and wallet...

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He runs mostly melta vets, two chimeras, and three plasma lemans and a vendetta and some other little things. He usually deploys in a small V in the middle of his deployment zone, and wraps his vets around his tanks then does nothing.

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Don't play Guard, but that is a very useful bit of text.

The word on Manticore missiles is great. I would recommend OP gets at least one. It rapes in all game sizes, but more so in small ones due to the sheer amount of high Strength shots it can blast.

Deathstrikes are my favourite model in the IG, for obvious reasons. If you play a long, narrow board, it can win games for you purely by destroying whatever it targets. Of course they could be jammy and save it, but it can take out anything in the game and that includes expensive point models. Once it's fire it can then be used as a screening unit and firing some of it's other guns.

If you want to have fun, there is nothing more fun (at least for me) than count downing a Deathstrike missile! Or two!

Just hope Sisters of Battle get redone soon and they don't spit on us and destroy the Excorsit.....

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While I am a new IG player and have never played a game...it would seem that if you want to go with tank heavy, you would only use your vets to harass the enemy's backside/capture objectives while your vehicles do the heavy lifting.

Looking through the codex, there are things that the rules just kind of suggest. And it sounds like your friend is...kind of ignoring things. It sounds like he wants to be a marines player. But with Guard.

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>Vets as bubblewrap
>MELTAVETS as bubblewrap


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It sounds like he read a net list somewhere and then goes to games and is like "why net list no work? I buy models but I no win games???"

>> No.20396502

which is why net list are retarded in the first place, they can be min-maxed, but a person who knows their army will always trump a person who doesn't

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Well he stick melta vets in chimeras and runs those out I think, but there are still vets being used as bubblewrap.

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