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I'm going to be a gunslinger knight.

Full plate.

Melee is backup only or simply because every knight should have a sword to wear to court.

Modern weapons allowed because campaign is a clusterfuck of realities and time periods.

What should my pistols be?

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chain saw crossbow pistols

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Magitech pistols.

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Don't use pistols, use this.

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deale brand deagle chambered in .50 BMG

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Mossberrg 500. It'd fuck armor, hit hard, be simple to operate/maintain, and work for beating heads in to boot.

Alternatively, gun axe. Yes, they existed.

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I don't think you guys quite understand cowboy themes.

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A Smith and Wesson model 3

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.50 cal BMG, three-shot revolver

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>Implying cowboys didn't use machetes.

I just thought you would appreciate a fun spin on a classic tool.

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I don't think you understand that cowboys preferred long guns when available.
Higher caliber+less recoil+more accurate=superior weapon.

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A blunderbuss with an Axe on it

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Can you call it a "gunslinger" if they're not dueling with pistols though?

I think long-arms were pretty much for hunting, warfighting or pitched battles, law enforcement, and other such things.

Can't picture a gunslinger standing around at high noon with just a rifle strapped to his back to quickdraw.

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Pistol caliber carbines were the shit for cowboys.

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Can you imagine someone in full plate quickdrawing to begin with?

I think quickdrawing is out full stop

As for a pistol, use a Volcanic

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A Dan Wesson Revolver.

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Two sawed off shotguns, plus one C96 (automatic trigger optional). Have several different ammo types for the shotguns (shot, slugs etc).

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Well, depends on your system and what your GM will allow. My gunslinger started at level 1 in Pathfinder, so I ended up with a pepperbox stat-wise, flavored as a revolver.

Personally, I can't see a gunslinger without at least one, preferably two revolvers. A rifle of some sort is nice to have as well, but not as essential. Unless you intend to be a sniper. But no knight would ever be a sniper. Nor a gunslinger, with preference.

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General Electric XM214 Minigun

Get it with a sword handle and use it as a bludgeoning weapon.

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>I don't think you guys quite understand cowboy themes.
>clusterfuck of realities and time periods.

Matey, I don't think you're thinking of the bigger picture of your situation- you're only harming yourself here,not getting a laser pistol.
Wagon train to the stars,all the way!
Also make sure you get your armor tempered with carbon-nano-mono-semicrystalline-space-mithril-lamellar bonding.

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Friend, you can look at your big picture. I'll stick with what works. I've seen countless bandits, zombies, robots and just about anything else you can come up against felled by a brave man with a good eye, a steady hand, and a revolver at his best.

Because fancy technology can never outdo a tried and true gunslinger. The world moves on, but the old ways remain. And those who forget that often enough find themselves dead.

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Belt, damn it. Not best. Although I guess best sort of fits too.

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LeMat revolvers, for when you want a shotgun and revolver in a single gun.

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Colt Single Action Army

Greatest gun ever made. Six bullets--more than enough to kill anything that moves.

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There were, for a period of time, soldiers who used both plate mail and guns.
Ned Kelly and his gang, in Australia, are as far as I know the most recent example of this.
I'd recommend, if you're going for that old-timey feel/theme, to go for either the very end of that period and use a Spencer repeating carbine, or go for the early stages of that period and use a couple bandoleers of hand-crafted single-shot ball-and-powder pistols.

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For reference:
Also I checked, and apparently the French used plate armour as recently as WWI. It was not, however, all that effective, and was much too costly to see widespread use.

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They must be Colt .45s, but they must have sandalwood grips and must be forged from the metal of a mythical blade.

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"And this is the legendary Dragonbane Blade. It is an ancient weapon used to kill the dragon sorcerers back when... blah blah. We shall entrust it to you."

=Some time later=

"Ah, I see you are working in the smithy an- Wai- WHY ARE YOU MELTING THE DRAGONBANE BLADE!?"

"I'm turning it into a pair of pistols."

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Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express revolver is the end-all-be-all of revolvers. Who needs functioning wrists when you have so much gun?

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>full plate

If you're going that direction, you better make your character into a fucking tank with legs. Or Iron Man.

Make him wield giant dragoon pistols, elephant rifles, and sawed-off double-barrelled buckshot with both triggers taped together. He also needs a fucking mace or flail for close combat, preferably something that can do massive damage one-handed, so he can hold a gun in the other.

Now, the most important consideration is this: gunslingers tend to be geared towards fighting other people with guns. Full plate armor is not great for this, unless you go for thick wrought iron armor; which would probably force your character's movement speed to a crawl. A gunslinger should normally be able to dodge, get behind cover, sneak around to better cover, and move quickly to fire. You're going to have to figure out how your gunslinger can turn his super heavy armor into an advantage.

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Either that, or give him the biggest strongest armor-bearing horse you can get.

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Energy Weapons.

Plasma Casters.

Be like the Brotherhood of Steel

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seconding this, except make it a New Model Russian

two of them

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Weren't Volcanics shitty?

>> No.20396741

This one

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Real one

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yes, they were crap.

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This whole thread.

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You said exactly what I was planning on saying.

You are good people.

(It's a Dark Tower reference, for those in the thread that didn't get it.)

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A full plate knight with an elephant rifle?

Do tell.

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What? I don't remember the Dark Tower guns being formed from a blade. That was in Preacher.

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Made from Excalibur.

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Oop, I peed a little.

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In the Dark Tower Universe; Roland turns out to have been descended from Arthur Eld, or King Arthur; which wasn't terribly unusual since apparently Arthur was waist deep in pussy with one or two queens, several extra wives, and a harem of personal consorts. Somehow, Roland's dad named Stephen *COUGH* sorry I mean Steven ended up with the guns that had been forged from the melted down blade of Excalibur, and Steven passed them onto Roland who became the last of the eld mostly by virtue of the fact that every other gunslinger (descended from King Arthur or not) was dead.

Even deeper spoiler As Roland and his Ka-Tet get closer to the tower, they start to realize that what's real and what's fiction is beginning to blend together, so that calls into question whether or not King Arthur really had existed in Roland's reality before "the world moved on" or not. It' possible that this world-mixing affected the past as much as the present. They also learn that Susannah, Eddie, and Jake all come from somewhat different universes, and learn that this is because the worlds they once inhabited were themselves fictional. This is further complicated by other shared memes between Mid-World and Earth, such as "Hey Jude" and certain games that go by different names. This all leads up the more controversial parts of the DT series, such as the infamous Stephen King self-inserts.

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personally, I like the LeMatt for adventuring versatility (single round shotgun, plus large capacity at anywhere between 7 and 9 rounds on average), but I'll always have a soft spot for the Remington 1858 New Model Army. With so many awesome old Eastwood movies with them in it, its hard not to.

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Be a real man and go with the Colt Navy.

>> No.20397651

also OP should get a henry rifle, for everything else when -not- gun dueling. "A revolver is what you use when trying to get to your rifle, which you were a damned fool to drop in the first place."

>> No.20397703

Get a bolt-action rifle, learn the Mad Minute


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What he said. Honestly, the Colt .45 really was the best handgun at that time. Everything that came before was inferior. Everything that came after was trying to emulate it. It is THE western gun.

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