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Praise the Omnissiah and bless the Machine Spirit!

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Praise the Omnisiah indeed

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This guy knows what's what!

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Baby don't hurt me.

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I'd convert for that. She can interface with me all she wants, if you know what I mean.

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beat me to it ...

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I pet my servoskull.

I love you, servoskull.

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What's amusing about all the techwaifu drawings is that they don't draw one of the main components of a Tech-Priest's implants.

Seriously, bros, if you're going to fap to a character you might as well get it right.

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Go back to /mlp/

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It doesn't HAVE to be in the face. My DH Techpriest had it in his throat, and I know in one of the books they lower half of the face was the only part of the head NOT augmented for a Magos.

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What is that, anyway?
When you see it... you will probably wince a little.

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>What is that, anyway?

Respirator Unit
This implant covers the lower half of your face with a network of grilles and tubing. It purifies your air supply, granting a +20% bonus to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons. The respirator unit also contains a vox-synthesiser capable of transmitting your voice in a variety of ways. Respirators can appear as simple grille units or intricate mask-like carvings.

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Thought something like that, but why is it an implant?

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Take all of my NOPE.

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Its part gasmask, part artificial voice. The gasmask is because Forge Worlds and such tend to be rather polluted and even other places tech-priest work in are often hazardous, and the vox is necessary because it allows them to better communicate with servitors and each other by screetching machine code.

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Because they are tech priests. They love implants for implants' sake.

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Im apparently blind anon why should I be wincing?

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Dem Factors, man. If I hadn't installed her augmetics myself I'd swear to the machine she was a fleshbag.

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Whats frustrating is that gasmask/facemask girls is my fetish and instead of delicious techwaifus I just get retarded looking bitches with robotentacles. They don't even look like proper mechadendrites, just robotentacles.

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>chastity lock on a fucking thong
That is not going to do her much good.

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Cultist chan dude really needs to learn how to draw chins.

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You mean Mr. Culexus? Boone-Quest Mr. Culexus?

I heard that he prefers that simplified style when he's not doing professional work.

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> padlock through her clit

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This is how I Magos Biologis.

This is also how I get constantly questioned by Inquisition

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Sounds like last tuesday in rogue trader.
Good times.

Tali makes a good case for xenos in the AdMech


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You, you're lucky. I've seen at least one more, but I didn't seem to have saved it.

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Those are some remarkable augmetics after all.
You can never be too sure, Magos.
And annual check-ups are the least I can do to ensure... purity in this hmmm sector.

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>Tali makes a good case for xenos in the AdMech
Well, she is sufficiently xeno- and techno-phobic and genocidal for IoM standards. And tactically retarded enough to fit in.

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The littlest Admech...

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I fixed a friend's Grandparent's computer this weekend. Literally the the first thing I did to it was walk to the kitchen, get some oil, and trace a cog on top of it in oil.

My friend suggested it looked more like and eight-pointed star.

I nearly killed him for tech heresy.

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For some reason that image reminded me the stories of my birth.

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Tube baby?

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I pray to my machines when I turn them on.

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am i the only one in this thread?

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Ah, don't worry- the thread'll survive til tomorrow, when other people can appreciate your .jpegs,

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you are not alone, but I have no images.

I have, however, spent the entire evening torn between various possible acquisitions for my Tech Priest... Is the unlimited ammunition of a phased plasma rifle truly worth it when the legion weapon braced upon mine arm is so much more powerful with each strike?

And what of impeller-boosted autocannons?

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Why no stakes... What servant of the Omnissiah could wish for more than directional explosives upon his shoulders and a boulder-cracking stake upon his arm?

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i literally went daww at that picture

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mfw there is few people with more pictures, do you guys even praise the omnisiah?

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Praise the Omnissiah!

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cause she's still young, but she'll become a real looker once she gets older and acquires more implants

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all it takes is one good question to make people show their faith

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Not everyone takes their agumentics the same way. Look at Zeth, in her bronze suit, next to Kelbor Hal, who had a rubbery flesh mask when he wanted to play Diplomat.

Different strokes.

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I'd only just found the thread and started to unlock the vaults.

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I've only been posting Female techpriests.

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can we get some mechanicus warriors up in here? we are lacking some major firepower and may need to call in a titan legion

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true, but i find this appealing

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how sleek can they make their masterwork bionics? im looking for near i robot or 80s metal album covers, also heavy metal by judas priest is oddly fitting for this thread

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Oh so do I, so do I. Bitches and their rebreathers man.

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>yfw the machine god is just a dormant c'tan, and not one of the shitty ones the necrons killed.

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the amount of rape a skitarri can throw around is always impressive

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Cute Techpriestesses doing cute things.

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Actually, the C'tan burried beneath mars seems to merely be a larger shard of the void dragon, still not whole, thank goodness.
And he's not the machine god. At most he'd be the Omnissiah.

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Best Forge World.

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do the techpriests believe that the Emperor is the Machine god, Omnissaiah whatever or they just act that way to fool the inquisition?

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The whole Void Dragon would be the Machine God.

All Technology All Machines exist to serve the Dragon of the Void.

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i like the style of this more than the others

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am I the only person who would buy a Skitatrii army in a heart beat?

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i would buy it immediately as well, and for shits and giggles play it against the most hardened neckbeard just to watch their faces go blank as they never fought against that before

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Depends on the Tech Priest.

And to explain the Omnissiah thing, the Omnissiah is the incarnation of the Machine God, its avatar in the realm of flesh and steel.
This is part of the reason the Adeptus Mechanicus get on so poorly with the Ecclesiarchy, since Mechanicus doctrine has the Emperor as merely a vessel of a higher being, which the rest of the Imperium would regard as edging on blasphemy.

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Most of them honestly believe he is an aspect of the Omnissiah. They're a few who don't (plus Void Dragon happy fun club) but they're in the minority.

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This. Kelbor Hal believed the Emperor was a false prophet, playing on their Dogma for use of the Legions, Maximus believed he was the Omnisiah incarnate, as did most of Legio Tempusta, and Koriel Zeth was an outright anti-theist, believing in SCIENCE!

The entire Mechanicum is really all up in arms over the whole "God" thing.

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No, they'd still see the Machine God as far beyond any physical form, and thus the Void Dragon simply as his manifestation and incarnation on mars.

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>They're a few who don't (plus Void Dragon happy fun club) but they're in the minority.

For now.

The Void Dragon under Mars is awakening. Abaddon got a vision of the Dragon's prison and for some reason he laughed his head off. Apparently, he finds it amusing that the Tech Priests destruction will come from under their feet.

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Things that would qualify as an Omnissiah:

1: The Emperor
2: The Void Dragon
3: A sentient titan.
4: A networked cogitator with an illuminated machine spirit
5: The Omnicopaeia

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>trusting Abaddon

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Even better, trusting a daemon abaddon summoned.

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>A Psion connected to the Akashic field.

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Ah thanks, I forgot about Zeth's plan. Yeah, ironic that an athiest would create the incarnation of the mechanicum's god.

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The Warmaster's word is law.

He tortured the daemon to make sure it was saying the truth. Few daemons would dare incur the wrath of the ascendant.

And remember the Necron assault on Mars. Such a bold attack shows desperation. The Necrons aren't really pleased with the Priests handling of the Shard. If the mightiest C'tan is set free, think of all the technology and weaponry he will instantly command and think who will be it's first targets and victims

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You know... with the new fluff, it'd be hilarious to see the Necrons and Eldar team up to take down a Mechanicus force led by the Void Dragon.

Crazy, but hilarious.

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You say that like this one is ugly. Even the veiny tits have a certain appeal to them.

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>The entire Mechanicum is really all up in arms over the whole "God" thing.
And they have so many arms to be up with, too!

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>Fuck you, I told that crazy adept that I needed new legs, it's not funny.

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>AdMech, not even once

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Why does she have what appears to be anal beads on her middle left arm? Unless 4 balls of ascending size on a rod can be used for something else?

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No, they can't be used for anyone else and the reasons why she has them are fairly obvous.

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Perhaps a heavy catalytic mass driver instead.

With mighty shot that is d10+6 pen 12 and 10 shots when using autofire.

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Apparently it is possible to have implants that are sleek and/or unobtrusive, but we are never shown anyone that does not look like they are wearing diesel engines.

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Officially, they believe that the emperor and the machine god is one and the same.

But there seems to be a pretty deep undercurrent that reject the Emperor, there was a book where the plot was that one forgeworld found evidence that the emperor was not the omnissiah.

In the end Mars sent a fleet to ensure the evidence would disappear, not for religious reasons but for political.

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Do we have a somewhat accurate ranking of Forge Worlds?

Mars is on top of course.
Ryza is pretty up there
Voss is at least well known.

Basically what are the top ten Forge Worlds?

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Agripinaa, supplier of Cadia
Phaeton, manufacturing Leman Russes
Urdesh, main Forge of Sabbat Worlds

that's 6 so far

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>Mo'dakka is on top of course.

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Dark Mechanicus are welcome, right?

>Unbrotherly, love
I think Captcha agrees with me.

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>Necrons and Eldar working with each other
>The most unreasonable/illogical egotistical bastards in the universe setting aside their difference to face a common threat


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More likely;

>Eldar and Necron forces do battle
>Somewhat radical explorators cruise by

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Come on son, where's your sense of adventure?

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