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You are a Magical Girl, and you're about to meet someone you've completely forgotten about. It's not as though you wanted to forget about them, of course - it's just that you've got a memory that's just as reliable as a sieve holding water. What's alarming, really, is that apparently you've spent six months of your two years of service with this person - and you've apparently have no idea what happened during those six months. You've lost a quarter of your life as you remember it, and it begs the question - just how much have you forgotten?

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This disturbing revelation - and many others - is somewhat waylaid to the side for a bit, as your arms dealer had woken up in your subordinate's arms. She had sleepily made her way to you, the plushie equivalent of a nine-feet tall walking avatar of destruction being dragged across the metal grating floor of the chinook - and unceremoniously clambered onto your lap to sleep there. You see said subordinate laugh at this, and take a picture of the scene with her cellphone, quickly enough that you had no time to clear the expression of surprise on your face.

You haven't moved a single inch from your seat since then, afraid that you'd wake up the poor thing snoring on your lap. It's understandable that she's still sleepy - you did spend the majority of last night awake and waiting for your flight.

Oh, and you've just stolen an entire wing of MiG-21s off the airfield where your plane landed a few hours ago. There's that. You feel oddly good about that one, as if it's something you've been doing for a long time, and just recently taken it up again. Familiar, comfortable, even nostalgic. Like a hobby you abandoned and are just now rekindling your interest.

An old love.

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Remember to text Sayaka at some point.

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Fantastic. I've been waiting for this!

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Yay, the best apart of episode 10 is where Homura uses her time freeze to steal the guns.
Second is where Mami attempts to TPK, that would have been so funny if it wasn't so tragic.

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>misaka sleeping on her

drawfriend, get on this

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We've already sent Sayaka the butler picture of Kyouko and told her about soul gem licking. All we really need to do now is discuss with Midori what exactly happened with the protect Iori mission and decide how best to get those 2 on speaking terms.
Getting the exact specifications of Midori's contract with us would also be ideal.

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Deculture! You're back! I knew you would~

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"I love you, Homura-chan." She had murmured, eyes full of warmth and love. "Even though you've made me this way. And nothing will ever change that."

...Well, you suppose you can hardly blame yourself for forgetting, if you've screwed up enough that you unwittingly created an insane god out of the breakup.

You have no business to be in a relationship. That much is clear. If you're lucky, you will die cold and alone, angry and bitter, without someone to hold your hand just as you bleed out into the gutter.

And somehow you're all right with that.

The chinook heaves and wrenches and finally shakes as it lands.

Time to meet the Betrayer. Time to see just how much you've forgotten.

And maybe get some alcohol in you. It's fucking freezing here. Siberia is really, really cold.

You gently nudge Misaka awake as you one-handedly undo the straps holding you secure to your seat. For some reason, this doesn't work, and Midori, your subordinate, helpfully takes your arms dealer from you as you finish divesting yourself of your protective harness. A moment more - with Misaka stirring, mumbling your name - and you finally free yourself, carrying the half-asleep arms dealer in the same way you'd carry a child. You tell Midori to bring your things, namely the bag of porn you've bought for your host and the godforsaken golden crap that Kyuubey's foisted onto you.

A rather ominous-looking silhouette, famed by the white snow that you're starting to despise, awaits you at the bottom of the Chinook's embarkation ramp. Long hair, a tall, slender frame and what looks to be...spindly, armored legs, the feet hooked and bladed.


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There are two words to make Midori squirm "Takatsuki Yayoi."
Giving the description on how easy mode works, it is obvious that she was part of that.

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>>"I love you, Homura-chan." She had murmured, eyes full of warmth and love. "Even though you've made me this way. And nothing will ever change that."

No idea how accurate this will turn out to be, but it's what the previous thread made me think of.

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I want to see this Deculture. Misaka feeding time.

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You find yourself suddenly freezing in your tracks. It's not the cold that does it, nor the sight of the silhouette. You've seen much more disturbing things. Kilgore would have made anyone soil their pants upon seeing him, especially when he suddenly turned into a monster. All you did was make a few wisecracks with Kyoko before cheesing it.

No, this was different. You've only felt this a handful of times, in varying degrees. Kilgore had it, but his was tainted with his own fear, and a mindlessness that blunted it rather than focused it directly on to you. Kirika had this in spades, but your anger then made you all but ignore it, your incandescent hate forming a bulwark against its otherwise paralyzing effects.

At this point in time, you do not have that luxury, and you feel the full effect of it wash over you like a tidal wave. One of blood, murder, and despair.

Whoever the Betrayer was had the killing intent that promised a massacre.


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You find yourself suddenly freezing in your tracks. It's not the cold that does it, nor the sight of the silhouette. You've seen much more disturbing things. Kilgore would have made anyone soil their pants upon seeing him, especially when he suddenly turned into a monster. All you did was make a few wisecracks with Kyoko before cheesing it.

No, this was different. You've only felt this a handful of times, in varying degrees. Kilgore had it, but his was tainted with his own fear, and a mindlessness that blunted it rather than focused it directly on to you. Kirika had this in spades, but your anger then made you all but ignore it, your incandescent hate forming a bulwark against its otherwise paralyzing effects.

At this point in time, you do not have that luxury, and you feel the full effect of it wash over you like a tidal wave. One of blood, murder, and despair.

Whoever the Betrayer was, she had the killing intent that promised a massacre.


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>stay calm
>and panic

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People from the last trend kept forgetting about one diary entry.

>Faust is my fault. Faust, therefore, is my responsibility. I can only hope that the world, in time, will forgive me for what I have done and what I am about to do

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Is this the new anime butler forever on the board quest, or what?

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No. It is not. For one thing, that quest runs 2-3 times daily, is well past it's 100th iteration, and is now running, it appears, on petty anger and a "Screw you" mentality to all the people who dislike it.

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The most exciting time of day has finally come!

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Only difference is female protag and no actual waifus yet.

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It's run once daily with a side quest that lasts a couple of hours occasionally

And it runs with a "screw you we are having fun" mentality.

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we also need to actively discourage waifuing because we know the waifus would die at some point later on then.
also we managed to piss off a god and make her insane as fuck.

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Or betray us.

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It'll happen anyway.
Like the force, if you strike them down the only come back madder

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Eh. I don't follow it, but I do remember a period where it'd show up more than once a day. The rest was merely speculation based on the archive tags and some of the stuff in the title.

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>people still respond to trolls in 2012

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Our character is the waifu here, to be honest.

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>waifu (can the word be used as verb?) Pinky
>by power of Noir, she dies

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"Sempai?" You hear Midori's voice beside you, tinged with concern. "Is anything wrong? Did you forget anything back in the plane?"

You blink at this, before shaking your head no. No, you didn't forget anything.

Unconsciously, you hold Misaka to you just a bit more tightly as you force yourself to continue walking. One foot in front of the other, taking care not to slip on the already frost-covered steel grating.

Is this how the people you've killed felt the moment they saw you coming? You've been told you have something similar - at least, the ones you remember training or sparring with. How they felt you coming even before you've stepped into the same section of the training field as them, even before they realized that you were hunting them. They would tell you that they felt unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to hide. As if their bodies had shut down, resigned to simply waiting for the end rather than fight back or retreat. As if they instinctly knew that doing either would make things a whole lot worse for them.

You make it to the bottom of the ramp, and you see for the first time the person you've forgotten. Long black hair, down to her waist. Slender, tall. Skin so pale it's almost translucent. A smile curling soft, unpainted lips.

And eyes the color of midnight, with the pupils stark crimson dots.

Her voice, when she speaks, is as cold and as smooth as a freshly-oiled gun barrel.

"Comrade Murderface." Valnikov Kharn smiles, her hands by her sides, unnaturally-elongated skeletal fingers of black flesh-metal, ending in brutally-sharp tips. "Welcome to Siberia."

How do you respond?

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You can't waifu the antagonist, what sort of madman are you?

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I did at the start, it was fun when the OP was as much making fun of those participating as those that hated on it.

The times it ran more than once in a day was when they tripped the auto sage I guess.

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I'll point out the flaw in this.
Strange, eldritch and powerful godcreature. Probably crazy too.

Now remember what they say about sticking it in crazy? Or eldritch, corrupted god things?

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There's private collectors around the world, with private hangars with planes and other jets like F-86's and the English Electric Lightning, and MiG-29's.

A MiG-21 for sale is around $200,000, a MiG-29 is like, close to a million, an SU-27 is at least 2 million and goes up to 15.

So knowing all this, a MiG-31 is around the price of a MiG-29 or more. If Chiaki can steal a mig-31 or two (second is spare parts for cannibalizing). She can basically have enough money to retire early or have a beach property in the Bahamas or something.

So I checked how much real estate is in the Bahamas. 500k USD is the lowest range. 1 million is somewhere in the middle. So an entire wing of Mig-31's means Chiaki now has a nice beach property .

And an entire wing of planes, is about 2-4 squadrons, of 12 planes each.

Do the math. Chiaki is suddenly filthy rich if she can sell all the planes (to Balkan/African/South American nations).

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Hoo boy. Not only may this person end up being potentially an incredibly difficult opponent, but she seems foxy in a creepy way too.

>> No.20372052

Stare at her



>> No.20372053

>How do you respond?
"Long time no see. How are things up here?"

>> No.20372059

Greet as warmly as Serbia will let you.

Which is not every but you tried.

>> No.20372060


Thanks. Although I'm not Murderface anymore. I can't quite remember all of that.

>> No.20372064

"Got amnesia again, so we have a lot of catching up to do."

>> No.20372065

Hello Kharn, I wish I could say it was a pleasure to see you again but I have lost my memory since we supposedly last met so I guess this is technically our first meeting again.

>> No.20372066

"Hi, Kharn. It's... Chiaki, now. Forgot my name again after you retired, and decided to take up a new one."

>> No.20372069

>he doesn't know that doesn't apply anymore
>laughing magical girls.gif

>> No.20372073


thanks for having us, the mutant cat sends his apathy.

>> No.20372075

>Implying Matsuda's retirement plan consists of anything beyond a .50 caliber to the soul gem.
Assuming of course Pinky doesn't get her first.

>> No.20372080


We don't want money, we want firepower!
I wonder if Walpurgis Night exists here.

>> No.20372081

Valnikov Kharn. I meet you for the first time again. You will have to excuse my recurring amnesia I'm afraid.

>> No.20372092

Here's a little addendum to you hint

The weaponry murderface has stored in that shield of hers? Probably runs to the realm of thousands of billions of dollars worth considering canonically she pulls an oil tanker and a battleship from it.

She could buy the entire goddamned Bahamas and retire to a life of whiskey and whores all day for a few centuries before she put a dent in her bank account, that's before we get into what warhammer and other dickery she has stuffed in there.

Also I still want to shove Kyuubey in there just to see what happens

>> No.20372100

I like this one. Also this one: >>20372052

What is it with you and making me like the creepy ones?

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See sticking it in the crazy is only off limits if you aren't also the crazy.

You could make a case that we are crazy but not that crazy but really that's just arguing semantics.
Having said that though, in their own way each of the characters so far have been crazy including our pancake goddess

>> No.20372117

>Now remember what they say about sticking it in crazy? Or eldritch, corrupted god things?

>> No.20372123

Nah, see, we're crazy-but-trying-not-to-be-crazy. So you gotta factor that in, which means avoiding extra crazy.

>> No.20372130

I don't think we should mention our amnesia just yet. Perhaps when we get our don't time.

>You make it to the bottom of the ramp, and you see for the first time the person you've forgotten. Long black hair, down to her waist. Slender, tall. Skin so pale it's almost translucent. A smile curling soft, unpainted lips.

>And eyes the color of midnight, with the pupils stark crimson dots.

>Her voice, when she speaks, is as cold and as smooth as a freshly-oiled gun barrel.

And this is the person who is going to be our drill Sargent. Great.

>> No.20372140

>don't time
down time.


>> No.20372141


This anon has it. We're the waifu, here. We are Pinky's waifu, and have spent the whole game dancing to her little tune.

By this reasoning, and Noir standards, we die at the end of the quest. The only question is how many secondary waifus we take with us.

>> No.20372152


>just fuck already!

plenty of time to decide who sticks what where and why, when we investigate what exactly people have been/are planning to do with/to us.

lets enjoy the ride and try to avoid fatal injury till then!

>> No.20372173

>in before kharn is also trying to waifu is and we somehow managed to fuck that up as well.

>> No.20372175


I read a doujin where Homura beat Walpurgis Night because she had shoved Sayaka into her shield after she became a magical girl in every timeline, and now had like a hundred of them to unleash upon it.

Then Madoka asked what she was supposed to do with all the leftover Sayakas, and Homura despaired because she realized she didn't think that far ahead and would have to deal with them when they invariably became witches.

>> No.20372192

that is as meta as it gets

>> No.20372201

I wasn't saying
>just fuck already
If anything, I agree with you.

>> No.20372202


"No! You all can't have Kyosuke."

>> No.20372225

Who knows, but Pinky's moon sized grief seed will certainly hatch into something truly horrifying.

>> No.20372239


Let me guess. That was only the first three pages, and the rest of the 41 page doujin was Sayaka selfcest?

>> No.20372246

what if we go to space and lick it?

>> No.20372252

>lick it
>turns back into a soul gem

>> No.20372258

what if

guy if


in if


>> No.20372272

"Did you bring vodka?"

>> No.20372276

>Valnikov Kharn


So, curious to see what the hell this name was, I looked it up. The first entry of note is a film called Black Marble, about... eh, I'll just paste it.

>Andrei Valnikov is a Los Angeles based cop who has served over 20 years on the force, most of them in homicide. Ever since his partner committed suicide in despair over the barbarities seen on the job, Valnikov has had a hard time coping with his feelings.

>Valnikov's new partner turns out to be a woman — Natalie Zimmerman. She's a no-nonsense cop who is not happy about working with a man who drinks too much and is troubled by nightmares.


Oh, and Chiaki Matsuda historically was the captain of the Battleship Yamato.

>> No.20372280

Gah, forgot link.


>> No.20372287

Are any of you responsible for this?

>> No.20372299

Also - /a/ is having Madoka/Saya no Uta crossover thread...

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>> No.20372323

Didn't original picture have Rock in his undies as "point of view" with (not so) subtle implication that girls are about to have some fun with him?

>> No.20372345

Going by that description Kharn actually reminds me of someone else from 40k....

>> No.20372351


Sadly not. Afterwards they all combined into a giant Godzilla-sized Sayaka, at which Homura looked at Madoka and said "I will definitely protect you" and then reset the timeline again. :V

>> No.20372358

>>20372066 >>20372059 >>20372060

As you force yourself to take a few more steps towards her, it's then that you see your former partner just a bit more clearly. She's...eerily beautiful, like an elegantly-forged weapon or firearm made with the express purpose to kill.

Amusingly enough, it's not her hands that catch your attention. Not her legs, either, - which seem to end at the knees, and where two spindly, blackly-armored appendages begin, plates of brutally-edged ebony steel layered together. And no, it's not her rather strange, way of dress - an office lady's blouse, bisected by the crimson tongue of an expertly-knotted tie between her ample breasts, with a soft brown cardigan half-worn up to her elbows and secured there with thin black straps. Her bottom consisting of form-hugging black leather shorts, ending just at mid-thigh.

No, all these things, strange as they are, fail to catch your attention.

It's the glasses that she's wearing. Eerily similar to your own, with the red frames and everything.

You stare at her for a moment, before returning her greeting. Mmumbling something about how your memory has been unreliable as of late.

She laughs at this, softly, and it's one of the sweetest sounds you'd ever hear, enough to send a chill up your spine.

"Yes, I have been informed of this. You do not remember things as well as you'd like. That is no issue, we have enough time - and enough vodka - to reminisce."


>> No.20372393

>offers us vodka
someone knows how the fuck we work WAY too well
i'm ok with waifuing her.

>> No.20372418


>That outfit

Makise Kurisu?

>> No.20372423

... Sexy.

>> No.20372432

Where have I seen this woman? Oh right. Witchblade

>> No.20372453


Evil cyborg Kurisu with boobs.

>> No.20372455

I like the way you think.
Kharn for best waifu.

>> No.20372462

Red glasses.

So another Homu clone?

>> No.20372463

I'm ok with this.

PLEASE have Golden Chainaxe pleasepleaseplease...

>> No.20372465


It's then that she steps forward to meet you, crossing the distance between you and her with a few confident strides - and each step, you hear the steel of her legs clanking together, as if to provide evidence of their mechanical nature and at the same time show themselves off in action. Moving much more fluidly and gracefully than metallic prostethic legs had any right to be.

She comes to a stop in front of you. She's a good head taller than you, basically, forcing you to look up. Beside you, Midori takes an involuntary step backward. You will yourself not to do the same.

"I have also heard that you have been chosen to take up the mantle of Warmaster, Murderface. This pleases me. Allow me to be the first to call you by that rank, since I will be the one to help you train for it." She smiles, and just as suddenly goes down on one knee. Her head bowed low.

"I, Valnikov Kharn, The Betrayer, recognizes the Warmaster and submits herself to her authority."

You blink at this, and hastily ask her to rise. You're...still in training, you remind her. People kneeling to you...that's as weird as it gets, and you're not so sure you're comfortable with the prospect.

She laughs again as she stands up, her black, crimson-pinned eyes glittering behind her glasses.

"Forgive me, Murderface. It has been a while since I have been in contact with the rest of our kind. I miss the rituals, the rites of respect." She shrugs her slender shoulders. "The city as well. It has been a while since I have had proper...how do you call them? Balls of cabbage with octopus meat in them? Takoyaki, did I get that right?"


>> No.20372483

>> No.20372484


Delicious Kharn.

Also, guess what we are asking Midori to cook her? Then claim that we made it?

>> No.20372491 [DELETED] 


>> No.20372495

>Red glasses

The real Chiaki from Pirates?

>> No.20372498

Well, that'll do.

>> No.20372514



>> No.20372521

Yes that's Kurisu outfit alright.
She looks like her in a the BRS universe.
I'm fine with this.

Probably not a coincidence that Huke designed both universe.

Also: yay, deculture drawings.

>> No.20372538


>> No.20372541

Yeah. Definitely Witchblade.

>> No.20372552


i can't get used to people calling Chiaki warmaster.

it feels so alien.

i'm far from against it however.

>> No.20372553

>Kharn looks like a combination of BGS and Kurisu
Bueno indeed.

>> No.20372557

>PLEASE have Golden Chainaxe pleasepleaseplease...
Might as well. Any ideas for the other 4 weapons?

>> No.20372565

>100 posts in, only 5 Deculture posts

these threads would last longer if you didn't waste so many of them.

>> No.20372578

They last long enough. Not like people posting less would increase Deculture's actual post count.

>> No.20372579

How about a scythe?

>> No.20372580

They last until Deculture stops posting, which is long enough.

>> No.20372585

We are just showing our endless admiration.

>> No.20372586


The fuck-? You know we've never once fell off, right? The game always lasts for about 3-4 hours, when Deculture is done for the night.

>> No.20372588


>> No.20372600

So... What happens if we have Misaka build one of the spare golden weapons in to Tiny Pete?

>> No.20372608

Real Chaos Marines appear.

>> No.20372620


rejection most likely.

>> No.20372635

Nanoha is about. Golden Raising Heart is going to make everything else obsolete.

This makes me sad.

>> No.20372636


You nod. Takoyaki. Yes, you...faintly remember someone who had an insatiable appetite for the things. Drowned in sauce so hot you felt as though your mouth was melting from the molten magma you've just spooned into it. You remember sharing them with...this person, in front of you, who looks lke murder given form than anthing else. Justice given form.

In your arms, Misaka fidgets again, mumbling your name.

Kharn notices this, and blinks, before smiling, shaking her head. "Ah, where are my manners? We should be doing this inside, and you can let the Director's little sister continue her slumber in the quarters prepared for you. We will have much time to talk about old times later."

She glances at Midori, blinking her strange eyes once at your subordinate. "I see you have taken a subordinate! You are taking this role very seriously, then. I approve." Again the smile, and you feel quite...guilty that you've forgotten all about this person, who seems decent enough so far. "Introductions can be made later, I think. Come, it is time for us to get back into the warmth of the base."

She turns smartly on her heel - her black hair swaying slightly at the movement - and it's then that she makes her way towards the imposing steel and concrete structure behind her, looking like the entrance to a bunker than anything else.


>> No.20372650

There's something really friendly and classy about her.

She seems like that kind of person that goes full loyalty on you, feels sorry for slaughtering house full of people and warns you about her changing sides when It's time for destroying the world.

Not sure how to express It. I love It.
Anyway, Kharn's theme

>> No.20372651

DIdn't Pinky state that Nanoha resisted and tried to fight back but Pinky just killed her?

>> No.20372665

Implied she did.

>> No.20372682

But even that wasn't enough to befriend Pinky.
We should have Midori write a special story about Murder Mayumi geting it on with a pink haired magic girl goddess.

>> No.20372683

WH 40K:
Golden Bolter (Light, Heavy, Storm, Vulcan?)
Golden Nemesis Axe
Golden Power Sword
Golden Power Claws
Golden Lasgun
Golden Exitus Rifle
Golden Needler
Golden Inferno pistol
Golden Auto Pistol

>> No.20372687

She never said that.

>> No.20372708


They might not all be weapons. As long as they power you up, they might be focusing tools, or there might be defensive, like an (actual) shield or armor.

Gold Cloth Chiaki, anyone?

>> No.20372710

Bit too bling for us, but can't rule it out I guess.

>> No.20372711

She said one she gave a weapon to, blasted her with it and flew off for heroics.
No mention of her fate after.

>> No.20372713


said she "was" a nice girl and she had "fragrant blood" so yeah, implied pretty damn hard.

might be worth to dig into the matter next time she almost molests us.

>> No.20372724


Honestly, I love love love Nanoha, and I like PMMM, but I really would hope to avoid actually meeting her. So far, all the references seem new characters to me because we've avoided anyone I've actually heard about, but... eh...

Also, I don't want to have to kill her. *laugh*

>> No.20372726


Exactly. She gave Nanoha a golden weapon, Pinky said Nanoha ranted at her and tried to blast her and flew off. She didnt finish that, so who knows what else happened?

>> No.20372727

A fair point Negative Silence, as we haven't yet seen half of the Golden items yet. Though of the ones we have seen, 'weapon' is the common denominator.

>> No.20372731


It read as if Nanoha tried to use the golden weapon on Pinky, but found that it really didn't do anything. She then either ran off or Pinky ran her off afterwards.

>> No.20372732

When Pinky showed up it was mentioned her teeth were bloodstained. If that's not a standard feature, then Pinky could have eaten her or something. Possibly eaten her heart.

>> No.20372738



You take a moment to look around - and you faintly hear what sounds like heavy rumbling footsteps, akin to Tiny Pete's, shaking the very ground underneath you. The entrance to the base quite heavily guarded - with winter-camouflaged soldiers making patrols, high-caliber rifles gripped in their hands. Cameras mounted high on walls, turning after every few seconds, taking stock of everything that moves.

This isn't so much as a research and development base as it is a military installation.

"We...should probably get going, sempai," Midori murmurs beside you, and you nod. "I think it's a bad idea to keep her waiting."

You follow the Betrayer into the highly-fortified, maximum security base.

It feels like you're walking into a prison.

"Apologies for the security," Kharn says as you catch up to her, the soldiers performing patrols giving her - and you - a wide berth, all of them standing to attention and saluting as you pass. "There are many who desire to take our secrets from us, and Kyuubey does not want that."

A heavy steel door slides open as the three of you approach, and you step into what looks like a heavy duty elevator, large enough to wheel an entire tank in and probably a whole platoon with it. Kharn unpins her ID from her chest and slides it into a slot just near where the floor buttons are - and there's a beep as she presses one of them. The doors slide close, locking with a rather jarring slam, and you feel the elevator start to descend.

You ask her - after a moment's thought - just what secrets are in here that are worth this much protection.

Kharn smiles at you. "The ones worth killing entire worlds for, of course."

You're not too sure how you feel about that.


>> No.20372742

Why not something more Russian?
I have no idea what it means so maybe not

>> No.20372746

The exact line was:
>One of them actually tried to blast me with the weapon I gave her before flying off!

>> No.20372748

>godcat runs a SCP factilly

>> No.20372751

So when do we bump in to Solid Snake?

>> No.20372755


Yeah, Pinky's smile has pretty much always been described as blood-stained.

>> No.20372760

Nah, impossible. Pinky wants OUR heart.

>> No.20372762

When he attempts to infiltrate it and we have to kill him.

>> No.20372769

In his Golden Sneaking Suit?

>> No.20372771

All we have to do is shoot all the boxes.

>> No.20372778

Or USP with a golden unlimited bandana

>> No.20372781

Or a golden cardboard box.

>> No.20372786


>nothing at all

thanks for somehow making me think of that.

>> No.20372799

That would be hilarious.

>> No.20372801

Stupid sexy Snake!

Oh god his name makes it worse.

>> No.20372804 [SPOILER] 

Of course, if any of the Golden Gifts happen to be clothing / armor / items... I vote for Golden Imperial Commissar Hat-chan!

>> No.20372814

We should ask when we will be getting an ID like that. Since we will be directly below QB in power.
Which also means we can 'play'(read:kill) him more.

>> No.20372818

I… what?

>> No.20372830

>taken to Siberia
>led into huge underground facility
>tremendous protection
>feels like a prison

Anyone else think Kyuubey sent us away to be locked up forever, and Kharn is getting her jollies on pretending to be our friend when she's really our warden?

>> No.20372840

Why wouldn't he just kill us?

>> No.20372846

Because he isn't creative enough to simply poison our pancakes.

>> No.20372850

Can we be killed without Pinky going full yandere and destroying the universe again?

>> No.20372852

Nah, we are more a test subject that anything.
If he wanted to get us out of the way he would just kill us.

>> No.20372854 [SPOILER] 



something not /tg/ related.

>> No.20372856

Well I am now, thanks a lot.

Only not really.

>> No.20372860

>poison our pancakes.

Even QB has standards.

>> No.20372866

He wouldn't have send Misaka with us and given us the golden weapons.

>> No.20372873

I'm pretty sure pink would be more angry if he tried to lock us up.

Prison would be boring to watch.

>> No.20372886

We're a lab rat?

>> No.20372891


The elevator ride ends, and the doors open to somewhere that's...well, that's a bit more homey than you thought a research and development laboratory would look like. You were expecting white, sterile floors and walls smelling of antiseptic, with all sorts of unimaginably expensive materiel and equipment all over the place.

You find the same thing here, although it looks as though a mechanic - rather than an actual scientist - had made it their home. Posters of what looks like western movies and musicians adorn every wall, along with the occassional schematic haphazardly taped here and there. The equipment doesn't look like they've seen much use - which maybe because they look damaged beyond repair, or simply pushed aside to make room for what looks like the biggest cluster of servers you've ever seen, wires snaking everywhere. A sign taped across it reads 'MAGNUS', in hastily-written block script. Looking a bit more into the facility, you see that the room extends to other rooms, where you see a kitchen, a den, and what looks to be other amenities besides the lab itself.

Oddly enough, you smell the familiar scent of instant noodles, here. Along with the telltale sting of cigarette smoke.

"Urgh. Forgive the mess, we are usually a bit more organized than this." You hear Kharn speak in something that resembles embarrassment as she leans down to pick up what looks like an empty beer can. It is crushed, disturbingly easily, in between her clawed hands. It's then that you hear Kharn shout something in Russian, and a young male voice, tired and sleepy, replies back.

"Idiot! Your younger sister is here, along with guests! Get dressed!" Kharn snaps, clearly annoyed. "Forgiveness, Murderface. We are more lax than usual. We do not receive guests really often."


>> No.20372892


Zombie-lich girl. Poison shouldnt do anything at all.

>> No.20372913

We've been a lab rat since the last mission. Where have you been?

Also, remember the kill switch for the slave QB gave us?

QB made our soulgems.

>> No.20372939


Kyubey shouldn't be able to simply "kill-switch" the girls though. Otherwise he wouldn't have had to manipulate Kyouko into suiciding against Oktavia in the anime.

>> No.20372941

>Also, remember the kill switch for the slave QB gave us?
>QB made our soulgems
So what are you trying to say? That QB is able to end us instantly?

>> No.20372956

This Kyuubey isn't anime Kyuubey.
And he probably got more energy from her suiciding than just killing her.

>> No.20372958

Also, more thread related, he could have simply remote-killed Kirika.

>> No.20372964

You don't reveal your secret weapon for one employee, the others would know about it then and try to counter it.

You save it for when there's a decent rebellion.


>> No.20372965


you'd think that wouldn't you?

small chance but it is possible.

>> No.20372983

If QB could end his magical girls, there would be no retirement missions.
We have the kill switch because Midoris soul gem is directly slaved to ours. (like a computer drive)

>> No.20373004

But then Kirika's case makes no sense. Why not end her instantly?

Either QB had some specific plan regarding us or Deculture simply missed that fact and created a plothole

>> No.20373008

True but he had his plans that involved not doing it himself I would dare say.

Remember the little fucker has plans within plans so he can get the best return and if causing Mami to go grief mode from us killing her friend does that then it works out great by him

>> No.20373022



You don't use your last ditch weapon at the first sign of trouble.

Don't try and pretend that you know how soul-gem mechanics work and say it's impossible.

Because, once again, it was one magic girl. She was scheduled for a normal retirement because she wasn't that great of a threat vs the resources he had at hand.

>> No.20373033

One thing to remember about Kharn is that she is THE BETRAYER. Ignore how nice she looks and acts, she wouldn't be able to betray anyone if no one trusted her in the first place.
Keep paranoia levels at maximum and all that.

>> No.20373036


You shake your head mutely. You don't mind. Compared to your apartment, this place is as pristine and flawless as Mami's. You feel Misaka sleepily nibble at your shoulder, while Midori tries to make herself as inobstrusive as possible - apparently somewhat cowed by Kharn's shouting.

"Wait, Misaka?" You hear the masculine voice call again, surprise coloring his words - and a young man comes from one of the rooms, his footsteps hurried. He is a rather interesting sight, with unruly white hair in horrible need of trimming. It's long enough to touch his shoulders and cover his bloodshot brown eyes. He is wearing what looks to be a striped shirt and black pants underneath a hastily-worn white lab coat - and his ID, pinned to the coat's chest, reads 'Souji'. "Misaka's here...?"

"Yes, idiot," Kharn snaps again, before throwing the crumpled can at him, where it plinks against his forehead. It bounces neatly into a nearby bin. "Agh, I am sick of telling you to clean up just in case we have visitors! You never listen!"

"Alright, alright, I get it." The young man says, scowling at you. It seems that he's taking some offense at you carrying his little sister like some sort of child - which she is, except for the times when she is sniping with a rifle twice as long as she is tall, and when she's putting back together a spiky black automaton capable of tearing demons apart. "So, you're that new Warmaster chick the mutant cat sent over to be checked, huh?" He narrows his eyes at you, and you feel yourself doing the same. "Huh. Can't say I'm impressed, much."

How do you respond?

>> No.20373042

He was testing us as well.
He knows much more than he ever lets on and he thought to see what our new self was like

>> No.20373043

But he just revealed that trick to us. Chiaki, of all people.

I say, Deculture missed with that one.
Shit happens

>> No.20373046


or, mutant cat CAN do the kill switch thing but doesn't because he need girls turning into witches.

the golden weapons so far only make magical girls go insane and maybe turn less than ordinary men/women into sinful acts against nature.

>> No.20373053

If QB had a kill switch, he could just send someone on an ultra high risk mission and pull the switch during it. That would just end in everyone thinking they fucked up the mission.
But Chiaki said retirements are well known and never wanted. So QB doesn't do it that way.

>> No.20373062


Deploy porn

>> No.20373063


If we really do run into the magical girl equivalent of Solid Snake, I think she should have a golden MK23 SOCOM.

>> No.20373067

Ask him If he likes his fingers broken or smashed.

Study reaction

>> No.20373068

sigh, once again

We told ourself she can be trusted with our life. We just have to get Misaka away safely ourselves.

I'm not impressed at your basement dwelling pedigree either. Deal with it.

>> No.20373072

"So, you're that mad scientist dude the mutant cat sent me to to be checked by, huh?"

*raised eyebrow*

"Huh. Can't say I'm impressed, much."

>> No.20373093

I'd say he doesn't think we'll make the connection between him and our gems because we're a alcoholic wreak.

>> No.20373094

Hand over the porn, say nothing.

>> No.20373103

>I'm not impressed at your basement dwelling pedigree either. Deal with it.

fuck, we have to do this and call him a neckbeard.

>> No.20373104


same to you but more of it, can't believe you are this fine young girl her brother.

i have a feeling this guys opinion of us will make a 180 when we give him the porn...
that and he seems like a siscon.

>> No.20373124


The diary app said that we could trust Kharn to keep us alive, but little else.


Your sister said the same. Have some porn.

>> No.20373126

If QB really's that good of a thinker then that move was stupid as all fucks.

Too stupid for a cat with his mind.

Aren't you overthinking It a little?

>> No.20373130

Throw our bag of porn at him. Let it all fall out the bag so everyone can see it.

"Misaka told me you like this sort of thing. You're welcome."

>> No.20373138

It's that or plot hole.

>> No.20373150

You shake your head in mild annoyance, but say that, out of respect for his sister, you'll refrain from telling him exactly where he can accelerate his opinion.

>> No.20373154

"I didn't ask for this. I'd think I'd be the last person for the position. Midori, give him his gift."

>> No.20373168

Deadpan stare.
"I don't care about your opinion."

>> No.20373171

That doesn't achieve his goals though
He wants corrupted soul gems to make grief seeds, simply kill switching people doesn't produce either.

>> No.20373173


[x] "I'm sure the ladies aren't impressed by that kind of charm either. Guess you'll need this souvineer more than I thought." *Toss him the bag*

>> No.20373176

and also that his 'ULTRA MAGNUS" seems to be... lacking.

>> No.20373187

It is weird as fuck to see a suggestion in the third person.

>> No.20373196

Which is why he isn't using them to kill every single small problem?


>> No.20373205

All of Chiaki's speech / actions / what not are in third. I figured, "why not give it a try?" That way, even if it isn't used, I can pretend like it was. :p

>> No.20373211

Well... Maybe we'll just keep the porn to ourselves.

>> No.20373225

>"I'm sure the ladies aren't impressed by that kind of charm either. Guess you'll need this souvineer more than I thought." *Toss him the bag*

>"I'm not impressed at your basement dwelling pedigree either. Deal with it."

>Throw our bag of porn at him. Let it all fall out the bag so everyone can see it. "Misaka told me you like this sort of thing. You're welcome."

all of the sass, we need all of it

>> No.20373227


Maybe we can give it to Kharn instead, she's given us a nicer reception.

>> No.20373231

I like this one. And it's spelled "souvenir".

>> No.20373244


except Misaka never told us about that.

>> No.20373267

I just made three posts into one, not going to edit people posts

>> No.20373269

No, Kharn invited us to a few drinks. That means soulgem licking shenanigans.

>> No.20373276

im down for that

>> No.20373278


I like this collection. Gets the general sentiment of what I would like to see.

Picture only slightly related on the subject of "porn"

>> No.20373280

This one is my favorite. Do this one.

>> No.20373294

Are you implying, good sir, that you intend to 'FN lick' the black right out of those eyes?

>> No.20373308

>Deculture: There are no plot holes! Yet! D:

there you have it folks

>> No.20373313

Bad idea, don't lick Kharn's Soulgem.

It's asking for a premature bad end.

>> No.20373342

I heard you were a basement dweller, but this seems a tad excessive

>> No.20373350


What is it with everyone and wanting to molest every character with missing legs?

>> No.20373358

But she's such a nice girl. Surely the "Betrayer" thing can't be that bad, right? ... Right?

>> No.20373365

it's /tg/. we're /d/ lite. we get off on that sort of thing

>> No.20373366

It because of "that cripple fucker game" as Chiaki called it.

>> No.20373374

No means no, man.

We do NOT give the robot-limbed killing machine orgasms, damn it.

>> No.20373379

Katawa Shoujo.

>> No.20373380

This...might not be the most tactful way to reunite with an old friend.

As far as Misaka's brother goes, we should acknowledge the fact that we are a guest in his secret science lair or whatever it is, but that doesn't mean we have to put up with his shit.

We do have a mall reputation to uphold.

>> No.20373381

To be fair, we also molest anyone who still has all limbs intact.

>> No.20373384

She's not missing legs, they're just metal.

>> No.20373393

To be fair, we get molested ourselves.

>> No.20373395

Emi is worst girl

>> No.20373399

People of awesome ability and terrible reputation are only bad for you if they mean you harm.

According to future/side universe/past us, the Betrayer does not.

>> No.20373403


Which means she used to have fleshy ones that are now no longer there.


If we can combine the aforementioned sass with this kind of tact, that would be good.

>> No.20373405

We are an equal opportunity sexual deviant

>> No.20373409

I dont recall molesting mami's mammeries.

stil better than bacon-tan

>> No.20373416


Not even a little one?

>> No.20373424

Those pancakes are already orgasm-inducing. That's enough.

>> No.20373431

Don't listen to him. we can if enough people vote for it.

>> No.20373441

Explain how licking Kharn's Soulgem is a good idea.

>> No.20373443

don't be so anal

>> No.20373447

Come to think of it, where is Kharn's gem? Since she's not in a magical girl outfit (what the hell would that even look like?) I assume it's in ring form? Ring on those cybernetic prosthetic arms?

>> No.20373451

It isn't, that's why it is such an enticing idea.

>> No.20373453

>combine sass and tact
But aren't sass and tact diametrically opposed to each other?

>> No.20373460

If those two have been drinking together for six months, they've probably done worse.

>> No.20373464

Glasses frames possibly.

>> No.20373467


Only in America.

>> No.20373469

You have a problem with prosthetics, buddy? There's no need to be prejudiced against them, you know.

>> No.20373481

There will be no tact.

We don't have to take shit from R&D. I'll vote to make him fight the next golden weapon holder if he keeps it up.

>> No.20373487

All of my this

>> No.20373494


That'll just get us a tact.

>> No.20373499

It's called subtlety and undertones.

Like tact with a slight amount of sarcasm.
Instead of just being a complete bitch we could tone it down to slight bitch.
Which basically counts as tact for us.

>> No.20373508

Does anyone else get the impression that Kharn and MisakaBro are going out?

Kharn bickers at him like they're a tsundere couple, at least.

>> No.20373510

>>20373225 >>20373124 >>20373068

You narrow your eyes at him in your trademark withering glare - which, to his credit, he doesn't seem to back down from, although you see him swallow slightly as he returns it. Careful to keep your grip on Misaka with one arm, you reach out towards Midori with your other - and she passes you the bag of pornography that you bought for him at the airport.

You shove this against his chest, at the same time remarking that you're not particularly impressed with his basement-dwelling pedigree, either. He backpedals a bit at this, blinking, and it's then that he furrows his brow as he opens the bag, looking at its contents. Reddening at the sight of them.

"The hell...? You...you bought me porn? And chocolate bars?"

You respond - just as you hear Kharn stifling her laughter - that the chocolate bars are for Misaka, and if he wants any, he'll have to ask her about them. The rest he's free to enjoy on his own.

He seems speechless about the entire thing, and Kharn is the one to break the silence. "Ah, how the past can haunt us. Enjoy your guest's thoughtfullness when you did not have any of your own, Souji. I will show them around and have them settled. And please, be sure to lock your door."

"E-er...yeah. Thanks, Kharn." He manages to say, before shooting you a rather venomous look. "I'm not going to forget this."

Then it has been well worth the trip, you reply, before allowing Kharn to lead you further into the laboratory, Midori following close behind - and stifling giggles of her own. Once the three of you seem to be out of earshot, it's then that your host turns slightly to glance at you. "Thank you for that, Murderface. Souji can be a bit...difficult to deal with. It is nice to have him put in his place once in a while."

How do you respond?

>> No.20373524

We don't intend to murder him. That alone counts as tact for Murderface Murdermaid.

Speaking of murdering, the "lick everything" faction does get a bit out of hand…

>> No.20373541

"I'm surprised you don't have this entire base under your thumb."

>> No.20373546

pfft, I was going to keep that stuff but that shot was too damn easy

>> No.20373562

10/10 Deculture

Well, if he's been like this the whole time I pity you. What the hell is there to do around here.


>> No.20373563


Added added. Keep them coming, folks!

Also, inb4 we get to use 'Let the Bodies Hit the Floor' as her updated theme.


>> No.20373565


"No, no. you got it all wrong. That was me being nice."

>> No.20373569

Not necessarily.

Drinking buddies do not mean fuckbuddies.

>> No.20373585

"Well, the look on his face evens out the embarrassment of actually having to go buy porn, so it all evens out, I guess."

"Figured i'd need a peace offering for him from Misaka's description anyway."

>> No.20373597

I agree with my fellow Misaka Lobbyist - Bear Hunting.

>> No.20373598

This, we have priorities and bear hunting is one of them.

>> No.20373599


"He threw the ball, hitting it was only force of habit."

>> No.20373601


"i thought boys liked that sort of thing..."

we don't really need any thanks its not like we were hoping it would end like this.

>> No.20373602

"Think nothing of it. That was just me trying to be nice."

>> No.20373655

"I was trying to be nice."

>> No.20373660


>> No.20373692


The truth makes it all the better.

>> No.20373723

Am I the only one who thought that? That was LITERALLY my first thought. Maybe she means 'we' as in 'the people who work here', but from how secret this is, and the fact that she seemed on such easy terms with apparently the Director of the plant...

I don't care, they're my new ship.

>> No.20373739

you're just trying to lock another choice away from murderface

>> No.20373761

Well, we should see if the dates of NotAccelerator getting his shit together coincides with Kharn giving up the warmaster job and pissing off to to the middle of bumfuck-nowhereistan, Siberia.

>> No.20373765

Silence you big jerk

Why does it always have to be LOL TSUNDERE? Can't people genuinely dislike other people any more?

>> No.20373775

Chiaki, being of fairer gender can't really appreciate fine joys of taloned prospetics feet footjob

>> No.20373778 [DELETED] 



>> No.20373780

We should ask if Kharn will want her planes back when we leave.

>> No.20373784

Rereading that, it does sound like they're a couple. It'd explain how Kharn has everyone in the base afraid of her and yet Souji for some reason is immune to that.

>> No.20373797


well, they have been working together for a very long time now so it would not surprise me one bit if they got a little 'hands on' at some point.

>set sail!

>> No.20373807

vibrating extendable toes contradict your statement.

he's a typical irreplaceable R&D scientist that's going to fuck things up hard while we're here because he's a slob

>> No.20373811

Licking subordinates is usually frowned upon, this would make a scientist outside the usual chain of command the only option.

And it's lonely in Siberia…

>> No.20373813


We can dislike anyone we want. I think it's more "We want to see Chiaki getting it on with somebody NAOW." LOL Neck beard more than anything else at this point.

Unless he's really Accelerator. At which point he'd be close to invulnerable form any attacks, and could keep Kharn from even touching him, or even breathing air, if he felt like it.

>> No.20373850

Or, if he's the Director, then he'd be of equivalent 'rank', perhaps? Either way.

>Oh, look, a wimpy scientist I can bully around
>Yeah, no, crazy lady, I've got my own tricks
>OMG he's able to stand up to me *stalker*

>> No.20373874

Nice to see someone else up here. It's lonely being at m- *ahem* Our level.

>> No.20373884

>Oh look a person who is far more laid back than I am and I dislike because our personalities do not go well together
>The fact that he is capable of standing up to me only increases my annoyance at him
>I do not like him at all

>> No.20373891

>Licking subordinates is usually frowned upon,
the bull was well alive when we ... um- I mean... she was not our subordinate when we did it!

>> No.20373902


"Being nice? Hmm. I suppose you did not kick his kneecap in or shoot him in the foot like you are used to dealing with annoying people, so there may be credence to that," Kharn says, amusement thick in her voice. "You have changed indeed, Murderface, and it seems for the better. This pleases me." She grows quiet for a moment, before continuing. "Ah, if I am to be very honest, it saddens me as well, but only a tiny bit. It is somewhat depressing to note that the Murderface I have grown to love is to be replaced with someone who cares about bothersome things like collateral damage and casualty counts."

You can't help but smile a little at this. Sure, the past you sounds terrible, but it's...kind of heartening to realize that someone at least liked you for who you were, then, and is lamenting the fact that you're changing with the times.

"But change is not bad. Change is good. The opposite of it is stasis, and if we do not change, then we are no different than our dead." Kharn smiles at you, just as she leads you to a corridor with four doors along one side of it. "Here is where our seperate quarters are. The one at the very end is mine and Souji's, while the other three have been prepared for you. Feel free to take whichever one you wish, although I think Misaka would appreciate being the closest to her idiot of an older brother."

"We get a room of our own?" Midori says beside you, both disappointment and excitement somewhat clashing in her voice. "That's...nice, isn't it, sempai?"

Yes. Quite. But...

You glance up to Kharn.

[]Ask about how she and Souji seems to be rooming together.
[]Say nothing about it. Pick your rooms.

>> No.20373909


She was a prisoner, yeah. Could always say that Murderface was trying to expand her torture repertoire or something. Hahah.

>> No.20373917

[]Ask about how she and Souji seems to be rooming together.

A magical girl that ISN'T lesbian? What the fuck?

>> No.20373920

Wasn't manipulating Kyouko into going kamikaze, was manipulating her into fighting an unwinnable battle so Meduka would become Meguca. Get your shit straight.

We do know this version of the Soul Gem has a killswitch, because QB said we could use it on Green Green if she stepped out of line.

>> No.20373924

>[]Ask about how she and Souji seems to be rooming together.
I swear to God Decu if they are a couple I am going to flip my shit

>> No.20373925

We must know

>> No.20373938

Say nothing.

>> No.20373940

>[X]Ask about how she and Souji seems to be rooming together.
"Guess Souji didn't really need my present."

>> No.20373943

[]Say nothing about it. Pick your rooms. Do what she suggested

wait till we get better reacquainted to ask about her sleeping arrangements

>> No.20373949

I agree with this person.

Also how come the plot hole discussion came up while I was doing real life things, goddammit

>> No.20373958

>[x]Ask about how she and Souji seems to be rooming together.

>> No.20373975

that's not me, the guy who suggested agency wide kill switches. I'm not even watching the anime so I won't spoiler the quest

>> No.20374006

Well, you should! watch the anime, I mean - it's only 12 episodes anyway

>> No.20374012

Voting this.

>> No.20374020


>[]Ask about how she and Souji seems to be rooming together.

why am i so shocked at this development even though i have been expecting it?

they might not be a couple at all and are just opening up some rooms for us...
or it could be prison time.

so many possibilities.

>> No.20374028

can't, the Quest comes first and we have terrible amnesia

>> No.20374031

>I swear to God Decu if they are a couple I am going to flip my shit
The long cold Sebrian nights... might not go as far as "couple", but there could certain... benefits in their friendship...

>> No.20374032

[x]Ask about how she and Souji seems to be rooming together.

>green oreepli
And captcha want to reply to midori.

>> No.20374033

You look to Kharn, the disappointment in your features speaking more than the words themselves as you ask as to wither she and Souji are 'Shacking up'. She had, earlier, offered drinks and reminiscence, and you were thinking a drink, or fifty, was the exact thing you needed tonight. Tossing in some of your missing past wouldn't hurt, either.

But if she's with him... You simply say there must be more to the man than you've seen, or experienced this far, to net a woman of Kharn's caliber. Either that, or is it truly that lonely in Siberia?

Capicha: puriran ieshut
Well, this hut doesn't seem so pure anymore, Cap.

>> No.20374039

Ask away!
"You… share a room, do you?"

>> No.20374047


>> No.20374052


>> No.20374082

"*Your* room?"

Yeah, the anime only has had a little to do with the quest so far. Just basic characters an hints at plot from the anime.

>> No.20374084

>[x]Ask about how she and Souji seems to be rooming together.
>inb4: the guys dwells in lab and never leaves it anyway, so his name on the door is just shenanigan so Kharn can have room for 2 people all for herself

>> No.20374085

[X]Say nothing about it. Pick your rooms.

>> No.20374096

That's still too much! Gosh darn heterosexuality

You shut up.

>> No.20374105

We are going to wear out any residual frendliness Kharn has for Matsuda by asking her about the Souji situation.

And it will be glorious.

>> No.20374110

Thats sort of the idea I got as well

And maybe to keep people from bothering her about a date.

>> No.20374113

that's why I didn't want to ask

>> No.20374114

If she confirms that they are together, or at least do it regularly, we must start teasing her about having a boyfriend

>> No.20374116

Personally I think having a hetero couple is a refreshing change, not everyone can be in our accidental harem. It would get a bit bland otherwise.

>> No.20374122

Guys, I've watched all of Madoka except for the last one or two episodes. For some reason I don't want to watch them(I was watching subs while it was originally airing).
Should I force myself to anyways?

>> No.20374123

[x]Ask about how she and Souji seems to be rooming together.
"I'm surprised. I haven't seen anything yet that would recommend him."

>> No.20374129

There's Mami for that.

>> No.20374138

Yes. You have less than an hour left. Just polish it off.

>> No.20374142

"Holy shit man, have you seen the boss? She's got claws for hands and jackboots for feet! I'd love to have to have that all over my vodka flask!"
"Yeah, man, but she's with the Director. I've heard some weird things about those labs of his..."

Translate to russian.

>> No.20374144

Honestly, Matsuda would probably be relieved that Kharn and Souji are an item. It'd mean one less person causing drama by trying to get into her panties. She has enough problems with Iori, Midori, and Pinky.

>> No.20374153

Hahaha no. I thought that was changed anyway?

>> No.20374157

Good morning guys! What have I mis-


>> No.20374161


"You know, perhaps this amnesia is the best thing that has happened to me. Gave me a new perspective on things and unloaded a lot of emotional baggage."

>> No.20374165

>"Святой человек дерьмо, вы видели в доме хозяин? У нее есть когти для рук и для ног сапоги, я хотел бы иметь, что на всем протяжении моего водки колбу!"
>"Да, человек, но она с директором. Я слышал, что некоторые странные вещи, о тех лабораториях его ..."

>> No.20374167

>>Guys, I've watched all of Madoka except for the last one or two episodes.

If you're missing the last two episodes, watch episode 11 NOW!

Holy shit, Full Homu! You need to watch the Full Homu experience so you can know when Chiaki needs to go Full Homu on some poor unlucky sod.

>> No.20374173

well they certainly don't seem compatible so finding out they share a room would spark sufficient interest to warrant a question about it.

i don't think Chiaki would pass a question like this, we're a little bit to straightforward, about what we say and do, for our own good.

>> No.20374174

No, pancake goddess is ours regardless of things like sexuality or prior marital circumstances.

I think they would focus more on the non metallic parts of her anatomy but I guess this is the place that has a thing for cripples so what can you do?

>> No.20374181

Actually, that's about where I am. For some reason, I never want to watch the end, because then that's it. No more. If I just sit at the edge, I can keep it going forever... *laugh*

>> No.20374188


this amuses me greatly.

>> No.20374192

That could backfire horribly. You know how Midori can easily forget the ordinate part of being our subordinate.

>> No.20374196

Not so far as I know. There was that whole thing with punching the pilot, which, so far as I can see, pretty much confirms that fanfic as canon.


>> No.20374206

Don't worry. Kharn will either be trying to kill us or trying to bed us by the end of the next three quests. She just has to get warmed up to us.

It is the /tg/ way.

>> No.20374223

[x]Ask about how she and Souji seems to be rooming together.

>> No.20374228


It's more likely that it'll be BOTH.

Shippers gonna ship, man.

>> No.20374231

Dudes. There's the Manga. And the alternate versions. And the Fanwank BS. And the Offical Bath Salts. There's plenty of Madoka to go around.

>> No.20374240


I found watching the end left me feeling a bit hollow, since I loved the series so much. It was a nice end, but still. You need to see it though, just so it's resolved. The story just isn't the same if you don't.

>> No.20374252

Don't piss all over my nice state of denial I'd manufactured for myself, It was working wonders.Time for NTR then.

>> No.20374253

Never go Full Homu.

>> No.20374254


Well there as also Madoka portable, but that Japanese are obviously going to go "No export for you!"

>> No.20374258 [SPOILER] 

From the previous thread....

>> No.20374264


Pinky waifu is only/best waifu


Oi, you, shut up! It's just Deculture messing with us. That is all...


>> No.20374267

I'm sorry. I hope I don't have to know how you feel.

>> No.20374268

Just buy it online or download it then.
If they want to refuse my money i won't miss out just for that.

>> No.20374291


It's less "no export" and more "no translation". Fucking moonspeak, how do you work?!

>> No.20374292

>>20373940 >>20373924 >>20373917

You blink at this. Her and Souji, in the same room, together? Bad first impressions aside, you're somewhat impressed by the implications this presents. If a basement-dwelling nerd who used to consider the 2D world as an adequate replacement for the depressing 3D one could snag someone like Kharn, then...there's probably hope for you as well, right?

You ask your host about this little matter as you make to deposit the sleeping Misaka into the room closest to Souji's - Midori rushing forward to open the door for you, seemingly playing up the subordinate role pretty well. The rooms are decidedly adequate - they're no penthouse suites, but they're certainly not prison cell quality, either. Enough room for a nice bed, a closet, your own bathroom and other amenities. You carefully lower Misaka onto the bed, taking off her shoes, jacket and hat - pulling the covers over her so she's warm.

She pulls Big Pete closer to her, still asleep.

"Ah, about that." Kharn seems to color just the slightest bit, a pink tinge spreading on her cheeks. "He is the Director of this base, and I am his assistant. There are occurences when we work for very long periods of time, even when we are in need of rest." She nods after a moment. "So, ah, we decided to share quarters, so that if we are tired, we can continue working immediately after we wake up, and that we are in easy reach of each other. It is also convenient when we are finished with field testing and other practical matters, so we can discuss and compare notes while resting."

You're not sure, and this is practicaly the first time you've met her, but you could swear that Kharn is a bit uncomfortable about this line of questioning.

How do you proceed?

>> No.20374295

Coincidently, the 23rd (out of 26) ep of Mirai Nikki also has that "not sure if I should watch further" feel. You know, the Happy End is right there. What else could get better?

>> No.20374297

We homu them from orbit.
It's the only way to be sure.

>> No.20374304



>> No.20374311

drop it, put he servant as far away as possible

>> No.20374328

Take a moment to consider Kharn's reaction.
Then decide against pushing it, and instead ask what our itinerary is for tomorrow.

>> No.20374331


>> No.20374336

Let's not push it. We'll be here for a little while anyway, we can learn this some other way, or ask her at a better time.

>> No.20374338

Japan: What's that, Amri-can'ts? you want this delisious game for your PSP you spent HOW many of your fould Ameri-can't dollars on? You want us to whisper what the moonrunes say to you, in your ugly, barbaric tounge? Do you? Do you?

American Gamer: well, yeah. That's the whole point of me buying your damn game console.

Japan: *Fist Crush Your Hopes And Dreams* Too bad! No Grand Knight's history, Madoka Portable, Rockman Dash 3, or anything else cool for you!

And this is why I pirate non-exports.

>> No.20374340

"Whatever you say Kharn."

No need to press her about it, we got an answer. Move on to inquiring about what's scheduled for the rest of the day after getting unpacked. Studying golden weapons, bear hunting, or whatever.

>> No.20374346

Generally a fan group will translate something that big.
And if not then I will just actually learn moon speak

Actually I meant that he had a room, I figured he slept in his lab

>> No.20374351


A single raised eyebrow, and no more.

(HEY GUYS, we have tact now! Plus it's practice at putting Kharn in her place, since we need to work on our Warmaster persona)

>> No.20374352

Say nothing. Smile knowingly.
Briefly consider how we might not be the most socially maladjusted person here.

>> No.20374370

I guess we leave it and move on. Set up our own sleeping arrangements, find out what we're going to be doing.

>> No.20374372

This is fantastic. What does the text say?

>> No.20374373

"Alright, sounds legit."

>> No.20374385


It is becoming increasingly obvious that as our social circle grows, we ARE actually much better at this 'being a real person' thing then many of them.

>> No.20374387

"Hey, that's pretty smart idea!" Midori comments a bit too eagerly "Maybe you should also consider it, Matsuda-Sempai. I mean - when you're about to enstablish your permanent office."

Yes, I'm taking control of NPC, deal with it!

>> No.20374403


well, its pretty clear that there is more to this than she is letting on.

maybe just a small poke at the director before letting up

"fair enough, its not like a rude and messy guy like him would have a chance with someone like you."

>> No.20374422


Nod once and simply.

Ask her if she has more details on what QB has planned for us up here at the Siberia base. He mentioned something about weapons training and research, but never really elaborated on what those would entail.

>> No.20374431

No we just fake it better.
I did say earlier that pretty much our entire social circle were fucking crazy didn't I?

>> No.20374437


Whoa. I know just joking, but be careful about that.

>> No.20374450


Well, it is the equivalent of the average girl getting to ugly girls to be her friends so she looks better by comparison.

We may not actually be BETTER, but many seem to be worse.

>> No.20374451

Serious deadpan mode time.
"Does he blackmail you into doing perverted things? I can help you deal with him."

>> No.20374471

It's more along the lines of "birds of a feather flock together".

>> No.20374472

I actually quite like the idea of saying this to Midori just to see how she and Kharn react.

>> No.20374473 [SPOILER] 

"Carry on, then" completely deadpan...until you crack an evil smirk

>> No.20374494


Quick look over the runic script. I translated a few letters and guesstimated the rest. Faust in that image is saying:

I have loved you for a hundred years

and I will love you until the day I kill you

>> No.20374510

Well they don't exactly choose meguca's based on being well adjusted people, and that's before all the shit they go through.

>> No.20374514

>Rockman Dash 3
>Implying Capcom ever actually intended to finish it

>> No.20374515

That's not creepy at all!

*backs out of the room*

>> No.20374520


>> No.20374536

Oh you, Pinky. Why can't I get enough of your yandere tenancies?

>> No.20374552

Well then...

>> No.20374560

Raise eyebrow, then move on to other topics.

>> No.20374576

Because they are some how adorable.

>> No.20374582 [SPOILER] 


>> No.20374620



>> No.20374621

How about NOW.

>> No.20374674

but we seem to like crazy. thread is already autosaging

>> No.20374718

>>20374352 >>20374340 >>20374328

You stare at her for a few more moments, and she calmly returns it with her own sunless, crimson-pinned eyes - and it's then that you nod, accepting her explanation. She seems to be somewhat wrong-footed at this, and you detect a hint of relief in her smile and at her words. "I know it has some...unfortunate implications, of course, but our relationship is strictly platonic and professional." It's then that she huffs, slightly. "Besides, he is an idiot. I half-wish that he took more after his sister, so nice and considerate. Instead, I have to deal with a buffoon with the consideration of a tactical nuke in a hostage situation." She frowns. "But, ah, enough about that. Let us leave Misaka to sleep so we can get on with today's itinerary."

You nod at this, and you follow her out of the room. Midori making sure to tuck Misaka in before leaving, giving your arms dealer one last ruffling of her hair before she herself closes the door behind her.

You take note of this, and plan to thank Midori later for her commendable handling of Misaka.

"Alright. Now, for today, we have few planned activities. Mostly it is to begin around much later in afternoon, so you can rest and prepare before it." Kharn takes what looks to be a smartphone from her pocket and delicately scrolls through the screens with a clawed finger. "

Misaka was very adamant to have bear hunting for the first day, and I am not about to disappoint her. So we will have that, and then dinner and drinks after, where hopefully we have enough bear meat for everyone." She grins, revealing perfect white teeth. "Tomorrow morning we will begin your training, and in the night, we will conduct your treatment for the GOlden Weapons."


>> No.20374725

>Souji as in Seta Souji with an awesome imouto
>Looks like Accelerator
>Possibly in a relationship with Makise Kurisu look alike

Confirmed for awesome bro that should be social linked asap?

>> No.20374737


Excellent. Now we have Deculture all to ourselves...

>> No.20374755


>> No.20374764

That's what PuriBook is for.

Ha. You wish. I'm still gonna HUE you. I'm just going to wait until Chikuwa before I do.

For the HUEHUEHUE train is patient. And has no breaks.

>> No.20374769

Best girl. I hope she is telling the truth.
Time for bear hunting? Oh boy.

>> No.20374775


Umm... as long as we stay away from the The Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel aspects of Yu...

>> No.20374792

>> No.20374804

Gorgeous, delicious Deculture...

>> No.20374806


She nods towards the suitcase Midori is still carrying. "That is two of them, yes? Kirika's sword, and one other?"

You nod. "Excellent. I will place it in our vault for now. And do not worry - only the director and I have access to it. You will also be provided access, of course, being Warmaster." She holds out a hand for the suitcase, and you nod at Midori. Your subordinate obeys, although gingerly. You don't blame her - those fingers of Kharn's look dangerous. The taller girl nods in thanks, her skeletal claws curling around the handle.

"I go to place this in our vault, then. In the meantime, please feel free to look around. The kitchen is just across from us if you are hungry, and there is beer and vodka inside. I will be back with your Identification Cards. You can also just rest in your rooms - I will wake you up personally when it is time for us to hunt."

Kharn smiles at you, before walking forward and catching you in a rather warm embrace.

You smell a faint hint of apples permeating her as your face is buried in her quite substantial chest.

"It is good to see you again, comrade. We will have much to talk about."

And just like that, she leaves, her strange legs making clanking sounds with every confident step.

"...Nice friend you have there, sempai." Midori says, sounding quite...sulky.

Yes. Very nice.

What do you do, now?

[]Grab some vodka and case the joint.
[]Go back to your room and sleep.
[]Do something else.

>> No.20374811


have we been rampantly trolling ourselves with speculation?

what is this feeling!?

>> No.20374843






[]Go back to your room and sleep.


>> No.20374846

>[]Grab some vodka and case the joint.
After all that shit on the plane ride out I imagine Matsuda could use a few drinks. Besides this is more or less our day off before the real work starts so she may as well get drunk now.

>> No.20374847

Vodka! Vodka! Vodka!

>> No.20374852

Ten out of ten, Kharn.

Should probably have a look around. Know how to get out and all that.

>> No.20374859

Grab some vodka, case the joint

>> No.20374874

[x]Grab some vodka and case the joint.

>> No.20374889

[x]Grab some vodka and case the joint.

May as well ask Midori if she wants some or the beer.

>> No.20374894

Do we REALLY want to drunkenly hunt bears?
I say <b>YES</b>.

>> No.20374911


lets grab a bottle of liver poison and take Midori on an exploratory walk.

but lets keep it tame since we wouldn't want to spoil our bear hunting by being in a drunken coma.

also Midori gets no booze, at least not the strong stuff.

>> No.20374913

Grab some vodka and case the joint. No rest for the wicked, and we can last a long time with less sleep.

Goddamn what is it with me and wanting dangerous women as love interests. First Pinky, now Kharn.

>> No.20374921

[]Grab some vodka and case the joint.

Why not?

>> No.20374922


[]Grab some vodka and case the joint.

This all doesn't feel right...

After the whole Killgore thing, I'm uncomfortable being any place surrounded by armed guards who aren't strictly loyal to us. Chances are it's just paranoia, but the better we know the place, the safer we'll feel. Especially since we have at the very least -3- golden weapons here, plus any Kharn is packing. With our luck shit will go down, and we need to know the facility well enough to navigate in a firefight.

Plus I imagine that Chiaki's first reaction upon seeing a new place would be how to attack/defend it, since she's as twitchy as us.

>> No.20374925

>[x]Do something else.
"Midori, we need to talk. I've already found out a bit about your... hobbies, but now I'd also like to know some more details about your abilities."

>> No.20374926

>drinking vodka before there's a Vodka Victory Party

you are all terrible and should be ashamed of yourselves. Save the good stuff for a appropriate event.

>> No.20374942

When in Rome Do as the Romans do.

And Russians do drink vodka...and fight bears I guess?
Since we haven't screwed ourselves over yet we can relax.

>> No.20374945

>[X]Grab some vodka and case the joint

We're not going to be all that sleepy, having rested on the plane here. Might be worth having a look around, glance around the kitchen and all that. Just make sure we don't go too far afield, as I expect we will run into trouble if we start moving around the place before we've got our keycard.

This might also be a good chance to learn a bit more about Midori's combat abilities. We don't know if her skills involve any kind of item that could potentially be golden, or if anyone from her old organization had any similarly corrupt weapon.

>> No.20374947


Pinky has had her fill of us on the plane and there can't be any mobile phone signal down here. So no interruptions!
Except for Midori and Misaka.
Well if Midori bothers us we can just tell her to check the fire exits or something

>> No.20374954

We already know her abilities. Or are you talking about...physical ones?

>> No.20374958


>[x]Do something else.

We need to get around to discussing tactics with Midori. How can she gather information for us? If we're in another Kilgore situation, how can she contribute without getting pulped?

We also need to break the news about Iori being a rather clingy long-term client, and how to handle the inevitability of Midori and Iori meeting face to face.

>> No.20374961

>When in Rome Do as the Romans do.
I'd advise not to follow too literally. Pretty sure Kharn offs them with her bare "hands", we better stick to guns.

>> No.20374973

We have solid gold boxing gloves now, we'd do pretty well in hand to hand. With Training

>> No.20374983

Just a thought.
Shouldn't we tell Kyubs that golden weapons are only actually given to magical girls, unlike we previously thought, and any non-magical girl with one has taken it, most likely by force, from the original recipient, meaning that they are, in all probability, very dangerous?

>> No.20374986


>[]Grab some vodka and case the joint.

Is there really any other option?

>> No.20375001

no, because they'd want to know how we know that

>> No.20375007

>[]Grab some vodka and case the joint.

We're in Russia, I'm pretty sure not drinking vodka is punishable by death.

>> No.20375016

I hadn't considered that. Good point.

>> No.20375020

[x]Do something else.
Talk to Midori.
Did she have anything to do with Yayoi's rape?
We're also Iori's bodyguard; how is she going to make up for her being on that contract?
Finally, we will need to talk about how to make use of Midori's powers to recon job sites and support us.

>> No.20375022


Well we will then have to explain that faust is actually talking to us and displays in interest in us. Even if it doesn't get us killed could provoke QB into experimenting on our relationship with faust.

>> No.20375023

Booze & exploration, a fine combination.

>> No.20375025

[x]Grab some vodka and case the joint.

Also, explore the base with Midori.

>> No.20375051

Miyori, didn't you say you were uploading your Kirika folder after I requested you do?
If you did, I never got the link.

>> No.20375055

I think it's safe to say we're off the Iori job for the forseeable future, if not forever. Besides, I don't think bringing any of that up is a good idea.

>> No.20375064

There's also that one bit about the MG who witchified in Mami's apartment. QB explained that she was in the employ of Midori's former incubator; we need to find out more information about this from Midori. Was her former incubator being really negligent with the grief seeds, or did he discover some way to force a MG to turn into a witch?

>> No.20375066

But yes, I sort of did. Then I sort of forgot. I'll have it for you by tomorrow.

>> No.20375072

This. Plan with Midori.

It depends on how Iori takes our letting her down and how Mami manages her. Nevertheless, we should start planning how to use Midori's powers now rather than in a firefight.

>> No.20375073

Alright, we'll pause for now! I'll put in the most voted action as the start post.

Also, we are nearing the next flashback part, and since you guys liked the first one I am letting you pick which one it will be.

[]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost
[]Wrath, Envy and Pancakes
[]The Sword, The Spear and The Shield

Each one has a different point of view, so pick carefully!

>> No.20375089

vodka and scope

and TS pinky? she was right when she said we've been distant.

>> No.20375090

[X] Add Kharn to our waifu list

Srsly though.
[X] Take enough vodka to our room to pass out drunk. Also for Midori, if she's going to be our subordinate she'll need to learn how to murder not only people but also livers.

>> No.20375092

Could be either. Considering what little she's said about life under her previous employer it's obviously not a great working environment, so the other incubator could be doing all sorts of evil shit.

>> No.20375093

>[X]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost
More Kharn!

>> No.20375094

[]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost


[]The Sword, The Spear and The Shield

>> No.20375095

Wrath, envy and pancakes.

>> No.20375102

Kharn's been introduced, so I'm going with this

[X]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost

Thank you, Deculture. you're awesome, keep on being you, and write this into a book someday, k?

>> No.20375103

>[]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost
Remembering what happened with Kharn is probably the most important at the moment as we are now dealing with her.

>> No.20375107


We're not off the Iori job if Iori steps back and thinks "Wow. That relationship was really unhealthy and was built on a rocky foundation at best. But I'm going to try again, but this time recognizing that Chiaki is an actual person with flaws and motivations instead of a magical savior person whom I will cling to forever and ever."

If she attempts to recreate a healthy relationship with Chiaki, we're going to have to deal with a whole lotta awkward and screaming.

>> No.20375109

[]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost

Like there's any other option.

>> No.20375112

[x]Wrath, Envy and Pancakes
More mamies!

>> No.20375121

[]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost
Sounds like it will be most relevant to where we are in the main story.

>> No.20375126

>Team Kharn
>More Mumi

[X] The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost.

>> No.20375127

Hmm. I Tweeted midori, but I changed my mind.

[X] The betrayer and whatever else was in there.

>> No.20375128


You had taken Kharn up on her offer of drinks after a particularly annoying assignment, and now, well into your third bottle of Rodnik (rather decent vodka if you were pressed to give an opinion on the matter) and second glass of Kong, you asked for Kharn’s Soul Gem, saying you thought she should know about a new ‘trick’ you learned about them. Without question or hesitation, the woman handed it over, and was now looking quite expectantly at you.

Pushing your misgivings aside, you brought the midnight colored orb to your lips and… licked.

The reaction was immediate, and very, very loud. The resulting orgasm knocked Kharn off of her chair to where she was now writhing on the floor, making small, sharp sounds every time she gasped for breath. Raising an eyebrow, you announced your intention to lick the black right out of her eyes. And should she have any objections, she should voice them now.

The table exploded.

Without any lapse between your statement and now, Kharn had gone through the table as if it were insubstantial, grabbed the back of your chair with one hand and the collar of your shirt with the other, and forced you backwards to the ground, she riding you down with a mad grin on her lips.

>> No.20375130


[x]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost
I want to know who we're dealing with and whether or not we can trust her

>> No.20375143

The impact, of course, had knocked the woman’s Soul Gem from your fingers. Panicked, with splinters of the table, broken glass, and drops of vodka seeming to fall in slow motion, you watch in horror as the midnight orb falls towards your open mouth.

Faster than thought, faster than even your slowed perceptions could track, Kharn had snatched her Soul Gem from mid air and returned it to an inert ring. “I…” she said slowly, grabbing your collar with both hands now and using her powerful legs to force you out of the chair to skid along the floor on your back, “… am going to **** you.” She finished in a low growl.

Perhaps, you managed to stutter, you h-h-had g-g-gone a b-bit too f-f-far with your sh-sh-shenanigans. It was just, a , well… thing between Magical Girls. You had not meant it to get out of hand.

Her eyes widened with every word you said, until those nightmare orbs showed you the true form of madness that lurked in her soul. “No escape.” She says quietly, one hand dropping to your bosom. “No prayers.” Her other hand continues lower, lower, stopping only at the thin fabric threshold of your castle foyer. “Iustus…” she whispered, lips moving toward your own, “…passionem.”

Time stops. Her lips on yours, her tongue in your mouth. Her flanking cavalry tearing up the grassy knoll as her footmen press against your castle walls. You try to push her off of you, but Kharn holds the advantage – in leverage, in weight, and in strength.

>> No.20375150

Given she worked alongside the Saints, there's more than an outside chance it's the latter.

Kazumi Magica is fucking nuts. Evil Nuts.

>> No.20375151

And your hips raise involuntarily as her forces breach your castle doors, and enter the foyer, advancing, invading, and looting, before withdrawing. She breaks the kiss, pulling back to watch your face as you cry out. You can feel the tears welling in your eyes as the forcible pleasuring continues, unabated, despite your complaints and cries for her to stop.

“Stop? Stop? After that? Really, Murderface, you need warn before do that kind of thing…” Kharn says to you in a harsh whisper. “I will not let you off... until you GET off… as hard as you got me. And I aim to do the old fashioned way.”

You manage to pry an eye open, the arm tossed over your head and your hair in disarray causing Kharn to smirk at you as you ask what the old fashioned way is.

She smiles wider. “Simple. I will rape you, Murderface.”

You swallow, hard.

“I will rape you… until you like it.”

It Began.

>> No.20375152

I like Iori, she's one of my favourite idolmaster characters. But can't we just ditch her already? Unless Deculture has more plans for her down the road she's outlived her relevance to the story as anything other than a hanger on.

>> No.20375158


[]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost

Backstory to the newly introduced character? Don't mind if I do.

>> No.20375159


[]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost

It seems the least disruptive, since it builds on the current plotline. Plus it gives us more delicious Kharn.

I'm guessing that we'll get to do all of them at some point or another, or is it a pick one and one only thing?

>> No.20375160

Forgot to mention my ever-present thanks for running the quest. It's a real highlight of my day.
You are at the top of the top tier, Decu.
Hey, Ziodyne, we need a Kharn edition of chikuwa now, a'ight?

>> No.20375162


The Incubator looked at Kharn with what seemed to be a mild air of annoyance. Not that anyone could properly tell, the creatures lacking any true emotions. “Kharn. Your… *anitics* have cost me an operative.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, as the fuzzy white abomination began to pace across his desk.

“Murderface has just awoken. And she seems to be missing most of her memories of the past few months. Preliminary examinations show she can still be used, but not at her current level. I’ll need to drop her back down to milk runs, let her get her feet back under her, before I can throw Vindicare assignments at her again.”

“I see.”

“I’m also sending you to our facility in Kamchatka, Siberia.” The Incubator states.

“May I ask why?”

He comes to rest facing Kharn, tail swishing in an almost agitated manner. “If you need to ask, then you’ll never know.”

“I see.”

“Your flight leaves in an hour. Your bags are already packed, and waiting for you at the airport. Get out of my office.”

A curt nod, and the former Warmaster of the Officio Assassinorum leaves the office without a word.

“Damn sex crazy mon-kieghs.”

>> No.20375165

[x]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost

>> No.20375182

o god.

>> No.20375188

[x]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost
I'm curious about the Culexus girl.

>> No.20375189

>[]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost
Chiaki, Kharn, ???
>[]Wrath, Envy and Pancakes
Chiaki, ???, Mami
>[]The Sword, The Spear and The Shield
Sayaka, Kyouko, Chiaki

I'd go with...
>[x]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost

>> No.20375198

Then shouldn't we check Midori's Soulgem for corruption? And ours too, after that latest meeting with Pinky.

>> No.20375208

Are they all covering the same events, from a different POV, or are they different events?

For now:
[x]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost

>> No.20375216


oh shit!

if i'm correct

1 Murderface and the betrayers past.
2 Mami and ?
3 Sayaka, Kyoko, Murderface.

i can't decide, i'd like to know more about the betrayer, i want to see how Mami was dealing with everything and i want to see how bad Murderface has been towards the Yuri duo.

i can't decide... just pick one!

thanks for the thread and see you next time!

>> No.20375225

o. so great. dont stop

>> No.20375233

Envy is probably Sayaka given how she seems to hate Matsuda partially for the amount of attention Mami gives her.

>> No.20375248

Is the ring thing from canon?
I don't remember any ability like that.

>> No.20375249


I kind of want this to be canon.

>> No.20375253

i loled so much

>> No.20375254


The train, it has no brakes! And I like it...

Fucking lost it, nicely done

>> No.20375263

So Deculture, if the Rogue Trader stuff is canon, so can this, right? Right?

>> No.20375264

In the show their soulgems transform into rings when they weren't in puella magi form.

>> No.20375276

>[x]The Murderer, The Betrayer and The Ghost

>> No.20375295

Yeah, I'll do a Chikuwa for Kharn. Might not be as fast the others since today and tomorrow are packed. Monday or Tuesday.

>> No.20375302


What's that?

You want more?

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE.

Papa-N taught us well.

>>20375253 >>20375254
Thank you.

I doubt he'd let it be. i mean, it's HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE.

>> No.20375315

Alright, The Murderer, The Betrayer and the Ghost it is for our next flashback! The other ones will be put aside for now.

Thank you for participating, everyone, and feedback is also great!



>> No.20375331

Yey :3
You're outstanding. In a good way.

>> No.20375348

Awwww.... Can't I have a little bit of HERESY!?

>> No.20375373

Thanks for the thread Deculture.
I really liked that one.

>> No.20375475

Archive up:

>> No.20375489

If you think that's all thats left for her then I think you underestimate what Deculture is planning.

I see her as being rather important to the plot in one way or the other due to her rare position of being near Chiaki but not being a magical girl.

She is a candidate for both golden toys and a contract with an incubator ( pinky said she handed them all out but not to whom or when, possibly Iori took a contract then pinky came to visit ) and she has very severe mental trauma due to the actions so far and it will come out one way or another.

>> No.20375491

Allow me to point out that Puella Magi Madoka Magica was made by very same guy who did visual novel Saya no Uta. If you liked one, chances are you will like the other. We also have couple Saya no Uta songs in our quest soundtrack.

>> No.20375577

Don't think the playlist has been linked this thread yet.
Mind posting?

>> No.20375638

There you go

>> No.20375803

Xiombarg's Storyteller has a way with this sort of thing.

>> No.20375875

Xiobarg's Storyteller wouldn't have skimped on the details.

>> No.20375902

Oh wait, you weren't talking about Shiki's fic

>> No.20375940

...Wait, you really did want me to go WIIDDEERR???

>> No.20375980


Never go full Xiombarg.

... Maybe a bit wider though.

>> No.20376326

Don't magical girls get an ability as well as a weapon?
If so, do we know what Midori's weapon is yet?

>> No.20376349

Sure why not.

>> No.20376367

Mm, possibly.

>> No.20376374


Not necessarily a WEAPON. We got a shield, and had to steal the weapons ourselves.

>> No.20376573

Also Mami ability is manipulating ribbons.
She somehow manage to make muskets out of it, but it's not a weapon initially.

>> No.20376604

I want you to make Chiaki go wider, if you know what I mean.

>> No.20376606

>>Don't magical girls get an ability as well as a weapon?
If so, do we know what Midori's weapon is yet?

Most cases, yeah. Homura didn't get a weapon, but a shield. Neither did Mami, she only got ribbons. She taught herself the rifles. Every other girl had both an ability and a weapon. Originally, Kyouko could create illusions of herself, but she lost that power and taught herself to create barriers instead.

Did Oriko have weapons? I don't recall if she did.

At any rate, Midori's case might be one of those things that just haven't been explored yet, or she could be a case like Mami and Homura where she didn't get a weapon.

>> No.20376695

So, about the Midori and Iori situation:

Iori will find out about Midori hanging out with Chiaki. She may even find out about Midori's last assignment before she was assigned to our care. It may be safe to assume that Iori will know about Midori's former line of work through information brokers or jealous witch-gods looking to axe the competition.

It is a distinct possibility that Midori was part of the whole Yayoi incident. If this is true, then it would either take some sort of saintliness unheard of in even the brightest of settings OR crazy unhealthy devotion to Chiaki to get the two of them to not kill each other on sight (or actively plan the others' downfall). Getting them on speaking terms could very well be impossible.

I suppose we could have Midori use some of that illusion trickery to obscure herself, but that's just a delaying tactic at best (and probably not too healthy for Midori's soul gem).

>> No.20376774


The thing is that Mami and Homura both still got something. Homura her shield, and Mama her unlimited ribbons. It would be interesting to see what artifact Midori has, and if it has any decent combat potential.

>> No.20376788


If she had combat potential, she probably wouldn't be a Callidus. Probably worth asking though, yeah.

>> No.20376800

I doubt Midori would try to kill Iori, unless Iori tries to take "her" Matsuda-sempai away. That said, we really need the exact specifics of what happened at the protect Iori mission, such as whether slept with Iori or if that was another illusion. And we need to find out if Midori was on the Yayoi mission as well as any other dubious missions.

Best case scenario: Iori doesn't recognize Midori because of the illusions during the mission. Even then we should still explain what Midori did as just sitting on the information will inevitably bite us in the ass later.

>> No.20376887


Midori probably wouldn't try to harm Iori. It was just business after all, and she probably is too afraid/respectful of Chiaki to do such a thing. But Iori, on the other hand, seems likely to take up hating Midori and thinking of ways to dispose of her as a full-time job. Even if she weren't hung up on Chiaki, it would be an admittedly reasonable response to everything.

>> No.20376895

>She may even find out about Midori's last assignment
Didn't she see Midori during that? She will probably recognize her right away if they meet.

>> No.20376922

>>If she had combat potential, she probably wouldn't be a Callidus.

Well, Callidus in the setting are illusionists, right? Kyouko started as an illusionist and now she's a top ranked, brute squad Eversor. So might be worthwhile to ask, as you pointed out. She might surprise us.

>> No.20377161


She was pretty pre-occupied at the time, but she did probably see us blast Midori's legs off. At any rate, we shouldn't gamble on the trauma suppressing the memory forever.

>> No.20377324


Relevance? You understand the further we go along the magical girl path, the MORE relevant someone 'normal' will be to pull us back from the brink?

>> No.20377521

Even then, I'm fairly certain, Midori was on the other side of our new favorite chair from Iori.

>> No.20377696

At some point, we really need to call Kyubey and get an answer as to just why Kharn is called the Betrayer... As well as what our past history with her is.

Also, does anyone get the feeling that the Golden Weapons prevent a Soulgem's Corruption -- by transferring that corruption to Pinky? It's probably not TOO much of a boost, given Pinky's witch seed is already the size of a goddam moon... but it does sort of make sense as a mechanism.

Another possibility, is that all that Corruption is "stored" away and will be unleashed and returned when the 20 weapons are united. And then boom, instant Homulily? Maybe, anyway.

>> No.20377753

Matsuda needed to use witch seeds to clear her corruption after the mansion incident and QB stated for that mission he would supply all the seeds needed to clear corruption from the golden weapons. So weapons increase corruption if anything.

>> No.20377835


I think Kyubey said that, judging from past records and observation of Kirika, that she should have Witched out LONG ago, but that after she got her Golden Weapon, she stabilized.

Furthermore, I think we had (comparatively) very little actual Corruption to clean whenever we've used a Golden Weapon. Or at least that's the impression I got; like, 90% full Soulgem or something.

We just used a Grief Seed anyway because we didn't trust that shit.

... And unfortunately, it looks like GriefSeeds aren't about numbers or capacity, merely use. That is, using a Grief Seed on a 90% full Soulgem, depletes the Grief Seed just the same as if it had been a 20% full Soulgem.

... Or maybe Golden Weapons have a "hidden" Corruption amount/rating, one that doesn't show up in the brightness/darkness of the Soulgem, and using Grief Seeds cleans up that mysterious/hidden amount of Corruption.

So maybe using Grief Seeds makes our "black eyes, creepyness, berserkness" go away faster than it would have normally.

I dunno... We should really ask Kyubey about all this, though.

>> No.20377920

Well I think the point of researching the weapons and having Matsuda train with them was to find out the exact effects.

Did Matsuda tell QB about the PInky visits? If so we need to tell him that there's apparently a person with 5. Unless that person is Kharn of course.

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