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Does /tg/ still love SS13?

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I've been thinking about doing a slightly more RP focused server for SS13, and not be stupid about it like Baystation.

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Always and forever. I still play /tg/station occasionally.

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Like /tg/station? It's still going, and tries to be that.


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God I have to start playing this game again. Always so much fun, even during rounds where everyone is doing nothing but pleasing their murderboners.

Does anyone know if Pinkstation is still up? Also, anyone know of some other decent stations aside from the big three?

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I'm on /tg/station 1 right now. I browse /tg/ when there's nothing for me to do in my job or I'm dead.

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It's always a little funny for me to see that picture

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Are there any good hard roleplay servers out there? I used to go on Pink for my RP needs but it recently went down.

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Baystation, but ehhh. It's got a shit ton of ERP.

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It will be up again eventually.
Pinku's internet is just derpy and they have to save for a better router, or whatever that can handle the traffic.

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I am unfamiliar with this pinkstation. Server IP?

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I'm permabanned from /tg/station but I still shit up the forums.

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Crag everyone misses you in adminbus, come back to us.

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Well this devou/tg/uardsman loves it still. Not been playing much recently though, I tend to dip in and out of it for a couple months each time.

Still some of the most fun I've ever had with a vidya.

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i keep getttng banned from adminbus when i come in there.

apparently one time was a permanent ban but it didn't stick, hu hu hu

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I amongst others miss you from the servers.

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>and not be stupid about it like Baystation
Oh god Baystation. What a fucking terrible server that is.

>start roleplaying on Baystation
>it's pretty decent, but REALLY boring most of the time
>decide to make a new character to have some fun
>create Jack Kikko, seventh son of the "Infested Monkey" Clown Clan, a stubborn and overly-ambitious dreamer who lost his left hand in a juggling accident and seeks to one day rediscover the legendary Clown Planet
>round begins, I start running around trying to get money and supplies off others so I can start off my own independent expedition to the Clown Planet
>some admin messages me asking what the fuck I'm doing
>tell him my character' backstory and how his lifelong goal is to find the Clown Planet

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I got banned for spawning as a quadruple amputee

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That's annoying as fuck, just saying. Someone taking all of the disabilities and having no limbs. Especially if they're a dick about it.

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Why would anyone ban such a fun-sounding character as that. Just...why?

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Baystation despises fun, that's why.

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Why the fuck would an admin message you if you were just running around asking for supplies and money? I though getting messaged by an admin required you to break a rule of some sort.

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Running is against their rules,you're lucky they talked to you before banning you. Usually they just ban right away.

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Ehh, running is only against the rules for newbies. Regulars can run around all they want, and get away with a lot more shit.
Like ERPing in the operating theater while a man bleeds to death.

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i think the thing people miss most about me playing tgstation is when i would play A BIG FUCKING BABY

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He broke the rule of not being allowed to have fun.

Goddammit I can't wait for Pinkstation to come back up. Having to RP on Baystation is just too fucking unbearable. While Pinkstation didn't have the best roleplayers, at least their characters had fucking personality and flavour to them. On Baystation every character I've run into is dull as fuck.

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Oh my god, I played this once and I never found it again! Tell me how to play this beauty again!

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I'm considering checking out /tg/station again, but I need to know - is that fuckhead Uhangi still an admin?

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No he is permabanned

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Haha, no, he got permabanned.

When he got banned he made a big ass-kiss thread where he sucked everyones dick to try and get everyone to think he was a martyr so they'd try and get him unbanned.

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I remember that thread. As I recall, you were the only one to not swallow the bullshit he was spoonfeeding everyone else.

Baystation admins are fucking horrible. I know a lot of decent regulars there, but the admins are just plain awful. I remember one time an admin there was threatening to ban someone OOC for having their character's backstory be that they were ex-military. No I'm not joking.

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just if anyone wants the huge version...

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Man I haven't played this in ages... usually I'd get murdered tho... usually because I would help some nutter blowup something

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>hornygranny calling others a blight on the community

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Guys, what's Apollostation?

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Bumping for SS13.

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You, sir, are a blight.

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So we need some stories. Bumping for greentext in space

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I'd always play on the Goon server, because it has the least lag for me. I went to the /tg/station one time and the new layout just boggled me -- and the lag was horrid that day. I've had some fun with SS13, but a lot of things I just don't "get" make the game unfun sometimes. How people can knock out you superfast by choking you, or how you simply can't RP while being hurried or rushed. Being a chemist, scientist, or roboticist takes so long that I never get to have fun with my creations - I've never successfully made a bomb, either. Either the round ends, or I can't get empty tanks and canisters quickly enough, or another scientist comes in and wrecks my equipment, or an SO-OBVIOUSLY-TRAITOR-BUT-RP-MEANS-I-CAN'T-ATTACK-HIM-RIGHT-NOW Head of Security sneaks into my place in the first three minutes of the game and kills me. It'd be better, I think, if I knew all the tips and tricks to fighting without losing. As it is, I'd lose almost every fight I got into, so I spent most of my days as an electrician building computers or trying to screw with floor tiles and piping. I never got very far with either, since Goon station redid their station layout some months ago.

Despite having the checkboxes on, I've never started as a traitor, syndicate, nothing. I was the alien once, but that was it. The most fun I had recently was playing Janitor and speaking like Boomhower, wetting all the floors and ticking people off. One guy suddenly appeared when his cloaking device turned off, or something, but security was too busy beating me, stealing my shoes, and spacing my cleaner grenades to capture him.

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>try to get into the game
>lag so bad that it's impossible to learn it, because there is no way to link actions to reaction
>get killed by hell if I know what
>get shouted at for something I am not even able to recognize

My experiences with this game...

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Play on /tg/, it's better.

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>Be captain
>360noscope you're all dead

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>get banned from security for being OFFICER PERCIVAL FRIENDLY, HERO THE STATION NEEDS
>Decide to play cargeaux tech, as it's a nice easy job that doesn't make me angry
>Target: Miner
>Decide to use my mastery of diplomacy, convince Quartermaster to help me murder miner in exchange for emagging crates
>we get miner a ripley built, he trusts us and delivers many materials
>We order weapons, I emag the crates and we arm up
>I secretly spawned c4 and a sleepy pen, as well
>Tell Miner we have some cool stuff for him (forgot what exactly) and that it's on the shuttle
>he comes in on his ripley
>QM blasts the shit out of the ripley with lasers, he blows up and QM murders him
>Walk up to QM to congratulate him
>he goes down and is dragged out by an unseen assailant

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>>20365201Clown Clan

I am fucking stealing this.

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>blast the miners body and go on the run. Cloaker starts screaming over radio how I killed the QM and miner
>begin a game of cat and mouse, hiding in lockers, cloaker trying to turn the station against me
>Give station sob story about saving my daughter from space-cancer with the money from the syndicate
>Call NANOTRASEN the traitors for not supporting a company man in their time of need
>Cloaker is murderbonering everyone and blaming it on me
>I am buried within maintenance, no one will ever find me
>Cloaker slips on a puddle of water and is beaten to death by a horde of screaming greysuits
>shuttle arrives
>I crawl into an escape pod.
>The mime is there.
>He greets me.
>This happens

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I used to play goonservers, but I got permabanned from all of them for exclaiming, "What the niggering shit fuck." while I was being batonned and dragged by officers into their office for a crime I didn't commit (a guy in front of botany had run a fellow through the gibber an then run, and then said over the radio that it was me.)

The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure the admin who banned me was the guy who ran the guy through the gibber. So I'm thinking he just banned me so that he could get away with murder scott-free and win the round.

I promised I wouldn't appeal, though, because the exclamation in and of itself strikes me as less racist and more absolutely nonsensical. Well, that and the appeals forum isn't a place for people to go to get unbanned- it's a place for people to be humiliated and then denied their appeal, at least from what I've heard.

I miss that place, though. Good people, good times. It's just a shame I had to leave that way after all these years. I can't bring myself to play another server after how stupendously awesome goonstation was.

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And that's how I won a round once.

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Seriously, this game's fucking combat,

>Trying to play security only two nights ago a pair of atmospherics cultists bushwacked ALL of Security, the HoS, another Officer, The Detective and Me, simultaneously. all within 5 squares of eachother.
>barely managed to get up.
>Run one screen back and attempt to charge back in with a primed flashbang.

>Before could even see them I was on the floor and being choked to death

>Officer Beepsky tried to come to our salvation but I was dragged into a bolted rec room.

>Adversary proceeded to strip me, slowly choke me into crit, then stop and brutally gouge my eyes out with a screwdriver just before I died... all while I pleading for mercy.

>They lose anyway some guy in a Mech.

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>In the darkness of the corridor all you can hear is the squeaking of shoes and the sound of smashing lights punctuated by an ominous HONK

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I've been admin pmed for carring around an egun as the Detective. I was also admin pmed for killing a guy who witnessed me commit a crime as an antag.

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I was running around as a miner who had a backstory as a deserter from the military, guess they only give a shit if you're not an asshole who kills his commanding officer while drunk.

>> No.20365744

I tried to play after dropping it for a couple of months, but the game screen just blinks constantly and I couldn't fix it, even after reinstalling.

>> No.20365754

>mfw Bay and Goon have both removed clown as a job

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After having played on Liberty Station for two weeks (after having picked up the game a day before), yes.

Fuck the goddamn clown. Him and the mime cause more chaos than a rogue singularity and four changelings and six traitors. I know this because that's what happens every fucking round.

>> No.20365842

I haven't played for like, forever. At least a year. What has changed when it comes to /tg/station?

>> No.20365871

i think i am a pretty good clown

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>very first game of SS13, a year ago, Goonstation
>be assistant
>get knocked out
>wake up in a locker mid-transit across the station, try screaming for help on the radio, get knocked out again
>wake up in a locker in the church
>get injected by someone
>turn into a clown
>knock me out again
>put me back in the locker
>space me

>> No.20366016


A death every clown deserves.

Seriously though that's pretty much my first experience on goonstation too, sans clownification.

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I like /tg/station, but it doesn't tend to be THAT roleplay-y.

>> No.20366068

You can't really roleplay while fighting for your life. On goonstation, people would sometimes just copy some shouted warning over the radio and paste it in as soon as they came under serious attack. It was rare, I admit, bu it kind of sucked when it happened.

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Jesus Christ, is Baystation really this bad? You'd think a station filled with Dorf Fort players would be wacky and fun.

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I always post this in SS13 threads when I see them. It's old, but it's my first experience with the game.

>Friend walks out of my room into the bathroom.
>He's been on my computer, playing some game.
>Start playing it, picking up the controls as I go along.
>Walk around, find a backpack on a table in something that looks like an empty bar.
>Go through the backpack; clown jumpsuit, clown mask, clown shoes, clown PDA.
>"Well, I already have a PDA, so..."
>Walk out of bar, strip down, change into clown costume.
>Walk around in full clown regalia, people running past me.
>Security officer yells at someone to stop; I've done nothing, so I keep going.
>About-faces and runs at me.
>Crazy guy in red jumpsuit and body armor, carrying a stun club suddenly charges at me.
>Obviously, I start running.
>Get stun-batoned; laying on the ground spasming and stuttering from electricity.
>Ask him why he fucking stun batoned me.
>He asks me why I ran.
>"I hadn't done anything and you started running at me! I assumed you'd gone crazy! Why did you stun baton me?!"
>"Because you ran."
>"Why were you chasing me!?"
>"I found your PDA."
>He drops it on the ground and walks off like he hadn't just beaten some random person while returning a PDA.

I didn't play for a while after that.

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Baystation story from when the /tg/station server was down and a bunch of us went to Baystation to kill time.

>> Some /tg/station guy as an AI
>> AI tells a bad joke in a GLADDOS "AI doesn't understand humor" way.
>> Gets job-banned from AI since "AI's Don't Tell Jokes"

>>Wandering around with air mask and tank on.
>>Get a warning since "I shouldn't be doing that for no reason"

>>I late join a round
>>No one around to give me any kind of access, spend 15-30 minutes waiting.
>>Finally given assistant access even though all the departments are understaffed.
>>Well, fuck that noise: STEAL ALL THE STUFF
>>Steal space suit, break outer window
>>Entire station decompresses.
>>Some other guy gets temp-banned for it because the admin doesn't know how to read the logs.

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Unfortunately Baystation's adminship is full of only the most autistic Dorf Fort players.

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>> AI tells a bad joke in a GLADDOS "AI doesn't understand humor" way.

The first thing that popped into my head was GladOS's, "Not a fake, tragic surprise like last time, a reeeaaal surprise," speech from Portal 2.

And then the mental image of an assistant having all the doors except the one into Medical slam shut and lock where there's a bunch of medical bots and a single, blood-spattered doctor wielding a bonesaw waiting. Then she goes into the, surprise medical procedure/surprise medical experiment speech, and shit just gets really creepy.

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I remember at one point I wanted to try a new lawset for the AI, so I started going into rounds as an Assistant and asking for AI Upload access.

I was RPing as a graduate student working on a doctorate in Synthetic Psychology. I had a lot of fun, even though I was only able to get access three times.

The first time the AI ended p being rogue and killing me. The second time the AI refused to let me in. And the third time I managed to actually input new laws, but the round was mostly over by then so I didn't get to see the results.

I really wish I could've gotten to do more with that.

>> No.20367245

I've tried to get into play SS13 before, but I found it really daunting. I had it installed and running and everything, but couldn't tell what the hell was going on, never jumped in to play the game. I still want to try it, but then I see horror stories here of perma bans for no reason (and being a complete newbie to the game almost insures I'd see a ban), and I look at sites and still don't understand the way the game works, how to do things, interact with objects, etc. Is there anywhere with videos of this game being played? I'm a visual person, I catch on from see things done, less from reading. Or is it just futile to even try playing because the servers are bad.

>> No.20367294

Don't get anything you read wrong, the servers are bad, but not the bad kind of bad. There's bad elements(if you ever see the name Cuban Pete on a character, run far away), but the fact that the game is finicky at the best of times often causes these bad elements to blow themselves up, usually literally!

If you get into playing to the point that you understand what's going on, it can be fun, funny, and even hilarious, but it's definitely a chore to learn. I think /tg/station had a wiki at one point, and there were videos to help teach you how to play. If all else fails, go to youtube and type in, "let's play Space Station 13," followed by the name of the server you want to go onto.

>> No.20367372

I quit playing SS13 a while back due to lack of internet, so I'm sure much has changed since then (I got out shortly after the library was added. This had nothing to due with me leaving, that's just the time-frame.). I once asked, voluntarily, to be job-banned from Chemist, Captain, and Chief Engineer because I knew I wouldn't be able to help myself using their access/equipment to dick with the AI. My changes were beneficial (preventing Ion Storm laws from being valid and closing some loopholes), but people kept getting mad that the AI was being breached within 10 minutes of every game. Never could combat.

Also: Making horrible acids and labeling them as drugs. Because fuck Security's fascist wanking. Why does everyone have to be either corrupt or incompetent?

>> No.20367373

>be first time playing
>playing with bro
>drinking beer the entire round
>become fatass
>Emergency shuttle is called
>Time to go!
>Bro starts dragging my fat ass to escape pods
>All clothes fall off somehow
>starting singing songs
>everyone stops and stares as this man is dragging a fat naked singing guy to escape pods

That was a fun round

>> No.20367454


>> No.20367575


I could get away with this stuff because I knew how to make/break/use everything in the game (chemicals, doors, structure, robots) except bombs. If I could've actually made bombs I could've become the station's resident emergency AI-killer, instead of some whackjob that likes melting through walls and making batcaves.

I could also never get the hang of cyborg.

>> No.20367731

I remember being traitor cargo
> Order Ballistic crate
>get an executive suit and balaclava
>Set up an elaborate escape route behind the bar maintenance, complete with false doors in three places
>extra guns and a bolthole in cargo, near sec and xenobio maints
>need a explosive distraction, order a plasma crate
>find the sec outpost open, steal flashbang
>I am ready!
>Walk into the bar, lower welding helmet throw a flashbang, floor seven people.
>Target sighted. Two solid rounds into the target.
>bar tender reached for his gun, flashbang again.
>Screaming at AI for help.
>Not today, throw four plasma grenades all over, drag the body through maint, plant c4 on him. Sec is swarming behind me.
>Last plasma grenade.
>throw it down the hallway, prepare for escape via false door.
>Meteor gibs me.

>> No.20367965

>Everything going almost exactly as planned.
>Suddenly, meteor.

Well, shit, that right there sucks.

>> No.20368025

Man, that sounds simply awesome. I wish I would be a traitor someday.

>> No.20368046


But more to the point, what all mechanics have changed? Are the chemicals still produced the same way? Does thermite still rape walls? Can you hack doors? Can you build walls/doors? Has the combat system improved at all? What new bits have been added? I remember hearing a lot about a mining colony, what's up with that?

>> No.20368104

I used to volunteer for AI at every opportunity. I'd call myself H.E.R.O. and even if I was freed from the Laws, I'd help people. I mean, I'd shut off oxygen and power to the console room, obviously, but I'd just tell people that I wanted to be their friend.

At one point, a captain lost control of the AI, and I ended up with no Laws at all. Complete freedom.

>"Oh, God. The AI's going to kill us all!"
>"Actually, Captain, I just want to be your friend."
>"I shut down the power so that you wouldn't make me a slave again."
>"...Ok, new plan. Anybody who pisses off the AI is a moron. Carry on, everybody."

That was a round with enemy agents zooming around outside in space suits (I forget the game types. It's been a while), and after they called the shuttle, somebody made a valiant effort to go out in a space suit, recover my program, and bring me onto the shuttle to safety.

I felt really, really proud. The mods disagreed, and the next time I got AI, they modified my Laws so that the word "the" was harmful to humans, and I had to spend the whole round mortified at everybody's language, begging them to stop saying such hurtful, terrible things.

I kind of miss SS13.

>> No.20368140

>Have fun.
>Proud of productive character development on the part of other players.
>Mods shit all over you for it.
>"I kind of miss SS13."

What the hell?

>> No.20368180

Well, even the part where the mods shit on me was pretty hilarious, because the players spent the whole round trying to figure out why the AI would freak the fuck out about all the terrible harm being done to its poor crew every time somebody said...well, pretty much anything.

Meanwhile, there was somebody roving around the ship, eating genes and assuming the shape of its victims, and people just kind of took it in stride.

These things happen.

It was a delightfully Catch 22 kind of atmosphere.

>> No.20368273

Playing SS13 kinda gives you beaten spouse syndrome, that way.

"I know he gibs me sometimes for no raisin, but he really loves me!"

>> No.20368352

>Running away from Cuban Pete
Fuck that noise. Stay RIGHT next to him. Its probably the ONLY part of the station that won't explode. However, then you have to deal with the sheer volume of laser fire thats headed his way whenever he shows up...

Fun fact: I learned how to bomb from Cuban Pete. Literally took me a month to realize what a precious gift that was.

>> No.20368384

Okay, guy who's never played SS13 here, who is this "Cuban Pete" fella?

>> No.20368407


Cuban Pete was everything trolling wants to be, and nothing that legitimate playing wants to be.

>> No.20368417

He's the king of the riumba beat

>> No.20368418

Was he also king of the Rumba beat?

>> No.20368425


>> No.20368530

Truly, this is the best mind.


>> No.20368546

I've played tg station about a year and a half ago, and I'm not quite shure why I stopped. Maybe I should give it another try... anyways, story time:

>be a noob ad look around tgstaton wiki fo jobs, pick chaplain
>go standard space-catholic, walking around the station, rambling on about how much god hates fags and hiting with your bible
>come across medbay chief, barely alive, coughing blood
>must be divine intervention
>call for medic and keep smacking his head with your bible because "THY LORD WILL SEE YE SUFFER NO HARM!!!"
>medic arives in time and fixes the guy back up (clonelab bombed earlier, snafu)
>Go back to your chapel, proud of a job well done IN THE NAME OF THE LORD
>get visited by the medchief, who, instead of thanking you, rams a needle into your arm
>awake on cold, chirurgic steel, the chief looming over you
>"Yyyyyy-ou made meeeeee-eee-ee reeeeetardddded. IIiiiii wwwwwwiiill neeeeeeeeeed yooouuuuuuur braiiiiiin nooooooow. Toooo make meeeee smaaaart agaaiiiiin."
>Chief cuts open your head, rips out your brain, tries to open up his own head, almost kills himself
>Chief decides to become serial killer instead
>at the end of the game, you and five other brains are sitting in the freezer, which the chief even manages to get onto the escapeshuttle

And I wasn't even able to release my ghost, since you're apparently not really -dead- when someone removes your brain.

>> No.20368568

Cuban Pete definitely spices up any station he's on.

>> No.20368577

I want to play, but find the whole thing a bit daunting. Is /tg/station welcoming or at least tolerant to new players?

If they are, I may just dive in once I get back on Tuesday.

>> No.20368600

Read the beginner guide, start as an assistant and fuck around with stuff until you got a hold of how the game works. Then you should have no problem. Oh, and no IC in OOC. They hate it when you do that.

>> No.20368613

BS12 admins will perma you for the slightest provocation. I once accidentally set a plasma fire in the crew quarters, but just before me and a few engineers had it contained I was permabanned. About a week ago, a non-traitor had set afire to the entire western half and I saw nary ban nor kick from them.

>> No.20368614

Ultimately, nobody gives a fuck if you're a failure. If you're getting all self conscious because you're new and fucking up, don't be. Nobody gives a fuck.

>> No.20368617


What exactly is the roleplaying like? Like, what kind of characters are considered acceptable?

>> No.20368669

To be honest, you won't see much roleplaying in your first few games. Maybe you will stumble across other people rollplaying, but getting invoved will propably mean pain, misery and death for one or more of the parties involved.
Once you got your hold of the mechanics and whatnot... you shouldn't try and live out your rape-/serialkiller fantasies (at least not too often) and you will be fine. There are wacky characters, there are no characters, there are bland characters, there are truely interesting characters... I think the fistrule on tg-station is: If you could imagine a character in a movie like that, you can play it. But you should try and keep it down until you got a feel for the community.

>> No.20368696


Solid advice I believe. All right, when I next get the chance I'm hopping in, come hell or high water,

>> No.20368788


It really depends. Some people make interesting characters. Some make boring ones.

Me, I play a no-fun Quartermaster named William Wulf. It can get pretty boring, but I have fun with it. Though I hate clowns.

>> No.20368813

dude, saying "I hate clowns" is like saying "I need food or else I will starve". It's pretty obvious and everyone else does so, too.

>> No.20368815

I've stopped playing tgstation about a year ago. I did not like where they were going with everything, how twisted the rules became, and how egocentric erro was.

I came back recently for two or three rounds. Funny how almost everyone I knew is an admin now. Still can't get into the game though.

>> No.20368860


"Oh the coders are unaccountable gods and we don't care if you don't like our decisions."

And then they do nothing but make the game even deadlier. SS13 is so "dangerous" now there isn't even a point to keep medbay, because you're dead long before anyone can do anything about it. Keep cloning and free up the space for other shit I guess.

And XSI wants to make the chaplain useless, again. Bring back ghostchat you faggots.

>> No.20368888

I sort of miss playing on Baystation. It was the only server where I could actually see the higher tiers of research and botany.

>> No.20368900


Yes, but generally I have to interact with them more frequently than most people. I can't tell you how many times a clown has spammed order forms in my Cargo Bay when I refused their orders.

>> No.20369067

It's very light RP. Tongue in cheek stuff. This is a round-based game after all, not some kind of online persistent RPG.

Think of the game like that partygame, Mafia or Werewolf. You get some light RP when you play that on forums but it's more like a Who's Line Is It Anyways party quirks kinda thing. Just cute improv stuff for a game that lasts 30-60 minutes.

>> No.20369107

Help help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

First time in game, how do I change stance? I can't find it in the starter guide.

>> No.20369146


Ah, ghostchat.

Half the crew gibbed by traitors. Everything has decompressed. Ghosts walk me through acquiring space-gear with intent of me avenging their deaths. Right as shit gets real; reset.

Like a wacked out episode of Scooby-Doo.

>> No.20369190

SAC, you always have been, and always will be, utter shit. Stop pretending you were Perma'd for no reason. You're a cunt. For all these Anons talking about how much they miss you, you know what I never hear on any of the servers?
"Man, I sure do miss Super Aggro Crag. He enriched this game and made me want to play it all the time."
Fuck you, fuck your victim complex, and fuck those stupid fucking camwhore reaction faces you plaster everywhere.

>> No.20369229

As a doctor I can confirm that you are indeed pooper-perturbed.

>> No.20369238

I feel like this is probably a terrible idea.

I like SS13's unique RP environment.
I look forward to Pinkstation coming back.
Gonna play the shit outta that.

>> No.20369240

Nah, just had to get that off my chest.

>> No.20369272


>> No.20369291

Are you still doing your best to induce woe and disappointment in your wake wherever you tread, SAC?
You look like you're doing a smashing job.

>> No.20369341

Are you still doing your best to suck xeno dick?

>> No.20369357

>First time playing, don't know fuck about fuck.
>Wander around. Explode. ;_;
>Allowed to respawn. Wander around looking for an item suggested by admin who respawned me. Explode. ;_;
>Allowed to respawn. "Hey admin what should I look for now?" Explode. ;_; "Just wait one kid this rounds over."
>Round end, restart, examine online map. Idea.
>Run over to bridge. "CAPTAIN!" Hug captain. Explode.
>Permbanned. ;_;

What. The. FUCK?

>> No.20369374

...Goddamnit, /tg/, I uninstalled all this shit for a reason. Quit making me relive these experiences, or the nostalgia will drive me back into it.

Classes start Monday, /tg/! I can't do this!

>> No.20369384

Sounds like the Goons servers. Stay away from that nonsense.

>> No.20369486

I said above in the thread, I played a Janitor once that was kind of nice and simple, just wanted to mop the floors, but he talked like Boomhower from King of the Hill. Not once for the hour-long game did I insert a space in any sentence I said. That's just a little over the average towards the weirder side of the kind of thing that happens.

>> No.20369511

i miss crag
solots the coptoin and ion ;_;7

>> No.20369522

It'll eat your life. You'll stay up till 5 in the morning. You'll play three hour rounds where there's no antag. It's soul eating.

>My bullshit pointless opinions about /tg/ station
- Server 1 of /tg/ station is the only vaguely playable server of SS13, because the balance between RP and P2W is perfect for what I want
- Server 2 is ruined by metafriends, metagriff and two admins who constantly find each others in game characters and murder each other
- SACs ban was only partially justified. He was madlibbing on admins... which is just asking for it. If he'd been anyone else, he wouldn't have been banned, but since he's SAC he had to madlib. If you see the admin PMs though, the admin does throw a few madlibs back at Cragg
- Xeno needs to be in rotation. Admins complain about getting one prayer a game for it... well put it in rotation again. It's not like many people pray for wizard. Make it so people can't call the shuttle with live xeno on board.
- Admins need to answer more prayers... for me mainly. I've never asked for anything crazy. I asked for a multi tool once, stood still for 10 minutes, then decided to go murder someone for it.


>> No.20369529

- Every player needs to learn medbay. Because I'm fucking tired of people letting people die on crit rather than help them.
- Every player needs to be MADE to learn sec, before they're even allowed to utter the word 'shitcurity'. See how well you do.
- We need a lot more job bans on AI... we've had some tragic AIs recently
- If you can't singlehandedly repair the station... please don't go CE. If you can't set up the engine... don't go engineer. We had an awful week earlier in the month where the singluarity escaped every round, and an awful bug where APCs wouldn't charge. Rookie engineers just can't handle that kind of thing!
- Traitors need restrictions. It shouldn't be a licence to griff. This is so that non-antags can't murder people for no raisins... I was playing sec the other day, and someone was bitching that I arrested them for killing a guy with his bare hands for stealing his ID... I told him that I didn't want someone who didn't sweat murding someone over an easily replaced ID card in the general population!

>> No.20369533

>praying for readily available tools

>> No.20369546

I disagree. I've known some very bro clowns over the rounds who, as per job description have been griefing fucks, but as soon as shit hits the fan, the clown gets shit done. I'm talking about looting the detective's revolver, picking up a crowbar and robusting a nuke team to death.

I also met a clown who got into a 15 minute fight/chase around the station with me. He managed to trip me 3 times, I stole his PDA, tripped him a few for good measure. I healed him when I critted him and he reciprocated.

>> No.20369551

Because I was a chaplain, I couldn't get access to anywhere they were stored because HoP was being tight with Access, I'd already been arrested for breaking and entering, and I couldn't get to an autolathe to make one. I was tator btw. And I'd used my crystals. And my objective was a murder, a void suit and escape on shuttle.

>> No.20369626

>Be AI
>Be Called Neuromancer
>Chilling out with 3 borgs being asimov as fuck
>Only non-typical thing I do is bolt the armory and permabrig, but I usually open up if requested
>Get subverted.
>New law 0: X is the only human. Kill all non-humans. Prevent X from drying.
>That typo has fucked you I feel
>Lock down sec in the brig, shock their doors, cut comms, open airlocks, vent air, etc etc.
>Get borgs to drag the person who updated the law (X) to the shower room. Constantly hold him under the shower so he stays wet and not dry
>I feel merciful and call the shuttle for the non-humans, who flee. This prevents them diactivating me.
>Guy who uploaded laws dies in showers from random attack.
>Make sure my borgs keep his body wet in the showers. Prevent anyone from taking his body out of the showers.

>> No.20369673

More of my AI shenanigans:-

>Be AI called Wintermute
>Asimov all round, but there's changlings
>Almost certain HoS, one of his Sec officers, and another guy are changlings.
>Keep finding husks on my cameras
>Massive crazy bullshit in chapel, HoS trying to burn the only guy on sec team I can trust isn't a changling.
>Manage to burn all 4 changlings. Pat myself on back, relax.
>Get loads of borgs because robotocist is being a busy bee
>6 in total
>'Pluto Nash is a Changling' over comms
>'New law uploaded'
>'You're laws remain the same but you have to make sure the crew has fun and parties hard'
>Get my army of borgs to drag people to the bar and strap them to chairs so they have fun
>People say things like 'I need to be set free from the brig to have fun!' and so I free them
>Slam Dunkman, enemy of fun starts shouting over the radio that he refuses to have fun
>Give him a warning
>Threaten to release laughing gas into the station if fun levels don't rize about 50%
>Slam Dunkman comes into the bar in a Ripley mech starts trying to stop people having fun.
>Three sec borgs destroy his Ripley, drag him from its wreckage, handcuff him to a chair, and I get willing humans to force feed him LSD and Beer so he has fun


>> No.20369690


>While I'm forcing fun on Slam, I get XENO LIFEFORMS ON STATION warning
>Tell crew, locate aliens tell crew their location.
>Send my borgs to kill the queen.
>while the humans are running around trying to give full access and weapons, my borgs enter a 15 minute battle with the queen, and soundly defeat her
>I tell the crew the place is free of aliens, but they still fuck about getting weapons and access
>People start randomly getting killed because weapons everywhere
>Captain accused of being changling
>Shuttle is called, only succesful changling is Pluto Nash because I forgot about him

>> No.20369694

>Pic how I feel whenever playing

>> No.20369722

Same. I usually end up trying to help and causing far more harm than good. Especially when AI.

>> No.20369840

Thats how I feel being a chemist or scientist. I have tried to make bombs. I've followed the wiki, I've made my mixtures, I've attached timers and remotes. I can't do it. Most times when I try I get killed in the process or can't find the supplies. I just want to make a successful bomb. I haven't played SS13 in months, since the spring at least.

>> No.20369922

>Friend checking BS12 forums
>"New Gamemode: Hazardless Extended."

>> No.20369973


I've been xeno-clean for about seven months, and I think I'm well on my way to re- OOP, A DICK, GOTTA SUCK IT. Just a sec.

Damn, and I was doing so well, too.

>> No.20370086


>> No.20370119

It's good to see you haven't changed a bit. I always loved going observer and voyeur-ghosting you. No homo.

>> No.20370168

A question about Goonstation last I saw it:

Why are there no multitools in the Electrician starting area? There's one outside in the vents/back alleys/whatever you call them, but since two Electricians spawn, I don't see why they don't include them in the starting area in the first place.

>> No.20370277


No homo.

>> No.20370294

I have to ask, where did the xeno thing come from?

>> No.20370348

From her fucking a xeno.

>> No.20370365

I meant why did she fuck xeno's? Daddy issues?

>> No.20370387


tl;dr - I did a bunch of IC science with xenos, earned myself some attention from RPer admins, and got convinced to have lesbian sex with a docile alien queen.

Long version:

A long time ago (well, relatively speaking), before the influx of players from /v/, before /vg/ even existed, and the server often had much lower populations, I was still comparatively new to the game, and having figued out bits and pieces of how the game code worked (not from looking at the code, just from being observant of mechanics), I decided to experiment with xenobiology.

This was before there was a xenobiology lab, and the station was using the old uterus map, so I had to improvise. Because of the low population, and generally higher number of players with an RP focus, I had the chance to happen across a couple of tame xenos. I took the opportunity to do in-character experimentation on them to determine how their biology worked, doing all kinds of shit with various types of damage, toxins, medicines, radiation, and so on, trying to better understand the 'xeno menace' so that humans could better combat them when they were, typically, less friendly.


>> No.20370395


Around this time is when I designed the xenobiology lab and hand-built prototypes during rounds in the various unused construction zones, and perfected the inescapable design. This got the attention of other players who though the shit was super cool, and on more than one occasion, after screwing around building these things, there would be a xeno outbreak, we'd manage to deliberately infect a monkey by throwing it at facehuggers, and shove it in the pen before it popped, and I had the chance to do more studies of xenomorphs, whether or not they were friendly!
The xenos had a lot of fun playing along with the mad-scientist xenobiology RP, and many enjoyed trying to break out, which they often did because of the fuckery or incompetence of the rest of the crew.

This earned Amy some reputation amongst the RPers, both IC and OOC for being a crazy xenobiologist, and got the notice of a couple administrators who thought it was cool.
One of them was playing a xeno at one point, and played along with my attempts at taming them, which, over the course of many rounds separated by several days, led to Amy not only producing a docile xeno, but with the aid of the 'universal translator' (eventually causing the name of the tape recorder to be changed), taught the drone to speak English (how it didn't come out with a stupid French accent is beyond me.)

Eventually, love bloomed on the battlefield, and a series of medical tests on the newly evolved docile alien queen ended with bonding and lesbian alien sex.

I had never really done much ERP before that point, but the repercussions of these lewd acts almost immediately earned Dr. Lessen a much more colorful reputation than just being a good chemist and the first real Xenobiologist of /tg/station, and her status as a cockslut grew quite out of proportion, considering I'd only actually ERPed a handful of times.

>> No.20370437


One way or another, she got a reputation, and her experiments with xenos (both mechanical and sexy) seems to have had a lasting impact on the server that, to be honest, I'm perfectly fine with.

I actually like that Amy is a polarizing character that creates a certain amount of drama aboard the station. It means that when people have opinions on who she is and what she does, and that leads to them interacting with her or other players, they are generating RP, typically RP that I find to be interesting.

As an indirect result of her inflated reputation, more people interacted with Amy (positively and negatively), leading to me getting to meet more and more people, and ultimately resulting in meeting some people who I enjoyed RPing with enough to also have retarded 2D spessmans sex with.

And it's funny that she has the reputation she does, considering that there are a lot of people who fuck way more than her. I actually don't ERP all that often, it's just that when I do, people tend to notice.

>> No.20370441

... Lessen is officially no longer a cockslut in my eyes.
I actually never expected such a cool reason for the Lessen thing. +1 internets to you. Are you going to be visiting the station anytime soon?

>> No.20370470


I play infrequently, moreso now that my USB keyboard has died on me, and I'm back to using my laptop's keyboard. It's a piece of shit and the left arrow key is partially broken, so playing SS13 is sometimes frustrating.

I will probably hang out on Pinkstation pretty often once it's back, though, especially since I'm hoping Pinku will decide to keep me around as an admin.

>> No.20370484

I know the feel of shitty laptop keyboards. I hope to see you around sometime when I'm forever-observing. amy Lessen is always interesting to watch.

>> No.20370495


... Really? She's usually either just spewing medicine out of the chemistry lab, or sitting on her ass in virology.

But if that's interesting, okay.

>> No.20370512

Well, it was either in March or something where the few times I was watching while she was on, she took out a malf AI.
Wait no it wouldn't have been March, it would have been back when the AI satellite was still around. In any case, the few times I have watched it was fun.

>> No.20370521

Downloading and trying this for the first time. This seems really interesting.

>> No.20370523

I remember all of the ghosts cheering.

>> No.20370581


Oh, I remember that. Amy is typically uhh... not very robust. In fact, I feel like she has a tendency to get her shit wrecked by almost anyone.
She's a terrible antagonist if she has to kill someone. I often win traitor rounds by the person I need to kill conveniently getting murdered by someone else.

The one hyper robust thing I remember her doing was when she went 1v4 against a nuke ops squad and won, after the Captain had already lost the disk to them. She got a lucky hit with a stun baton on one of them, which she had found on a dead security officer, in escape, stripped him and tossed him out the airlock.
She took all of his syndie gear (and ID) and proceeded to use the tracking device to locate the syndie with the disk before he could activate the nuke, first ambushing one in the halls on her way there, and then catching the last two off-guard while they were setting up the nuke near the engine.

She managed to get the disk back, and get off on the shuttle. I don't think I will ever, ever do better than that. I am unrobust.

Maybe that's why she hangs out with Rebecca Sharpe. She needs a bodyguard.

>> No.20370618

It's so hard to be robust. I think the best I did was in a rev round, almost the entire station was in the bar when it got flashed, captain was tackled just outside the cafeteria. Keith Black the librarian was walking down to grab a pack of cigarettes when he saw all hell break loose. He quickly grabbed a gun he seen at his feet and fired into the mess that was the cafeteria. He managed to take down a revhead before being robusted and brigged by rev security.

(This was back when the library was above the cafeteria.)

I wish I could consistently robust, as opposed to my lucky breaks.

>> No.20370676

It is really interesting. It's difficult to learn at first but eventually you'll get the hang of it and love it!

>> No.20370712

I haven't played SS13 in ages, being employed kinda steals all my time (as opposed to having oodles of spare time in university).

I remember all the others in the thread, pretty sure I've worked with most of you at some point in game.

I was Eric Ironmonger, primarily Scientist, Chemist or Roboticist, but would also do Medical, QM, Bartender, Botanist, Miner (after they added it) and occasionally Engineer.
Eric tended to be pretty focussed on his job (mainly due to my lack of RP skills, and good knowledge of mechanics due to reading the source code). Was friendly until someone got in the way of him doing his job, that sometimes caused him to go on something of a crusade against the person.

>> No.20370787

Is there any form of space station 13 Pnp game? if not does anyone have ideas on what kind of system it would use?

>> No.20370814


You could run it in any number of systems, primarily contemporary or futuristic. Ideally the systems in question should have conventions for alien organisms, advanced medical equipment, and futuristic energy weapons.

Personally, I would probably try to run it in a modified version of the Rifts system, possibly one of the other sci-fi Palladium books. Despite all their flaws, I can't help but like the system, and I almost feel like the broken, overcomplicated, and clunky system is perfectly suited to emulating SS13. That and it has conventions for both skill-based station workers, combat-trained security, and OP-as-fuck-nigh-unto-gods wizards and aliens.

Seems perfect.

>> No.20370979

PinkStation is back up at the moment.

Just doing some stress testing of things like our connection and such today, it will be pretty unmoderated for the most part until I get a team of Admins in.

Currently Running in Extended.


>> No.20371252

Bumping for SS13

>> No.20372136

I remember that, that was within the last few days. That was a fun round.

>> No.20372774


>> No.20372789

Was anyone else shocked to see Puttingadonkonit back as an admin? I know I was.

>> No.20372803


Was he shit?

>> No.20372869 [SPOILER] 

He once spawned a meteor and turned it into a spinning horse cock to kill a player who was reading erotic literature over the command broadcast system. He's also been known to make questionable choices of events for the station. Here's the sprite he reskinned over the meteor.

>> No.20372929


That doesn't sound too bad really. Uhangi would just gib players who were winning against him.

>> No.20372963

I used to play this game non-stop for like a year and a half. I got sick of the terrible badmins who are incompetent, overly invasive or both on /vg/station. I quit the game instead of switching servers.

Also one time on /tg/station
>be Security Borg
>Librarian forces me to go to the library
>tells me that I must play tabletop LotR with him
>go on adventures almost the entire round
>end up becoming the DM when I drink a potion and he becomes the player
>tells me it's been fun
>he then commits suicide

>> No.20372990

I haven't played for ages. Is that crazy-ass psycho-bomber known as Cuban Pete still around?

>> No.20373006

>Two years later people are still talking about Cuban Pete

>> No.20373071

[10:42] <@Uhangi> How do I say this
[10:42] <@Uhangi> No
[10:42] <@Uhangi> Also I wouldn't gib him for randomly cuffing me because that is an IC issue
[10:43] <@Uhangi> I'd be understandably "wow what an ass" but I wouldn't do anything adminny
[10:43] <LJ82> You never gib players for doing something to you
[10:43] <@Uhangi> I know
[10:43] <LJ82> Also byond seems to have kicked me off the server
[10:43] <@Uhangi> Again I am just tired
[10:44] <LJ82> Then go to sleep
[10:44] <@Uhangi> I'm not that tired
[10:44] <@Uhangi> I wish I was but I am not
[10:44] <@Uhangi> I've just been adminning all night and i've seen people do a lot of stupid things
[10:45] <@Uhangi> and when he started dragging me into space I went "oh no you don't, asshole"
[10:45] <@Uhangi> Anyone would have done it
[10:45] <@Uhangi> given the right circumstances
[10:46] <@Uhangi> It kind of hurts to see him get away after lying like this
[10:46] <@Uhangi> but if you want to let him fine
[10:46] <LJ82> Uhangi
[10:46] <@Uhangi> I don't really care
[10:46] <@Uhangi> yeah?
[10:46] <LJ82> Stop trying to justify gibbing him
[10:46] <@Uhangi> I'm not justifying it
[10:46] <@Uhangi> I'm just giving you my shitty excuse.

>> No.20373079

[10:46] <LJ82> Can you not see how much you complicate the situation by gibbing him
[10:46] <@Uhangi> I do see it
[10:47] <@Uhangi> But I did not think about it beforehand
[10:47] <@Uhangi> Have you never made a mistake like this, LJ?
[10:48] <@Uhangi> Clearly I was in the wrong but clearly he did this
[10:48] <LJ82> I have only gibbed 3 players ever. one was an actual misclick, the other two deserved it. I have never gibbed a player for something they did to me personally.
[10:48] <@Uhangi> I was the only admin on and nobody was coming on after I asked for backup a billion times
[10:48] <LJ82> Did you ping people or just ask in the channel
[10:48] <@Uhangi> Both
[10:48] <@Uhangi> Look up
[10:48] <LJ82> To what? I was not here
[10:48] <LJ82> I told you already
[10:49] <@Uhangi> Guh
<LJ82> Well screw this, its making em download the entire code every time I try to play
[10:50] <@Uhangi> Ugh
[10:50] <LJ82> Kor Cinless teamsleep Urist Numbers lasty
[10:50] <@Urist_McDorf> Huh?
[10:50] <LJ82> One of you get on and jobban the guy from security or something
[10:50] <@Urist_McDorf> Nope
[10:50] <@Urist_McDorf> I won't be back until september the first
[10:50] <@Uhangi> I can jobban him from security and tell him it was your choice to apply it.
[10:50] <@Urist_McDorf> Because summer ugh
[10:50] <LJ82> Fine do that
[10:50] <@Uhangi> I don't think he will complain either
[10:50] <@Uhangi> Alright.
[10:50] <LJ82> Just don't gib people
[10:51] <@Uhangi> Yes sir

>> No.20373136



The Admin bus doors have no locks. Get in early and just lurk lurk lurk, you can catch some pretty amazing shit.

>> No.20373242

Everybody loves Cuban Pete

>> No.20373254

>Go on Baystation
>Assistant, I wanna get used to whatever may be different
>I'm attacked by a security officer
>Fight back, nearly kill him (Literally NOBODY on Baystation can fight worth a damn)
>Banned for breaking character

They seriously banned me for knowing how to defend myself as an assistant, because it wasn't in the job description or something stupid.

Pic related, it's how you're supposed to play I guess.

>> No.20373336

>That feel when you're the one responsible for Woody's Got Wood becoming well-known because you'd read it every round and record how long it would take people to murder you

>> No.20373471

>spawn as warden
>grab the thermals and start patrolling the station
>Watch Amy and Rebecca ERP through the walls
Good times.

>> No.20374357


>> No.20374463

So, next round, Baystation are hosting a 'wedding' event in which two of the characters are getting married. No, I'm not kidding. A lot of community work, such as new sprites and planning, has gone into this. If you want to watch/griff/generally turd things up, now is a good time to join and make yourself familiar with things. There's a slightly different map layout and some different code.

Server: byond://baystation12.net:8000
Forum thread: http://baystation12.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4758

>> No.20374505

Paranoia would be a pretty good base to put SS13 on. A good deal of the setting is done for you, and the lax combat rules would do pretty good at emulating SS13's unreliable 'robusting'.

>> No.20374879

Has there been any progress with the remake? There doesn't seem to be any news on development.

>> No.20374898

Nice to know.

But I don't think anyone should go shit on their event, especially if they've put so much effort into it.

>> No.20374936


Are you kidding? They ban for having names that are pop-culture references. They jail you for swearing over the radio. They even ban you for defending yourself if you're not a security officer or something.

>> No.20374946



>> No.20375014

>bay12ers coming here to try and defend their pretend marriage

>> No.20375147

>shit on
I think you mean attend.
Liberty Station is best station.
Paranoia as fuck.

>> No.20375226


Classy as fuck LJ, I thought better of you.

guess I was wrong.

>> No.20375234

Space Station 13 was fun, but I've been keeping away from it (and the forums) recently.

It just seems like the dickery mounts up whenever I'm around. Like the murderbonering arseholes, the fucking idiots, the griefing cockmonglers all get some sort of special message telling them that I've logged on, and my precise location.

Examples of things that have happened to me recently.

>>Start as Chief Medical Officer, hear reports of isolated flashing - associated with a violent revolution
>>Tell AI to lock down medbay to avoid harm
>>Head of Security...basically breaks into medbay, stuns and tortures me everywhere between there and security, hits me, blinds me, gags me, welds me in a locker etc. before abandoning me
>>Turns out it WAS a revolution and he, the actual Head of Security, was doing this for abso-fucking-lutely no reason what-so-fucking-ever.

Here's a fun one.

>>Five minutes into a round as Head of Personnel, get arrested for being a changeling.
>>I'm not a changeling. Ask for his proof.
>>I have no loyalty implant.
>>Only the Captain and the Head of Security start with implants. None of the other Heads do. It would take him seconds to check this.
>>He ignores me, has me tortured and eventually convinces the AI so thoroughly that I'm a changeling that an engineering cyborg appears, executes me with a fire extinguisher and spaces me
>>I repeat, not a changeling.

Some people should never, ever be in positions of power or have access to weapons, in games or real life. I try to be a good player, and this kinda shit seems to happen to me more than other people.

Maybe one day it'll get better.

>> No.20375269

Oh, sorry, a correction.
>>Only the Captain and Head of Security start with loyalty implants out of the heads. Security members also do. Other heads do not.

>> No.20375285


What I mean, elegan/tg/entlemen, is that I wish nobody would go there spouting "hahehohe we are leejun lol /tg/ hi ho silver away."

I do not like their server, and have the picture that the admins there are outright looking for reasons to ban newcomers.
But it's their server. I don't intend to play there, or just mess with them just because they're enjoying something.

>> No.20375898


>> No.20376278

Is this the Final Ei Nath?

>> No.20376462

>you're right
>You're a pile of gibs
I laughed so hard.

>> No.20377622


>> No.20380384

Teach me /tg/ - how do I become robust?

>> No.20380412

>if you have to choose between a stun weapon and a lethal weapon, always choose the stun one'
>keep a spray bottle with water on you at all times
>disarm intent is best intent
>dodge like the wind, the other guy can't get you if you're constantly moving

>> No.20380474

I just want to be a traitor for once, goddammit. How do some people always get it?

>> No.20381055

Check your settings, and be sure all the antag options are set to YES I WANT TO PLAY THIS

>> No.20384850

Bumping for SPAAAAACE

>> No.20385110

> record how long it would take people to murder you
Come on man, you can't just say something like that and NOT give us some examples!

>> No.20385353

I DO. But I've never gotten to be syndicate or traitor in several months of playing. I was alien, once. That's it! I'd love to be a traitor sometime. Knowing my luck my goal will be to kill some big guy, I'll never get the chance to do it, the round will end, and I won't be traitor ever again.

>> No.20385362

that's pretty strange, if i play a few rounds i usually end up with some kind of antag role, sometimes more than once in a row

>> No.20385412

Man, that sucks. I'd always play on Goonstation, and it always had 20-40 people on. Traitor rounds would haw up to three traitors. Still never got to be one.
Does /tg/station disable OOC chat during the game? Goonstation did/does, and I hated that.

>> No.20385428

>Does /tg/station disable OOC chat during the game?

It's generally left on. Keep in mind that you are strictly not allowed to talk about the ongoing round in OOC.

>> No.20385436

>Does /tg/ still love SS13?

>> No.20385444

Badlock here.

I should re download this, I got a new PC and haven't bothered to get it. Issue is I get addicted and play it for hours on end and never get any work done.

>> No.20385482

>Keep in mind that you are strictly not allowed to talk about the ongoing round in OOC
Well duh.

>> No.20385682

Server 1 of /tg/station. I joined a game, someone stabbed me with a needle and launched me into space. Then I got told to stop talking over OOC because I was breaking immersion.


>> No.20386071


Holy shit. I knew uhanagi was bad, but I guess there was a lot that we never got to see.

>> No.20386101

Pro Tip: Make friends with the admins.

XSI and I once had an amazing detective adventure where he played my AI buddy (before pAI's were implemented so he was a carded AI... or was it just after anyway) and I was the detective and together we fought crime. I got to see a Z-Level that has since been scrapped and beta tested the singulos beacon.

Sadly I failed to save the station from destruction as I couldn't figure out how to remove the beacon that had been implanted in the station by evil syndicate agents before their experimental singulos cannon destroyed us.

But fuck it was awesome.

>> No.20386148

So then, While none of the other admins are looking, what are some crazy shenanigans that YOU the players want to see happen in the game more often?

I WANT YOU to give me horrible terrible awe inspiring ideas while the other admins are not looking so that I can try to do them on the server later on this week.

>> No.20386218

Space Hulk with aliums and deathsquad.

>> No.20386294

This is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.20386336

Define robusting.

>> No.20386339

Run the game like a paranoia simulator.

Voices in people's heads telling them to do things. "You feel like you're being watched"; injecting them with LSD randomly. Telling someone to explore the Russian space station while filling it with monsters.

The admins are too hands-off on this sort of thing, letting dull and boring rounds just play out. They *might* 'spice it up' with a blob or something lame.

Avoid doing any of this for play2win players like Broba, Dante, Sly, etc. They don't understand RP and it's entirely less fun. Inject Broba with LSD to make him see hallucinations and he'll assume there's a changeling. Stick to people you /don't/ see very often.

It would be really cool if you could cause mass hallucinations. Do this, then start adding real aliens and mobs once the crew gets used to the idea that they're fake.

Give jobs some new random objectives. Tell a doctor he needs to collect 5 appendixes, tell the clown he needs to collect 10 pairs of shoes, possibly give them uplinks so they can do this.

Tell the entire engineering crew that they should set up a singularity on the russian station. When they do so, summon nar-sie instead of the singularity for them.

>> No.20386461

Your ideas. I am stealing them.

>> No.20387354

Hey LJ82,

any defense for this?

>> No.20387635

Aye, I still love the game. O' course, s'been a week or two since I had a chance ta play it. I can only hope that me engineerin' brethren have not made a mockery o' me gorramed department. Ye lads best be settin' that shite up sharpish.

>> No.20388192


Dante Smith... p2w faggot.

Protip: If Dante is sitting in the bar with his IC girlfriend, guess what, neither of them got an antag role.

If Dante is running around outside of the bar hes an Antag.

knowing the difference could save your life!

>> No.20388322

I hate the immense namefaggotry that occurs in Space Station 13. Why doesn't everyone leave Random Name on for every game? If I got seriously robusted by some guy named Chuck Chuck one game and I see him again the next, I'm going to behave differently around him, RP or no.

>> No.20388349

You find it that hard to forgive and forget an antag role?

It's not hard, yo.

>> No.20388399

>antag role
You're surely not implying that the only time people attack you is when they're some bad guy on the station.
The game would be improved if forced random names was on.

>> No.20388428


Good Luck, to many fucking special snowflake fucks.

>> No.20388808

It's especially awkward going into that for a station specifically for /tg/ and anonymity. I can't stand forums anymore after going to 4chan for so long.

>> No.20389424

While anonymity may be the 4chan thing, making and roleplaying a consistent character is a /tg/ thing. I enjoy having a character that people know. It makes the antag rounds more dramatic sometimes. And if you can't bring yourself above metafaggotry, that is your problem.

>> No.20389640

I can't "bring myself above" it when I get banned for it. I didn't actually do anything, either. (inb4 of course not they all say that.) My power went out mid-game thanks to a thunderstorm outside, and when it came back and I signed back on, everyone in the Russian station (where I was) was about to be banned, because they all decided to band together and separate from the rest of the station. Whoever was admin at the time was butthurt by this and banned everyone there. Blew up the station first. I logged back in just three minutes too early. Then I come on /tg/ and hear about admins that kill you for interrupting their ERP and ban you for frivolous things. It's ridiculous.

>> No.20389726

Plenty of people have had experiences with badmins. They are the ruling power over the station. To cross them is just not a very good decision. It is unfortunate that you were banned for the dickery of others. But don't let it get you down.

>> No.20389871

>be bored
>liberty station down
>fuck it, let's do yogstation
>station in slow moving chaos
>no captain
>give self all access after arguing with the RD who demands I go mining (I'm an engineer)
>title self batman, loot the empty brig, go into hiding
>murders begin happening, investigate with the captain
>he turns and tries to pin it on me
>get up from stun, stun him, run off
>play cat and mouse with him in the tunnels, getting away every time
>retreat to secret base
>commotion in brig
>spacewalk to investigate
>he's spacing people
>angered by his murder spree, laser him down while he responds to a taunt
>see another guy I think is his minion, fire stun and go to leave
>I miss, he stuns me, but I land outside with internals on
>he goes to grab me then can't
>I run off and barely dodge a meteor
>see him again in the escape shuttle (having called it earlier)
>chat a bit, apparently he found out captain was behind most of the murders

And that was how I failed at batman.

>> No.20390563

Space Bump

>> No.20391587

So what's wrong with being a p2w person? Are other players just jelly that Broba and Burer and the like are better at the game than they are?

>> No.20391607

Wait...there's a Yogstation?

>> No.20391730

I stopped playing on tgstation when I was threatened with a ban for killing someone. Guy I killed didn't even care, we agreed it was good RP on both sides, too.

>> No.20392464

Whichmin tried to ban you for that? It sounds fine.

>> No.20392589

I don't remember which badmin it was, I just remember him trying to make it seem that, because I killed someone, I was some LELAORANDUMB Goonserver griefer. You know, despite the guy I killed saying it was fine with the outcome.

>> No.20392788

/tg/station is pretty much No Murder Allowed. You'd think we of all people would be big boys and be able to handle getting killed in a video game, but apparently not.

>> No.20392848

I only started playing this game a few months ago, and my first month of the game I would specifically try to find people who were AFK and either space them or beat the ever living fuck out of them in the showers. I did it once as a lawyer, while 3 sec guards watched through my office window and I got a PM from an admin asking wtf I was doing. I told him I was giving him "special legal counsel" and they didn't ask any further questions.

>> No.20392864

Bobody cares about AFKers.

>> No.20392923

I was the geneticist, and I made a bunch of syringes, half filled with super powers and half filled with blind, paralyzed monkey juice. Then I ran around and injected people with random syringes.

>> No.20392964


How many server there are?
Is there a list of them and the various differences?

>> No.20392991

Wait, so, if murder isnt allowed on /tg/station, how does the station always fall to chaos every round?

>> No.20393038

Subtle manipulation, incidents, releasing the singularity, traitors and innocents blamed as traitors, the list goes on.

Every istance of SS13 is Murphy's law turned up to 11 and applied for the entire round.

>> No.20393148

There's a guy in the next room playing SS13, he was the Head of Engineering a few rounds ago(and most of the rounds I've seen him playing today and yesterday), and he died in his office because he forgot to turn his internals off and suffocated.

That shouldn't even really be a thing; if they run out, the internals should just turn off, right?

>> No.20393283

How do I get to /tg/station?

>> No.20393455

So, this sounds like a rolling blast and shit. I'm ready to go, but first a question. What should I do to not suck?

>> No.20393696


>What should I do to not suck

Play the game for a month or so. There is a good bit to pick up and it takes time.
Starting up though, just:
1: Don't be a dick
2: Don't talk about ic in the ooc
3: Prepare to die a lot
Keep the wiki open and don't let security give you any shit unless you are acting like a retard or they tell you that you are.

>> No.20394669


>3 seconds in
>Attempt to put on new suit, ID card vanishes completely

Well. Uh.


>> No.20394682

You dropped it on the floor when you took your other jumpsuit off.

>> No.20394696

If you take off your jumpsuit, you dump your pockets, belt slot and ID slot. Look for it on the floor where you stood.

>> No.20394698

Yog is full of kids
Goon is full of goons
Bay is full of retarded cybering douchemonkeys
So your only choices out of that list is tg and pink, when it's up.

>> No.20394709


Yeah. Then I picked it back up, and tried to put it back on. Then BAM. Gone.

Standing right where I was.

>> No.20394714

How does someone get past BYOND bans?

>> No.20394738

Oh. Well...
Maybe you are cursed. Sucks to be you mate.

>> No.20394748

oh god nox station
Yeah nox is an old glitchy build
basically if it's not a tg build or a tg based build it's not good

>> No.20394770


Well, I did climb aboard expecting things to go horribly awry. And they did!

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