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Its happened /tg/. I have finally gotten a group together to play a Warhammer 40k campaign. I have written out special rules for over two years, carefully crafted stories for every win, loss and draw. I have had setbacks, i have had people walk into and out of this project for those two horrible years. Ive had writers block, friendships crumble and nagging wife that would stop me to run her pathfinder and DnD games for her hipster friends.

I have fallen to my knees in exhaustion, doing a night job and taking care of my children. I have thrown out countless cords of paper, shed many tears and sweated over perceived deadlines that I placed upon myself.

Two years /tg/, Two years, a new edition, countless setbacks and trials, gains and losses of players both good and bad.

do you ask /tg/...Do you ask for my work?

TL:DR Campaign general the people who build them.

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inb4 complete derailment of campaign

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>2 years of work
>really a week of random typing
>wants to feel confident about his first step into campaign
>come to /tg/ to boast.

It is okay OP I did it too. Still do. Don't let my cynical-ism crush your dreams. Just be ready for complete derailment.

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They will Try and Derail...they will try and crush my work...

No...Not this time, I will CRUSH THEIR DERAILS.


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OP, I am interested. If you linked the whole thing I would be extremely jovial.

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This is going to sound pathetic....but it isnt on my computer.

I write it all out by hand...All by hand

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>nagging wife that would stop me to run her pathfinder and DnD games for her hipster friends.

You have a wife that is engaged in RP?

Tell me your secrets! How did you accomplish this sorcery? (seriously, I mention it and my girlfriend runs screaming)

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Scan it.

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Wife is a gamer, im talking old school Zelda fanatic who swears by the Cartridge age. She sees that im playing Dragon Age:Origins on my PC.

>Hey Love...whats that game your playing? looks kinda cool!
>Meh just Dragon Age
>Can you install it on my Laptop? The N64 is giving me trouble again.
>Sure... Let me just let me check if you can run it or not.

Her computer readily accepts my ministrations and I install the game. Two weeks later, my wife finally beats the game and is asking for money to buy the DLC's.

A couple days after she sees me writing up a Dwarf Rogue for pathfinder. she seems intrigues, I explain to her that its all about imagination and writing out things.

Lo and behold she gets hooked, invites her hoighty toighty hipster friends, and I end up running Dragon Age :The DND campaign for them several times over.

Really, be careful what you wish for kid.


Sure, just let me drop a few hundred of my invisible dollars on a scanner.

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You wrote it on DOLLAR BILLS?

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Should have known that the statement that I previously wrote would come back and bite me on the ass by the sarcasm shark.

I dont have the money for a scanner right now.

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You stay out of this Eggman.

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I feels ya OP. I'm trying to write a scenario for this year's trio of Apoc games my group will put on as exhibitions for our wargaming club. Working within the confines of our available terrain and the armies we own is difficult. I want to avoid the classic "Imperium vs. xenos" because we have a 3:1 ratio of xenos:Imperial players and probably a 4:1 ratio of xenos:Imperial points!

I really want to do something like PIC RELATED, but we don't have the terrain or the epicness to do that.

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>old school gamer
>likes DA

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Ave Imperator I would have loved to throw in with those lads.

Laugh all you want, Atleast im not a filthy casual.

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>mfw dyke
>mfw most of my friends are dykes and all play mtg, dnd.

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MFw when you have no face

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Wut? The first DA is pretty much old school.

>stiff combat

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>likes DA
>Atleast im not a filthy casual.

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forgot the image lol

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never said I liked the game, doesnt mean I wont play it. I hate Shadow of the Horned Rat, doesnt mean that when I want to piss myself off to get into RAEG mode for work I wont play it.

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>gettin mad at games

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>I hate Shadow of the Horned Rat

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Yes, there are people who have said basically this to me. Yes, I mad.

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Sounds like you got some interesting stories there.

Care to share any, friendanon?

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Please either scan your campaign in or man up and type it out

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Back when there were a bunch of Kickstarter Revival projects going up, Chris Avellone said he liked the idea of reviving Darklands...but it never happened.

Honestly I wish GW would do something with the concept - after all, Darklands was orginally based on WFRP (1e, at the time).

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Meh, it happens sometimes....AMBUSH
Sorry that my wife loves romance options...considering she is a girl and all.
Sorry, what I meant to say wa- AMBUSH

she one time convinced me to allow her to romance a guy playing a Paladin in our one DnD group. I allowed it, but told her to not get all retarded with it, considering he was a Paladin of Purity. The game goes normally, Darkspawn attack them while the camp, antics ensue and well I let them all have a conversational piece with an NPC they rescued in some sort of town I made up.

All of a sudden my wife says that she grabs the Paladins ass and proceeds to laugh like a schoolgirl. The paladin responds with blushing and asks if he can give her a kiss.

this is where shit goes downhill. After the session, my charming wife asks to do a little group one with just Her and the Paladin, while I gm. I ask her why and she tells me that she still wants to play.

I agree and so the Paladin stays and she proceeds to in detail tell me how she flirts and tries to seduce the Paladin. The Paladin responds in kind, and they forge a super secret romance in game.

Not only did she break one of my rules in game (no Party Romances) but she then proceeds to call me the CHARACTERS name when we have sex.

needless to say /tg/ I havent been laid in a while.

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Man, that's fucked up.

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>OP gets cuckolded by a fictional character

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>Sorry that my wife loves romance options...considering she is a girl and all.
Cool story, sexist.

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Jeez, man, cool it.

But yeah, that whole situation between OP and his wife is actually pretty shit-tier.

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>she then proceeds to call me the CHARACTERS name when we have sex.
Huh, well that's...horrible.

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Just saying, but I think your wife is cheating on you with a hipster. And she's mocking you with that fact, not-so-subtly. Should probably come to terms with that and prep for a messy divorce. Or prepare for potential polyamory with some hipster goit, if you're cool with that sort of thing.

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Rip and tear her guts

She is a gamer girl

She is huge

She has huge guts

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Daaamn nigga. Daaamn.

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She is a biodrone. She has huge fanfictions. And huge guts.

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Considering you asked so nicely.

The Map contains 16 provinces, most of them involving special terrain choices like Arctic Tundra, Mountains, Volcanoes and other such things for which I have suitable terrain pieces (I fucking love 3rd grade science projects) Each Player (6 in Total) begin with one Main HQ and one additional Province.

Each terrain piece can be built up with ONE of the following options:

Industrial District
Population Centre
or Military Installation

Each one grants a special bonus and another bonus if a sector besides them has a complimentary one.

Industrial District allows for a player to receive One extra Fast attack or Heavy Support choice in their force Organization.

Population Centre allows for 50 Extra points to be used in a match

Agri Sector Grants you the ability to Field one extra Troop Choice

While the Military Installation allows you to buy one shot use tactics and super weapons.

It takes one turn to produce these buildings, but if you are attacked it Interrupts the build process unless you Massacre your opponent.

Each Province is worth One VP, If you complete a building on a province you receive One VP as well.

Destroying an Enemy Army is worth one VP, Destroying an Enemy Stronghold earns you 2 VP.

It takes VP to buy upgrades at the Military Installation
Extra VP can be earned by completing one of 20 missions, each taken from the Battle Missions supplement.

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OP, duel the hipster fop. If he's a coward, then you can kick him out, and if he's stupid enough to meet you, put a lead ball through his shoulder for his troubles.

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Oh....oh wow.

I'm the one that asked in >>20358991

I was expecting...not that. That's rough, man.

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could be worse, atleast he isnt black
What this guy said ->>20359149
Its not all bad...I must admit, she is pretty handy with the kids.
Thanks Its nice to talk about this to people who arent always foreveralone.jpg
Nah, she isnt cheating, she just has this huge thing with Pure blonde haired blue eyed warriors who have horrible fucking backstories
I usually play a rogue.
It happens

You guys are the reason why I love this place.

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That's pretty cool, actually. I doubt I'll ever be able to play a 40k campaign, but do you mind if I steal that if I ever do?

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One time I gave her the plague in game. Killed her Mary sue fucking elven mage thing. she then asked me if I was upset at her, I then told her that if she couldnt leave the game at the table, then I was allowed to bring the home to the Table.

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You two sound like a horrible pair to play with.

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Nah, man. The plague is real, it will fuck you up, and any game is better for its insertion. WHFR player advice out.

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go ahead! I dont copyright shit.

but for the complimentary provinces:

-Having a Industrial District and a Population Centre will allow you to produce one VP per Turn
-Having a Industrial District and a Military Installation cuts the costs of bonus by 50% to a minimum of one.
-Having a Population Centre next to a Agri-Sector allows you to Field one Extra Elite choice
-Having a Population Centre next to a Military installation allows you to use 2 bonuses per battle

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I work nights, so when you wake me up at noon to GM your friends wild faggotry, I get a little pissy.

she has cooled down though, and in the first of it, we actually played well together.

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You sir a genius.

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Here are the scans.

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And that's all.

See you in another 2 years, /tg/

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