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You are a Magical Girl, and...well, you're fucked.

Not literally, of course. Relationships and you go along together like a house on fire. With said house used to store highly-volatile chemicals and other things that explode the moment you look at them wrong. Hell, you're not even into the having-any-friends thing, because no one sane would consider someone who self-medicates too much and drinks even more as a valid acquaintance. So, no chance of you being able to get some quality time between the sheets with a willing partner.

Somehow, you're just fine with that.

No, you are well and truly fucked because the pink-haired Witch from your nightmares has somehow triggered your time-stopping ability - in order for her to manifest directly into reality. In fact, she's right on top of you, straddling your thighs, her gloved hands on your shoulders - in a rather uninvited simulacra of the Mile High Club membership process.

Midori was wrong. No one should be born with YOUR luck.

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Normally, Pinky manifesting isn't a bad thing. Not as such.

The first time she did, it was in Charles' bar, with her briefly taking the place of Kyoko as you

It's just that it's happened in the very worst place it could. On a private plane, god knows how high up in the air, over an ocean you're pretty sure is filled with all manner of disgustingly dangerous, villainous and poisonous creatures.

No, you're not a beach person. Not at all.

But you digress. This is the worst place Pinky could have accosted you. In tight quarters, with virtually nowhere to escape to - and with Midori and Misaka at arm's reach of the Witch. Frozen in time and completely vulnerable. Unable to defend themselves should Pinky decide to slice their throats open. Or rip their hearts out. Whatever she felt like doing at the time, really, and you know she's more than capable of doing either.

Your shield is clicking incessantly on your right arm, glowing an alarming red, reminiscient of molten steel. It's not warm by any means, but even you know that's a bad thing.


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Pinky time! Awesome!

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"Now, I know what you're thinking, Homura-chan." Pinky giggles, her breath impossibly, sweetly delicious that you can taste it on your tongue. "You're thinking that it's not very nice of me to show up unannounced, like this. But really, this is your fault - spending all your time with other girls and sparing none for me. I thought...I thought we had something special."

She sits up on your lap, her hands moving down your shoulders, your front, to rest lightly upon your waist. Her touch impossibly hot and chilly at the same time, even through your clothes.

"All you had to do was give Mr. Shield there a slight push. Doesn't even take you more than two seconds to visit me. And it's not like I'm asking for anything grand." She gives you a squeeze, and you gasp as you feel claws dig slightly into your side. Not fingers, claws. Poking into your flesh, not penetrating but definitely making their presence felt. "Just a quick hello, maybe ask me how I'm doing. But no, nothing. Not for a long while."

The black-eyed Witch lets out a sigh. "Why avoid me, Homura-chan? I've been helping you a lot, after all." Pinky pouts as she starts rocking back and forth on top of you. "Did you forget how I helped you with when that...that thing had you in her barrier?"


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She gestures towards Midori's huddled, unmoving form, frozen in her chair, contempt coloring her words. "Or...or that one time with Kirika-chan? Well, no, I didn't really help out there, but--" She bites her lip. "--I did help with Kilgore, that big stupid oaf with all his girlfriends! But did you even think about thanking me about that? No! It all went towards that...that thing with her dumb stupid robot!"

She gestures towards Misaka, this time. And for some reason, you can't help but smirk at this.

Sounds like someone is jealous. Maximum jelly.

How do you respond?

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Last session there was someone who called Midori yandere. I'd like to point out that THIS is REAL yandere.

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"I suppose you also want me to thank you for turning Kilgore into some demon thing."

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Not full on yandere until she murders someone out of jealousy, but she's getting there. 'Kidnapping' us into frozen time is a great start though!

"I was going to get you a gift, but I got sidetracked. How do you feel about porn doujins, by the way?"

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"Sorry, I like my sanity, and I'm more into the obedient types anyway. Here, have this."
>Hand her the porn
"Don't come back until you know how to do the tongue thing, I can't seem to figure it out myself."

Let's not get pushed around by a little pink-haired girl. We don't have time for that.

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Sorry I didn't call, I've just been too busy trying to forget you.

>> No.20357279


Ask these questions while trying to stay calm.

"...Who are you? Why do you keep fucking with me? Why am I so important?"

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To be fair, you are handing out golden weapons which make people's heads rotate a full 360ยบ and start vomiting while gibbering about the flesh of fallen angels. And more recently, make a certain someone turn into some sort of horrible corpse-monster and almost kill one of my teammates.

Also I thought my shield was broken. It didn't really work at all with the fight with Kirika, so I thought it was best to only use it when I really need to.

But you have some valid points, so I got you a present: a doujinshi that seems to be very popular amongst the girls in the Officio Assassinorium. Also there's some suspicious chocolate in here which may be slightly trippy. There also might be a pillowcase in there or something.

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Pull her into a kiss. Full on the lips.

>> No.20357294

"Hey it's not all bad, I got you a book."

I don't expect her to actually take the book though. We still need to get it signed, after all.

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I like the way you think.

>> No.20357317

Yeah, let's eat the flesh of fallen angels. Trolling her is fine but let's not get counter-trolled, aight?

>> No.20357318

Thank her for forcing us to kill Mami's friend. For making Kilgore go insane and murder dozens of innocent people. For whatever other sick and twisted things she's cooking up with the other golden items.

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Pinky? In close proximity to Misaka(and Midori too I guess)? FIRE EVERYTHING.

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>so jelly it hurts
>just a jab away from it quite literally hurting

i don't think giving porn of us with Midori to Pinky would be a good idea since she's already on the verge of inflicting wounds.

i would like to know what she has been eating.

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You know, if we try to give her the porn I am sure she is just going to say "I read it when you read it Homura-chan. I just looking over your shoulder, you just couldn't see me"

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"You're giving golden weapons to everyone and their musclebound friend, and you're accusing us of being unfaithful? Hardly fair. How many more people are there that you're cheating on us with?"

(Since we may as well try fishing for information, and it keeps her focused on us)


This also works because if we have her undivided attention, she might not decide to hurt the girl who got all the praise she wanted...

>> No.20357340


Defending someone is a sure way to get her to kill them. Gotta play it cool. Being overtly concerned about anyone will just make Pinky even more jealous and God only knows what she'll do then.

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I'm fully expecting a response along those lines, yes. But offering it is the right choice.

>> No.20357349

Go with this. Pls. Srsly.

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This is the best idea so far.

>> No.20357361


Just keep her attention on us.
You know, we could ask her about her costume. Might get some information

>> No.20357384


This seems like a solid idea. Pinky is clearly distressed and not in her usual frame of mind; she might let something slip while she's being jealous.

>> No.20357385

Hand her the doujin
I got you a present

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We have Midori's soul gem, right? Doesn't that mean we can pull her out of the time stop? Two against one would feel a lot safer.

>> No.20357393

I guess I'll go with this.

>> No.20357394


Oh, I like this! This + kiss would be the best.

>> No.20357397

this is the only answer.

Stop backing down Gentlemen, we will not be cowed by bitches.

>> No.20357404

No for the last fucking time we gave her soul gem back.

Come on can we try to be on the same page?

>> No.20357405


Pretty sure Midori got her Soulgem back once it was attuned to ours.

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Best one so far.
I wonder if Chikai can deceive her at all.

>> No.20357428

This looks good.

>> No.20357466

I also agree with this.

I finished reading the archived threads a little while ago, and now i see one up? This must be my lucky day!

>> No.20357479

Tad snappish, eh?
Is the attunement enough to drag her out?

>> No.20357489

Unknown. We really need to get the full explanation of our contract with Midori. All that is really known is that we have a killswitch on her. Unknown if we're immune to her illusions, if we can timestop with her, or if we can communicate telepathically like with QB.

>> No.20357503


Probably not. Time stop requires physical contact for someone to be pulled into it, Pinky being the exception.

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You fidget slightly underneath the black-eyed Witch - and the motion reminds you of the rather disturbingly-tight hold she has on your waist, the tips of her claws digging just a bit more into your skin. You stop moving right then and there, save for your breathing - and it's with slow and measured movements that you put your glasses back on. If you're going to die, right here and now, you'd like to be able to look at them properly, at least.

...You have to admit, she has you dead to rights, right here and now. You can't so much as push her off without putting either Midori or Misaka at risk, and you know that the Witch is all but waiting for you to give her a reason to lash out. You're just fortunate that she's focused on you rather than your colleagues - and she'd said as much that she's not feeling very friendly towards either of them.

You let the breath you've been holding out - and it's then that you decide to distract her even further. To keep her talking, keep her fixated on you until you get an opportunity to...do something. Anything. But not right now. Right now, you need to keep the world-ending abomination focused on you and you alone.

You breathe in, and it's then that you start talking. You tell her that she should be the last person in this relationship to accuse anyone of being unfaithful - after all, isn't she the one handing out golden weapons like candy? And Kilgore, even? Did she have no taste? Who else was she seeing behind your back, anyway?


>> No.20357533

So, everyone here wants to expose our ally to the crazy demi-god that'd driving people crazy and handing out highlander weapons.

I'm glad you all want to get rid of Midori also.

>> No.20357557

Thats it. We're dead. Nice knowing you guys.

>> No.20357560

Not all of us. Some of us would prefer we get all the crazy.

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>> No.20357579


Pinky has a plan and we're a huge part of it. She's going to slap us around a bit and leave.

Or kill Misaka, one of those things.

>> No.20357599


Or worse, we kiss her, wake up, and find out -we- killed Misaka. Flesh of fallen angels will do that to you...

>> No.20357642


Killing Misaka would do a lot more damage then killing Midori.
Without her no one will fix tiny pete

>> No.20357671

I don't want to get rid of her at all.
I don't want to to have her going crazy because we led her along with mixed signals

>> No.20357679


If Misaka dies and we're responsible (Directly or indirectly)? We go back to being full Murderface and stop at nothing to fuck up Pinky's shit.

>> No.20357700


Giving mixed romantic signals may be the least of our concerns if our encounter with Pinky here goes pear-shaped.

>> No.20357702

Pretty much how I'd vote.

All business mode if Misaka dies.

>> No.20357705


Sir, you are awesome. I love you.

>> No.20357711

>go back to being full Murderface and stop at nothing to fuck up Pinky's shit.
Going full Murderface IS what Pinky wants. It makes it easier for her to control us and corrupt us.

>> No.20357720

I suspect he means Midori, who we do seem to alternate between scowling at and encouraging quite regularly.

>> No.20357737

Without the torture bits will be fine.

>> No.20357743

Given that it's possible Faust is the corrupted hero that other Madoka quest, Magia Revolution, it's possible she may have "access" to the in thread posts. So threatening to go full Murderface in these posts may just give Faust ideas.

It'd be pretty interesting/funny/terrifying if she could break the 4th wall like that.

>> No.20357746


That's what I meant, at the moment her mortality is a bigger concern than her gentle teenaged heart.

>> No.20357754


Oh no! /a/ vs /tg/

>> No.20357761

>"You're thinking that it's not very nice of me to show up unannounced, like this."

"You never call, you never write, you just show up with lots of problems and expect me to appreciate it no matter the situation..."

Or maybe not that, but the following:

>"I thought...I thought we had something special."

"Yes. A restraining order, Pinky."

>> No.20357763

...Wait a minute, we're in a goddamn plane. Let's really try to be careful and not start a real fight in here, because we're in a pressurized tin foil can at several thousand feet. As a magical girl with time abilities WE might be able to handle bailing out and making it to the ground alive, but the rest of the people on the plane..

>> No.20357764

Oh, well... Yeah, duh. We're trapped in a sardine tin with Pinky, everyone's boned as hell.

>> No.20357769


Thanks, but I only have room for one man in my life, and he knows who he is.

>> No.20357771

That would be retarded metashit.

>> No.20357807

Murderface isn't just about the torture bits. She's also about painting the walls red with blood and gore, and killing anyone in her way.
Why else do you think she got the name "Murderface"?
We were pretty much on the same road as Kirika, and you want to get back on that road?

>> No.20357816


"W-what?! Are you...are you accusing ME of being unfaithful, Homura-chan? ME, who's been loyal to you for more than a century?" Pinky actually sounds genuinely offended, her grip on you tightening - and it's with an inward gasp that you definitely feel her claws now sinking into your flesh, pinpricks of pain flaring up on your sides.
"Homura-chan, I'm surprised. Surprised and ashamed that you'd think so badly of me." She shakes her head mournfully.

"Don't you realize that I'm doing this all for you? Do you know how hard it is to keep track of a thousand potential candidates, all at once, trying to see just who among them is a perfect fit for whatever I have on hand then? It's...it's..."

She scowls down at you, before suddenly smiling sweetly as she licks her teeth. Changing tack - as well as emotions - at the speed of light. "Well, to be perfectly honest, no, actually that's really easy to do. But it's really, really annoying sometimes, especially when they suddenly get into their heads that they're some sort of superhero! One of them actually tried to blast me with the weapon I gave her before flying off! And she was really pretty too, we had the same taste in hairstyle and everything!" Pinky blinks her midnight-black eyes after a moment. "W-well, she had long brown hair, though, and she kept blathering on something about making friends and everything..."


>> No.20357821

If pink killed Misaka/Mami/speargirl in some terribly horrific way I would.

>> No.20357833

... Nanoha? Oh lawdy.

>> No.20357838


>One of them actually tried to blast me with the weapon I gave her

oh god i think i know what Pinky has been eating before she appeared on the plane.

>> No.20357841


Her smile falls slightly at your mention of Kilgore. "Oh, stop saying nonsense, Homura-chan! You know I'm not into those brutish types! Besides, I didn't give HIM the eleventh - he took it from someone I gave it to! One of his girlfriends, I think, I can't remember. She was really cute, and her Soul Gem was a pretty pink color..." Her expression turns wistful as her grip on you slackens ever so slightly. "...but anyway, my policy is to hand them to Magical Girls only. It's not my fault if someone outside the industry picks them up. I just make the best of it, that's all.

At your last question, her smile widens. "Ah, wouldn't you like to know, Homura-chan? But really, I may as well give a hint if that's what you're fishing for." She removes her left hand from your waist and holds up her fingers, each one darkened with your own blood. It's with obvious gusto that she licks them clean. "I don't wish to ruin the entire surprise, but let's just say that your best friend in Siberia might be hiding something." Pinky giggles. "The Betrayer. Gosh, I can't really make it more obvious, can I? With a name like that, you have to be suspicious!" She looks down at you, frowning, before reaching down with a bloodstained finger and poking your cheek.

"You make the strangest friends, Homura-chan. Mami-chan I can understand, Sayaka-chan and Kyoko-chan most probably...and these things I SUPPOSE I can get, but..." She shakes her head. "Someone like Kharn? And not to mention that Culexus girl you hung around with that made everyone sick around her. Ugh, don't get me started on her..."

...You hung around with a Culexus? You don't remember spending six months with someone like the Betrayer, but also a Culexus? Just how much have you forgotten, anyway...?

How do you respond?

>> No.20357843

>especially when they suddenly get into their heads that they're some sort of superhero!
>she was really pretty too, we had the same taste in hairstyle and everything!
>W-well, she had long brown hair, though, and she kept blathering on something about making friends and everything
Oh shi-

>> No.20357844

Well, at least we didn't get him. Yet.

>> No.20357846

Yeah, and get us killed in the exact same way, too. Not to mention fully corrupted and in Pinky's control.

So you just want to give in to Pinky when she kills one of our very few friends.

>> No.20357852


Wanting Mami/Misaka/Kyouko to die? I can see the people who want Sayaka and Midori to die, but damn, offing those three???? Harsh.

>> No.20357857

So, are you done being wierd for today?

I have to bandage my sides now.

>> No.20357858

Don't suppose you'd be willing to explain the point of all this is.

>> No.20357871

Don't suppose I could make up the cheating with a porn comic featuring my expy?

>> No.20357872

I said if, not that I wanted them too.

You assume we would fall, I don't. Nothing is going to come of us arguing like little bitches, so just drop it.

>> No.20357874

"Say, if you're so jealous, why don't you manifest in the physical world? I'll introduce you as my girlfriend or something like that. You could use some friends to have normal fun with, to be honest."

>> No.20357876

>maybe Nanoha
I hope she keeps her shit together.
Planetary destruction would be damn fast if she didn't

>> No.20357877

"What exactly is everyone talking about when they start ranting about the 'Flesh of Angels'?"

>> No.20357885

"Hey, Culexus need friends too. Not their fault what they are. Even if I don't remember her.
"And you could just get me flowers, invite me to dinner, instead of sending people my way to kill that I don't want to shoot in the face, you know."

>> No.20357890


[x] "She give you some bad memories?" *Fishing for more info from her without tipping our hand of more of our memory loss, and in the meantime trying to think of some way to shut off the time stop or otherwise get out of this*

>> No.20357900


what is the flesh of the fallen angels?

>> No.20357904

I'm breaking up with you

>> No.20357906

"I don't remember that. I don't remember a lot of things. I certainly don't remember being alive for more than a century.
You called me Homura-chan, but I don't even know who that is.
If I've ever known what the fuck the point of this shit is, I don't know now. So maybe you could tell me so I can do my best to fuck it all up, and you can do your best to stop me."

>> No.20357907

"Hypothetically speaking, Pinky, if...I confessed to you right now, I... What would you say...?"

Pinky's crazy as it is may as well go full troll.

>> No.20357924

Mix these two. Let's make Pinky hop aboard the self-improvement train!

>> No.20357937


>> No.20357946

so, strength(alternatively justice)
also, apparently Kilgore swagged a magical girl. Impressive.

>> No.20357953

Technically he is a magical girl in job description and powers

>> No.20357955


Yeah, I'm liking this. We want her to focus on us, and the more we keep her talking and get her emotions bouncing around, the more she might let slip.

Though we need to be careful not to make it seem like we're mocking her too much, because if she gets defensive she might take it out on the girls.

>> No.20357961

Possibly she was the first he swagged

>> No.20357972

I woudn't mind seeing Pinky squirm

>> No.20357983

Well, if the goal with that is having Pinky make some friends, there are some obvious risks involved... But the reward is probably worth it.

>> No.20357997

as long as these risks aren't "scrubbing Misaka from the walls".

>> No.20357999

It'd be pretty hilarious if we manage to swag Pinky and avert her Armageddon plan. Midori and Iori wouldn't not be amuse however. Well Iori at least wouldn't, Midori's probably desperate enough to share.

>> No.20358001

>People blatantly trying to piss off or get into the panties of the unholy abomination of death and decay.

Ask her what she means by "doing all of this for you".

>> No.20358006

Tell Pinky "think of her as our daughter."

Problem solved.

>> No.20358009

>trying to piss off or get into the panties
Why can't we do both?

>> No.20358012

I approve of this outburst of sanity.

>> No.20358014

dat hate sex

>> No.20358015

may I ask precisely what you mean by "Doing this for you"? Did we have a fling or something?

>> No.20358023


>> No.20358034

Brilliant! Keep up the good work

>> No.20358038

I don't remember a culexus
I got you a gift by the way, mind telling me how you do the tongue thing in it? I couldn't figure it out

>> No.20358069


Pinky is here because she wants a reaction. Anger, affection, whatever. She's needy and wants aknowledgement. So regardless of how we respond, we need to ball it and go as extreme as possible. If we seem indifferent, then either she gets defensive and tries to get our approval, or, much more likely, does something to shock us out of apathy. If she's feeling jealous, Green will die, if she's feeling mean, Misaka dies. Risking injury at her hands and provoking her to focus on us seems the safest plan for everyone, since at most she might scar us. And right now we're feeling rather motherly towards both our little girls, so I imagine Chiaki would rather like to keep them.

>> No.20358079

Honestly, I think I have to agree. She seems more in this because she's bored more than anything else, to me at least.

>> No.20358082

OK, but the question can be accusatory.

>> No.20358083


>> No.20358090

>ME, who's been loyal to you for more than a century?

Out of everything she's said, this is the one that worries me the most. She's likely not lying with her time her, but we also know we've only been in this timeline for 2 years.

Just HOW LONG have we been bouncing around trying to stop her? And how many times has it not worked for us to be still doing it 100 years later? And why are we only getting the golden weapons NOW, if this game has been going on this long?

No wonder our memories are shit, if we've been trying to save scum her into a win.

>> No.20358094

The problem with you people is that you dont realise pinky is just acting.

>> No.20358114

She'd easily kill someone to try and get a reaction out of us if we don't play along.

>> No.20358116

this might explain how we have such a instinctual link to Mami and how we never get along with Sayaka

>> No.20358118

>>20357874 >>20357890 >>20357858

It's after your carefully-worded reply - one you banked on keeping the eldritch horror in a fetching pink dress talking as she continues to straddle you - that she blinks her unnaturally-dark eyes, as if suddenly coming to a rather surprising realization. It's then that she slowly clambers off you, and you feel the sting of her claw-tipped fingers pulling themselves away from your punctured skin. You'll probably need to get that looked at.

"You don't...you don't really remember, do you?" She murmurs after a moment, suddenly sullen. "I...I know I said that I thought you were just a copy, but that was back then. Now I'm...I'm not so sure myself. I desperately want you to be the original, Homura-chan. The one that started all this...this nonsense. This suffering."

It's then that she smiles, sadly, as she places her bloodied fingers against her chest, your blood staining the skin revealed by her costume's low-cut design. Besmirching the perfect crimson gem just below her throat. "I've already forgiven you for killing me, you know. Breaking my heart...well, I'm still working on that, but I still love you just as much as I want to kill you."

It's as you slowly sit up in your chair to look at Pinky - slowly, so that she's not alarmed by any sudden movements - that you see the darkness in her eyes slowly fade, revealing warm, amber irises. With the same warmth and joy and kindness as Mami's.

"I love you, Homura-chan. Even though you've made me this way. And nothing will ever change that."


>> No.20358119


Are we sure she's acting? For all we know she's nuts and totally playing it straight.

Disturbingly, it could be both, and she IS that crazy and mercurial, but also acting. Good luck telling those times apart!

>> No.20358123


Agreed. While we may be HER waifu, whether we like it or not, she's not going to drop everything and forget her game. She'll play along, like when she thinks we're trying to be clever to fish for information, but the moment we stop focusing on her or stop being fun to play with, then she has no choice but to get crazy and go back to her main plan.

Which isn't a good one, I'm sure.

>> No.20358127

Thats the point. Here everyone is assuming she ISNT acting. Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

>> No.20358129

You'd think Pinky of all people would know that our memory is practically nonexistent.

>> No.20358133

... okay now I'm fucking terrified.

>> No.20358138

took you long enough

>> No.20358140


>> No.20358147



>> No.20358151

....took you long enough.

>> No.20358153

She isn't playing and is truly crazy seems more likely than her being disturbingly sane and planning it all and more comforting.

Also her being so powerful is probably due to her not resetting with everything so she only grew in power each time we reset

>> No.20358154


we ded

>> No.20358161

That's, um, rather disconcerting. I dread to think what part two will contain.

This is a perfectly valid reaction image, modguy, please don't ban my shit again

>> No.20358166


I'm at work. Had to deal with a client. Also, you know, I thought Pinky was Kriemhild Gretchen, NOT CORRUPTED GODOKA!

>> No.20358169

Goddammit I forgot my trip, sorry if I ruined anyone's day.

>> No.20358180

>Suddenly smooth jazz starts playing over the speakers

>> No.20358182


Yyeepp. That seems to be the case. We've got a Grade A Deity in love with Mortal setup going.

Perhaps this really IS just plain ol Madoka, and she regrets her wish removing her from her friends. Was there ANYONE in PMMM that liked their wish, in the end?

>> No.20358185

>we broke her heart
>she tore ours out

>> No.20358190

> Was there ANYONE in PMMM that liked their wish, in the end?
Mami. Well, technically.

>> No.20358191


>> No.20358200

>apparently we or clone of us had a fling with a godike being
>Couldnt keep it straight
>shit falls apart
>corrupted madoka


>> No.20358202

Okay, guys. THIS is what real yandere looks like.

>> No.20358203

"Ze Fatherland is doomed!"

>> No.20358205

WELP! That aint good.

We should apologize to her then.

>> No.20358207

I think this may be terribly out of character, but an awkward attempt to hug is in order.

>> No.20358209

she probably doesnt know we dont remember because we never actually talked to her. she probably only found us in this iteration in the bar after she had enough of a foot hold in her plans in this iteration of the world.

>> No.20358212

Her wish was just to not die. Everyone else's wish pretty much backfired in someway.

Also, how did Matsuda break Madoka's heart? Madoka practically friendzoned her at the end of the anime. I'm sure someone has that "Friendzoned by God" image macro.

>> No.20358214


pucker up, the ride isn't over yet son

>> No.20358216

She might be playin' yo.

Textbook shit. Villain says that he's sorry or that Its not his fault, even changes appearance and then BAM, he was just kidding.

We still need more data to assume anything

>> No.20358217


As she looks up at you with her blood-pinked smile, however, you see that they're black once more. As if they had never changed color. The same shark-like midnight black, from the pupils to the irises. Was it just a trick of the light, or..?

"Well, that aside, I wouldn't MIND manifesting and being introduced around as your girlfriend," she leans forward, planting both her hands on your chair's armrests, she leans in close, close enough that your noses are almost touching. "But see, the only way I can do that that is for you to collect all twenty of my toys, Homura-chan! Sure, I can give them all to you, but where would be the fun in that?"

It's then that she frowns as she draws back, crossing both arms over her modest chest. "Well, no, actually giving them all to you would be fun too, but it's just that I've given all of them away already, and you know how their owners can be a bit attached to them. I know, I should've thought of it earlier!" Pinky sticks her tongue out at you playfully, winking as she knuckles her temple. "Stupid Madoka-chan!"

She giggles momentarily before letting out a sigh, and then clapping both her hands. "But still! You've already got three of them, and in such a short time! You're making very good progress, Homura-chan! Just two more, and you'll be at the top! I know someone who has like five of them, and she's pretty good with every one!"


>> No.20358220


I think Gretchen is a lot taller than what we've seen of Pinky.

>> No.20358227

Should we visit her once in a while?

Godoka would get lonely too. We should give her the same attention as any of our other friend/haremettes.

>> No.20358230

I DO like how well this is matching Homura's drive from the show. There, she was sacrificing everything and everyone to save Madoka.

Now, that loyalty has been turned around, and Madoka is doing the same with her new found powers. Except something didn't work right, and she fell into a witch form.

Well done, Deculture!


Nono, even Mami seems to regret that she was so selfish about it once she later realizes that she could have saved her parents, too.

>> No.20358237


This. IF she is that smart, powerful and completely sane, then we're so royally fucked it hardly matters. When the alternatives are she is crazy or we're totally fucked, then we don't have much choice but to continue as if we're dealing with a crazily obsessed ex girlfriend. Not that I have any experience with that whatsoever.

>> No.20358238

>I know someone who has like five of them, and she's pretty good with every one

Mami, stop being so good at everything!

>> No.20358241


I agree, hugs are in order.

>> No.20358243

>She's very good with all of them

Tell me we can pull nukes out of our shield

also, someone may want to mention the whole "shield is broken we can't activate it" thing to pinky

>> No.20358244

>I know someone who has like five of them, and she's pretty good with every one!"
>Five of them

Shit, it's Kharn isn't it.

>> No.20358245


>> No.20358249

I actually sort of like her.
What's up with that?

>> No.20358251

Alright, we have to collect those golden toys. Date with Pinky!

>> No.20358254

This this this.

Shield does not work properly so we can't really go say hi to her even if we wanted.

>> No.20358255

I suggest asking her directly. How do we avoid going flesh-of-fallen-angels-insane when using the things,. In other words, use them SAFELY, if only for the time being.

There's no harm in asking that and if the answer is satisfying enough, we may play along with her games for a little while. tell her that, too.

>> No.20358258

Yandere attraction. something about half of /tg/ is infected with.

>> No.20358259


Preface it that we want to visit her. And bring her gifts. And pancake. Because we will give the most precious thing in our life just for her.

>> No.20358269


You're SUPPOSE to like her, dude. You're falling into her trap!

Also, fuckyear, more song suggestions! Added.


>> No.20358271


...Fuck, Pinky, stop doing the moe cutesy girly bullshit! We're not supposed to find you cute.

>I can't believe my villianess could be this cute.jpg

>> No.20358274

Alright, the she is good with every one comment, do you interpret it as:
a) She is good with every person she comes across (Mami)

b) She is good with every one of the golden weapons (Kharn)

>> No.20358282

>completely paranoid speculation

Isn't Kharn supposed to be Warmaster material? And she's spent a lot of time at a R&D lab in the middle of bumfuck nowhere? Maybe she's the one who's got the five golden weapons?

>> No.20358283


I support this. But we should word it so that we will remain sane to remember her love and to reciprocate it. Two yanderes in love is terribly boring. One sane and one yandere is much more entertaining.

>> No.20358284

o god. bad end.

>> No.20358288


I don't see how it could be anyone but Kharn.

>> No.20358289


>> No.20358291

It's b), so far as the definition goes. Otherwise Decu would have said "everyone"; the difference is substantial.

How are we supposed to kill her now?

>> No.20358292


How would she get FIVE, if she's been stuck in Siberia for the past six months?

>> No.20358303

is there Madoka/Pinky version of pic?

>> No.20358305

same. im totally ok with this

>> No.20358307


Well then. We must collect the weapons. Nothing can be allowed to stand in the way of Homura and Madoka getting their happily ever after.

>> No.20358308


True enough. Thanks good anon.

>> No.20358313


Let me point out Mami had a golden weapon even before we ended up in this timeline in the first place.

This shit has been going down for AT LEAST two years.

Oh, and in before we try getting into Kharn's panties

>> No.20358314

Also, Kharn is the only person we can trust with our lives. Not everyone else's though.

>> No.20358315


Maybe she went to Siberia specifically to escape the heat for beating down other magical girls for their bling weapons.

>> No.20358319

Why not?

You want in Iori's, people might want Kharn's.

>> No.20358321

August 17th - the day when anons fell in love with Pinky. Goal of the quest changed to date with Pinky.

I am terribly Ok with this.

>> No.20358328


>> No.20358331

You wanted music?
Reading doujins

>> No.20358332


Five? Five of these things? Kirika nearly murdered you with just one. Kilgore in his daemon form nearly murdered you AND Kyoko with just one, and you needed the help of Tiny Pete with that. What the fuck can you do against someone wielding five of the godforsaken things at once?

"Oh, I'm sure you'll figure something out. You're Homura-chan, after all!" She leans over and gives you a small peck on the cheek, and you catch a whiff of the sugary-sweet, cloying corruption permeating her entire body like a stench. "Now, remember what I told you about the Betrayer, Homura-chan! Should you get into combat with her, you have an 99.99% of dying! Repeating, of course!"

It's then that she glances at your shield, which is positively grinding its gears, now. "And seriously, you should use Mr. Shield much more often. He's not broken, he's just special!" Pinky waves at you. "Until next time, then! And please, Homura-chan, stop hanging around that stupid Iori girl! She's an idol, not your waifu!"

With a jarringly-sharp grinding of metal gears and the snap of metal, your Shield finally springs back into its original position - the tension held back seemingly reaching such an amount that you feel your entire arm nearly get shaken out of joint at the sudden mechanical action. The world around you returns to its normal technicolor trappings, and Pinky vanishes from the plane like a bad dream.

You glance down at your sides, checking for bleeding puncture wounds, only to find absolutely none.

Well. No one ever said going crazy involved so much...crazy.

Misaka and Midori are still asleep, as if nothing had ever happened.

What do you do?

>> No.20358336

Well considering that just about every other magical girl seems to be trying to get into Matsuda's panties it wouldn't surprise me if Kharn has already taken a liking to her.

>> No.20358337


Yes, but until we get a better character pic, I'm forced to imagine we're still dealing with 40k Kharn, pigtails and all. *laugh*

>> No.20358339


Ogod, I couldn't help but laugh when I read the user with 5 weapons thing. We are SO boned.


Yeah, she is pretty adorable. But somehow I see a relationship with her being a bit too stabby for our liking. UNLESS WE SAVE HER!


I'm guessing it's someone who's had a chance to collect them, so IF Kharn has been in Siberia for any length of time she can't be it. And we've seen Mami too much for her to have had 4 crazy arse duels without us noticing, since in our experience the wielders are crazy good. It has to be someone we don't know very well.

>> No.20358343

what is this?

>> No.20358346

>Also, fuckyear, more song suggestions!
going with yandere swing... Red Love (Gasai Yuno theme) maybe ?

>> No.20358348


Ask: "Madoka? Kaname Madoka? Who is she? Who ARE you?!"

>> No.20358349


Added. If there's a note you want to add to it for the playlist, just say and I'll add it.

>> No.20358351


Does this jet have alcohol on it?

I think we should go and find the alcohol and drink all of it.

>> No.20358353

I might have a perfect picture for this, but I don't want to use it if it's being held onto for the perfect moment.

>> No.20358354

Overly Attached Girlfriend the Anime.

>> No.20358356

>not broken, wanting us to use it

No thank you.

Check to see if we need patching up, if not arrive in Russkie land.

>> No.20358357

Yuno's most famous picture.

She is the girl that introduced most people to the concept of yandere. and was dead sexy doing it too.

>> No.20358361

>repeating of course.

>> No.20358362


Next time we see her anon. Or we just time stop again to ask her now. And hugs.

>> No.20358363

Go to sleep already.

I have music for nearly EVERYTHING. Just say a word

>> No.20358364

Get some sleep. We're going to need it.

>> No.20358366

use it faggot

>> No.20358367

Check yourself for any problems, injuries, etc. Then get some sleep you'll need it if you have to fight Kharn. Afterward we can explain to Midori about Madoka's visit and then try to iron out the details with Midori about the Iori problem.

>> No.20358369

Did we give her the porn?

>> No.20358377

> have music for nearly EVERYTHING

Magical girls fighting a giant space octopus on the moons of jupiter

>> No.20358380


Check the diary app, just in case Pinky being here affected it somehow (Because who knows?) and then costume up and check the shield, see if that has changed at all.

>> No.20358385

Stop time again. She isn't gonna get away without answering ymy goddamned questions.

>> No.20358386


Dammit Deculture, I am trying to finish breakfast without coating my computer in it!

>> No.20358387


Shit, I was late! Fucking work!

>> No.20358393

What's the mood?

>> No.20358396



Also, this isn't MY playlist, really. I've added... two songs, I think, myself. Every other song on the list has been suggested through the quest in one form or another. So... if you got them, give it! It's a community project!

Though I'd prefer to avoid adding entire playlists to other playlists. lol.

>> No.20358398


Also, I knoooooooow ;_;

>She's an idol, not your waifu
Ten out of ten

Guess it's time to get some sleep.

>> No.20358401 [SPOILER] 


>> No.20358405

Desperate struggle

>> No.20358407

does this anime have a name that is less of a mouthful?

>> No.20358408


I am in agreement with this anon.

Also, hugs. In the end, right before timestop ends, so Pinky will stew over it until we see her again.

>> No.20358413

Restop time and give pinky the porn.
Ask her to figure out how to do the tongue thing then go back into normal time and sleep

>> No.20358414


Correction: We can trust Kharn to keep us ALIVE. Note that this does not include keeping us sane, uncorrupted, or preventing us from becoming a broken husk of a person or little more than inky corruption wearing a Magical Girl outfit.

>> No.20358416


In which Jupiter is a sentient, AI spacecraft.

That wants to be the little girl.

>> No.20358418


My sides.

>> No.20358420


Mirai Nikki.

>> No.20358424

>And please, Homura-chan, stop hanging around that stupid Iori girl! She's an idol, not your waifu!"
>Basically being TOLD by god

Ah. thats gotta sting..

>> No.20358425

Mirai nikki.

It started off as a manga. The ending is very WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED

>> No.20358427


>And please, Homura-chan, stop hanging around that stupid Iori girl! She's an idol, not your waifu!

Someone's jelly...

>> No.20358428

Pinky seems to be running on out-of-date information. Iori is the old and broken, Midori is the new hotness. And unlike Iori, Midori is definitely emotionally broken and needy enough to do things in bed that no sane girl would do.

>> No.20358429

o man. i dont think we did. bummer

>> No.20358432

Jap name is Mirai >>20358407
Nikki. US name is Future Diary.
Some anon already posted a theme from it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jlb8eq_WSP8

>> No.20358437


>> No.20358442


So 2001?

>> No.20358445

Either this

Or more Madoka themed

>> No.20358451


I was going to do this edit myself, but I had forgotten if sunless(wtf does that even mean) eyes meant the sclera was also black or not.

>> No.20358454

manga or anime better? or does the storline deviate?

>> No.20358458

>And unlike Iori, Midori is definitely emotionally broken and needy enough to do things in bed that no sane girl would do.
I dunno about that. With the way that Iori was crying, I think she's pretty emotionally broken and needy right now.

>> No.20358459


I only have this.

>> No.20358465


I don't think so Dave.

>> No.20358468

Do... do I add them to the Madoka list? Or not? Whatever, there on now.

Also, Chikuwa soon?

>> No.20358472

I'm going to assume we wouldn't tell ourselves to trust someone who would let us be mindfucked.

Stop being pedantic.

>> No.20358473

no U

>> No.20358477 [SPOILER] 


>> No.20358479

Stop time again, give her the doujin. Tell her we'll visit her more often.

>Should you get into combat with her, you have an 99.99% of dying! Repeating, of course!
That's exactly 100%, for the uninformed. Pinky, you sneaky bastard!

>> No.20358482

Not yet, t'was only a demo

>> No.20358484

Storyline is mostly the same. i'd read the manga first because its complete

>> No.20358488


Tee hee.

>> No.20358489

We should go to sleep.

>> No.20358492


So the best way is not to fight her. Get her on our side. Let her know that once we summoned Pinky for our date, she can have all the golden weapons.

ALL of them.

>> No.20358496


No it isn't. It's 99.99% repeating.

It's merely FUNCTIONALLY 100% for the purposes of our survival

>> No.20358501

but if we sleep the clowns will eat us

>> No.20358503

see, that's just posting your waifu avatar shit.

>> No.20358505

Touche, yours is better.

>> No.20358508

at least its-


>> No.20358510

sank u. ill get right on that.

>> No.20358511


But we get to see Pinky again! If time stop does not work, I will vote for this.

>> No.20358513


Last week.

>> No.20358515

When /q/ started... uh... a week ago? It was literally one of the first threads. Moot was feeling generous.

>> No.20358518

Forever ago man, haven't you been paying attention?

>> No.20358519

2 weeks ago. Where the fuck have you been?

>> No.20358528

>No it isn't. It's 99.99% repeating.
Let's not get into this argument again. The whole internet is full of it already.

>> No.20358531


Actually, mathematically, 0.9 repeating is = to 1

>> No.20358537

HOLY FUCK I didn't even notice until you pointed that out


>> No.20358539

Buttfuck, Missouri, visiting the redneck guns and ammo side of the family.

>> No.20358544

hi, i was just browsing the front page when i noticed your thread, and i would just like to say that i approve of it, even though i have no idea what it is about, because of delicious yuno. also, two things
1) has there been any word on the ova with the rest of my ending

2) take out commercials, openings, and credits and future diary is about 9 hours long, so if you want to watch it from yuno's standpoint watch it while running http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI_fgwbmJg0 in the background

>> No.20358547

Uh, let's NOT give her the doujin.

I mean, it has us and Midori (basically) in it.

If we want Midori KILLED, that would probably be a good way to go about it, though.

>> No.20358549 [SPOILER] 

What he said:
>The ending is very WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED.
manga ending > anime ending
and it's still nowhere nearly as bad as NGE's ending... or (whole) FLCL in the matter of "wtf am I watching"

have a random scene

>> No.20358558


But in all seriousness, we should check our Soulgem for any corruption. Perhaps Midori's as well.

>> No.20358569


If you would like to know more, here's the arch. It looks like a lot, but if you just Ctrl + F "Deculture", you can just bounce through the threads pretty quickly. Most of the threads are chatter in between OP posts, so you really wouldn't be missing much in between.

Welcome to the fold, friend!

>are dscussis
How astute, captcha.

>> No.20358578


man i just noticed it yesterday, you are not alone bro!

>> No.20358585

We really should post the archive at the beginning of every thread, it'd help new players and people who missed a previous thread.

>> No.20358587

Hey, kind of unrelated but did we ever try licking our own soulgem?

>> No.20358595

Murderface would not do that, she is a pure, delicate, bloodstained rose, not a slut

>> No.20358599

We thought about it while we were getting soul drunk but we never tried it

>> No.20358612


We DID dunk it in alcohol for a few weeks. As close to crystal masterbation we've gotten thus far.

>> No.20358620

go to bed madoka

>> No.20358621


Masturbation is generally a defense against engaging in sexual activity, bro.

Better for a waifu to have a date with Rosy Palms than some pug-faced future salaryman.

>> No.20358625

I had a thought.
What if licking soulgems has a mental effect, as well as a physical one? i.e. licking a soulgem actually makes the receiver of the lick love the licker.

>> No.20358629

That was Midori's soul gem.
Ours was for a couple of drinking sessions

>> No.20358637

Then we basically mindraped Midori and set up Kyouko to be mindraped by Sayaka, kind of a huge fuck up on our part.

>> No.20358646

That could help our self esteem immensely.

>> No.20358652

what if



if I pooper

>> No.20358658


But it would be like having all of your body licked at once which is supposedly what set Midori off while we were on the phone to Iori.

>> No.20358662

Maybe it's the most earthshattering orgasm you will ever feel in 10 thousand lifetimes, and right after it you're on sky nine for a couple of years. It'd be addicting.

>> No.20358681

Also the fact that she spent last couple years having wet dreams where we played main role might have something to do with it.

>> No.20358682


>> No.20358683

Actually, I'm surprised Midori hasn't been feverishly licking her own soul gem as soon as she got it back.

>> No.20358689


This whole quest is the aftermath of Murderface licking Pinky's soulgem for hours.

>> No.20358698

Murderface: Absolutely cannot into reationships

>> No.20358699


Its not that it was a soul gem lick. Not entirely.

It's because it was her love intrest doing it PLUS the 'gasm.

>> No.20358701

She probably tried it and found it didn't work.
Much to our amusement and her dismay

After all someone doing it to you feels much better than doing it yourself

>> No.20358702

The same reason why'd people pick sex over masturbation.

>> No.20358707

Try figuring out where the lost memories are in our head. Check our Diary App on our phone. Check our shield to see if it was damaged during her visit.

>> No.20358767

damnit i called this being godoka quite a few threads back and you guys didn't believe me!
well its confirmed this is post madoka.
i have a question: do you guys think there is some theoretical way to reverse witches? because i'm NOT looking forward to the inevitable fight between us and godoka, and i'd rather have some alternative to planet explodes you die.

>> No.20358788

If this is post PMMM then there shouldn't BE any witches. Clearly, something has happened to the main storyline.

>> No.20358794

>[x] check soul gem

Anyway, I looks like I was wrong. There is no Madoka here, there is only Faust.
When Madoka appears, its the beginning of the end.

>> No.20358797


Well, from the sounds of it, there are only twenty golden weapons. I'm getting the vibe that she can't create more casually, so if we can collect them, we might have a chance. Or failing that we can fix our shield and might be able to make it back the the main timeline. Other than that, we're working blind here really.

>> No.20358804

What If Kharn looks like Madoka?

>> No.20358815

Misaka's prophecy stated that once we had all 20 weapons our shield would be fixed and we'd destroy the world be Pinky could.
It's possible that she meant destroyed as in going back in time undoing the evil that is Pinky.

>> No.20358821

>be Pinky could
should read
before Pinky could

>> No.20358822

that ones obvious though:
madoka is a witch=shes not doing fulfilling her wish of offing all the witches=witches run around and her wish is essentially nullified.

i just want to know WHY she went witch in the first place.

>> No.20358825


Well, that is a possibility, I did suggest a while ago that the betrayer was Madoka, who kept being periodically possessed by Faust.

Being in Siberia would explain the "Not yet in service"

>> No.20358827

I think this is pre PMMM main storyline.

It fits in if it's true because they never gave a solid time on how long Homura was trying to fix things they just mentioned some of the previous incarnations

>> No.20358828

I just finished Chrono Trigger, and I hope it goes sort of like this.

I wonder if Lavos is a keyword to a diary entry or that's wishful thinking...

>> No.20358834

>going back in time undoing the evil that is Pinky.




>> No.20358846

...I don't remember that at all. Pretty sure she just said that Only Akemi Homura could.

The collect the weapons part was entirely separate.

>> No.20358847

problem is pre PMMM there was no god madoka running around changing things about.
the fact god madoka exists means it has to be post PMMM

>> No.20358848

I read it in her voice, in japanese. Glorious.

>> No.20358853


Fucking lost it.

Pick unrelated

>> No.20358866

lawld so hard

>> No.20358868


It is my theory that this is actually Madoka, post-ascension, who has somehow lost it due to loneliness. She did all this to save her friends, but now her friends not only went and forgot about her, but appear to be having a much better life because of her sacrifice.

>> No.20358878

imagine Aku in Madoka form with the deep voice and accent. priceless

>> No.20358880


The way MadokaGod fucks with time and causality is fairly mind-bending. Not to mention the fuckery pulled by Homura in her god-knows how long purgatory of repeats and timelines.

Let's just presume that the Deus Ex Madoka that's happened hasn't happened yet, but may have done so at some indeterminate point in the future.

>> No.20358886


Long ago in a distant time...

I, Faust, the supreme witch of darkness, became an unspeakable evil! But a foolish Magical Girl wielding a magic gun stepped forth to oppose me. But before the final blow was struck, I tore out her heart and flung her into the future, where my evil is law!

Now the fool seeks to return to the past, and undo the future that is Faust!

>> No.20358902

The prophecy is here:

"It's broken," Misaka murmurs. "The machine spirit of this device is broken. It is not whole. It is crying because it is not whole, and it cannot work as it should." Misaka's voice is mournful, quiet, and almost tearful - which is strange, considering she's almost always upbeat. "This unworthy one wants to fix it, but...cannot. Only Akemi Homura can."

Wait. That name. But how could--

It's then that she looks up at you, and you feel sobriety washing over you like a cold bucket of ice water.

Misaka's eyes had gone completely black.

"The Machine Spirit cries out for its missing pieces. You have two, Homura. Get the others. Right this wrong. End this world before she does."


It says the machine spirit, possibly the shield, is crying out for the missing pieces, the other golden weapons.
Kind of sounds like getting the golden weapons will allow us to fix the shield and destroy the world, which could be doing a timeloop.

>> No.20358929

Oh god my sides!
The best part was I read that in a double voice echo of Mako and Madoka's voice actor.

>> No.20358934

so if thats the case then that means homura powers theoretically are much stronger then this.
which means holy fuck how strong is she?

>> No.20358945

>"End this world before she does."

>> No.20358949

Man, I wish I would draw.

Will some drawfag deliver?

>> No.20358958

Ah but given the Magia revolution storyline created fast who has all sorts of reality raping powers it opened the possibility that Faust was killed prior to proper PMMM and then she went on to her proper ending.

Remember Homura kept jumping because she failed, it never said she failed the same way or that things happened anywhere near the same.

This could be the events that lead to her getting to her proper timeline by the long way around of having to kill Faust.

There was nothing saying that Madoka could end up a godoka figure prior to PMMM.

>> No.20358975

so where can i learn more about Faust?

>> No.20358981

We know her wish allows her to re-do her meeting with Madoka when it goes to shit, in addition to the regular time-stop.

What makes Homura absurdly dangerous normally is that she has god-knows how many years of combat experience. Maybe even a whole lifetime's worth of battle to figure out just how to use and abuse her powers in the most optimise way.

She can also make pipe-bombs.

>> No.20358983

Lets see, what were the timelines displayed?

1. Homura stays normal, Madoka + Mami die against Walpurgisnacht.
2. Homura contracts, Madoka becomes a witch.
3. Homura perfects her fighting techneque, however both her and Madoka end up on the verge on becoming a witches. Madoka gives Homura a grief seed and asks to be mercy killed.
4. Homura kills all the witches, however Cooby, sorry QB, makes Madoka contract with him. As a result Madoka manages to one shot Walpurgisnacht. QB talks that she will eventually become the most evil and powerful witch ever.
5. Anime timeline, Madoka becomes godoka and rewrites reality.

>> No.20359007

Someone please draw Aku dressed as Madoka with a 'god damn it' look and glancing at the camera.

>> No.20359022

Finally free again? Is it over?

>> No.20359026

Those are the ones we see, though the later conversations imply Homura's been through far, far more loops than that.

Her relative combat experience would also imply far more more than the three, four or so short loops prior to the anime.

>> No.20359029

>in during deculture just fucking around laughing has ass off behind the screen while we are theorizing and scratching our head at the conversation with godoka.

>> No.20359037

>>20358364 >>20358363 >>20358356

You stand up slowly from your seat, carefully looking around. You check yourself for anything peculiar - your eyes, your costume, even your breath (which still smells of the pancakes you've eaten earlier) - just in case your little encounter with Pinky gave you more than rustled jimmies and wrangled nerves.

Nothing so far, then. Although...from the looks of it, your Shield's not any better. In fact, you think that last bit has stressed it out some, by the way it seems to be faintly smelling of gunpowder. You touch a finger to it, finding it cool - and it's then that you experimentally rack it, to see if it would dispense anything.

The Golden Desert Eagle, in all its gaudy glory, snaps into your hand. The handle growing comfortably warm under your touch.

...Well, at least it works.

You carefully place the Desert Eagle back in its inventory, before sending Kyuubey an SMS telling that one of the Golden Weapons is currently in your possession. You immediately get a reply of acknowledgement from him, and nothing more.

Sighing, you sink back into your chair, wishing for a bottle of Kong's to at least help you fall asleep. Dealing with everything in the last twenty-four hours, well...it's been rough.

You take off your glasses, close your eyes, and dream of a brown-haired idol serving you pancakes.


>> No.20359045

Weren't there also a few additional loops shown in the manga or something? I'm pretty sure that's where Kirika and the Saints came from.

>> No.20359052

Including the manga and games I think they mentioned something like 15 timelines and hinted at many more

>> No.20359061


Well, I guess that 4 is the last timeline before the anime. Its what forms the opening.

>> No.20359066



open plane door, toss into ocean.

>> No.20359100



I know very little about the PMMM show aside from the slightly frenetic summaries available online, but it seems that Madoka gains godly powers and reshapes the universe to one more of her liking.

Perhaps in this iteration, she attained godlike power by becoming the witch Faust, and Homura instead gained the godlike power in a more "proper" way. Homura sees Madoka becoming the god-witch, and opposes her. Homura loses the fight, but Madoka is either too weakened from the conflict to dispose of her or too fond of Homura to go through with it. So instead, she tries to reshape the universe in her weakened state.

>> No.20359110


>continued SPECULATION

But a duel between two deities is extremely draining; Madoka cannot recreate the world perfectly, so she instead restarts the timeline with as modifications as she can muster. Either she didn't have enough strength to alter the presence of witches, or she realized that she could not do so, otherwise the timeline would snap right back to its default position and erase her from existence (no witches = no godlike Faustdoka to remake the timeline). She may have also attempted to recreate Homura by injecting her into some sort of reincarnation cycle, but lost track of her. She cannot distinguish which Homura is a result of the reboot (or reboots) and which Homura is the "original" one. Hence, the "copies" of Homura are the ones resulting from the Faustdoka reboot, while the "original" Homura is the one that rose up to oppose Faustdoka.

Faustdoka needs more power, and she can't get any by draining people or by being worshiped. So she takes a page out of QB's playbook, and sends out the golden weapons into the world to create no small amount of grief-stricken magical girls, and collects the resultant energy into the Planet-sized Grief Seed that Faust has. She may be doing this to fully recreate/reincarnate the Homura she knew, or she is attempting to gain enough power to create a more "perfect" timeline.

>> No.20359128


Not necessarily, actually! After Homura resets and is seen chasing Kyuubey through the empty hallway, it plays out differently than Homura and Madoka's meeting there in Episode 1 (she walks away, Sayaka doesn't show up and blast her with the fire extinguisher). So the implication was always there that Homura's been through more timelines than seen in the anime, corroborating with both comments by Kyuubey and Homura herself that she's been through this "countless times."

>> No.20359169

You should watch the manga, it's quite good.
That said, Madoka becomes stronger after every timeloop Homura performs because of accumulated karma or something. Prior to the final timeloop she isn't strong enough or doesn't think to wish that magical girls don't become witches and eventually either dies or becomes a witch herself forcing Homura to timeloop again.
What is likely is that Madoka became a witch in a previous timeline and fucked up Homura who was left dead in a witch's barrier in this timeline.

>> No.20359184

>watch the manga
Derp. I meant watch the anime. I can't comment on the manga.

>> No.20359199

this might actually explain what happened without Faust in the equation.

>> No.20359220


You wake up some time later to Midori politely and carefully shaking you by the shoulder - and you blearily open your eyes to see her in pretty much the same state, her long green hair somewhat mussed. "Good morning, Matsuda-sempai." She murmurs quietly, her voice somewhat hoarse. "Er...sorry. Not a morning person, really. But we landed around half an hour ago. I told the pilot to let you sleep in for a while, it looked like you needed it."

You manage to say thanks without slurring it too much, your tongue feeling uncooperative, your mouth dry. You rub your eyes for a moment before putting your glasses back on. You glance towards Misaka's seat - and you find it empty, devoid of arms dealer and Big Pete. You ask Midori where she is.

"Outside on the tarmac with the pilot. She's trying to call the base and see if they can't fetch us from here - apparently, it's hidden somewhere in the mountains near us, so none of the locals can get us there." Midori shrugs as she herself seems to get herself ready, re-tying her sneakers before standing up.

Ah. Well. That's fine, you suppose. The both of you should probably join Misaka on the tarmac with the waiting.

"Yeah, probably should." It's then that Midori smiles and raises the bag o' porn you bought from the airport's Toranoana branch. "Got your host gift right here, Sempai. O-oh, and I put the first volume back in your inventory, if you don't mind my doing so."

...No, you don't mind. Not this time. But you tell her to keep her hands out of other people's inventories next time.


>> No.20359225


Manga summarizes the anime pretty well, with slightly different designs. Also has Homura making an absolutely epic rapeface when she threatens to kill Sayaka.

>> No.20359248


Apparently there is one constant in the Timelines.
If Sayaka contracts, she will become a witch.
Because she never gets any gratitude sex.

>> No.20359268

Time to punch that pilot!

>> No.20359276

Midori is best girl

>> No.20359284

Yes, and Homura's hairstyle after getting Madoka's hair ribbons is much better than in the anime.

>> No.20359290


Well the thing is that the manga does show a more mature design towards the witches. I like the anime's more cutesy design, because it makes it more disturbing.

>> No.20359306


Time to punch the pilot!

>> No.20359313


BACK, BACK TO THE PAST WITH, PEULLA HOM something something it's been a while.

>> No.20359320

I propose we punch him really goddamn hard
So hard
He dies

>> No.20359338

grea you broke mami then she went insta witch
you can fuck off and die.

>> No.20359340

Remember to punch the pilot.
Not till he dies. But make sure he feels it.

>> No.20359341


I can speak as to the manga, but I really liked the way the witches were designed in the anime. The sinister innocence of it all was awesome.

>> No.20359355


If she cares about him that much, she isn't our Mami anymore!


>> No.20359359

Maybe we could punch the sue out of him

>> No.20359362

Way cool

>> No.20359364

o god thank you

>> No.20359365

That would just be killing him.

>> No.20359373


maybe thats a little bit overboard BUT if Mami says he deserves it then we could still give it our second best!


that is awesome!

>everything i thought i knew about this setting has been thrown into a blender thanks to this thread.

also a friendly reminder we should not give Kharn any sensitive info.

>> No.20359409


Thank you all. Oh yeah, while drawing this I noticed "Holy eff Aku and Greinhalt Grimwald or whatever the eff Madoka's Witch is named kind of look alike" so I meshed them a bit.

>> No.20359434


"R-right. Sorry, Matsuda-sempai." All contriteness, Midori bows, and you grunt in response before finally pulling yourself up back onto your feet and making your way to the passenger exit doors, carefully picking your way down the small staircase.

What greets you is...well, Siberia. The airport is a small one, although certainly one with a story to tell - seeing as the adjacent landing strip has no less than five MiG-21s parked on top of it, in formation, frost slowly forming on their snow camo-painted hulls. There is snow everywhere, a pure white landscape underneath a gray-slate sky with absolutely no sun at all.

Oh, and the cold. It's VERY cold in Siberia, apparently, but the chill isn't that uncomfortable. You hear Midori utter a shaky curse from behind you, however.

"Jesus. It's like a fucking...freezer! And I thought our winters were cold...!"

Ahead of you, Misaka is comfortably swaddled in a thick padded jacket, worn over her lab coat and school uniform. She seems to be a bit cold still, but she's hugging Big Pete against her which seems to provide some sort of relief. On her head is one of those black furry hats with the red star on them. Ushankas, if you remember correctly.

She is looking up at the sky with a forlorn frown on her face, as if waiting for something.

It's then that someone clears their throat beside you - and you turn to glance at the source, coming face to face with the pilot Mami told you to punch.


>> No.20359442

>also a friendly reminder we should not give Kharn any sensitive info

I can't second that enough. When we meet Khan we have to play our cards carefully in order to find out a) what she's hiding, and b) this 'sarcophagus' (assuming they aren't one the same). Whilst doing this though we have to carefully make sure she doesn't try to, well, betray us. By which I mean kill us.

>> No.20359447




>> No.20359465

I still fail to see where that is a problem

>> No.20359467


Is go.

>> No.20359471

I don't disagree.

>> No.20359478


Confirming Flesh of Fallen Angels

>> No.20359498

[x] ask Misaka about Ushanka hat, acquire one as well (souvenier for Kyouko)

>> No.20359504

terrible idea. how about RAGE OF THE TITANS?

>> No.20359508

It might be a bad idea to kill somebody that Mami knows.

We might not get anymore pancakes.

>> No.20359516

It was an accident!

>> No.20359523


Thank him for his flight, and then give him a nutshot. MAXIMUM PAIN for MINIMAL HARM.

>> No.20359524


i'm hoping 'The betrayer' implies that she is horrible at keeping secrets, i mean: 'shouting over the office speaker system that Hina from accounting did the matress mambo with the courier guy in the storage room' kind of bad at keeping secrets...

probably not.

>> No.20359526

>seeing as the adjacent landing strip has no less than five MiG-21s parked on top of it, in formation, frost slowly forming on their snow camo-painted hulls

[x] Store MIG in Shield
[x] Kill next Magical Girl with golden Weapon that shows up by tactical airstrike

>> No.20359527

Yeah, he accidentally fell on my fist. Dozen or so times.

>> No.20359542

That wouldn't really be good as she'd just end up finding the doujin and broadcast our arrangement with Midori.

>> No.20359544

Deploy tiny pete on top of him.

>> No.20359548

Some people just get clumsy in the cold, what with all the slippery ice on the floor, you know?
Very tragic.

>> No.20359554

I doubt they are fueled, or have weapons loaded and then there is the fact that whomever owns them would be pissed as us... still I second taking the MIG

>> No.20359561

He jumped in the way of all 7 of our desert eagle warning shots.

>> No.20359562

It was the strangest thing

[X] store all MiGs in shield

>> No.20359580

[x] Store all MiGs and spare armaments and ammunition in the shield

>> No.20359585


He's...not an exactly bad-looking guy. Nondescript, sure, with black hair slicked back, skinny frame in a nice-fitting black suit, aviator shades hiding his eyes. In his hands are three items - one thick, slightly-oversized briefcase and two thick jackets, the first one a horrible shade of pink, the other a nice black color.

"Compliments of the Incubator," He says flatly, holding out the jackets to you. You toss Midori the pink one as you put on the other. "And Miss Chiaki's weapons, of course." The pilot offers you the suitcase, which you also take. It's a bit heavy, and you look at it with confusion - before realizing that Kyuubey had just given you Kirika's sword and Kilgore's gauntlets.

Lovely. This you pass to Midori, with the murmured order that she is not to open the suitcase under any circumstances. She nods immediately, taking the grip carefully.

It's then that you hear Misaka shout something in Russian - and you turn to feel the gale of a chopper touching down. Granted, there IS one just about to touch down, in front of Misaka - and it's one of those Chinooks, the weird-looking helicopters used mainly to ferry tanks and other vehicles.

Kyuubey's smirking face painted garishly on its hull, and vandalized with horns and a goatee.

"And that would be your ride." The pilot says after a moment, turning back to you. "I'll be staying in the nearby city, to wait there until further instructions. Will that be all, Miss Chiaki?"

[]Yes. Thank you for getting us here safely. You may go.
[]Say no. Punch him in the face, hard enough to knock him out. Then leave.
[]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and then leave.

>> No.20359590


If we leave Siberia without at least one MiG, we as players have failed in our duty to aid the protagonist. Especially since down the line we'll be fighting someone with 5 golden weapons...

>> No.20359591

No flesh of fallen angels or excess brutality, please.

Actually, I kinda want to question him about Mami first! Get a bit more information on her. THEN we punch him and say Mami told us to do it.

>> No.20359600

Gentlemen, we have air support for this mission.

Whatever we're going to fight this mission is going to rape us.

[]Say no. Punch him in the gut TWICE. Apologize, and then leave.

>> No.20359602

>[X]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and grab a MIG. Then Leave.

>> No.20359604

These are ideas that I can get behind. We have unlimited storage space, and not nearly enough weapons.

You can never have enough dakka.

>> No.20359610

[x]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and then leave.

Mami made me do it.

>> No.20359613

>[]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and then leave.
Much as I'd love to knock this dude out, I'd doubt Mami would appreciate it.

>> No.20359615

[]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and then leave.

>> No.20359617

[x]Say no. Punch him in the face, hard enough to knock him out. Then leave.
Write a message on his forehead as well

>> No.20359620


I'm going with gut punch with compliments from Mami and an unfelt apology.

>> No.20359625


[]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and then leave.

we are improving!

>> No.20359646

[x]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and then leave.

Make the best apology we can. We need some practice anyway.

>> No.20359651

I kindof doubt our ability to stealthily steal a MIG. Also, I don't think we'd know how to pilot one.

Anyway, I still want to question him about Mami first, before we punch him. How hard we punch, depends on what he tells us, of course.

... And at some point, we really need to ask everybody about Kharn. Ask Misaka about Kharn. Call Kyubey and ask for details on Kharn. Call our friends and ask about Kharn.

We may want to ask Kyubey about the name "Madoka" too, as we heard Faust say it...

>> No.20359655

>[x]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and then leave.

>> No.20359657

this guy has it

At least two punches if we not doing a nut shot.

>> No.20359662

[x]Say no. Punch him in the face, hard enough to knock him out. Steal MiG. Then leave.

>> No.20359663

Guess we'd better gutpunch, and blame Mami.

>> No.20359681


[]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and then leave.

And as we step away, turn back for a second

"Oh, and if you upset Mami again, I'll actually hurt you."

In our best monotone.

>> No.20359702


Homura doesn't know how to drive an oil tanker or how to comandeer a battleship. Merely riding on the roof of the oil truck and sitting behind the ship's turrets was enough for her magic to do the rest, well... magically.

>> No.20359711

[x]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and then leave.

>> No.20359723

>[x]Say no. Punch him in the gut. Apologize, and then leave.

Although I still want that nutshot.

>> No.20359728


Who said anything about us piloting the damn thing? I was thinking in a tight spot we can throw it at someone, or find someone who can pilot it.

Because seriously, who the hell doesn't stop for a second when they get a MiG thrown at them?

>> No.20359729

Hilariously enough, I think in the liner notes for the anime they originally were going to have Homura use stolen jets in the fight against Walpurgis as well as the other hardware. I don't know for sure but assume she would have used them similarly to the truck. Which is to say she would have used them like a certain Fate/Stay character did.

>> No.20359731


Ok. Name the LAST quest that you can possibly think of where /tg/ was actually hindered by being unable to drive the thing they were trying to drive.

>> No.20359740

[X]Yes. Thank you for getting us here safely. You may go.

We can always punch him once we find out why he deserves it... guys? Guys?

Mami told us to be professional!

>> No.20359741

[x]Say no. Punch him in the face, hard enough to knock him out. Then leave.
Mami said that he needs to learn his lesson. And not to kill him. That's all.
"No. I got something from Mami Tomoe for you."

>> No.20359749

HLQ. We were the bane of machine spirits in that quest.

>> No.20359750

Mami was the one who asked us to hit him in the first place.

>> No.20359777

>I kindof doubt our ability to stealthily steal a MIG.
Our new filthy assistant is illusionst. Quite good one at that. Ask her to provide stealthiness. And promise according reward to make sure she's motivated enough. also because that's shipping I like

>> No.20359781

Max Decarus is the BEST pilot/driver/vehicle operator the Galaxy has ever seen. The universe just go so mad jelly that it kept messing up his rides

>> No.20359782

Which is exactly what we'll do - once we know why we must do it!

He's not going anywhere, after all.

>> No.20359783


We were the best fishermen

>> No.20359792

We going to punch him so hard he shits his pants and that's teh end of it.

>> No.20359850

Can't we have the guy who can fly a plane like us? Just so we can avoid pic relat-

Wait! Guys! I know how to deal with the Betrayer now!

>> No.20359884


Also, the Betrayer is the person that we can trust not to kill us.

We'll just have to keep Misaka away from her.

>> No.20359898

>Trust her with your life, but no more than that

>> No.20359904


>> No.20359913

That's what I just said numbnuts.

>> No.20359916

>The Betrayer

I wish I shared your optimism.

Although you're right, we shouldn't forget that as far as anyone else is concerned we're just here to learn and carry out an experiment. Both of which I think could be much more important than anything else here.

>> No.20359918

>>20359602 >>20359662 >>20359681

You shake your head after a moment's consideration.

"No, that's not all." You say over the roar of the nearby chinook's double rotors. "I have something for you, from Mami Tomoe."

The young pilot seems to blink from behind his shades, and you take that moment's confusion to turn towards Midori, pushing her towards Misaka.

You tell your subordinate to get herself and your arms dealer into the chinook. You'll be following shortly, you assure her.

Midori looks at you uncertainly, before nodding. "Alright, sempai." And it's with snow crunching underneath her sneakers that she makes her way towards Misaka, the arms dealer turning at Midori's approach. You seem them talk for a while, and it's then that they make their way towards the chopper.

You turn back to the pilot, who still seems to be confused, but apparently waiting for something to happen.

You follow Mami's order to the letter. That is, you punch him hard in his gut, putting your entire weight into the blow. Driving your clenched fist into his midsection, a strike that he all but crumples around, seemingly in slow motion, before sinking down to his knees in the snow.


>> No.20359929

>Just so we can avoid pic relat-
If you happen to know origin of the picture... I'm pretty sure homuhomu would LOVE to get her hands on it. So would Misaka. Pilot or not.

>> No.20359931


In that regard, I wouldntt trust The Betrayer. Not even Mami. The only one I trust not to kill Chiaki is Pinky, and that's only until we get all twenty weapons.

>> No.20359932

>Use Midori to trap Kharn in a Illusion
>Drop MiG on her while she`s trapped

This is the best plan we ever had. EVER!

>> No.20359951


We have a message. From ourself/vfes. Saying to trust her with our life. Just keep Misaka away.

>> No.20359957


"W-what--" He chokes out, his shades askew. Looking up at you with surprised, enraged eyes. "What the hell was that for--"

"Sorry." You apologize, sounding completely the opposite. "Mami told me to punch you out."

You glance at the MiGs at the adjacent landing strip, and then at the Chinook, before making your way towards the former. You stop for a moment, however, to look back at the now-kneeling pilot.

"Do something to upset her again and I will actually hurt you."

With that, you leave him alone as you run towards the parked warplanes, a small smile on your face.

Now, what was your favorite number, again?


>> No.20359976


we warplane collecting now!

>> No.20359984

>Now, what was your favorite number, again?
Oh Chaki you pervert.

>> No.20360000

>steal MIG
Guys, c'mon... remember we are in (post-soviet?) Russia. Why bother stealing when we can just buy it.

>> No.20360003


And that's terrible.

>> No.20360009

>Now, what was your favorite number, again?

>> No.20360016


You get to the chinook around ten minutes later, where you find Misaka having fallen asleep again, this time pillowing her head on Midori's lap, Big Pete still clutched in her arms. Midori meanwhile is already strapped into her seat, and you do the same, albeit with a small smile on your face.

"Ah, sempai." Midori smiles at you. "What took you so long? The pilots were teasing Misaka that a bear had taken you prisoner. You should've seen her swear at them in russian." She blinks as you say nothing. "Wait...sempai, are you smiling? What happened back there?"

You tell her it's nothing, although you make a mental note to ask Misaka how to say 'thank you' in Russian.

It's with a waspish whirr that the embarkation ramp of the chinook raises up, and the entire vehicle lurches as its rotors start to chew into the frosty air, wrenching itself airborne.

Towards the base. Towards the Betrayer.

...Man, everyone has a cooler nickname than you. It sure beats Murderface.

>> No.20360022


>And that's awesome.


>> No.20360032


less money spend on planes can go towards booze/pills/souvenirs.

also i doubt we would have enough to buy one anyway.

>> No.20360034


We should remember to mention this to Sayaka at some point, she was jealous of Mami seeing the dude anyway.

>> No.20360045


Alright, pause for now! Tomorrow, Chiaki reunites with her old partner, the Betrayer! Misaka reunites with her older brother! Porn!

Thank you for participating! Feedback is always appreciated!

>> No.20360050


How much money do we have, for that matter? It sounds like QB Industries takes care of accommodation and I imagine other petty expenses, so unless we're spending the entirety of our bonuses on killing our liver, we should have quite a bit tucked away.

>> No.20360069


Yay! Things are happening! Thanks for the thread Deculture!

>> No.20360070

What do you think we drink at home?

10,000 USD a bottle or it's shit.

>> No.20360081


Sayaka doesn't know about the pilot, besides rumor and possible gossip.

BUT we could tell her that Mami told US to punch a guy and act awkwardly proud that we did.

>> No.20360092


Tell us whether Pinky's eyes just have black iris and pupil, or if the sclera is black as well.

>> No.20360094

>...Man, everyone has a cooler nickname than you. It sure beats Murderface.
...Warmaster Murderface is rather cool though.

Thanks for the thread, Deculture! Jelly Pinky was awesome!

>> No.20360101

As usual, thanks for the thread.

>> No.20360103


That was shown in a flashback two years ago, she knows more by now.

>> No.20360105


Thanks for running a great session today, Deculture! You're the best.

>> No.20360110


>> No.20360112


>> No.20360114


thank you for the thread.

>and for breaking my relative understanding on the setting.

>> No.20360116

Story! Hurray!
Thanks for the quest, just like all the other times. I liked seeing Pinky again, especially.
You're outstanding.

>> No.20360120


>> No.20360124


I've mentioned it a few times that the black eyes that manifest on gold weapon users involve not just the iris and pupil but also the sclera. So everything's black.


Ah, no problem! I'm glad you enjoyed her!

>> No.20360138


Ah, 'k.


>> No.20360155


I don't suppose Chiaki would know anyone who could actually -fly- a MiG? If not, it's only a very slight hinderence in our plans, but it would be good to know.

>> No.20360161



>> No.20360164

Unless she doesn't and Mami broke it off after retiring.

>> No.20360190


Whatever else we may do, we must make sure that we are prepared.

>> No.20360199


Just just the entire eye. Don't forget the lid, and cheek, and the chin, as the inky blackness pours from the eyes

>> No.20360200

Magic can fly it for us.

>> No.20360208

And arch up, if you haven't been there yet!


Anyway you could put the arch in the OP? Might make it easier for new folks.

>> No.20360209

i really hope whatever they have in Siberia can make us not go insane from the golden weapons, or at least make us not go insane at the speed of cocaine.

>> No.20360219

I'd rather there be no meta stuff in the RP posts themselves

>> No.20360239

>mfw Chiaki "Murderface" Matsuda just now casually stole a goddamn russian Fighter-Jet

Fuck yes, you are the best MC ever!

>> No.20360249


I love you, Deculture. Today's thread was everything I hoped for and more. So much glorious Pinky.

>> No.20360254


she might have stolen more than 1.

>> No.20360256


I hope we took a cellphone picture of this! Mami might appreciate that. Moreso if we even managed to get a picture of his eyes uncovered by aviator shades.

>> No.20360295

I'm siding with NiceHatGuy on this one, Deculture. Thanks.

>> No.20360301 [SPOILER] 

But... but... I admire you. I... want to be with you some more. Forever and ever. Just... come back next time, please. ;_;

>> No.20360305

A simple link to the archive at the beginning of the first post would help new players and people who missed a past thread. It's better than having to hunt through the thread trying to find a link.

>> No.20360321


A single line at the start of the post is too much meta? Ok dude.

>> No.20360334

add it to the second or third post, or post it yourselves

>> No.20360465


Then Deculture could put it in spoiler tags or paranthesis or something, I dunno!

>> No.20360468

Made it at the buzzer.

Fuck Gretchen, fuck her little game, and fuck her yandere act. Everything's going better than expected for everyone who's not Homurderface. She's not gonna just come in here make like Fate route Ilya and expect us to dance; Homu don't play like that.

Why is she so kawaii uguu? :3spoilers on /tg/ fuck year

>> No.20360476

You know, this makes me wonder if pinky is going to echo Homura's words at the end of the third timeline.
"So how about we become monsters together and turn this world upside down"

>> No.20360480

Since it seems to be traditional for these to go after the chikuwa, here is my humble attempt at writefagging - http://pastebin.com/Mj0MTCNt

-If anyone saw the deleted tweet about it, i'd like to explain. At first, i was just replying to comments because, you know, that's how internet works, but when i re-read my reply, i realized that it was trying to explain how people should feel about some words i wrote, which is basically the fastest way to act like a douche.

So: As the writefag, i don't know who Chiaki names at the end. I decided it wasn't my place to say.

As someone reading it, i hope that she would have been a good enough person to have said "Just be yourself", but i rather doubt it would happen.

>> No.20360646

That makes negative sense. Posting an archive link is not "meta", it's "accessibility".

>> No.20360751

XR-45 Cariburns and XFA-27's in that background.

>> No.20360786

Pic is what Chiaki is kinda seeing on the tarmac.


>> No.20360843 [SPOILER] 

Just this once, just for you.

In Her name....

>> No.20361316

No, it's OOC tidbit tacked onto the opening RP post.

Add it to the second post or one of you tripshits post it

>> No.20361366

Aye aye, cap'n Anger.

>> No.20361435

It's not that bad. I think it works better open ended.

>> No.20361607

>not writing the porn to go with it

get out

>> No.20361735


My eyes are moving on their own.

>> No.20361922

You know, i've been waiting for someone to mention that...

>> No.20361942

That would be far too lewd.

>> No.20361970

Do it!

And write one version for each possible appearance Midori could take.

>> No.20361997

That might take him a few years.

>> No.20362068

Just let him do one with Midori as herself. Matsuda taking advantage of Midori and not even letting her be herself is depressing as hell.

>> No.20362436


>> No.20362468


Not to mention Midori would be so grateful that Chiaki could do basically anything to her and she'd go along with it.

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