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Hey /tg/ let's have a Mutants and Masterminds thread. I think it'd be nice to have a civil thread about super heros and capes. Me I am trying to throw together a game with some of my friends after some trouble with a friends game. But I can't seem to get one of the players to cooperate.

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Seriously he is a power gamer and is trying to steal the spotlight. Plus his character is a a mary sue

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>I think it'd be nice to have a civil thread about super heros and capes.
>super heros and capes.
no capes

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post his character, then we will rip into you for not saying no to certain power combinations and not houseruling some PL based limits on grapple etc

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But why? Capes are a superhero staple

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I once tried to DM a pretty lax game of M&M set in the Marvel U. They could be anybody and I'd try to let them use their powers as appropriate rather than trying toll dice for shapeshifting or whatever. The only caveat was no cosmic guys or reality shifters.

Not good enough. Turns out Magneto is basically Dr. Manhattan.

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But capes are a superhero staple! What is a superhero without their cape and mask?

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Name three cape wearers that aren't Superman, Batman or Thor.

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Are you the GM? If so, simply veto it. The book repeatedly says "if it's broken don't allow it."

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What kinda power set did he have? Often times the actual powers are more descriptive of what a guy can do than what he says his powers are. A guy with a variable power-set for example? Is gonna be Doctor Manhattan yea.

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Not his powerset, his background and what he wanted to be. That is the problem I have. It's like the group I was trying to escape

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Magneto, Martian Manhunter, Sentry.

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Green Lantern. Dr. Strange, Dr. Fate, Red Tornado, Batgirl, Robin, etc.

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....Aside from a few senses (Magneto can't see in the dark nor can he really see into his personal future all that well) and some of the secondary powers (Magneto can't change size), yes, Magneto is very much like Dr. Manhattan... you know... if Dr. Manhattan wasn't a bitch.

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I was letting them use their comic powers and only making them roll when they were going head to head with villains and shit.

But it turns out Magneto has control over the entire electromagnetic spectrum, not just magnetism. He can do ANYTHING basically. And I mean ANYTHING. Not just hurling skyscrapers with metal spines at people, but controlling their mind by manipulating the electric signals in their brain to just straight up Manhattaning someone by waving his hand and dissipating the subatomic electromagnetic bindings holding them together. It all has precedent in the comic books.

I gave up after he showed me a page where he dragged an moon-sized bullet halfway across the universe in like a week. Apparently Kitty Pryde was stuck inside it in the comics? Whatever. The only time I'm ever doing that again is if they all agree to street-levels. Fuck that shit.

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The best part is the comics forget he has those powers like half the time. You how in Superfriends in one episode Flash had to hitch a ride on the invisible jetplane but in the next one he could fly and after that he was back on the jetplane? The Marvel U is like that.

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>I was letting them use their comic powers

Well that explains it.

Dude. Comic books are just full of ridiculous shit. In the actual GAME? You'd just need to learn how to reel that shit in.

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Yeah, Magneto is hilariously OP. So is Thor if you have the full list of his powers, even though everyone thinks of him as less ridiculous in that regard than Superman.

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Mind control
Move object (magnetic compatible only)

Not too bad

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I'm running a game in the DC universe but I think I might regret it with this guy joining and what he want's to make

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You don't understand what electromagnetism is.

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Yeah, Magneto was capable of lifting an island nation at a stable altitude, in his sleep. He's monstrously powerful, also he has telekinesis, so even if you aren't something that can be affected by magnets (which is rare at his power level) he can still toss your ass around.

That said, you gave them cosmic powers, you get what you deserve from that. You can play powerful heroes, just don't bitch when they do something with that power.

Most comic writers don't either, hence the telekinesis.

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you've listed 3 things
those are them
you pay for each ap unless you've given him a variable array
if you give him a VA then you need to say what it can't do
he needs to pay for everything
each character can only make 1 attack per round and is capped on damage and to hit anyway

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Oh yes I forgot someone wanted to make a Spiderman-Robin type character. Like litterealy rhar is what he was going to do But I am convinving him to change his concept to something better.

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I'm not the guy who posted that. He said Magneto had full comic powers. His full comic book powers are mastery of electromagnetism.

If you think those three powers cover that, you are an idiot.

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I take issue with that particular rule, especially since there are a lot of heroes who can make multiple attacks before other characters can act. This leads you to doing silly stuff, like buying area of effect attacks, for mundane characters, because they are shown being capable of clearing a room full of dudes in a matter of seconds.

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Actually I specifically asked for no cosmics and no reality shifters. But he brought up Magneto and I was like oh I love Magneto the x-men cartoon was the best shit in the world. He didn't seem cosmic in that one. I thought he could just throw metal around.

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you're the idiot, he bitches about the powers the guy has, lists three effects the char can pull off and acts like that is a huge list of things one char can do and is powergammy
yes a Variable array with electromagnitism as the descriptor may aswell be the cosmic or magic descriptors and is he allowed that then AS I SAID he needs to state the limits of it

Then if they are melee you use 2 ranks of takedown or ranged use autofires area of effect rules

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Technically he's not cosmically powerful, but it sure as hell doesn't seem that way sometimes.
That's still silly.

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then you should say that he can only move metal
simple, you already said no to the character he thinks he's playing, just because he bait and switched you doesn't mean he should get to play it

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what is silly?

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A good rule of thumb is never let anyone play a character that's successfully been a foil by himself to an entire team of superheroes. They are ALWAYS supergods.

That means no Magneto, no Doctor Doom, no Mister Sinister or Kang the Conqueror, certainly no Graviton and to a lesser extent no Gladiator or Juggernaut.

Shit like Galactus is right out for obvious reasons.

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A normal dude with area of effect fists.

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I said takedown for melee, read it properly

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Ah, but what about Deathstroke the Terminator. He's a solo Teen Titans villain, yet he's been slapped around by Batgirl on several occasions.

That still leads to area of effect fists.

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I don't count Bat-anything. Those guys aren't 'super' as I understand the concept anyway.

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Batman is definitely superhuman as we understand it, no one is making unassisted 20 foot leaps while wearing heavy armor, a giant cape, and a utility belt with more crap than the average infantryman carries. Certainly while not being able to lift 800+ lbs.

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no it doesn't, you takedown a MINION then move 5ft and get the next one. Weren't you the one bitching that only taking one attack per-round leads to taking out a room full of guys taking to long?
Takedown just allows an easy and quick mechanic for doing it in a single round.
One roll against all targets defence, stop when you run out of targets spaced at 5ft appart, run out of movement (based on a single move action worth) or stop when a target doesn't go down (you missed or they saved against the damage) and you can't move on as per takedown attack.

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>Technically he's not cosmically powerful, but it sure as hell doesn't seem that way sometimes.

He pulled a bullet the size of the moon across the universe at FTL. If he'd had a mind to shoot Galactus with it there'd probably no more Galactus.

I do wonder though with powers like that why the Avengers or Fantastic Four or President of the USA didn't just ask him if he could pretty please turn back the skrull armada during Secret Invasion. God knows he could have.

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>Deathstroke beaten by Batgirl.
Technically it shouldn't be done: Nightwing can do it just barely but only because he's been fighting Deathstroke since he was like nineteen, so he knows how the guy fights and reacts. Even then he needs help. BATMAN needed help.
But that's just fan-logic. I usually dismiss it when that happens, because asking for consistency in most western cape books is like asking for consistency in the air or something: you can breathe it and it's there, but it doesn't matter how much you shout at it or anything like that, it's not going to stop being what it already is.

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What' wrong with a mundane dude with AoE fists?

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That was the Batgirl who was functionally superhuman, she was rated at 2.6 times normal human strength and ~4 times human speed.

Pretty sure you can only take a single 5ft step with that, but I could be wrong, I'd have to dig out my book.

It's a silly way of building something you should be able to do with other rules.

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Well, if normal human strength is "lifts their own bodyweight" then pretty much every Bat-Family member could do it.
It's irrelevant anyway: Deathstroke can beat whoever the plot requires him to beat. Same with every other superhero and villain.

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Ask Dollar Bill why capes are bad.

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What's silly about it, though? It works out just fine as far as I'm concerned.

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>He pulled a bullet the size of the moon
In comics or your game? Telekinesis has a cap at i think 1.5x PL. So a pl10 game allows TK rank 15.
Thats 75 strength, so a lift cap of 819.2 tons
No where near enough for a moon sized object
lets say you didn't cap TK though. Even with 60 of 150pp spent on TK 30 you aren't anywhere near powerful enough to move the moon, and a bullet is going to be much denser.

THEN there is the fact that was in FTL i.e. dimensional. You can say no to dimensional easily

If he chose a hero above the games pl then make him buy everything and if it doesn't allow him to do it then he can't do it. Simple

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Lots of things, like how much it beggars the imagination: "So why do you have an area of effect attack on your martial artist? When you punch, do people explode? Or do your hands explode? How's this working?"

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I punch then move to then next quickly and punch him and so on, it is my Kata.
If i fail to take the guy down I have to stop my kata prematurely because they are still in the way.

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"He's particularly quick and able to strike at a large number of enemies in a single move."

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>Pretty sure you can only take a single 5ft step with that, but I could be wrong, I'd have to dig out my book.
That's with 1 rank, you hit people no more than 5ft apart if you can reach them, with 2 ranks you can move 5ft after taking each down allowing you to clear tightly pack minions easily.
Only works continuously on minions, it's a cleave and move and cleave etc ability

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>My fists have magic dragon powers
>I can use lightning like a whip, somehow
>I can summon a horde of dogs and orphans
>My fists are actually millions of spiders
>My fist is made of telekinesis
>I can turn into smoke. Smoke made of fists.

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the superspeed power has a feat you can get where you can perform a melee attack (or power) against all opponents within 5ft radius of yourself in a standard action.
What do you think the description is of that? how about I punch everyone around me while they blink

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Have you read the "Under the Hood" sections in the book? They're sidebars where the creators explain some of the stranger or more easily broken rules. There's one about speed and multiple attacks. It boils down to "multiple attack, while extremely common in comics, are entirely broken in game. As such, multiple attacks are not allow, though there are extras such as Multi-attack that are designed to replicate some of the effects of multiple attacks without the cheese."

>> No.20344776

Or you're punching so fast you can hit a dozen people in a second. You know, which was what the entire discussion was about.

>> No.20344777

How do you feel about characters that are related to existing ones?

>> No.20344780

yeah, characters that can take multiple attacks eachround instead replicate it using descriptions like Punching AOE resisted using defense (I hit everyone, do they dodge?) or grenade AOE resisted using reflex save (hide from shrapnel)

The Cactus from Final fantasy 7-9 hits you 1000 times for 1 damage, OR they deal 1000 damage (don't nit pick, they are deal with using drawbacks etc)

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The no capes thing is absurd.

Real world physics and logic don't apply in comics, and you should never attempt to bring them into them lest you have the entire thing fall apart before it even starts. You should only consider symbolism and to a lesser degree "the rule of cool"

And besides, those motherfuckers that hate capes make trench coat brigade characters anyway.

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I am thinking about mucking about with the rules right now, actually. RAW doesn't seem to fit street-level or "D&D" conan-like fantasy, everything becomes too powerful too fast.

I was thinking about ignoring "ranks", using the D&D 3.5 carrying capacity for strength, making speed powers more expensive and adding +5 feet to movement instead of doubling, stuff like that. You still get the openness of M&M, but also get to enjoy that "adventurers exploring a ruin" feel.

>> No.20344875

see the masterminds manual for tactical movement, that has good optional rules for less crazy speed powers
>I was thinking about ignoring "ranks"
I have a bad feeling you don't actually understand the game system.

Just limit certain powers (superstrength TK etc) if lifting the heavy things is the problem. Look at the trait listings in the core book, it tells you what human base and peak amounts are (peak i think is 18 (+4 bonuses))

We've just finished a long fantasy military campaign using mnm very successfully.

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Because this guy want's to play as a Daxamite. And the only way to do that is to somehow be related to Mon-El. And he is, he's Mon-El's son from a doomed timeline and related to the Guardian as his grandson and a Kent.

Can I murder this person /tg/ for making one of the worst characters ever? This just has MarySue written all over it

>> No.20344885

Peak is actually 25.
Remember, this is "peak human" not "peak starting d20 character", and it's "comic book peak human" at that, and guys like Cap are at "peak human" and can lift 800lbs above their head.
I think the actual world weight-lifting record is around their anyway.

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Magneto is at least an Alpha class Mutant.
Which is just one step below Omega class.

Omega class mutants are cosmic threats. You should slap your player for outright tricking you.

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right 18-19 was highly gifted
Just set it lower, god it isn't difficult

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It does, but it's not even nearly as bad as some comic character origins. Like Power Girl. Or worse, Cable!
>Born in the present to Cyclops and Jean Grey.
>Apocalypse infects him with Techno-Organic Virus.
>Sent to the future in hopes of finding a cure.
>Trained in psychic powers to control the virus, thus gain superhuman strength and durability from the metal parts on your body.
>Become a master of warfare as you grow up in the Grim Future fighting the endless forces of Apocalypse.
>Grow up in the future, then go BACK to the past, but overshoot the present by several years, thus being somewhat older then your usual twenties to thirties superhero.
>Are a legendary messiah destined to kill Apocalypse. And a future commando. Who is also from the past. And is a cyborg.
Seriously, he's not just from the future OR the past, he's from the fucking Futurepast.

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Dude, there is literally no character advancement in M&M unless you institute an optional and/or house rule.

Also, this splat covers Conanesque stuff.

>> No.20344928

That's one of my favorite splats.
It's got both rules for playing Conan, Elric of Melnibone, and the stats on the Sword of Omens AND the fucking Witchblade, all under different names of course.

>> No.20344957

Heavy warning for that book!
Its the one that introduces the shit-slide that is multiattack type of stuff and other things that break the Cardinal 1 attack per round (like Attacks of opourtinities and allowing massive compounding grapple conditions (grapple, pin, chokehold, crushing pin etc)).
It introduces a large number of powers as feats so Conan can speed 1 rank etc

>> No.20344961

Not OP, but I'll give my opinion anyways.

Usually it's a bad sign, but there are many occasions where it is perfectly acceptable. Take any male character that's lived for a long time and had the inclination to sleep with young women without sticking around for breakfast. Wolverine, Sabertooth, Zeus.....a PC could very plausibly their bastard offspring. (though with Sabertooth, I'm a bit disinclined to believe that he wouldn't just kill every woman he had sex with for giggles and shits.)

>> No.20344972

But it is still a bad character right?
I mean seriously, being a superboy rip off wasn't enough; he actually had to make it using comic fact. There really was such a possibility of this being a real thing.
So he made it his character. Because he got all buttfrustrated when I rejected his first character.

So is he a terrible person?

>> No.20344978


Fuck that bullshit. If fucking ICEMAN is Omega then Magneto is super duper ultra omega from outer space.

>> No.20344984

That sounds just like something I'd read in a comic book. Let it pass if he doesn't do anything bad with it.

>> No.20344986

Powers as feats are nothing to be worried about.
It's the same shit, only in a different tab of your character sheet.

>> No.20344992

yup, innate so they can't be nullified. But innate so you can't extra effort for 2 more ranks or stunt for Alternate powers

>> No.20344993

Many many comic characters have biographys like or worse than that, as pointed out. Did it occur to you that he might just be trying to fit in the setting?

>> No.20345009

Indeed. While character concepts are sometimes VERY terrible-sounding, the execution can be pretty awesome.
I'm of the opinion that there's TECHNICALLY no terrible ideas in the world: just ideas that are shittily executed more often then others.

>> No.20345011

But he's just making a mary sue

>> No.20345029

That phrase means almost nothing.

>> No.20345049


If the characters powerlevel is contained (should be so if you are using an actual system) and he isnt some sparkling hero of dark justice that has to fight the war within as well as the war without, it is completely fine to have a convulted backstory in my opinion.

>> No.20345050

Dude Iceman is apparently ridiculous. No wonder he was overpowered in MvC2.

>> No.20345056

>Mary Sue
Look kid, your player has the right idea. He's not making himself the son of Superman. He's making himself the son of Mon-El from an alternate timeline. He conformed to canon instead of violating it.

>> No.20345057

No, it does. he's created a character that is related to not just one comic book character but three! Mon-El, the Kent family and Supes family, and Guardian.

That sounds like a massive sue when you realize that he's got superman's powers.

This was what I was trying to prevent but nope, some fag had to go and make my game into a sue fest. Tell me that isn't a bad character.

>> No.20345061

Personally when i run something in an established universe i never use established characters. Some players don't like that but i guess i don't like making massive alterations to something established.

Everything they do is a 'side story' to the larger meta plots of the setting. Anyone else feel this way?

>> No.20345066

That isn't a bad character.

Also, learn to quote. God damn summer kiddies.

>> No.20345079

Not a bad character, the flying brick is even in the instant superheros archetypes
Being related to others in the setting is gold for a GM, give you ample manipulation ability and his enemies know what to expect if they have had any dealings with his relatives

>> No.20345090

Besides, he's a Daxamite right?
He's vulnerable to LEAD for fuck's sake.

>> No.20345099

I didn't want to spend all my time quoting all the wrong people in this thread who are okay with Mon-El's kid.

I'm thinking of giving him lead poisoning early on so he'll be forced to make a new and better character

>> No.20345100

As stated above you cannot condemn a character as a Sue simply because of his backstory. The whole package has to fit. Powers, appearance, personality. Trying to put himself into the limelight overshadowing the other characters. That stuff.

Give him a chance and ask him to tell you how he intends to play the character. What are his motivations, fears, goals, why is he a superhero (or villain) and not just a super powered hobo. Then you can judge him.

>> No.20345111

Vulnerable to lead like Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite or vulnerable to lead like a werewolf is to silver?

>> No.20345125

But he might as well be playing as Supe's kid, that is the thing. By changing it to Mon-El he thinks he can get away with this.... annoyingly almost cannon dude.

>> No.20345127

If you don't want opinions, then don't ASK for opinions. You should never assume that because you personally agree with something everyone else does too. Hell, you shouldn't even assume a MAJORITY of people will agree with it.
Do you believe powdered tiger balls can cure loss of sexual potency? No? Well a couple billion Chinese folks still fucking believe that weird-ass traditional medicine shite, so we're in a minority technically.

>> No.20345128

>I don't like his character but I'm too beta to just tell him I'm not going to let him play it, so I'll just kill it off instead.
Man, am I glad you're not my GM.

>> No.20345138

>I'm thinking of giving him lead poisoning early on so he'll be forced to make a new and better character

Everything I'm hearing from you screams useless GM who doesn't know the rules of the system or of GMing either.

>Pic related, your gming style

>> No.20345143

They suffer lead poisoning very easily.
Lead bullets still bounce off, but enough lead contact with bare skin, or worse, ingestion of lead or lead in the blood starts to kill them extremely fast.
And unlike kryptonite, they don't usually "bounce back" once away from the lead, because it's lead poisoning rather then special radiation.

>> No.20345148

Dude I know what this is about... I hate superboy too. It's okay just let all out.

>> No.20345149

Lead is instantly fatal to Daxamites. It can't be cured, unless you take Brainiac's pills or join up with fish Jesus like Sodam Yat did.

Which is why early on I intend for him to get poisoned and die. Mon-El is stuck in the Phantom Zone if this were to happen, and the pills won't exist until far into the future. He's be forced to play something else.

And no, I don't think that the Metropolis scientists could make an antidote for him.

>> No.20345160

>But he might as well be playing as Supe's kid, that is the thing.
No, being Supe's kid would come with an entirely different set of social....whatevers.... plus a less common weakness and greater power.

You learned what a Mary Sue was in the last year or two, didn't you? I remember that phase of my life.....my advice to you is to pull that stick out of your ass and get over it.

>> No.20345164

how about celation drugs that bind lead, ya know, the things we use on every single animal that gets metal poisoning

>> No.20345170

Just tell him you're not okay with the concept. Just do that. Don't be this much of a horribly passive-aggressive cunt. I want to hit you for such a course of action, and I don't even know who you are.

Just say no before he starts playing the fucking character, you fucking freak.

>> No.20345171

Won't work, made for humans, Daxamites are different. He'll die.

>> No.20345178

There are loads of those not-Kryptonians, why does he specifically have to be Mon-El's kid?

>> No.20345195

If you do that and dont give the group the chance to go on a epic quest to save him you are That GM.

Never kill of a character because you dont like his concept. If you think it is ridiculous tell him, but dont punish him ingame (sides using it for drama, so everyone has fun), it is the worst and most irritating thing a GM can do

>> No.20345201

They work based on chemistry, not biochemistry. Science says it works and you are a faggot.

Poisoning is treated as a disease. Have one of his allies get a healing power which gives an instant bonus and check against a condition. The recovery check is dc10 (static in the rules) bam, healed

>> No.20345212

I dunno, but I rejected his first couple characters for being to powerful from no good background so he went and made this shit.

>> No.20345221

That background sounds fine though. I get the impression you're just a god awful DM.

Why not ask if this guy wants to DM instead? He seems like he understands your typical comic book plot.

Also not an autistic fuckbag like yourself, which is always a plus.

>> No.20345222

What do you concider too powerful?
All PCs are limited to Powerlevel damage and defense ranks etc
So certain powers? or combinations?

>> No.20345224


Dude, he's the only superhero that can LITERALLY be killed by BEING SHOT WITH BULLETS. Not even magical bullets, just BULLETS.

Bullets made of LEAD.

If you don't see the hilarity in him going: "Oh no! Bullets, my own weakness!" when faced by rifle-toting thugs, you're a bad person and I dislike you.

>> No.20345227

Oh, and what were these other concepts? Because I have a sneaking suspicion that they're not nearly as bas as you say they are.

>> No.20345233

Because I wanted to dm a group that doesn't have such powergrabbing mary sues. There is a group going on right now that has a ton of sues like that, and I wanted to make a better game than theres but I can't with Mon-El's kid running around in my campaign

>> No.20345238

Yeah, honestly that player's familiarity with canon is almost astoundingly good.

>> No.20345240

But this isn't a powergrabbing Mary-Sue. Everyone gets the same points to build their character man.

>> No.20345247

Wow, I didn't even realise he made a character who could say, "Bullets! My only weakness!" and it would ACTUALLY BE TRUE.


How can you hate that?

>> No.20345250

>powergrabbing mary sues
the fuck are your problems in specifics? superstrength power? flight? lazor eyes?

>> No.20345253


You sound particularly butthurt.

>> No.20345257

Which is why again, he will die off soon

>> No.20345265


Look, this is the worst possibly attitude a GM can have.

If you're going to intentionally kill off his character, just say, "I'm not allowing this."

What have other players submitted?

>> No.20345271

I have a sneaking suspicion that he may simply dislike Superman in general.
Which is funny, because you can't actually legally make a PL10 character with Superman's capabilities.

>> No.20345273


> "Look, it's Superman! Superman, the Man of Steel! He's come to save us all!"
> "Oh no...Bullets! My only weakness!"
> "Superman? Superman? SUPERMAN, COME BACCCCCKKKK!"

>> No.20345274

Jesus, you are playing Mutants and Masterminds. It is based on big damn dramatic heroes (and most if not all of them are canon sues!). A certain amount of power and connection to the setting is to be expected, man! If you dont want any connections to other superheros just say you are playing in your own setting and none of the superheroes you know exist!

>> No.20345289

That's it, I can't let this go on any further. Give us some means of contacting this player, he must be warned of your faggotry. Hell, give us contacts for the rest of the players, they deserve to be warned too.

>> No.20345292

I suspect Mon-El's powers only really work as well as they do because in the future he comes from everyone's switched to energy weapons, thus there's no lead bullets that can poison him.

>> No.20345294

only to gm-feit. You have to use the rules, so a weakness drawback at massive levels that give you MANY points back lowers your con by 1 per hit.
It comes back at the same rate it's lost, so 1 per round.
So no he won't die even with massive weakness

>> No.20345300

>superhero, all the powers of Superman but lead is lethal to him
>pretty much all modern weapons use lead in some form or another, whether projected as a bullet or in their manufacture

Hahaha holy shit how unfortunate, that's like being Superman but your powers don't work around rapists or some shit.

You're still an incredible fuckmonger OP and I hope Mon-El's kid decks you. I certainly would if you were in decking distance.

>> No.20345340


> "My powers of invisibility only works when I hold my breath, close my eyes, and no-one else is watching."

> "I can shoot fireballs from my hands, but I only hit my buddies. That's why they call me...FRIENDLY FIRE."

> "I'm superstrong, but I'm allergic to punches to the face. Also, I bruise easily, and I'm hemophilic. To crime, I'm known as GLASS JAW JOE. Or, alternatively...JAWBREAKER."

> "I have the power to transform in a lightning-powered infant, with the strength of my true father, Thor, and the brain of an infant. I'm known to my foes as...KID THOR."

>> No.20345345

Why, if this is the case he should literally be dead without Ion or the cure, which he isn't in the proper timeline to recieve. So he should die sooner than the other Player Characters.

Playing as Mon-El's son is one thing, but having the cure to the lead-poisoning is a totally different thing. It would require that Mon-El left it with Guardian, Superman himself, or someone with access to a high tech lab before being shunted back into the Phantom Zone.

>> No.20345359

For ops convenience. Search for the universal mary sue litmus test on google. You may try letting your players run their characters through that if you are that insistent on your "Mary-Sue free game"

>> No.20345363


Well, he's half-human. And a PL-10 character isn't anywhere near superman.

So maybe his genes are spliced enough that Lead's simply his KRYPTONITE, not the genesis for an unavoidable and wasting disease.

Because seriously; PL 10. That's not very impressive.

>> No.20345368


These are fantastic. Dibs on Kid Thor.

>> No.20345370

>"I can shoot fireballs from my hands, but I only hit my buddies. That's why they call me...FRIENDLY FIRE."

>> No.20345377

Yeah, no shit, I had to really tone down 'kid who went to a radioactive funeral' concept for a PL 10 game.

>> No.20345380

Lots of characters hit all the marks on that test and are still pretty awesome. Look at Morpheus from Sandman.
He's an immortal, ageless, handsome, charming, terrifying, gets laid all the time, and can control ANYTHING related to the concept of stories, imagination, or dreams.

>> No.20345386

They're all real, AFAIK. Like those are all actual comics characters.

>> No.20345392

I made sure none of them come to /tg/ unlike the last two groups I was in. In one I got kicked out of the game and in my friend's M&M game he goes on /tg/

>> No.20345394

Yes, but Morpheus is only a player character if you're playing something like Nobilis.

>> No.20345415

>In one I got kicked out of the game

If this is how you insist on behaving then I'm not surprised.

Although kudos for having the honesty to say you were kicked out rather than you 'quit'.

>> No.20345421

I am not a bad DM I kust wanted people to make possible characters without creating mary Sues like Mon-El's kid and Guardians Grandson and related to the Kents

does that seem like to much to ask

>> No.20345422

Did you get kicked out for being a control freak of an asshat?
Or don't you understand those weird humans and their emotions?

>> No.20345424

Why did you get kicked out? I suspect you werent entirely innocent in that.

>> No.20345429

True that, the point being that passing the test doesn't automatically mean it'll suck. In fact, the test ITSELF says so.
You have to wait until execution of the concept, and I always do so, no matter how teeth-gnashingly difficult it may be sometimes.

>> No.20345433

No I was kicked out after trying to prove that the Agasha shugenja was tainted and spreading it throughout the game. I mean it was totally obvious. He was using a tainted nemurani and his character was way to powerful for his background. Obviously he cheated and was playing as a mahotsuki.

>> No.20345437

then just say, "you think you are related, but in reality you're a clone, an experiment, a cosmic hiccup, superman raped a hooker" etc

>> No.20345441


What, even Glass Jaw Joe/Jawbreaker? Because he sounds like an awesome concept.

> "Batter up, criminal. This will hurt me a lot more than it hurts you."
> "Wha...?"

Throwing my hat into the ring:

> Bad luck comes in spades, they say...So I always pick 'double or nothing'! They call me...DOUBLE DOWN.
> I used to be a superhuman's sidekick, but then I murdered everyone in London. They call me...KID MIRACLEMAN.

...I, I don't think I want to make superheroes anymore, guys.

>> No.20345443

>still playing Mutants and Masterminds


>> No.20345449

Jeez.If you are really that much against his backstory, have you ever asked the guy if he would like to drop the Mon El and Kent part out of his backstory in favor of being an average Daxamite? Ever thought about that? Before killing him of without a chance of survival?

>> No.20345450

He might be from some boxing game, but other than that...

I read Miracleman. Got pretty irritating to read towards the end, ultimately I prefer Zenith for something that tells more or less the same story.

>> No.20345451

Oh man, I remember this thread.

Lemme grab it for the entertainment of everyone else.

>> No.20345452

>I made sure none of them come to /tg/ unlike the last two groups I was in.

>> No.20345485


>> No.20345489

But I wanted Kid Thor......

Ah fuck it, I'll play Hercu-Teen instead.

>> No.20345498

Why would I give you that? I don't want them to make such terrible characters and this will be a learning experience for him.

Because there is no other way to play as a Daxamite. They only live on their planet and are xenophobic. They don't have rockets and don't want to visit other planets. Sodam Yat and Mon-El are the oddballs.

So because Mon-El was part of the supes family, so is this dude I guess. He's got Kent as a last name, El in his superhero name, and Superman knows of him.

>> No.20345508


I have the worst concept ever, the really worst.

> I have photographic reflexes...But the experiments that gave me my eidetic memory and perfect physique also cursed me with epilepsy. I am...JERKIN' JOHNSON, master of martial arts!
> My mother says I'm special.

>> No.20345511

No I am not, lead is in everything; he should be dead. Because ther is no way for him to cure himself from it's dangerous effects. Superman never managed to cure Mon-EL, he had to wait in the Phantom zone for YEARS until Brainiac 5 managed to make a cure.


>> No.20345517

Uh, so you didn't even confirm that. He could literally just be another oddball Daxamite, or even a really nerdy Daxamite kid who is student council president and hates that Mon-El set the standard that the shitty alternative kids at Daxamite High try to follow so he wants to crush their hero on earth and force them to study again.

>> No.20345519


>> No.20345529

Here we are, gentlemen:

So many words to say 'you can't do what I say you can't do so I'm going to kill you', L5R edition:


>> No.20345532

Well, if there is no other way to play as a Daxamite and he wants to play as a Daxamite (which in my opinion is a fucking awesome concept, guy tries to be like his idol supes but always gets fucked up because hes just not immune to bullets) why are you punishing him for it?

I mean, even if the cure for their lead poisoning doesnt exist the DC universe should have an Reed Richards level egghead (sorry, i am more into Marvel than DC) that can cook something like that up. Perfect story fuel for you.

>> No.20345546

>never play as a bushi
Is this a joke.

>> No.20345551

Hey, this is secret knowledge but...MAYBE HE'S ANOTHER ODDBALL THAT FOUND HIS WAY OFF WORLD.

Maybe he's from an alternate timeline where Daxamites were inspired by the spirit of Superman and attempt to go off world and help people.

Maybe he's from the future after Daxam got mind controlled and blasted and shunt back due to falling into Booster Gold's time slipstream or something?

It's not too hard to make this shit work, seeing as it's a fucking Super Hero game. And I give the player props for not wanting to be a full on Kryptonian as so many do, though after New Krypton it's perfectly fair for him to say "I'm playing a kryptonian."

The fact that this entire thread has told you "No, that's pisspoor GMing" doesn't seem to have sunken in either, so I'll tell you too. That's piss poor GMing and you should feel bad.

>> No.20345556

>Kid Thor
>Little Shiva
>Horus Junior
Someone steal this campaign idea!

>> No.20345561

I am not, I'm just being realistic so he'll die. No one can save him from lead poisoning.

>> No.20345565

>Why would I give you that? I don't want them to make such terrible characters and this will be a learning experience for him.

You're absolutely right, although probably not in the way you're imagining.

>> No.20345571


>> No.20345580

I thought so too, but then it got brought up again in a completely unrelated conversation like this...

Well, either way, *I* think it's hilarious.

>> No.20345584


Apart from anyone with access to a chelation machine, I guess.

>> No.20345596

>GM's face when another character makes the Walking Lead Remover with the superhuman power to remove lead from any object and/or person
>From across the universe

>> No.20345598





>> No.20345616

>Alt time line
Or inspired by Sodom Yat
Seriously dudes amazing, acting as their sun and god.

>> No.20345627

Mr. Rage, are you not aware that /tg/ now has spoilers?

>> No.20345628

None come to /tg/, so they won't know about this plan.

There are none in the current timeline that could save him.

>> No.20345629

Even if the first part of his name spells "Sodomy".

>> No.20345656



>> No.20345658

Ev erything is made of lead and no one can cure him, he could die very easily. And I dislike this character with his mary sue background and being connected to Superman and Superboy.

Tell me what am I supposed to do if you are so brilliant at nothing?

I wasn't wrong in that thread or this one. Mon-El's kid is a stupid thing.

>> No.20345665

You do know that any 10th Level Intelligence could make the goddamn cure, right? And there are exponentally infinite on earth. Fuck, during the L.E.G.I.O.N era, Vril Dox made it for Valor.

Hell, even in the silver age Saturn Girl made a temporary cure that he had to keep taking, so you don't even have to be a goddamn super genius.

You're just a Shit GM.

>> No.20345669

(Claifying for my own sake here)
ITT: DM posts story of a PC he doesn't like the character of, and then proposes to kill the character to "learn 'im" and is throwing a hissy fit when /tg/ says "You're a terrible DM"

Woah. Someone's clearly missed the ENTIRE point of P&P RPGs
I've played with your sort before, sir, and you are a terrible person. You want everything your way and are prepared to potentially alienate friends for sake of the game going YOUR way. You're playing M&M, not Railroads: The Derpening. You need to relax and remember rules one and zero of DMing.
Rule one: your plans WILL become undone by accident.
Rule zero: you are telling a story for your player's enjoyment, not yours.
It's fine to have fun DMing (god knows I do) but you're there to help them have a fun time.
So what he's got a silly character concept. So what it's out of place. If you want a serious game with reasonable characters for the setting tell them that and don't play M&M.
Jesus, am I and MR. RAGE the only people to read things about DMing here? (And >>20345289 it seems too)

>> No.20345675

>Tell me what am I supposed to do if you are so brilliant at nothing?
How about you never GM for anyone ever again? You don't seem cut out for it.

>> No.20345693

On the contrary; there have been other anons, perhaps 2 or more, that have been posting in the thread, telling him what a bad GM he is.

>> No.20345703

>There are none in the current timeline that could save him.
This looks like a job for.....ME FROM AN ALTERNATE TIMELINE!

>> No.20345708

>Tell me what am I supposed to do if you are so brilliant at nothing?



>> No.20345709

Nope, Superman couldn't do it, so what hope do the scientists of metropolis have of making one? And Mon-El couldn't have left it for him, that would break the timestream.

besides it isn't like I am doing anything wrong, he'll just have to make a new character! People do that all the time.

>> No.20345715

Respeck knuckles. This guy knows how quickly a game can go awry. The DM for our star wars d20 game once tried to bullshit us on an encounter that I started by shooting an anti-tank rocket at a Duros. The Duros got up and fought harder than the Mando bounty hunter we had fought as a boss. Everyone was mad because he made the encounter last forever and nearly killed our party. This guy is way worse than my DM.

>> No.20345721

>besides it isn't like I am doing anything wrong, he'll just have to make a new character! People do that all the time.

>> No.20345730

>And Mon-El couldn't have left it for him, that would break the timestream.



>> No.20345731

ITT: THAT-GM, the Thread.

>> No.20345733

You are just /tg/, I am sure /co/ would agree with me and say that playing the son of Mon-El is terrible.

>> No.20345746

Go ahead and ask them. You'll get nothing but the same things you've seen here.

>> No.20345762


/co/ has been overrun by psychotic feminists and the dickless nerds who love them so that's not saying much unfortunately.

>> No.20345768

Actually, most of the feminists on /co/ are probably men. Most of the comic book feminists I meet are men, honestly. Weird.

>> No.20345769

I'm from /co/. I'm here to inform you that we all think you're a fucktard too.

Also, I'm from /m/ as well, and you get the drift.

>> No.20345797

Yeah, you probably like Adventure Time, Regular Show and Superboy to.
No I don't think so

>> No.20345823

>ferverently denying that he is THAT-GM
>hating on Adventure Time

>> No.20345833

Hey I am just killing off one badly made Sue. Not the end of the world, or causing a proble m with anyone else.

Yeah no, those are also bad ideas. The people of Daxam don't know about superman. So yeah, no. Not allowed.

>> No.20345840

I'm supposed to like Noodle the Badly Drawn show now? It has sucky art.

>> No.20345852


>> No.20345864

>Yeah no, those are also bad ideas. The people of Daxam don't know about superman. So yeah, no. Not allowed.

That's not the only thing not allowed in your game, either. Does anyone else want to post the image or should I?

>> No.20345870

Nah bro, he's clearly too lofty to be concerned with your post.

By this point people should have realized that one of the following two scenarios is true:

1) OP actually runs this game and came on /tg/ expecting validation. Having received nothing but scorn, he's managed to work himself into a hissy-fit because no one will tell him that he's great.

2) OP is a pretty good troll who knows how to play out a thread. I actually don't believe this scenario to be true.

>> No.20345878

The sooner you accept that you are a bad GM, the sooner you will stop being a bad GM.
>implying that the show doesn't make up for it with its characters and story-telling

>> No.20345881

>Does anyone else want to post the image or should I?

No Fonz?

>> No.20345887


More like no fun allowed.

Sounds like your running this with the wristwatch efficiency of the most metaloving oWoD or Lot5R DM. Anything that YOU feel like flies in the face of the broad setting is getting a no.

But this isn't Lot5R. This is a fantastical reflection of our own world. Be flexible! Your player is clearly into the concept.It will be good for his fun if you just give in and play along instead of killing him out of petty spite. Not adhering to the very flexible metaplot of comics is hardly a crime worthy of character banning. Shocking reveals are a hallmark of comics.

>> No.20345890

I already tried. A duplicate image is already up.

>> No.20345893

No flan?

>> No.20345922

OP gets a 15/10 for trolling. Everyone can relax though, there's no way his new group will allow themselves to be subjected to him for long. I give them one session before they throw him out on his ass.

>> No.20345935

>Tell me what am I supposed to do if you are so brilliant at nothing?

I don't know, maybe you could talk to him like an adult instead of approving his character for play and then killing him off in-game arbitrarily?

I feel sorry for your players, you sound like an awful DM.

>> No.20345954

So what he's playing a terrible character. The number of times I've DM'd terrible characters, by the gods if I had a penny each time (I'd have a jam jar full by now). If he's having fun, fine. If he's ruining it for other people there's a problem.
But you've mentioned nothing of other players other than one being a little uncooperative. Ether boot him, put up with him (or because you are coming off really poorly, let HIM DM).
The vast majority of nonsense in a group I've seen is the DM getting pissy. The rest is one or two select players going off the deep end.
Go buy the DMG for any D&D edition and read it. If you have no intention of playing D&D buy it and skip the rules sections and read the parts about DMing. Go read any of the large number of "NEW DM HALP" threads here. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+be+a+good+dm . Don't just keep going "It's the players fault I'm not having fun" or "It's X's fault that things are going wrong". Fix it. Talk to them. You're a full grown adult, deal with it as such.
You'll get no sympathy from /tg/. We've all been through some interesting/terrible situations and you can bet your left bollock most of us have handled things worse at some point. But we don't go telling the internet that our imaginative discourses didn't go to OUR plans. We learn from it. And so should you.

>> No.20345965

This is funny. There's a thread somewhere around here that's the polar opposite, basically a bunch of DM screaming about their right to be passive aggressive bitches because telling someone something to their face is scary.

The player/DM divide is wider than ever these days it seems.

>> No.20345973

I don't see what the big deal is, I don't want him to play as a Daxamite, or Kryptonian and think that by him skirting the rules and making this sue is a bad idea.

There are no remaining Kryptonians in my game outside of the Supes family and no Daxamite would have a spaceship. I am not trolling and I am astonished at how bad you guys are at character creating /tg/. This is a blatant sue and yet you do nothing!

>> No.20346001


You sound just like you did the last thread. We didn't get dumb enough to agree with you since the last time; let that fantasy go right now. If you want to a passive-aggressive little bitch then go ahead, but don't expect us to play ball.

>> No.20346019

Either English isn't his first language, or this has been a troll thread this entire time.

I'm out, gentlemen

>> No.20346068

>Blatant sue
>Whines that /tg/ does nothing.
Stop. Just.
You know what, you're beyond help. Cease DMing with haste. You aren't built for it.
If on the all too likely chance you disregard my advice I'll leave you with one last snippit of help I've observed.
Are the players having fun?
If No it's time to change something. If yes, who cares?

>> No.20346079

Please stop trolling /tg/.

>> No.20346088

You're adorable. You really are.

I wish I could like just bottle you up and throw you at gaming groups I don't like as if you were some sort of molotov cocktail of obnoxiousness.

>> No.20346090

I am not a troll, why do people constantly call me that whenever I have a real issue with people making terrible characters. The Agasha Shugenja was a bad and over powered guy.

My friend game is full of overpowered guys and ripoffs.

This guy is making a mary sue, related to two existing heros (Mon-El and Guardian), is part of the Kent-Supes family, has been able to talk to Superman and Superboy, mom is a policewoman and has trained him in some combat manuvers, pals with SB; all he needs is to be asian and we have a full blown sue on our hands.

The other's listened to my advise when making characters but this guy didn't and continues to make Superman rip offs. Bending canon to make it seem believable is a bad idea.

>> No.20346133


Holy SHIT I just figured out who you remind me of!

There was some piece of shit I saw in a thread once that was whining about how a PC was a Native American speedster was gifted his powers by the Coyote after he outran a sandstorm and he bitched up a storm about how it was too much like the other DC speedsters even though it totally fucking isn't! Was that you!? Come clean, bro!

>> No.20346135


OP, I understand your plight. I truly do. I am with you.

There's only one solution, but it's a good one. You need to find a new hobby. Your friends are all wrong, and there's nothing you can do to stop them, unfortunately. The worst thing you could possibly do to them is to leave them all to suffer playing incorrectly together while you go off to do something by yourself.

Have you considered writing stories instead?

>> No.20346142


Sentences 4 and 5.

Then piss off. Leave this place. Do not return until you learn how to handle basic shit.
No more needs to be said.

>> No.20346157

Yeah, this is why I started my own group. to get away from rip offs like that and his Powergirl rip off.
but clearly I can't with people like this in the world. Mon-EL has no kids.

>> No.20346177


I can spot a faggot from a mile away even behind the impenetrable veil of Anon!

This is my superpower!

>> No.20346194

A challenge for you, OP:

Make a superhero concept for us. Right here.

We'll let you know if it's too similar to an already-existing comic-book character.

>> No.20346210

Yeah, now you're coming off as racist. Just accept that you goofed, dude.

>> No.20346213

Always use it for good, gentle anon, never evil.

>> No.20346232

that's a really circumstantial superpower

>fucking Gambit ripoff

>> No.20346283

Remember, Anon.....With great power comes great responsiblity.

>> No.20346287

Jimmy Olsen's kid who grew up on stories of Superman and how he and his dad are tight, constantly upstaged by the man of steel he takes to the streets with the intent of becoming a hero and finally gaining his dad's love-respect or whatever. has some odd tech his dad got from superman back in the day and stuff he salvaged from the battls he's fought.

Not mine but another player joining in my game. I turned him down.

>> No.20346300

How on earth am I being racist?

>> No.20346321

There wasn't even anything remotely objectionable in there. You're just trolling now

>> No.20346343

Yeah, not a total Robin rip off with tons of gadgets and tech out the ass. Open up your mind Anon, plus again, related to someone actually in the comics. Not as bad as Mon-El's kid but close.

>> No.20346346

Olsen's badass normal human with gadgets kid? That's fucking awesome. Using that next time I play M&M!

>> No.20346358

Could I get your email? There's a dude joining my group I'm not sure about and I was wondering if maybe you could vet him.

>> No.20346360

I remember you. You've shat up M&M threads with your 'HURRR, THOSE CHARACTERS ARE NOT ORIGINAL ENOUGH' bullshit before. You're not welcome here. Get a different hobby, and never return to /tg/ again.

>> No.20346374

I see what you see, >>20346177

>> No.20346435

>all he needs is to be asian and we have a full blown sue on our hands.
Solid, consistent performance OP.

>> No.20346436


Sorry, buddy. Superman might save your ass for free but I certainly won't.

I just sent in my resume to Heroes For Hire.

>> No.20346466

You could've had a good thread, OP. But you had to go and be a massive faggot. In hopes of actually making this thread enjoyable, let us all turn our eyes to
>Teenage Hercules babysitting various young deities
I have idea for how the campaign might work. Hercu-Teen is 2 PL higher than all the other players, but he's just Hercules as a teenager, meaning that the more fantastic abilities possessed by the young deities he babysits (ie the other players) makes them all equally valuable to the team.

>> No.20346468

Congrats. you'd just be playing Metropolis' Robin. Real Original there. And besides, in those silly Olsen comics he never got to keep any of the stuff Supes gave him. And he wouldn't be allowed to keep vilians disgarded tech or anything like that. Olsen is just a nerd.

>> No.20346469

You son of a bitch. How could you get a power like that and not share it freely with the world?

>> No.20346494

Please, fuck off, you incompetent sperglord. No one here is on your side.

>> No.20346507

OP could I play American Eagle in your DC game. Like the literal American Eagle, but the one from the Marvel U.

>> No.20346536

Here, let me tell you what OP's answer is going to look like:

>> No.20346539

You're like Pete Rose.

>> No.20346556

Hey, I am just trying to help people make better and original characters. Mon-El's kid isn't original, neither is Olsen's Robin rip off son.

I'm being nice and helpful like Mr. Rage and unlike all of you

>> No.20346585

Except you're not helping anyone make better characters, in fact you're shooting down perfectly good characters because you're a faggot. And if you haven't realized by now that there's no such thing as an 'original' character.....well, I don't think there's too much hope for you. Go find a new hobby.

>> No.20346590

Please see: >>20346507

>> No.20346600

You know how you were kicked out of your last group? Yeah, same thing happening here. Get out.

>> No.20346624

Being asian for no good reason is the last thing on the sue list; like those weebos who insist that they're 14th japanese or whatever. Luckily neither Mon-El or Guardian is asian.

>> No.20346667

>Luckily neither Mon-El or Guardian is asian.
Mon-El was asian, then any descendant of him couldn't possibly be 'asian for no good reason', now could they, you retard?

>> No.20346693

I'm still waiting for OP to post his totally original idea for a superhero.

>> No.20346741

Funny, it never happened. Neither did he ever fulfill my request in
Furthermore, everything about his posting style screams '12 year old'. What an odd series of coincidences.

>> No.20346777

He's from a totaly different planet; Daxam. he can't possibly be asian

>> No.20346789

>so full of autism, that he misses the fucking point, which was highlighting how fucking stupid he sounds

>> No.20346880

Fine then, go ahead and post a thread on /co/ about these two fags; Mon-El's kid and Jimmy Olsens Robin ripoff son with neglected daddy issues and Superman hate.

Any true fan would agree with me that these are terrible ideas and sues of the highest degree.

>> No.20346892

I won't. But you might. And you won't get the result you expected.

>> No.20346906

OK i know the first is from Mystery Men and the second was one of the guys in Section 8. Where are Glass Jaw Joe and Kid Thor from?

>> No.20346953

I don't have to, I know I am right. You are just retarded people who don't know shit about comics.

>> No.20346957

Glass (Jaw) Joe is from Punch-Out!!.

>> No.20346959


>> No.20346968

>IF Mon-El was asian
God fucking damnit, fucking 12 year old pissing me off so much I make errors.

>> No.20346977

>I don't have to, I know I am right.

>> No.20347025

Even if none of us had ever picked up a comic book in our lives, it is clear that we all know more about how to be a good GM than you. But whatever, keep telling yourself that you're right in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Just don't come crying back to /tg/ when your group ditches you like a used condom.

>> No.20347042


>> No.20347056


> Daxamite
> Has to be related to Mon-El

Didn't Sodam Yat have a bullshit story that got him off Daxam?

>> No.20347088

>GL ring
But I don't think he's been to earth other than the fight against Superboy-Prime.
That's when he got lead poisoned and needed to accept Ion into his soul. And honestly, Sodam Yat kids would be even more sue.

>> No.20347095

Complaining about silly ideas in a superhero game seems to be like pissing into an ocean of piss.

>> No.20347101

Do your parents know you're using the internet right now? Because this isn't a kid-friendly website.

>> No.20347103

Did the "don't copy previously-existing superheroes" faggot show up again?

>> No.20347108

I make it a point to play weird characters in superhero games.

>> No.20347117

Yeah, he's back, in full spergmode.

>> No.20347130

Fuck, he always does this. Why can't we just ignore him?

>> No.20347149

I don't know, but I find it comforting to know that there are autistic fucks out there way worse than I will ever be.

>> No.20347153


> GL Ring

That's the one. A xenophobic society that has no way of stopping those things. Because they're tiny. Makes me chuckle.

Kids of canon characters are never particularly fun to play anyway, don't endorse that. It's like playing a Dresden Files game as Harry's son.

I just have the replace a canon character or much better do what DC/Marvel do and just introduce them bold as brass. LOL I escaped.

>> No.20347166

But with actual points and problems this time.

>> No.20347175

No, he doesn't, he never has any points, and the only problems he has are his own.

>> No.20347184

Problems? Yes.

>> No.20347291

Today we learned what makes an original character.
- That Daxamites would be the worst superheros ever because everything today is made of lead.
- That my plan to kill him is very possible and that there is no way for him to survive the poisoning.
- Bending cannon to make your character is wrong, case in point making Mon-El's kid is a bad idea. Just because he had one that was never introduced or whatever does not give you the right to pass it off as you OC.
- Neither is ripping of Robin a good idea

And that people on /tg/ don't make good descisions

>> No.20347316

Also that you are a huge faggot for bitching about knock-offs.

>> No.20347352

Damn, you got that sperglord right down to a T. If Lord Lysander hadn't already taken the title, I'd have to dub him the Chris Chandler of /tg/

>> No.20347369

Still don't see why people have such a hard time seeing that I am correct. /co/ agrees with me.

>> No.20347389

/co/ can't agree on the time of day, much less anything else.

>> No.20347419


> Bending cannon to make your character is wrong

Fuck you, my supoer strong spanish pirate will cement his rep however he wants

>> No.20347437

It's just a game, you really should calm down and just enjoy the ride.

>> No.20347438

But that doesn't change the fact that I am right and that these two character ideas are terrible and shit.

>> No.20347443

>check /co/
>nope, he never made a thread
Are you so insecure about yourself that you have to lie to other people on the internet just to make yourself feel cool?

>> No.20347456

Nothing can change wrongness of your magnitude. Now shoo, grown-ups are talking here.

>> No.20347459

You're terrible and shit.

>> No.20347460

But they're not that bad. Relax. You should give them a chance before summarily executing them.

>> No.20347486


>> No.20347508

As I said, I don't have to. I know I am right. I've seen plenty of /co/ terrible character threads to know that these are shit. So yeah, nice try.

They're bad and you are terrible players for thinking otherwise. And here I hoped you had better taste /tg/.

>> No.20347526

>confusing the characters described for the RAINBOWSPARKLEDOGS seen in /co/ rage threads.
You know nothing of bad characters. And you're a fucking liar.

>> No.20347538

Cannons shoot things, Canon is the accepted truth within the confines of a fiction. I agree with your assessment, but correct your word usage.

>> No.20347541

Sure, that's one way of looking at it. On the other hand, you could realize you're being a raging faggot about this and that if everyone on /tg/ disagrees with you, they're probably not the ones in the wrong, you are. So how about unscrewing your head from your ass and acknowledging that you have now fucked up.

>> No.20347542

Yes, actually, you do. Fact checking requires actual checking, rather than just declaring yourself god-king of the universe. You don't see many bad character threads, because it's very difficult to convince /co/ that there is such a thing as a bad character, it's very easy to convince them there are bad writers though.

>> No.20347586

They're stupid and bad characters. I can't believe people are defending them, you know next to nothing about them other then the bare facts I was given. How can you know they aren't stupid?

>> No.20347615

Again, you're stupid, and a faggot. Fuck off. Go throw your temper tantrum somewhere else.

>> No.20347619

>vague, unconcfirmable, anecdotal evidence confirms my opinion as fact

If you're not a troll, as you claim, then i realise you're too deep into your delusion of personal adequacy to accept the much more apparent alternative, but could you at least pretend to have a leg to stand on? This is just lazy now.

>> No.20347650


Have you ever thought we just really like upsetting you ever since you threw the toys out of the pram for receiving no butt pats?

>> No.20347652

>you know nothing but what i have presented
>clearly my biased and unflattering portrayal has not been negative enough to capture them accurately
>therefore you are wrong and i am right

>> No.20347668

See, a month or so ago some dude whined here about his supposedly terrible mary sue PCs (Who may be the "terrible previous mary sue group you don't want this one to be like" in your ramblings contaiend in this thread), who were actually just simple superhero chars all related to someone from Marvel, or just possessing similar powers to existing superheroes. Upon closer inspection of said characters, /tg/ determined that there's absolutely nothing wrong with them, and in response OP sperg'd out, essentially arguing with all the fa/tg/uys (just like this time) that no, those are terribad mary sues, and he's gonna kill them or whatever, and in the end, got told in such volume that it went off the charts.

I am prettysure that was OP.
Are you, OP? Don't lie to us.

>> No.20347703

He's already copped to being the perpetrator of a similar spergfest over l5r, and at least one "ripoff" hero in an MnM game

>> No.20347713


>area of effect martial artist

Got you covered bro.

>> No.20347717


>> No.20347726


fuck wrong picture this is why i shouldn't drink before internetting

>> No.20347731

I still think it's silly for street level concepts.

>> No.20347742


It's cool, he can knuckle down to street level pretty easy

>> No.20347744

I have legitimet issues with people attempting to create over powered mary sues and I have posted all I know about them. Olsen's Robin and Mon-El's son are terrible character ideas.
They sucl

>> No.20347753

>Beginner Artist's Bane

>> No.20347758

We're not talking about that now, faggot. Have you or have you not had temper tantrums just like this before on /tg/?

>> No.20347762


They suck and are terrible because...? Come on, you need to toss out some reasons here.

Failing that, just do your little spergy dance for our amusement.

>> No.20347769

I don't know, I think it's pretty unfriendly to even an experienced artist.

Those are only LEGITIMATE in your own fucked-up head. Especially since the characters mentioned are neither overpowered, nor Mary Sues.

>> No.20347775

Hush you, he doesn't need to know we are treating him like a monkey in a cage. I just wish he knew another dance.

>> No.20347791

It's a joke at the expense of those who "can't draw hands."

On the flip side, drawing BAM is a great way to get practice drawing hands!

>> No.20347811

It's a Hekatonkheires or rather a variant of one anyway. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hekatonkheires

>> No.20347822


>> No.20347839

You are all wrong and incorrect I will prove it on the board that matters; /co/.
they will show you, these character ideas are terrible.

>> No.20347850

Yes, because their opinion is the end-all be-all.

>> No.20347867


>> No.20347910

/co/ here. OP is a fag, both of those character ideas kick so much ass.

>> No.20347915

He's too big of a pussy to actually do it.

>> No.20347921

>implying you know shit about characters

>> No.20347941

No I do plan on making a thread on /co/, just not today. I have places to be and things to do right now; like to prepare for work. I will post tomorrow and you will see how bad they are once I pump these bozos for more information on their mary sue rip offs.
You all sadden me.

>> No.20347942

Something wrong, OP?
I've been watching the front page of /co/. Haven't seen that thread you were going to make. What's the matter, too chicken?
>bawk bawk bawk
Man up already.

>> No.20347967

DO IT NOW, FAGGOT, before you lose your nerve. Unless of course, you never had any to begin with....

>> No.20348227

Stop. Just stop. Please. You are self-righteously posturing that you're somehow smarter and righter about the rules of a GAME OF PRETEND.

A GAME THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN FOR EVERYONE AT THE TABLE. If you don't want to allow a player to make a Daxamite, then either be an adult and fucking tell him to his face that you won't allow it, or just roll with it. Even better, point him in a direction that you might think he would have fun with, instead of passive-aggressively driving him away from the table.

Its a superhero game. There will be ripoff characters. It comes with the territory. Just like how fantasy games get chock-full of Monty Python references. So what if the characters are playing fast and loose with canon. Its not like your little game has any effect on actual DC Continuity.

If the player unbalances the game dramatically and hogs all the combat and non-combat stuff, THEN he's a problem and should be pulled aside and talked with. Until then, you're acting like Superboy Prime.

You know what, I hope your player makes a Czarnian for his next character.

>> No.20349486

1) Lead is not everywhere today. Perhaps 100 years ago. Possibly even as recently as 40 years ago. But basically since health awareness and people discovered that lead is poisonous to normal people it hasn't been used in much bar specialist applications (bullets, specific metal miniatures, radiation plating) it's been over taken by cheaper, safer alternatives.
Also. Conventional bullets are fucking copper coated you stupid tech illiterate shit. Pure lead rounds wear the barrel out quicker due to residue fired in to the barrel which can (after a few dozen rounds without cleaning) wear the rifling down by leaving globs of lead deposit and pushing them in to the the fucking barrel! It just creates a harder cleaning job! Jesus christ, how fucking dumb are you?!

2) Sure. You can kill his character via poisoning. You'll still be a fucking terrible DM.

3) Bending canon is one of the reasons you fucking PLAY an M&M game! It's no fun being out shone by DC's characters because you don't want to let anyone be richer than batman, smarter than robin or what ever!

4) Ripping off a character?! Alert the fucking media! Herpadyderpadydoooo!

5) Yes, mate, we're all wrong and you're all right.
Fuck damn I've not seen anyone this oblivious to the facts since my fucking dad!

Guys, we have a fucking critically retarded dip shit here. How the fuck does he even eat without stabbing himself?!

(Fuck damn, I so mad I cannot in to captcha!)

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