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Oy! Where da boys at?! Lets get this thread going. I missed some of the last thread, so if anyone can recap please do.
Also, here is a Scraplootas Clan Emblem I did. Needs some work and might paint.

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And a drawing of Sneekit.

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Obligatory funstikk comic. That emblem is beautiful OP. Great work.

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Dear gods man. That's amazing work as well.

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Thanks man! Really apprectiated. Sneekit took me a bit just to get the overall design decided....I fuckin wish I had resized those comics before I uploaded em. They are so huge....

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posted in a drawthread earlier for someone to draw Cammanda Pa'mmol, but he'd left by the time i made the request

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I may finally have a use for my Orks.

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Uh....who's dat?

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the last thread is here

also, someone on /co/ drew Blue last night with some of /tg/'s other characters, image got re-posted to /tg/

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A Grot Tank commander. There was some writefaggotry in the last thread.

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just some random grot tank model. a rather nice one too.

Tank Camanda Pa'mmol looks like this guy here

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Thanks mate, reading up on the Cammanda. I have rough sketches for Three Grot and Fittz and the Warboss. Commanda will be added if I get a good idea.

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that'd make my day. I'll make a more indepth story on him later. original was a touch rough

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so we gonna flesh out Dok Gitstitcha some more tonight?
Get him further away from being a mess of references to other mad scientists?


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Someone said they wanted to runn the Scraplootas for the Eye of /tg/ Campaign. How would you do that?

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Bucket of Grots
Bunch of Kommandoes
Fucking Chaos Titan

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I just about this guy from the last thread. Looks, fun to work on. Whats his main deal? He just likes to experiment for the hell of it? So like...really obscure, illogical surgery/experiments?

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and about a half dozen grot tank mobs.

What kind of scale are we talking?

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he mainly mucks about and tortures the demon core in various ways so far.
Also squig experiments.


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1500-2000 Pt games.
Anon already said about proxying a Chaos Titan for Boris for Apoc.

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So there's been an addition?
Good to know, I have been in the last few threads.

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Oh god, dat visual of experimenting on the core. Cool cool cool.

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>Reposting for lazy gits

Blue was making her way back to the Mek shop, with the arm load of scrap she'd bought off some boys with her eccess teef. She had some good bits from a hover tank she wanted to try to use in her Dro'n Shield to make it good for smakkin' gits. She reaches her personal corner and walks by Mr Squigg, who was lieing lazily on the floor. Dumping her load on her work table, she pulls out some schematics and pours over them.

"If I c'n hook the hover pad gubbins to the outer shell, and run it on low, it should make the shield a little stronga, and then rig a pressure trigga to blast in on hi when it use it to krump somethen'..."
She plucked the converted Tau drone from the wall, and pried the metal casing open, and began to work on the insides. As she continued to work, she started hearing a sound, subtle at first, but gradually growing louder. She didn't pay it any mind at first, but it was constant and growing steadily louder, distracting her from her project. What was it? Stomping? No, that wasn't it, it sounded like several feet hitting the ground in unison. What was the word? She curled her mouth thoughtfully. That was it! Marching.

A growl from her pet caught her attention, and she turned to look outside to the ship's hold. What greeted her sight was several Grots, marching in unison. They kept getting closer to her hub, then all at once came to a halt, turning about face in her direction.

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Blue was overcome with unease. Ten, fifteen, there must have been nearly thirty Grots at her doorstep. Normaly Grots didn't intimidate her at all, but with these numbers, they could probably krump a Nob without much difficulty.
She started to reach for her shoota on the wall, when a lone grot moved forward from the rest of the group. He was smartly dressed in a fitted uniform, complete with hat, and had a unchararisticly commanding pressence.

Blue tried to hide her fear as the gretchin walked inside.
"Whatcha want, ya git?" She spoke in a harsh tone, so he wouldn't get any ideas about who was boss.
"Call me Pa'mmol." the Grot answered. "I've come fa bussiness."
"Bus'ness?" she said, calming down a bit. "What kina' bus'ness?"

The Grot reached into his coat and produced a rolled paper.
"I want ya ta build this." he explained, handing it to her. She took it and unfurled it. On it was a somewhat crude, yet admitadly detailed blueprint for a small tank. She looked over it silently for over a minute. "Well?" Pa'mmol said expectantly.
"No sweat." Blue retorted. "I could build this in ma sleep." The design wasn't anything to complicated. Building it would take a little work, but it looked like fun.

"Glad to hear it." Pa'mmol said flatly. "'Cause I want twenty of them."

Blue jerked her head up. "Bwuwhahuh?!" she gargled in bewilderment. "Twenny'? Ar ya daft?! Do you have any idea how much scrap that'll take? Not to mention how much teef it cost!"

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I dakka'd.

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Found this on DA. Funny thing is the guy who did it basically used the same concept on a human girl a few drawings later.

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Boys don't get hurt as often in the Scraplootas on account of sneakiness and all that, so he experiments on grots, squigs, and the daemoncore out of boredom.

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Blue turned to him sloowly. "How soon do ya need em'?"

"Take your time." he assured. "I came to ya cause I heard you did propa quality. Don't want to muck that up. My boys will assist ya in getting together any scrap y'll need."

"How'd you get all this anyhows?" the blue grot said skeptically.

Pa'mmol adjusted his hat. "Through sacrifice, perseverance, an some right proppa motivation. We as a group have no interested in dieing meaningless deaths just cause we's grots. We came to the coclushan to form this here battalion, and pulling our resources, aim to make it a reality."
Blue couldn't help but be impressed. It was likely this grot was the reason the others could unite in such a way. She looked at the print again, then at the teef trunk. She gave an enthusiastic shrug.

"We best get started then." She said. "You lot! I'm gonna tell you what I need, and I wan ya to get it fast!"

Pa'mmol gave the slightest of smiles, then turned to his men.
"You 'erd 'er boys, look sharp!"

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Pa'mmol raised a hand and snapped his fingers. Two more grots walked in carrying a heavy metal case. They plopped it down on the floor, and one opened it. It was full to the brim with teef. The sheer volume mesmerized blue, there could be over a thousand teef in that case.
"Is this sufficient?" Pa'mmol said.

Blue turned to him sloowly. "How soon do ya need em'?"

"Take your time." he assured. "I came to ya cause I heard you did propa quality. Don't want to muck that up. My boys will assist ya in getting together any scrap y'll need."

"How'd you get all this anyhows?" the blue grot said skeptically.

Pa'mmol adjusted his hat. "Through sacrifice, perseverance, an some right proppa motivation. We as a group have no interested in dieing meaningless deaths just cause we's grots. We came to the conclushan to form this here battalion, and pulling our resources, aim to make it a reality."
Blue couldn't help but be impressed. It was likely this grot was the reason the others could unite in such a way. She looked at the print again, then at the teef trunk. She gave an enthusiastic shrug.

"We best get started then." She said. "You lot! I'm gonna tell you what I need, and I wan ya to get it fast!"

Pa'mmol gave the slightest of smiles, then turned to his men.
"You 'erd 'er boys, look sharp!"

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Do I have to do my copypasta here?

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Fire and debris rained down on all around them, as Pa'mmol moved his troops forward. The Killy' Fox came to a halt, as he surveyed the battle field with his eyescopes. A group of Chaos marines that had been ambushed by Kommandos in the distance, however they were regrouping as some armor support was moving in to join up with them.

He wasn't having any of that.
"All squads, fowad'!" he bellowed into his speaky box, as the five contingents of 4 tanks each surged forward, cutting down any stray marines they happened upon unchallenged.

"Second and third squads, circle round eastward, box them in! I dun wanna any of these gits coming out alive!"


Marco cursed as he fended of another Kommando with his power sword. Outmaneuvered, by orks! He had ordered his men to fall back, and they were fighting desperately to keep from getting surrounded. He saw in the distance a squadron of their tanks making their way to his position. His forces were breaking away from the mob and managed to find some cover. Soon they would make for their armor and counter attack these savages. He looked at the tanks hopefully, then watched as they all simultaneously erupted in to flames. His eyes widened as one flipped over.

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rolled 23 = 23

What do you mean 'here'?
You could post it to pastebin.com and post the link here or something.

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It has images with it. Not really orky though. But definitely Dr. Weird related.

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Over the horizon he saw them. Five, ten, a whole bloody battalion! They wheeled in from all sides, and he realized to his horror that all paths of escape were cut off. In the distance could just make out the tank commander's voice.
"ON MOI MARK." the one sitting in the black tank bellowed, hand raised

Marco sighed in defeat. "Outmaneuvered."

"FIRE!!" Pa'mmol roared, swinging his arm down as the battalion's guns flamed in unison. The whistling screeched in Marcos' ears.

"By Gretchin..." his last words not audible as steel rained down on their position, splattering his men and himself into a gory mess.

Tank Commanda Pa'mmol looked at their handiwork through his binoculars. Satisfied, he took out his speaky box.
"Keep movin, ya gits, we got more work to be doing!"

And so the Taink Battalion was formed, lead by a most brilliant Cammanda. By orc standards, at least.

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It's great to see that Gitstitcha caught on since his last thread. I've been thinking of doing some writefagging for him when I get the time. I have a few ideas, one of which is a secret and the other is a hilarious escapade where he successfully grafts the core to a squig/snotling which wakes up and runs off, causing mayhem.

>captcha: was orkiler
Yes, I imagine so.

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Writefaggotry links from previous threads that I never pastebin'd! Moe squigs and moper Farseers!

>> No.20337371

I don't think something that small could run off with a demoncore grafted to it.

We really need to find out how they demon cores actually work, then start mucking it all up.

>> No.20337398

The daemon core already has loads upon loads of squigs grafted to it, though. And it is attached to the titan in some manner, so it would be hard for anything to just run off with it.

>> No.20337414

I imagine the doktor would have removed it for 'improvements' but forgive me, just how large IS a daemoncore?

>> No.20337442

>I imagine the doktor would have removed it for 'improvements' but forgive me
Its what powers the titan. There's no way anyone would be allowed to remove it. Ever.

As for size, no fucking clue. I keep imagining half a daemon prince stuck in a tube or something Mother Brain style, but I have no idea how canon that is.

>> No.20337462

we have no idea, but it must be pretty big since there are dozen upon dozens of WAAAsquigs wielded to it and around it already.

>> No.20337496

And how large is a waaasquig? also I suppose the Demon Core was always in the titan? if not I could set this current piece I'm working on before it was fitted.

>> No.20337532

A waaasquig is a regular squig, it just glows green and apparently negates warp powers.

>> No.20337567

Oh ok, so about 2-4 feet or so tall. Personally I imagine it as a Jade/purple Dodecahedron with the twisted visage of a daemon swimming about in the centre. It also occasionally appears to have one more side than it should because of warp dickery.

>> No.20337793

Now I'm thinking this extra side is something like a floppy, renegade side that is tacked on to the dodecahedron sometimes. Like a loose cardboard box 'lid' in the wind.
And the squigs sometimes chomp on it and get carried away to the 21st side and back.

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Do the scraplootas have a more traditional rival ork clan that thinks that their way of fighting is not what gork (or possibly mork) intended? Because the should

>> No.20338014

they go through rivals like Rockeata goes through scrap metal.


someone should draw dakka bush Sneekit.

>> No.20338022

someone had some writefagtry of them fighting some clan called the rustboyz, who had a gargant, and didn't think their human based titan wan't up to snuff.

it was taken out cause people griped about boris loosing, although the scraplootas won in the end.

>> No.20338110

Boris didn't lose, he was broken and near destroyed.
The writer himself said he wrote it because "fuck the scraplootas" and he also retconned the ending.
No idea if it even counts.

>> No.20338113

I have arrived.
Glorious insignia

>> No.20338119

Nah, that wasnt legit.
He was just a bit buttmad, as some people were.
No need to bring the shenanigans up again.

>> No.20338132

It wasn't intended to count, and it wasn't "fuck the Scraplootas". I mean if you guys want a rival I can totally rewrite it so the Scraplootas win with a little less damage. I was actually going to offer some titan v. titan combat writefagging tonight (without revealing myself as the notorious Rustboy Author, though)

>> No.20338173

eh, i thought the Rustboyz leader was interesting. Having another Warboss/Captain to go 'I'll getch ya next time, Gadget!" would be entertaining

>> No.20338195

He wasn't buttmad, he was just bored and wanted to write some Boris snuff by his own admission.

I don't think they have official orkish rivals, though.

>> No.20338236

Go for it. It seems interesting, just Boris needs to survive well enough.
Ah, the bullshit of named character plot armor.~

>> No.20338244


Unless the author is Abnett. THEN NO ONE IS SAFE

>> No.20338277

>Ah, the bullshit of named character plot armor.~
Snekkit wuz heer.
I blew it all ta zog.

>> No.20338494

and then jumped it!

you still got nothing on killboy though
heh, good ol killboy

>> No.20338560


And that better be Talking Bout My Baby by Fatboy Slim on YT.

>> No.20338643

nah, just reading their wiki page out of curiosity. Also deleted for shit editing

>> No.20338721

And it's done. If anybody would prefer me posting it to the boards here, I'll gladly do it, but for now, it's on pastebin.


>> No.20338771


Demoncore short story done, not my best work but it was pretty entertaining to write.

>> No.20338794

not re-aligned from notepad properly, as I now realise.

Please brutally criticise me.

>> No.20338808

Don't read this, because I'm currently editing the second half to make it about 200% better, because I didn't proofread it before I decided it was ready to post.

>> No.20338842

Hmmm what if "Mad Dok" Gitsnatcha is actually just another Mekboy but pretends to be a painboy for the title of "Painboss" by default because he's the only painboy.

>> No.20338846

Like it.
If you want to show their capable of actually taking Boris on, but the scraplootas just got luck (as they always do):
Have the missle that hit the arm still do damage to it, just REDUCED thanks to the void shields.
Boris is still workinging, but proven not to be INVINCEBUL.

>> No.20338881

Well, Gitstitcha does work with surgical implants but his experiments (read as: grafting squigs to things that don't need squigs grafted to them) definitely mark him out as more of a painboy/mad dok.

>> No.20338898

Fixed up, guaranteed to be much better to read.

I think destroying the entire hellstorm cannon was enough damage to show they're an even match. Had Boris not samurai sliced a huge, explosive cannonball in half, the old version of the story would have happened, probably.

I feel pretty satisfied that a nice balance of plot armor and battle damage occurred for both sides (the Rustboyz obviously taking more since they're the antagonists here).

>> No.20338929


I fixed all the alignment errors, I hope.

>> No.20338999

>"Zog me" whispered Gitstitcha. On several twitching legs, the Demoncore struggled for balance as the volatile squigs worked off the sedatives.
Lost it, hahaha. Perfect!

>> No.20339020

How come Blue won't be my friend?

>> No.20339060

Go cry about it on your twitter ya lousy git!

>> No.20339085

so, in order to find a way to keep the walls from screaming from time to time, and the dakka from whispering from time to time, they started wielding WAAAsquigs directly onto the demon core instead of just all over its casing?

>> No.20339268

...Xeno has a twitter?

>> No.20339303

@LittlestPhaeron. Where have you been?

>> No.20339321

They would have given it more thought but when Gitstitcha heard he could fix something by grafting squigs to it, he immediately volunteered.

>> No.20339493

"Mr Borris?"


"Well, I just noticed that in foights ya always seem to take a lot a damage."


"An I was jus wonderan if your shield was working properly."


"Mr Boris?"


"*sigh* Yes, sir you have a shield."


>> No.20339510

And then she rigged the shield to turn on full power just long enough to cut a huge rocket in half, and slice a Gargant.

It alllll ties together

>> No.20339530

If anything needs fleshing out some, I'd be happy to contribute. I've been wanting to explore some of the other characters and write some dialogue.

>> No.20339542

Who is it who wants to run Scraplootas for the Eye of /tg/?
Colour me interested.

>> No.20339583

I'd say Threegrot could use some more fleshing out.

Other than being three weird grots standing on top of each others' shoulders, we really don't know much about him or how he interacts with the other Scraplootas.

We know they fight over who gets to be on top, but that's about it.

>> No.20339602

sounds more like he's ashamed of having a shield to me.

>> No.20339608

an interesting story was started in a previous thread here, but cutoff before the actual action

thread is here

>> No.20339623

>long overcoat
>secret identities
I feel a noir adventure coming on.

>> No.20339675

perhaps conflict with the infamous Hitgrot?

>> No.20339701

you guys think Blue is smart enough to see through Threegrot's disguise but just doesn't say anything since there'd be no point to it?

>> No.20339734

Learning the enemy. Smart git, you is. Due to Xeno popping up once a thread I actually bothered to read Tau Quest. Surprisingly bereft of all the diaper porn people claimed it had. Maybe that's in the sequels or the unarchived bits or something.

>> No.20339752

She seems to be more clever than the average ork, so possibly. She probably finds it funny or maybe even extorts him for teef on occasion.

>> No.20339758

Intriguing tale, frater.

>> No.20339761

It may feature a squig named Loraine, a couple grot bookies, and gratuitous use of the words "fingered" "whacked" and "mocksy"

>> No.20339791

Sweet fing.

>> No.20339793

Nah, that was just Technomancer producing some truly abhorrent drawfaggotry. Shas encouraged him for a while, before he got really gross, then became as repulsed as the rest of us when he descended into the depraved depths of simultaneous dismemberment and watersports.

He drew this pic of Weaver, for instance.

>> No.20339868

Whoa damn, that's nice. Too bad it inst worth the pricetag of scat and gore porn attached to it.

>> No.20339937


>> No.20339967

Gah, I meant to work on this earlier but oh well. I'll add on the second half of the story and touch it up later.

>> No.20340000


added Tank Cammanda's story to the wiki. I may or may not add a character profle as well

I might take a stab at finishing the story about the Governor hiring them.

By any chance do you have some Rustboyz models?

>> No.20340008

lol, what a coincidence

>> No.20340019

>I might take a stab at finishing the story about the Governor hiring them.
Uhhh, I hate to rain on your parade, but >>20339967
Sorry about that one.

>> No.20340214

And now to write the noiry love story of a renegade necron and his pet squig as he recounts his life working for the Ctan as he hunts down the wandering Farseer Jack.

>> No.20340267

>a ponyfag
>a person pretending to be a magical girl
>a Bioware fan
>a Notch apologist
Ugh. Just...ugh. Saging because I don't want to bump the thread with my offtopic gossiping.

>> No.20340441

>By any chance do you have some Rustboyz models?
This is sorta embarrassing, but the Rustboyz currently exist as a small AoBR force bulked up to ~1500 points with warbuggies and bikers.
Our titan battles (where he gets his 'slayer of a dozen titans' title) are modified Battletech battles using Epic minis, since we can't afford the nice, big titans.
Working on konverting up some 'real' Rustboyz and maybe scratchbuilding a gargant.

>please don't tell anybody I cheated on my armies story

>> No.20340519

na, its cool man, we understand. myself, I'm a poorfag that can't afford any models at all, despite my interest in the game.

If ya got any photo's, I'd like to see em, specifically the Warboss

>> No.20340787

So, who's gonna snag this up and build Boris?

>> No.20340795

doesn't the governor guy already know about the orks?

my brain is kinda tired right now, but something isn't clicking with what this is continuing from.
So this lady (was it a lady? I already can't remember if it was the guvnor or his secretary) contacts a space station (or something, I'm tired, I can't think good) to get help, the Scraplootas picked up some blood axes there that talk the captain-boss into taking a job from the humans and then they hail the governor guy when they show up and go into negotiations from there.

Fuck, I wish I was more awake to read right. Hopefully the thread will still be around after my brain gets some sleep.

>> No.20340962

This is a completely standalone story.

An administrator to a planatary governor who used to work for a Rogue Trader uses her contacts to hire aid for their planet, as its about to be attacked by Chaos. Scraplootas heed the call and this is them discussing the pay. Administrator is surprised by the oddity that is the Scraplootas, particularly Blue, but says, "fuck it, I'm not about to piss off a bunch of orks", agrees to their terms, and then gets drunk and passes out. The only mention of Blood Axes was in the description of Krumpus Bay, which is basically Tortuga is spehss and where the Administrator was born.

I should probably go back and clarify things, but that was just an idea I was kicking around for a bit that I didn't want to wait till next week to get out the door.

>> No.20341028

you see >>20340000 I might take a stab at finishing the story about the Governor hiring them.

made me think >>20339967 was a continuation of another piece of writefaggory that involved some kind of independent human empire being cut off from reinforcements due to a warp storm with chaos forces closing in on them.

I'm not sure where that particular story is right now, but I know I read it.

>> No.20341147

He just had the same idea as me, as the next few posts show. As for the other story, I've got no clue what you're talking about and don't remember such a story, sorry.

>> No.20343079

Live, thread! I am working on writefaggotry that will hopefully be done before I have to go to work!

>> No.20343477

You can't really control the people that follow your Twitter.

>> No.20343494

Deep in the bowels of an orkish kroozer, a Big Mek snoozed soundly in his bed whilst a frightened tau girl shivered on the grimy floor beneath him, the musty rags provided to her doing little for her comfort and she had been too disgusted by the odor and appearance of the food she had been provided to even touch it. Today was her first day working aboard the Loot Havva and it had been a terrible day for the child. She had been given various tasks throughout the day, mostly to make “more dakka” and she had failed at every single one. It wasn’t her fault though! How was she supposed to make sense of ork tech? Everything she cracked open was just a mess of wires attached to various components seemingly at random, rife with redundancies, tangles, and even switches that weren’t plugged into anything at all. On top of that, each gun and each vehicle was its very own labyrinth to decode! It wasn’t like that day when they had abducted her in the first place, where she was mostly running on instinct due to shock and primarily tasked with breaking down tau tech into its base components. No, this was a different challenge altogether. One she failed miserably.

>> No.20343496

She could feel the glare of the other Earth Caste orks all day for dragging them down and for not being “proppa orky”. Thankfully, their Fio’O had kept them in check and made sure none of them harmed her in his presence. That didn’t stop them from jostling, shoving, and kicking her whenever his back was turned, though. The tau chuckled bitterly at the cruel joke fate had dealt her, forever cursed to remain an outcast and the target of hatred no matter where in the galaxy she was. At least this time she had someone that at least halfway cared about her wellbeing. Thoughts of the big ork helped to stem her tears. It felt good to have someone care about her, even if it was just an ork that seemed to regard her as a pet or some sort of lucky charm as much as a person. Fio’O Zizzbitz did his best to watch over her and even tried to guide her when she was “muckin about”. He even gave her the rags she currently called a bed and the food she didn’t dare eat, dismissing her abysmal performance today with the reasoning of “You’z just used up all yer luck in dat scrap wiff da tau. You’z just needs ta recharge a bit, just like anything a proppa mekboy builds” and a pat of his massive hand on her head before he hit his bed and immediately began snoring.

>> No.20343499

The tau’s downtrodden reflection of her day was brought to an abrupt end when she heard something lightly scraping and scratching at the slab of metal that passed for a door to Zizzbitz’s room. Gripping her spanner, the tau braced herself. If it was one of the smaller ones coming to assault her again, then maybe she could bludgeon it to death quick enough and gain some small morsel of approval amongst the other orks, and if it was a bigger one, then maybe she could throw her spanner at Fio’O Zizzbitz and rouse him before she was mercilessly slaughtered, a possibility she was always painfully aware of in this place. After a few beats, nothing seemed to happen, causing the tau to lower her guard a tad and slink towards the door in curiosity. When she had crawled close enough to the door to touch it, she leaned in to peer under the crack in the door and bringing her face to face with the culprit of the noise. She jumped back and landed on her rump, letting out a small “eep!” in surprise. It was one of those strange creatures that had licked her back on the colony, two legs and a mouth with a single horn and a tail, except this one’s body was about the size of her fist and it didn’t glow. It made a few chuffing noises as it sniffed the air and rooted about for food. The tau retrieved the bowl of mash that had been given to her and offered a spoonful of the stuff to the little creature. It jumped back in surprise much as she had done earlier, sniffing the spoon with caution, causing the tau girl to giggle softly.

“Come on, little guy.” she whispered in encouragement as she gently shook the spoon tantalizingly, careful not to wake the sleeping Zizzbitz. The diminutive beast took a few hops forward before stopping to eye her with suspicion. “You have to be brave if you hope to make it in this nightmare.”

>> No.20343504

The animal suddenly jumped forward and stuck the entirety of the spoon’s contents into its maw, gnawing and suckling greedily. The tau rewarded its daring with another spoonful of muck. This continued until the creature summoned enough courage to jump onto the rim of the bowl in the child’s lap and eat directly from the source. Once it had its fill, it curled up next to the tau drifted off to sleep. For some reason, the creature made her feel at ease, curled up and content beside.

“We both have to be brave, don’t we? Like a Shas’O fighting for the Greater Good!” she mused to the dozing critter as she lifted the spoon out of the bowl of food, inspecting its contents. If her new friend could eat this stuff, then so could she! She had to be brave if she was going to live! The tau closed her eyes, wished that her nose was easier to plug, and shoved a spoonful of the vile sludge into her mouth. It tasted…not that bad, actually. It wasn’t great, but it was by no means the worst thing she had ever eaten. Then again, when one has been forced to eat dirt by the mouthful by bullies, one’s standards aren’t incredibly high. The small bite of food quickly reminded her gut of how little she had eaten since her ordeal and it growled angrily for more. Complying with her grumbling stomach, the tau quickly gulped down more and more of the food until she had emptied its contents. With a belly full of warm food and a brand new companion to see her through this ordeal, the child grabbed her friend and dragged her ragged blanket over the two of them as lie down. The beast let out a small huff in protest to being jostled, but quickly fell asleep, as did the tau to the rhythmic snores of her guardian.

“Oiy! Get up! It’s time to get ta work!”

>> No.20343507

The tau stretched and yawned It felt as though she was being roused awake again by Zizzbitz as soon as she had closed her eyes. But no matter! Today was going to be a good day! She felt confident and ready to take on any challenge that was thrown at her. Her animal companion awoke with her, scrambling up to take perch on the helmet that Zizzbitz had given her.

“Look like you got yerself a squig dere.” Zizzbitz noted before heading out the door to the mek shop.

A squig. So that’s what her brave little Shas’O is she noted to herself as she scratched its chin. Shas’O Squig. That mystery solved, the tau rushed off to meet the day.

“So ‘ow’s me favorite blue grot doin’? Didja finally get yer luck back?” Zizzbitz inquired a few hours later, spotting the tau hunched over a gun in concentration.

“I just can’t get it to work!” She cried out, the same frustration she felt yesterday welling up inside her alongside her tears. Zizzbitz sighed.

“Well dat’s you’z muckin’ about again. All you’z gotta do is quit muckin’ about and get ta work!”

>> No.20343512

“But how do I do that?! I’m trying my hardest!” the tau called after him, but it was too late. Zizzbitz had already wandered off again to go run some personal errand or another. She let out an exasperated sigh. If she couldn’t figure something out and soon, she wasn’t sure how long her position as the Fio’O’s favorite would protect. She wasn’t even sure how long she’d retain that position if she couldn’t pull off something like that modified chainsword again. She attempted to remember how she did it, but try as she might, she just couldn’t. She had been acting purely on instinct then, grabbing whatever pieces she could near her and cobbling together in a fashion that seemed to fit. Sure, she recognized a few of the pieces as components from various tau mechanisms due to her time training in the workshop to be initiated, but that was the extent of her knowledge. There was no way she possessed the knowledge to do what she had done then. Lost in thought, her gaze scoured the mek shop. It wasn’t anything like the workshops she had been brought to on the colony. There was no consulting of manuals and no orderly assembly lines. Instead, there was a bunch of Earth Caste orks wandering to and fro at their leisure, arguing over this or that, and welding and wiring things however they pleased. Maybe that was the trick. She was an Earth Caste, just like them, building was in her blood! She just needed to stop over thinking it, grab a handful of bits, and stop mucking about and get to work! She cleared her mind and looked down on the mess of parts in front her. Awash in a state of serenity, the child’s hands began to move on their own accord…

>> No.20343515

“See, I told ya you just needed ta recharge!” Zizzbitz exclaimed proudly, clapping the child on the back and sending her sprawling. When she had recovered from the tumble, she noticed with surprise he was inspecting the gun she had been working on. She could hardly recall starting it, much less finishing it. She remembered that she had wanted to incorporate the firing mechanism and gyroscopic stabilizers of a pulse rifle and then…nothing, just a blank. Zizzbitz took aim and fired the gun, leaving a fried stump where the head of an ork who had been particularly cruel to the tau whenever he thought Zizzbitz wasn’t looking.

“An’ don’t let me catch any of da rest of ya tryin’ ta rough up me Blue again, or else I’ll krump ya just the same!” Zizzbitz shouted to the mass in front of him before handing the gun back to the tau.

Beaming proudly, the tau scratched her squig on the head “I think we might make it out of this one just yet, Shas’O.”

>> No.20343524

And with that, I'm off to work! See you later party peoples.

>> No.20343551

Hello. I am the GM of the Eye of /tg/ campaign, and I want to make a heartfelt plea.
I really want to see the Scraplootas hit the table for the 13th, as they are the best new force to come out of /tg/ since the Emperor's Nightmares (another force i've invited to the party) and have vast amounts of fluff and drawfaggotry associated with them. I feel that they should be there, Boris proving his superiority over Chaos Titans on Cadia and elsewhere.
If anyone is brave (or foolish) enough to try this, it would be greatly appreciated.

>> No.20344705

I think she'd get better at building stuff as time goes on (with experience and watching Zizzbitz) to the point where she'd at least be able to remember how she did it.

>> No.20345390

True, but that was supposed to be her second/third day as a Scraploota wherein she's still learning how to be an ork.

It takes place pretty much directly after http://pastebin.com/PXGCHevy but before the epilogue. I just wanted to write something about Blue before she figured out she was Blue, back when she still thought she was some scared little tau git that actually found orks scary. That and I wanted to write how she found Mr. Squig and he was still small enough to ride on her helmet like pic related.

>> No.20345600

yeah, I caught on to where it takes place chronologically.

up until now I had been under the impression that Mr. Squig was the WAAAsquig attached to Fizzgutz's staff that licked Blue's face.

>> No.20345645

Nah, Mr. Squig is your average squig and always has been, he just somehow manages to pilot a drone. Or just rides it. I'm not sure even Blue knows which is which at this point.

>> No.20345673



>> No.20346881

So... no Blue/Xeno slashfic?

>> No.20346942

Get it time.

They'll deliver, If they know what's good for them.

>> No.20347170

I'm talking about this story

we've got a lot of uncollected stories.

>> No.20348414

this thread archived yet?

>> No.20348433

Ah, now I remember that story. Yeah, that guy hasn't returned.
Not that I know of.

>> No.20348538

has it done anything to merit being archived yet?

there's a lot of unfinished stories.

>> No.20348598

Is that a shaving razor tucked in her thong strap?

>> No.20348632

Could be. Or a handheld deffrolla. I think it was just the artist shoving random bits all over, kinda like >>20345390

>> No.20348647

Theres only two or three unfinished ones I can thing. On the flipside of that, we have a metric fuckton of complete writefaggotry.

>> No.20348724

more like we have a handful of sizably long stories and a number of smaller stories, both completed and uncompleted, which a number of are uncollected.

>> No.20348834

To whoever spent however long it took to rearrange the wiki, you are a fucking credit to team. Next mug of fungus beer is on me.

>> No.20350080

Derknitt and Dok Gitstitcha should fight over access to the demon core chamber.

>> No.20351021

Grot airforce: crazy y/n?

>> No.20351043

Don't grots already pilot some aircraft?
And let me ask a better question:
Scraplootas: crazy y/y?

>> No.20351114

So, carzy enough to work then? Now theconly question is what they would fly (and knowing them, crash). Gotta be something looted but from whom?

>> No.20351153

Zizzbitz built a jetpack, Blue could probably make grot sized jetpacks.

>> No.20351172

rolled 6 = 6

Lets let the dice decide:
1. 'umies
2. Beakies
3. pointy-hed pansyboyz
4. Emo-boyz
5. spikey pointy 'eads
6. greater gits
7. Emo-'umies
8. 'umie-grots
9. A bunch a gits (roll twice and combine)

>> No.20351173

LOOTAS? WIV NO BOSS? Seems loik I'm da man fer da job.

>> No.20351183

How droll.

>> No.20351200

>more looted tau tech
The dice. They know.

>> No.20351226

yep, makes it even easier for Blue to build flying devices for a green swarm of flying grots.

>> No.20351273

So what? Do they get a manta? Or Barracudas and tiger sharks?

>> No.20351306

No, wait I've got it. Grot piloted Remora's.

>> No.20351356


Gun Drone (Dakka Bot) Swarms. Possibly with added Grots and choppy bitz.

>> No.20352256

would it be possible to make enough flying drones that grots could hop from drone to drone all the way behind enemy lines?

>> No.20352268

We already have the squigkopta. I think instead we should just slap tau bits on existing ork vehicles.

>> No.20352361

the only thing that comes to mind is a truck going straight up, flipping upside down, and then going straight down into the ground crushing whoever was in it into a pulpy stain.

>> No.20352430

Why not make a drone launcher that fires them and the drone into da fite?

>> No.20352491

Why dont we put dakka in the drones, inside the bigger dakka cannon that we shoot out the dakka drones out of.
Then we fill the dakka with explodey dakka.

tl;dr Dakka inside Dakka Inside Dakka ontop of Boris, AKA Dakka.

>> No.20352505

Sounds about right. Or a warbike made out of welded together drones.

>> No.20352596

Wheels are round, drones are round and shooty.

Give a warbike drones for wheels so it has shooty wheels.

>> No.20352616

>warbike made from Tau drones
Make it look like Kaneda's bike and we're sold.

>> No.20352678

I meant hover warbikes but this is so much better on so many levels.

>> No.20353864

how will it fly? Spiraling out of control, shooting dakka in every direction, or only fire dakka in front and to the back of the direction it's moving?

>> No.20353950


Shit, we need more drawfags.

>> No.20354176

Better yet, remember that one Stormboy who's in a rivalry with another boy with motorcycle?
Make the motorcycle Akira-like, while the Stormboy should have a kind of cape.

>> No.20354253

>while the Stormboy should have a kind of cape
What is it with the Scraplootas and capes?

>> No.20354257

I must tell you a tale of epic failure, and it all took part in thirty seconds or so *RP wise*
I decided that I would play some Stalker Roleplay on Garry's mod, and there I stood.
Walter Schutz in his pride and joy, keeping the door closed and being pissed about the ones that didnt close it after they walked in and eventually end up breaking one guy's legs.

Then some people walked in and after a rapid discussion on them getting the fugg out, a firefight broke out and, it took. Four and a half hours.
And during this time it was just a massive shitstorm about who did what. Nine different people were spamming walls of text and then more people came and started shitting on the walls with more text.
It was a trainwreck of a magnitude capable of shattering The Eye of Terror.
It was almost as retarded as the time I was being stalked by two bandits who demanded money and ended up touching dicks for it, but ended up with two pairs of broken legs in the middle of a fruitpunch anomaly.

>> No.20354279

>how will it fly? Spiraling out of control
And now I'm having REDLINE gold nitro flashbacks.

>> No.20354301

Somewhere in the mix of the shitstorm there was also three or so, 500gr pipebombs going off in the middle of the room. No one took notice, and one guy -managed- *Fucking cocksucker* to walk off seven 7,62 bullets to the chest that I had dealt.

I could nearly feel the amount of rage from the other side of the map later on, and now i'm here looking for something soothing. And I found just the thing.

>> No.20354318

Are you sure you have the right thread for this?

>> No.20354421

I've been here for.. since yesterday.
I need to share this disaster with... these people that I have no idea and they have hardly any idea of what context it's in.

>> No.20356596

The lootaz need an epic and warhamma style open ended conclusion. somefin' about lootin a skeletal hulk of a battleship from an imperial oribal scrapyard what was sittin there cuz it was too deviated from da norm, gettin the engines fired up, and going off into the reaches for high adventure...and parts to make their new home...a home. eternal quest for moar skrap! and scrapz. datz a double eahn-tun-dru, for whats one word dat has two meanininz.

>> No.20357256

I love Orks but I hate the 40k rules.

Maybe I can get some people to play Gorkamorka or Epic ... or find another rules set that has good vehicle rules to mod for kitbashed Ork things.

>> No.20357775

I could see Threegrot doing something like that pic.

>> No.20357792

>> No.20357834


>> No.20358146

With >>20357256 in mind I don't suppose anyone knows any non-GW games that are vehicle focused and let you customise the shite outta stuff?

>> No.20358188

Whut der yooz mean oi aint orky nuff!

>> No.20358226

>> No.20358475

Re: Gun Drone wheels
If you have two drones facing opposite directions and something on the bike chasis behind the wheels that triggers their firing mechanisms (sparky gubbins) it'd be like the mechanism on world war 1 planes that stopped front mounted machine guns from destroying the propellers. The sparky bit could be what charges the pulse carbines, which fire automatically when they're facing foreward-ish, so basically a muzzle loaded energy weapon, which is also a wheel.

>> No.20358795

since these flying drones they're going to use as wheels are looted from more Taus, how about they're from another encounter with that Tau commander K'Lem's forces?

>> No.20358837

Isn't this what they are already? They've got a titan and a blue grot and now travel the galaxy fucking shit up. That's about as open ended as you get.

>> No.20359793

Yep his option is exactly the same as we already have. But with more dakka.

>> No.20362254

I think they'd need to weld more drones to a truck to get it off the ground.
Just replacing the wheels with them won't get them very far.

>> No.20362627

Better idea. Take three (or more) hammerheads. Now make one big hammerhead out of the peices. Now stick the main gun of a shadowsword on it. You now have the ultimate titan hunter.

>> No.20363649

All of this talk about hovertrukks only make me think one thing:

>Oi ya git, back up! We ain't got enough road ta manoovah dis trukk!
>Roads? Where we're goin' we don't need no zoggin' roads.

>> No.20364009

since when would an ork care about if there was enough road to do a maneuver in the first place?

They'd just wreck everything around them till things fit.

>> No.20365557

Hey cool. my picts were used more than once.

>> No.20366699

we still need to get the dok further away from cultural references.

Anyone think he'd always be trying to catch Mr. Squig and experiment on him?

>> No.20367812

Mr. Squig wouldn't matter to him because hes just a squig. The WAAsquigs, however, would be prime experimentin, putting him at odds with Fizzgutz and Derknitt, which is why he installed the squigleg escape maneuver in his head. Gitstitcha goes through bodies like Blue goes through gretchin.

>> No.20368134

the hell kind of ork is he then?

Whatever he wants to be based on the parts available to build a new body?

>> No.20368337

see >>20336778
Squig legs pop out of his neck whenever the body he is stitched to gets to damaged. Orks can survive head transplants, after all. We can always scrap that if its TOO silly.

>> No.20371408

no, I mean what kind of ork as in how big is he normally when he's not just a head.

>> No.20372132

Average painboy size, which is the size of an average ork if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.20372598

Someone needs to set that as the new icon for the Scraplootas 1d4chan page

>> No.20372793

I'd say Dok Gitstitcha varies in size. He's a proper Frankenstein's Ork, constantly add parts to himself and then starting over with the body of a hapless grot when he gets gibbed or one of his experiments goes wrong.

>> No.20372819 [DELETED] 

I dont know how...

>> No.20372838

I dont know how....


>> No.20372889

He should still have a head the size of an average ork, though. Whenever the Scraplootas work with a different tribe, said tribe will sometimes notice that a few of their orks go missing...

>> No.20372898

>go to 1d4chan
>log in
>under the search bar on the left side of the screen, Upload file
>do your thing with the new pic
>link pic using proper wiki code in scraplootas page (Just replace the current SL pic)

quit muckin abut!

>> No.20373023

Maybe later.

>> No.20374201


Buncha gits, muckin' about. Somebody did it already.

That said, what happened to those wonderful writefags we had a week ago? I think there were two that were especially productive.

>> No.20377595

I wonder if that's even possible, even with messed up and vague ork anatomy and all.

He'd have like 20 grot arms for legs one day or something.

>> No.20378216

I was working on something, but it sucked so I shelved it for a bit. Taking a short writefaggotry break for now.

I also think we should flesh out their sector a little bit more. We cant do huge in depth worldbuilding with planets since they don't really have a home planet, but I figured we could have a few noteworthy planets, space stations, etc. (Does 40K even have space stations?)

>> No.20378855

if they can have spaceships the size of planets, I'm sure they can have space stations.

>> No.20378991

I know they can, I just don't know if its a typical practice since, as you said, they can just make giant ships. No need to make a station if you can move the damn thing.

Maybe make it a derelict space hulk that has some manner of stable orbit.

>> No.20379133

well we do have one space station in the sector already

>>20339967 Thankfully for her, Takkov III was situated near Krumpus Bay, the legendary space station and meeting place of all sorts of dregs of the galaxy.

also a handful of habitable worlds
from memory at least one Tau colony world, one human empire world, and one world with Taus and humans fighting on it with chaos invading.

>> No.20379192

I actually wrote that segment and was wondering how 'canon' Krumpus Bay was

We also have a surviving ethereal, meaning we have some sort of centralized tau war effort, and various chaos warbands getting their shit slapped. Or just one REALLY unlucky warband.

>> No.20379388

One really unlucky warband is more funny.

>> No.20379466

everything is cannon until enough people say it's not.

I wonder if ethereal brain control powers would still work on Blue.
And we know there's a movement within the Tau forces to recover Blue, how much slack (read, is it really for the greater good to send armies at the Scraplootas to recover just one Tau?) they'll get for such operations is to be determined.

>> No.20379494

>Ah yes, this planet shall be claimed in the name of CHAOS! We may have lost our titan to filthy orks and those grots may have slaughtered Lord Murderkill with their METAL BAWKSES, but nothing can stop us today!
>M-my lord! News from the f-front line!
>What is it, pitiful wretch?!
>O-orks have joined the aid of the planetary guard, your grace!
>...what banner do they fly?
>A severed titan head, sire but why does it -
>Oh come ON! Really?! If you had something to do with this Tzeentch, I swear to Khorne...

>> No.20379551

Well, tau are all about image, so if for some reason or another they decided that returning a tau that had been so thoroughly corrupted by orks back towards the Greater Good would be the ultimate proof to how great the Greater Good was, they'd probably get quite a bit of leeway in regards to resources.

>> No.20379571

Actually, that Chaos Warband was wiped out, according to BJag lore at least. It's gotta be another warband probably related.
What would they be, Chaos undivided? I don't know much about the Chaos forces unfortunately.

>> No.20379581

theres some tg create chaos bands, i believe
maybe one of those?

>> No.20379602

>I don't know much about the Chaos forces unfortunately.
Neither do I, unfortunately. I have a basic handle on the gist of the four gods and Undivided, but not much beyond that.

And it could always be that while the warband got wiped out, these guys grabbed some other battered CSMs nearby and cobbled together another warband. Maybe the absolute mayhem of this sector is caused by SMs and CSMs alike having a really weak presence in the area. Basically, this sector is Warhammer 40Karribbean, with pirates and isolated, mostly independent, port planets every fucking where.

>> No.20379637

BTW, here's a pic of Tiji Sector. Where should Scraplootas generaly hang out?

>> No.20379664

could be the remnants of that warband or another that was allied with them.

Still waiting for Blue to have to deal with Cultist-chan, I know they'll eventually meet in one of the stories.

>> No.20379673

Well. In the way of Space Caribbean, we have this:
But no Chaos forces yet save "Chaos Corsair Barbarossa"
The Black Locks haven't had a thread since the beginning of this month. Should we pick up their slack?
...We need a writefag to get on this.

>> No.20379689

We also have BJags, which are in the same vein.

Chaos Conquistadors, maybe? Con-chaos-tadors, if you will.

>> No.20379835

There was something about Space Cortez (C'rtez I guess), but that was a part of a warp storm in the BJag backstory or something. But he was a daemon.
Why don't we figure this Chaos Warband out right now?
I feel like every so often, the Warp (with the influence of Tzeentch) spits out another bedraggled Chaos ship that wanders into Scraploota territory. They band up with the remnants of whatever Chaos Warband is still in the sector, run into the Scraplootas or BJags, get properly krumped and go lick their wounds, and the cycle repeats.
So they're Chaos Undivided. Can we get some good Chaos-y names?

>> No.20379982

Shit, I cant help you there. Chaos Warbands are all sorts of foreign to me.
Tormentors Undivided?
Ragged Legion?

>> No.20380009

Why not just like the name of the leader of this Warband and his second in command? Or other Chaos-y names.

>> No.20380013

It's probably somewhere in the middle, what with K'Lem's task force the only Tau presence actively looking to retrieve Blue.
Should they have Kroot mercs? Kinda thinking of a Kroot with No Name. Cowboy Kroots, anyone?

>> No.20380020

>Scraploota territory
Aren't they pretty much confined to Boris? I don't think they can possibly own much territory.

>> No.20380033

No that was before boris. In fact that was when they got boris.

>> No.20380044

Well, I assume they have some sort of stomping grounds because they ride the Loot Havva to where ever the Fanseer/other paying customers want them.
Either way, no matter what this Chaos Warband tries or does, it ends up meeting up with the Scraplootas. The times they aren't hiring out the Scraplootas for a bit of extra muscle themselves.

>> No.20380075

Well, when did they lose the majority of their boyz? Was it when they looted Boris, or have they always been small?

>> No.20380090

Was when we looted boris you git.

>> No.20380092

Maybe the name changes depending on which other remnants they picked up this time and theyre always arguing about it. Nurgle and Slaanesh? Pestulant Euphorics. Khorne and Tzeentch? Bloodied Colluders. And so on.
They apparently make deals with local governments where they get weapons and armor for NOT krumping everything in sight, so they have territory in this right. Also, they love to krump Chaos, so anytime these guys show up

>> No.20380127

We no longer even try to hire the Lootas. One of those Tzeentch bastards suggested to hire them and then later backstab them once. We lost three battle barges that day. Just as planned my ass.

It still doesn't stop the new Tzeentch wanderers from trying the same damn thing from time to time.

>> No.20380200 [DELETED] 

Hey guys, if this thread is still up in twelve hours/when I get up again, I'll have some writefaggotry for you folks. It'll center around our favorite two Tau. Though maybe I'll sneak some Chaos in too.

If not, I'll post it on Wednesday, when the new Scraplootas thread is created.

>> No.20380234

Hey guys, if this thread is still up in twelve hours/when I get up again, I'll have some writefaggotry for you folks. It'll center around our favorite two Tau (Blue being a Blue Ork and not Tau). Though maybe I'll sneak some Chaos in too.

If not, I'll post it on Wednesday, when the new Scraplootas thread is created.

>> No.20380293

Incidentally, I think I just found a general idea of how our Chaos Lord feels about the Scraplootas whilst stumbling through Youtube.

>> No.20380378


>> No.20380403

>ork disco

Lost it there.

>> No.20380407


>> No.20380479

We needz a collaboration of all da scribbly gits for sumfin good. Also has there been any more art of Dok Gitstitcha?

>> No.20380934

just those Dok Weird pics so far.

>> No.20382512

I havent had much time to draw. Do we even have a description of him much more than a head that pops off with legs or should I just do what zoggin ever?

>> No.20382540

just do what zoggin ever.

the only pics are >>20336605 and >>20336778 so far.

>> No.20382565

Okie dokie. Gonna start idea sketchin. Off I go then.

>> No.20382576

Not really. You could always just make him look like a typical mad dok but with extra stitching all over his body. Maybe give him a pair of tiny little grot arms on his chest.

>> No.20382581

Ew gross. Imma do it.

>> No.20385540

I'll bump for you.

>> No.20387548

Yeah quick clarification there
I am not "pretending to be a magical girl" I just used the first picture I came to that was worksafe that I liked enough to look at to more easily differentiate my posts from others that don't use an avatar

And I follow that twitter because I actually was around for tau quest and enjoyed it quite a lot so I follow it in the hopes that something might come from it

Now that that's said how did I miss a zoggin scraplootas thread?

>> No.20387591

you didn't miss the thread, it's still here.

>> No.20387682


Well, I'll start posting what I got then.

There were many forces that the Scraplootas fought against and sometimes for, but the one that they liked to stomp the most was the Dark Eldar. However, the Dark Eldar had cleared out of the sector, much to the rejoicing of a certain craftworld, and all of their stragglers had been krumped good. So the Scraplootas had to turn elsewhere. Their second favorite force to stop was Chaos. But this requires further explanation.
The sector that the Scraplootas haunted most of the time was relatively free of major installations of either Space Marines or their Ruinous counterpart. Sure, there were the Blood Jaguars, but they were just one faction of over a dozen that the Scraplootas dealt with regularly. Similarly, the forces of Chaos was only represented in one faction. A bedraggled Chaos Warband, flying under the Undivided banner.

>> No.20387689


There used to be a major Chaos installation in the sector, on a world now dead or dying, ruined by the fighting that had occured there. The final battle, in which the Blood Jaguars finally broke the Chaos legion and the Scraplootas made off with their Titan, did not occur without consequence. In an act of desperation, the Chaos Lord enlisted the aid of any Chaos forces in the Warp that could receive his psychic broadcast. Three warbands reponded, two warbands of World Eaters and one of Iron Warriors. Arriving too late, they touched down on the ruined fortress world and summarized the situation, promising to avenge their fallen brethern. They all assumed the Titan was either scrapped or easily recaptured from the Orks and the Blood Jaguars had taken heavy losses and their homeworld would be easily overrun. They were mistaken on both accounts. Soon three Warbands became two, then one. Every so often they were reinforced by another Warband. Word Bearers perhaps or Emperor's Children, would arrive in the sector, spat out of the Warp lost and confused. They would scoff at the woes of the bedraggled warband, reassure them that if they were doing it right, a bunch of green skins and loyalist scum were nothing against the might of Chaos. And so, underestimating their enemy completely, the Warbands would engage the Scraplootas as two and retreat as one. Another Warband would be spat of the warp, and the cycle would repeat. The Blood Jaguars were also a handful in their own way, but this isn't a Blood Jaguar story. This is a Scraplootas story. So it's time to quit muckin' around.

>> No.20387711


"Shas'El, we are being hailed by two stranded soldiers, they appear to be Chaos marines."
Shas'El K'Lem P'rer shook his head and clasped his hands behind his back, "Pay them no heed, Shas'Ui. Continue on."
He stood on the bridge of his Lar'shi'vre Class Cruiser with Shas'Vre Pan'zah by his side. This was a proper force this time, when they fought with the Scraplootas, the Orks would know the fury of the Tau and the might of the Greater Good.
His second in command coughed slightly, "Shas'El, we know the Scraplootas engaged with Chaos forces here. They may be able to help us track down the greenskins before they leave this world." Like the last five worlds that their Tio've had landed on. If there was one thing that could be said about the Scraplootas, it was that they were quick with whatever objectives they had.
"Hmm. You may be right Pan'zah, very well, we will acknowledge them. Shas'Ui, bring them up on the viewscreen."
The two marines were clearly of different factions, one with silver and black armor and the other covered in red.
"Hail, Tau warriors," the silver and black armored one said, "Do you mind if we hitched a ride?"
The Shas'El blinked, "What?"

>> No.20387723


"Well, I was talking with my compatriot here, and after some discussion, we came to the conclusion that you're probably here for those Orks we fought not a while ago. Mostly because, if you were after us, not only are you late to the party, you would have blasted us already!" The laughter from the Chaos Marine's vox was harsh and unpleasant. Also somewhat nervous. "You aren't actually after us, right?"
"Fortunately for you, it seems, we are indeed after the notorious Scraplootas," The Shas'El studied his fingertips briefly, "If you are willing to point us in the direction they went, we would be much obliged, otherwise, we will continue on our way."
"Yeah, that's the thing. We've got a good bet to where they went. You see, we were doing a raid on the local inhabitants, loyalists scum, you know how it is, and the Orks came out of nowhere and destroyed most of our raiding party and stole what vehicles they didn't destroy. So we're kinda stranded here. And it's a pretty good bet that they headed over to our main camp, to 'krump the rest of us' or what not, right?" The silver and black one nudged his companion, who jerked to attention.
"No, Gilnstrum, we're not raiding anymore."

>> No.20387816

Go full total recall.

A weird grot stitched into his chest with the legs either amputated or inside his body

>> No.20387830

Yeah but somehow I turned up 4 zoggin days late!
I haven't been asleep that whole time and only drunk for half of it due to birthday celebrations so I figured I would have noticed one up

>> No.20387881

>"No, Gilnstrum, we're not raiding anymore."

>> No.20387949

have you tried using the catalog and ctrl+f scraploota?
That always works for me.

>casual chaos marines that almost remind me of henchmen 21 and 24.
go on.

>> No.20388033


"Well, forgive me for trying to keep up appearances as a World Eater. We have a reputation you know."
"But they're just a bunch of Tau, we're not even going to be fighting them."
The Shas'El and Shas'Vre exchanged glances.
The Shas'El cleared his throat, "So where is this main camp of yours, Chaos Marine?"
"Well, we could give you directions, or you could let us aboard and we can personally direct you guys so you won't get lost!" The silver and black one gave a thumbs up that looked more violent that it was probably meant to be.
"I do not think we will miss a Titan."
"Well, yes, but, well..."
The red one, identified as Gilnstrum, spoke up "But if we're with you, our brothers will know that you are their allies, and not there to reinforce the Orks." He nodded.
"Most likely." The silver and black one said.
"It's very probable."
"I give it over 50/50."
"Somewhat likely, at least."
"At least they'll pause before they shoot at us."
"Definitely maybe."
The two Tau turned to each other and started a brief conference, with Pan'zah mostly nodding the whole time.
"Tell me, how far away is your encampment?"
"Not that far, maybe two hours travel by vehicle." Gilnstrum nodded helpfully at their ships.
"Very well, we will unload here." K'Lem P'rer nodded at his aide, "Prepare the artillery. I will personally aim the markerlight."

>> No.20388068

>"Well, forgive me for trying to keep up appearances as a World Eater. We have a reputation you know."
>"But they're just a bunch of Tau, we're not even going to be fighting them."
fafgiwrhgig World Eaters are lobotomized berserkers gnjrngkjrg

>> No.20388070

my god those two choas marines are awesome.

>> No.20388117

even the forces of chaos have been forced to make cutbacks in these hard times.

>> No.20388150

Yeah I haven't thought to check for it since normally I notice the threads so it didn't really occur to me

>> No.20388185

This is tiji sector and scraploota territory
Fluff gets raped brutally for our amusement here.

And the world eaters have shown to be more than just MURDER DEATH KILL! At times, like when they were stuck on the ice planet and wouldn't fight because the temperatures could even freeze them, so Kharn decided to burn down all their buildings so they had to take the enemy camp.

Swell guy that Kharn.

>> No.20388198


Pan'zah gave a quick salute as the Shas'El turned back to the viewscreen. "Understand this, Chaos warriors, we will honor your pleas for hospitality, but we will only transport you as far as our tanks go. If you want to reunite with your brethern, you will have to travel the remaining distance yourselves. I will not have my warriors suffer your potential treachery."
The two Chaos Marines turned to each other and shrugged.
"Yeah sounds about right."
"Traitor Legions, doing their traitor thing, being treacherous, it's a reasonable assumption."
"We don't blame you."

About an hour and a half later, Shas'El K'Lem P'rer signaled his force to stop. The bulk of the titan was formidable even at this distance. Its massive guns recoiled loudly, and its thunderous footsteps could be heard even at this distance. But even as some disquiet broke out from his warriors, the Shas'El was unintimidated. They were a distance away and basically camouflaged in the mess of shrubs and discarded barrels and boxes. They would strike the Titan before the Orks were even aware that they were there. Then the rest of the greenskins would be simple to mop up. Of course, they had to first locate that brainwashed Tau slave and confirm her safety.
"Soo..." The silver and black one spoke up. He and his companion had suffered through a bumpy ride on the back of a tank. "I guess this is where we get off?"

>> No.20388252

> World Eaters are lobotomized berserkers gnjrngkjrg
Thats the joke dot jay peg

>> No.20388254

anyone have a name for the chaos warband so far I got Looters Brigade or maybe the Remnants.

>> No.20388279

awesome story so far writefag I love those two chaos marines

>> No.20388370


K'Lem P'rer paid them no heed.
"Cool. We'll get going then, thanks for the ride." They got off and started jogging towards the Chaos encampment currently under siege.
"Shouldn't we be shouting? You know, 'Death to the false Emperor' or something?" Gilnstrum was always up for some shouting.
"Well, we have a ways to go, and we don't want to run out of breath. And it would be poor form to give away the location to those Tau chaps that just so kindly gave us a ride over so we have some chance of getting in with the action."
"I guess that's true."
Their voices trailed off into the distance.

The Shas'El wasn't seeing the Tau in his macrobinoculars. Strange, the Fio'La was usually darting around the feet of the Titan, amidst the rest of the shorter Orks, doing various repairs and sundry things for the maintenance of vehicles and whatnot. The shrubs and such moved slightly in the wind as K'Lem P'rer frowned. There were fewer proper Orks fighting than reconnaissance reported too.
And further more, he didn't feel any wind--
The Hammerhead that the Shas'El was stationed on tipped over with a dull thud. The anti-gravitic units had been removed and there were two Orks on each unit trying to figure out how to control them as they rose up into the air.

>> No.20388425

those greater gits parked in the wrong neighborhood.

>> No.20388429

They looted the wheels off it mid fight.
Dats proppa dat is

>> No.20388795


The air around the Tau burst with the sound of gunfire Kommandos that had been hiding in the shrubs and barrels and boxes revealed themselves and quickly overwhelmed the gathered tau gunships, jamming the doors to the Devilfish troop transports and disabling the Hammerheads that had no room to maneuver or fire safely.
Crawling out of his gunship, K'Lem P'rer took stock of the situation, only one Devilfish was able to deploy, and the Shas'La were not doing well. Orks were pulling metal and guns off his crippled Hammerheads. And then he got smacked on the back of his head.
"We were runnin' out of workin' anti-gravitic engines. Thanks, ya cowardly git."
In his quickly fading conscious, the Shas'El saw a pair of scruffed and dirty Tau feet move from behind him. He struggled to turn his head upwards. It was the Fio'La, nearly in reach. She was smiling, her face and spanner splashed with dark blue. Yes. She was accepting the Greater Good. She was not just removing his battle gear. K'Lem P'rer went unconscious with a smile on his face.

A little while later, two out of breath Chaos Space Marines stopped jogging right about around the outskirts of the Ork forces, hidden from view by a few well placed bushes and shrubs. These did not contain Orks. The Marines were experienced enough to check first.
"All right then, once we've caught our breaths, we'll charge in all yelling and screaming and scare those grotlings and gretchin into thinking we're not just two more Marines!"
"Yes! As soon as we catch our breaths." The silver and black one sat down and started fanning himself uselessly with a hand.

>> No.20388870


"Oh, come on, Rosncranz, that was just a short run. You can't possibly be all that tired."
"Unlike you, we Iron Warriors have more than just muscle and bones under our armor, we're iron within and iron without, y'know."
"I know for a fact that you've only had a few fingers and toes replaced."
"Still, we're better at short bursts of activity, and not long distance running. Give me a moment." As Rosncranz was getting up, a few disenshipped anti-gravitic units buzzed overhead, overloaded with metal and guns.
"What do you think that means?"
"I don't know. But it does look like the Orks are leaving now."
The Titan had actually turned and was now starting to walk away. A ragged cheer came from the battered bunker that was all that remained of the Chaos encampment.
"Do you think we've scared off the Orks with our approach as unexpected reinforcement?" Gilnstrum was absolutely giddy at the possibilty of being heroes for once.
"Somehow, I doubt that, Gilnstrum," Rosncranz said, "I have a feeling we'll be getting an earfull from the commander, though."

Shas'Vre Pan'zah sat in the Shas'El's personal Piranha Skimmer, his face squarely in his hands. The Fio'La hurried about rescuing the warriors trapped inside the Devilfish. The Shas'El was being treated for a nasty bump on the head. He was also wearing nothing but his underclothes again.

>> No.20388903

I honestly didn't catch it at first.

>> No.20389044


"You should have seen it, Shas'Vre, that Fio'La lead the Orks on a Kauyon, it was tactically brilliant."
"I'm sure Shas'El, but haven't we gone over what we're not supposed to stop anywhere with an excess of shrubs and boxes and barrels?"
"But there's no advantage to being out in the open. It's not like we could have predicted that the Orks would have hidden in ambush around us."
"...Of course not, Shas'El."
"Anyway, now we will be prepared for the next time we encounter these wily Scraplootas. Clearly that Fio'La is leading the Orks to victory and slowly changing their ways to the Greater Good!"
"Yes, Shas'El."
"Now all we have to do is get in contact with them and establish proper diplomatic connections so we can reintegrate her into the Tau'va."
Pan'zah looked at the majority of their fleet's Hammerheads and Devilfish, stripped of armor, armaments, and even engines. They were little more than metal boxes now, "Yes, Shas'El."
"This is going well, Shas'Vre. I can feel it in my bones. The glory of the Greater Good will prevail."
"...Of course, Shas'El." Pan'zah finished the ending of his report to the Shas'O in his head, "I believe he is completely and utterly unfit for command." It tied his report together nicely.

Somewhere not too far away, Snekkit, Rockeata, and Blue were taking turns retelling their escapade and mocking the Shas'El with his looted combat suit.
It was another brilliant ending to a day in the life of the Scraplootas.

>> No.20389271 [DELETED] 


And fixed for typos and spelling mistakes:

Sorry that the Scraplootas didn't end up playing a huge role in all of this, I have no confidence in my abilities to describe a battle.
I hope you liked the "those two guys" Chaos Space Marines that I came up with. Since the named characters in each other race besides the Scraplootas have always been leader and second in command, I thought I'd mix it up a little.

>> No.20389288

And fixed for typos and spelling mistakes:

Sorry that the Scraplootas didn't end up playing a huge role in all of this, I have no confidence in my abilities to describe a battle.
I hope you liked the "those two guys" Chaos Space Marines that I came up with. Since the named characters in each other factions besides the Scraplootas have always been leader and second in command, I thought I'd mix it up a little.

>> No.20389299

I liked it. I also think we need more stories to fill out the stage around the Scraplootas, so them not being the focal point of every story isn't a problem to me. And I very much liked the CSM lackeys.

>> No.20389582

just bring back those two marines during some writefaggotry and its all good.

>> No.20391081

Does anyone have any links to a speech or some such by a tau of any flavor so I can get a handle of their speech style?

>> No.20391204


I don't see why they don't just stand as equals and fight chaos together.

>> No.20391277

Movin' to university in a few days. I'll end up about a ten minute walk from a GW. Been thinkin' about startin' into 40k, and since the Scraplootas threads I've been thinkin' about a Scraploota army. I'm looking at Big Guns and Grots, maybe Killa Kans since they're grots too, and Kommandos. I'm thinking a 400 point list, combat patrol I believe the game mode was called.

Would I have a chance of winning maybe one in five games with them?

>> No.20391456

>Better destruction than bondage!
Hey man, I don't look down on your fetishes, you don't look down on mine.

>> No.20391555

Now quite what I was looking for, but good stuff. A long winded inspirational speech would be ideal for what I'm trying to do.
You can also put out warbikers and nobs and any other artistic licenses you want to take to make the army more viable. Scraplootas aren't JUST grots and kommandos, now, they're just our specialty. Besides, in a small patrol skirmish like that, they'd probably use more kommandos than grots. The grots are there to pad out their big fights.

>> No.20391650

there's other videos linked from that one that might be of more help then.

That was just the only one that I remembered off hand with a Tau talking in it.

>> No.20391764

Ill have to dig through dark crusade again. I can really only remember one tau extended speech from it. I appreciate the help, though.

>> No.20392319

Big mek Tinka Zizzbitz was in odd mood.

So as the ork walked along the gouged trail of Boris as the Titan-Ork slowly cut a path through the small human city, he was barely paying attentions to his surroundings. Choppy and shooty ideas floated through his mind, even as he passed a pile of smoking squig corpses. Charred earth and bits of glass crunched under his peg leg as he traced his way around a fallen support pillar. A human body squished when he stepped on it, and Zizzbitz absently muttered “’Scuse me” and kept walking. Truly, he was lost in thought.

This trance-like state ended when a distant explosion echoed through the ruined buildings, barley auditory over the cacophony of Boris’s slaughter. Zizzbitz’s head snapped around, looking towards the origin of the faint sound. Executing a neat turn on his peg leg, he began walking towards the source of the explosion, ignoring all else, not speaking to anyone.

>> No.20392328

“Hot damn, tinhead!” The blond ganger remarked, staring at the smoking remains of several orks and grots. “That thing is the most beautiful piece of jury-rigging I’ve ever seen!” The tech-priest beamed, or would have beamed if his face had been human enough to do so. “The Omnissiah granted me his blessing in order to assist in the defeat of that walking double-heresy machine!” The cyborg loudly proclaimed, “With his assistance, it was mere folly to fashion a grenade launcher from a lasgun and household appliances!”

“Shush, tinhead!” The redhead ganger hissed, racking the aforementioned weapon in her lap. “If the greenskins didn’t hear the explosion, they’ll hear /you/!” “Come on, honey, they’re probably all worried about that robot of theirs.” A man in a commissar outfit slid up next to the blond ganger. “Of course, they could always be hearing a different kind of battle, if you know what I mean…”

“Shut up, Max!” The blond and the redhead barked simultaneously. Then a large green hand suddenly picked up the grenade launcher out of the redhead’s hands.

>> No.20392335

“’Dis is some good dakka,” Tinka muttered, rolling the makeshift weapon in his hands. The design was muckin’ about a little, and it could always use more dakka, but that could be fixed… “TECH-HERETIC!” somebody suddenly screeched. Tinka dragged his eyes away from his new toy and saw a mek-humie being pinned to the floor by a girlie and a commissar-humie. He then looked down at the other girlie, who was looking up at him with a strange mix of fear and fascination. She ‘as a metal eye like me, Zizzbitz mused.

“Tell ya wot,” The mekboy announced. “Since I’m in a good mood, an’ you gits ‘ave given me some free dakka, I’ll let ya go.” The one-legged ork turned and exited the room, muffled curses and accusations of desecrating one of the Emperor’s sacred war-machines.

A grot spasmed wildly, then exploded. A cheer went up from the assembled group of orks, and Zizzbitz hoisted the now properly orky “Zizzbit’s Patented Elektrical Bomb Launcha” onto his shoulder. “’Dat Mek-humie made some good dakka,” he mused. “Maybe I should try to find ‘im again.”

>> No.20392355


>> No.20392654


I love you. Please make these two recurring characters.

>> No.20392853

Like every other Scraploota foe, they're just too incompetent to die.

>> No.20393155

I'll try to stick them in whenever I can. This is also so that the Chaos Warband can change leaders every so often, and get properly krumped. But those two guys always survive of course.

Glad to see we have Stoppard fans here, or fans of the Bard, at least.

>> No.20393859

I figure the actual leader would stay the same, too, seeing as he has a personal vendetta against the Lootas for stealing his titan, but it could just be that this sector is basically the Chaos Gods' garbage dump and they send all of their most useless servants through the warp storms here to die.

>> No.20394090

I think general consensus was that that Chaos Lord got his butt wiped off the map? That was more BJags territory than Scraplootas so I'm not sure.
Besides, we can't have all of the sector trying to take on the Scraplootas.

>> No.20394122

new leaders seem more likely, after all, the Blood Jaguars pretty much wiped them all out after their titan got looted, so having a constantly different leader with a few key personnel remaining the same would work better I think.

And every time the new leader ignores what the staff that have survived fighting the Scraplootas before have to say.
They'd place bets over how long the new guy would live before getting himself killed by underestimating the Scraplootas.

>> No.20394187

That actually works a hell of a lot better. Its gotten to the point where the veterans of the warband are the most unambitious CSMs ever because they know what happens to all the people in positions of power.

>> No.20394258

which further elaborates on Gilnstrum and Rosncranz's reluctance to engage the Scraplootas.

>> No.20396858

so with the Dark Eldar out of the sector, does that mean the Craftworld has less use for the Scraplootas and the farseer will start to be more heavily scrutinized for associating with them?

>> No.20397216

I don't think they're out of the sector, just reduced. Necron showed up at at least one point, too. Not to mention Chaos, IoM, and really anything else that they can hide behind the Scraplootas from.

>> No.20397236

I wrote a thing! It kinda sucks, but I was just monkeying about. Story takes place right after the fight arranged in http://pastebin.com/MahQvp19


“Look, all I’m saying is–”

“I know what you’re saying and I’m saying it’s absolutely idiotic.”

“I’m not saying it would happen, just that it could.”

“And I’m saying you’re full of grox shit. Orks? Absolutely, we literally just saw that. Eldar? Sure, I guess. I mean, they’d probably opt to manipulate instead, but maybe it could happen. Dark Eldar? Totally, it just wouldn’t look pretty. At all. Chaos? I don’t know, maybe? I doubt they’d go out of their way, but they’re not ones to turndown free cannon fodder. But Necrons? Really? That’s where I draw the damn line. There is and will never be such a thing as a Necron Tau. Their whole Em Oh is just ‘shoot it until it dies and then shoot it some more’ for Emp’s sake.”

“You don’t remember that time we got stuck in that necron tomb during that dig site job?”

“You two faced a necron tomb?!”

“Less faced and more ran the Warp away while everyone else died and then ran some more. Now shut up, Guardsmen, can’t you see I’m in the middle of a heated debate with my associate here? Anyways, I absolutely remember that nightmare. I also remember green glowing automated skeletons shooting people until they died and then shooting them some more.”

“But what about Mike, huh?”

“…which one? Mike or Fat Mike?”

“Fat Mike”

“…New Fat Mike or Old Fat Mike?”

“Uhh…Old Fat Mike. Definitely Old.”

“That’s right! It was Old Fat Mike that they turned into a necron! What’d the dataslate call it again? Pariahs?”

>> No.20397251

“Yes, now shut up, Guardsman. Anyways, all I’m saying is there could be a tau pariah out there.”

“Nope. Dataslate said it only works on humans for some reason. Something about genes? Fuck if I remember.”

“But what if someone rigged it to work on tau?”

“And who’d have the time, tech, and resources to accomplish such a pointless feat?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe undying robot skeletons.”

“And WHY would they do it, exactly?”

“Warp if I know, why did orks take one in?”

“That’s not the same at all! Orks do all sorts of nonsense. Necrons all follow some sort of set plan. Every single one of them we bumped into reacted the same damn way. Orks, not so much.”

“I’m just saying, maybe. You never know.”

“Tell you what, we run into a necronized tau, I pay for drinks that night. Deal?”


“Good. Now with that nonsense settled, let’s grab some of that fungus beer before these Scraplootas leg it. Haven’t had any of that stuff since our Krumpus Bay days.”

“You drink greenskin sludge?!”

“For the last time…wait, what is your name, anyways?”

“It’s…it’s Michael, ma’am.”

“Yeesh, really? Well good luck with that one, Mike.”

“Try painting yourself blue. It worked for ‘Da Blue Grot’ over there.”

“Wouldn’t hurt to hedge your bets with a little Gork and Mork worship on the side, either. If the Big E can’t help, maybe the Big Greens can.”

“Emperor preserve me…”

>> No.20400594

so I'm guessing they also heard a rumor about that Xeno while looking into rumors about the Scraplootas.

>> No.20401163

Now we need a chaos cultist tau.
And a nid tau.
And finally to round things out an eldar / dark eldar tau

>> No.20401894

Nah, it was just banter between friends. After seeing an orky tau, they were just dicking around discussing what other kind of tau there could be. The line was apparently drawn at Taucrons, which, in a twist of dramatic irony, is the only other tau crossover we have.
>dark eldar tau
Cultural exchange tau would not look pretty.

>> No.20402104

Well I thought more along the lines of blue where a random archon or other high enough ranked leader found them useful rather than cultural exchange.

>> No.20403235

Lets get a guardsman and an admech tau while we're at it. Shit, lets just get one for every race and every faction and start the crossrace blueberry fightan squad.

>> No.20403448


If you're going to be discussing cross-cultural Tau, you should probably do it in another thread. And don't force it either. It's gotta be cultivated naturally.

Hm... I might post more Rosncranz and Gilnstrum later tonight? But this thread's about to autosage. Maybe Wednesday then.

>> No.20403481

>If you're going to be discussing cross-cultural Tau, you should probably do it in another thread
Oh I agree. The only reason I brought it up was for the little dialogue in
as a little nod towards Xeno. I didn't expect to go all Tau power rangers on me over it.

>> No.20403489

>blueberry death match
I'm in
Although if it could be jelly wrestling or something else I think it would be better.

I could actually see a slightly heretical magos taking a tau as an assistant / test subject so that he could learn more about their technology.

>> No.20403509

I read a story where they did that.

Cutting to the chase, Tau Grotesques.

>> No.20403513

Ultramarines pick up a tau girl while fighting a tyranid invasion

Smurfs taking a blueberry under their wing

>> No.20403527

Me too, hence "cultural exchange tau", as cultural exchange is what the DEldar called it.

>> No.20403620

and somehow, right at hitting the bump limit, we've gone full circle back to what started all this in the first place.

Could these "blueberry wars" finally be happening? Hell if I know.

>more Rosncranz and Gilnstrum
looking forward to it next Scraploota thread on Wednesday.

>> No.20403682


You heard it first here folks, the Eye of /tg/ campaign will be fought entirely by repuroposed Tau.

>> No.20403817

But I don't want to go back. I wanna keep it orky.

>> No.20404925

are the Scraplootas even being represented in that? I know the supposed GM of that wanted them in on it.

I don't know shit about the eye of /tg/ thing though.

so do I.
Ork-ifying stuff is too much fun.

>> No.20405075

>are the Scraplootas even being represented in that?
I think we never figured out how an army of them would be run.

>> No.20405424

>repost from a previous thread

Warboss ('Urtylug)
Big Mek (Zizzbitz) with Blue as an Oiler Grot
(If you're using dual FOC) WierdBoy (ThreeGrot) leading a grot squad.

Grots, and only grots. Oh Gork and/or Mork so many grots. Fizzguts (and maybe Derknitt) as grotherders, the rest being gretchen bureaucrats / commissars.

Kommandos. Model Rockeata and Snekkitt in there somewhere. Derknitt too, if he's not with Fizzguts and the grots.
(Maybe) A small Nobz mob. ('Urtylug's Swashkrumpaz)

Fast Attack:
Small warbikers mob. (Boris' Rear Guard)
A couple of Deffkoptas (Boris' Air Support)
(Maybe) A Small Stormboyz mob
Alternatively: Grot Tanks (Pa'mmol's Eavy Metal Gitz)
Heavy Support:
None. Unless there's some Imperial Armour rules that could reasonably represent Boris.
Alternatively: Big Guns (for more grots)

The TL;DR version is: Main force of Grots and Kommandos, scattered support units.

Anyone else remember back when the Scraplootas were basically the Orky A-Team, just a bunch of grots and a handful of sneaky gits with a Titan that had to resort to Brutal Cunning instead of brute force to win battles?
Now they've got all sorts of support and crazy shit running around. I'm not complaining because it's lead to a lot of neat ideas, it's just that it seems the Scraplootas have lost some of their character in the process.

>> No.20405479

They still are an orky A-Team. The bikes and coptas have been there since the beginning, both only showing up alongside Boris. The only thing that got added was a small tank battalion and all it does is give the grotwave a little more oomph, possibly also deploying from within Boris. The main focus is still on sneakin about and using Boris, though. I dont really see anything that violates their character in there and really not much has been added that hasnt always been there.

>> No.20406093

>Big Guns (for more grots)
>and all it does is give the grotwave a little more oomph,

Has there ever been any mention of the grots using artillery pieces?
I could almost see them being used in ambush tactics. Set up and hide the guns in advance, wait until the rest of the grots lure / herd the enemy into the kill zone, and then unleash hell.
And with Pa'mmol's gitz, they even have vehicles to tow the guns into position.

>> No.20406176

>Has there ever been any mention of the grots using artillery pieces?
Not really, but its never been specified that the grots dont. They basically have so many grots that the grots do whatever they damn please. Having a fully functioning grot artillery division that the orks just don't really take issue with only furthers this part of the Scraplootas whole loadsa grots deal they have going on.

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