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Do you have yours with you, Guardsman?

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No, sir, commissar, sir, offworld literature bores the hell outta me, and offworld people make my trigger finger itch, sir, but if you and this mancooker want to stay friends, you just mark me down as all clear on that roster of yours and walk away.

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Cary on soldier.

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Sir mine is in my tent. I was informed by my sergeant that we were not permitted to carry ours in the field due to IntSec reasons.

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Yes, sir, Commissar! It's right h-


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I need to find a tech-priest sarge. I need to check compatibility of those Las-Packs. Especially since one was made sometime ago.

>> No.20336920

where the hell do I get me one of those?

>> No.20336959

Wait, its out already? I thought it wasn't going to be published till October.

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