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Hey gentlemen,

I want to talk to you about powered armor. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Have you designed your own set? Are any of your characters using/destroying some?

I, for one, consider it to be the less retarded sibling of the mecha genre. All of the possible awesome of mecha without even half as many steps needed to make it realistic.
Hell, we will be utilizing some of the necessary technology shortly. Pic related.

I love the whole concept and would be very interested in designing some kind of powered armor for a new character concept. Unfortunately, I suck at doing this kind of stuff, so whatever.

I like powered armor no matter the power level - From Samus's power suit, to Vanquish' ARS to modern DARPA stuff. It just needs to be actually utilized. It's boring to say "grants a strength bonus" or something. It's a lot more interesting if there's some kind of gimmick or just something more specific about it - Saying "the Iron Man armor flies" is one thing, saying "It uses blasts from its hands to stabilize flight, which can also be used as weaponry" is awesome. And even better if there's actually equipment for all kinds of situations, making the concept of powered armor a lot more sensible. (Though going overboard with the amount of features would be a mistake)

Anyway, I hope to have a nice chat, even though I should be sleeping right now.

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dumping images

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Here's my entire stance on mechs/power armor/tanks

It is dumb to say one is better then the other. They will be meant for different roles and have different abilities. It is also dumb to assume since we can't do it now we can never do it ever. Look at how far cell phones have come in 20 years.

Anyway Tanks will always be line breakers. There's no way you can get that much fire power that mobile and that armored besides a tank. The only things tanks really lose to are ambushes or air power

Mechs, depending on setting, run the gauntlet from light armored vehicle that is in a support position(realistic) or thinks that kill planets with lasers and fly forever (unrealistic). Honestly I think the best representation of mechs is heavy gear. They lose to tanks in a one on one fight but their maneuverability is where they excel. Also they are slightly cheaper

Power armor is a tough one. Really it allows a trooper to carry higher firepower and armor which turns them into a small walking tank for a fraction of the total cost. The problem is upkeep. We currently pay out the ass up keeping vehicle and adding personal vehicles for 1/10 troopers will be a fucking nightmare and a half. The best option would be a simple system that enhances strength with separate parts that can be swapped out if damaged. Think batman's leg brace thing in DKR.

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>sleek 40k
Vomit on the ceiling.

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Well that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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He has a point, people freak out when there's something sleek in 30k.

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Also 40k.

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I like it if it's streamlined. The problem I have with a lot of armours is they're so bulky I end up wondering how the guy inside can do anything except walk around like he just crapped his pants.

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You should watch Full Metal Panic.
It's an anime that basically says "ok, mechs don't make sense for variours reasons (like technical complexity), but what if, for some plot device related reason, they were feasible?". And then you see a lot about the protagonist being an experienced war veteran who really knows how to utilize these things. It's quite awesome.

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Without some sort of shielding system it would be completely useless

A single sniper, stray rocket, or even molotov could greatly wound or even kill the person inside, rendering the probably very expensive armor completely useless for at least the rest of the fight

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I personally like sleek and bulky designs alike. But then again, I don't have an eye for proportions.

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>The problem I have with a lot of armours is they're so bulky I end up wondering how the guy inside can do anything except walk around like he just crapped his pants.

They walk around like a refrigerator crapped its pants. But they do so quickly, because powered armor is powered.
Things in real life are often ugly and unappealing, until they become normal and glorified. Think of humvees. What ugly pieces of shit, but they've become iconic and ordinary.

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anyway, if power armor becomes more main stray it will start as a support role in squads. There will probably be one per squad and they will have heavy support weapons and shit tons of ammo. Now that recoil and weight aren't much of a problem anti material rifles are an awesome standard weapon for them, as are machine guns or anti tank weapons.

In cities I think power armors would shine the most. They will be able to enter buildings and just crush anything hiding within. Tanks still are vulnerable here while mechs would be in very much the same position.

In the open, tank reigns supreme

In forested area's I'd imagine either a mech or power armor, same for mountains.

Then again this is all just thinking out loud. The real problem is cost. The basic infantry is already rather expensive this day and age and adding power armor to it along with a more expensive gun and more ammo makes the loss hurt that much more. Mechs would be cheaper then tanks and probably be able to operate longer while tanks continue to be fucking money black holes.

None of this matters as a jet or helicopter blow all of them the fuck up in a perfect world

Also, mechs will NEVER be customization havens, same with PA. Almost all media depicts them as unique per person but you can NOT run an army like that, nor can you replace parts with ease. They will have different variants and a bit more modular then tanks but nothing extreme.

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>If it can be destroyed it is useless
Good point.

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To be fair regarding the customization thing, most media focus on an elite squad of commando equivalents who *might* be allowed such leeway.

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>bulletproof but able to fit inside buildings
is a great niche. MIlitaries would slurp up these products like a fujoshi eats rum raisin icecream.

Yes, there are countermeasures: antimaterial rifles, sustained bursts from machineguns, bombs and rockets. But for stomping guerrilla leftovers after the air force, artillery and armor destroy the conventional military, they can't be beat.

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I like integrated helmets on powered armor.

Sure on light armor a guy sticking his neck out with a kevlar on is fine, but if its something designed to survive, integrated helmet.

Finally I don't think there's any question that some level powered armor will become a practical. Its not a tank, its not an IVF, its an infantryman who is a little stronger, a little more protected and a little better armed.

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I'm not talking about weight so much as volume. When I look at powered armour, one of things I ask myself is 'could you perform everyday tasks while wearing that?'
If you just needed something to shoot at things and get shot at, you might as well send a remote-controlled robot to do the job.

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>yfw railgun technology is improving faster than mecha technology

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It's a low-poly, non-textured version. Chill.

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>'could you perform everyday tasks while wearing that?'
People aren't going to try to roll out of bed, brush their teeth, get the newspaper, and drink their coffee in powered armor, they're going to try to kill other people.
If it means they have to shuffle sideways like they're doing a goofy imitation of a crab, that's just the way it is.

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They aren't going to be spraying bullets 24/7. Wars are 99% walking/driving/hiding/searching/talking/waiting, 1% shooting; so if you need to to take off armor to eat/piss/stretch/do tribal diplomacy/talk with kids, you won't be wearing the armor when you actually need to fight.

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What if powered armor was just a little heavier and bulkier than the bulkiest classical or medieval armor? The material would have to somehow be tough enough to prevent penetration but still not increase the wearer's profile by too much.

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>no looting
what kind of war are you talking about?

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Murrican armed forces are technically not allowed to loot.

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I don't think anyone will be trying to wear it as day-to-day gear. Regular body armor will advance too, maybe with exoskeleton bits, but enclosed, powered armor won't be fit for normal use. You don't take pisses or talk with kids from inside a tank, either.

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I figure power armor would be used when they want to hit a base or kill some dudes and an airstrike is unfeasible.

I can't imagine that kind of situation though.

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The modern conventional one. There's not much to loot in Iraq or Afghanistan. Wars of annihilation are nuclear (or machetes for the 99% and rusty AK47s for the 1%, no power armor); conventional wars have their atrocities, but usually not from major powers.

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maybe when you want to prevent collateral damage, inside of buildings with civilians, or bunkers with hostages.

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Then you wouldn't be wearing power armor.

You would only wear power armor for when you will be spraying bullets. Power armor would probably be 100% purpose built for spraying bullets.

Tanks are pretty cramped and uncomfortable, that's why people get in and out of them.

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When you say 'power armor' you're kind of expecting collateral damage.

I mean, what's the point of a powered armor? The first I can think of is to put more armor on an infantryman while retaining his ability to carry it. And the second is to allow him more firepower (arguably not as important as the armor part). With powered armor, recoil wouldn't be as problematic.

Although, aiming probably would be.

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I can imagine two: capturing some very high-profile guy (like Saddam or Osama) or in places where there are no airstrikes allowed (SWAT teams in your own cities, or hostage rescue).

Infantry are important in wars, but it's mostly screening armor in cities, city-defense, or diplomatic/police/hit-squad work. In a conventional war, small arms kill maybe 5% of the casualties.

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The customization for Space Marines in WH40k actually seems kind of realistic.
The different versions of powered armor are made with ressource constraints in mind and often use parts from older systems. The helmets can be mostly interchanged, for example.

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Pic related?

But I think elite forces will become really interesting in the next half decade.
Though we don't even know our current technology level. Most military systems that we know of are multiple decades old. I wonder what kind of shit they could pull of currently.

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>The customization for Space Marines in WH40k actually seems kind of realistic.

They're battle monks from a feudal civilization. Of course they decorate.
Guy you were replying too was referring to possible real future use of powered armor.

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In a big war, you don't get out of your tank. If it's the Fulda Gap, it's because there's NBC outside and the tank keeps you safe with positive pressure. If it's the Thunder Run, it's because there's no time to get out, even to sleep.

Being able to get out of your gear presupposes that it's a small war with slow fighting and predetermined safe zones; only insurgencies fit that description in a post-1960s world.

Power armor would be great for hitting insurgents without losing people to lucky shots. But if it covers your face, it's bad for diplomacy and intel, which is 90% of fighting insurgents.

Besides which, modern insurgents are already very outgunned, so they use the biggest guns and mines, and shortest ambushes possible. Being small-arms proof isn't so useful there.

The stereotypical urban-police response team would probably have the budget. They only haul it out occasionally, so there aren't logistics problems.

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I personally prefer the mobility aspect.
Powered armor might allow for all kinds of crazy shit. Very high/long jumps, for example.

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I like powered armour.

I use them as a support element for my regular infantry, armed to the teeth with weapon systems and handy things. I do prefer the high speed kind to the slower more armoured kinds though.

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I guess it's easier to dehumanize a guy in a tin can. So sealed powered armor is likely more useful for special ops.

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Why do you need to jump?, ok, it looks cool, but is stupid from a realistic point of view

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Scaling buildings. Running away. Climbing quickly.

Imagine a system inspired by mountain goats, allowing you to jump up steep cliffs with computer-assisted powered armor.

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why not to make them able to fly for a few seconds?, imo looks cheaper than invest in a fucking huge legs that allows you to jump.

>> No.20335959

That's another way to do it. Though, depending on the system, it might have an obvious heat signature.
But generally, it doesn't matter how it's pulled off. I just like the superhuman mobility.
Running very fast is another possibility, though I'm not sure how that can be pulled off without damaging the wearer.

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>You would only wear power armor for when you will be spraying bullets. Power armor would probably be 100% purpose built for spraying bullets.
If you know there's someone waiting for you with a gun, why are you sending people out to meet him? Why not either send in a UGV or just drop a guided munition where you think he is?

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well thats because railgun technology is practical

For the most part mecha tech is not. You cant make legs go as fast as wheals. The signifigant amount of joints in legs and arms are inherent weak points, the exposed surface area will generaly be greater, requiring a greater mass of armor for the same protection. There are very very few places a large walker would be a good idea.

The are only teo good reasons I can think of for a large mech over a traditional vehicle is if you have a control system that goes strait to the brain, because the human brain is desighned to controll something shaped like a human. The second reason is psychological, make it look like a monster and scare shit.

I could see small scale, like power armor working, as you are basicly saving on cockpit space, but once you reach the size of a small tank, you are better of using a small tank.

Of course with how much unpioleted and remote controll is going, when you dont have to wory about sticking a person inside the power armor loses its advantage to a comprably weighted drone

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because there may be civilians? or maybe you don't want them dead?

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/k/ommando thinking here, one of the reasons why infantry don't bang-bang-bang kill other infantry like in video games is that humans are pretty reluctant to actually taking accurate shots on fellow humans. (Well, most) Power armor could very likely change this. Thats not a human face you're blowing away, just a lump of metal.
Just my thoughts.
Oh, and a setting that shows that humans are much better at killing inhuman things would be nice.

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> The second reason is psychological, make it look like a monster and scare shit.
There was a discussion about this when >>20335398 was revealed. A modified version of that thing would be perfect for patrolling factories due to the even ground and the fact that this thing can be really fucking intimidating, especially at night.

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Also, the power armor won't just be easier to shoot at due to faceless: it'll literally be easier to hit due to the necessarily increased target size.

>> No.20336057

In which case you need some way to point a gun at the target and tell him to put his hands up. Put a speaker on the UGV and you have that.

>> No.20336061


Do we have those yet? Viable UGVs, I mean.

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True that.
Also, for Mecha design, a joint that bends forward, like a human joint, would be best, because it would present a better angle of armor to oncoming fire.
My two cents.

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I wish I had a set of armor like pic related.
The hilarious things I would be able to do...

And now I want to play an RPG where this kind of armor fits into the setting. The capabilities are actually close to what a vampire could be doing in oWoD.
Hunter with Vanquish ARS armors - y/n?

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You can legally loot battlefield souvenir, but the list of things your allowed to is very small, and its a red tape nightmare to even think of bringing them back to the States.

I brought home a 105mm casing from a AC-130 Spectre, and the paperwork hoops I had to jump through was almost not worth it, and this was something my own allied force discarded, not a rusty AK I found wandering around.

>> No.20336094


But people (rightly, I believe) will always demand to at least some part of the human element on-scene to make those hard calls. Sure, you can make decisions based on info your UGVs, drones, and satellites will give you, but you'll have a hard time selling people that these kinds of things are trustworthy - especially the first time an entirely 'unmanned' mission goes dick up and gets a hostage killed.

Could a man on the ground have prevented that? Maybe, maybe not, but what matters is that PEOPLE think it would have.

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Well, there's tons of prototypes and I think I read about certain ones actually being used.
Some kind of bot that can be thrown through a window, essentially a mobile camera.

>> No.20336103


Aren't those radioactive? I hated having my nuts anywhere near spent shell casings.

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I'd prefer one of these.

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isn't that armor more like a new body? more or less like this?

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Not anymore than background levels.

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Well, yeah, that one is also awesome. But less awesomely ridiculous.

I'd get this if it was a non-symbiotic version.

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Like, about as much as is in the water?

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No, it's a suit of armor, as far as I'm aware.

The Crysis 2 Nanosuit does literally grow on and into you, though.

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Depends on the water, but yes. Depleted Uranium is just that: depleted, specifically of radiation.

>Iron Man
>Less ridiculous than any other suit
Unless that suit allows you to go toe to toe with gods and win, it is not more awesome than Iron Man's armor.

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I like PA. In fact, i like it a lot. Once I get more free time, I plan to either write from ground up or extensively mod TW rules to focus on different kinds of PA, from the heavy-armor things like Marauder suits, through mediums, down to nible, fast but lightly armed stuff, possibly with most of protection coming from shields rather than armor. Yes, yes, I know, it's awfully sci-fi and not hard sci fi, but I like the idea of modernize knights ripping unaged infantry to shreds and requiring eithet tanks or other PA to deal with. And no, a single PA won't stand up to tank in straight fight, but it'll still have fighting chance if it can circumvene the active defenses on the tank and is armed with heavy enough weapon. I just wonder if I should add rules for E/W or treat it as sort of to-fire mod...

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Which is why you have a human giving the final command to fire. We've been doing it for years with UAVs.

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Buy it.

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>Unless that suit allows you to go toe to toe with gods and win, it is not more awesome than Iron Man's armor.

The Vanquish armor gives you bullet time capabilities and moves like spinning so fast that you can drill through the armor plating of a heavily armed robot until you come out on the other side.
Not to mention running faster than a car and punching people with insanely fast punch combos.
It exists in a game from the makers of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. It would be weird if it wasn't crazy awesome.

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The crate of Bananas you see at a supermarket are more radioactive than a spent shell. Especially after its been washed, cleaned, and polished. Sulfur stinks.

Everything I've read into Power armor also notes that the US Army is seriously interested in it. I'd see Elemental-type armor highly useful against armored vehicles, maybe even tanks. But I'd see them possibly being splatted by a A-10 Warthog or a AH-64 Apache if caught in the open. Attack aircraft are scary, and no Anti-air defense can thoroughly scour the skies.

>> No.20336214


A guy with his finger on a button with a walkie-talkie three hundred miles away is a lot different from a guy who is actually there, on-scene, able to take into account everything that's happening

At least, that's what they'll say

>> No.20336215

Isn't the main problem with DU the fact that it causes pretty nasty heavy metal poisoning if it gets in the air? That's what I've heard at least.

>> No.20336218

These people should just build powered armor.

>> No.20336226

Sure, if you're on the receiving end, but I'm pretty sure that's the least of your worries.

>> No.20336229


They've been telling me horror stories for years about the Desert Storm vets that came back with the supercancer because of all the DU they left lying around, though

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Because knowing where some hostiles are, and killing them, are two very different things.

You can know that a company of enemy infantry is camped in and around a certain village. You can then hit that village with arty or airstrikes. That doesn't mean you've killed the infantry--they may be dispersed in the area around it, or in bunkers and dugouts, or they may have moved positions in the time since you got the intel. Or there may simply be more infantry close enough to re-occupy or attack the position after you've eliminated that first group.

That was the great problem with artillery in the First World War. Everyone knew where the enemy positions were; and their arty was generally good enough to hit those positions with effective accuracy. The generals kept believing that if they just barraged those fixed positions for long enough--a day, a week, a month--they'd annihilate all the enemy infantry and create an opening for an attacking force to break through. It never worked like that. Enough of the defenders would survive in their bunkers to set up machine-gun posts and pin down the attacking infantry; and reinforcements could move up to the bombarded lines faster than the attackers could carry through their assault.

Actually eliminating your target with airstrikes or artillery is a lot more difficult than people think. More difficult than the military thinks, usually. For every "and then we found him with a UAV and blew up his car with a missile, booyah," there are lots of incorrect targets blown up, mis-identified hostiles, or bombs that just plain don't finish the job.

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A suit that small and able to do such a thing...seems unprobable, like this guy said>>20336108 For that you'd need a "new body"

>> No.20336249

That's the point.
It's supposed to be insane.

>> No.20336254

Not to mention how nauseating performing those moves would be.

>> No.20336264

I call it the Hurlicopter.

>> No.20336275

It increases your reaction time.
It wouldn't be surprising if there was a defense against this kind of issue.

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DU isn't dangerously radioactive, but it's still toxic as shit. Like lead, it's not much of a problem in solid form, but if you create a bunch of metallic dust (like, say, a kinetic-energy penetrator smashing into an armored vehicle at supersonic speeds and vaporizing a fraction of itself in a molten fireball) and people inhale it, they're gonna get sick.

Gulf War Syndrome is still probably a myth, though.

>> No.20336288

Sure, by replacing your inner ear with a gyroscope.

>> No.20336305

Some people will complain when that happens, but a lot more people will complain a lot louder when one of their boys gets his legs blown off doing a job he could have done from fifty miles away. You have to keep things in perspective.

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>everyone worried about CAS

Why does everyone underestimate anti-aircraft abilities? The god damn Russians have the ability to kill an AWACS if need be. If your fucking nation has god damn power armor on the ground and is going up against another country that has CAS aircraft, chances are, your nation is bound to have some high-speed motherfuckers flying around in the air to cover your sorry ass.

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A suit that accelerates your skull inside a helmet from 0-40mph in a fraction of a second is effectively the same as a car's bumper accelerating your skull from 0-40mph in a fraction of a second. "Bullet time" movement will kill a human body from hemorrhage and contusion.

>> No.20336363


At about 8:40

>> No.20336371


ATG antipersonnel munitions kill via shrapnel and concussive effect; and a soldier fully encased in armor would be much better protected than unarmored infantry against such strikes. Not immune, but significantly less likely to be wounded or killed.

>> No.20336384

"Bullet time" implies that you are still moving at the same speed. You just think faster.
What you mean is an actual speed up.

>> No.20336424


Power armor can't give you improved mental speed. You'd need supermagicscience brain replacement to do that.

And "bullet time" movement involves actually moving faster than a normal human. Otherwise, it would simply be a matter of watching the bullet fly up and kill you because you can't move out of the way. Novel, but not all that useful.

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Yeah, operative word being 'technically.' I heard of these guys who got arrested bringing back trophies in re-sealed propane tanks.

Anyway, I think that the intermediary exo-suits will be present before too long. The US army would love a device that would increase stamina, endurance and capacity of the average grunt. Power armor will only be utilized if weight and size can be kept down, and power sources are small and efficient.

>> No.20336434

Which is why I said guided rounds or UGVs. Now I accept that maybe you can't clear buildings with UGVs, but you're damn well not going to clear them with a walking refrigerator either.

>> No.20336459

You know what I want to do?
Use powered armor to climb the Mount Everest.

>> No.20336460


If your power armor has gone full walking refrigerator, we're in full impractical level already

>> No.20336469

>Power armor can't give you improved mental speed. You'd need supermagicscience brain replacement to do that.
Thanks, captain obvious.

>> No.20336475

You can choose the color? I will buy one and have it painted exactly like a Tau Crisis suit. FUCK YEAH. Install multiple laser/plasma weapons and I'm good to go.

>> No.20336476
File: 11 KB, 445x299, Black friends.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It weighs 1000lb (at LEAST). How the fuck is it supposed to go up a flight of stairs? Sure it's GOAT in the jungle and mountains and caves. But they're shit in buildings with more than one floor.

>> No.20336491


>half-ton power armor

That's not even remotely a good idea.

>> No.20336499

It'll weigh 400lb at most dude, hold onto your pants. But then again

>The gun
>The ammo
>the huge as fuck battery


>> No.20336504
File: 67 KB, 546x546, SuperCrow1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you think CAs or SAms are a auto win? Because the relationship between aircraft and SAM is a virtual "Red Queen" Effect. You can't have it everywhere, can't have it up all the time, and there are aircraft and ground forces whose sole mission in life is to kill SAMs and CAS.

The US and Russia both fields Wild Weasel aircraft despite both having outstanding anti air defenses. The US even has a Electronic Warfare juggernaut called the EC-130H. Russia, China, and the US spend BILLIONS of dollars every year on Electronic Warfare because you will never have a auto win counter to everything, due to someone someone developing a counter to your ultimate answer.

>> No.20336527

The battery is why it doesn't weigh 200lbs. Ammo and other sundry items will have your total at most 800lbs.

>> No.20336540

Which is what I was saying all along with 'everyday tasks'. A lot of the designs in this thread couldn't walk through a doorway, and I really doubt several of them could climb stairs.

>> No.20336551

Depends on the stairs, but the Iron Man armor flies, so that's not a problem.

>> No.20336557
File: 150 KB, 350x350, Mtech faceguard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anyway, I think that the intermediary exo-suits will be present before too long.

Nigga, I hope you actually mean something akin to a skin-suit like from Metal Gear. If anything, as a grunt, I'd rather see some kinda of powered "sealed-environment" suit rather than powered-armor. If any of your have worn something like the US Army IOTV, then you'd see my point. I love the concept of powered-armor and such, but that shit is gonna be useless in even remotely mildly warm environments unless it can keep its user cool, something I don't see happening soon enough for me to really care.

>> No.20336570
File: 274 KB, 1680x1050, 1334782499213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The fundamental problem of power armor (and countless other sci-fi technologies) is your power source. We simply don't have a power storage system that can keep something like power armor functional for useful amounts of time,without becoming a logistical nightmare in the field, and without being so heavy that it negates your payload advantage to begin with. Everything else more or less exists already.

>> No.20336612

I keep there's some bleeding edge battery research that has a battery the size of your standard car battery powering a home for a week straight. That's with TVs multiple PCs and consoles. A washer and a dryer etc.

Something like that could power a suit for like 18 hours I guess.

I really wish I had the link.

>> No.20336630

And I guess it's utterly unaffordable?

>> No.20336640
File: 101 KB, 781x550, Elementals.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moar elemental awesomeness.

>> No.20336641


Add a full grown man who weighs 200lb+

Oh look it's 1000lb.

>> No.20336652

You bet your ass. This is multibillion dollar research. It's going to be decades before it get's down to a (semi) reasonable price.

>> No.20336662


Yeah, we're gonna have that, the flying car, and cold fusion any day now.

In all seriousness, battery technology is improving quite a bit (mostly because we're using battery-powered devices much more nowadays), but power armor is going to require a much more drastic power/weight reduction than what we have for the foreseeable future.

It's like saying, "we can make an aircraft that goes mach 1, so making one that goes mach 20 is just around the corner."

>> No.20336681

Maybe it could be done with the coolant-loop vests some Abrams/Bradley crews are issued.

I think the mid-future inventions with the biggest results would be for endurance, strength, and IQ. Eat your vitamins as a kid, eat meat as a teenager, work out 5 days a week with creatine when you're 20, and you'll be way stronger than a 3rd-world villager.

In 20 more years, retrovirus mods to your genes might create that difference all over again, just as 3rd-world nutrition starts to catch up to the first word today. 4 hours sleep a night, +10 points IQ, and 15% faster reflexes are worth a lot.

>> No.20336686
File: 43 KB, 427x640, SQUADBROKEN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20336696

There's drones, poor bloody light infantry, airburst grenades, and motherfucking air support for that.

>> No.20336702

>so making one that goes mach 20 is just around the corner

We have that now.


>> No.20336711
File: 331 KB, 1024x667, wingwalking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's like saying, "we can make an aircraft that goes mach 1, so making one that goes mach 20 is just around the corner."

We've achieved heavier-than-air flight and landing objects/men on the Moon in less than a century. Hard to say I can't be optimistic about the whole Mach 20 shit.

>> No.20336713


That's a very reasonable thing to say.

>> No.20336714
File: 561 KB, 2457x3000, 1272237420896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> Eat your vitamins as a kid, eat meat as a teenager, work out 5 days a week with creatine when you're 20, and you'll be way stronger than a 3rd-world villager.

And he'll still kill you with a $50 RPG while living off a couple pounds of rice.

>> No.20336728
File: 47 KB, 640x432, 1343615338675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.20336729

I was including the dude in that calculation, there's no reason to be carrying that much crap. The frame will probably weigh 40-50lbs., the motors are probably around the same weight, the armor is probably another 100lbs. There's the occupant ~200lbs., the standard load out ~110 lbs (including body armor, which should be taken out which is probably a good 30lbs, I'd have to look it up), and finally, there's the battery.

710lbs.-whole shebang.

>> No.20336731


>implying Third world villagers can afford two pounds of rice

dude they go to the market to sell that

and just eat the heggs

>> No.20336732


Oh, right, the supersonic lifting body spaceplane. That's another thing that's been "any day now" for the last 30 years.

>> No.20336733

>Maybe it could be done with the coolant-loop vests some Abrams/Bradley crews are issued.

As a grunt in a Bradley-heavy squadron, I have yet to see one mention of that supposedly high-speed coolant vest.

>> No.20336746
File: 31 KB, 250x250, Costanza Potatoe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying he can aim for shit.

>> No.20336750


America: the 1% of the global community.

>> No.20336755

>50 kg worth of weapons
That's a whole lot of gun you have there.

>> No.20336766

>implying it matters when there's 50 of them and 20 have RPGs.

>> No.20336770
File: 17 KB, 197x200, Bear teardrop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Flight was an anydaynow fantasy for centuries

>tfw my grandchildren are going to be gunning down 3rd world insurgents in power armor

>> No.20336771


Being white is going to be amazing in the future

>> No.20336787

At the rate it's going, your grandchildren will gun those insurgents down from their office because loldrones, record the kills and post them on youtube.

>> No.20336794

That's ammo, guns, candy, communication equipment, more candy, water, gas mask, ruck sack, all the crap in the ruck sack, including more candy, and water.

>> No.20336800

I love this mentality.

>why equip soldiers with a $1k armored vest if sandnigger can kill him with cheap AK/RPG-7 knock off?
>why equip soldiers with a $1.6k M4 carbine with high-speed hooah attachments when we can give him a AK forged from a box of scraps in a cave?
>why give soldiers multi-million dollar armored vehicles if a cheap IED?

Shit dude, you're so high-speed, why aren't you like a 5-star supreme commander of an army?

>> No.20336805

Two MGs with ammo or a minigun with no ammo at all.

>> No.20336814
File: 255 KB, 306x532, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like my power armour sleek, mostly functional, and with more running lights/light sources than strictly necessary. Pic related.

Prime Samus had some pretty neat armour too.

>> No.20336818
File: 20 KB, 346x540, Bender being a gentleman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw soldiers upload sfw (apparently) drone gore on youtube because they think it's funny as shit

And they're not joking either. I talk to these guys and they don't give a shit.

>Oh what's that? You're transporting a 5000lb bomb onto a truck?
>How about

>> No.20336819


Well, my kids already do that.


>> No.20336822

Instead of something reasonable, like an automatic grenade launcher with a selection of ammo types?

>> No.20336823
File: 273 KB, 753x960, Panzer_cop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or maybe one machine gun with a shitton of ammo and armor...

>> No.20336829


But we have those, feasible for use without discomfort by a single infantryman.

>> No.20336841
File: 64 KB, 750x500, 1334361134257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The point is that giving a soldier an extra 10 IQ points or another 30 pounds on his bench press doesn't significantly increase his battlefield lethality compared to his enemies. We wrap expensive body armor around mediocre bodies because having top-notch bodies isn't actually that important in warfare.

>> No.20336849
File: 50 KB, 809x1118, 1333843484113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's hilarious and tragic simultaneously. It's legitimately like playing a video game. You know that lvl on Modern Ware 1? It looks exactly like that. Except blurrier, and instead of falling over they become big paint splats on the ground.

>> No.20336853

Well, stick in on a power suit then, increase the caliber, give the poor guy more ammunition and a set of targetting aids and go to town. It's better than an MG.

>> No.20336859
File: 651 KB, 500x422, everyone is disgusted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I just vomited a little. Fuck dude.

>> No.20336874

>increase the caliber
Nah, I think just giving them more ammo would be better. The gun comes with it's own targeting aids, it doesn't need help.
That's how it works.

>> No.20336888

Is dat some Jin-Roh I see?

>> No.20336889
File: 40 KB, 800x646, bradley_m2a2_era_infantry_armored_vehicle_us_army_0-l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty sure most of you chaps have played BF with any of the IFVs? Just like how >>20336849 said, EXACTLY like a video game. It was amazing to really watch the 25mm shells and 7.62 rounds "slowly drop" onto whatever I pointed and shot at.

>> No.20336900
File: 297 KB, 349x466, Bryant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and instead of falling over they become big paint splats on the ground.


>> No.20336903
File: 26 KB, 650x339, xk11_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The biggest rounds you'd expect an infantryman to fire are the 20mm grenades this and other weapons like it throw out anyway

>> No.20336911

Because a hail of .50cal death does the job just fine and for a cheap price.
Grenade launchers are bulky and so is the ammo. Also it's difficult to use in confined spaces and may make a house collapse on you.

>> No.20336916
File: 1.47 MB, 315x227, 1344971805533.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20336921

Oh come on, with all the wonders of modern electronics? Have it display the projected trajectory of the round and blast radius on the HUD, along with a top-down view of the immediate area, including identified targets. That's the minimum.

>> No.20336924

Powered armor.

>> No.20336929

What I'm saying is that the grenade launcher we would use already does all of that.

>> No.20336932
File: 5 KB, 601x695, click click stop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20336957

I'm suddenly envisioning power armored grunts going to town with some AA 12's...and that's kinda scary to imagine.

>> No.20336976
File: 27 KB, 551x549, keyano.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He wasn't bullshitting

>> No.20336977

That's because you think infantry lethality is important in warfare. You think it contributes to the war effort or something, but it doesn't and hasn't for a long time; in major wars instead of colonial power projection, it matters even less. Tanks and planes will always make bigger or more accurate explosions, or carry more ammo or loiter longer or fly faster or have more armor.

A soldiers' job is to stay awake, so they can think, spot enemies, and point the big guns in the right direction. The rifles are nice, but they're just for keeping the enemy from stabbing you while you press buttons.

More armor doesn't help you press buttons, think, or talk. Bigger guns will always be smaller than the armor-seeking smart minimum-collateral cluster bombs a grunt with a radio and rifle can call in.

>> No.20336979

Make those AA-12 fire twice as fast and be belt-fed, with a few hundred rounds in reserve.

>> No.20336992

Welp, looks like all our wonder and progress has turned us into bloodthirsty marauders again. this is what we get for having cultures that promote soldiers as heroes rather than, at best, necessary evils.
>inb4 hurr durr they gave their lives for freedom!

>> No.20336997

We'd probably use SPAS-12s.

>> No.20336999

We need power armor so that soldiers can run around and keep fighting after they get their legs blown off. Non-soldiers will soon be too obese for service, so we have to keep what we have left fighting indefinitely.

>> No.20337001

Seeing as there are rather large scale drone campaigns fought by the US in Somalia and Pakistan, nope.

>> No.20337006
File: 36 KB, 400x360, wwii soldier.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Hey, look at us blow away these stupid brown people who have no ability to hurt us in a military capacity! MURRICA FUCK YEAH

Ever notice that the amount of bragging soldiers do is inversely proportional to how difficult their wars actually were?

Go ask your great-grandpa how funny it was throwing grenades at the Krauts or Nips. Never mind, he's dead, and his useless kids have been puffing themselves up ever since over victories they didn't fight.

>> No.20337010

Yes, welcome to the real world.

>> No.20337016

>because having top-notch bodies isn't actually that important in warfare.

I think my skull just imploded with how retarded this comment was.

>> No.20337039


>This troll post

Futile sage to prevent shitstorm.

>> No.20337040

You don't need a top notch body, just one that works. What is actually that important is the will to do the job.

See: Audi Murphy, his body was a true piece of shit, but his will was inexorable, and as such he was a war machine.

>> No.20337041


Which only emphasizes the point that turning your soldier from a B- athlete to an A+ athlete is less important than giving him body armor that will stop a bullet or two.

>> No.20337070
File: 22 KB, 300x300, Sanchez.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My grandpappy was in Korea.

Gunned downed probably hundreds of Chinamen by himself.

>They came in waves and waves
>They crawled over their dead

I was flipping my shit when he told us about Korea.

>> No.20337085

>Cardiovascular fitness means nothing in war

I am going to die knowing people actually think this.

>> No.20337096 [DELETED] 
File: 301 KB, 2400x1866, fallujah2marlboro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently, grunts no longer exist in the modern US military.

>> No.20337099

>You don't need a top notch body, just one that works.
>Cardiovascular fitness means nothing in war
You're actually going to die because you are an illiterate fuckstick.

>> No.20337107

/k/ here, shotguns are terrible weapons.
Why are they popular? Because way back circa the mid-1800s, shotgun shells were easier to reload at home in the boondocks than brass rifle/pistol cases. So cops circa 1900 grew up accustomed to shotguns and used the guns they were most skilled with. Then movie makers copied the guns cops used a lot when they were young. Then game makers copied the attributes they saw in movies. So now most people thought shotguns were useful for things besides opening locked doors, because they'd never been in a fight, or battle, or seen one outside the movies.

A rifle is better. A belt-fed machine gun like the M240 is far, far better. Shotguns are slow, short-ranged, inaccurate, bulky, weak, bad at penetrating armor and unreliable.

An M240 or PKM is cheaper, easier to hit with and has a range that's useful, not useless. It can also penetrate armor, unlike a shotgun.

>> No.20337116

You can be a cripple and you body still works

Just stop posting please

>> No.20337130
File: 64 KB, 393x537, 1299005459998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We're not talking about having healthy soldiers that can march and carry rucksacks.

We're talking about the fantasy that SUPAR PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT that gives soldiers a couple extra IQ points or a couple more inches on their biceps is actually important from a military standpoint.

>> No.20337136

>Shotguns are slow, short-ranged, inaccurate

I bet you call magazines clips.

>> No.20337146

>throwing grenades at the Nips

I actually knew someone who served in both theaters. He said that he never wanted to go back to the Pacific because the Japs scared the shit out of him. When they came out of the bush in hundreds with bayonets leveled he wanted to shit himself and flee and apparently that was the feeling a lot of Marines had. He said fighting the Germans was easier because they weren't any different than him but the Japanese were inhuman.

>> No.20337148

That's not working, that's broken.

[krip-uhl] Show IPA noun, verb, crip·pled, crip·pling, adjective
Sometimes Offensive .
a.a person or animal that is partially or totally unable to use one or more limbs; a lame or disabled person or animal.
b.a person who is disabled or impaired in any way: a mental cripple.
2.anything that is impaired or flawed.
3.a wounded animal, especially one shot by a hunter.
4.Carpentry . any structural member shorter than usual, as a stud beneath a window sill.
5.Delaware Valley . a swampy, densely overgrown tract of land.

A person who is disabled is not functioning properly, that means that some parts of their body isn't working, and guess what that means? That means their body isn't working you ignorant fuck.

>> No.20337150
File: 48 KB, 650x450, Private_Dwyer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like grunts don't exist in the modern US military.

>> No.20337153


>My grandpappy was in Korea.

Then he's probably not telling the truth. My gramps was in Manila during the liberation, and he used to tell us how he fought for nearly a day and killed a Jap officer with his own sword.

My gramma says he spent most of the liberation technically AWOL drunk out behind their house and found the sword just sitting on the ground near the church.

>> No.20337173

I second this, buck isn't the only shot that a shotgun can fire. Slugs are far more efficient.

>> No.20337176
File: 31 KB, 600x400, 1304203645882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


For military forces, they really are niche weapons at best.

They're popular with police and other security forces because they're more concerned with gunning down a protester at ten meters than dropping a soldier at 100m. A shotgun trades a very large caliber for reduced ammo capacity, range, and armor penetration (barring exotic ammo types).

>> No.20337180

Yes =). In the REAL modern US military Marines are obese and overweight. And it treats yoga =))
God Bless the USA

>> No.20337186


Shotguns are also excellent for escelation that doesn't require everyone at the other side of the road to die and blazing away at an unarmoured target without worrying about overpenetration. They're still sound longarms for patrolmen/first on scene (though police officers who think they're John McClane have an AR-15 in the trunk too). They're too short ranged for war maybe but when you're talking about streets, rooms and highways, they work just fine.

As a weapon of war though you're right though. They have no niche. Even opening doors can be done with lighter gear than a second longarm with gimmick rounds. Unless you plan on opening loads of them.

>> No.20337187

In Iraq, many units were offered extra armor (DAPS, fuck DAPS) and didn't wear it, because it slowed them down too much. In Afghanistan, most units wear plate carriers, because it's better to have less armor than armor that makes you slow, or tires you out after a patrol.

The same thing happened with vehicles, though rather less so (try driving an MRAP in Baghdad neighbourhoods, it's too high. An 1151 isn't.). Vehicles can often survive anti-vehicle mines or RPGs, but power armor won't do that. Those and machine guns are really the only weapons insurgents use in a serious fight.

In conventional wars, of course, small arms are even less relevant.

>> No.20337189

Actually, this guy's point is legitimate. Compared to the mostly plastic M16, a full length shot gun is extremely heavy and unwieldy. The barrel length would make it took long to be particularly useful in anything but almost-hand-to-hand combat. Most shotguns do not have an adjustable sight, making it particularly useless at range. The shells used in shotguns are MUCH heavier than the magazines used in an assault rifle. These are things that matter in a combat situation.

>> No.20337191


Dude, not that guy, but engagements often occur at ranges that make buckshot impractical.

>> No.20337194

Any enhancement of the IQ of American soldiers is an investment in the image of the US.
And frankly it is sorely needed.

>> No.20337195

What country are you from?

>> No.20337210
File: 20 KB, 256x256, 4f7a77c90d5fe[3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20337217

Yeah, but that would involve the US government having respect for teachers, instead of the lipservice respect they have, and that's crazy talk.

>> No.20337218
File: 22 KB, 297x537, fight-club-jack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>What country are you from?

A major one.

>> No.20337229


>> No.20337235


So, China?

>> No.20337240


Do you spell it "labor" or "labour"?

>> No.20337249

This. The ideal soldier of the future is not a man in an easy-to-hate faceless gas mask mowing down kids. It's a man who speaks the local language, adapts effortlessly to thinking in alien cultures, can hold his temper when anyone else would snap, and who can smile for the camera in a non-facetious way.

>> No.20337250


And at longer ranges, having 30 rounds of rifle caliber ammo in your magazine is more useful than having 6-8 rounds of shotgun slugs.

>> No.20337261

Slugs are heavy, and they would over penetrate, meaning less internal damage. Basically you're trading a smaller, more deadly round you can carry a lot of, for a small amount of big, heavy useless "look how kewl i am guise" rounds.

>> No.20337264


>not clip

>> No.20337269
File: 12 KB, 250x225, Kermit contemplates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20337272

The shotgun is still used by the US military, primarily as a door-breacher.

>> No.20337284


Yes dear, that's what we call a "niche."

>> No.20337285

Smarter soldiers aren't as great in combat situations, and are less likely to stay in the military...

>> No.20337286


>> No.20337288


>> No.20337296


So you're from Japan?

>> No.20337300


Do you currently reside within the Unites States of America?

>> No.20337306

...and more likely to join special forces and become >>20337249.

>> No.20337322

> and are less likely to stay in the military...

Yeah this isn't meant to be a trollpost at all.

>> No.20337336

Yeah, because it's run by morons who don't want their grunts to think. Ever.

Did I say -by any chance- say "アルバイト"?

No, in the best country in the world.

>> No.20337337
File: 22 KB, 356x313, FRAG-12Projectile_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still thinking that even if not usefull as a long range weapon, this rifle is perfect for urban environement.
And loaded with some Frag 12, it becomes a mini automatic grenade launcher. That's kinda neat.


>> No.20337338
File: 24 KB, 468x286, 8BBEC436-BFFD-4055-9782257B7CE70640[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20337358
File: 262 KB, 705x687, 1343532586799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why not just give everyone in the military automatic grenade launchers, cause that's totally logistically feasible
>This guy

>> No.20337363

>Yeah, because it's run by morons who don't want their grunts to think. Ever.

Edgy troll etc.

>> No.20337383

>because it's run by morons who don't want their grunts to think. Ever.
Your copypasted koolaid is about 2-3 paradigm shifts and 40-50 years out of date. Strategic corporals (read: smart thinking grunts) are the new koolaid, so chug some and catch up to yesteryears news.

>> No.20337385

>Implying you aren't trolling
>Implying implications

>> No.20337391

My buddy does that. Nailed two fuckers who were hiding behind a berm prepping an IED with a Hellfire. First thing he does? Calls me and starts excitedly exclaiming about how he just killed two guys.

>> No.20337397
File: 47 KB, 525x360, Implying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20337406


Not that guy, but just because you want your grunts to think doesn't mean they can. The USMC is the scum of the earth, but they have the fortune to have an incredible PR department, that in part rides on the accomplishments of the greatest generation, not this current batch of retards.

>> No.20337410

Give your bro a high five for me.

>> No.20337411

Maybe cause an AA 12 is not so heavy as a grenade launcher, and is before all an automatic shootgun you can load with kinda anything you want ?
Just sayan.

>> No.20337435
File: 25 KB, 600x399, 070608_Hagen_Rether_5725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sarcasm etc.
And we all know how clever US soldiers are.

>> No.20337446

What about collateral damage? Do you really think no ones going to care when their entire city block is reduced to rubble because a bunch of marines got in a fire fight on their daily patrol?

>> No.20337461


I wrote that post. All i'll i'm saying is that the shotgun and the police officer are fast friends. He can store his shotgun in the car so weight isn't an issue. It is easy to fire, easy to store and buck won't go through drywall easily. Buck will travel nicely across an small urban factory floor or up a few stories, the longest range engagement a patrolman could expect to face without calling for a marksman or firearms. Against criminals in light cover without body armour it has sufficient stopping power. It is also an intimidating weapon with a distinct reputation and profile.

I agree with the other posters in that as a weapon of war they are very outdated. I just felt 'low range' and 'weak' were a matter of perspective.

>> No.20337475
File: 46 KB, 500x567, 1329555023349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 40 = 40

I thought we were solely debating it's usefulness in asymmetrical warfare as a front line weapon. My apologies.

>> No.20337545

Yeah, he got some bad news a few hours later. The berm they were hiding behind had a bunch of mud in it, so since the Hellfire hit six feet away, I guess the mud absorbed most of the blast/shrapnel. One dude managed to run away, probably with a huge concussion, major headache, and a bad case of shit-pants. The other guy wasn't so lucky. His legs got blown off below the knees. Manages to drag himself half a mile to an Iraqi's house and begged for help. They hid him in a closet and then called the ING. But yeah, I bought him a beer after he told me that. With the rate things are going, I'm never going to deploy to a combat zone. Boot 2ndLt. here. Still have to finish the majority of my training and be given an MOS.

>> No.20337548

We were going to have to rebuild that anyway.

>> No.20337557

Indeed, not saying you should always load them with Frags. And 30 normal shots are more than enough to do the work most of the time.

>> No.20337640
File: 696 KB, 549x603, 1329641587664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 55 = 55

Your point is still moot. Specialized shotgun rounds are not feasible as a standard infantry weapon system. To reiterate:

-frag rounds cause too much collateral damage
-buckshot is useless at range
-slugs over-penetrate and are less effective than normal rounds
-incendiary or, to speak Cawl of Dooty, "dragon's breath" is a specialized round not intended for conventional combat.

So, what exactly, is your point? The M16 has automatic capabilities, can hold 30 rounds, is much more lethal, and is lighter.

>> No.20337683
File: 33 KB, 540x404, buckshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> buck won't go through drywall easily.

>> No.20337716


Consider that a human being could easily do the same with his fist

>> No.20337734


Touche. Guns aren't toys and overpenetration still kills civilians. Lead and buck reduce risk but it's still there.

>> No.20337742
File: 92 KB, 363x495, 1343634023181.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 6 = 6

>Didn't penetrate every single board in the picture
>Tries to use this to prove his point
Yea, I don't think so.

>> No.20340298

Its good to see that /tg/ still can't into technology and an armored powered exoskeleton has to survive four tank rounds an a 2,000 lb bomb to ever be considered viable.

The only think /tg/ perhaps trolls itself worse is when it believes that there can't be stealth in space.

>> No.20342671

Wait, /tg/ seriously has never seen the gun cam footage? It's all over YouTube. Fascinating stuff, in a kind of morbid way.

AC-130 dropping the hammer

Apache engaging some guys with rocket launchers on a rooftop.

Hot Apache-on-Sniper lovings.

Here's the video of the gif another anon posted earlier.

IED team with an RPG-7 gets Hellfired

>> No.20343158
File: 381 KB, 1280x972, 507032459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you consider powered armor that gives you invisibility/sensory enhancements/better accuracy/speed bursts for covering distances quickly to be non-viable?

>> No.20343189

>elementals killing a giant elemental

Am I still tripping?

>> No.20343210

>"Herro, Ameerican Pohher Armoured Capit-alist Pig! How arr hou doo'ing?"

>> No.20343223
File: 38 KB, 600x505, 1256068775_army_powered_armor-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But we already got exoskeletons that can run for about 72 hours through fuel cells. (Or, well, we are about to get them because the military was interested in that system but considered the runtime to be too low)
An earlier version of the system lasted about two hours or so, with a new version using batteries for at least eight hours, I think, with multiple days runtime depending on usage.

>> No.20343387
File: 1.29 MB, 230x224, 529.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just wait until the Europeans start getting interested in this shit.

American engineering is slowly turning into shit, thanks to no one giving a shit about education on one side, and retarded neocons blocking off the brain drain from the Third World on the other side.

>> No.20343420
File: 101 KB, 450x300, rubbish-bridge1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On the bright side, they're not building their infrastructure out of compacted rubbish just yet.
At least we can still trust the Germans to make quality products.

>> No.20343428


You'll have to wait for the nazis to come to power again. They tried to motorize their soldiers individually with motorcycles for... lack of larger vehicles.

And dropped the concept posthaste.

Though honestly, I could see PA becoming part of a milita-doctrine in some richass country like Switzerland where they figure that they've got more money than time and would rather outfit everyone with armour and more guns than train them sufficientely.

>> No.20343433

I wake up and find this: Flash back to fond memories of Afghanistan, a few dead buddies, and my life now. Realize i dont give a fuck about any cause or ideology. I went because it was what i was going to do. Until you champs get to go, or even bother to figure out what is going on, fuck it...know what? Keep up with the opinions, I support your rights. really.

m-16 or shotgun? yeah....ill take the range and not get shot. There are no good guys, but we are definatly the better choice, and almost no one has any idea the thin thin layer of people that you tend to hate are all that stands between you and your country being a shit hole.

As for powered armor, its a lot closer then you think, but by the time we have a battery architecture to support it (2014-2015) It would make a lot more sense to put more battery, and capability into a human shaped space. drones, lead by humans. "but terminators!" its happening. quit crying.

Yurp (euro.), aus, and NZ, (hey canada, what up bro?). I saw your kind downrange. You guys do a bang up job of killing and oppressing like the rest of us. good game. Hows that blood on your hands? Oh you dont support your countries actions? I bet you enjoy the resources and political alliances they have made and benefited from. fuck you noners.

Welcome to the post apocalypse. Cyberpunk. Your dreams. we live them.

>> No.20343458

>At least we can still trust the Germans to make quality products.

German here. Don't trust our logistics.
I've met a few logistics students who were unable to get the logistics right to find the correct room for their exams. (They instead tried to occupy our room and postponed our exam by about half an hour)
There is no hope.

>> No.20343552
File: 2 KB, 453x302, nl-lgflag.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying we let you fuckers do logistics

Come on, we're relatively the biggest drug-pushing nation in the world.

When we do logistics, we do it right.

>> No.20343729

Shouldn't organized crime be best for logistics?

>> No.20343744

And what do you think the pharmaceutical industry is?

>> No.20343804

Well, it's not a big suprise that the majority of European LSD gets produced in nations with many pharmaceutical companies.

It's also no big suprise that European LSD is far better in quality than American LSD.

Since in the USA, LSD is being made by hippies living off the grid in Buttfucknowhere, Desert-state.

>> No.20343855

>I bet you enjoy the resources and political alliances

What? Both iraq and afghanistan have been nothing but drain on our army's resources, and as for political alliances...America's way of saying "thank you" was telling Putin to "give him time, it's my last elections". I sincerely wish we instead sold guns to the taliban, at least we'd make SOME profit on the whole mess.

>> No.20343904

Not to mention forcing Germany to break their own constitution by lying and calling Afghanistan a "warlike state" in order to go there.
We won't forget this dick move. Fuck you for dragging us into your dirty business.

>> No.20343955

Let's not forget the huge amounts of dead American soldiers because Bush was too retarded to send black ops and the CIA after Osama Bin Laden.

And let's not forget the insane amount of death and destruction that came from taking out that linchpin in Iraq called Sadam.

I mean, I'm all for a democratic Middle-East without dictators, BUT AT LEAST MAKE SURE SHIT DOESN'T DEVOLVE IN CHAOS WHEN YOU PULL THE PLUG ON A DICTATOR!

I couldn't help to grin with sadistic pleasure when I heard about the Americans conquered Baghdad so quickly, that they didn't even have the time to blow up Iraqi Republican Guard munitions.

I knew that shit would be blowing up in the US military anus in the future, and I was right.

>> No.20343976

Well, the fun thing was that Sadam was funded by the Americans, in the first place.

>> No.20343994
File: 522 KB, 900x1200, powerarmor2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is how I would like power armor, but as an Engineer I know it would be way bigger.

>> No.20343996

Still disappointed that the CIA didn't leave -ANY- safety measures in place for both Sadam and Bin Laden.

>> No.20344004

From one engineer to another: no, not really. We wouldn't use something much bigger than that, too many problems with it.

>> No.20344009

Wasn't there some dirty business you dragged the rest of the world into some 70 years ago?
Don't assume every single citizen is to blame, most of us don't even support it.

>> No.20344019

It wouldn't be as skin tight as that. Though it depends on the system of movement. Motors and actuators take up more room than artificial muscles.

Plus the armor would be plating and not some fiber mesh.

>> No.20344052

We don't know what the guy inside that looks like, but it still wouldn't be significantly larger than that, especially considering it's extremely rare for a soldier to be that bulky themselves. Look at how thick his arm is in comparison to it's length, this suggests that the armor is actually pretty bulky. Though there is some weirdness going on around his neck, too much exposed internals, it's not like the head moves that much.

>> No.20344054

America didn't really do much during WW2. They fought one or two fights, with everyone else actually doing stuff.

Anyway, that was an insane art-academy reject. Your country would end up the same if a rejected artist ran for president and then exploited your political system to take over power.
Which would be very easy in America, anyway, due to your essentially broken system. You are way to obedient to your state to actually question it and prevent a WW3.
Germans, at least, would never let it happen again because we know that authorities can't be trusted.

>> No.20344056

If you haven't, do yourselves a favor an read Ghost Wars from Steve Colder. It's all about CIA involvement from the late 80's to 9/11in Afghanistan and the various challenges and plain failures of the US intelligence network, and he's a good author so it doesn't read like a textbook.

>> No.20344067

I'm just saying: they are one of our most efficient organizations and they still failed to set up a proper control.

>> No.20344074

Heads the most important system for a firefight. However the arms are all anatomically wrong, as the wrist is thinner than the bicep.

Also I don't think we would have pauldrons like that very much as it is movement restrictive.

>> No.20344090

>didn't do much
Aside from keep Britain from dying and ending the war in the Pacific, sure. I'm not above mentioning that Russia turning it's eyes upon Japan also had something to do with ending the war in the Pacific, or that Australia helped us a lot there, but the bulk of the fighting done there was between China, Japan, and the US.

That's probably just the armor. The pauldrons would have to be redesigned, but nothing significant, just change the shape of the joints so they could move freely.

>> No.20344129

Yeah I would assume that's what they would do.

The most important part of the power armor in my opinion would be the computer system and sensors. Night vision, thermal, radar, sonar, biometric analysis, HUD, and a lot of other important bits can do way more than just armor plating and improved strength.

Quite easy to map a crosshair to a screen with a 3D camera system. Biometrics and satellite targeting systems, along with sonar and radar tracking would literally map out the battlefield. There's a reason why knowledge is power.

>> No.20344204

Oh, completely. One chapter's about Cofer Black tracking bin Laden through Africa, and repeatedly having the opportunity to assassinate him, but being denied and ignored because bin Laden wasn't important to the come war vets who still focused on Russia, even in 1996 or 1997.

>> No.20344247

You could also work some sort of blue force tracker into the HUD.

>> No.20344263

I would make that part of the IFF system, which with the biometrics system would prevent friendly fire.

>> No.20344303

Let's not forget that Detroit made most of the steel used by Russia to keep their war going as well.

Kursk would have got alot differently were it not for all the Russian's tanks they threw at the Nazis.

>> No.20344383


Yeah, right. If you consider recruiting nazis, drugging your own research chemist with LSD who in turn commits suicide and selling crack to the NWA "efficient".

>> No.20344439

... I didn't realize that Detroit was capable of producing that much steel. Wow.... and it's such a shithole.

The CIA is a very different organization than it was before the 70s. Whatever gets the job done.

>> No.20344630

> Ben laden formed as a tool by CIA
> Ben laden organizing Al-Qaïda
> 9/11
> War in afghanistan and Irak
> "Oh hi guyz, we totally killed Ben Laden, and then discarded his corpse into the ocean for "religious reasons". Keep going, nothing to see here anymore. Oh, and don't forget to vote for me, mokay ?"
> dubiousfrench.jpg

>> No.20344655

The part where the CIA sold crack to gangs in LA in order to fund some Israeli weapon trading with Iran (while the US government worked hard on keeping weapons OUT of Iran), just to get some weapons to fascist death squads in South-America that just happened to kill communists along with the general population...

That happened after 1970.

>> No.20344732

>>20343433 As for powered armor, its a lot closer then you think, but by the time we have a battery architecture to support it (2014-2015) It would make a lot more sense to put more battery, and capability into a human shaped space. drones, lead by humans. "but terminators!" its happening. quit crying.

Against fodder in the sandbox or anywhere else where parasites are a health concern and they have to choose whether to have their refrigerator or their computer on at one time? I'd totally agree with you.

Though, I would imagine that the situation would change when you have an equally (or, due to 'hurr durr readings for faggits 'merica fuck yer', more) technologically advanced OpFor, drones could be vulnerable to electronic attacks - jamming, if not outright hacking.

While it wouldn't be on the scale of CoD:BLOPS:DEUX's "HACK ALL THE DRONES XDDDDD," It could still be a threat. This is where I would imagine Power Armor would find its place outside of squad support - drone-level firepower, but operating autonomously and without being vulnerable to electronic subversion.

Granted, I know all but dicks about the U.S.'s ECCM at this point in time.

>> No.20344934

>Granted, I know all but dicks about the U.S.'s ECCM at this point in time.

That's the scary thing. We don't know anything at all about modern military technology.
I don't know if I WANT to know what kind of stuff they are producing in secret.

>> No.20345917
File: 56 KB, 400x500, 1RGTactical.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

like thus

>> No.20348509

Watching that, I can't help but think that better cameras would be a good investment. I can see how it's perfectly adequate for shooting at tanks and infantry, but it can't be easy picking out insurgents when everyone looks like white blobs.

>> No.20348644


... It does make one wonder if those gorillions of dollars in military R&D are just going to robots, PA, and up-armored Humvees.

>> No.20348761

>Let's not forget the huge amounts of dead American soldiers because Bush was too retarded to send black ops and the CIA after Osama Bin Laden.

Dude was all kissy-kissy with Bin Laden's family, man. They prolly much stuffed him with a lot of money in order to keep him from offing their wayward son.

>> No.20349490

I thought the humvee up-armouring was over since it didn't work?

Problems with not balancing it properly with armour vs mobility, and there always being a bigger bomb/gun to point at it.

>> No.20349623
File: 26 KB, 448x299, bw-dingo-1-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't the Army acquire armored transports to close that gap?
I remember something similar to pic related, only twice as big.

>> No.20349746

How about a feel good development in exo-skeleton tech?


As sad as it is technology seems to have always been driven by the necessity brought on by war. Yet in our endless quest to master the taking of life we also enrich it.

>> No.20349764
File: 72 KB, 674x459, cougar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This? Comes APC

>> No.20349785

Shitty impractical powered armor is shitty and impractical.

>> No.20349876

Does this thing even work in Afghanistan or similar missions?
Wouldn't it just ruin every bridge it crosses and damage the streets?
I'm asking because I heard of such problems with the significantly lighter Dingo.

>> No.20350012


MRAPs in general arn't the best off road vehicle. I remember the first and only time my platoon got to take one out on patrol the thing got stuck in a mud pit. Spent the rest of the night sitting there till another unit came along with a Bradley and dragged it out. This was in the middle of Baghdad too.

But you need to keep in mind these things were built to take bomb blasts not go off roading. They may be specialized and require a huge logistical support structure but they can take 155 to the face and thats a better chance to the guys inside.

>> No.20351081

M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System
3 or 5 Frag-12 or door breecher AND 30 5.56mm

>> No.20351255

they do seem wonderfully useless for any other kind of use though, particularly in a conventional war against another state rather than a small war against what really boils down to a bunch of gangsters with really fanatical goons.

>> No.20351476
File: 2.17 MB, 2550x3515, imaifiles_final_9-84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like Powered Armor will never work logically in a setting where their cost is acknowledged. An army should be cheap (yet efficient) labor. A horde of obedient hands to carry your guns and point them at the people you want dead.

I like the idea, but that always gets to me when I think of arming soldiers with powered armor in an actual setting of war, unless they're for some reason that much more efficient than tanks or cheap enough to hand out like whatnot. It seems like enough countries are having trouble giving troops mundane armaments anyways.

In the powered armor setting I'm cooking up for my players, it's more gladiatorial combat, where the suits cost a lot, but are there simply because it's cool to see people in super suits with a lot of weaponry shooting at each other. You have your fighter remain replaceable and keep the imagery of the suit more iconic than them so when they armor fails and the fail-safes malfunction, you talk about the tragedy of losing your fighter but the suit can be salvaged and rebuilt in the same image so your next fighter can carry on that brand.

>> No.20351487

Yeah it's a hellish bureaucracy that fucks up sometimes because sometimes they don't tell themselves everything and it just leads to mishaps but they sure are clever sometimes. Like that time they won a war (single handedly) without using any force because they cut off all the communications and they made it sound like to the government that the Americans were slaughtering everyone and the government surrendered immediately.


Yeah the CIA is very nasty. It's a chaotic neutral character that wants to defend America by any means. It have the philosophy of "it doesn't matter what you do, as long as you achieve your goal."

>> No.20351528

>or, due to 'hurr durr readings for faggits 'merica fuck yer', more

I find it funny how you equate stupidity and ignorance with patriotism, it says a lot. I would also like to say schools are doing horribly because they're underfunded and because the students don't care. In every public school I've ever gone to (I'm talking about from the ghetto to whitebread middle class America) the students have a very deep contempt for their authority figures. And they really don't care about being educated, they just want to leave as soon as they can.

In a place like South Korea the students take their education VERY seriously. In America the students really couldn't care less.

>> No.20351576


I know what you mean. I went to Tottenville high school which is a school that gets millions of dollars a year and no one cared. No one, a very small population of the school cared. The average student would rather spit in their teacher's face than listen to what they have to say.

Teachers have become soft, they need to beat some ass every time a student fails a test. The students will care then.

>> No.20351589

I can think of an immediate reason why the expense would be worth it in a typical sci-fi setting:

Space travel is expensive, and you need maximum efficiency and survivability your of your troopers, because re-enforcements are not just a continent away.

Whilst planet based forces might be millions strong, that doesn't count for much against forces attacking from orbit if not enough of them can be moved (and they can't without at least sub-orbital transport of their own, which again, expensive) to the points needed to be defended. That also goes for rapid response when confined to a single planet, maximizing tooth to tail, force to required support. More troops on the ground requires more transporting and more supplying with bulk items (food, water and such).

Good soldiers are also expensive in terms of training, supplying and such, losing lots of them has political consequences even if victorious. More expense on keeping them alive is worth it in non-direct returns as well.

>> No.20351623

This would only work with an extrahuman swarm threat that zerg rushes everything. In human on human wars, EMP and other disabling weaponry would be preferred over killshots, because prisoners of war and extra battlesuits is far preferable in this powered armor based political economy. They make you seem like a kinder soul, bolster your own forces, and give you highly skilled individuals that cannot be easily replaced to use as bargaining chips.

>> No.20351676
File: 1.85 MB, 2550x3515, imaifiles_final_9-85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was never given the option to care about education until I got to college. Even English, which is now my most favorite subject (coming from someone who got a degree in Digital Game Design ... yeah, I know, shut up), was just another tortuously dull experience. My inquisitive mind was taught to hate science- thankfully I was able to regain my love for scientific discovery. Math. Fucking Math. Need I say more? and yet I find myself enjoying delving into mathematical functions when messing around and programming.

Nothing to do with powered armor though, so have another Ride Armor from the Imai files.

>> No.20351679

not really sure why you'd need a power armour based political economy, that is more than a bit extreme to justify it.

>> No.20351747

>not really sure why you'd need a power armour based political economy
You were the one who said it, not me. Whichever planetary governor can preserve the most amount of suits during any battle will be seen as the most successful and powerful of those involved. Since the preservation of soldiers and suits has become the measure of quality for a political leader by your own statement, it will be the quickest method to gain power. Therefore, by capturing enemy suits instead of destroying them, you get more suits to add to your own arsenal as well as POWs to ransom to your foe for potentially even more suits.

I'm not saying this would justify it, I'm saying this would be the natural outcome of wars fought with armor that is held as nearly sacrosanct. Furthermore, if space travel is horrendously costly, depriving your enemy of his suits whilst simultaneously bolstering your own supply is incredibly useful, as they cant bring in reinforcements to counter you.

>> No.20351768

> In a place like South Korea the students take their education VERY seriously. In America the students really couldn't care less.

So seriously that they spend until 3am in cram school, then sleep all day through actual school. East asian high school education is like some kind of sick joke, entirely based on memorization and mercilessly hard (and pointless) tests, culminating in entrance exams that then make or break your entire future; the actual college is party time and almost impossible to flunk; you get work afterwards based on the fact that the college accepted you (therefore you must be good, right?), and the workplace then trains you from scratch as if you'd never attended a day of class after the first semester of high school senior year. This is why western colleges are full of east asians, it's the only way for the ones who actually want to learn something to learn something.

Indians have it even rougher, but for different reasons.

Half the students in western compulsory public education don't give a shit, true. That half were never going to be the rocket surgeons anyway. That's basically true in all nations.

>> No.20351776
File: 41 KB, 688x473, Ashe really hates his hand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well I have to say I hated my teachers because they force fed me shit I did not care about. Except for history, history was my fucking subject. My history teachers were like my best buds.

But math? FUCK YOU MATH. The only thing my math teachers taught me after middle school was that math is the worst thing in the world and mathematicians should be stoned for their wizardry.

>You see this complicated shit?
>GO FUCK YOURSELF! I'm not teaching shit!

And was really pissed me off was that they hated teaching the subject, Math teachers do not like teaching math, that is until you get to college.

>> No.20351852

> Math teachers do not like teaching math, that is until you get to college.

Yeah, it's crazy. Pre-college, almost all the math teachers are really just education majors. Only the ones teaching the last few grades of high school math actually had to do any serious math in college. Meanwhile their students were terribly damaged by bad teachers, sometimes from as far back as third grade.

Then you get to college and the math professors are horrified that there's this flood of adults who are two to four years behind where they were supposed to be.

>> No.20351866

I was thinking a far more moderate path, there's always some room for toleration of casualties as long as there's clear attainable goals. Just look at public tolerance for casualties now vs vietnam, the gulf war, WW1 and 2, napolionic and american civil wars for just a few examples from the past couple of centuries with US involvement. there's a wide range of differences but when the goals are clear the prevailing attitude is one happy to accept losses as inevitable. When it's not, then, well you get vietnam or afghanistan, where loses are politically bad, even when the numbers are low to generalize.

Power armour is just another weapon system, except with added protection. It's not some super hard to create (for a sci-fi society) item unless it's 40k or Iron Man-like in super powers.

Basically all I did was extrapolate as to why it would be viable as just another tool in the arsenal. Preserves lives better than un-powered armour, acts as a massive force multiplier for infantry on the offensive. No need for what you said at all to be the case.

>> No.20351928

So power armor should just be something that can project your entire body (for the most part) from small arms fire (not anti-material by any means) and should let you carry a bigger gun/more supplies.

That makes a ton of sense in my mind.

>> No.20351978

And it'll scare the shit out of the enemy. Imagine you're with your insurgent buddies in the jungle and all of a sudden this 8ft tall metal monster pulls itself from out of the blue and starts gibbing your buddies to shit with it's heavy machine gun attached to it's arm or it stars razing motherfuckers with it's flamethrower.

The enemy's moral would be really bad after dealing with those things for months and months.

>> No.20352028
File: 54 KB, 490x399, Blade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What are these "elemental" doohickeys I keep hearing about ITT?

>> No.20352489


>In the Battletech sci-fi universe, Elemental refers to both the technologically advanced power armor and the elite eugenically bred Clan infantry troops who wear them. All Clan battle armor is protected by thick armor, internal shock cushions, and a black gelatin-like substance known as HarJel. HarJel seals breaches in the armor as well as controlling bleeding of the Elemental inside. It is also equipped with a MedPack that dispenses drugs to the warrior to control pain and shock and allow him to keep fighting. Many types of suits are fitted with jump jets-thrusters that allow powered leaps of up to 90 meters.

>> No.20353308

Most miltech is EMP hardened already. Som systems will still be destroyed and much disrupted, but the important parts will still work.

It is a too obvious threat not to defend against. Future armies might still be inconvienced, but they won't be stopped.

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