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"Emperor Almighty, my Lord and Protector, remember your sinful son this hour of need and shield him from danger and despair. His heart is loyal and his faith is pure, Emperor, have mercy and grant him... grant him..."
Another gust of freezing wind snatches prayer from your cold, blue lips and takes it away into the wastes, far away from trenches full of despair. This is hopeless. Harkon said that officers haven't heard from the main force in days. Ofcourse he might be just one of the weak-hearted, those of whom gospels warned. But he could be right, it would explain why then we have started rationing our food and ammunition. But if we are cut off, with those things circling around us... Emperor, pre-
"...grant him salvation, on Mormark as on Terra Eternal, amen."
Commissar Ordred finished the prayer you couldn't. He managed to sneak up on you, like always. Very polite, almost friendly, unlike officers, Ordred still gives you the creeps, despite respect you feel for him. One of the Scholites, he is a shell of a man, filled with Imperial Creed to the brink. You think he could execute you with the same polite smile, that he has on his face now, without a second thought, if it was required of him.
"Is everything in order, sergeant? How is your squad doing?"

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What is the name given to you?

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Krei Dekart, also know as 'Shuffler'

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Gaius Julius Caesar
Apparently he was some ancient minor noble or something.

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Cuntius Imperius.

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Everything seems to fine so far, sir, perimeter is secure and we are holding the line as ordered. Men are good, except they are not happy about the rationing, but nothing out of the usual. How the situation looks on the table, if I may ask?

Name - Daren Brog, also we have a chainsword

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Skaro - Davros Skaro.

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Grish Arnheim.

The men are in order, Sah.
Half are on watch the others are in their holes napping.

(Offer the man a lho if we have one)

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rolled 21 = 21

Eldrick "Ed" Geiht

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Autistic circlejerk

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horrible shitposter.

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"We are winning. General Vult crushed a sizeable enemy force to the north and is advancing to circle them and strike from the rear. This is not classified, you may tell this to your men, maybe this will keep bad thoughts at bay.
"Thanks, I in this weather there's nothing better than a smoke. I have to check other squads but you know where to find me. If you'll need help, and I mean ANY kind of help, let me know. Stay sharp, guardsman."
Commissar leaves, probably now he'll check Harkons squad. What do you do?
Some options:
>Go to the improvised bunker, where most of your squad is sheltering from the wind.
>Go check on your sentries, Arden and Blastface.
>Go to the field kitchen, try to get something from the cooks
>Go to Leutenant Grant, your superior

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Check on the sentries.

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we should go check on our sentries i dont want them sneaking up on us..

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You are Grish Skaro, BT-304-220-121, Sergeant in 93rd Mormarkian, Second Strike Army "Anvil".

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Your guys are holed up not very far from you. When you enter their post, they both give you lazy salutes and continue playing cards. Blastface, or private Klotten, if you want to be official, without words gives you a steaming cup with unclear contents. What do you do?

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>What do you do?

After drinking our cup of piss and vinegar, we'll head to the bunker, and get some shelter from the wind. Clean and service our weapons.

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"IS that how you saluite an officer?"
Still take the mug and cautiously sip the contents. If it tasts bad we spit it out.

If we've lit ourselves a lho. Pinch it out and save it. We dont want to be seen from a far.

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"IS that how you salute an officer?"
Still take the mug and cautiously sip the contents. If it tasts bad we spit it out.

If we've lit ourselves a lho. Pinch it out and save it. We dont want to be seen from a far.

(fixed spelling mistake)

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Well, at least it's hot. You feel a lot better after drinking it. Silently, you return to your bunker. As you come in men look at you, some give you a salute, others just smile. Here is the rest of your squad:

Graven "New Guy" - replacement for poor Andre, who stepped onto a mine. Just over a week with you, still not very comfortable.

Brukk - lean and sneaky trooper, known for not returning his debts and sometimes stealing stuff from other squads. If there was a 'bad guy' in your squad, it was Brukk.

Lamenor - silent type, thoughtful and smart, but slow to react. Not a very good soldier, but dependable.

Fanter - hyperactive squad joker, however now he seems to be asleep in his bunk.

Psoran "Cheater" - exceptionally good card player and considered to be accompanied by luck. Veteran, already fought against the enemy at least on three occassions.

Ferris - "Brother Dick" and Seglan - "Brother Cunt", they earned and proudly carried these nicknames since Basic Training, as Seglan is an Anti-Armour trooper with a Mk. VI Rocket Proppelled Grenade Launder and Ferris is loader, so they always work as a team, both in and out of combat.

Xandor, medic who's addicted to stronger semi-legal lho's, but as he does his job, you tend to ignore it. Right now he seems to be engraving something onto a bullet for his autogun.

Shall you go to take some rest or do something else?

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Service our equipment (Sharpen our knife, clean and grease our rifle and pistol) then, sleep. We need to be alert for the Enemy.

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With motions you've done a thousand times, you clean and oil your chainsword, while silently repeating Litany of Maintenance, then you double check the las-battery of your pistol and just to be sure dismantle and assemble weapon itself while asking it forgiveness for disrespect. Then you finally go to sleep. Roll d100, less is better

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rolled 13 = 13

I hope to dream of Emperor.

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rolled 92 = 92

I want to see Holy Terra in my dreamscape. I miss it so.

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rolled 78 = 78

I hope to dream of those pretty she-guardsmen that are camped a few miles away...

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You are woken up in the middle of the night by Lamenor.
"Sir, it's Leutenant Grant, he wants to see you as soon as possible. Also, I know the courier, so he let it slip that we are expecting an enemy force here in an hour, so there will soon be an alarm to raise men."

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rolled 90 = 90


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Nod to the Guardsmen and rise "That is troubling news." and then we join the Lieutenant "What are we up against?"

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Wake the men first. Best give them extra time to prepare.

Then meet the lieutenant.

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"Brew a fresh pot of recaf but let the men sleep. Wake ____* though."

(*whoever has the assault weapon)

We walk to the command post.

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As you enter HQ post, it's already in chaos. You notice Commissar Ordred watching everything from the corner, but he doesn't join the frentic planning. Leutenant Grant soon notices you and motions you to come with him outside the tent. There you meet with Harkon, Einstad, Lugger, Abser and Krom, your fellow sergeants. Leutenant turns to you and smiles nervously.
"Men! Today we will once more meet our vile xeno enemies on the field of battle! And Captain Fardon has decided, that our platoon is worthy of getting the glory of holding the first line of defence! This means that our orders are very simple - we will be holding trench B3 until Regimental commands orders us not to! Do you have any questions?"

>> No.20334719

"Why the nervous smile, Lieutenant?"

I search my knowledge of battle to see if this deployment is a bad thing.

>> No.20334735

"What is there to be nervous about, Lieutenant? The Emperor guides our bolts, and guards our souls. Do we have any forward knowledge on the xenoscum?"

>> No.20334822

"What are we waiting for then? Glory awaits!"

>> No.20334898

"There... There are bad news that I wanted to tell you after the battle. But I guess the word will soon spread anyway. We are cut off. That's why the rationing and not advancing any further. And not just us. It's the whole Second Army Group. Two days ago, enemy forces broke our flank in the east and destroyed our supply lines that were going along the coastline of Kagerian ocean. Remember Dreska, where we were resting? Taken. Arnstad also fell. But we are still in the game as long as we are alive. We just need to hold out for long enough, our forces must be trying to make way towards us as we speak! And we have Space Marines on our side, we've all heard about their victories, they will defeat the alien scum!" Leutenant is really trying to make you feel better, but you understand, that fighting on the frontline with no one to watch your back is a lost cause.
"Regarding the xenos, I can repeat only what we've already told you when the invasion began - these are non-human mechanical abominations, that can be killed only with concentrated sustained fire. They are very few when compared to us, so we will prevail, but be careful - their infantry is using very powerful weapons similar to bolters. Also, never allow them to approach our vehicles, for they can use their magics to overtake them. Finally - don't give into they fear tactics, they may use loudspeakers to speak heresy and try to intimidate you and your troops. Be careful! I will try to get you more Anti-Armour weapons from the Munitorum officer, I've heard they are especially effective against them... Ok now, move your men into the trench, we have less than an hour until they reach our positions!"

What do you do? How do you prepare for attack(if you do)?

It seems that squad to your right will be commanded by Harkon, while squad to the left is under Krom's command.

>> No.20334940

Fix a rye smile to give the Lt. confidence.
"Right away Sah."
You shove a cork in the remainder of your enthusiasm for later, when you'll really need it.

>> No.20334988

We are going to get the boys itno positions, then rouse them with a rousing speech, promises of amnesec rations, and froth at the mouth so they can draw inspiration from out zeal!


>> No.20334995

Forgot my name. This post was me

>> No.20335025

Leutenant breathes in and seems to finally take grip on the situation. "Yes. We just need to hold out."

As you get back to your squad, men are grim. Interrupted sleep and an enemy on top of that is not a great way to start a day. Private Arden, who spent the night in sentry duty and didn't get a second of sleep looks at you with his dark eyes and asks:
"Who should man the positions, sir?"

Your Squad is defending a 20 meter section of the trench, that's about 2 meters per soldier. Also, there is a machine gun nest there, that requires two people to operate it and an empty nest where bloody engineers forgot or were too lazy to install a weapon.

What are your orders?

>> No.20335067

Lets get psoran and Lamedor on the machine gun, lamedor loading, and Ferris and Sulgan in the empty nest. The other lads we position appropriately, making sure we keep Graven close to show him how its done!

>> No.20335074

rolled 82 = 82

Rolling for HERESY!

>> No.20335105

inventory check, NCO's briefing in 5 with an admin list from each squad

>> No.20335193

As you order the men to take positions and prepare to meet the attack, you notice that a figure appears over the trench. As if a reminder that there's always someone above, watching you, Commissar Ordred stands tall, seemingly not afraid of the enemy. He then descends into the trench and passes, through it, looking every man into the eyes, as if looking for signs of fear.

Suddenly, you notice dozens of dots of light flashing in the distance.

What do you do? Roll d100

>> No.20335213

"INITIAL VOLLEY! AIM!" raising your hand, signaling your men to take aim "FIRE!" swinging your hand downward, then picking up your own Bolt Rifle and unleashing hot slag onto the enemy line.

>> No.20335220

rolled 74 = 74

Forgot my d100, sorry.

>> No.20335223

rolled 74 = 74


>> No.20335228

2 packs of Lho sticks
Imperial Aquilla
2 Frags and 1 Krak
Personal Vox Caster(can conctact other Sergeants and Leutenant)
Anything else you might have taken?

Did by admin list you meant that you want a list of all men in those squads?

>> No.20335239

"Hold Lads! Give them nothing, take from them everything! IN HIS NAME!"

>> No.20335263

rolled 28 = 28

Your men open fire into the darkness, while you take cover. A few seconds later, first artillery shells and rockets descend upon you...

>> No.20335270

rolled 92 = 92

Fucking knew we should all take cover.

>> No.20335279

That roll was for nothing discount it.

>> No.20335305

rolled 5 = 5

After another volley onto their lines, we order the men out of the trenches and into the charge. At worst, we get pushed back into the trench again.

>> No.20335319

"Hit the ground lads! incoming!"
Grin like a madman, things are getting interesting

>> No.20335326

rolled 69 = 69


>> No.20335337

that was a good start but yeah i want the numbers of combat effective troops, notes from the unit medic of walking wounded we could press as required , also moral and food/water we might be here awhile

clam down green ranger lets keep trench between us and any arty

>> No.20335344

also ammo stats any feul we need

>> No.20335381

The ground shakes as thundering barrage hits the trenches. Many men take cover immediatelly, but a total of 7 men are killed or wounded in all squads, fortunately none from yours. It continues for about a minute, then it stops. Harkon contacts you through the vox:
"Damn, Skaro, I've lost four men as a round came into the trench, be aware that we are thin here!"
Meanwhile Fanter, not aware of what's happening to other squads laughs at the dark mist:
"Briefing must have forgotten to mention, that bloody xenos are not only retarded to come to us looking for a fight but also blind as shit! They wouldn't be able to hit me even if I was standing out in the open with my bare arse!"
It lifts the spirits of your squad a little.

>> No.20335419

stand to all sections prepare for a follow up attack any second watch and shoot call your targets, save your ammo, snipers watch for flame units. radioman to me. request arty!

>> No.20335449

Trench B3
6 squads, 8 gun nests
53/60 men
+6 sergeants
Overall Morale: Steady
Your Squad Morale: Good
Personal ammunition:
Energy for 85 las-shots, enough fuel to keep chainsword running for 15 minutes of intense combat.
Squad ammunition:
Lasguns: 100%
RPGs: 12 rockets

>> No.20335512

Leutenant answers with a cold voice over the vox:
"There is no artillery support available unless we have a clear concentrated target."

Suddenly, Blastface turns at you his deformed chin and whispers:
"Sarge! I think they are coming!"

Shall you order to fire as soon as enemies are in range or will you wait a little to concentrate fire at specific targets?

>> No.20335520

(awesome thanks)

well lets get ready for the units behind the opening barrage shall we? form one squad of my best bayonetmen of the line and use em to plug any gaps we end up with. also wheres my emporah damn arty?

>> No.20335539

feth no! pour it on as soon as you see the bloody enemy! stay cool boys they are facing the imperiums finest here

>> No.20335544

rolled 38 = 38

Order them to wait, and pick high-priority targetsm then focus fire.

>> No.20335592

rolled 85 = 85

take out our goggles and try to see what's going on

>> No.20335601

Suddenly there is a huge rumbling sound as tank tracks rip up the landscape in no mans land. Crack after crack is heard as shells are fired from 3 looted Leman Russes spear heading an assault of what could be two hundred greenskins firing wildly into the air. Sitting on the turret of the foremost tank is a large ork who appears to be wearing a stolen commissars cap. His sword arm raised he yells "WAAAAAAGHH!" and his boyz follow suit.

>> No.20335611


>> No.20335617

Mount our bayonet and charge at the enemy shouting WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH

>> No.20335623

Suddenly, you see them, quickly moving at you from the cold darkness. Small xeno-forms, nothing but two legs and a small, one-eyed, round body, blasting a boltgun at your position. there are six of them in your section. Should your RPG team also open fire on them?(roll d100, my d100 is for their success)

>> No.20335631

rolled 99 = 99

"Boys, Shoot them now!"

>> No.20335636

rolled 65 = 65


>> No.20335638

rolled 87 = 87

No RPGs yet.
Order your men to aim at the eyes or the legs.

>> No.20335641

rolled 50 = 50


>> No.20335654

launchers a bottle of amsec and warm whore to the first guy to kill me each of those tanks! fire at will

riflemen stand by, stand by!

>> No.20335673

wait, is that jpg name correct? If it is, it's time to start shitting our pants. These are no xenos, gentlemen...

>> No.20335780

shit, did we just get insta gibbed?

>> No.20335798

rolled 46 = 46

Your men cut down three of the five xeno-critters, but the others evade your fire and run straight towards your machine gun nest. Cheater and Lamenor maintain a steady fire, killing of one, then other xeno, when suddenly the last one jumps into the machine gun nest and detonates himself. With a bright explosion gun-nest goes up in flames, killing both of your comrades. With anger and regret men shout curses at the xenos, when Cheater runs out of the burning gun-nest, all in flames, but it seems he managed to cheat death once more... You hear your voc crackling, it's Lugger:
"Scouts! These were scouts! They are sending in infantry!"

Now you notice lines of machine-forms moving in the distance...

Squad Morale: Steady
Overall Moreale: Bad
Lasgun charges: 89%

>> No.20335836

rolled 71 = 71

Over the Vox "We need an EMP! Now!" then, begin throwing shots into the infantry line

>> No.20335837

rolled 49 = 49

Rpg open fire! Cheater, grab a gun and start shooting!
Poor on fire, and throw a grenade into the oncoming enemy if they push to close

>> No.20336017

rolled 96 = 96

Cheater screams in pain and collapses unconscious from pain, still burning. Xander leaves his firing station to help him. Leutenant shouts back at you through vox, there are sounds of shooting and explosions from wherever he is now:

Ferris and Segland release shell after shell, ripping apart enemy troops that get hit by their shots.

Suddenly, you notice, that new guy is not around you as you ordered him to be - as you turn looking for him, you notice that he lies on the bottom of the trench with his head blown off.

Fanter is almost hysterical now:
"Sir, there are too many of them! We lost New Guy, Lamenor and fucking Cheater is down too! We must retreat!"

>> No.20336081

Could we lose people through poor tactical decisions or high-risk, high-reward behaviour rather than through arbitrary dice rolls? Otherwise we don't have much input upon what happens.

>> No.20336083

rolled 21 = 21

Punch that little faggot in the nose "We hold this line for the Emperor until I tell you otherwise, or we all die! Do you understand?! Now quit your bitching, and get back to shooting!" letting loose a warcry that would chill the bones of even the burliest Nob.

>> No.20336092

rolled 30 = 30

Order everyone to fall back to the secondary trench, pick up cheater and whatever weapons you can grab.

Throw grenades

>> No.20336232

rolled 3 = 3

Tell HQ our situation and ask for permission to fall back.

>> No.20336246

rolled 99 = 99

I understand the problem you are trying to adress, but in this situation unfortunately it's a shoot-out against really bad odds and it requires you to make good tactical decisions by default not to lose men.
Private Fanter, still shaking, shuts up and gets back to his firing position, other men seem to be a little relieved that no one is shouting anymore, but they are all scared shitless anyway. Also, you hear Commissar's boltgun being discharged a few times somewhere down the line. This sends shivers down your spine and you really hope it was used to kill off some enemy that got close enough to the lines. A minute later, an unknown voice contacts you.
"Sir, this is private Jainor, we lost sergeant Abser, our squad is still resisting, but we are pressed tight! Could you send a couple of your men here, sir?"
Squad Morale: Bad
Overall Morale: Bad
Men: 43/60
RPG: 7
Lasgun: 68%
Your squad:
7/10 men
There are about 12 enemy wardroids approaching your section, but there seems to be some bigger shapes following behind them... How do you deal with it?

Do yuo fall back to Trench B2?

>> No.20336282

rolled 11 = 11

>Do yuo fall back to Trench B2?
Don't do so.

Do: >>20336232
And order careful shooting of the nearby enemy troops.

>> No.20336327

rolled 86 = 86

After Leutenant hears of your explanation, he sighs and answers:
"Permission for retreat granted. However be sure to leave at least two men per squad to cover the retreat, otherwise you'll be overrun. I'll inform Commissar Ordred."

>> No.20336349

rolled 22 = 22

Give the order to retreat, use my last roll for how effective the retreat goes and order all squads to fire a salvo of rockets into the enemy before retreating.

>> No.20336354

Wardroids suffer horrendous casualties as your RPG team lands a rocket right in the centre of their formation, blowing all of them up...
+12 wardroids destroyed
this roll was accidental.

>> No.20336366

rolled 43 = 43

Unless of course that roll was used for the +12 wardroids destroyed.
In which case re-rolling for the salvo of rockets.

>> No.20336378

rolled 9 = 9

Whom shall you leave to cover the retreat from your squad? Bear in mind, that these men are very likely to die... So far the retreat goes perfectly, without any panic or chaos, men are relocating to the second line of trenches.(rolling for enemy perception, if under 25, they'll start artillery bombardment)

>> No.20336392

Uhm, who can I send?

>> No.20336439

12 wardroids were destroyed because of their 99.
This roll was used for retreat: 11
And this for rocket salvo: 22

Brukk - lean and sneaky trooper, known for not returning his debts and sometimes stealing stuff from other squads. If there was a 'bad guy' in your squad, it was Brukk.

Fanter - hyperactive squad joker, however now he seems to be asleep in his bunk.

Psoran "Cheater" - exceptionally good card player and considered to be accompanied by luck. Veteran, already fought against the enemy at least on three occassions.

Ferris - "Brother Dick" and Seglan - "Brother Cunt", they earned and proudly carried these nicknames since Basic Training, as Seglan is an Anti-Armour trooper with a Mk. VI Rocket Proppelled Grenade Launder and Ferris is loader, so they always work as a team, both in and out of combat.

Xandor, medic who's addicted to stronger semi-legal lho's, but as he does his job, you tend to ignore it.

>> No.20336450

+ Blastface, deformed veteran and
+Arden, young guardsman that isn't very bright, but very loyal and a good cook

>> No.20336452

Ferris and Seglan, they'll stand more of a chance together.

>> No.20336465

Brukk and Blastface

>> No.20336473

rolled 92 = 92

Forgot my roll.

>> No.20336480

rolled 81 = 81

Put a capital on the D bah.

>> No.20336489

Enemy observers must have noticed that you are trying to retreat into the secondary trenches, so they start showering the area between you and your targets with shells. Do you continue with your retreat through this hail of fire?

>> No.20336502

rolled 29 = 29

Hold for now and return steady fire, hopefully they'll run out of ammo soon.

>> No.20336505

rolled 16 = 16

Wait until the artillery stops, I guess.
Bunker down for the next enemy assault.
If I get 10 or below then we charge through it.

>> No.20336512

rolled 68, 96 = 164

rolling for strength and accuracy of the barrage

>> No.20336519

rolled 61 = 61

That's bad right?

>> No.20336585

rolled 97 = 97

As you wait for the barrage to over, you notice two huge figures approaching you, real mechanic juggernouts.

Even though both of them are quite similar, they are also different in their weaponry - one of them is armed with close combat weaponry, while the other seems to favour long ranged combat, armed with mini-rockets and something that looks like plasma-cannon... It starts firing at your men as it approaches.

>> No.20336592

rolled 51 = 51

Use: >>20336505
To fire at them.

>> No.20336737

rolled 7 = 7

Indeed it is. Those crits...
As soon as the metal beast opens fire upon you, Seglan quickly grabs a shell and puts it inside rocket launcher, then shouts:
"LOADED! Fire in the hole!"
Ferris, who already aimed, fires with dealy precision and a moment later krak-charged rocket hits the abomination in it's belly, detonating the reactor and it explodes in a shower of metal and burning pieces... However the second one advanced, jogging over the battlefield towards your lines.

>> No.20336752

rolled 74 = 74

Use: >>20336502
To get the other one as soon as possible unless I roll lower

>> No.20336886

Nope, a little too far back to use that one.
As Juggernout rushes at your trenches, your RPG team fires another rocket, but it bounces off machine's round armour plates. Heavy wardroid jumps into the trench, crushing wounded Cheater underneath it's armoured feet and kicks Xandor who was treating him across the trench, he hits the cold ground still alive, but with every bone in his body crushed from the terrible force contained within the machine. Before anyone can react, it turns towards the gun-nest where your RPG team was hiding and torches both of them with an integrated flamer.

Fantar tries to get out of the trench, screaming. Arden is frantically trying to fix his bayonet. Blastface is opening a squad ammo-box where all the grenades are kept. Brukk is firing at the thing on full auto, screaming in terror and anger.

What do you do?

>> No.20336898

Doing Guardsmen now eh Skargan? Nice to see. polite sage for off topic.

>> No.20336919

Nice to see you, Brother Isaac. Nah, I am still doing the Chapter Quest, this is something for a change.

>> No.20336922

rolled 84 = 84

Alright then.
We gonna slam this jam.
We grab a grenade and run up to the robot, evade it's first attack, pull out the grenade's pin, and slam it into it's eye.

>> No.20336945

rolled 99 = 99

Droid is huge and it's movements in the trench are restricted, but it still is very swift and has a reaction of a machine...

>> No.20336984


I guess they outsourced their oil filters out to some cheap labor area.

>> No.20337007

rolled 62 = 62


>> No.20337011

Oh and discount that roll

>> No.20337049

You run up the wall of a trench and jump on top of the abomination as it continues to slaughter your friends, killing Brukk and Fanter in a hail of boltgun fire. You pull the pin and slam grenade into machine's single evil eye. Only then you realise, that the armour of the machine is too smooth to fix the grenade in place anyhow and you cannot find any other place in it's armour where it would do any damage... There is only one thing holding it in place - your hand. What do you do? You have 3 seconds before it goes off..

>> No.20337059

rolled 69 = 69

Grab your bayonet, impale the grenade into the eye.

>> No.20337081

rolled 3 = 3

Jump back while throwing the grenade towards its eye.

>> No.20337094

Okay, we can go with this.

>> No.20337113

You don't have a bayonet on you, only a boot-knife, but you can't reach it now as you are barely holding around the neck of the machine beast.

Also a biref explanation for question why machine was able to kill your buddies even after rolling a crit fail - that roll was for it's perception to detect you, and it completely failed at that, but it doesn't impair it's other functions. It's the only reason why you managed to get on top of it with a roll of 84.

>> No.20337202

It's a very good roll, but you'll have to think better how to use it. It's a 2.5 meter high wardroid and you are hanging on it's BACK, arms around the nect, while it's eye is facing FRONT, it's physically impossible to throw it into it's eye when it's in opposite direction from you. What do you do?

>> No.20337216

Is there any openings, cracks or anything on the exterior hull?

>> No.20337228

Use our las pistol to blast open a portion of its armor, shove the grenade in, and hit the fuckin dirt.

>> No.20337243


Throw it at the back of the head.

>> No.20337253

Nothing big enough to put in grenade so that it wouldn't fall out. Leg/Hip joints are a possibility, but there would still have to be something to hold grenade in place. Also, it would be VERY hard to reach them in 3 seconds. Well, but your roll could help you with that.

>> No.20337263

Okay fuck this.
We use the 3 roll to SLAM THROUGH THE NECK ARMOR

>> No.20337282

Be a champ. Hold the grenade in place with your hand. Maybe high command ill give you a bionic one.

>> No.20337291

Tank-grade armour, RPG would be able to crack it, but not laspistol.
You may try that, but then there are 2 problems:
A) it might just bounce off/not deal enough damage to kill the bastard
B) you are left with no protection or cover and just three seconds to get awau from the blast zone and exploding bits of droid. Even if grenade would explode in front of the droid, where you are holding your arm right now, your chance of survival would be greater, as the droid itself would act as a cover from the blast.

>> No.20337308

Chainsword it, then grenade.

>> No.20337315


Sounds good.

We'll likely only lose our hand if its a Krak, anyway!

>> No.20337330

Using the three roll
We take our helmet off and place it at the Robot's neck, put the grenade under the helmet and then use our legs to pin the helmet onto the robot

>> No.20337343

Critical rolls are indeed powerful, but they are not magical.
This would work and you wuld even have a chance to survive.
Tank-grade armour.
So, what do you do?

>> No.20337348

See: >>20337330

>> No.20337357


"I always liked that hand..."

>> No.20337362

I like how you think, it could theoretically work. So this or the arm?

>> No.20337365

It's been used in actual military situations, and is a feasible tactic.

>> No.20337386


That would mean choosing whether to lose a hand/arm, or both legs, depending on how you decided to hold the helmet in place. I say it is a "safer" bet just giving up the hand/arm.

>> No.20337409

Fuck it, I'm goin' with helmet idea anon.

>> No.20337436

rolled 49 = 49

I agree that this should work, but I'd appreciate elaboration/link, just from pure curiosity.
You quikcly take off your helmet and put grenade underneath it, pressing it against the weakest part of wardroid's neck. Then you use the warmachine's confusion to lift yourself on top of it and then jump away at the very last moment from the droid, using your legs as the support for the helmet...

Please roll.

>> No.20337438

Our helmet will help curb the blast for one.
Meaning we'll at most only lose our feet.

>> No.20337455

rolled 82 = 82

Rolling for victory.

>> No.20337460

rolled 81 = 81


>> No.20337467

rolled 75 = 75


>> No.20337472

rolled 81 = 81


>> No.20337485

rolled 77 = 77

the emperah has abandoned us!

>> No.20337505

rolled 49 = 49

How could this have possibly happened?

>> No.20337509


Lol, I would much rather lose a hand/arm then my feet/legs any day of the week.

>> No.20337526

rolled 93 = 93

Not the actual guy but there's a story here:
About one guy using a helmet to cover two grenades.
He's got about 200 pieces of shrapnel inside him.

>> No.20337594

rolled 46 = 46

Why the fuck don't we ever roll this high when the GM is using the normal d100 system.

>> No.20337812

Music for the post:
With a bright flash of light you fly into the air, light as a bird... For a moment your eyes catch a glimpse of rising sun in the east, then you hit the ground. You slowly realise, that you cannot feel your legs. Deep in your heart, you know what that means, but you do not want to look down. You prefer the sight of your burning enemy, abomination that killed your friends. You feel really cold again. As your eyes try to focus again, you notice Blastface, who silently sits on the ammo box with a smile on his kind, disfigured face and a piece of metal sticking from his heart. Arden, all white and shaking, steps over the bodies of his comrades to check on Blastface. Old veteran was his mentor and a close friend. What a shame. When he sees him, he starts crying. You want to tell him you are alive, but you know better. It's no use now, you'll just scare the kid. As your eyes once more travel to the sky, you hear a single shot. When you look at the boy again, he's holding Blastface in an embrace of brotherly love. There's peace in his eyes now. The stars are descending. It is beautiful. You breathe in once more, your mutilated body struggling to do such a simple task that was routine for you this morning. But this is the best breath of air you've ever had. You were granted what you asked for and you paid for it. Victory is yours, your duty is done, now it's time to rest.

Grish Skaro, BT-304-220-121, Sergeant of the 93rd Mormarkian, closed his eyes to take his well deserved rest before rejoining the battle.

>> No.20337823

Thought for the day:

For every battle honour, a thousand heroes die alone, unsung and unremembered.

Session over, thanks for playing.

>> No.20337852

I fucking hate inverted roll systems.

>> No.20337869

Truly fitting of a Guardsman.
Good work Skargan.

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