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very simple question:
fuck what Games Workshop thinks: you, the fans, decide:

WHO Deserves the bad-assedness award in WH40K?
----which race/faction truly deserves praise eternal for their very existence?

who deserves the spotlight?

go for it.

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The Eldar.

Why? Because it matters not that they are dying a slow and painful death; nor does it matter that their all-powerful Avatar was just dragged through the mud once again; or that another craftworld fell to whoever's flavour of the month at the moment. Their farseers have less insight than a poor fellow born blind, death and dumb and to them, a decent result in a global campaign means their most charismatic hero is killed off with no one being brought forth to replace him.

And for all this, you can bet your ass that by next codex release, they'll be standing braced for the storm to come, to face more humiliation. For every other races "badass" deeds, the Eldar suffer. They're the true heroes of the Universe that make those fighting a merciless, unending war shine.

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See, I wasnt with you at first, and as an Ork player my satisfaction at Eldrads elimination is infinite, but you won me with your prose. Orks deserve more spotlight than they get, but they arent really hero material, and hell, they make good badguys, so I'm going to vote with this guy.

But more siseters plz

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Eldars got what they deserve. The very thing that's killing them was spawned from their own excess and debauchery.

What have the Lamenters ever done wrong except be heroes (and be Space Marines, since /tg/ hates beakies).

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Sisters of Battle. Bland codex, forgotten most of the time, just some regular women fighting the horrors of the universe... in power armor with super faith.

>> No.20322619


I see your regular women in power armor and raise you Imperial Guardsman and Penal Legion.

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either nids' or the imperial guard for the whole "bury them with corpses" approach.
Their induviduals exist not to conquer but to die so that some higher power may conquer.

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There was that whole Badab War thing...they kinda deserved the ass raping the Minotaurs gave them. And speaking of which, I think the Minotaurs need more press for beating the shit out of Ultrasmurf successors and calling Marneus Calgar a faggot in public.

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With that logic you could say the Guard takes the cake for being hardcore, but I don't think they really count as 'unsung heroes'.

Sisters definitely deserve to be treated better than they are. All other Imperial factions are the sword, or the shield, or the hammer, but the Sisters are naught but blind faith and cleansing flame, and they could really do with some more praise.

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> I think the Minotaurs need more press for beating the shit out of Ultrasmurf successors and calling Marneus Calgar a faggot in public.

I think the lack of "press" is really because much of it gets converted into further infamy to their already infamous reputation.

And also Ultras and their successors are really the only ones who care enough to get all huffy about Minotaurs being Minotaurs. "YOU'RE BANNED FROM OUR INTERGALACTIC STORE!"

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The Space Marines. Always outnumbered, never out matched, a brotherhood bearing the weight of trillions of souls on only a million sets of shoulders, having surrendered their humanity so that humanity itself may live, fiercely proud, but deserving of it. More than human, but less than human, Champions and Heroes but also Monsters.

Over saturated, but if it had to be of any army I'm glad it was the Space Marines.

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Don't forget entirely unbeatable. They are always portrayed as human. Did I mention that they never lose? Because the invincible superhumans who never lose show up in other mediums and are known to be boring as fuck (hint: superman). Space marines are bred for war and show little interest in anything other than the glory of battle. They are not worthy of praise, their existence is not threatened in the slightest.

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>Don't forget entirely unbeatable


>They are always portrayed as human

Yeah, but so's everyone else. It's so the readers can actually follow the damn story. Eldar are human, Tau are human, even Ogryn are human if you read Gav and Bob.

>Did I mention that they never lose?

BIIIIG lol and nope. You're full of shit and both your bias and ignorance are showing.

>Because the invincible superhumans who never lose show up in other mediums and are known to be boring as fuck (hint: superman)

Yeah, but it makes the stories where Superman goes bad all the more interesting.

>Space marines are bred for war and show little interest in anything other than the glory of battle

Orks, Tyranids, etc. Bias is showing.

>They are not worthy of praise

Debatable. I'm sure you think the Imperium of Man and the Emperor aren't either.

>their existence is not threatened in the slightest.

HAHA! Entire chapters are wiped from existence, you clod.

I know /tg/ is irrational and bigoted, but at least stop being straight up WRONG. Jesus Christ.

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Your standard guardsmen.

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>Don't forget entirely unbeatable.

They're not.

>They are always portrayed as human.
>bred for war and show little interest in anything other than the glory of battle.

Not really all that human then.

>Did I mention that they never lose?

Still no.

>Because the invincible superhumans who never lose show up in other mediums and are known to be boring as fuck (hint: superman).

They're not invincible.

>They are not worthy of praise

I think they are more than pretty much anything else in 40k is.

>their existence is not threatened in the slightest.

Yes it is, there's very few of them, each loss is a harsh blow.

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Ward plz go

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I would never have mentioned Grey Knights until I learned that Garviel Loken helped found them.

That makes their existence pretty cool.

>> No.20324275


How does this make something cool?

>> No.20324282

Space Wolves because they have the kind of culture that produces lone wolves, the most heroic and romantic stuff you'll find in the 40K universe.

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*sigh* ...seconded for M.Ward is posting here...

I like your ideas of Sisters of the IG...i myself m a little undecided.

>> No.20324487


Their homeworld was a living hell, they barely survived on it. The Old Ones laughed in their face and refused to help them. So these fucker said fuck you, they spent all their short lives building technology and expanded across the galaxy.But as their empire started fighting each other, their leader went "Why did we do this again? Oh right to kill the guys who were assholes to us."

So they declared war with their super advanced technology against the Biotech Sorcerers that were the Old Ones and the war took a turn for the worse. The Necrons had time travel and a kill the galaxy machine which they used to normally make planets. But instead of going down with a bang they turned to a group of energy beings and shed their mortal bodies to give their new allies power.

This turned the tide of the war and allowed the Necrons to defeat their ancient enemies, but at great cost as they couldn't defeat the children of their great foe, but their ally wanted to keep fighting, so they turned on their allies that cost them their Necronity. So after this they went into hiding to return again when the galaxy was ripe for their taking and the children of their great foe were at their weakest.

The Necron literally went their anguish after anguish and now they finally are getting the chance they always wanted after all the stuff they endured.

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Anything that could ever make Knights interesting is nullified by being THE ELITEST AND ALSO SUPER SECRETEST.

I mean shit, you think Marines are the Emperor's elite? GKs take it to absurd levels and beyond just because. That's not badass, that's lacking any sense of scale.

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Imperial Guard because humanocentrism. Not because of HFY, mind you.

>> No.20324712


And good orks, too. Not the shit we got in spahss muhreen.

Or Sisters. I'd love to see something with SoBs that doesn't involve them becoming hats.

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Orks are the fucking greatest, but I prefer them with good doses of comic relief. It's hard to combine that with being legitimate badasses.

>> No.20324787

IG, followed by Eldar and maybe Space Marines. Sisters should be close behind though.

>Gospel, adherns
I aint THAT hard for the Sisters captcha

>> No.20324824

Is it even possible for an ork to be "heroic"?

>> No.20324832

>It's hard to combine that with being legitimate badasses.
Read Deff Skwadron and say that again. And shit, what's wrong with a 40K dark comedy about orks gleefully ripping the galaxy's shit?

>> No.20324838

What does "heroic" have to do with anything?

>> No.20324845

heroic, badass, whatever.

>> No.20324862

Absolutely nothing, which is why I'm kinda pissed there haven't been more comics or a book written from their perspective.

>> No.20324896

>which race/faction truly deserves praise eternal for their very existence?
None of them, they're all unbelievable shits the universe would be better off without.

>> No.20325025

I like my space marines, call me a space marine kid if it makes you feel better, say that their mary sue to prove your point. But let me rephrase, I like most space marine fluff/lore. I like it when the space marines are given the training, the genes, the abilities, the equipment that makes them the elite of the imperium, but are still suseptible to an overwhelming force of orks. They still can fall if tau out gun them. If they fall prey to an elder ambush. Its the stories before their inevitable demise that makes me think their the most badass. Not the classic Mephiston lore where one space marine takes on a bunch orks unarmed and flies off using MAGIK! Fuck that. It's the possiblity of failing that makes them heroic. If you must have plot armor don't shove it in my face.

>> No.20325130

But they're fighting for the destruction of all non-human sentient life. That's not really 'praise their existence'-worthy.

>> No.20325173

They do it to defend their species.
They also make GW enough money that other races can exist.

>> No.20325232

well nearly all races have those factions if not the whole race is just as xenocide centric as the majority of the space marine chapters. Don't forget though their are some chapters who are fine with working with xenos to further their ends. Which is as far away from xenophobic as you get in 40k, Tau have to use mind control if they didn't they would never trust other races.

>> No.20325366

>10. Unknown

Fuck yes I love orks

>> No.20325374

>Which is as far away from xenophobic as you get in 40k

Ain't that just some bullshit though? Here you've got His Angels Of Death, built from the ground up to whack everything that ain't human, and they're buddy-buddy with a major xeno race. I mean, I can dig temporary alliances in the spur of battle, but there's a limit. This doesn't feel as much as alliance through necessity or admitted weakness, but more a "see, we CAN play with the other kids!" mentality.

>> No.20325511


It's cannon, deal with it.

>> No.20325532

not the guy you're talking to,
but canon doesn't really mean much in 40k.

>> No.20325537

Canon don't mean it ain't horseshit.

After all, I recall a bunch of very special hats...

>> No.20325657

Dark Eldar.

Every other faction tries to justify their actions. We have humanity, divided and full of hate, scrabbling to dominate the galaxy knowing full well that they cannot. The Craftworlders are even worse off, a race slowly dying out due to their constrained ways. Both are fighting for survival. The Tau are tiny and insignificant, but noble hearted. Tyranids are mindless. Orks are living weapons of war. Necrons are largely automatons.

The Dark Eldar are alive and sentient. They aren't fighting for survival, or because they've been hard-coded for war. They are perfectly happy and safe in Commorragh. They fight because it is fun to them, because they like showing their superiority and trying out new toys. They're unashamedly evil in a world full of people trying to justify their actions.

>> No.20325917

sigh... not understanding dark eldar fluff

>> No.20325929

They're also literally "I rape the guardsman" Chaotic Stupid.

>> No.20325938

>They fight because it is fun to them, because they like showing their superiority and trying out new toys.

And because if they don't Slaanesh will rip their souls out of their collective urethra.

Its just as much out of survival for them bud.

>> No.20325999

>people trying to justify their actions.
Orks don't justify shit.

>> No.20329353

I'd like to see Guard survive Lascannon fire through Faith alone.

>> No.20330671



You realize that the only thing that makes Superman invincible is exactly the same thing that makes every other protagonist in fiction invinicible?

That's the reason it's so surprising when they kill off a protagonist. Plot armor means we DON'T EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN.

Batman and Kamen Rider are both exactly as invincible as Superman is.

>> No.20330913

the IG has the biggest titanium balls, for every gigantic gene altered space marine, daemon possesed cultists, eldar weapon master who's trained for a 100 years, ork nob who could pull your arms off by barely trying, blue mech pilot in his nigh invincible suit or fire warrior wielding the best tech his race can offer, every undying soul bound to a robot, every cruel and calculating wytch, and ravenous bug controlled by an inhuman intelligence so vast it's incalculable.

there are men, just men, given the worst cheapest equipment, watched at every moment for any sign of weakness by their superiors and pitted against odds that are so out of proportion that the very idea of fighting them seems ludicrous. these men stand proud and tall, they die for their families back home and their comrades beside them and they never give an inch of ground without making their enemy pay dearly in blood and sweat. because they know that if they falter, if they flinch for even a moment, everything they know and everything they love could be destroyed in an instant.

those men are the real heroes of the 41st millennia, because they refuse to go quietly and let the bastards that call them weak and call them cowards win and prove themselves right.

>> No.20330946


Hahaha, no, HFY kiddie. Individual members of the guard have titanic balls of steel. The guard as a whole is generally shit.

>> No.20330976

Yes but they still get far more to work with than most armies can ever hope for. IMHO, nothing Imperial should ever deserve the bad-ass award. The only award they deserve is the award for who's the biggest ass.

>> No.20331010

>They also make GW enough money that other races can exist.

No they don't. They just make GW enough money to not care about adding more races to 40k or to make it more interesting for anyone not playing muhreens.

>> No.20331323

Orkz do.

There is only war.
Orkz love wa- I mean WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!

So Orkz are the only race who are happy with their state of affairs. No struggle for life and death, just one great big mosh pit with lasguns, demons and LOTS OF DAKKA!! YOU ALWAYS NEEDZ MORE DAKKA AN' YOU AIN'T NEVER GOT ENUF DAKKA!! YOU GROTS GOT DAT!?

>> No.20331376

Really? After reading Deff Skwadron I really feel like you could center the world on Orks. I mean, yes, it'd be less grim dark and more violent comedy, but that's not necessarily a bad direction for things.

Seriously though, you could do a great series of games with Orks:
Rogue Trader -> Freebooter
Only War -> Only Waaaaaagh
Deathwatch -> Meganobz: Da Smashening
Dark Heresy -> I dunno, but fuck it, we're making a Deff Skwadron game

>> No.20331408

Tyranids. Why? Because in a galaxy filled with over poweredness they manage to be the end all. The killing blow of this galaxy. The "we are gonna fuck your shit eventually and there is little to nothing you can do about it" race.

>> No.20331602

To be fair, there is still the possibility of the Orks uniting in the face of such a massive battle that it would span the whole galaxy

>> No.20331689

the best part, if you can prove yourself orky enough, they take you in even if your human

>> No.20331727

>this is what happens when we hold the line and lose

>> No.20331757

please please please make this a thing, make all of these possible

>> No.20331820


Fucking Imperial rage quit.

>> No.20331850

you know whats better than the feeling of having a prosperous world under my control, the feeling of you not having it

>> No.20331929

They supported the Astral Claws which later morphed into the Red Corsairs who have done a lot of damage for the short period of time they have been around.

I have to say the Imperial Guard. Not Cadians or any "elite" regiment either, I mean the common every day regiments that come from some random Imperial world or Agri-world. These men and women are drafted from their homeworlds, given a simple flak vest, a lasgun, some basic training, and sent into battle knowing that they will never see their home again.

They will fight a hundred battles on a dozen worlds, and if they are fortunate, skilled, and heroic enough to avoid execution for cowardice or treason, they will be allowed to colonize a war torn world that they have spent years fighting on.

The men of the Imperial Guard don't fight for glory, since few will ever hear of their deeds, they don't fight for land, or money, or power, since at best they can hope for a small plot of land on a deserted planet, few fight for some higher cause like the Imperium, or honour. Most men and women of the Guard fight because they have no choice. They don't care about the world they fight on, but they still fight, hoping that some day they can be given colonization rights over some world and live out the rest of their lives in peace.

>> No.20331931

You forget. Tyranids have driven off exterminatus ships before. Hell thats the Tyranid ending in Dow 2: Retribution.

>> No.20331954

>not canon

>> No.20331956


I would love to play an Ork FPS. The target reticle would take up half the screen and have no crosshairs. Maybe in 10 years computers will be fast enough to render enough dakka to make if feasible.

Yea, enough, I know right?

>> No.20331969

I see a lot of people nominating armies, but few nominating individuals. My vote goes to Justicar Anval Thawn, simply because of the fact that he is able to fight without hope. He KNOWS that he and everyone he fights for is screwed. And yet, he keeps fighting anyway.

>> No.20331977

>Only Waaaaaagh
Classes include Nobz, Painboyz, Boyz, Meks, Kommandos, Grechin, and Grots (in Killa Kanz).

>> No.20331984


the only person who could possibly hold the title of most badass

>> No.20331994

add weirdboyz and you got a player right here

>> No.20332045

Ah yes, terribly sorry I forgot about them. New class list
>Grots (in Killa Kanz)

What other ideas do people have?

>> No.20332077

stormboyz, because jetpacks are awesome, the downside, everytime you jump you gotta roll to see if your jetpack explodes during use

>> No.20332159

>Grots (in Killa Kanz)
>Speed Freaks
>Special Weapon Orks (don't know what to call them, but includes any Orks with special guns such as Burnas and Lootas)

>> No.20332192

flash gitz, because I want more dakka than your average ork, plus I think that's what the special weapons orks would be called anyways

>> No.20332230

grots should get a minor accuracy bonus, seeing as they aren't as dumb or excitable as regular greenskins

>> No.20332255

Flash Gitz: +10 Dakka, -15 INT

>> No.20332262

Might just fall under Nobz, just with special equipment.

>> No.20332271

Too bad they're not really that awesome in 40k...

>> No.20332283

No. Flash Gitz are their own breed entirely.

>> No.20332291

why int so low, chr would be the low stat it's said that other orks don't like 'em in the codexes anyway, you gotta be pretty smart to put those guns together and not have them explode in your face

>> No.20332296


>dakka loads from the outside
>ejects shell casings to the inside

Come on Orks, thats the basics ergonomic dakkaing.

>> No.20332307

>orks with jetpacks
>not awesome
I refuse.

>> No.20332312

he never thought of it, I bet if you explained the concept to an ork He'd be amazed that he wasn't doing it from the start.

then he'd krump ya and taker your idea and say he thought of it

>> No.20332324


Yes, we get it, they're comic relief.

They're also LIVING WEAPONS, who are so efficient at war, they bring their ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM WITH THEM. They can set up on a hostile planet and within a few years, have an entirely sustainable eco-system.

They also have enough ingenuity to beat entire armies armed with scrap that they MacGyver into weaponry.

They can survive all but the gravest injuries, and are NATURALLY as tough as a genetically-modified super soldier.

When killed, they produce MORE of themselves.

They are absolutely the perfect race for war.

>> No.20332326

Because all they care about is how flash their dakka is. Not krumping, not looting, not slugging or chopping things, just shooting their dakka. They're even more of idiot savants than the average ork.

>> No.20332339

well it's intelligence, it's just focused in only one feild of knowledge, how to make flash ass dakka

>> No.20332344

As in tabletop. They're just an optionless choppa mob with jump packs that cost 2x as much. Pretty sad, really.

>> No.20332354

>Yes, we get it, they're comic relief.
In a black humor fashion.

>> No.20332355


Actually, in 6th, Hammer of Wrath attacks made them pretty decent.

>> No.20332364

>how flash their dakka is

Right now I am imagining Orks firing rhinestone encrusted bullets with burberry check shell casings.

>> No.20332365

As much as I love Chaos I can't really bring them into this..sure they kick ass whenever they decide to get together, but 90% of the time this isn't the case. That means 90% of the time they just shoot each other over like ONE Daemon weapon.

I'm going to have to agree with Guardsmen on this one.

>> No.20332366

but in only waagh you've got a high mobility melee klass (ork for class)

captcha: uncle rawarhap

this is now my cahracter name in only waagh

>> No.20332412

only waaagh should get it's own thread, I bet /tg/ could make the most awesome homebrew ever

>> No.20332415


That's not far off actual Flash Gits. They just build things to be as ostentatious as possible.

>> No.20332418

Not really... They are still excessively expensive slugga/choppas with no upgrade options, and shit combat stats. You still lose too many when charging due to no survivability.

Bikes are a lot better, and far more versatile now. I'd rather take a unit of 8 bikes over 20 Stormboyz any day.

>> No.20332434

Yes... that's exactly what /tg/ needs... yet *ANOTHER* 40k related thread...

>> No.20332448


I'll teach you to be sarcastic

>> No.20332450


But they are not the perfect race for a war, they are a perfect race for a guerrilla campaign. Hard to get rid of and easy access to basic tech.

Orks don't really win much in 40K, they might have a worse win ratio than the Tau.

When the Orks fought against the Crimson fists what really struck a blow against the Crimson Fists was that their own defense missiles blew up and killed 400 of them.

I am not saying that Orks should not win, but that the fluff needs to show more Orkish victories before anyone can talk about them being a race that is perfect for war.

And anyways, both the Eldar and the Tyranids would even then have a valid claim to be called the perfect war race.

>> No.20332455

>perfect race for war

nigga you just jumped into a retard hole

>> No.20332457

I was going to say Imperial Guard, but instead I will say Tau. Why? Because they're like infants who were just born in the middle of a machete fight, but they try anyways.

>> No.20332468

they try and fail horribly, like infants born in a machete fight

machete fight is not for babbys

>> No.20332472

Don't worry, we'll manage to turn it into a quest thread about underage lesbians saving the world through scissoring so you don't feel left out!

>> No.20332482

>Orks don't really win much in 40K, they might have a worse win ratio than the Tau.

They have the worst win ratio in the game! GW has been using them as their 'go to punching-bag villains' for over a fucking decade.

>> No.20332535


Basically this, Orks may be fun, but they are the biggest losers in the game and have been so for a long, long time.

>> No.20332553


Draigo of course! He not only shits manlyness, beat a Lord of Change, but then proceeds to survive his entry into the Warp, wakes up, kills one of Khornes favourite Exalted Bloodthirsters with his bare hands! Then proceeds to melt his Chaos Metal forged Khornite Axe into his Titan blade, then proceeds to burn down Nurgles forest, crush the walls of that wall thing.... Killing thousands of daemons on his own!


>> No.20332557

That's really not their fault though, but rather the shit-tier writing at Black Library, and GW's obsession with making them the wooby of the setting. GW as a whole, including Black Library and anyone with access to GW's IP (*cough* Relic/THQ) should pull their collective heads out of their collective ass and try a different approach. Forge World at least got it right with Imperial Armor 8.

>> No.20332561

don't forget all the warp dust that constantly goes up his nose, that's the only reason he can dop these things, he's completely out of his mind on drugs

>> No.20332566

That doesn't make him manly. That makes him some developer's 'self-insert'.

Go look up Audie Murphy if you want to see real manliness.

>> No.20332578

At least Relic/THQ usually gives us one awesome ork per game to make up for their bullshit.

And to be honest, I had the most fun playing through the DoW2 Blood Ravens campaign when I was up against orks. Their death quotes were fucking hilarious.

>> No.20332601


While i did not like DOW 2 all that much i liked Kaptin Bluddflagg the best. There were moments when he came off as somewhat intelligent in addition to being a murderclown.

>> No.20332637

I have yet to get to him because the game is painful to slog through at times and I want to finish DoW 2 and Chaos Rising before I move on to Retribution. But goddamn am I looking forward to him. He's what keeps me going through all this WE ARE DA SPEHSS MUHREENS, WE ARE DE EMPRAHS FURRIES shit I gotta put up with.

>> No.20332641


I guess you didn't get the "Yeah! He is TEH BESTZOR. OR ANY SPESSMARIEN LOL TEH BEST!!!11one" was meaning everything I wrote was sarcasm.

I find him stupidly OP in terms of lore but shit in game sense (duh, he has to be lol).

>> No.20332657

Has anyone started the thread yet? If not I will.

>> No.20332661


Well the Tyranids were very dull and boring, the Hive Tyrant was massively overpowered (it never went down) and unsurprisingly it did not have much character.

Blud Rehvens, Chaos and Eldar was pretty damn lackluster too.

Imperial Guard had some good spots, but the Orks were the best.

>> No.20332664

>At least Relic/THQ usually gives us one awesome ork per game to make up for their bullshit.

There was nothing awesome about the orks in Spess Muhreen.

>> No.20332679

Hence the word usually.

And as lackluster as he was, the Ork Warboss in Spehss Muhreen was still the best character in the whole game.

>> No.20332681

I counter sarcasm with dead-pan serious responses, delivered by dead-cold eyes that have seen some shit in their time.

>> No.20332683

no, but the main character being the only cool ultrasmurf made up for it

me, I'm still waiting for the imperial Guard FPS/Survival horror game that they should make

>> No.20332690

Like I said...


>> No.20332697

Once again, the operative phrase was usually, as in two out of three games.

>> No.20332706


I know that feel, bro.

>> No.20332714

and I counter both sacrcasm and seriousness by being SILLY! yay

>> No.20332717


>> No.20332724

Too bad no one ever sees your eyes, what with your head so firmly wedged up your ass and all.

>> No.20332729


I have no idea who is trolling who anymore.

>> No.20332756

Its pretty hard to give a shit about Space Marines when all of their weaknesses are negligible.

No they're not oh so vulnerable to their losses, successor chapters fill the void and the since that bullshit with "angles of death never truly die" with their gene-seed they can just recruit a new one.

Not to mention all of their reasons for being so badass are 1/3rd equipment and 2/3rds plot armor. There is no good reason why even 10 guardsmen would be inferior to 1 space marine, no matter how you cut it, 10 men with lasguns, grenades, and tactical training is superior to one guy who rushes out of cover to melee fight the monstrosity.

I'll also throw in that having a character doing nothing but talking of fighting and glory is fucking boring. Space Marines used to be interesting when they were just up armored judges from Judge Dredd, now they do nothing but praise the emperor and shout slogans like the idiots who play them religiously.

Nids get a pass because they don't have any specific characters, but that just means they're bad an a whole other level. Nids are one of the most forgettable simply because they do nothing but add to their biomass. They don't use diplomacy, they don't manipulate their targets, and they don't have any strategic sense; they just charge and consume.

Orks are acceptable because they're all about character. While I miss the days when they weren't magic hooting retards, they still manage to take the most simple reason to fight out of the three and turn it into something fun. They fight because they want to, but then they go on fun side-projects like creating a warp-highway, or waging Imperial Proxy wars.

...wait they retconned Imperial Blood axe mercenaries?

Nevermind, I redact all my praise.

>> No.20332778

but I like my magic hooting retards

>> No.20332781

This. A thousand times this.

>While I miss the days when they weren't magic hooting retards,
They really aren't. It's a misconception amongst the 40k fanbase, particularly those who don't feel like fully reading into the current fluff regarding it. The Waaagh has minor effects, like boosting morale or keeping their weapons from jamming.

>...wait they retconned Imperial Blood axe mercenaries?
Nope. They still exist.

>> No.20332831

orks gonna ork

and that means hiring themselves out to whoever pays good, why would GW get rid of that, they still have freebooterz with human crew members

>> No.20332934


The problem is that the things that make Space Marines actually interesting, that they are religious fanatics, that they are pawns in the Imperial Defense Grid, would make them not "Teh BESTZORZ" so it gets left out.

>> No.20332935

>They really aren't. It's a misconception amongst the 40k fanbase, particularly those who don't feel like fully reading into the current fluff regarding it.
I think he was referring more to the fact that orks are being dumbed down from semi-tactical barbarian types that could actually be negotiated with on occasion to green nids.

>> No.20332943

>Nope. They still exist
You sure? Some asshole at the LGS said they hadn't been since 2nd and proceeded to lecture me on how superior the current fluff is.

They're fun that way too, but its fair to say that they were more sympathetic before they became a pest problem.

>> No.20332950

Psykers, the bolt magnets, the poppers, the lightning rods or whatever other nicknames you give them. In our DH game the Psyker always seems to save the party in one way or another, be it patching up his companions after a battle, sniping explosive tanks, or using biolightning to fuck shit up. Psykers are awesome. He also is one of the longest lasting characters in our group and especially for DH.

Adapta Soroitas are pretty awesome too.

>> No.20333006

This. Regardless of what people say, I don't accept that a box with a trigger and some bolts creates a functional gun; I understand the Waauugh is a subtle boost. While this is probably not canon, I always though the main reason for the waugh was to overcome maintenance logistics and keep machines working long after their lubricant has run dry.

>> No.20333043

well that guy at LGS is a dingus of the asshat variety, he probably tried to get you to buy mahrines didn't he?

>> No.20333109

>You sure? Some asshole at the LGS said they hadn't been since 2nd and proceeded to lecture me on how superior the current fluff is.

Yes. That asshat at the LGS is most likely another one of "those guys" who don't bother to read fluff beyond his favorite mehreen codex. Hell most of them can't even name all the clans if they don't have access to a computer or the Ork codex.

Anyways, even in the current codex it mentions the Blood Axes being noted for their mercenary ways.

>I think he was referring more to the fact that orks are being dumbed down from semi-tactical barbarian types that could actually be negotiated with on occasion to green nids.
Only Black Library's shit-tier writing (i.e. all of it) and the video games with the IP license (*cough* spess muhreen) dumb them down to that degree. Imperial Armor 8 does a good job of portraying the Orks in their true fashion. Amazing how not having dev-bias and plot-wank can improve a story to the point where it's actually interesting to read if you're older than 12!

>> No.20333125

>The Blood Axes are held by the other clans to be a bunch of untrustworthy gits. They trade openly with the Imperium, parley with the foe and will even consider retreating from battle if faced with insurmountable odds.
>they have made the most contact with the forces of the Imperium, occasionally fighting as mercenaries and making extensive use of Imperial war materiel
- Codex: Orks

>An Imperial Guard general might hire Orks of the Blood Axe clan, little realising that his Chaos Space Marine enemies have already struck a similar arrangement with the selfsame greenskins.
- 6E rulebook

>> No.20333150

He didn't specifically say BUY MUHREENS. But he did press why I didn't play 40k anymore, and did talk about all the bad-ass marine codexes they put out.

He didn't even work there, and eventually the owner and I told him to shut up or leave since IT WAS FUCKING FLAMES OF WAR DAY. This fucker couldn't grasp that I was there, with Flames of War, to play fucking Flames of War.

Not going to be that guy who compares his game to 40k to make it look better, but GOD DAMN does 40k rope in the assholes around here.

Its not even GW, the WFB guys are cool as shit and look like they're having fun even while they're losing.

>> No.20333164

>While this is probably not canon, I always though the main reason for the waugh was to overcome maintenance logistics and keep machines working long after their lubricant has run dry.

No, that's pretty much it per canon. It has minor effects as such, other examples being a red vehicle having an extra couple horsepower. But overall it's effects are minor, and all Ork tech still works in another race's hands (though it jams often, or may misfire). Citations for that include FF's Rogue Trader rpg, as well as the Armageddon Ork Hunters from Chapter Approved back in 3rd/3.5e era. Nothing has really changed concerning Ork fluff since that time.

>> No.20333177


your final statement redeems you. Bon Grazi.

>> No.20333193

Fellow Flames player, huh? Right on! FoW is probably one of the best examples I've seen for how to do numerous variant armies and a smooth, fast-playing wargame.

>> No.20333201

> Regardless of what people say, I don't accept that a box with a trigger and some bolts creates a functional gun
This complaint is really starting to get old. Most people on /tg/ don't actually think that, they just joke about it. The ones that do actually think that are usually corrected when trying to apply it seriously. The reason it looks like so many people think orks can break the universe with their mind is because there is rarely anything serious on 4chan.

>> No.20333218

you have DOW and Space Marine to thank for that, any idiot with an xbox and some free time can end up liking 40k, even if they're one of those cowadooty kids or a that guy

>> No.20333227

>Most people on /tg/ don't actually think that, they just joke about it.

No. They do. And a rather large percentage of non-ork 40k players perpetuate that.

>> No.20333262

You mustn't come around here often, people actually believe the Waaauugh is the reason why orks have anything.

There are some things that are a joke, like ward being the worst ever, but people really fucking believe that the Waaaauggh can do anything.

>> No.20333266

>No. They do.
No. They don't.

>> No.20333288


It's nice to hear that it's not true, when I first heard it I thought it was the dumbest thing ever, of course things just got dumber after that.

>> No.20333292

>CTRL-F "Squats"
>fucking kids

>> No.20333301

>implying impurrial catgirls aren't superior

>> No.20333312


I quote the OP
>deserves praise eternal for their very existence


How did the whole getting eaten by Tyranids work out for you?

>> No.20333328

FoW is great, but it the people who played 40k around here were better I'd play both. Yeah 40k has its problems, but watching the WFB guys come together with different armies, discuss fluff, and play a couple games makes me miss the days when I could hangout with guys and talk fiction.

The FoW guys here are great, but basically all of our conversations are unrelated. You can't really get exited about who could win the upcoming Kursk campaign, considering that its been won for more than a half century now.

>> No.20333343

Guys, there is a middle ground. The guns are made to be operational, out of bits of scrap. This alone should not work, even though it has all the whirrin' bits that it needs, but the ork psychological effect helps it keep running. Note I said helps. That means you can't take a stick and shoot a missile out of it, you need the actual working gun, even if it is shit.
Also the ork Waaagh power is real, because the codex says that wierdboys take their power from it(or it could be a different name for the warp), then again, you don't draw warp energy through intermediares, you usually draw it from the warp it's self, and the 'dex says the waagh power is directly related to the amount of boys and their morale.

>> No.20333385

Seriously, you must not frequent ork related threads here. Hell the majority of non-ork players think magic make-believe science is why any Ork tech works, and can let them shoot bullets from metal pipes, or fly cardboard planes. It's not just /tg/, it's even places like Dakka (aka DurpaDurpa), BoLS, or Whineseer. I've actually been in an argument with a GK fanboy about this, in the middle of a fucking GW, and it wasn't until I told him to prove (and he predictably failed) did he back down.

>> No.20333439

>implying that's not exactly the dick move I'm drawing attention to.

Sure, Space Dorfs are ridiculous and need to be excised from history... but let's keep the orcs and elves... er, Orks and Eldar. GW disappearing up their own arses at its finest. Yes, Rogue Trader nostalgia. Fuck you all.

>> No.20333458

Here's how I've seen it go time and time again on threads here
>I hate that everyone thinks WAAGH is instawin magic!
Uhhh, no one here has said that
>Yes you did!
No I didn't
>Yes you did!

You know, sort of like what happened just now. Granted, you'll see one of those IF ORKS THOT A HORMAGAUNT WAS A CARNIFEX, WOULD IT BECOME ONE threads, but whenever I do bother to poke into one of those threads, it seems to about 50/50 between people who honestly think the WAAAGH works like that and people who don't. Not to mention, by your own admission it's mostly non-ork players who are fucking this concept up.
Quit bitching, squats are back.

>> No.20333490

The FoW group I play with has a lot of really cool guys in it. A few are military or ex-military, and all but one are really cool, personable guys. Hell half the time we spend joking around, or trying bizarre lists. And we tend to do a lot of "fuck it, team games" with combinations like Soviets+Gemans vs US+Hungarians.

>> No.20333517

I love FoW. it's like table top company of heroes.

but nothin beats that 40k fluff, for the IG at least. bit as soon as THAT guy shows up, it's not fun anymore and I want to play FoW instead. find the right people and 40k is fucking awesome

>> No.20333523

All these posts and still no Tanith? These guys are balls to the walls, stone cold motherfuckers. They are the last left alive from their planet (or they were recruited for being total hardasses during a battle for a hive), led by the only Commissar-Colonel in the entire Imperium, invaded a chaos world (successfully), survived untainted, fought with a living saint. Have possibly the best IG sniper. They've had missions of theirs deemed impossible due to their awesomeness (20 of them killing a thousand servants of chaos), and are written by Dan Abnett. Fuck yeah.

>> No.20333526

Funny. Because all the ones I see are almost always:

>WAAGH is instawin magic!
Uhhh, it doesn't work like that.
Prove it

>> No.20333527

Tyranids, if not for the simple fact that they are so unlike all of the other armies in 40K...alien-esque AK's aside...

>> No.20333544

and boring, nids are boring.

>> No.20333571

As explained in 3e Ork dex Ork teknology works by WAAGH field only.

Therefore if a bunch of Orks extremely saturated with WAAGH energy crawled inside a hollow log and for some reason believed it was a rokkit, they could fly into spess with it.

Events like that are just extremely rare as in largest WAAGH's don't gather enough energy for it.

>> No.20333589

coop from megas XLR is the human version of a Big Mek.

and he only needs two people to give him enough WAAAAGH to win any battle

>> No.20333621

I have rarely seen that, unless you think those discussions about which color crayon would make the best ammo for your dakka are serious, in which case you're a little bit retarded.

>> No.20333624

Oh trust me, we know.

>> No.20333641

ugh, why does gork have to be the worst character from one of the worst anime's ever made. why can't he be someone cool

>> No.20333671

While I'm not much of a fan of the obnoxious fanbase TTGL has, the whole spiral energy thing fits with orks. Maybe this will make you feel better.

>> No.20333695

>one of the worst anime ever made

You obviously don't watch that many cartoons.

>> No.20333704

>As explained in 3e Ork dex Ork teknology works by WAAGH field only.

Apparently you haven't ever actually read the 3e codex to any great lengths. Please, provide a page number and exact quote!

>> No.20333708

I do, thats why I said ONE of and not THE.

I reserve that spot for bleach, I could slap my nuts on a keyboard and write a better plot than bleach's

>> No.20333717

Tau, because all humanity is Mary sue. Eldars are gay 80s hairband drag queens. Tyranids are unoriginal. Orks are merely comic relief. Then there are the skeletons that are just plain skeletons, but made of metal.

>> No.20333743

tau are weeaboo and shoehorned so you're opinion is invalid

speaking of shoehorns, when's the last time you saw an actual one, i saw my last IRL shoehorn at my grandma's house

>> No.20333769

Nope, Tyranids actually allow for the hobbyist to sport exceptional amounts of creativity and imagination due to the great opportunities for customizing their models, their versatile deployment/tactics, and the open-endedness of their fluff merely consisting of 'other' races attempts to understand them.

They are completely incomprehensible to the rest of the 40K universe, and therefore are shunned as being mindless by less-innovative hobbyists that prefer a nice set of railroads to play within.

>> No.20333775

Do you know what weabboo means?

>> No.20333789

no I mean the fluff is boring, the models are awesome

>> No.20333805


Do you? Considering that you can't spell it.

>> No.20333808

yes, someone who is annoyingly obbsessed with japan. Tau were designed to appeal to that audience and not to fit with 40k in any real way, they were madfe to sell models to 12 year olds who just watched MS gundam

>> No.20333878

Wait...wouldn't it mean that the Tau are meant for weeaboos and not that it is?

Also........squats are best.

>> No.20334197

Tyranids for the most-badass award. They've nommed their way through twelve galaxies, spent billions of years adapting and perfecting their own species, and did all this with one basic thought.


They've been through so much time and distance that normal people could not hope to understand. And they will keep going. Our Milky Way is just another step on their ladder.

>> No.20334222

>twelve galaxies
We don't know how many galaxies, if any, they've "nommed through.
>one basic thought. Survive.
More like consume. But then again, their Hive-Mind is anything but basic.

>> No.20334242

Nids being a blank slate is a terrible excuse for their lack of character.

>> No.20334268

The Inquisition. Think about it.

Even their own faction/race is afraid of them.

>> No.20334374

I'm fairly certain the nid cosex states they've been through a dozen, actually.

>> No.20334400

provide citation (beyond "hurr nid codex), and you'll have some credibility to that claim.

>> No.20334439

Hunger is a large part of survival, friend.

>> No.20334460

I cannot, as no copy of the codex is within reach. This is why I did not say I'm absolutely positive. If no kind anon will correct me, it may be some time before I can cite it.

>> No.20334470


>consume bio-mass and increase in size
>require more resources to sustain self due to larger size
>provoke conflict with ultra-militarized galaxy to acquire resources

Not the most sophisticated survival strategy.

>> No.20334490

Genestealer cults. Why? Because they are awesome in every respect. They are so different from other factions. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION! LONG LIVE THE FATHER!

>> No.20334544

I'm not a big fan of guard, and and even though I play them, I think eldar are as dry and boring as a pain tin lid, so unfortunately both my Badass awards have to go to Spece Maranes

>Most badass faction
Space Sharks.

Yes fucking Space Sharks. You know how trenchcoats and cowboy boots make you look like a faggot. Untill you go to texas, and you're driving through the country, and there's a guy in a duster and cowboy boots, and its like 'He's a badass'. Well that's what space sharks are like, but with there name. They have a cheesy fucking name, than no one could pull off, if they weren't an official chapter, and didn't have all this fluff and miniatures and rules.

>Most badass person

Or as I call him, the protagonist of 40k. Never played DA in my life, don't like them. But this motherfucker is like all those marines you read about in the horus heresy books, the captains who stayed loyal from traitor legions, but in the current timeline. He's going to kill the emperor.... to save the imperium. Who else has the balls to do that?! No one, that's who. Except Cypher

>> No.20334573

>A few pages of fluff
>1 mini
>1 special rule

All these minis and rules and fluffs! But I agree, Space Sharks are awesome.

But chainswords and bolt pistols should be a choice on tactical squads anyways. Why must I take Tyberos to do that?

>> No.20334582

Technically, you ARE wrong. It does not say that in the nid codex. Rather, it is on page 166 of the 5e rulebook. It says that the barren husks of a dozen galaxies lie consumed in their wake or something.
You make it seem like the nids had a choice and made a foolhardy decision. Think about it; life probably isn't common throughout the universe. Especially since the fluff seems to be sticking to humanoid conditions for the most part. Even our own Milky Way is relatively empty in 40k. The nids have flung themselves between twelve galaxies now. They probably had to take what they can get. The closest galaxy with proportionally large amount of biomass for consumption. After so long, I think they've got it down.

>> No.20334595

But...they're nids...

>> No.20334620

At first I thought you meant the literal space sharks that are at war with the imperium. Those guys are pretty rad, too.

>> No.20334666

I've been to Texas. Trenchcoats and cowboy boots looked just as fucking gay together as they do anywhere else. There were just MORE faggots wearing them, and driving giant fucking trucks pretending they owned every road and rules didn't apply to them somehow.

And no, Space Sharks are fucking retarded. No more badass than any other -Noun- Marines (i.e. "viking marines", "vampire marines", "holier-than-thou marines", etc.).

>> No.20334701

Nice opinion you have there, buddy. Looks like the manufacturer messed up, though, it looks like it's been labelled 'fact'.

>> No.20334721

My opinion is no different than >>20334544

And trenchcoats+cowboy boots still looks fucking gay, no matter where you are.

>> No.20334740

The commissar would like a word with you sir.

>> No.20334768


>> No.20334790

Deal with it, faggot. Not everyone has to agree to someone's arbitrary opinion. I think Space Sharks are fucking retarded. As are yiffy yiff 'viking muhreens', or 'robed secretive muhreens'.

Stupid fucking mono-themes, for stupid fucking people. And that, is 100% opinion and nothing more.

>> No.20334818

You occasionally stumble across that one guy. That poor miserable bastard that looks like he stepped through time from the wild frontier itself to the modern era. The kind of man who smells faintly of pure cut tobacco rather than cigarettes, who you could never imagine not wearing a duster or cowboy hat.

He always looks so dead inside...

>> No.20334852

Well, mono-themes are dumb but space sharks have like, these things going for them.
A) very few records of their existence, and what records do exist could be a completely different chapter
B) they just showed up to fight the Badab War, wrecked some shit, and left
C) most of their shit is scavenged or repaired so many times it's a wonder they still make it work.
D) nobody knows what their purpose is, and nobody knows where they are/is, or what they've been doing since [possibly] the Heresy
E) None of their librarians, techmarines, or chaplains were ever seen

So we've got this tribalist melee marines who live on the edge of space with no aid from the rest of the Imperium, who, for whatever reason decide to show up to a civil war and RIP AND TEAR. And then they just leave.
What the fuck is up with these guys? What are they doing out there? How did they know the Badab War was happening? Where are all their 'support' guys?
How do we know these guys aren't Chaos or Renegade or something? What is their goddamn motivation here!?

>> No.20334858

I respect that opinion sir. But I canmot hate marines. They're the tyranid's most favorite dessert. After a healthy twenty million course meal of guardsmen.

>> No.20334874

And then you find out they're an Ultrasmurf successor who were sent on a super secret mission to blah blah blee blah bloo something something and then a bunch of Sisters died.

>> No.20334895

They act like sharks.

They even have filed teeth and pitch black eyes if I remember right.

>> No.20334938

Pitch black eyes and pale skin, because they're possibly (most likely) Raven Guard successors.
They're polite to the other marines in the camps and in meetings, but on the battlefield go into a fighting frenzy of RIP AND TEAR.
If their lightning fast melee assaults don't work, they back off and circle around to attack from a more favourable angle.

I have no idea if this is sharklike behavior or not, I'm listing it so I can get it confirmed/denied this is how sharks act.

>> No.20334941

Or rather...

>HURR so mysterious and unique! They fight and like rippy weapons, durr! Their symbol is a shark because they like rippy and teary weapons, hurr! No one knows anything about them because they live far away and are mysterserious!"

You want an army with some fucking depth to it? Go read up on the Vostroyan, or Saim-Hann craftworlds.

>> No.20334971

>A technocracy that didn't take part in the Horus Heresy because they were too busy building whatever, and decided to give the Imperium all of their first-born forever to compensate
>jetbike riders

>> No.20335162

The hrud deserve it. Fuck Eldar, fuck the Imperium, Fuck orks. I bet there are hrud colonies on nid ships. These bastards are everywhere. And no one can get a good look at them.

>> No.20335679

Dude, if they give the hrud any spotlight they might make models... if they make models, all those greenstuff cloaks with modified kroot rifles poking out we made won't be usable anymore!

>> No.20335714

Yeah... Deal with it... I have a fucking armada of looted vehicles and lootas that are no longer usable because they all have lightning claws, pulse rifles + emp grenades, sniper rifles, plasma cannons, etc.

>> No.20335819

>no longer usable
Fuuuuck that. What kind of dickbag group do you play with that says these horrible things?

>> No.20335867

Local Gee-Dub. It's fine now, but if Hrud get real models and a real codex or allies mini-dex supplement thing, and my lil guys are no longer WSYIWSGNSWFYFI I'm afraid there will be terrible consequences.

>> No.20337412

Things like this make me love my local store all the more.

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