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Hey guys. I was just wondering if this would be the right board to come to with my created language. I was told you guys are pretty chill here and won't mock me like /int/

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Tell us more!

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I studied linguistics at university level. I won't mock you.

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languages/symbols you have created to use in your roleplaying or your DM has created time?!

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I take off my robe and wizard hat. Tell me more.

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norjalainen mene

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Depends entirely on whether or not it's any good.

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Did you use conjugation? Pronouns? Is it a synthetic or analytic language?

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I hope the language is better researched than the flag. Red on black? Please. I can barely stand the flags of Albania and Germany in real life for that same fuck-up.

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How many words have you created so far and how do you go about making them?

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What's wrong with red on black? I quite like his flag.

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It's Germanic language although it does have two Cyrillic and one Romance letters. It's heavilly influenced by Swedish and German. There are some other influences in there, but not as much so as the two stated. There are two pronunciations of "R" depending on if there are two together or not. Single "R" is guttural and double is trilled. There are 28 letters. Feel free to ask anything else.

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What is the sentence structure like?

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>double is trilled
As in rolling the r? Fuck you and fuck you shitty, shitty language.

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I hate rolling my R's too, I can't do it, but it's a valid part of many languages.

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What made you want to create a language and what use do you have in mind for it?

(Not trying to be a dick, just really curious.)

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There will be conjugation and pronouns, and I don't really understand what the latter bit means.
I haven't counted, but I try to just speak as if I was having a conversation and if it flows I'll usually keep the word.

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color on color, lrn2heraldry

do you have anything besides letters

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>I don't really understand what the latter bit means.
oh boy, you don't know the first thing about languages? really?

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>I haven't counted, but I try to just speak as if I was having a conversation and if it flows I'll usually keep the word.

Wait a minute, are you talking to yourself in a made-up language?

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IIn any otherboard this would probably be trolled to death.

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Like most modern languages, French, English, etc, you get the meaning because of the word order: noun before a verb means said noun is that verb's subject, etc.


Latin, Russian, etc, you get the meaning of a sentence because of the words' endings rather than their place within the sentence.

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>color on color, lrn2heraldry

You're gonna have to teach me better than that. I still don't get what's wrong.

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I haven't really begun developing too deeply on that yet, but so far, let's say you want to say 'I am happy'
The sentence would be: "Happy am I"
Mostly just because I can. A sentence like "We like to walk to the park" would read: "Walking to the park, we like."

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Sorry. Only 15.

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So you're just reversing the structure to get a new one. I must say I don't like the idea too much, but then again, I hate made-up languages.

>fuck Esperanto

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I really think you should look up the linguistics portail on Wikipedia.

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Never admit you're underage! Rookie mistake.

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Actually there's a thread over on /lit/ that's not doing too badly.

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Esperanto is pretty cool bro.

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>any romantic language
>not lumped with latin

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If the indivuals who speak it don't have any inhuman qualities, why not?

I think we could some stuff about language creating, like scale of complexities (typo language, altered words language, tolkien-language (dialects, origins, evolution, still a translated language), complex language (made up terms that only exist for that laguange), and so on.

If it's the real world laguange we are speaking from, any location on the map?

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So let me see if I understand: you're supposed to use one colour and then something non-colour, right? You can't have two colours. Shit's gotta be a colour and white, like Japan or Switzerland.

I thought there was some physical theory behind that, but I guess it's purely arbitrary, that's why I asked.

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Read the bit at the top.

White is "silver", a metal. Metal on colour is ok.

Metal on metal (gold/yellow on silver/white) is not.
Colour on colour (sable/black on gules/red) is not.

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Because French doesn't use the same syntax as Latin.

In latin, you can order the words different without altering the meaning (made up example):

Boba killet Maryam.

means the same as

Maryam killet Boba

Bob kills Mary, because you know who does what because of the -a and who gets done because of -am, so it doesn't matter in what order you place them since those indications remain the same.

That's where conjugation came from, but very little of it has remained in English.

Bob kills Mary.

Mary kills Bob.

See? the meanin has changed; the meaning was built because of the word order ---> analytic language.

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I understood that, sir, just making sure I got it straight when it comes to actual flags.

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Deal with it, barrbarrian.

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There is a physical theory behind it, but it's obscured by centuries of use and cultural add-ons.

Basically, color-on-color is fucktardedly difficult to identify properly in the field, given the fact that your fuckers are trying to kill their fuckers, and you want your fuckers to be easily identifiable so you don't kill the wrong fuckers or worse, rally to the wrong banner.

There have only been two exceptions, and those were the flags of the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Holy See, which both use Gold on Silver to underline their special status.

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>Colour on colour (sable/black on gules/red) is not.

Sable on Gules or Azure was commonly used among Germanic and Polish, because Sable was considered a fur or 'natural' color in some cases. Only French and English heraldry forbid it being used on color fields. That said, Gules on Sable is still not alright.

OP, to fix your flag, I recommend reversing the white (silver) with the red. Put the metal bordered in red and on the black field. It's still not perfect... but meh...

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So basically some fuckwits decided to make up a whole bunch of rules that boil down to don't put dark colours next to other dark colours.

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Aa Ää Åå Bb Dd Ee Éé Ff Jj Hh Ii Kk Ll Mm Nn Öö Oo Pp Rr Çç Tt Uu Üü Vv Zz Жж ß Ññ

In case anyone was interested.

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Exactly! Except the fuckwits didn't so much invent the rules but codify them and then wank to the byzantine codices they filled with 'proper' heraldry, going so far as to invent the heraldic banners of people like, oh, say, Jesus.

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You said you've created a language, but so far, you've only given us an alphabet.

What else do you have? Syntax? or at least some words?

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Any reason you have Z but not S, and use Ç instead? The cedille makes no sense if there's no standard C to distinguish it from, and it's just a shorthand for Cz anyway. (Like Ä and Ö are shorthands for Ae and Oe.)

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No. It had to do with visibility. Yellow and White were considered 'metals' (because metallic thread was difficult to do then). And because they were brighter colors, they don't show up well against each other. Likewise darker colors (keep in mind most heraldry coloration was pretty rich in tint and dark during the middle ages because of it), don't show up against each other very well, either.

There WERE exceptions. For instance, Black (Sable) was often used against fields of Azure or Gules (Blue/Red). But generally speaking, the purpose of heraldry was visibility. The last thing you needed as a knight, was your own friends raining arrows down on your ass because they couldn't tell what icon was on your banner due to it being a yellow lion on a white field, or a blue dog on a black field. From a distance, either of those examples would look like just bright white and yellow mess, or black and blue mess with no clarity.

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Are you sure it has enough vocals?
And how are you doing 'g's?

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Vänterr Жakh Datt Fülçten.
I know that feel.
Had to use it earlier.
Merd naage.
Don't die.
Kätlik çin Жakh.
I am happy.

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That's what I said. Dark colours on dark colours means shit visibility.

I just forgot to mention the case for metal on metal.

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Not sure. Wasn't really feeling the 'S'
There is no 'G' sound. It would be replaced by 'J' think 'Jiraffe'
Or 'K' think 'Kood'

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I love how 4chan teaches me stuff. Thank you anon, I feel smarter now. Not even kidding. I fucking love learning things.

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I assume Ж is the voiced postalveolar fricative /ʒ/ and kh is the voiceless velar fricative /x/? (Not to be mistaken for the board of the same name, obviously.)

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But you can have colors and metals. Not the above guy, but it does make a bit of sense. So you could have any color on gold, silver, or -- if you're a wacky Eastern European -- sable.

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ITT: OP creates a language, anons discuss heraldry.

This thread is now about heraldry.

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Yes, except it wasn't because some fuckwit declared it so in a bunch of rules. But rather because some fuckwits tried it, and it went badly.

Again, there ARE exceptions. Particularly if a coloration is meant to represent natural/fur coloration of the iconography, i.e. a black/sable mare on a green/vert field).

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So you are making an artificial language that would for outsiders vaguely sound like a germanic language and then use random letters from different existing systems so nobody from any country can even read it without in-depth linguistic studies?
And you are doing this for what reason?
Are you sure you should not just create some lingo and be done with it?

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Actually dude, this is nothing like a OMG EPIC TEEGEE DERAIL. The OP's topic is still taken care of.

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I'm guessing he does it for fun, which is enough justification. Maybe in future he'll study languages and etc. Never diss a man's hobbies; they sometimes become their professions.

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You might as well ask why books are written or music is made. It's an outlet for creativity, just as making your own setting that never sees use.

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I know, I just want more of that heraldry stuff. I wasn't being all /b/-esque, sir.

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If you throw out the K for C, the cedille makes sense again, but you move from pseudo-Germanic to pseudo-Romance in character. Hm.

Or go the other way and make Z the voiceless alveolar sibilant, and then use a diacretic for the voiced version.

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Although hold on, you have a fucking ß in there. What's the deal with that? It would make sense only if you go full-on German with S being voiced, ß being voiceless and Z being /ts/. Is that the case?

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The whole reason for getting rid of 'C' is that it's not needed.
a 'K' or 'S' could make it's sounds. I just didn't want to use an 'S' no idea why.

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ß is there because some of the 'S' sounds are meant to be longer than others. As ß is essentially 'ss'

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>As in rolling the r? Fuck you and fuck you shitty, shitty language.
Aw, come on, trilling your Rs isn't hard. I'm Norwegian, and our Rs are more of an alveolar flap, but even I can bust out the trilled Rs easily.

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If it is not supposed to serve any purpose but the enjoyment of creation, so be it.
It just struck me as out of proportion for any other purpose.
Because you cannot present it. Nobody will learn a language to just to play in your game or read a single book written in it.
And it's not even that appealing in sound nor is it horrid to hear which invalidates it for use as an artistic device like Tolkien did.
If the sole aim of the undertaking is the undertaking itself, I will not object and quietly pursue my own madness.

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Okay. Dude. I can't really say this without sounding offensive, but this is 4chan after all so I guess that's fair game.

Your alphabet is a clusterfuck of poorly thought-out mix'n'match letters shoplifted from at least seven different languages with no rhyme or reason to any of it aside from "I like this letter better than that one". Letters don't spring up from fucking nowhere, least of all in Europe with its 3000 years of written languages building on another 3000 years of mediterranean and Middle-Eastern languages. You disregard all that historical use at your own peril. As far as conlangs go, that's acceptable if somewhat lackluster, but if you intend the language to actually have Indo-European roots (and most likely, given you inspirations, heavy Germanic influences), you need to rethink you approach.

Rant over. If you're doing this for shits and giggles, disregard my foaming at the mouth. But as a fellow conlanger, that sort of willful disregard makes my blood boil.

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I plan on teaching it to my kids when I have them and maybe having it be spoken in future generations in my family. It's not pointless.

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On a related note, what OP needs to do now is research linguistics, learn languages and how they were created, and create languages like Tolkien did.

Then write a multi-book series that becomes best selling, leading to an HBO mini-series, and lots of money.

Or like, no money, because lolarts majors.

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Moved from conlanger to creepy in one post. Classy.

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>I plan on teaching it to my kids when I have them and maybe having it be spoken in future generations in my family. It's not pointless.

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>secret family language
brb, making my own.

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But in all seriousness. I just want to do something worth remembering.

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>But in all seriousness. I just want to do something worth remembering.

I haven't cried this hard in weeks. My sides...

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Holy fuck, I need a secret family language.

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Then write a fantasy epos.
We'll be your first fanboys if it's good or lead the mobif it's bad.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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So do it properly. Do all the research, and do it like a pro.

For reference, this is basically what you have to do. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Ronald_Reuel_Tolkien#Languages_and_philology

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That would be quite useful.
"Papa, the cops are coming!"
"This shopkeeper is fucking us over!"
"*a stream of Kreisslandian curses*"

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Imagine these kids on their first day of school, speaking Klingon because their dad wanted to do something useful to the world.

captcha: poison xtrabaked

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or you could learn gaelic and never visit scotland or ireland.

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>I plan on teaching it to my kids when I have them and maybe having it be spoken in future generations in my family. It's not pointless.


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Nah, curses are uttered to be understood.
What satisfaction is calling someone an asshole if it does not insult him?
Except if it sounds clearly like a curse so they get it regardless.

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OP, I highly recommend you take a look at www.zompist.com

The guy who runs it is an avid conlanger, and he has numerous articles and helpful resources for conlangers.

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>I plan on teaching it to my kids when I have them and maybe having it be spoken in future generations in my family. It's not pointless.

Fuck yeah!

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Just learn Finnish, OP.


>> No.20321960


Conlangers? What the fuck is that?

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Hey OP, you are my new BBEG.

Sort of a Craster Mormon free citizen type who has been building his complex in the hills with his children and grandchildren. Nobody understands their language, not even linguists. Completely isolated they are rumored to disappear the odd lone driver on cold winter nights to stock up their meat freezers and engine workshop.

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Constructors of languages, according to Wikipedia.

>> No.20321990


CONstructed LANGuage. What Tolkien did. Conlangers are the people doing it as a hobby. (Or to provide people writing Star Trek or Game of Thrones with working languages for other languages.)

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OP, the /tg/ Love Boat is set on course for Sealand, to conquer new lands for the oppressed Krreisslanders. There, this language can flourish.

>> No.20322002

>working languages for other languages

Goddammit, I should think before I type.

>> No.20322004


Whenever I feel like a weirdo, I thank the Internet for making me feel boringly normal.

>until I construct a language too

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Dead thread?

>> No.20322152


What's a BBEG?

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Big Bad Evil Guy.
The villain of the week, mostly. Otherwise a recurring nemesis.

>> No.20322233

Nigga you mean, you should play a bard who goes around the land teaching people his constructed language.

>> No.20322248

>The villain of the week, mostly.
>Otherwise a recurring nemesis.

>> No.20322252


I should hang out in /tg/ more often, you guys are lolsy.

>> No.20322305

Depends on the length and complexity of the campaign.
If you have no bigger, evuller guy behind the first, he would kinda qualify as BBEG, wouldn't he?

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No, OP has to answer three of the Five Sacred Questions of /tg/ to be one of us.

>> No.20322865


Hit me.

>> No.20322895

Well, there aren't any fixed questions (one or two changes every time)
(We need to get a fixed list guys) but as I remember them they are:
1. Fastest, most efficient way to break DnD (any edition, specify)
2. Favorite Primarch or Chaos God
3. Best Flames of War Faction
4. What color M:TG you run?
5. Do you accept the God-Emperor of Mankind as your Lord and Savior?

>> No.20323014


1. with a hammer
2. Sanguinius
3. I don't know them
4. Sorry again
5. Yes.

>> No.20323054

>3. I don't know them
You don't know any of the participants of World War 2?

>> No.20323060


Well shit, I only know 1. I guess I'm not a fa/tg/uy.

>> No.20323075

1. Sorry
2. Sanguinus
3. Insert home country here.
4. Nope
5. Of course

>> No.20323080


I do, I just don't know the game.


>> No.20323146


1. Fastest is probably Pun-Pun, but I prefer the Cancer Mage who gets infinite Strength and Natural Armor.
2. Slaanesh, obviously.
3. I dunno, let's go with America.
4. All of them. Even red.
5. No, I serve the Omnissiah.

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Fuck you, homos.


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Once I wanted to create the most synthetic language ever (and thus ridiculously hard to learn), I had most of grammar written down... I feel I should dig out my notes.

>> No.20329342

You should. I'm interested.

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>Flames of War
>Own country

Not when you're from where I am from. Fucking disgrace.

Anyway, voting Ostheer.

>> No.20330656

2. Lionel
3. USSR (Because they fucked berlin)
4. White/Red
5. Yes

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Forgot Pic

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>1. Fastest, most efficient way to break DnD (any edition, specify)
3.5e, play a caster.
>2. Favorite Primarch or Chaos God
Fuck all of 'em, Necrons all up in here.
>3. Best Flames of War Faction
Glorious German heroes.
>4. What color M:TG you run?
Don't play MtG but if I did, blue.
5. Do you accept the God-Emperor of Mankind as your Lord and Savior?

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