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Who wins teeg?

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The right one because the left one's a faggot-wearing makeup

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Yep. No idea who these people are but none of them win me.

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Drogo vs the Mountain.

Whoever wins, we lose.

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Dothraki don't have the first clue how to fight against dudes in armor, so it should be clear enough.

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Last time didn't we do bronn vs the Hound?

and then it appeared on GoT?

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Even if Drogo were to win despite Clegane being far better armored, it would just take one single scratch to make him die like a bitch.

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Right, because left is about to be devoured by whatever monster ate the sky anyway

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I remember that. Spooky.

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That would be MS Paint bucket fill, Ser. A terrible beast indeed.

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We could stat them in TRoS and play it out, but I can already tell you that it's the Mountain by a landslide.

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See, I'm on the fence about this because Drogo is actually a very skillful fighter.

Clegane just uses brute force to win fights. He's more of a weapon of terror than a competent swordsman.

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Clegane wears the heaviest full plate in the Seven Kingdoms, carries a tower shield, and wields a claymore in one hand, if I recall from the books correctly.

Khal Drogo, while an exceptionally skilled warrior, would be utterly incapable of harming his opponent.

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Nah, he's still competent. You don't come that far with size alone.

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>a skillful fighter
>in a culture that fights without armor
>and died because he got his nipple chopped off/pressed his chest into another guy's sword

Sorry, this one's going to the mountain

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In the books he had a chunk out of his chest, his nip was gone. Also the poultices used by the witch were poison.

As to the OP, Clegane definitely. Armor and all that, but I also get the feeling Clegane is the better fighter.

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Have you read Storm of Swords?
Go back and read through his fight with Oberyn.

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Yeah, Khal Drogo's thing was never that he was a great fighter. His thing was the whole 'leader of a vast horde'

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Dothraki swords are already confirmed as shit tier against armour, and Drogo isn't exactly known for his intellect or patience, so I don't think he'd be able to effectively counter it either.

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Oberyn was probably eons better of a fighter than Khal Drogo.

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Ok better question.

who would win, The Hound or Bronn.

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SURELY this will happen now.

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Bronn. The Hound is a good fighter but Bronn's practically made a living from dancing around big armoured pinatas. Er, Knights.

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That and he exploited Gregor's weaknesses, which I think Drogo is very unlikely to do. He doesn't strike me as a cerebral fighter, and faffing about like Oberyn would probably be seen as cowardly by the dothraki.

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I know that his injury was actually a serious one in the books.
But as the OP pic clearly shows the TV Drogo I stick to my argument.

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A sword that isnt meant to stab sucks against gregors armor.

The mountain, easily.

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The Hound would destroy Bronn. Unless we're talking showBronn, who is retardedly good. Bookwise, the Hound is much better.

Unlike Gregor, who is just big, the Hound is fast and big and a talented swordsman.

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He was literally unbeaten. He was the greatest warrior among the entire Dothraki.

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Wait right here let me go get a recognisable screenshot of him from the boo-


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the Dothraki respect strength above all things, i'm finding it hard to imagine someone commanding 40,000 men who respect strength above all things without having a few fights under his belt. Also his hair is long because he has never lost a fight, literally unbeaten, in the book it goes down to his knees.

But yeah, The Mountain wins this, he weighs 30 stone, a normal man cannot lift his armour, he wields a claymore 1 handed and his shield is something like 4 inches thick.

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Bronn, both show and book, knows his limits. Though he even considers in the book briefly about how he would fight the Mountain, before admitting that it's a lose-lose situation for him and he'd rather just take the girl and the lordship.

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Honestly, even Show Bronn would have his work cut out for him -vs- the Hound.

The Mountain would fucking crush him. The Hound barely held his own.

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They wouldn't fight in the same way. Like Bronn would do an Oberyn on the Mountain, or try to.

The Hound actually just fights the Mountain.

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>or try to

Applicable part. Unless it's down to plotwank, I'm pretty sure Bronn will be cleft in twain. And smart enough to not pick that fight in the first place.

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There's nothing to imply that he barely held his own at all.
Unless you're referring to the fact that he never got an attack in, which was sort of the point. He wasn't trying to kill his brother just yet. He was just trying to piss him off by saving Loras' life.

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The only thing to do is to stat them in tRoS, play it out and see.

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Brace for "plate is invincible."

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I'm gonna go with the one wearing mascara.

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I think that's already been done, but they gave the Hound pretty shitty stats (he was slow, for one thing).

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Drogo was completely undefeated, and regularly killed armed men with his bare hands. Clegane was acknowledged as an above-average swordsman, but his main advantage was his sheer, retarded strength.

Drogo walks in and puts his Arakh through Clegane's eyeslit.

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The Mountain by a mile. Gregor, in addition to having strength "like nothing human", is also described as being faster than a man his size should seem during the fight in SoS. So he's not just a big dumb tank, he's cunning enough, when it comes to fighting.

The only reason he lost was from the poison, and he still managed to kill Oberyn with a chance opportunistic blow to the head. I don't think Kal Drogo would fare any better.

Hound vs. Bronn, I say the Hound, because again, it only takes one chance blow and the unarmored finesse fighter is a dead man.

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The Mountain in plate is invincible.

Unless someone stabs him using his milk finger like Oberyn did.

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>Bronn killing a man is a fight to the death
>The Hound killing a man is Tuesday

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Why does Gregor have a really weird coat of plates thing going on up there?

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Drogo just had regular scimitars as weapons.
The Mountain could one-hand a full claymore and a tower shield at the same time.
The only reason Oberyon got a single hit on him was he had a poisoned spear which combined with max speed meant he could slightly out-distance the 2h sword of his opponent.

Drogo wasn't a better fighter than the Dornish prince, hell, Drogo got killed by one of his random troopers because he was reckless.
Reckless + a short ranged weapon is the perfect combo to instantly die to someone like the Mountain if you don't just run away.

Drogo was only undefeated because he only ever dueled other unamored savages. People weren't willing to go to battle against 20,000 horsemen and so they never had a serious fight.

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Also what the fuck is a 'full claymore'.

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You are an idiot.

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That's as may be, but what the fuck is a 'full claymore'

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You shouldn't be in /tg/ if you're too retarded to know what a claymore is.

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>We have spoiler tags now
>Posting spoilers
>Still not using spoiler tags

Plz stop.

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Like, a whole claymore, as opposed to a half one. Or a quarter claymore?

Pic related: full claymore vs. a 1/3 claymore.

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I'd say Drogo.
Dexterity fighter vs strength fighter, dex fighter wins

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You shouldn't be on /tg/ if you're too retarded to realise that the operative word in his question is "Full" and he's asking the difference between a full claymore and a regular claymore. Also, stop being an elitist douchefuck.

Btw a poisoned spear does not go faster than a normal spear.

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These things are claymores.

Yes, but what's a 'full claymore'

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Strength fighter has higher AC and BAB though.

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Ah, I see. That's what the gent meant.

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Drogo swings his arrakh against Clegane's plate, bouncing off harmlessly. Clegane either carves him in half with a single stroke of his greatsword, or grabs him and punches his head apart.

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and I said it did where?
Oh wait, I didn't, you're just a retarded shit.

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No, but... that'd be an interesting proposition in a magic setting.

Why haven't I seen oils for some more esoteric enchantments? Could you make a "keen" weapon oil, or make it lighter? Some kind of emulsion that you shake up and dip an arrow in, and it flies further?

I should write this shit down.

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Let's compare it with another fight between to skilled swordsmen from each culture that's actually in the show.

Drogos brother, not the epitome of a warrior that Drogo is, but clearly a skilled warrior, fights ser Jorah Mormont, exile knight in full plate. It's not an entirely easy thing, but Jorah wins and does so rather abundantly.

Khal Drogo is the superior swordsman in his culture and would win if they fought on his terms. The Mountain that Rides is a superior knight and if they fought on his terms he would win. But if both fought on their own terms ser Gregor would win, simply because he has plate armour, a shield and knows how to wield them.

As we saw in the show the dothraki have no idea how to fight versus armour and I doubt Drogo could come up with a strategy in time, especially as he can't penetrate the armour with the made-for-slashing sword that he has.

Oberyn certainly made a match of it, but he knew what he was fighting and had trained especially for that sort of warfare. Drogo has not.

So: of the two colosusses of war, the Mountain that Rides would win.

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Depends OP, do they have horses? On horseback, I would Drogo would win. He's too good a fighter on horseback and the Mountain's size is worth less there. Of course, the instant we take these two off mounts the Mountain has the fight in the bag. He's got heavy weapons and armor whereas Drogo has no armor and a blade meant for killing lightly armored peasants and other Dothraki.

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Bloodrider, not brother.

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Also Jorah gets a fucking bone injury and only wins because the guy's sword literally catches on his bone.

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The mountain can cut a horse in half, and has done so firstly.
Also, everyone's right: Dothraki have no clue how to fight armored peoples, as it happens, and these are actual (though rather insignificant) spoilers, I'm not just using the tag as cheap impact text AGAIN in book 5 and the Dothraki even asks the knight to remove his armor.

Maybe if Clegane didn't have access to armor it'd be a really good fight? I dunno.

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>No idea how to fight guys in armour
>Planning to cross the sea and fight a COUNTRY OF GUYS IN ARMOUR
Why did they think this was a good idea again?

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Khrazz isn't Dothraki.

Army vs. army, they'd wreck Westeros. Even if they had to fight the knights with bows.

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This just brings to mind an image of the Mountain unhorsed, and Drogo making hit-and-runs until the Mountain cleaves off Drogo's horse's limbs at the barrel.

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Really now? Well, essentailly the same thing for the Dothraki.

In the books, I presume? I have read them but that was many years ago, when they came out. If you notice I wrote "in the show" and in the show armor is the thing.

Eve with that, I would say that the Mountain wins, which is a pity, as I believe khal Drogo is the superior swordsman. But armor and shields has a way of erazing that.

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They didn't know that they didn't know how to fight them. Also once they get there, armor would be easier to acquire. Teaching them to use it would be another thing, but Viserys would have had the support of Dorne most likely, a la a marriage with Arianne.

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Fucking horses, man. They are not dueling their way to victory.

Also, they are not fighting an army of knights in plate. They are going to fight an army of peasents with a smattering of armour supported by knights in armour.

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Yup. Being undefeated on the the eastern continent is nothing like being an undefeated warrior on Westeros.

Barristan Selmy, an old man, takes a wooden stick and beats up mercenary company leaders like Meros the Titan's Bastard.

All the Dothraki have going for them is cavalry mobility. They're not even close to a match for an equal number of knights in a full battle line situation.

>> No.20322211

Yeah, in the books, sorry.

To be fair, Selmy would do the same thing to most of Westeros' mercenary leaders. And the Dothraki would greatly outnumber any knightly army arrayed against them.

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Bronn isn't stupid enough to fight The Mountain that Rides on his own terms.That's why he didn't fight for Tyrion against Clegane.

In the middle of a open battle? Bronn would slaughter The Mountain through trickery or something underhanded no question.

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I think the Witcher setting has that. At least the video games do.

>> No.20322320

Screw the mountain, Bronn is where it's at.
He just drips with badassery

>> No.20322361

Well if Drogo was statted up in ASOIAFRPG then we could see.

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I think it is established that the Mountain would crush almost any opponent in a 1on1 through sheer powere and speed, but the books clearly state that he is not among the most skilled warriors of Westeros and rather hot blooded. If Oberyn hadn't slipped his defence because of YOU KILLED MA SISTER ADMIT IT he would have killed the Mountain, probably even without poison. Without his armour he wouldn't stand a chance against Drogo or, hell, maybe even Bronn.

The Dothraki wouldn't have been able to do shit in Westeros btw since huge parts the continent aren't flat. The South, yes, but in the North beginning with the Riverlands the natural environment takes away the advantage of horse archers. It was a rather desperate move by Viserys and an exeedingly risky one to marry his sister to Drogo (which Westerosi Lord would have followed a Targaryen king that brings tens of thousands of raping and pillaging savages from the East with him?).

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>Could you make a "keen" weapon oil, or make it lighter?

You should be able to. I've always thought that there need to be more variety in oils and ointments.

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>If Oberyn hadn't been manipulated into doing exactly what needed to be done.

Let's be honest... The Red Viper wasn't there to come home empty-handed. He, or no one, was leaving there with a clean bill of health. The Mountain just did what anyone who was in the situation and could read the character would do...

He taunted him through his manipulation to get him there and did his dirt.

Hubris, manipulation of honor, and Pyrrhic victory are huge underlying themes.

Also guys... Seriously? Do we need to spoiler everything because you don't believe in reading?

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