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So, my weekend gaming group alternates weeks for campaigns. It just so happens one of the guys only has maybe 4-8 sessions to go.
Now, I've never DM'ed before, and was hoping to introduce myself to it with a fairly simple system. We usually play 3.5, or some highly homebrewed palladium based stuff, but I think I've found something simple enough for a first time DM to grasp.
So I humbly come to /tg/ with a simple question and request. Will I be able to run a game of Deathwatch that can entertain the players, while giving me an easy enough time being a first time DM that I wont be ripping my hair out wondering what the fuck to do?

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>We usually play 3.5

You already have the best preparation you can hope for.

You've played 3.5 DnD.

That game is an unorganized clusterfuck.

If you can play 3.5, you can DM pretty much anything else. Most other games have things like 'consistency' or 'precedent' or 'simple formulae' in their rules.

Can you understand basic percentiles? Do you know how to roll a D100 using 2 ten siders?

If yes, congratulations. You can play every version of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition.

(that's the game you're playing, the 90s babies just call it funny 40k names like rogue trader, deathwatch, and dark hershey.)

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>waah waah "90s babies" can't appreciate the old-school goodness that is WFRP 2e without calling it something else

WFRP 2e came out in 2005.

Dark Heresy came out 3 years later.

I fucking love WFRP 2e and you're still a goddamn moron.

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thanks you?

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and 2nd ed was more or less a reprint of 1st, with a cleaner book. it still used the percentile base system.

its 3rd ed that replaced the percentile with the FFG token spam board game. what's your point?

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girls,girls, you're both pretty.

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>question met with edition/game arguing
how do you even?

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No they're not. They're both fat and ugly. And communists.

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shhhh, they dont know that. I'm defusing a neckbeardly situation!

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>Will I be able to run a game of Deathwatch that can entertain the players, while giving me an easy enough time being a first time DM that I wont be ripping my hair out wondering what the fuck to do?

Have you played Left 4 Dead?
Cause Deathwatch is basically a tabletop coop FPS and can easily play exactly the same. Have objective, proceed towards objective with occasional rushes by hordes of enemies, some elite enemies pop up from time to time, big enemy, reach objective, boss fight/all round defense, get extracted with everything blowing up.

Other than that, just think of first-person shooters, how their campaigns are structured, memorable moments in them, and so on, and that can handle the actual combat missions pretty easily. Out-of-combat interaction, dilemmas, etc aren't that hard to fill in.

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Don't forget, they are also probably both Hitler

If you've played 3.5, you can handle Deathwatch. Just make sure combat involves factors OTHER than the players and aliens smacking eachother over the head for 10 turns with no environmental interaction, and you'll be fine.

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Deathwatch was actually my first GMing experience. It's not a hard system to run. If you don't mind running something that someone else wrote, the adventure in the back of the core rulebook and the two free adventures available on FFG's website are good for your first taste. After that, The Emperor Protects is good, but you'll probably be wanting to make your own missions. It's really not that hard, but I found myself abandoning the strict primary/secondary/tertiary objective mission structure for a more organic structure. I'd give out experience based on time played and accomplishments. I usually give out between 500 and 1000 XP per session.

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I was planning on going with a straight, pre made mission for my first.
After that, I know my group is more into open settings, so I'm sure I could probably write something up.

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