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I need inspiration for an upcoming quest thread I plan to run.

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Horrible monsters inbound

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This is a piece of work by an anon from /ic/.

It's brilliant.

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Thank you, kind anon(s). Please, keep them coming, this is really good stuff.

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The horror...

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>upcoming quest thread I plan to run
I hope you will have a very painful and long death, op.

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it has a beautiful singing voice

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>horrifying monster

have a snooki

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Because /tg/ does not need more quests that shit first page.

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you know, if he takes a long time to die, he still might have time to do the quest.

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If he will experience unimaginable pain in the process, i don't think he will be able to do anything but scream and moan on his death bed.

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guys, if enough people don't like the quest he makes it will die, plain and simple. Until such times, just treat this as a monster thread and post some squigglies from beyond.

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You know, they make pills for people like you. You might want to invest in them.

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ladies and laddies please, take the fighting somewhere else, we are a peaceful race of fucking ugly tentacled sons of bitches here.

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Why is there a Lamprey coming out of his skull.

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I have no idea.

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because some lamprey are just dicks that way.

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So I'm co-founder of a local larp. I'm part of another one, but it was to expensive for my friends, so my buddy and I came up with our own system and all that. We've been around a little over two years. I've got a few good stories, if anyone would like me to share, but I may have to go and do some yard work soon.
>Wrath of the Condemned, origin
>The Paladin and the Portal
>The Djinni's Games (Assorted shorts about my dickery Genie character)

>(Pic related, my Icon showing my 2 characters)

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Sorry guys, wrong thread

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Because of your hilarious posting in the wrong thread, and >>20317657 pointing out the lamprey.

I am now considering myself a very bad person for imagining myself firing Lampreys tied to blunt arrows at people.

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nonsense, lamprarrows are a delicacy in some countries
on other worlds

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First, thanks for a great thread, everyone. Some cool new images here.

Second, I just realized I've been saving all these monsters into my "Alisa Kiss cosplay" folder.

Third, I am a retard. You may now abuse me.

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double nyrlathotep? My luck is sure turnin around!

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I'm sorry.

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I can fap to this...

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Tau Jesus?

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bwompin for interest

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