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Are Harlequins aspect warriors?

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No. Next question.

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Um.. Does Ulthwe make use of them? I want to make my Ulthwe army more fluff like.

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No, they're literally clowns.

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whats the deal with newcrons? are they evil? neutral?

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Will we ever find out what the Slicing Orbs of Xandros do exactly?

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They perform for all eldar.

all eldar have them. Except that one Eldar... he hates clowns.

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Mary Sue doesn't have an alignment!

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Aspect warriors are warriors that follow certain "paths" of craftworld eldar life, harlequins are travelling eldar who worship the laughing god and belong to neither the dark eldar or eldar factions. They are also one of the only two eldar factions (the other being exodites) that don't lose their souls to slaanesh.

Harlequins travel between craftworlds every now and then to perform a historical play about the dangers of excess and slaanesh, so feel free to include some.

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Doubtful. They're old and embarrasing.

All Aspect Shrines have a Phoenix Lord, right? Or at least, they should?

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Wait what? Why are exodites immune to Slaanish?

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No, sometimes a Lord is killed and the armor can be lost so until its found a new Eldar can't fuse with the armor and become the new Lord.

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They have consensual sex in the missionary position for the pure purpose of procreation and only after courting the maiden for at least one year before getting married.

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Joke right?

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World stones or some crap. Exodite worlds form a natural wraithbone construct that works more or less like the Craftworld's infinity circuit, except they're intrinsically linked to it. So their souls just end up in the planet, so short of blowing it up or corrupting the planet itself, Slaanesh can't get at them.

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In a sense this guy is right. The exodites ditched the rest of the eldar race before the fall because they disagreed with their heinous ways. In not contributing to the birth of slaanesh, they aren't a part of it to be reclaimed upon death.

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and they don't enjoy it

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Or, Fluff-wise they use a giant world-spirit leyline network that basically acts as a giant planet-wide spirit stone/infinity circuit.

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Okay, but at the root of these shrines there is supposed to be a Phoenix Lord is what I wanted to know. Mainly, I like Shining Spears and wish they had Phoenix Lord to use.

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They probably sit in giant bladed globes and fly around the battlefield chopping things up.

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Does a pheonix lord have stats in Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader?

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How? Eldar armies trying to become fluff-like confuses me because apart from named characters all the craftworlds have all of the units. It's more like making the army more stereotypical.

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Well some armies focus on certain aspects, from what I remember about the fluff. Ulthwe is all warlocks and shit, Saim-hann is jetbikes, etc.

He could run a pure Harlequin army as being from the Black Library.

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I think Exarchs are statted in Deathwatch...You could work off of that if they're there.

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But again, they all have all of them. There's nothing un-fluff like about, say, an Ulthwe jetbike army, it's just not stereotypically Ulthwe.

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A more interesting question is how does one become a Harlequin? Is it by birthright?

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Uh, they're not.

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A year or two in clown college normally does it.

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In Path of the Warrior they suggest you can "run along and join the Harlequins"

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You're selected. Then possessed by a greater daemon of Slaanesh. In order to be a Harlequin you have to shake the possession off yourself. If you can't the presiding Harlequins euthanize you.

Sometimes the possession is shaken off but the daemon eats the soul anyways. This creates a Solitaire. A Harlequin who is doomed to be consumed by Slaanesh and because of this, is the only one capable of playing the part of Slaanesh during the Harlequin's plays about the fall of the Eldar

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>Then possessed by a greater daemon of Slaanesh

Isn't that only the Solitaire?

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And they don't even get a bonus against demons!

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No they all have to go through it. Solitaires happen when they lose their soul but survives.


I know it sucks. Reroll to hit against daemons would be awesome.

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Seems like 'get possessed by daemon, fight it off' is GW's go-to recipe for badassery.

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Fuck I hate the new Scorpions.

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Some Eldar spend too long on Path of the Baker. Driven to search for meaning they resort to throwing pies at other Eldar's faces. As they begin honing their skills and ask the Craftworld's seers about starting the "Path of the Clown", a Harlequin troupe conveniently arrives and whisks them away.

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Grey Knights, Illuminati, Exorcists, harlequins.....pretty much.

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Harlequin codex i think.


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Why don't we see more Chaos Harlequins?

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What? They are neutral you can run them on Eldar or Dark Eldar.

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Instead of portraying a warning or history lesson, they use their performances to encourage and draw people to Chaos. Why don't we see more Chaos Eldar in general?

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because chaos eldar are exponentially more rare than every other kind of chaos follower. Most would wind up as Demonic Heralds or Princes in a very short time due to their intrinsic connection to chaos.

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Or just be Dark Eldar.

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chaos-worshipping eldar and dark eldar are entirely different animals

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Too powerful. It's mentioned that eldar who fall to chaos become the greatest champions.

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>Aspect warriors are warriors that follow certain "paths" of craftworld eldar life
Uh, no, they're warrior priests who strive to embody aspects of Khaine. That's why they represent "Aspect Shrines."

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They're Evil Boring

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Because they can't exist.

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