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I keep hearing that the Orks are losing to the nids in Octavius.

Is it true? Have the Orks lost that War?

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Losing, not lost.

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Now look ere, ya git! Orks is made fer fightan and winnan. Losin' is just winnan in the opposite direction.

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A reminder.

The Swarmlord was spawned in Octavius. That's the Nids Boss.

This Nid Boss made short work of Calgar and the Ultramarines. What chance do the Boyz have against him?! NOTHING!

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A truly enlightened point of view from a species seen as the most primitive and stupid.

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Hsss.....this thread looks tasty...

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The nids gained more ground, but they also lost a lot of irrecoverable biomass in the process, as well as attracted the attention of more orks.

tl;dr: Yes and no, just like every fucking else in 40K.

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That battleplanet is producing some of the hardiest, fightiest Orks in the Galaxy, and new Clans are being drawn to it every day.
It'll be a long, LONG time before the 'Nids are able to put them down.
Frankly I don't believe the 'nids will ever really make up the biomass they're using. The loss will be relatively small, but they'll come out in the red.

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When you dig past the whole "retarded horde of green" thing GW keeps throwing out there, orks really have a lot of character and are pretty damn respectable in their own right.

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>Lose biomass

Not unless the Orks have been pulling Kryptman Classics.

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Orks love burning shit. You can't reclaim biomass from ash. Or from an Ork stomach, while the Ork is still breathing anyway.

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Here is the word describing the Nids in Octavius, THRIVING.

The Fleet has gained a ton of Biomass and it wants more.

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Think about it! The only thing stopping the Orks from uniting into a single massive waagh was a lack of a worthy fight.

The nids are it.. The nids won't stop but they don't get stronger either, just more numerous.

Those Orks are going to keep killing and killing and killing until they're all fucking massive and harder than hell.

Every ork in the galaxy is going to end up there and Ghazkul will show up, get like twice as big and twice as stompy then come back after stomping the bugs with a waaaagh of EVERY ORK THERE IS.

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When the Eldar get involved, you know things are getting serious.

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They crashed a bunch of ships into the Hive Fleet at one point, causing more damage to the nids than the orks. You gotta realize that Octavius is the ultimate form of a battle of attrition. Both sides are nickel and dimeing the other and the victor will be decided by who's more in the red in the end.

As George Costanza would put it, that adds up, you know.

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>You can't reclaim biomass from ash

Yes you can. Nids eat the atmosphere and metals too.

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The Nids still winning though. How many planets did they consume? Two? Three?

They already reached the center of the Empire. When will the Ork step up their game? This is one sided at this point.

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My votes on the nids. Nids have developed measures that outright deny orks their ability to reproduce via spores before, they replenish numbers faster, and with each felled greenskin another tyranid rises.

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>eating metal

>Chuckling Necrons

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Orks are like Sweet JP. They lag behind for the majority of the race and then they win it all in the end. Even now they're continuously gearing up for the real fight. Those other two planets? Just orks giving nids a head start.

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Nids have an acid that can easily melt necrodermis down into a gelatinous soup, only to be eaten by ripper swarms.

That being said, necrons are probably the hardest thing for them to eat. So much so that they would lose more then they can gain.

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Everyone should just say fuck it and go duke it out there, every single species in the galaxy.

That'd be sweet.

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You know what is funny about all of this? for once the Orks are the ones on the defensive.

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If the Orks do lose I bet they'd blow the planet. Just to spite them

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>primitive and stupid

Wot the zog did you just zogging say about me, you little git? I’ll 'ave you know I fought to the top of moi clan to be the biggest and da strongest, and I’ve been involved in numerous WAAAAGHs on them bug boyz, and I 'ave over 300 skulls on me pointy stick. I am trained in sneakyness and I’m the top shootah in the entire universe. You ain't nothin' to me but just another grot. Oi will wipe you the zog out with dakka the likes of which has never been seen before on this galaxy, mark my zogging words. You think you can git away wit saying dat to me? Think again, humie. As we's talkin' I am gatherin' me WAAAAGH so you better prepare for the storm, ya git. Da storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call yer imperyum. You’re zogging dead, git. Oi can be anywhere, anytime, and oi can chop ya to bits in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with me powa claw. Not only am I da biggest and da strongest but I have access to the entire dakka of me WAAAGH and I will use it ta its wipe your mis'rible arse off da face of da galaxy, you little git. If only ya could 'ave known what choppy retribushun yer mukkin about wuz about ta bring down upon ya, maybe ya would 'ave 'eld yer zogging tongue. But ya couldn’t, ya didn’t, and now yer paying da price, ya grot-lover. I will dakka fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re zogging dead, boy.

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They probably think it's a great and refreshing change that A BIG SCRAP came to them.

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The Eldar are already there and the Raven Guard, Salamander, and White Scars are on their way.

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The imperials and marines support the nids to possibly halt this new alien danger (orks have always been there fightin the humies, no personal conflict). Eldar raid the nids to kill some off, blow up their friends. Dark eldar take some slaves cause of fun and chaos just fucks shit up.

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If this happens, someone needs to send an invitation to Gorgutz. He's got a good deal of experience with these 'ultimate showdown of destiny' type campaigns, and I imagine he's been meaning to round out his collection with some Tyranid skulls.

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>The imperials and marines support the nids to possibly halt this new alien danger
That's not going to happen, because the nids are always the bigger alien danger.

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> and I 'ave over 300 skulls on me pointy stick

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He also can't win, which is downright unorky.

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Meant support orks sorry. Typo

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Then answer is the war will never ever end and will be a another fluff piece to be tucked into their corresponding codexes.

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E aint lost till E dead ya git.

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Four planets and all the Orks upon them were consumed. That's a heck of a head start.

All that's left is Octarius itself. The Orks are gonna make their last stand there against the well fed and experienced Ork killers of Leviathan.

Boss...the situation ain't looking so good.

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I can fap to this

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>"Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die, so it don't count as defeat. If we runs for it we don't die neither, so we can always come back for annuver go, see!"
>-Ork during Interrogation regarding the Orkoid race's tactics

Gorgutz is of the 'come back for annuver go' school of thought. It's funny made him into an Evil Sun; he acts like a Goff until the big guns close in on him, in which case he turns into a Blood Axe.

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...therefore, I am Commisar.jpg

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>mfw when the Tau beat a Hive Fleet and the Orks can't

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Actually it makes sense for him to be an Evil Sun. He the fasted possible getaway trukk.

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with help

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Hive Fleet Gorgon should have gone after the Orks, given all the Mek Boyz a hard time adapting their technology and scratching their brains trying to make new weapons to throw at them. Then they'd just smash them with blunt objects like a big game of Whack-a-'Nid.

Also, freaking Gorgon was a splintery mini-fleet, probably one hive ship.

>> No.20310794

Gorgon was a Hive fleet. A small one but still a Hive Fleet with a unique ability.

The Orks are about to get help from the Eldar and the Space Marines.

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Oh... and Leviathan isn't too shabby in the adaptation department. When the Orks blew the Hive Ships it managed to outsmart them, adapt to murder the crap out, and then build itself back to an advantage.

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The Orks should take a planet and put engines on it. Turning it into a cosmic steam roller.

It will redefine the definition of a fly swatter.

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>with human

is this unprecedented? Will the humans kill themselves in shame later?

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They crash it into a planet and then turn the flllowing asteroid cloud into hundreds upon hundreds of asteroid rockets.

Why fight if you can cast meteor shower on them.

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hardly unprecedented, orks have been used often to further the goals of other races many of times.

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Nah, Blood Axez can be hired by humans, after all. On a grand scale, maybe, but it's not unprecedented.

>> No.20311098

The Space Marines will softened up the Nids for the Orks or deny the Fleet from gaining anymore Biomass to throw at the Orks.

They won't necessary fight with the Orks on the same front.

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Virtually any Ork clan will merc themselves out depending on the warboss. Not just Blood Axes.

>> No.20311212

Right, I'm just saying that there are enough orks that routinely approach human and xeno colonies for merc work first and only krump if they're not hired in the galaxy that they have their own Clan name.

>> No.20311227

No proper Goff would work with puny 'Umies.

>> No.20311245

Speaking of Mercs.

I heard that Orks have been hiring Tau mercs to fight with them. What do they pay them with? Teef?

>> No.20311276


The hope they might live till next week.

They won't.

>> No.20311331

Nah, they just loot the blue little gits and the tau call it 'hiring' to preserve their dignity. They'z right lucky, after all.

>> No.20311360

Dude, the Farsight Enclave Tau are already skilled Ork killers and currently in a major war with the Orks. They have a Hateboner for all Orks, but still will work with them as Mercs.

The Orks can't intimidate those guys. The pay must be really good if the Enclave Fire Warriors are willing to set aside their hatred and work with the Orks.

>> No.20311363

Orks will never lose a war because they're thrillseekers. When a clan is defeated, more orks will take notice and want to join the war to earn glory and have a fun time.

The more ork clans lose the war, the more ork clans will want to join until it's just one big dog-pile.

>> No.20311366


Those'd be the Farsight Tau. Those guys went full Merc.

>> No.20311419

They lost in Armageddon!

>> No.20311429

Probably because the reinforcements just got distracted by another, better WAAAGH somewhere else.

>> No.20311775


Nids have no such thing, pyrovores eat crude metal but Necrodermis is literally god tier.
Also since a hive still leaves a vast majority of a planets mass undisturbed (excluding biomass and water), it's fair to say that they can't in fact eat everything.

Also remember that Necron tech can be broken down into sub-atomic components and still recover or phase from the process.

>> No.20314281

I'm aware that it's the god-tier of metals. But Tyranids have shown complete adaptive perfection in the past, able to mutate themselves within a span of a few short hours to evolve a perfect immunity to the type of firearms being used against them, as well as adapting the perfect type of weapon against a specific target.

Their acid is potent enough to melt termies instantly. Just a few adaptions here, touch in a few mutations to the mollecular code there, and the acid will break down the necrodermis and neutralize it's regenerative effects. Sort of an on-going melting. Meanwhile, as it continuously melts the metal that attempts to reshape itself, ripper swarms drink it up and move on.

They outright denied the orks their ability to reproduce after a few short encounters with them. The Imperum's been trying to find out how to do that for centuries.

The Necrons are tough, certainly one of the heaviest hitters in 40k. But Tyranids are one of the heavy-hitters, too, and you underestimate their adaptiveness.

>> No.20315852

>eat metal

Yeah, no. Pyrovores can eat metal, sure, but that's to fuel their flamethrower (firing molten rock and metal at stuff). Tyranids are grown from biomass, which is... y'know... BIOmass. Organic. The nid codex specifically notes they consume organic stuff for the biomass.

That's what nids consume to survive. Organic food, water and air. Like any other living creature.

>> No.20315910


Like he said.. source?

Because all that sounds an awful lot like fanwank.

>> No.20315912

If they could eat metal and such, they wouldn't go after civilized worlds. They'd go right for Gas Giants.

>> No.20315921

They eat some metal too. Bones have calcium, blood has iron, all manner of salts, etc.
There's also stuff like Carnifex with adamantium laced tusks and carapace.

>> No.20315941

But biological stuff came from non-biological stuff, unless you believe in creationism.

>> No.20315948

Yeah, but converting that stuff into biological stuff takes more energy then you get out of that conversion.

>> No.20315958

>Hey man orks are going to ork 'n' waaaghh shooty choppy zoggin gits

Every one of these threads ever

>> No.20315978

Pick a side and get involved, ya lazy git.

Boyz or Bugs?

>> No.20315983

The only good bug is a dead bug.

>> No.20316003

The Tyranids have developed immunity against all manner of weapons before. They'll develop immunity to Guass weapons eventually.

>> No.20316020

Biolog cannot into subatomics.

>> No.20316022


Except the fight is drawing in every Ork warband in the sector. And the Orks that are surviving are getting bigger and stronger. If the Orks come out on top in this conflict, you're going to have warbands when the Boyz are the size of Nobz, the Nobz are as big as Warbosses, and the Warbosses are real big too.

>> No.20316027

Or just a lot of dead Orks.

>> No.20316028

>the Nobz are as big as Warbosses, and the Warbosses are real big too
>and the Warbosses are real big too

I laughed.

>> No.20316051

zog me

its beyootiful

>> No.20316055

Well, they became immune to Plasma and Ionic weaponry.

The Tyranids should be crafty enough to produce Nids that can handle the Necron Guass spam.

>> No.20316056

Nothing is going to change in the end anyway so what is the point. Seriously this is like trench warfare. GW throws out some nice piece of updated story and over the top we go just to get peppered in the end because shit doesn't change, we're stuck and it's gonna be stuck until people stop buying gw shit and demand change which will never, ever happen.

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>Gorilla warfare
Gets me every tiem.

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This is the Swarmlord. He has twelve galaxy kills under his built and an eternity of experience and battle knowledge.

One Ork planet isn't gonna stop him.

>> No.20316099

This is the Swarmlord. He has twelve galaxy kills under his belt and an eternity of experience and battle knowledge.

One Ork planet isn't gonna stop him.

>> No.20316104

They became immune to pulse weaponry, but that was by bulking up the Nids, the equivalent of MOAR ARMOUR. It was all changes on a macro scale, they can't help their atoms getting pulled apart.

>> No.20316107

Well den you nevah been to dis part of the 'univarse buggy.

>> No.20316130

>Ork threads
>not some of the best threads on /tg/

>> No.20316141


Nids are retardedly resourceful.

Sure, if Tyranids fought nothing but Necrons for a long time they would most likely run out of what resources they need to effectively produce troops which is why Necrons are still the best counter to Nids, it's just that Nids don't avoid them completely like they did with their old rules.

As mentioned earlier, Pyrovores posses some of the strongest acids of any Tyranid and can eventually reduce most metals to pulp in which point they jump into the resource vats, what these metals are used for I'm not sure but it can't be good.

But yeah, think of iron found in your blood, it's exactly the same as iron found in a horseshoe.

The Human body contains around 2.5 grams of Iron and 3 grams of Zinch, sure that doesn't sound like much but then compare it to how many Tyranids their are and you can understand why the don't mind eating metals.

>> No.20316160

Also Ionic weaponry. Those Big Ion Cannons of the Tau did nothing to the Nids.

The Nids are smart and can figure out ways to counter their enemies advantages. When the Nids and the Necrons finally get in a major scrap expect that the whole ''Guass is the Nid killer'' crap to effectively be end.

>> No.20316181

'eres what dah boyz be cookin' up yah 'ear?
First we gonna keep on bein' shooty.
Secon' we gonna get more boyz in from dah other gitz clanz.
Den um...whateva' comes after secon' we gonna get alot of dakka and shred dem bugs to bitz.
Fo' we gonna get flamey if dem green mahreenz don' beat us to eet.
Five after dont being flamey we gonna mop up the rest of dah bugz, mahreenz, pointy ear'd gitz and throw the biggest Waaaagh this side of the galaxy!

>> No.20316199

>Also Ionic weaponry. Those Big Ion Cannons of the Tau did nothing to the Nids.

Where does it say that?
All I get is
>In response to the powerful pulse rifles of the Tau warriors...

>The Nids are smart and can figure out ways to counter their enemies advantages.

This is just BUT BATMAN WILL THINK OF SOMETHING. They must first demonstrate that they can counter Gauss before we take it for fact.

>> No.20316215

>Playing Dow2
>My Commando sees a Ravenor Alpha
>Commando : *lips smacking* Ohhh....I haven't eaten one of those in a while

There are a lot of Ork quotes describing the tastiness and juiciness of Nid meat.

Nids confirmed to be edible and delicious. I can't wait to try some.

>> No.20316221

Justa sec.

>> No.20316229


I imagine it's kinda like eating bugs, but on a much larger scale. The Rippers are probably very similar to prawns but less fishy.

Perhaps you should try deep frying some Tyranids too?

>> No.20316235


Here is proof that Nids became Immune to Ion weapons.

>> No.20316276

I don't know much about the scieny stuff, but I assume that Ion weaponry are energy based.

The Guass are also energy based, I think. If the Nids can become immune to one form of energy weaponry then they can do the same to the other one provided they experience getting hit by it a few times.

>> No.20316282

No one is going to win, GW won't let anyone win.

>> No.20316296

Not necessarily. It's absolutely possible that there's just no way to reconfigure themselves which will make them immune to gauss weapons. It's also possible that in doing so they would make themselves vulnerable to something else, or lower their general combat effectiveness, for example.

>> No.20316297


>Why fight if you can cast meteor shower on them.
>Why fight

A local warboss wants to share a couple of words of wisdom with you

>> No.20316306

Or you know, driving the nids back so they can't reconsume their casualties.

>> No.20316312

but how can someone become immune to getting ones atoms torn apart?

>> No.20316314

It's a Kinetic weapon, except with ions instead of bullets.
Gauss uses magnetism to scatter quarks.

>> No.20316317

The Gauss destroys the atoms.

There's not much you can do about being deconstructed on a sub-atomic level.

So no, the Tyranids will never become immune to Gauss weapons.

>> No.20316333


Every time.

>> No.20316339

It is also possible that the ships are practically immune (IMO practically implies that it is due to armour more than an inherent ability to resist ion weapons) simply due to adding more armour (thicker shell or whatever), in which case lowly gaunts and warriors can't really be made practically immune to pulse or ion weaponry.

>> No.20316344

In ways that would leave them vulnerable for things like tesla weaponry.

What 'nid fans tend to ignore is that 'nids always sacrifice something for their immunities. Their immunity for pulse weaponry made them slower and easier to ambush and kill in the forests by kroot. When the 'nids evolved to zip through the forests and slaughter kroot, the evolution had weakened their armors again and they fell like paper to a barrage of pulse weaponry.

>> No.20316364


Hive Fleet Gorgon was a minuscule hive fleet compared to Leviathan. The only thing that made them a bitch to deal with was that they were more resilient to enemy weapons fire.

>> No.20316375


Well Teef are diamonds.

Speaking of which, I've heard that the World Eaters can be Mercs as well

>> No.20316389

>The only thing that made them a bitch to deal with was that

The Tau are pussy faggots, with pussy technology, pussy numbers and pussy industrial capabilities.

>> No.20316398

>The only thing that made them a bitch to deal with was that they were more resilient to enemy weapons fire.

What made Gorgon unique is its rapid hyper adaptive evolution cycle.

Anything you throw it will be analyzed and countered in an extremely short time.

>> No.20316410

That's GW simply saying that the Tau suck, except it's a strike under water.

>> No.20316413

Orks teef decay and crumble fast, unless they are from a particular Clan.

>> No.20316436

Not really.

If Gorgon didn't have this unique ability the Tau would have soundly been defeated it before it actually became a threat. That War showed how fast the Tau can react and adapt their tech to match the Nids hyper evolution.

>> No.20316457


It's another "survived it by the neck hairs" for the Tau.

>> No.20316493

Not even close to that. Gorgon was problematic but it didn't threaten the whole Empire. It was contained in one Sept. If Gorgon assaulted the Imperium then it would have caused a lot of problem because the Imperium can't upgrade and update their gear like the Tau can.

>> No.20316533

This is great. Especially that bit about Orks seeing the Emperor as someone who gives humans pointless tasks and how they perceive humans in general as completely irrational and ineffective - exactly how humans see Orks.

I love this. I wish GW went into the actual society/functioning of orks more.

>> No.20316552

sure is alot of Tyranid fan wank in here. OOEERR THA TYRANIDS GONNA EVOLVE TO BE IMMUNE TA WEAPONS


>> No.20316583

They already doing that.

Did you read any of the Hive Fleet stories? They are adapting to kill the Ork babies before they are born. They adapted to screw over Tau and Imperial weapons making them useless.

The only problem here is that there was never any Necron vs Tyranid going on so we can't say for sure what's gonna happen or how the nids gonna counter the Necron SCIENCE!

>> No.20316590

No, the Imperium could wipe out Gorgon with one Imperial Dropship and twelfe Space Wolves.

Gorgon was pathetic, and the Tau were lucky to get out of it like that.

>> No.20316609

>If Gorgon assaulted the Imperium then it would have caused a lot of problem because the Imperium can't upgrade and update their gear like the Tau can.

Yeah because Gorgon can evolve when it gets hit by bolts or by hundreds of las beams.

The Tau are small time, and the trouble they had with Gorgon shows it.

Because no other Tyranid swarm ever got as far as to evolve DURING a war campaign. Because all the other factions in 40k are too good at killing Tyranids.

>> No.20316619

umad I see bro

They adapted to Tau weapons and STILL LOST.

and they didn't adapt to make themselves 'immune', they adapted to make them far less effective, IE additional armor plating.

Orks don't really care how effective their weapons are. If they don't work they'll just add more.

>> No.20316629

Whatever, broski.

>I wish GW went into the actual society/functioning of orks more.

Can we have Eldar instead? They already went into full detail about the Orks and their society. The Eldar needs exploring too!

>> No.20316637

Can't counter being flayed apart at the sub-atomic level.

>> No.20316641


> Remember "Redemption Corps"
> Ork genestealers

>> No.20316647

>Can we have Eldar instead?

Path of the Warrior/Seer/Outcast.

>> No.20316650

the thing is no one is arguing tyranids aren't dangerous, the problem is when fanwank tries to elevate them to obscene levels. Just like when Fanwank tries to elevate Spehss Mahrines or Chaos to obscene levels.

>> No.20316657

Fanwank often overpowers Space Marines, but it also underestimates the survivability of Space Marines.

When the Galaxy is reduced to Necron warmachines fighting Titan-sized Orks on planets covered in fossilized Tyranid remains, there will still be humans and Space Marines around, even if the Imperium is destroyed.

>> No.20316664


You do know that Tyranid players are classified as some of the most rational of all 40k players right?

Out of all the excuses that other fans can say

>Space Marines: They win because they are space marines
>Orks: WAAAUGH Magic.
>Necrons: Robots Powers.

While i agree that Tyranids becoming highly resistant to Gauss technology through evolution is a bit farfetched the idea could still be worked upon.

After all, Gauss technology functions on a molecular level but fluff has shown that Psykers can disrupt molecular reactions in the areas around them in the form of psychic barriers.

Guess who has a fuck ton of psykers who can generate psychic barriers...


>> No.20316673

This is true, Path of the Outcast recently got released in ebook format, and I'm reading it right now.

>> No.20316680

>You do know that Tyranid players are classified as some of the most rational of all 40k players right?

Aspergers for the Assburger Throne.
Autism for the Socially Retarded God.

Fuck, I can't believe you actually WROTE that post.

>> No.20316685

This is how the civilised races could defeat the tyranids.

Just have two sets of guns.

First you use a shitload of lasers and plasma weapons for a year until the Tyranids evolve to resist it.

But really, you've just been lulling them into a false sense of security and then your guardsmen pull out autoguns, bolters, heavy stubbers and assault cannons and tear the nids to shreds.

The Two Guns Tactic with save the Imperium.

>> No.20316688

>umad I see bro

No I am not. I really calm honest.

>They adapted to Tau weapons and STILL LOST.

Because of the other unforeseen factors. The Imperials and the Necrons.

>and they didn't adapt to make themselves 'immune'

Yes they did. They because immune or near immune. It's right there written in the text. It doesn't matter they became vulnerable to something else because they are immune to what they are currently facing.

>Orks don't really care how effective their weapons are. If they don't work they'll just add more.

Maybe that's why they're losing.

>Yeah because Gorgon can evolve when it gets hit by bolts or by hundreds of las beams.

Well, yeah!

They became immune to hundreds of plasma and Ion guns. What's stopping them from being immune to those weapons too?

>> No.20316698

Gauss works on the sub-atomic level. Tyranids cannot into shields, besides maybe synapse, which gets fucked up by null field matrices.

>> No.20316703

Because the Imperium doesn't give a shit about immunities.

Orks are immune to lasguns too.

Just shoot them more and more, immunity will only get you so far.

Eventually, the heat of all the lasers will just cook your brain.

>> No.20316720

but the Imperium can't rearm it's soldiers too fast. Too much of a hassle.

>> No.20316733

Only Synapse beasts can generate the psychic power to produce a shield though.

Every faction has it's fanwank, but every other faction also has a good excuses as to why they haven't won.
>space marines are fracticious, do not adapt, linked to the bloated imperium
>orks are stupid
>necrons are few in number/deactivated/bound to the selfish and fracticious C'Tan
>eldar are dying/arrogant
>tau are small in number and not warp capable

Tyranids on the other hand apparently do -everything- well, vastly out number everyone, adapt to any situation instantly, cancel out everyone elses powers, are super scary and should be worried about, cannot be reasoned with or tricked because they're bestial but still have genius level higher intellect for tactics...

Frankly, tyranids are the ultimate mary sue race of 40k.

>> No.20316734

That's why you just forget about the immunities and dumb two extra dropships of IG down there.

Sure, they're immune to lasguns.

They're still not immune to 13,543,900,000 lasguns.

>> No.20316746

Necrons have massive numbers. Space Marines have the smallest numbers, with only about 1,000,000 of them.

>> No.20316753

I.... stop that

Actually a Warp based resistant or immunity could be the ONLY thing that would slow down the Gauss based 'Crons. There is nothing, in fantasy hysics, you can do about your atoms being scattered. The atoms of the most dense metal in the world and flan flay just as easily under the gaze of the Necrons line of fire. You can just "make the armor HARDER!".

Using the fuckery of the Warp to completely negate the destructive reactionary process before it gets to the Nid delicious atomic structure would be an ok resolution in my book. In exchange though I would like to see a general nerf to their speed and toughness since the process of projecting a warm comfy blanket of protection across your entire Hive Fleet using only your mind must be taxing as fuck. More reliance and proximity to Synapse creatures.

>> No.20316755

>You do know that Tyranid players are classified as some of the most rational of all 40k players right?
As a former Tyranid player, that's a baseless claim.

As for the rest, as another poster said - every adaptation the Tyranids make has some cost, some trade off.

Psychic powers could be used, but then all the tyranids have to be psykers.

Possible, but costly. And I don't think the tyranids could do it really.

I think that if it happened, GW writers in fluff would say something about the tyranids being so delicately evolved that they take ages to grow and can't replace the losses as fast as they could.

Which I would actually like to see now that I think about it... Like, a hive fleet fights against some kind of enemy consistently and evolve to be 'immune' to them, but then get out bred by another hive fleet strain with cheaper gaunts.

>> No.20316761

>Because the Imperium doesn't give a shit about immunities.

Maybe that's they are losing ground to even minor fleets.

>Orks are immune to lasguns too.

Nah, dude. They tough but not immune. Lasguns kill them flat.

>Just shoot them more and more, immunity will only get you so far.

The Nids have more numbers and they take less and less damage from your guns.

Math says you will lose this fight, dude.

>Eventually, the heat of all the lasers will just cook your brain.

Not if it's behind really really tough armor that can reflect those lasers back at you!

>> No.20316774

Gorgon was unique in that it was very fast at adapting, but only at small simple creatures. The Tau beat them by learning to shoot the few and hard to replace big ones. Everyone else had already got that tactic down.

>> No.20316775

>tau are small in number and not warp capable

but how come tauball cannot into space?

>> No.20316786

>Imperium doesn't give a shit about immunities.

They should.

>> No.20316790

That's why*

>> No.20316792

Tau can into warp, they just more skim along the surface rather than dive right in.

>> No.20316810

No Gorgon stopped producing Bigger Beasts so much because it couldn't upgrade them fast enough to handle the Tau rapid advancing tech.

Did you even read the story?

>> No.20316832

>>Orks: WAAAUGH Magic.

That's mostly what 40k players who don't actually look into the Ork fluff say. It's always the kids or non-ork players who want to make "lol cardboard box planes and iron-pipe guns" and other such stupid bullshit.

>> No.20316837

'Dis iz da new Armmegeddon boyz! Fight da buyz, get ur teef! Surviss getz ya ta be more orky, ya grot!

>> No.20316840

>Yes they did. They because immune or near immune. It's right there written in the text.
It is written that starships were nearly (emphasis on that) immune to ion weapons. That implies that they simply added more armour to it, nowhere does it imply that they have skin that simply absorbs ion weapons or something. The idea that they are "immune" to ion weapons is fan wank, and nothing more. It is like saying power armour is immune to pulse rifle fire and stating that because it is immune to pulse rifle fire Imperial Guardsmen are immune to pulse rifle fire.

>> No.20316847

Yes. Gorgon couldn't adapt the big ones fast. It got to the point that it had few big Nids and couldn't replace them easily and the Tau started shooting them first. Like everyone else does with the Nids already.

>> No.20316852


It would be very taxing on a psykers mind, that's why ide expect to see like 200 Zoanthropes purely dedicated to making psychic barriers instead of shooting shit floating towards the enemies.

In a way you could actually model this by making some kind of Zoanthope conversion that uses Venomthrope rules... or just use Venomthropes, either way.

>> No.20316856

>Red Ones go FASTA
>Junky choppas and shottas punching through power armor
>Weirdboyz turning everyone to squigs

Waaagh magic does have seen effects.

>> No.20316857

Which book of poorly-written fluff will YOU support?

>> No.20316868

How can the Orks possibly win at Octavius?

Unless their spores develop a resistance to Tyranid bioweapons, their death rate will exceed their reproduction rate very quickly.

>> No.20316883

On the "Nids vs Necrons" thing: The Silent King saw their entire force in space (Or the majority of it), and is confident that if all the Necrons awoke, they could easily wipe them out.

Just sayin'

>> No.20316887

Yes, but we've establish that the fight is going to bring in every Ork tribe in the sector looking for a good fight. That's a whole hell of a lot of Orks...

>> No.20316903

afaik, the ork spores actually fight the tyranid ones that aid in the terraforming, so yes. that's exactly what is happening

>> No.20316904

>implying Orkz care

>> No.20316911

Yes, but it's not clap your hands if you believe shit, it's just making things run smoother.

People act like an ork could pick up a stick and use it as a dakka gun.

>> No.20316932

It was immune enough, it forced the Tau to retreat and rearm and configure their guns.

Their guns did little to no damage. If that's not immunity I don't know what it is.

>nowhere does it imply that they have skin that simply absorbs ion weapons or something.

Nowhere does it say they didn't either!

The Big Ones in other fleets could be replaced easily because they aren't faced with an enemy that can make their adaptation useless so fast.

Why waste time and efoort making Big Ones if they gonna be useless in a few hours

>> No.20316933

actually, it quite literally is 'clap your hands if you believe' like that is entirely the concept here. the effects only get really ridiculous if you have a massive planetary invasion force though.

>> No.20316935

Immunity to plasma and ionic weapons? The fuck? Whoever wrote that had better have invoked the magical Warp to explain it, because that is the most retarded thing I've ever seen in WH40K fluff.

>> No.20316941

So, even their spores are getting beefed up?

Oh, man. Let's just hope that none of the Orks there are Blood Axes, or else we may be seeing Octvaius-spawned Orks in other parts of the galaxy.

>> No.20316945

Do you orks even know how they reproduce?

Could you have potentially 'civilised' orks that farm their own spores?

That'd be cool. The ork reaction to their spores being eaten is to make huge vats full of clean orky dirt for orks to grow up big and strong.

>> No.20316952

Can Spores become tougher and stronger enough to endure the Nid Phage cells nomming on them?

>> No.20316953

Well, there is one place in orky communities that they grow fungi and new greenskins.

The drops.

That's the nearest they get to farming them.

>> No.20316956

Nids haven't exactly developed a solid enough defense against lots and lots of guns though.

>> No.20316963

They already are.

>> No.20316975

>The Big Ones in other fleets could be replaced easily because they aren't faced with an enemy that can make their adaptation useless so fast.

But that's how you beat Nids anyway, shooting the big ones, everyone else knows that. The Tau just had fewer big ones to shoot.

>> No.20317004

Can you feed me more info or maybe a link about this? I'm interested. VEEERRY interested.

>> No.20317005

dunno, but they do defend themselves when they get attacked by the tyranid terraforming microbial shit. or at least, i'm pretty sure i remember a paragraph about it. they lose, but the tyranid stuff takes noticeably longer to accomplish what it's there for because all the nascent orks in the ground fight tooth and nail to survive.

>> No.20317052

>No one refutes Tyranids are Mary-Sue's comment
Approved for fact by /tg/

>speaking of ork waagggh magic

The bigger the fight, the bigger the Waaagh. So if entire planets worth of Orks are fighting, the Waaagh must be that much bigger. Whose to say the Orks don't pull a waaagh power out of their ass like a bigass gun made of wierdboys strapped to a pole or something, or summon an avatar of Gork 'r Mork, Khaine Style, to git stompy on the tyranids.

>> No.20317063

The drops have been the center of ork communities since Rogue Trader. Orks shit, squigs and fungus grow off of it, tended by snotlings.

>> No.20317068

Well, I belive it's covered in Waaargh! The orks.

They also appeared in a WD article for Cities of Death and orks.
But basicly it's a huge cesspit. Grots move waste here (and do their buisness there), and it piles up, creating fertile ground for fungi, squigs and stuff.
Orks send grots down to pick up interesting fungi or squigs, which the grots sometimes survive.

Orks occasionally go there to talk, shit, eat, and other stuff, viewing it as much like the ancient romans did bathhouses, places to socialise.

>> No.20317081

Necrons have massive numbers in the same sense as "the Tyranids we're seeing now are only splinters of a larger fleet", because anywhere around 60-70% of Necrons are still in stasis. Of those, probably 70% will come out functional and ready for war, and even then it might take hundreds of years. Even then, some sects of Necrons are not willing to work together (nameiforget The Traveller who pirates around not giving a fuck, the collective that guards the S00 POW3RFULL!!1 star exploder matrix thing).

Tyranids are "THERES A LOT OF THEM AND THEY'RE COMING", no mention of any difficulties keeping them alive or not brain-broken. They're just imminent.

>> No.20317089

Well, yeah.

The Tau got a few Big Ones to shoot because they forced Gorgon to make less of them. Against any other opponent the Nids will have no problem fielding a lot Fexes and stuff because they would know that the Big Ones will last enough to earn back their worth of Biomass.

>> No.20317110


>irrecoverable biomass

They can consume the base materials of a burnt corpse you know. A dead nid doesnt = unrecoverable.

>> No.20317114

Thank you. You are a Nob among Grots.

>> No.20317118

The Traveller mission is to awaken the Necron Empire and retake back their worlds. You are confusing him with the other guy ''The Infinite''.


The Necrons could always bring back the powerful weapons that shattered the C'tan. Or Heck, unleash all the shards they gathered on the fleets.

>> No.20317121

Okay, since this is turning into a general fluff thread at points, I've been reading path of the outcast, and the main character's in a Corsair trading port, where there's a biel-tann woman getting her infant son scales from a commoraghan flesh-crafter.

... What the fuck is wrong with Eldar?

>> No.20317144


Never truly escaped the Fall.

>> No.20317157

>... What the fuck is wrong with Eldar?

Ten thousand years of degeneration, just like the Imperium.

>> No.20317167

And I have to admit, I could easily imagine people ending up on Jerry Springer type shows, having done that to their own children if it was possible.

>> No.20317178

The Pirate is Thaszar the Invincible.

>> No.20317184

The Craftworld Eldar are basically forced to shun most emotion, and live as monks more or less. They still indulge, but more sensibly (Because Eldar can get a psychic orgasm just from looking at pretty things).

Dark Eldar are the closest thing there are to "true" Eldar. Take away the soul eating, and you've got pre-fall Eldar. As such, they are all kinds of fucked up.

In between, you have Corsairs, pirates, Exodites, etc, all of whom, are space elves who orgasm from smelling fine wine, which leads to a fuckton of really weird stuff.

>> No.20317194

She is preparing her son to harshness of the 40K galaxy.

Who are you to judge her? miserable Mon'Kiegh sitting on your chair stuff your face with disgusting filth. YOU DON'T KNOW NOTHING OF THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF THE ELDAR. YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE HER!

>> No.20317210

Opps my mistake.

>> No.20317213

Hey, even the main character was a little freaked out by it.
Although his mentor did mention she had talons for a while in the past.
(Her lover at the time liked a bit of clawing in the bedroom).

>> No.20317219

>Keep the soul eating, and you've got pre-fall Eldar


>> No.20317225

Oh, I know I know, but still, it's kind of weird to read about a craftworlder getting her infant scales from a Haemonculus. Cool, but weird.

>> No.20317233

>Dark Eldar are the closest thing there are to "true" Eldar

Not so, in Path of the Renegade and Eldar recognizes that the Dark Eldar are just as bad as restricting themselves as the as the Craftworld Eldar as they're cutting themselves off from their psykery and stuck in a twilight of schemes and back stabbing.

>> No.20317259

Hey Eldarfags.

Remember me?

>> No.20317265


Hey, space elves dig scales.

Sslyth bodyguards in Commoragh are swimming in trueborn cock/poon.

>> No.20317284

How could they when they all died?

>> No.20317299


Eldar are weird, and having the dark eldar get along with the craftworlders makes the split more of a high/wood elf split then the drow/other elves rift

>> No.20317315

Lose? As long as their fighting, they are winning. An Ork's greatest joy is to fight in battle. If they win, they get to fight another day. If they die, then they are reincarnated to fight again, or join Gork and Mork to fight forever in the big green.

To be honest, they are perfect opponents. The Tyrannids adapt and the Orks that survive become bigger and stronger. Sure they lost two planets, but what's that to a Ork? Just gives him more stuff to fight over.

>> No.20317320


After the Doom left. Slaanseh Daemons invaded the dead Craftworld and nom nomed on Soulstones. Later the Grey Knights came and rescused the Eldar soulstones and gave them other Eldar.

>> No.20317346

Four planets lost. One remains and it's in deep trouble. Sure the Orks love fighting, but they can still lose (badly).

But don't worry Boyz! The Pansy Eldar and SPESS MARHREENS are coming to the rescue.

>> No.20317360

Exodites are the wood elves though. It's still High/Dark Elf split, only they still occasionally co-operate.

>> No.20317367

Let's face it, the Eldar are all totally screwed, there's no real "high elf" equivilent, as the Craftworlders are more like parodies of the original eldar of myth.

>> No.20317513

but that's the thing. On a personal level they can't lose, ever. Sure the entire group in the area can fail to wipe everything out, but for each individual ork, they fought, then they died. Which meant they got to go fight some more. That's all they wanted.

>> No.20317556

Yes there are remains after a fire, but the whole point of fire is to convert a solid into energy. Nids don't eat the energy from the flames, they eat the remains that didn't burn. If the Orks were burning everything up as it fell (or while it was alive), there would be less biomass for the Tyranids to eat and replenish their numbers with.

>> No.20317572

The Nids evolve to be fire resistant.

Now what?

>> No.20317580

Holy crap, reading through the path of the Outcast, we learn how waystones are created, and why they're only found on croneworlds.

>> No.20317585

They could still eat the ash.

>> No.20317600

Ash has less in it than regular stuff.

Fire plus infinity.

Tell us!

>> No.20317614

Don't they just take them from Crone Worlds?

>> No.20317619

Eldar Souls from the fall.
At certain times on croneworlds, the souls relive the fall of the eldar and the birth of slaanesh, during this time, some of them crystalise into tears, and these are taken by the Rangers.

Even the Craftworlders don't know this, because... well, they already feel grief for using wraithguard, imagine knowing that what was keeping you safe was a crystalised remnant of someone who died in agonising pleasure or pleasurable agony?

>> No.20317622

>Fire plus infinity.

Yep, totally worked on those like four consumed Ork worlds. The only Faction that can really deny the Nids Biomass is the Necrons. The Orks don't have Flamers or Guns powerful enough to cause negative Biomass gains for the Nids.

>> No.20317626

>Ash has less in it than regular stuff.

Yes, but the rest is still present unless Orks shoot it out into Space. Fire doesn't destroy matter.

>> No.20317628

Okay, so, I'm not an expert on 40k fluff, but from what I understand:

>Orks and Tyranids are fighting a war over a system
>Both factions are getting more and more powerful the longer the fight goes on, Tyranids because they're eating, Orks because they're growing and getting other Orks to join up
>Currently, the Tyranids are moving in to take the final stronghold of the Orks
So why doesn't the Imperium just Exterminatus that planet and deny the Tyranids the food and wipe out the huge Ork army?

>> No.20317637

So the number of soulstones is limited by the number of eldar that died in the fall?

BUT ALSO! How can the souls relive something if Slaanesh ate them? They must continue to exist in some form separate from Slaanesh...

>> No.20317638

False, Inquisitors have denied the Tyranids biomass before by using exterminatus on planets in succession to starve them

I wouldn't be suprised if thats what the Imperium wound up doing to these Ork Worlds

>> No.20317648

The Imperium's exterminatus class weapons will do the trick too. Might not completely wipe out all the biomass, but a large chunk will have been burnt away. Not to mention the damage to the capillary towers that the hive ships feast off of.

However, Orks would probably see that class of explosion as something that would ruin the fight and wouldn't bother. With the exception of some mad scientist type Ork seeking the biggest boom possible.

>> No.20317652

That's the plan. Whoever wins, the Imperium wins.

>> No.20317662

Because it entertains her to see them suffering it seems. (Or maybe, they're freed by Isha, as a certain god fights Slaanesh enough to distract him enough for Isha to free some souls for a moment [/Heresy])

And yeah, the number is probably limited, of course the eye is huge, and was probably full of countless eldar at the fall.

>> No.20317671

Isha can't fight Slaanesh we she's locked in a cage.

>> No.20317673

Not just one System. The Entire Sector is under attack by the Nids. The Eldar are already blowing up worlds in that sector to deny the Hive Fleet more Biomass and the Space Marines are scrambling to face off against the Fleet.

It's not just Orks vs Nids. It's Eldar, Space Marines, and Orks vs the Nid Hive Fleet.

If the Ork Stronghold planet get blown up. The Nids will move on to other targets. It's better keep a major part of the Nid fleet stuck there for now.

>> No.20317677

You don't even need to destroy all the biomass.

Just an explosion strong enough to rip the straw-mouth off a Hiveship, and that Hiveship will starve to death.

Technically speaking, you can pull it off with a sergeant with a chainsword.

With a lot of support. Hahahahah.

>> No.20317679

>>irrecoverable biomass
>>lots of orks to eat.

>> No.20317681

youd have to get a ship in range of the planets, its gonna be surrounded by nids and orcs

>> No.20317688


>implying that orks and nids aren't fighting in space and wouldn't attack imperial virus bomber class vessel.

>> No.20317693

>>they don't get stronger either
They do though. The Nids steal genetic information from other species, and adapt rather quickly. They also learn from their mistakes, to the poitn where they've learned how to stop a Waaaagh early(eat the warboss)

>> No.20317701

Yeah, hence the heresy.

Still, this world was full of ghosts anyway, reliving their experiences (like when the lord of the world got strangled to death in his bed by the two young eldar girls he'd invited there), it's mentioned this was most likely their "reward" from the prince of pleasure.

>> No.20317708

Are you retarded? Burning uses up the energy that would be instead used by the nids for biological processes. It is starving them

Nids function on a calories in calories out system.

>> No.20317716

But it's the concept of expending energy? Tyranids can't eat plasma (I think) and even if they could, they can't eat plasma that has already radiated its energy into space.

Maybe they have some kind of fusion power or they use hydrocarbons or photosynthesis but burning things would still reduce the amount of energy held in the matter. It would reduce the efficiency of tyranid energy harvesting. It would disperse elements into the atmosphere, making it harder for nids to harvest them as well. Eventually you could diminish the returns of a tyranid harvest to the point of deficit, where they expend more energy conquering a planet than they could gain harvesting it. Of course, in reality this is exactly what would happen with tyranids but wh40k makes this not happen for some reason.

>> No.20317731

That's why you wait. Fleets are going to be much sparser and troops committed to the ground after there's been a nice big war. Then you come in with a big fleet and BLOW IT ALL UP.

>> No.20317734

Their adaption isn't as good as you say it is.

Dozens of Hivefleets have killed uncounted amounts of Space Marines, and the Hivemind is STILL too retarded to realise that Space Marines are humans with over 20 genetic engineered symbiotic synthetic organs in it.

>hurrr assimilate the spess murheens into our genepool
>fused bone armour acquired

Seriously, Tyranids are dumb as fuck. Imperial and Dark Eldar genetici are pointing and laughing at the retard space dinosaurs.

>> No.20317759

Sure you can gain nourishment from burnt food.

But I dare you to live an entire month on food BURNT TO A CRISP, and then do an Olympic marathon.

This is why Hivefleets often run themselves into extinction when they encounter enemies that use scorched earth tactics.

>> No.20317764

Stop it you two.

We already Establish that Nids will make up for their unrecoverable loses by eating the damn Orks. Orks are big and blurry they have a lot of Biomass to give. Enough Biomass to handle the loses and build new nids.

HECK, the Nids built themselves from scratch after the Orks blew up their fleet. They were first outnumbered but they adapted and killed and consumed Orks until THEY became more numerous than Orks.

>> No.20317767

Hah, confirmation of how solitaires get that way.

>> No.20317789

Scorched earth only works when you blow up the planet and leave the tasty shit flying through space. They want the matter, they must have some other way of getting energy as >>20317716 says, they'd be running at a deficit anyway.

>> No.20317802

Not necessarily. More orks are flocking to the planet and tyranids produce more ships to counter waaagh! effect. I guess the number of ships is incerasing rather than decreasing as the conflict escalates. When fleets begin to drop in numbers it may be too late.

>> No.20317804

All you need to do is burn the biomass.

Sure, the Hivefleet can still gain some nourishment from licking rocks and sucking up the atmosphere, but it will be malnourished. Starving.

It will produce weak sickly Tyranids, covered in scrabs and tumours.

>> No.20317821

What? They got the most useful trait from the marines and evolved the Hive Guard or whatever their name.

The other organs might have been useless to the ends. Do they really have use for more acid organs? That's redundant.

And If you want to see a good example of Nids using the assimilated genes of another species for great effect, then look at the Zoanthropes and that special one called the Doom Mala..whatever. These Nids are really deadly.

>> No.20317826

Reminder: The only reason the nids are winning now is because their codex is newer. When the next Ork codex comes out, the nids will be on the back foot.

>> No.20317839

The components of the biomass do not change. It's still all there, in the atmosphere, as soot or whatever. They still get the same amount of Carbon, Nitrogen and whatever else they were going to get. There'd be less energy sure, but they obviously need to get energy from elsewhere in the first place. So Maybe it slows them down while they soak up some rays. But the matter is still the same.

>> No.20317846

Stop being so meta.

Only the Imperium is prepared and willing to destroy their own worlds.

The other factions will fight for them to the death.

>> No.20317858

Oh yes. The Zoanthrope.

Another failed experiment. Not only did the Tyranids miss the endless genetic memories of the (Kr)Orks, containing technology that would make the Imperium water their mouths, they also managed to create the DUMBEST SLOWEST creature in the 40k galaxy.

Yes, it's dumber than a Grox.

That's quite a feat.

>inb4 "what's a grox?"

>> No.20317860

More Orks means the war is still ongoing, you wait until one side has almost won. The end of the war is still going to have less enemy than there was at the start, even if only for a limited period of time.

>> No.20317875


'Nids have been confirmed for being smarter than half of /tg/ wants to admit, ever. The reason they have a reputation for throwing bodies at the enemy(mostly gants and gaunts, which ar pretty expendable), is because just burying a smaller enemy force in bodies is easier and quicker than forcing a siege, and the bodies can be re-eaten to become more biomass anyway.

As to those saying Nids can't into metal.

Nids -can- and -do- eat metal. However, like humans and Orks the majority of their makeup is -not- metal. The reason they avoid Necron tomb worlds is mostly because they're not pants-on-head retarded like every other species in 40k, and it would cost them a lot of biomass. What must be noted is that yes, 'Nids can and do adapt to combat different species, the problem with this line of reasoning is motivation.

Also, as to planet-eating. Nids do consume heavy metals. In fluff, when a planets eaten, they leave it as a husk of dirt and leeched minerals that are unwanted. It's just that biomass is more -useful- as it makes more individual nids, whereas metal is probably just used to reinforce organic structures.

Also remember that Necrons are limited to the amount of 'Crons there are in total(and there's a lot of them, I'm not arguing that point), but they don't really 'recruit' anymore(as far as I know, Pariah's got the axe in the last update), so eventually the scale of the fact that their are at least 4 hive fleets in system, with fluff pointing at even more coming in, means everybody be fucked.

THough to be fair, a smart necron lord would just wait till the Nids ate everything else and left, then have a perfectly empty galaxy to rule over.

>> No.20317876

Exactly my thought. It's GW way.

Also - I own ork snakebite army and genestealer cult army (tyranids, sort of). Hence I like both species and thus can be objective.

>> No.20317882

You do realise that the Tyranids need to produce NEW enzymes to transform these RAW CHEMICAL COMPONENTS into ORGANIC MOLECULES?

Where do they GET the energy and compotents to PRODUCE those ENZYMES?


>> No.20317903

Of course the Tyranids eat metal.

They can eat Necrodermis too.

And two weeks later, either the entire hivefleet goes extinct because their Necrodermis enhanced exoskeleton teleports to a nearby Tombworld, or they explode as the internal Necrodermis flows together into Scarabs, like a metallic internal parasite bursting out.

>> No.20317914

Solar power? Geothermal power? Warp power? The Tyranids would be running a huge deficit, they clearly have a way of getting energy other than eating stuff.

>> No.20317928

>Another failed experiment. Not only did the Tyranids miss the endless genetic memories of the (Kr)Orks, containing technology that would make the Imperium water their mouths, they also managed to create the DUMBEST SLOWEST creature in the 40k galaxy.

Because the Nids have no need for Ork Tech and to point and shoot doesn't need a lot of intelligence.

They only adopt useful traits. Apparently the Orks had not so many of them.

>Oh yes. The Zoanthrope.

They are devastating and terrifying. You can't debate the success of that breed of Nids.

>> No.20317938

And where do they get the components to produce the enzymes to turn the inorganic molecules into organic molecules?


Nuke the planet. Starve the Hivefleet. They need biomass to convert inorganics to biomass. They can't survive on inorganics alone.

>> No.20317940

WHY do you CAPATALISE seemingly random WORDS in your sentence. Are you TWELVE?

>> No.20317956

Because it's FUN!

And also it simulates shouting.

>> No.20317957

The Tyranids are dumb fucking animals that leave so much potential sitting along the road, it's just pathetic.

Sure, they're intelligent to know how to fight and defend, but that's all there is to them.

They could have had humanoid soldiers with the strength of Space Marines, and the technology of Orks.

But Tyranids gonna retard. They're all going to go extinct thanks to Necrons and Orks anyway.

>> No.20317965

>They're all going to go extinct thanks to Necrons and Orks anyway.

With 12 galaxies worth of nids coming at them?


>> No.20317966

I just want to make it clear, that whatever fleet the nids have in the galaxy, are miniscule and unrepresentative of all Tyranids in the Universe. I'm sure the Tyranids as a whole couldn't give a damn about this galaxy as they are busy eating up three others as well

>> No.20317969

Why don't you just try to refute my points, KIDDO?

>> No.20317979

Nids have plenty of organics already. So yes, if managed to take away all their organics then they couldn't do anything, they'd also all be dead anyway.

>> No.20317995

It depends. If orks and tyranids one day will stop multiplying because they are out of resources and will have to use what they got left, then yes, there can be a window of opportunity for Imperium to conduct an exterminatus. But it's fat assumption. More likely one of the faction will overhelm rapidly it's foe and winning the war by sheer numbers or some brilliant strategy (wut?) and it means the number of ships at the orbit will be (still) massive. Srsly, wars aren't won by sitting in trenches, but by outmanuvering an enemy or cutting off his supply lines. In case of orks and nids the latter is merely possible.

>> No.20318000

Look at all the Tyranid fanon here!

Who gives a shit about how much numbers the Tyranids have.

As long as the Tyranids stick to the lots of animals running forward and eating everything strategy, they're going extinct.

This isn't just a normal galaxy.

This is a fucking galactic warzone the likes the Tyranids have never seen, and will never see again.

This is a galactic warzone where a fucking piss race of cavemen that hardly master space travel can defeat a hivefleet.

That's how badass everyone is in this galaxy.

The Tyranids are ALL already dead.

>> No.20318022

Both sides use attrition. They'll be worn down to the hilt, and though they'll have the resources to rebuild, stronger than before in the case of the Nids, that takes time. Deny them that time and their hard fought for resources and you cripple them.

>> No.20318027

>>False, Inquisitors have denied the Tyranids biomass before by using exterminatus on planets in succession to starve them

That's actually false. Fluff-wise, Kryptmann had a whole system of lush, verdant worlds burnt to cinders, so that the Nids would turn and head into Ork space(closer, more biomass to nom on). The reason why was because the Imperium was Losing and losing Bad.

>> No.20318037

Too bad the small forces that have been sent to this galaxy so far have done a pretty good job of fucking up everyone's shit. That's not even considering the adaptions that other fleets in the Tyranid army have adapted into. Look at Old One Eye, he has managed to cause havoc and mayhem on a single planet by himself, as a lone Carnifex. Underestimating the Tyranids will only bring death.

>> No.20318061

>Nowhere does it say they didn't either!
So instead of assuming something reasonable like they only added extra armour (so it makes sense why it only appeared on starships and not other Tyranid organisms) you assume that they have some magical substance in their skin that lets them largely ignore the effects of ion weapons and only put it in their starships.

You just take a small mention of the rapid adaptation of the fleet and blow it out of proportion into the Tyranids being able to magically resist ion and as a result plasma and pulse weapons.

That is like me using a source that says the claws of a genestealer can't slice through the hull of a Battle Barge and using that to state that battle barges are made of some material that makes them immune to genestealer claws instead of the logical assumption that they are simply too thick to cut through.

>> No.20318063

So far it seems like everyone's solution to the Tyranids is to point the Tyranids at some other faction.

>> No.20318064

So any ideas how the Orks gonna turn back the Nid tide?

>> No.20318067

The only times the Tyranids fuck shit up, is when Faction A is too busy fucking up Faction B.

Suddenly, Faction A and B notice the Tyranids fucking shit up, they sign a cease-fire and within no time, the Tyranids are defeated, and Faction A and B continue their battle.

The only time the Tyranids really did some damage was when they wiped out 100 Ultramarines.

>> No.20318069

err they do notice it?Hurrddurr cannot into the fact that an unarmored, weaponless space marine would get curbstomped by any Nid bigger than a Gant.

You do know that Nids have multiple organs, the ability to block out pain, etc., just like Marines? Gants and Gaunts are just cheap units to 'make' for them, and even those are known to keep fighting until you blow off their head(and you pin them down so they stop squirming).

Space marines are engineered HUMANS. And even a genetically-modified Human isn't a match unarmed, weaponless, against a tyranid warrior/zoanthrope/etc.

>> No.20318073

>Orkz view the Emperor as a powerful wargod commanding humans every move. Like some superpowerful warboss.

The forces of Terra are laid to waste. they were attacked in a way they couldn't believe possible. Warboss Getchnik's surprise attack managed to strike deep into the golden palace. He became curious about the power the Emperor welt Such an odd peculiarity for an ork to hold. Getchnik pursued his ambition all the same. How could such lowly humans be commanded so well by one warboss? The Emperor must have held the secrets to being the most powerful warboss ever, and Getchnik wanted to become more powerful than his human counterpart. His WAAAGH was relentles in their attacks, quickly overrunning the PDF and Imperial Fists stationed on the holy planet before any aid could be sent. As he tore through the final bulkhead heading to the golden throne itself, the final Guardian of the Emperor stepped forward, but Getchnik's might was too much, and the custode was tossed aside like so many other humans before him. The ork loomed over the battered custode, and allowed him to live.
"Wer iz da Empurah? Tellz me ya git!" The custode muttered silent curses in defiance. " 'E'z behin dez shiny doors aint 'e?" He bellowed a guttural laugh, hurling a rokkit at the strangely weak doors.

>> No.20318077

Getchnik waded into the smokefilled room to the cacaphony of beeps and fought through the jungle of cables, till he came across a large golden chair with a large human like figure with dulled and chipped golden armor. Getchnik bellowed once more as he readied his choppa.
"Hur Hur hur. Da big boss Da Empurah. Yuz gonna tell me all Iz wunts ta no, den Iz gonna krump ya! Iz dis 'ere meky chair bitz wut gives ya da powah? Oi 'ummie! Iz talkin ta ya!" He hacked away at the cables around the large helmet and tore it off, revealing an incomprehensibly withered skull. Very few fragments remained, what did was almost destroyed by the ork's clumbsy actions. Getchnik stepped back in shock, a feeling he had never felt before. " Wut iz diz I dun get it I DUN GET IT! Howz da biggest 'ummie a Bloomin Corps? WHY!" He turned to the Custode getting to his feet reading his weapon at the Ork Warboss. " 'Ez a rotta an talkz ta all yu humies, but 'e wunt talk ta me!"
"And he will never talk to you foul alien. He only speaks to the most righteous of Man!"
Then events were set into motion that could not be undone. Whether the custode realized what he had done was irrelevant.
"Den Iz bekum da must Righteosut 'ummie der iz" The Immortal warrior was confused for the briefest of seconds as he fired his weapon, but that was enough for the ork to fire off one last shot into his skull. The beast lumbered over to his corpse " Iz gunna find out what dat meenz and bekum it! Yu'll see"

>> No.20318084

Getchnik's obsession with the Emperor's power began to grow. From a mild curiosity to a burning devotion as he pondered the words of the custode. His WAAAGH would claim Terra in its entirety. The humans were determined to retake their planet, their symbol of hope which was stolen from them. Almost hundreds of year of brutal war were waged with Getchnik never to bee seen since his entrance to the Golden throne. Till one day the grandiose door opened once again and out stepped an Ork clad in Golden armor weilding a bright flaming sword. Many Orks were confused and some tried to attack their estranged boss. Getchnik simply held up his hand and pacified his brethren. The flames of rage left their eyes and they began to follow their warlord as he walked amidst his ranks drawing more followers. hundreds became thousands, became millions. The fighting had stopped on almost all fronts as the orks somehow knew to withdraw from the fight. Getchnik continued his march all the way to the human frontlines. Many shots were fired at him, but somehow none managed to land on the warboss.

>> No.20318089

"I am Boss Getchnik, an Iz surrendah diz planet. It shall be 'ummies' unze mor."
The Imperial Guardsmen couldn't understand what was happening and thought it was a trick. They all sat in silence untill the orks started to clamor amongst themselves. The Golden ork spun around addressed the once murderous mob.
"Yuz all prolly wunderin why'z Iz givien da wurld to da 'umies. Wez orkz iz gud at killin N lootin, but wez never been gud at livin. An datz wut life iz all abot. Da Emperah told me dis 'imself!
Many orks began to show their discontent as orks do. And soon the flames of war raged on. Those loyal to Getchnik still fought at his side. And Getchnik stood by the humans, determined to bring all the ork tribes together into one. To be what the humans never could be themselves. To do what orks could never do. War engulfed terra and brought her to her knees. Many Astartes and Imperial Guard commanders were ashamed to admit they were in awe of the Orks ability to lead. In the final battle for Terra Getchnik was appointed Warlord, an unprecedented gesture in the Imperium, for an alien to rise so far for the destiny of man. Orks and humans fought side by side. During the closing days of the war for Terra Getchnik was seen less and less, and the last words he spoke before dissapearing into the Golden Palace were recorded for all imperial Citizens to see.
"Az it wuz, so shall it be agen. Fur Da Empurah!"

>> No.20318091

That's true for any faction in the 40k universe because at any given time any faction is in a war with every faction. And saying that it takes two fleets to kill one minor Tyranid fleet isn't exactly saying anything bad about Tyranids.

>> No.20318093

If the Tyranids would have made use of the full genetics of the Space Marines, we'd have Tyranids making guns.

But since the Tyranids are nothing but a Hive of animals that have acquired strategic and tactical skills through evolution, they will never make such self-aware and self-critical choices.

The Hivemind is unable to comprehend genetic information that doesn't immediately deliver some combat advancement.

>> No.20318098

By beating them back with brute force. Orks adapt a lot faster than the Tyranids and can use the technology of other races. Hell one could just capture equipment from Tau and Eldar and instead of committing tech heresy and using it, dump it on an Ork world for them to use. Hell the battle that gave Kryptman the idea was when he evacuated an Admec testing world for weapons, the Orks landed and started modifying the weapons and proceeded to hold off the nids for a lot longer than one would expect.

>> No.20318101

The Orks weren't made to create super magical weaponry, they were made to BE a weapon, because they're hard to kill. They use the psychic gestalt of the ork Waaaggh to make shitty things and low-fuel weapons more effective. In the same way that the 'Nids have the Shadow fo the warp, in that their psychic presence is so great it presses the Warp away.

>> No.20318120

Doesn't the Shadow blockout the Waagh effect?

>> No.20318129

Maybe if the Space Marine weapons were just flat out better, but they aren't. Tyranid weapons are actually pretty powerful and with the evolution of the Hive Guard, there isn't much the Tyranids can't break through with guns.

>> No.20318131

No. And even if it did, the effects of it are minor at best.

>> No.20318134

The humanoid frame is actually rather weak when you compare it to a six-limbed, double-jointed creature with scythes for arms and built-in-weapons that spit acid.

It's far faster to poop out a gant than it is to raise a human, raise a factory to build weapons for the human, craft armor for the human, train the human to wear the armor and shoot the weapon, then it is to just make a tyrannid that's born knowing how to shoot a weapon and able to shrug off shots within hours.

Also Hormogaunts lay eggs, and there's tons of spore-related tyrannid fluff. They just don't need to believe their guns work for it to work, their weapons just fucking work right already.

>> No.20318138

Never saw anything to outright state such a thing, Either way it appears to be unlikely or else the Orks wouldn't be half as effective at fighting nids as they appear to be in fluff.

>> No.20318143

Gorgon was able to become nigh-immune to certain pulse weapon ammunition by adapting.

>> No.20318149

Doesn't change the fact that the Old Ones embedded all their technology into the genetic code of the (Kr)Ork.

Custom blastas, tellyportas, tractor beams, snotling cannons.

These things all work on a technological far beyond the understanding of a Mekboy.

And they still make it.

Hell, that technology is far beyond the understanding of the AdMech.

Probably even beyond the understanding of the finest Dark Eldar scientists.

>> No.20318162

For fucks sake GW
If you want a AP3 weapon that things can be nigh-imune to
Dont write fluff for it saying that it takes apart molecules and renders all armor useless

>> No.20318167

>> stick to the lots of animals running forward and eating everything strategy, they're going extinct.
pretty sure is troll, buttt

They actually don't. The 'lots of animals running forward and eating everything' is something everyone assumes is just the only strategy Nids know, without actually reading any of their fucking fluff. It's just more efficient in the long-term for a wave of small nids to just overwhelm a human settlement, and nom nom nom the whole planet later. Fluff is full of Nids taunting warbosses out of defended positions and ripping them apart alone, or sneaking beneath imperial cities to cut power and invade sewer systems.Genestealer cults alone work to overthrow societies from the inside.

>> No.20318170

Do you guys sit here with your codex open checking numbers and saying "Nope!" or do you guys just have pathetic low amounts of imagination?

I'm saying this much, for you dumbass chucklefucks.

Tyranid-Marines and Genestealer Cultists.

If this doesn't make my point clear, you're all as dumb and retarded as the Hivemind.

>> No.20318171

The Kroot ate the Orks and gained access to their genetic technological memory.

What's stopping the Nids from doing the same.

>> No.20318190

The Nids aren't self-aware "intelligent".

So they're unable to see purpose in technology, because to see purpose in technology you need intellect.

>> No.20318195

You're talking about animalistic planning.

I'm talking about intelligent strategies.

>> No.20318207

Don't dare question the wisdom of GW.

They know what they are doing.

>> No.20318210

How can you say that with a straight face?

>> No.20318212

A Tyranid Marine would just be pointless and stupid though. Why bother? Power armor and guns would just hinder the Tyranids because then they would need a new resource other than biomass. Tyranids don't care about colonizing or building, because yes they are essentially intelligent beings that only use this intelligence to fulfill their animal instincts (usually eating). Tyranids want to eat, they are hungry, and that is all. Their goal never was, never is, or never will be to exterminate all life in the universe, only to find their next meal.

>> No.20318222

>>we'd have Tyranids making guns.
Deathspitters, bio-plasma, devourers, fleshborers. Why spend time having to build a factory when you can build something that's just as good by simply growing it? Again you're mistaking the Human use of tools to overcome inherent weakness with pure intelligence. Tyranids do not need heavy industry because they grow something that's more efficient. It's more efficient to grow a hive ship then to spend months or years building one in a space dock that you also had to spend years building, that can't repair itself when hit, doesn't produce more of itself when you feed it, and doesn't fire ammunition that's smart enough to move to hit hte target for you.

>> No.20318225

And the difference being?

>> No.20318241

The 'Nids really are the worst possible opponent for the Orkz

They're as much of a hard counter to the orkz as you're gonna get in the Warhammer universe

>> No.20318245

>>Orks adapt a lot faster than the Tyranids
False, they're just not dumb as some 40k players seem to believe. Orks aren't stupid. They do use tactics, those tactics are just built around the Ork idea of combat, which is pummel the enemy till it does what you want.

Tyrannids use tactics to defeat warbosses that get too big. Nids start to win, a Warboss gets big again, stalling the fight temporarily.

>> No.20318246

You really are as retarded as the Hivemind.

Imagine a Tyranid-Marine.

A large human, excellent for Imperial Guard/PDF service.
>because you can't GROW power armour and bolters you dumb fucking retarded cancerous chucklefuck!

The Tyranid-Marine would be a far superior infiltration unit than the Genestealer Cultist, as the Tyranid-Marine doesn't slowly mutate into a Genestealer. It keeps its human appearance. Also, it can eat brains to learn the Hivemind new concepts it doesn't know.

But you know, Hivemind gonna DURR DURR DURR IMMA DUMB ANIMAL, so that's never gonna happen.

>> No.20318256


I think he's meaning Animalistic planning as:
A) Mauling the shit out of your enemy
B) Stalking your prey
C) Both A & B

And Intelligent strategies as:
A) Observing your enemies and preparing to strike
B) Adapting from your enemies
C) Both A & B

>> No.20318262

Alright, This is is really bothering me.

If nids can assimilate Dna and adapt new breeds of Nids, why couldn't they create a Pheromone based nid to make it easy to beat the Tau.

>> No.20318271

It's not a warp power, it's a gestalt psychic power much like the Hivemind itself. The more Orks, the less problems Orks have int he WAaaaggh working. The reason shadow messes with other races is because pretty much every other race uses the Warp, whereas Nids and Orkz are 'traditionally' psychic(i.e., mental power not mental power pulling energy from the warp)

>> No.20318277

I don't know, but I heard that one army in 40k uses LIVING METAL?

Something far superior to anything being used in the 40k universe?

If only the Tyranids would use technology... they too could perhaps develop LIVING METAL?

>> No.20318279


Wasn't there a thing in 2nd edition where the Tyranids used Zoats as Diplomats when they went to a planet full of Bio-food?


>> No.20318285

Hybrids don't mutate into gene-stealers. They're hybrids and each successive generation appears more and more human until the last generation where pure-breeds are born again. Marines would attract more attention.

>> No.20318291

But the Tyranids do both.

>> No.20318294

It also could just be the nids haven't had time to 'digest' the ideas. And some might just not be compatible with bio-organic structures. Remember, Nids don't have a traditional manufacturing base. They'd have to spend time building something, when they could just use narvhals and bio-plasma instead for similar effects.Time vs. efficiency.

>> No.20318297

Psychic shit happens in the warp though.

>> No.20318304

They would have to attack the Necrons and obtain their DNA to be able to develop it.

>> No.20318311

Zoats were a failed strategy. The galaxy was very xenophobic and the Zoats themselves rebelled because they had to much independence.

>> No.20318318

It's less about time vs. efficiency.

It's more about a monkey in the zoo looking at people with their cellphones and looking at his pointy stick and thinking "Fuck those phones, this stick is superior! It is so much more pointy than a phone!".

The Tyranids could be farming this galaxy for food, like Necrons. But they're too retarded to see it. They can't imagine things like that. Because they lack intelligence.

>> No.20318322

Newsflash, the Necrons lost their DNA probably a couple billion years before the Imperium even existed.

>> No.20318327

What do you think the nids are running from and trying to accumulate biomass to counter?

Big zoggin orks, that's what.

>> No.20318328

Closer to 65M years.

>> No.20318335

>>Tyranid-Marines and Genestealer Cultists.
I fail to see how this is relevant, but sure aspie. Genestealer CUlts soften up a world, and then that world is om nommed. A genestealer is arguably better than a cultist at combat, just as a broodlord(which is pretty much what the Genestealer cultist lord becomes) is better for combat roles than a cultist leader. Tyranid warriors might as well be marines(they have pretty similar statlines too, just not the invul save from power armor and lolmahreen bullshit)

Remember, what we've seen from the Nids is their army, by and large. There could be Nid biomorphs with entirely non-combat functions(in fact, fluff states a lot of their 'new' units are sometimes just modified world-eating organisms because the Nids realized 'hey, this big magma-proof burrower-worm thing is probably good at eating tanks')

>> No.20318345

>killed off 12 galaxies

>can't even kill some pissy blue faggot


>> No.20318355

More like they see the cell phone and decide, well that won't help us, its made of something we can't make, and it doesn't help us satisfy out hunger. The stick on the other hand is easy to make, helps us get food, and is useful.

Now translated to Technology:
Well the bolter is made of metal which would require mining, and assembly and isn't exactly better than what we have. This fleshborer however, can be made extremely quickly and only requires biomass, something we already have a ton of.

>> No.20318358

The Nids use intelligent planning

See: Warboss vs. Nids.

Warboss got big and scary, stomped the Nid army on the planet till it almost died. THey adapted, and actually -taunted- the Warboss until he rushed out alone, where they slaughtered him. Killing him turned the tide. Warriors and Tyrants have been known to be as intelligent or more intelligent than humans, they simply have different goals.

>> No.20318364

Woah, mate.

Can you rewrite that post, because it has so much spelling errors, grammar errors, and just weird sentences that go nowhere.

>> No.20318368

But he left him crawling in the dirt and near death. This humbling is worse than death for an Ultramarine ''The Greatest of them all''.

>> No.20318372

And that's why wild monkeys are slowly going extinct.

Just like the Tyranids.

>> No.20318377


I just noticed Calgar has pauldrons on his pauldrons

>> No.20318383

No kill is no kill.

The Swarmlord is pathetic, for someone who supposed killed of 12 galaxies.

>> No.20318403

Except the Swarmlord knew it would demoralize the Ultramarines and would make future battles more in their favor.

>> No.20318408

Who can say if they don't farm worlds after they've wiped out all opposing life? It's currently smarter to eat an entire world and move on in the 40k galaxy in order to deny resources to another faction, and puts an entire worlds biomass immediately into use for the fighting. The only side of the Nids we've seen is their war-units. For all we know the Nids fleets are vanguard units of a fleet that contains subjugated species(like the Zoats were) and that re-plant worlds when there's no danger of invasion from a hostile faction.

>> No.20318410

The Bitch Marine ran away. What is he suppose to do? Chase after him?

He is running a system wide planetary invasion. He doesn't have time to waste on weaklings. Priorities, man, Priorities.

>> No.20318424

Have you never assembled a Space Marine before?
Big pauldron goes on the under one.

>> No.20318433

Swarmlord didn't die. The hive fleet was driven off. Swarmlord fluff is that every battle it gets smarter, learns new tactics, and becomes better prepared. When the swarmlord dies he's absorbed into the gestalt hivemind and reborn somewhere else.

>> No.20318450

And then the Nids discover Simuloptera. It begins.

>> No.20318463

How the fuck could "Bitch Marine" run away when he was basically a head with a torso?

Pussyass bitch Swarmlord couldn't even finish off a fucking human worm.

>> No.20318468


Actually no, Nid fluff states that their 'Psykers' produce warp-like effects while not actually using the warp at all, it's that they channel the combined power of the hivemind. The reason they do perils of the warp tests is due to the fact that having the Hive Mind's gestalt will flowing through a single beings brain can cause it to sometimes explode or short out. The Shadow in the warp is literally the psychic imprint of the Hivemind pushing the warp away.(which is why warp travel becomes impossible)

>> No.20318481

ITT: why I hate Tyrannid fluff
>hurr tyrannids are smart and they adapt to ANYTHING and they eat anything so you can't kill them and they ate TWELVE GALAXIES.

worst faction ever.

>> No.20318492

You mean "The Simuloptera consumes the Hivemind."


>> No.20318494

It doesn't push the warp away, it fills it with Nid minds which makes communication hard. Look at powers such as Warp blast. They use the Hive Mind rather than the warp at large.

>> No.20318495


I have, it's just his head...and the Pauldrons and the power fists mislead me somehow.

>> No.20318502

Worse than the Necrons?


>> No.20318515


The Oldcrons were boring as shit, they were quite literally completely devoid of any personality (And no, this does not make them awesome)

There's nothing really wrong with the Newcrons, it's infinitely better than the Oldcrons because the Oldcrons were non-entities

>> No.20318521

Necrons have limited, if huge, numbers. They aren't united. Most of them aren't even active. They're nowhere near as ridiculous as the tyranids.

>> No.20318524

Have the Simuloptera set loose on a 'Nid world. The only source of fuel is the Nids. Let the infiltration begin.

>> No.20318543


I just read about the Simuloptera, and I can say is

Jesus Christ, how horrifying

>> No.20318558

Then, they find the Swarmlord.

>> No.20318592

Ooooooooooooooh shit.

We gotta remember this whenever we get another stupid Fictional Universe vs. Fictional Universe thread.

Simuloptera-infected Swarmlord.

There, that kills everything. Especially the crab.

>> No.20318602

There's also the prospect of them finding a bio-ship or a titan.

>> No.20318612

Their Hax Technology makes up for it. Time Travel, C'tan Shards, Star exploding, pocket dimensions, Gauss, those universe killing guns they used on the C'tan etc etc.

They united once against a common enemy before. Nothing will stop them from doing the same now.

The Necrons are more OP than the nids and are the only faction that can stomp them and while laughing out loud.

>> No.20318616

>imagine Terminator 2 with a Swarmlord-1000 instead of a T-1000.

>> No.20318623

>"Yuz all prolly wunderin why'z Iz givien da wurld to da 'umies. Wez orkz iz gud at killin N lootin, but wez never been gud at livin. An datz wut life iz all abot. Da Emperah told me dis 'imself!

>> No.20318663

> :3
I giggled

>> No.20318666

There's a clear statement in fluff (i.e. Space Hulk) that genestealers do not understand principles of using tools (but hybrids actually can, but even they lack ability to invent new things). It's a fucking alien concept to them, even if they have hands. It's probably true for all tyranids. It's similiar to our perception of fourth dimension - we can't imagine this shit no matter how hard we try, beacuse our brain works in three dimensions. Get it?

>> No.20318686

They sound like non-biological X-Parasites.

>> No.20318713

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand that's my next Rogue Trader campaign.


>> No.20319580

Consider the sheer indifference that the Tyranids exhibit to all other life in the 40K 'universe'.

They don't get frustrated, the don't have pride, they don't know fear, and they certainly aren't divided.

They are a united, inevitable force of nature, "charged by the black-heart of the cosmos to go forth and annihilate".

Orks are awesome, don't get me wrong... but Tyranids just seem far more competitive and capable in the broader scope of the conflict.

>> No.20319880

When I get Only War, I'm so gonna play an Ogryn that is working hard to kill off all the Tyranids.

The only problem is that he sometimes forgets to count all his kills, which in turn leads him to believe that the Tyranids multiply their numbers every time he forgets his kills.

His dream is to become a Bonehead one day, so he won't forget his kills all the time... but I fear that with such intelligence comes the realisation that simply counting kills won't stop the Tyranids.

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