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Hi /tg/ I'm bored so how about we play adventure game from warhammer 40k ?
You will lead a squad of 4 Stormtroopers on a mission behind enemy lines.
It's simple : first you will give me 5(including yourself) characters. You can describe them name them give them specialization. (Just don't say something impossible)

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You can ask for standard Imperial stormtrooper equipment.
Also you will have to give me stats
You will have 12 points to distribute Each attribute has a maximum of 5

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bump to see how this goes down

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Different person bumping, also where is the OP's photo from?

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i think its a teaser from dark millienium

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Dunno found on 4chan

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When players will have to roll I will pick the average from the first 3 posts

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C'mon guys I know you want to play!

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Strength 2
Agility 4
Constitution 3
Intelligence 3

standard stromtrooper gear

i'll make 1 character of the squad i think making 5 would be abit much

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I'm taking the 1-5 scale as being a 'for a storm trooper' scale so 5 inst Einstein but rather highly intelligent for a storm trooper. Everyone has carapace armour, HS laspistol, CCW, frags and kraks.


Equipment-boltgun, small melta charge, vox caster

Demolitions and technical expert

Equipment-grenade launcher, extra krak grenades, auspex, vox caster, minor tool set (wrench, hammer, pliers etc, nothing major)

Weapons expert/special weapons guy

Equipment-plasma gun, extra frags, small melta charge


Equipment-HS lasgun, medipack,

Other guy

Equipment-HS lasgun

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That's OK. But what specialisation does "Marky" have? Also is he the main guy or a member of the squad?

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Okay. I will take this as your squad. You should give them names (If you want to you can say some personal info, but it's not nescessary). Also don't worry I will use Marky as some kind of scrub :)

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what enemy lines are we behind, what year is it, where are we in the galaxy.

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chaos, M41, 208 in the argonian sector

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You are not just there yet. Your unit is just often used for this kind of mission. It is 41M.689. You know you are about to be deployed on some Hive World in the Ultima Segmentum but you don't know anything about the misssion itself.

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Guys cmon just give me names for the squad so we can begin

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ricky, meltz, alko, deneterius, ymir

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Okay I will give the sergant codename "Wolf" so we can begin.
You are on a ship which has emerged from warp 3 days ago and is now occupied only be the ship's crew and a few squads similar to yours.
Your commander calls you (Sergant) And after salutating he explains the situation:
"As you may know sergant we were called here to surpress an uprising of some unbelievers who decided to stop following our beloved God-Emperor, and think they can rule themselves. We launched our offensive 3 days ago and we found out that almost 25 % of the Hive world joined the rebelion. Because we don't want to have more unnescessary casaulties we want to eliminate the leaders. That's why we are sending you. You are going to be droped off behind enemy lines near artillery positions. Your primary objective is to kill rebel leader Zharnus. Your secondary objective is to disable the function of that artillery. Any questions?

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So you say nothing. After you salute and go away you pick your equipment and you are loaded with your squad in a Valkyrie. As you fly down Ymir (Sniper) asks : "Sir, why do those people fight with us?"

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Because my dick is hard.

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"For the great glory of nurgle"

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because op is a faggot

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With only a blank stare on my face I whip out my lasrife and begin to murder everyone

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"Because my dick is hard" you reply. Ymir laughs a little and then says "Yeah right. Why do I even ask?" You land on some kind of platform after you jump out a voice over the vox say "Okay guys we're going home. There's a Lightning fighter nearby to provide support. See ya!" And then the valkyrie flies off. You hear artillery shooting about half a kilomete away from you. What do you do now?

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Fuck Ymir BECAUSE HE HAS A 5 IN SEXY!!!!!!!!!!

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what happens next OP I NEED TO KNOW

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Furiously masturbate.

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rape Ymir.

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dubs means it gets done

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Oh god. And I was sure I am not on /b/. You try to rape Ymir. Roll it.

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rolled 14 = 14

Rollin for Ymir

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rolled 49 = 49


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rolled 13 = 13

rollan rollan rollan

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Roll 20d

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rolled 31 = 31

Inb4 critical success

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rolled 13 = 13

Rolling a rape check.

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rolled 16 = 16

I presume you mean 1d20.

Rolling for raep to get some good to come out of this shitty attempt at a quest thread.

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So you rolled 16 ([[13+13+16]/3]+2 for STR). I rolled more so you failed at attempt to rape Ymir. He gives you a bitch slap and says "I am not gay!"

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rolled 14 = 14

Try to rape him again.

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That GM putting rape in his campaign, your an asshole

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rolled 19 = 19

rape attempt part deux

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Even before you have time to try to rape him again you hear voices from an alley nearby.

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rolled 18 = 18

Goddamnit we are going to rape his smarmy ass for not liking our dick.

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Wow, what a fucking railroad. Fuck you.

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rolled 2 = 2

Rape the voices.

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rolled 16 = 16

So are you going to continue your attempts to rape Ymir or you will do something with the voices?

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rolled 5 = 5

Rape them both at once.

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rolled 3 = 3

Fuck that I just want to get off this train

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Welp OP is gone. Nice job /tg/!

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