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The Bridge of the Planet Killer was silent but for the growl of the distant engines, the hushed whisper of the daemons possessing the ships consoles, and the whine of his bodyguard’s Terminator Armour. The Despoiler silently brooded on his high and mighty command throne, staring out at the raging tempests of the warp outside.

Around the ship were thousands upon thousands of vessels devoted to Chaos. Ancient battleships many millennia old sat next to brand new squadrons of Raiders completed weeks or even days previously. The sickly green of Death Guard vessels were anchored beside the ruddy red of World Eater vessels, the lightning streaked raiders of the Night Lords, and the ethereal blue of the Thousand Sons warships. Gothic cathedral ships of the Word Bearers howled with litanies to Chaos, while more sinister howls came from the ships of the Emperor’s Children. Iron Warriors Bastion ships, Alpha Legion stealth ships and Daemonships stood together, all in readiness, all poised at the slips. Such a sight had only been seen once before, above Ullanor ten thousand years before when the rebellion had only just begun. The same feeling was in the air, the feeling of inevitable victory. After ten thousand years, the Legions would have their revenge. Abaddon went to rise from his throne before he realised his mistake.

He had no arms.

Cursing, he barked a command and one of his lieutenants came up with a pair of metal arms. Subpar, but they would have to do. When the gate was down and the way to Terra open, he knew the gods would reward him with new arms, better arms.

He flexed his metal arms, reached down for Drach’Nyen, and raised it above his head.

Reality tore apart before the fleet, a huge warp rift millions of miles wide, as the fleet sailed towards it; he smiled and gave out his one and only command.

“Let the Galaxy Burn!”

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On this day in 2012, Monday 13th August, the /tg/ Eye of Terror Campaign has been launched. Over the next eight weeks, you fine fa/tg/uys will determine the fate of the Cadian Gate, and by extension the entire galaxy. From massive clashes in the deeps of space, to apocalyptic battles scarring planets, to strike teams fighting it out over key positions, to deathwatch kill teams and rogue traders performing secret missions under the cover of darkness, the war is yours to win or lose. Every battle you fight will determine if Cadia falls, or if the Despoiler is flung back into the hell from whence he came.

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A quick recap, so you can see where we’re coming from. The rules for running your own Eye of Terror campaign, out of some white dwarf, were dug up by myself from my pile of old White Dwarfs, and they are complete, including the planets, event cards, and so on. So now we are doing the whole damn thing from start to finish and it will be cool. Change history, whatever. Green Kroosade. Cadia burning. Sectors collapsing. Fleets clashing. Creed using his Tactical Genius. Eldrad being a dick. And Failbaddon either defying his stereotype, or else proving his incompetence once and for all. All of it is in YOUR hands.

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The procedure is simple. 1) Decide on where your battle is being played. There are lots of ‘warzones’ in the Eye of Terror. Before you commence battle, decide on where your battle will take place; it could be the very planet Cadia itself, or perhaps you are fighting in the Medusa sector. Wherever you decide to play, make sure you’ve both agreed as to where the battle is going to count and don’t try to report it coming from two different places. It could also spark ideas about the type of terrain or even the scenario you want to play. Cadia itself would be a great place for a Cities of Death game.

2) Decide on who is going to report the battle. Most of the time, it is the winner who reports the battle. It seems to be a good convention to follow, unless the winner can’t report the battle for whatever reason. It is therefore important that you both agree on who is going to report the battle. The battle result should be reported as quickly as possible.

Reporting battles is very easy; you report a battle in the Campaign thread of the Forums under the heading, I.E ‘Campaign Week 2 Results’. Don’t forget the photographic or screenshot evidence is required to prove the battle was fought and real.

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We hope to have late registers as the campaign continues, so if you haven’t let signed up, please do so. You can fight over the Internet using VASSAL, or fight Battles at your FLGS or in your basement or wherever and send them in. No matter what, your victories will be counted.

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QUESTION: The guys at my FLGS are a bunch of lazy cunts who probably won't report shit, yet i'd still like to participate. Can i just declare myself the official reporter-dude since nobody else here will do it?

SECOND QUESTION: CSM Daemon Princes. Non-English FAQs (German, Spanish, and Japanese i've personally confirmed) and the White Dwarf battle report indicate very clearly that they are Flying Monstrous Creatures when given Wings, yet the English FAQ seems to leave that bit out. Which ruling should we use?

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The war in space is just as important as the war on the ground. In the real EoT Campaign, Imperial control of the spaceways prevented a total Chaos victory. You can change this outcome with your games, and ensure Orbital superiority for your side, opening up a number of special rules the troops on the ground can benefit from, ranging from Orbital Fire support to extra troops and buffed reserves.

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Yes. Report for all of them, the more battles we get the better.

Go with the Majority. When have the Germans or Japanese ever lat us down?

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RPGs also have a vital part to play, and you can gather up a Deathwatch Kill team or Rogue trader group and by your actions aid or abet the defence of the Cadian Gate. Either by one off games, or long campaigns running the full eight weeks, you can help your side to victory.

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>The rules for running your own Eye of Terror campaign, out of some white dwarf, were dug up by myself from my pile of old White Dwarfs, and they are complete, including the planets, event cards, and so on.

Were they scanned?

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That's happening tomorrow. I use the HD University Scanners.

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> Abaddon went to rise from his throne before he realised his mistake.
>He had no arms.

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So all that is left is for you so sign up and start playing.
The forums are here.


War calls you /tg/, will you answer?

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Okay, next question, which Black Crusade was this? 13 or 14?

Still not as good as the time he went to see psychologist.

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NVM. It's right there in forum link.

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I've never played 40k or BFG so perhaps I could be a guardsman in an Only War game?

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Chack out the RPG section on the forums then. OP has gone, so expect a reply in the morning

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Sarnok reporting in, FOR CHAOS!

Currently in the process of striping and re-painting about half my army, and waiting on my FLGS to get my Epidemius and Great Unclean One in, so my army is going to be all kinds of fugly for the first week or so until i get everything painted.

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I wish I had a 40k Army, but I will follow this with great interest.
Is it on 1d4chan?

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i'm back, and I'm Bumping.
Any battles fought yet? Any battles planned?

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This is too important not to post.
I simply wished to remind you that in order to much more easily plan, organise and generally do awesome things you should join our chatroom.
it is at the following server: "irc.thisisnotatrueending.com" on port 9999, the room is called Eot (to join write "/j #eot"), thats all there is to it.

If you do not have an IRC program allready, you can join like this.

Go to this website: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/chats.html
click the " embedded Java IRC client here " text (which should be blue)

when you have entered the IRC, you can join the room by writing "/j #eot".
You can also change your name from Annonymous into your preferance by writing "/nick yourname"

I very much look forward to see you all there!

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The first battles are being planned as we speak, and it looks like Chaos may do a Pearl Harbour to Belis Corona...

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First battle fought was Order Raven Guard (myself) versus Disorder Traitor Guard. All but one unit of Traitor Guard was killed...

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You don't need to own a physical army to play. You can join the fight on Vassal, downloadable here http://www.vassalengine.org/download.php and the using the latest 40k module which can be downloaded here http://www.mediafire.com/?7y7gcrj84u77skm ! Fight as your favorite faction(s) and do them proud!

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Myself and a friend are doing a huge (5000 point) BFG game to re-familiarize ourselveswith the rules.

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Results? Battle Location? Victory Points?
All these are needed...

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1500 points between me and a person signed up on the website. Location was Kantrael, which is at 85% Order Control. This was round 1 of the battle. I have pics of nearly every turn.

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>Deploying 3 earthshakers IN FRONT of his men

The fuck was command thinking?

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This was the END of the battle. Also, they were standard LeMan Russes, he was just oo lazy to fix them.

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Oh. Okay. In his defense, my eyesight sucks, on further inspection those do appear to be russes of some sort.

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First Blood to Order then.

Does anyone have the 3rd Edition Victory Points, so we can turn this victory into percentage shift?

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Meanwhile I'm puttering around with a BFG game which I'm going to solo. 2000pts Chaos vs Space Marines.

Essentially, a Night Lord is trying to kite the White Consuls entire fleet almost to the other side of the Eye of Terror relative to Cadia.

It's set up, I just need to actually play it. So with a bit of luck I can get that done tommorow evening.

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>Dat pic

You're not actually Privateer Quest OP are you?

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For the record, I went with

Desolator BB with CSM Warmaster (2 rerolls)
2x CSM crewed Slaughter Cruisers
1x Styx Heavy Cruiser with Chaos Lord
2x Devestation Cruisers
Executor Grand Cruiser (The Lance one, in anycase)
5 of the Sword equivelant Frigates they get (I forget the name)

Conversely with the White Consuls I went

Desolator Venerable Battlebarge with Master of the Fleet (2 rerolls)

3 Strike Cruisers
2 Strike Cruisers with prow Bombardment Refit
2 Strike Cruisers with Torpedoes
5 Gladius Frigates
5 Gladius Frigates

Plus ANOTHER Strike Cruiser from the Iron Hands turned up when I rolled on the sub-plot table.
As you can see, even if those Strike Cruisers aren't fully crewed, we're still looking at LEAST 7 companies of space marines chasing this guy.
...not that this is too much of a problem as the White Consuls had THIRTEEN of the buggers at the onset of the war.

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It is EXACTLY the sort of thing I would consider running. But no.

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Ah, right. you're GMT, so running a quest at 9 PM or later EST probably wouldn't work so well.

Also when is Crossbone Quest gonna start? Need to get my mariachi on!

So looks like Chaos has plenty of assault craft, and some good up close guys, the Slaughters and Executor and Sword wannabes.

Meanwhile the SMs have a fair number of bombard cannons which will absolutely shred anything that gets in range, and those Slaughters DO have to get in range to be effective. I'd say Team Marine has the advantage here, but with dice it can go either way.

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>psi titans
>admech psionic division
Is there any fluff on that?

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Not since second edition Epic I think.

>> No.20309892


It's an Escalating Engagement mission. The opening units were the two Torp Strike Cruisers and the Iron Hands one against the Grand Cruiser.

Keep in mind that I haven't gone for the Shield upgrade, and the Grand Cruiser has a total of 6 lances on the broadside.
So, yeah the Strike Cruisers are going to have to close that gap quickly before reinforcements come in, and board it without getting mauled.

>> No.20309912

I see. So, you're playing this by yourself you said? How are you managing to do that? I'm also interested in how you put together the list; what did you mean by sub plot?

>> No.20309937

Subplot is a little table you roll on before the game. It adds neat little twists to things, and I think it might give you a bonus to the final scores or something I don't know.

As for soloing it, well, it's not that hard. You just play against yourself.

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Got a 1500 pts game coming up this Thursday, Chaos (me) vs Blood Angels. Here's the list:
Daemon Prince w/ Nurgle, Wings, Doombolt: 160
Daemon Prince w/ Nurgle, Wings, Doombolt: 160
6 Plague Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Champ w/ Power Weapon and meltabombs, Rhino (228)
6 Plague Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Champ w/ Power Weapon and meltabombs, Rhino (228)
6 Plague Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Champ w/ Power Weapon and meltabombs, Rhino (228)
Daemons of Chaos Allies:
Ku’Gath: 300
10 Plaguebearers w/ Icon: 175
Total: 1479

I fully expect my Daemon Princes to rip his guts out almost single-handedly, since he seems to love his Vindicators. I don't think he has had to deal with Flying Monstrous Creatures before.

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*Amendment: Change two of those Champions to Power Fists, making the pts total 1499.

God i love plague marines.... they're I3, so there is no downside to taking Fists/Axes since other Marines strike before them anyway.

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*Amendment: Change two of those Champions to Power Fists, making the pts total 1499.

God i love plague marines.... they're I3, so there is no downside to taking Fists/Axes since other Marines strike before them anyway.

Now, the BIG QUESTION: which Psychic Discipline should i roll on for them?

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bump with forum link
for great justice

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Bumppity bump bump

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Hey Anon, What are the rules that you're working with for BFG?

Are you just going with the living rulebook off of hte website, or a specific variant?

I've played a lot as Chaotic Fleets, but, would like to play as imps for once

>> No.20311631

BFG games confer bonuses such as Orbital Superiority to troops, and add up to victory points.

>> No.20311825

Ok, I have a major point i need to make.

If you do not include your victory point total for both sides and ther difference as per 3rd edition, YOU BATTLE IS MEANINGLESS, as I can't turn it into a percentage increase or decrease.

>> No.20311971


Ah, man. I'm going to need to remember how that was. It was just 'Points destroyed, immobilized vehicles count half' wasn't it?

>> No.20312084

Ok, is there an Anon who can give us the 40k 3rd Edition Victory Point Rules?

>> No.20312286

The first victory has been marked, And Kantrael is now 100% Order controlled, up from 85%.
Failbaddon is already taking a beating.

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Any ork players out there want to help me make a Scraploota army? I know nothing about the game but am pretty knowledgable about the fluff of the Scraplootas.

>> No.20312968

Any ork players out there want to help me make a Scraploota army? I know nothing about the game and haven't played before, but am pretty knowledgable about the fluff of the Scraplootas and can tell you what kinds of troops they have. That's about all I'm good for, unfortunately.

>> No.20312969

Use lots of Grots and Kommandos, as per the fluff. A Big mek with Grot Oiler (for Blue)

>> No.20313203

Another battle has been fought, and despite the intervention of Inquisitor Leitan, the Plague Marines of Mardenak have taken the Sentinel Worlds for Nurgle.

>> No.20313264

>Ok, is there an Anon who can give us the 40k 3rd Edition Victory Point Rules?

Oy, again?
Well, here goes.

>Victory points are added up at the end of the game... add together the points value of the enemy units you have destroyed or seriously damaged.
>Each unit wiped out is worth its points cost as victory points to the enemy. A unit which falls back off the edge of the table or is falling back at the end of the game counts as being wiped out.
>If a unit has lost half of more of its models then it is worth half its total points value as victory points. If it has lost less than half of its models then it is worth no victory points to the enemy.
>Vehicles which have been damaged (immobilised or armament destroyed) are worth half their points value, those which have been destroyed are worth their full points value. Even if you are using a unit of several vehicles (like Eldar Vypers, for example) count victory points for each vehicle separately.
>Individual models with two or more Wounds are worth half their points value if reduced to half Wounds, and their full value if killed.

Scenario objectives are worth some hundreds of points. As a rule of thumb, multiply the VPs awarded by a 6th edition scenario by 100.

>> No.20313347

Thankyou Anon.

>> No.20313405

bump fer ya

>> No.20314311

Another battle is brewing, Sisters vs Chaos on Gudrun. More news at 11

>> No.20315544

Well, the Sisters and Chaos battle is in.

Cannoness Ikiryo of the Iron Rose Order Minoris routed the Nurgle Space Marines, the plentiful ammo of the Hive World allowing her Exorcists to manage an unprecedented rate of fire while she personally took the heads from two Chaos Champions and dealt a serious wound to Ku'Gath the Plaguefather himself.

The crushing victory has left the planet under complete Imperial Control.

Translation: I had BULLSHIT luck on Exorcist rate of fire and Counts As!St Celestine rolled up 'Legendary Warrior' and just kept challenging people even when she got knocked down. There was a lot of completely bullshit luck that battle and it was pretty much all on my side.

>> No.20315548


Whoops, Iofiel, not Ikiryo. Getting my Shadowrun and 40k wires crossed.

>> No.20315769


Huh? Sisters actually won. Nice.

Keep doing that for the Honor of the Adepta Sororitas.

>> No.20315911


Uh yeah defeating chaos space marines isn't a big deal.

>> No.20316360

Oh go bawwww somewhere else. Sisters don't even HAVE a real codex anymore, just an entry in WD.

>> No.20317190

Well. Here we go.

One of the earliest maneouvers of the Arch-Heretic in his 13th Crusade was this ploy to draw out much of the fleet strength of the White Consuls Space Marines.
Whilst lesser reknowned than other Space Marine chapters that stand watch over the Eye of Terror, the White Consuls were still a substantial threat due, in part, to the fact that they were currently overstrength.
One of Abaddons lieutenants, a Night Lord warlord known to the Imperium on as Phobos Everblack suggested that he take his Battleship, the Furious shadowed by a sizeable fleet.
The Furious was a known and hated foe for the White Consuls, not least because of it being the sister ship to on of their oldest and most venerated Battlebarges stolen by the Night Lords at the height of the heresy.
Aside from his known and trusted Night Lord ship captains of the Goresworn and Bloodborn he took with him the chaff of Abaddons fleet, the lost and the damned, numerous but ill disciplined.

>> No.20317211

Nevertheless when he let ship be sighted on the rim of the White Consul territories heading towards the domain of the Iron Hands the White Consuls primary fleet leapt at the chance.
They rode out of the Sabatine Worlds with the Battlebarge Wrath at the head of almost their complete Strike Cruiser fleet and a sizeable fraction of their Light Attack Ships. No less than 7 of their 13 companies aboard. Fleet Master Eulaus spread his net wide in an effort capture the hated foe.
On the edges of their territory the Strike Cruisers Judgement and Magistrate Donnar encountered a fellow Iron Hands vessel "Pitiless" which too had been pursuing a ghost like contact on the edges of their space. There, in the lee of dead world orbiting a dying neutron star they encountered The Vandal, a traitorous Grand Cruiser.
Perhaps not the target they were looking for, but Captain Achaemaenes of the Donnar considered it likely that to engage the Vandal might draw out the Furious, he signalled the rest of the fleet and moved to attack.
As for Phobos, things were progressing as planned...

>> No.20317239



Turn 1

Communications were garbled and distorted by a radiation surge from the Neutron Star, despite this, the Marines pushed forwards to attack, launching their torpedoes. The opening salvo however was mistimed badly due to the poor internal communications, the devestating ordinance flying wildly off target.
The Pitiless meanwhile chose to take cover in the lee of an asteroid field and launch it's Thunderhawk gunships.
The Vandal easily slinked away from the oncoming torpedoes and presented it's broadsides to the enemy, but both sides were still outside of ideal range and his lance fire did little but lower the shields of the Judgement.

>> No.20317559

Whilst the Neutron Star continued to hamper close range Vox communications Captain Achaemaenes hoped that his Astropathic signal to the fleet had not been similarily garbled. All internal communications had been seriously hampered, forcing the crew to fall back to runners and hand signals. These hardships would have effectively curtailed a normal crews ability to function, but Achaemanes and his crew were Space Marines, and despite the lack of communications and the incoming fire both Strike Cruisers were able to reload their torpedoes for another, fresh attack.
This time, there would be no mistake.

From near point blank range the Torpedoes swarmed out at the traitorous Grand Cruiser, hampered by the selfsame radiation her Captain could do nothing but watch as his vessel was gutted by torpedo after torpedo. The massed lances of the facing side were almost scoured away by fire and flame and in a single volley his once mighty ship was near crippled.

>> No.20317581


The tables had seemingly been turned on the Chaos fleet, and The Vandal struggled to pull away from the enemy to try and repair itself. Dark fate however smiled upon them as Warmaster Phobos's Carrier Squadron arrived, the first reinforcements of the day.

Led by the Styx class Heavy Cruiser "Savagery of Gothhanar" the Devestation Cruisers "Dark Omen" and "The Black King" immiediately began disgorging wave after wave of Doomfire Bombers, in turn the Iron Hands Thunderhawks attempted to board the Vandal, but even wounded her flak was too heavy and they were grudgingly forced to turn back.

This respite gave the Vandal the time it needed to conduct vital repairs somehow bringing several of her portside guns back online.

>> No.20318276

The plotting and scheming continues.

We need an Imperial Lord Castellan and a Chaos Warmaster to lead the respective teams. Takers should be able and ready to use Creed and Failbaddon respectively for 'special occasions'. Any takers?

>> No.20318340

Imperium also needs a safe place to make battle plans where disorder cant see

Current areas of conflict: Sentinel Worlds, Bellis Corona sub-sector (Apparently getting its own scenario), Kantrael

>> No.20318650



The radiation surge continued with no sign of abating, and whilst they were now badly outnumbered, Captain Achaemenes knew no fear, and continued to push his attack on The Vandal, now bringing their Bombardment Cannons to bear but the heavy shields of The Vandal could not be breached so easily.

Then, things got worse.

The Goresworn and Bloodborn arrived. They were Night Lord vessels crewed by those who still remembered Istvaan, not the heretical rabble of lost and damned that the White Consuls had been dealing with thus far.
Now Captain Achaemanes was forced to admit the situation was rapidly deteriorating, unless the rest of the fleet could arrive soon he would be forced to disengage.

As if to press that message home, The Vandal herself hauled to starboard and stabbed at Justice with her undamaged Lances, her shields were punched down and the massive laser batteries struck heavy blows to the ship. Nevertheless, the vessel remained resolute.

>> No.20319049

Order has won the first victory in space, repulsing chaos raiders as they attempted to destroy an imperial convoy in Bellis Corona

>> No.20319124



Finally the radiation surge from the nearby star subsided and with it at last came the Space Marine reinforcements, the Strike Cruisers of the 5th and 6th companies transitioned from warp space in a perfect position to intercept The Vandal.

>> No.20319128

Then the Master of the Fleet arrived, astride the Battleship Wrath, Desolator class, laid down in the great crusade and over 10,000 years old. His position couldn't be more perfect, and he speared forwards into the flanks, into the teeth of the Night Lords Carnage Cruisers.
With his internal Vox communications no longer disrupted, Captain Achaemaenes roared an order to prepare weapons and make for boarding. Deep within the bowels of the Strike Cruisers, ratings and servitors toiled to reload their torpedoes.

>> No.20319183


Eager to close the gap to support the Judgement and Donnar, Captain Lynceus of the Sword of Justice directed his squadron to put all power into the engines and they stormed towards the battle.
Conversely the Master of the Fleet stabilised his course and put all power to his guns, intent on maximising his element of suprise. His resultant fire stripped the nearest enemy vessel of it's shields.
Meanwhile Iron Hands Thunderhawks from the Pitiless swung in amongst the Bombers of the Chaos Carrier squadron, two wings were destroyed with no losses. Despite this, the enemy bombers were too numerous and fell upon Judgment and Donna even as they pulled alongside The Vandal and began extending boarding grapnel and launching boarding pods.
At first it seemed as if the turrets of the two ships might hold them off, but then the mass of bombers from the Savagery descended onto the Judgment and tore it to pieces.
The torpedoes of the Wrath struck out in vengeance, they swept over the Goresword like a wave, inflicting minimal damage, her sistership the Bloodborn was not so lucky, compound impacts breached her hull through five decks, crippling her in a single salvo.

Aboard The Vandal, Space Marines from the Donnar and even survivors from the Judgement fought bloody battle in confines of the ship. Outnumbered, but never outmatched, the Space Marines fought to a brutal stalemate, neither side in the advantage.

>> No.20319472


It was at this point that Phobos sprung his trap. Keeping his Battleship back for the finishing blow he sent forth his raiders into battle. They materialised in position to strike at the Wrath, with support from the Goresworn.

The chaos vessels swarmed around the ancient battleship, and Fleet Master Eulaus roared the command to secure bulkheads and brace for impact as the combined fire of 7 traitor vessels thundered about his Battleship. Space around the Battleship became like a newborn star in brilliance and fury, and yet when the fire faded, proud Wrath strode forth, bloodied, but unbowed.
Meanwhile, in an effort to turn the tide, Thunderhawk Gunships from Strike Cruisers of 6th and 7th company arrived and attempted to board The Vandal as well, but as before were beaten back. Inside, the vicious stalemate continued, although who knew what might tip the balance?

>> No.20319818

Striding forth amidst the conflagration, the Wrath and Pitiless bracketed the Goresworn and hammered it with gun and lance. Their gunfire tore through the armoured flanks of the Goresworn crippling her, whilst the Wraths lances also killed another of the Raiders.
The Iron Hands Thunderhawks mercilessly finished their destruction of the first wave of Chaos Bombers, they then swung about, knowing that second wave would soon be coming. Meanwhile yet more Thunderhawks of the 6th and 7th companies attempted their runs on The Vandal, and at last the Thunderhawks were able to breach the brutal flak curtain, and disgorge their reinforcing Marines. One squad found a vital power junction in it's port side, and upon destroying it disabled her portside weapons once again, another boarding force detonated the ships ventrel fuel reserve, and fire scorched through the vessel.

Likewise, a freshly refueled squadron from the Pitiless managed to land onto the already crippled Bloodborn, and detonate an ammunition cache, setting it aflame and devestating the nearby maneouvering thrusters.

By this point, the ancient teleportariums aboard the Pitiless and Wrath had spooled up the great and forbidden energies they needed and ensuing pinpoint strikes quickly disabled the Goresworns prow mount plasma decks, reducing it's firepower even further.

Aboard the Vandal, Space Marines managed to at last make some headway, reducing the enemy to a parity in numbers when they were able to trap a large group of kill-servitors in the starboard decks and explode a nearby super-capacitor.
The resultant energy discharge was enough to not on disable the servitors circuitry, but the unpower the starboard guns, completely disarming the Vandal.

>> No.20320153

Seeing that the moment was now, Phobos Everblack struck, his Battleship the Furious, repainted in midnight livery was a stark contrast to the White Consuls colours sported by the Wrath which it materialised off the starboard bow of. Crippled as they were, the Bloodborn and Goresworn both attepted to make firing passes on the Pitiless but did little more than strain her shields.
Although they could not bring their torpedoes to bear, the raiders nevertheless swung around to snipe at the Wrath from it's blind spot, the Furious had no such problems, surging forwards to offload it's torpedoes. In the distance the long range laces of the Carrier squadron were brought to bear.

Warmaster Phobos was exultant, the jaws of his trap had snapped shut.

This time, the Wrath could not weather the storm, scoured by hit after hit, torpedo after torpedo, her armour gave way and the mighty vessel was crippled.
Crippled, and surrounded by vicious and well armed enemies. The situation began to look hopeless...

The vicious boarding of The Vandal however had begun to turn in the favour of the Imperium, crippled and on fire, the Marines manage to inflict terrible damage on the confused defenders, at long last the stalemate had been broken.

>> No.20320561

Badly displaced, the Escorts of the White Consuls at last arrived, the Gladius Frigates could yet save the day, but only if they could close the great gap between themselves and the action.

Seeing that the Donnar no longer needed their aid, the Strike Cruisers of 6th and 7th overshot it and pushed on toward the great melee that was taking place, preparing their Thunderhawks for interception operations as they did.
Realising that Wrath was surely doomed, the Pitiless pulled away from the fight taking several parting shots at the Bloodborn as it did so, with lethal effect, turning it into a blazing hulk.
The Wrath's weaponfire could do little to save itself as waves of chaos bombers descended upon it. The first wave broke upon it like a great wave and inflicted punishing damage, still the battleship held firm, but already she was beginning to fall apart, the second and third waves would surely be her end.
It was then that Phobos made a mistake, Torpedoes launched by his ship at the Wrath which had missed, strayed into the path of the Goresworn, friendly fire destroyed much of her prow guns yet again, and she would be easy prey for the incoming cruisers.

At long last the Magistrate Donnar finished the mighty Grand Cruiser Vandal. Captain Achaemanes wiped the sweat from his brow and the blood from his Power Sword, the product of this 2 hour long battle and surveyed the overall situation. It was not good, the flagship seemed doomed, and he realised it fell to the rest of the fleet to make sure that sacrifice was not in vain.

>> No.20320901



Plunging through the murky gases the Raiders gave hot pursuit to the Pitiless as it retreated, cannon fire stripping her shields, and torpedoes inflicting medium damage.
Finally, inevitably, the Wrath was destroyed by the fire of the 4 chaos capital ships. The fate of Fleet Master Eualus unknown.

>> No.20320953


I'll finish this up tommorow if it's all the same to you. We've gotten to the point now where most of the fleet is on the board, and turns are starting to drag.

Before you ask, YES I did forget that the Iron Hands Strike Cruiser had still got Thunderhawks out and shouldn't have been able to launch a second flight of them. I also think I grossly misunderstood the purpose of a Desolator class Battleship, I was trying to use it like a brawler, when in truth it's probably supposed to be long range sniper.
Chaos has gotten STUPIDLY jammy with it's contact markers though as basically it's entire fleet was able to appear from one spot on the bottom edge, whilst the Space Marine player has had it more spread out.

At this point I'd have to say it's probably a good thing that the White Consuls are heavily overstrength at the moment.

Because they aren't going to be after this.

>> No.20321197

>I'll finish this up tommorow if it's all the same to you. We've gotten to the point now where most of the fleet is on the board, and turns are starting to drag.

Please do. You're doing it right, dude.

>> No.20321260

how did the bombers do so much damage to a battleship?

>> No.20321893


2 points is hardly what I'd call loads. Besides the thing was crippled and had half-strength turrets.
Conversely that Carrier Squadron Chaos is using is packing 12 Wings of Strike Craft total. Plus 6 range 60cm Lances on the port and starboard.
It is a mean as fuck formation.

As it stands at best the Space Marine fleet can only muster about half that in Thunderhawks. That said however, Thunderhawks stick around after interceptions on a 4+.

Hell, I'm pretty sure theres two wings of Iron Hands Thunderhawks that have been killing stuff with impunity since turn 1 still on the board by Turn 7.

>> No.20322509

If you want brawler, you want delishus Slaughters and Repulsives. Str 14 port/starboard WBs? ME GUSTA.

>> No.20322751

Are we allowed to use homebrewed rules/victory conditions for games.

Or does everything have to come out of the rulebook.

>> No.20322758

Rule of thumb is that if you and your opponent are okay with it, it's all good.

>> No.20322779

Rules, yes. We're using 3rd Edition Victory Points though.

>> No.20322931

Victorypointsanon here.

Officially it's the 3rd edition VPs, and the system is meant for those. In a 3rd edition game, the maximum VP total is the points total of the enemy army (you get points for destroying enemies) plus VPs awarded for objectives.

Thus, if you want to set your own objectives, make sure the basic unit you use is the 100s so they have a significant effect. If you have a simple win/lose scenario, then it probably would be appropriate to award half the army points size as VPs (win a 2000 point win/loss game, win 1000vps, for example).
On the other hand, since this is a campaign, I would generally think conserving forces should be a part of scenarios, so if it were me making a scenario I would be sure to use the basic annihilation VPs in addition to objective awards, however important the objective is. Just my opinion on that one.

(The original 3rd edition system is explained at >>20313264)

>> No.20322952

>and the system is meant for those.
...By which I mean the EoT system that's being used by the coordinator.

>> No.20323037

>Around orks, never relorx!

>> No.20323731

Already Victories are being tallied, and for the moment Order is winning.

Creed is smiling.

>> No.20323836

Order still needs a warmaster. There warmaster thread is dead, and without a warmaster

>> No.20324320


>> No.20326343

How goes the war?

>> No.20327511

Let's get this straight...

You're fighting on the side of Order...

Against Abaddon, the clone son of the original Warmaster...

And the forces of all the gods that backed the original Warmaster...

And you want to make your leader another Warmaster?

Good luck with that, son.

>Seriously though, not another Warmaster. A Lord Commander Solar like Macharius, but no more Warmasters. I don't care how much fluff there is to support the use of the term on the side of Order, it's bad luck.

>> No.20327611

You're right. So I've changed it to Lord Solar

>> No.20327837

In the historic campaign there was Creed as Lord Castellan (taking the Guard) and Grimnar as Lord Commander Elect (commanding the assembled space marines). The actual Imperial Warmaster was I guess busy elsewhere and couldn't make it, cause being a high lord and stuff.

>> No.20328652

Post 100, and the war rages on. the Forces of Disorder have elected a Warmaster, Harmen, to try and turn things around.

Time will tell if the new warmaster can reverse the slew of losses Disorder have faced...

>> No.20329112

Phobos sat back in his command chair, satisfied. The enemy commander had been defeated, the remaining forces were scattered, easy pickings. It was a "shame" that his "loyal servants" aboard the Goresworn and Bloodborn had managed to take such losses, but no matter.
Yes, everything was proceeding as planned...

Then the Hammer of Law and Divine Edict, along with the two Nova Frigates of Gamma Squadron materialised on his port side.
Superheavy Bombardment batteries jutted from their prows and as they closed to knife range of the Furious, Star Captain Myronides of the Divine Edict gave the command that had signalled doom of planets hence

"Give them the edict"

Gigantic Macroshells pounded the Night Lords Battleship breaching her shields and striking heavy damage amongst her engineering spaces. Warmaster Phobos found himself unable to maneouver.
Thunderhawks swooped in amongst the Chaos Raiders, massed turrets sought to swat them from space, but the Space Marines endured, and after three vicious boarding actions the White Consuls were able to destroy all but one of the traitorous vessels.

>> No.20329221


In response Phobos activated his vessel's retro-thrusters, and hung like an abcess in space, his guns set their sights on the Space Marine vessels that had just struck him, whilst the Carriers too brought their guns to bear on these new reinforcements, but with their targeters obscured from debris and explosions the Furious couldn't land a single hit, only the Lances of the Carriers could down the vessel and inflict damage.

Gamma Squadron however was easily dispatched by the Carriers fire.

>> No.20329322

At this time, Phobos sent in his Chosen Night Lords Terminators through Teleportarium to assault the Edict, but the Divine Edict was home to the 9th Company, which were naught but Devestators, and armed with heavy weapons easily capable of cracking Terminator armour like an egg, the Chosen Terminators were fought back.

Buoyed by this success, and seeing the rest of the fleet moving to his aid, Star Captain Myronides hefted his Holy Conversion Beamer and gave the order for the Squadron to board.

The Strike Cruisers of 6th and 7th overshot the enemy Bombers, hoping to shoot them down with Macrocannon fire, and if need be, newly refueled wings of Thunderhawks, whilst the Escorts of Alpha and Beta squadron set their sights on the ruined Goresworn.
Despite the cavalcade of fire, the Goresworn somehow survived. The Heretical Bombers were not so luck, all were wiped out with massed close range gunfire.

Aboard the Furious, another vicious boarding combat was beginning. Neither side willing to lose ground.

>> No.20329484

Cowards that they were, the solitary survivor of the raider ships fled from combat, likewise, the Goresworn, under the cover of debris and sensor obscurant activated her now charged Warp drives and slinked back into the warp. They would not soon forget the "friendly" fire from the Furious, but that would be something Phobos could contend to after he had dispatched the Space Marines of 9th and 8th Company from his vessel!

The Carrier Cruisers however continued to exact a heavy toll on the Loyalist forces, disgorging yet more strike craft, this time Assault Boats to deal with the enemy Escorts, and at the edges of it's range their lances struck out at the Dutiful Servant, punching down her shields and inflicting damage.
Aboard the Assault Marines from the 8th worked in unified tandem with Devestators from the 9th. Their vicious close range ability combined with powerful fire support had a devestating effect. Phobos gnashed his teeth as his engine room was struck once again.
He personally led a devestating counterassault through the charged void itself to strike at the Bridge of the Hammer.
Taken by suprise, his Assault worked perfectly, leaving the vessel and 8th company bereft of their commanders.

>> No.20329909


Seeing the incoming boarding vessels, Alpha and Beta squadrons swung up to try and avoid the incoming boarding vessels, and turned their guns upon them, as did the incoming Strike Cruisers. Although their guns did thin the enemies numbers and the Thunderhawks killed yet more, there still remained enough squadrons to mount an attack, but these were vessels of the Adeptus Astartes, not traitorous chattel as before, only a single escort fell to the assault.
Aboard the Furious, combat continued, neither side getting the upper hand as before.

Now perilously close to the action, the Traitorous Carriers began to debate the value of remaining in battle, however in the end the promise of bloodshed compelled them to persist.
Cannon and Lance fire against the small targets was ineffective, only destroying a single Gladius, so then they launched wave after wave of strike craft instead. A further 2 escorts were killed in this fashion, but now the Thunderhawks were amongst the heretic craft, exacting blood veangeance.
The Captain of the Savagery began to suspect that he had made an error in staying.

As if to drive the point home, the tide turned on the Furious in favour of the White Consuls. Massive damage was inflicted on the central power capacitor, destroying the vessels heavy shields. However, from the shadows Phobos continued to strike out. First he used suicide mutants to crawl inside the massive gunbarrels of the Edicts Bomabard Cannons, rendering them inoperable. Then he was able to overload the tiertiary thrusters aboard the Hammer with judicious application of a Charybdis pattern Machine MalSpirit. The tide however, had clearly begun to turn against him, he was also beginning to look for a way to escape and plot his revenge for another day.

>> No.20330047


Now the battle was truly at the White Consuls control. Three Strike Cruisers came around the gas cloud to target the rearmost Carrier, whilst the escorts of Alpha and Beta drove into knife range to exact their own revenge. Even the Pitiless had turned around to lend it's fire support. The Dark Omen was crippled by the escorts in revenge, althought the Strike Cruisers failed to make much of an impact on the Black King, firing abeam as they were. Three further wings of Thunderhawks attacked the Dark Omen, detonating her Strike Craft refuelling tanks, setting her ablaze. The battle was all but lost aboard the Furious, the defenders were chaotic and disorganised, and there was talk of Phobos having abandoning them to their fate.

Understanding that they had lingered longer than they should have the Captain of the Savagery, which had carefully straddled the rim of the combat zone to provide easy escape turned his squadron away in retreat, he would live to fight the Imperium another day.
Behind him, the Furious was at last taken as a prize ship. After ten thousand years the Furious and Wrath were reunited under imperial control.

Although, the delay it would take in towing these hulks back to the Sabatines to be repaired would take another two months and would bereave the White Consuls of several much needed ships.

>> No.20330153



Desolator Venerable Battlebarge "Wrath" 435pts
Strike Cruiser "Judgement" 145pts
DID NOT COMPLETE SUB-PLOT (Destroy over half of the enemy fleet)
TOTAL: 580pts

White Consuls (with Iron Hands support)
Desolator Battleship "Furious" 460pts
Carnage Cruiser "Bloodborn" 215pts
Carnage Cruiser "Goresworn" (Crippled and Disengaged) 108pts
Styx Heavy Cruiser "Savagery of Gothannar" (Disengaged) 30pts
Devestation Cruiser "Dark Omen" (Crippled and Disengaged) 95pts
Devestation Cruiser "The Black King" (Disengaged) 19pts
Executor Grand Cruiser "The Vandal" 210pts
5 Infidel Raiders (4 destroyed, 1 disengaged) 164pts
Hulks Still in play: Wrath and Bloodborn 326pts

DID NOT FAIL SUBPLOT (Keep Iron Hands cruiser alive. A -300pt penalty if failed)

Total: 1627pts

A crushing victory for the Space Marines of the White Consuls. Although it's worth considering that this journey will have a round trip time of at least a month, and the forces towing the two Battleships back to the Sabatine Worlds this journey will take considerably longer. This fleet represented about 80% of the White Consuls fleet transport assets, hampering their ability to reinforce Cadia, AND it cost them their Master of the Fleet. Although this battle has shown more than a few good candidates for his replacement.

>> No.20333891


>> No.20334044

There is no single Warmaster of the whole Imperium anymore; the term is occasionally used for the officer in charge of entire Crusades, but it's kind of a dubious honor at best given the name's history.

>> No.20335248

Lord Commander Solar, though, is by definition commander of the forces of Segmentum Solar, though it often overlaps with Lord Commander Militant, the High Lord representative of the Guard.

If we have a Lord Commander, it should be a Lord Commander Obscurus.

>> No.20335760

Played a game today on Caliban. Won the game but my Lord was slayed in single combat. Fucking feel no pain and refractor fields.

Rapport will be up before the end of the week and we will play a Battle fleet gothic game aswell on the weekend.

>> No.20339075

Back to the front lines with you, you cowardly rascal of a thread. Next time it's summary execution.

>> No.20339227

Macharius had this position, and he was no-where near Solar for almost all of his career.

>> No.20339265

He was also the High Lord in charge of all Imperial Guard everywhere. He could do what he wanted.

There are five Lord Commanders, one per segmentum, like there are five Lord Admirals.

>> No.20339316

Well, if the Lord Solar isn't dispatched to face Abaddon, the Imperium's greatest foe, than i don't know what. There's few more legitiamte excuses to have the Lord Solar in Overall command

>> No.20340120

Short notice transportation is a bitch in the Imperium. What if he just left Terra to deal with the Thousand Rebellions in Pacificus?

>> No.20341967

Bumpan for the War Effort

>> No.20343561

We had our first Tabletop battle recently, and I hope to show you the report on it later.
in the meantime, bump before bed.

>> No.20347833

No! Stay!

>> No.20347991

I am the Warmaster of disorder, and I approve of this thread!

>> No.20349510

does anyone have a campaign status report?

Howe is the war progressing at the moment?

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