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How would the Imperium react to finding xenos that worship the emperor? Would they still BLAM them?

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If Xenos -> Kill them

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if the xenos truly worshipped the emperor, they'd kill themselves for being less-than-human, and would thus never be discovered.

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If my memory is correct, they only BLAM xenos that are a threat, but I'm not exactly up to date with my 40k lore.

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what about abhumans? They're less than human, yet they serve the emperor.

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Not necessarily. The Jokaero are still used, for instance, because they do something that nobody else can do (absurd miniaturization). And the abhumans are tolerated provided they aren't too savage.

It would be possible to write this well, but honestly it would likely just seem like an effort to insert a half-breed Mary Sue character into whatever it is you're doing.

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>Black Templar
On Confirmation
If fearful enough
>Rogue Traders
varies from one to the next
>Most Space Marine Chapters
>Grey Knights

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suffer not the heretic, the mutant, the xeno
all xenos will be purged

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It depends on who finds them, BT and SoB hate mutants but some portions of the galaxy welcome them with open arms
The Jokaero are non-sentient, they do their art by instinct. classifying them as animals, not xenos

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It'd be interesting to see the logic behind killing xeno for worshiping the emperor.

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What am I looking at here!

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But not all mutants are purged despite that.

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wat is this

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>Imperium of Man

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War of the Roses

Medieval Battlefield

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Ah, I see where I went wrong now...

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depends on how "far gone" they are. Ogryns and Ratlings are rather rare examples of accepted abhumans, and even then they're usually discriminated against by most (a notable example I remember is some fluff about a squad of Dark Angels moving to reinforce a Guard position. They arrive, see Ogryns, and leave them to die)

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Has no one read the Rogue Trader rulebook "Into the Storm"?
There's an Elite Advance called "Sanctioned Xenos" [pg:107]
The jist of the rule is the xenos has been sanctioned in a way similar to an imperial psyker. They have brands visible on their hands or face, and a stack of paperwork. If the xenos is with their handler and the people around know of the laws surrounding it then they can interact with humans normally.

So, tldr: Yes, if you go through the process.

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The imperium at hand would merely see there love for the emperor to be impure as they are not related to him. Therefor taking it as a larger insult than merely not loving the emperor.

>lrn2 rationalize

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> It'd be interesting to see the logic behind killing xeno for worshiping the emperor

Not really. After a lifetime of it being accepted that all xenos are evil and secretly cowardly, it would be interpreted that the aliens were simply 'pretending'. The humans would rationalise that even if it weren't a sin to allow xenos to live, the xenos would merely be lying so as to gain a foothold in humanity and wait patiently for the perfect chance to send a crippling blow to the Imperium. Ergo; BLAM them and don't believe their lies.

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I have a question.
Sometimes the Imperial Guard end up fighting Space Marines due to conflicting orders. What happens if the Imperial Guard win? Do they get executed? A commendation?

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They would kill every adult and youth, leaving only the feeblest infant alive.
Then they would eat a meal while saying a litany of purity.
Then they would drown the children in shit, each of them.
Because Grimdarrrrrk and humanity fuck yeah.

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>imperial guard

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More than likely, the event is hushed up and the IG are sent to the next meat grinder after signing gag orders. The Imperium isn't about to waste guns, especially ones that can defeat super-soldiers.

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The winner lives.

That's about it.

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>It'd be interesting to see the logic behind killing xeno for worshiping the emperor.

It's not being killed for worshipping the emperor, it's being killed for being xenos.

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Which Space Marine chapter is most tolerant of peaceful xenos? Bonus points for being a vanilla codex chapter.

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Gonna have to go with Soul Drinkers

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Dark Angels for their weird helpers. Though those things might be daemons or some sort of imperial construct.

I'd say Space Wolves for the Fenrisian wolves but part of me has always thought those might be abwolves in the same manner as abhumans, adapted to the planet over many years after the Long Night

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If that 'there are no wolves on fenris' quote should be taken literally it is most likely they are descendants of wulfens.

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The Horus Heresy series pretty much beats you over the head with implications that Fenrisian Wolves are actually abhumans descended from Fenris' original settlers and/or descendents of the Wulfen.

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