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How would you feel if Japan were to create a 40K anime?

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Meh, I have heard of worse ideas.

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My bile fascination would be too great for me to NOT watch it.

Space Marines in over-the-top mecha-style fights? Fuck yeah.

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What is it?
Nyalranthrop is not your waifu?

Now it can be Creed
Creed is not your waifu (or Nurgle, I don't care)

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I don't really care.

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if its at least as good as the starship troopers anime, im in.

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slaanesh is your waifu.

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Depends on what the focus is.

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Love Can Bloom: A Warhammer 40k Harem Anime comedy. Which of the warp gods will emprah emprahson choose to go to war with? Its nonstop guessing until the big revelation at space prom.

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Would it star the Tau?

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I fucking LOVED that OVA. None of my friends agree and this makes me sad.
Its kinda weird that, while not 100% accurate, its still more accurate than every other incarnation of the book...

Still never understood why even in the Japanese version they make Rico blonde... in the book hes Asian...

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Regardless of how much it might suck (although if it was the same studio that did GITS:SAC it might be cool), it would still be better than that piece of shit Ultramarines movie.

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Loli Sister of Battle, double D Ork woman, rugged veteran marine, naive and cute Tau, and kuudere Necron are lead about the universe by a IG soldier with the power of HOPE and defeat the Tyranid (all of them... because the IG Soldier interacts with their hive mind and overpowers it with FRIENDSHIP

The warp is season 2

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Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin' anywhere
Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit
He took the midnight train goin' anywhere

A singer in a smokey room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on

Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlights people, living just to find emotion
Hiding, somewhere in the night.

Working hard to get my fill,
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin' anything to roll the dice,
Just one more time
Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on


Don't stop believin'
Hold on to the feelin'
Streetlights people

Don't stop believin'
Hold on
Streetlight people

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to the feelin'
Streetlights people

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If all anime were the anime /a/ likes, I'd be horrified.

As it is, Japan can do dark and gritty, stylized animation VERY well.

I would be optimistic about the Japanese end, but pessimistic about the direction coming from GW fucking it up horribly.

I mean, they've got a proven track record of making terrible videos.

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I...I don't want to see anime orks. That's really my main issue. Though those anime SoBs you always see don't jibe well with me either.
Nigga please, Heretical Love would become an anime before LCB.

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I liked the Starship Troopers CGI series.

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I wouldn't give a shit personally, but watching the butthurt would be amusing.

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/tg/ would lap a 40k anime and would say it is greatest thing since sliced bread.

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I'm so interested in the "Starship Trooper"-genre. And it seems I can't get a hold on a torrent either Starship Trooper OVA or the Roughneck-chronicles.

Are there any other media based of the Starship Trooper-franchise? A boardgame or an rpg?

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I believe there was a vidya and a boardgame

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There is an RPG, it's D20 based and actually quite good.

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I think I would watch it, if it had a good animation team behind it.

Oh who am I kidding, it could be shit and we'd all get together for a stream at least once because holy shit, a 40K anime!

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There was a tabletop wargame for a little bit at the very least.

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Oh and a tabletop game.

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That's fucking awesome

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Anime isn't all waifu's and big eyes. Berserk for example has the main love interest raped in front of the protagonist by his best friend, who uses the suffering it caused and the death of his army being eaten alive to become a demon lord. And hell there was actually a ton of build up and foreshadowing to it and they were all deep complex characters with strengths and flaws. If it was like that then fuck yeah I'd watch a 40k anime.

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Khorn = Tsundere

just saying

It's not like I want your head or anything

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The vidya wasn't that great though. Very bland and got old after a couple of hours

I'll have to give it a try, might be interesting.

I'm currently watching Starship Troopers invasion. I'm just 23 minutes in and there have been one sex scene, three different naked chicks, one shower scene with Carmen.

Talk about overexposing tits here?

And what's that shit about antagonizing Carl to be a bad guy? He's was such a bro in the book and Verhoeven's movie.

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It's not like I want your "head" or anything

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Someone ask for a Starship Troopers OVA torrent?


There you go, should work with no sign-up.

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cant be any worse than this

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I misread that as panty shot wearing power armor.

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This is actually canon now with that broken cup thing Ward wrote.

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It's fuckin' closer than the movie, that's for sure.

Having read the book first, when I finally watched the movie I was beyond disappointed.

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It can.

The weaknesses in Ultramarines were a handful of fluff inconsistencies, spotty voice acting, and poor facial animations. Otherwise, it's a pretty decent first attempt.

Now imagine something with all those problems AND MORE.

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Don't forget the shitty screamo soundtrack and bishounen spehss mareens

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Get Shinji Aramaki involved and I'm fucking sold.

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But they're not bishonen. Bishonen means "pretty boy". Their faces are repulsive. They're animated like shit. Verenor's the only that doesn't look completely terrible.

And do you even know what screamo MEANS? The soundtrack for Ultramarines sure as hell isn't screamo. It's super-generic sci-fi action horror.

Did we even see the same movie?

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Holy spoilers batman!

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I'll just leave this here...

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>Did we even see the same movie?
I meant if 40K goes anime.

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Oh, okay. Yeah, that would happen. And it would suck.

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Depends really on how accurate and consistent it is with 40K (though a joke, HLesque harem anime would be somewhat amusing). And with 6'th edition, the Japs will have a legitimate excuse to forcibly insert neko sisters of battle and guardswomen in it. Hell, I can just see them go bat shit bonkers over it, and making the Eldar and female Tau overly "kawaii"

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That's very early into the series, which has waaay to many chapters by now. If you haven't read it by now you probably aren't.

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>yfw we instead get a testosterone-fueled 20-episode adaptation of the first four Horus Heresy novels with the only remotely moe character being Euphrati Keeler

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It could conceivably be done well. See Berserk.

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To be fair there are new people discovering it all the time, BUT those events ARE still well past the spoiler expiration date.

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I would be totally ok with that. Hell, I'd honestly watch the shit outta that

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To quote the thread here:
"Okay, SOMEONE has to develop some sort of weirdass drug-and-booze-fueled concept for a REVOLUTIONARY PRIMARCH HORUS (or プライマーク革命ホラス for you weaboos). He fights a Primarch every episode initially, in a series of duels to Revolutionize the Imperium."

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And then in the dub...

Horus: Steve Blum
Erebus: Dee Bradley Baker
The Mournival: All of Delta Squad from Star Wars: Republic Commando

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Alright, let's come up with a dream production for this shit. Studio, director, cast, writers, dub cast, the whole nine yards.
Now we already know that the dub Emprah MUST be voiced by Peter Cullen.

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But the Emprah never has lines.

Actually, look at my above idea with Horus as Steve Blum. Replace Steve Blum with Peter Cullen. Put Blum as Erebus. Put Dee Bradley Baker as like Maloghurst.

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And Patrick Stewart as Kyril Sindermann.

And Liam Neeson as the Emprah.

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Wait, what? There is a SST anime? When did this happen?!

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>The Mournival: All of Delta Squad from Star Wars: Republic Commando
>Giving Failbaddon the voice of ANY member of Delta Squad.
>And Liam Neeson as the Emprah.
Liam Neeson is a great actor, but he can't voice act his way out of a wet paper bag, it's two different skill sets.

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Isn't it obvious?

Loken is Boss, Torgaddon is Scorch, Aximand is Fixer, and Abaddon is Sev.

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Liam Neeson was good as Aslan.

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Dem's fightin' words boy.

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Yeah, turns out there's an OVA.

I link a torrent here.

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Actually, I'd like something based around the Deathwatch or =][= acolytes. Mix of action and horror.

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Is it hand drawn or CGI?

Asking because I see they are making a movie Starship troopers: Invasion and it looks a hell of alot like Vexile.

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Also, when I read Galaxy in Flames, somehow I got stuck on the idea that Saul Tarvitz has the voice of Commander Shepard. It just seemed to fit so well.

Garro's been harder to nail down in Flight of the Eisenstein. I THINK I've settled on Christopher Eccleston, but I'm still working on it. I don't know if Eccleston can voice act, though.

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Walter Borden could do a nice Horus.


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Was made in the late 80's. Seems to be hand drawn style, kinda like the old (80's) Transformers.

Also what about a series where you follow a Guardsman regiment?

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>watching SST: Invasion


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Here's my argument for having Peter Cullen as Horus:

He can do villains. Pic related. Start him out with the Optimus Prime mannerisms for when Horus hasn't fallen yet, then have him shift to Venger.

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I would watch it for the trainwreck it would likely be if it was made in today's standards of good animation and common tropes.

However I would watch it enthusiastically as a throwback to 80s / early 90s anime, terrible voice acting, buckets of gore, and shoddy animation abound.

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Jim Cummings as Angron.


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Depends. If it is Mecha anime, then I would probably take a look out of curiosity
If it`s a moe blob, I would just set the screen on fire
The only way to do it right is to make is comedy, main heroes are Orkz, and everything is portrayed the way Orkz see stuff.

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The main focus of the anime is the Tau Empire. And it will be grimdark as fuck.

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This could very well be awesome, if you attract the right team. the people who made, for instance, Hellsing, darker than black and other such stuff would make an awesome 40k anime. They already made an awesome champion of khorne in the Mayor, after all.

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Given the high quality of their recent animated adaptation of the works of H. P. Lovecraft, I believe a modern Warhammer 40k anime would be exactly what I want out of the Warhammer 40k franchise.

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Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft? My pants are rapidly filling with shit.

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And of course, i forgot Berserk, which might as well be 40K without the technology already. Horrible deamons rome the land, being fought by a incredible superhuman warrior that isn't much better, and a religious inquisition that is arguably Even. bloody. Worse

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Heresy ?

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Y-you're not talking about N-nyaruko, r-right?

Even though I would have nothing against a moe 40k anime, as I'd be laughing until I started coughing blood at all the anger

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>Vas ist los? Somevun say mein name?

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I am waiting so hard for an anime adaptation of The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san set up all of the elements needed for a multi-episode adaptation of TDQoUK.

The Dreamlands.

Gods absent from Kadath.

A protagonist being chased by Nyarlathotep.

A protagonist able to withstand repeated exposure to Lovecraft's horrors.

The monsters of the Dreamlands, such as Nightgaunts, having been previously witnessed by the protag; he's got some Dream Lore.

A few mentions and some scenes of the protag's vivid dreams.

Just... just take him to the fucking Dreamlands and set him on a quest for the Gods, tell him that finding the Gods will mean Nyarlathotep has to go home or whatever.

It would still end with Nyarlathotep tricking the protag into hurtling into the Outer Dark, like, "well if you really want to get rid of me so badly you can just find the gods right over there in the sunset city, just ride the shantak but don't listen to the music," and Randolf Carter being a dumbass he listens to the music anyways just like Nyarly knew he would, and Nyarly chases after him as he falls into the Outer Dark but Nodens trips Nyarly up with the Nightgaunts or whatever, almost exactly like in TDQ, but this time Nyarly successfully fights through the 'gaunts and goes all "well, eternity together at last... unless you wake up" and then he wakes up in keeping with Lovecraft's anticlimaxes.

But no. There's just no love for TDQ.

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Good day /tg/,
Brother /a/ here, so I heard you wanted your Warhammer 40k anime...

>Slice of Life...
>...On a space hulk smacked into a giant mining asteroid.
>Perspective alternates between characters per episode.
>Starting cast is a Commissar and a Tau Fire Warrior. They are here because they both went in with strike teams and ran into Purestrain Genestealers. They've since ran into each other and are hiding out.
>Next characters who are introduced are a pair of Eldar (Female ones of course), one normal and one dark. They are both on the path of the wanderer and are investigating a psychic premonition which came to them.
>Fire Warrior starts as a generic Anime main with a side of Joke Character. Then his mental conditioning drugs start to wear off and he begins to remember.
> Commissar slowly starts picking up inquisitor skills due to the fact everyone around his is slowly going nuts.
>Dark Eldar spends her time finding more human beer stores and illicit substances to drink and smoke through. Ironically keeps the Commissar sane due to her being the straight man of the group (She's not that straight though).
>Eventually Tau and Eldar chick realize there's totally daemons in on this shit.
>Tau goes ape shit, steals the commissar's power sword and 'Taus cannot into melee's ass in a sprawling fight through to the generator core and sets up a reactor meltdown.
>Others make their way to a webway gate because NOPE.avi
> Commissar ends up in a fist fight with a fully equipped Khorne Berserker infront of the webway gate.
>Laughing god has shits and giggles.
>"Commissar X has been found in sector Y, half the galaxy away from his last known location. Inquisitorial investigation has been passed over to..." -end of season 1-

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Ja. Zhere ees some Tyranids in da odaer sektor. Head zhere. Vhell? Vhat are you vhaiting for? SCHNELL! SCHNELL!

>> No.20300552

>Dark Eldar spends her time finding more human beer stores and illicit substances to drink and smoke through.
Please tell me she drinks like this:

>> No.20300569

Jawohl! Ze bugs shall be driven back! Und zen, bier!

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Warhammer 40k, much like the roof of the Sistine Chapel, is an immaculate masterwork of western art and culture.

Specifically, it is the single greatest achievement in British art and culture. Its Englishness permeates every fibre of its being, every element of its essence.

Would you be willing to see an American company or American writers produce Warhammer 40k works? Of course not; the notion is despicable. Americans cannot grasp the refined Brittanic wit which is so inherent to 40k.

The Japanese are even more artistically degenerate and culturally alien than the Americans.

This cannot work.

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Warhammer 40k, much like the roof of the Sistine Chapel, is an immaculate masterwork of western art and culture.

Specifically, it is the single greatest achievement in British art and culture. Its Englishness permeates every fibre of its being, every element of its essence.

Would you be willing to see an American company or American writers produce Warhammer 40k works? Of course not; the notion is despicable. Americans cannot grasp the refined Brittanic wit which is so inherent to 40k.

The Japanese are even more artistically degenerate and culturally alien than the Americans.

Non-Anglo-Saxons could not possibly grasp Warhammer 40k's nuance and refinement, fine though their animated works might otherwise be.

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Someone fancy writing season 2, or shall I do it?

>> No.20300603

It could be as awesome as it could be shit, completely depend who the fuck is in charge.

>space pirate captain Harlock.
>the entire is crew replaced by freebooterz.

>> No.20300629

>Krieg für den Kriegsgott!
Heil Spellcheck!
Grammatik für den Führer!
Rechtschreibung für seinen Thron!

>> No.20300643

You were saying?

>> No.20300649

>Space Pirate Captain Harlock
>not using Yriel
do you even anime?

>> No.20300660

Cult Mechanicus, Super Robot Style

>> No.20300667

Damn you google translate and wikipedia! Damn you to the Warp!

>> No.20300671

Well, the way a Titan is controlled IS pretty Evangelion-esque

>> No.20300683

The Orcish funny/awesome mix will translate well.

We'll probably follow an Imperial orphan heading out to look for his Space Marine daddy, on the way discovering he's got something like exceptional Psyker powers.

The inevitable angsty Chaos finale won't be remembered fondly tho.

>> No.20300693

i like the idea of it being a wacky anime haha
like a harem comedy, the terran missionary surrounded but sororitas who constantly vie for his attention, but he's oblivious and thinks it's just amazing faith in empz

>> No.20300706

Bad example of a SupeGer obot show.
But I get what you're going for.

>> No.20300709

Bitches don't know 'bout my Heimvorteil.
Seriously, google translate can't handle German grammar for shit.

>> No.20300712

Anime is broad category, there is anything from waifu comedy pantsu bullshit, to pretty grimdark, epic or down to earth realistic stuff.

>> No.20301081

>pretty grimdark, epic or down to earth realistic stuff
ie. DEEPshit. I'd like to keep Gainax as far away from this as possible.

>> No.20301098

Does Japan even like warhammer?

I know China does... but Japan?

>> No.20301181

Not even a little interest huh, well i'll take a crack at stirring up some. Part 1/2, had to break it in two due to size.

Brother /a/ here again,
Going from what everyone else is saying in this thread. Excuse my terrible writefaggery.

>Episode 1: Introduces new season, Commissar is with radical inquisitor now on Ork infested world investigating '2 spooky 4 U' shit.
>Introduces new females; Krieg-chan Scout and Seneschal-Hime.
>Dark Eldar shows up again (Some chucklefuck said there would be booze), gets inducted into retinue after being caught with Commissar who claims she's 'totally' a (suspicious) psyker he knows from somewhere.
>Episode 2, Necrons everywhere edition. Retinue gets cut off from Inquisitor and goes for the first shuttle off world they can.
>Automated service takes them to Kaptain Bigmech's Luxury Kruize Ship - and it's their lucky day because he was all outta boyz.
>Warp the fuck out of there at random. We now slice of life on Ork Raider ship.

>> No.20301210

>>20301181 Part 2/2
>Episode 3: Krieg-chan's being awkward about the Xenos. Commissar steps in as morale officer and we discover how Krieg-chan ended up in the inquisition.
>It involved breaking into a Sister of Battle cathedral in only a pair of men's boxer shorts with a camera. This actually came about due to sexual harassment within her unit and she was trying to get away from being exposed naked to the men.
>Krieg-chan is not sure how to feel about this.
>Episode 4: Seneschal's episode, after saving her from hugging a pack of attack squigs of her own violation commissar finds out she's a xenophile...
>Who tried to raise a pet Hormagaunt in her quarters on her Rogue Trader vessel.
>Hilarity involving squigs ensues.
>Episode 5: Team lands on a planet, seems deserted. Untill Commissar walks into an invisible wall. Eldar world. Season 1 Eldar-san shows up again. Dark Eldar bullshits rules into that the party is technically ALL on her path of the wanderer.
>Krieg-chan is feeling bicurious about Eldar-san. Dark Eldar is all over this shit. shenanigans ensue.
>In a twist they manage to get Eldar-san to admit she had feelings for Firewarrior and get her drunk.
>Kaptain Bigmech finds drunk sexually harassed Eldar-san, swoops her off her feet literally because he's bored and feels like throwing her down a pit or something. Can't find a pit and eventually Commissar has him take her home to rest.
>Eldar-san remembers being princess carried by Kaptain in the morning. Tsun-swoons.
>Kaptain finks diz new boyz a bit weird like, why's demz lookin' at me like that?
Over to you /tg/

>> No.20301215

>40k anime
I'd torrent the subs, argue about it on /a/ and not buy the DVD/blueray

>> No.20301233


grimdark anime, your "anime cannot into grimdark" argument is invalid

best anime ever made, hands down

>> No.20301234

Kill yourself.

>> No.20301241

Who's the guy that draws that political satire manga? With Hitler being a super saiyan. I think he would do a good job of it.

>> No.20301244

thats not /tg/ level writefaggotry, you are terrible

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>> No.20301544

Why do I get the feeling it will end up exactly like this

But in space

>> No.20301552

Smoke covers the ancient battleground in the depths of jungle. A war millennia forgotten, mighty titans and battle barges lay overgrown with vines and tenacious undergrowth. As grand as they once stood, none on /tg/ remember them, nor why they battled and died so far from home. In the largest clearing of the graveyard, along the chest of an Imperator Titan, three figures stand motionless. A /tg/ Anon stands between a typical attention whore Namefag and a 40K Anon in silence. The 40K Anon grips a naval pistol. In his spare hand is a book of prayers to the Emperor.

40K Anon: “Where is your Guardsman armour? Why did you take it off? I told you not to trust her. She's only thinking about herself. She doesn't care what happens to /tg/; she doesn't care what happens to anyone. But you have a Space Marine army and threads that you contribute to, and those Cata-chan threads, you want to browse more of those, don't you? Of course you do; that's normal; you're thinking like an adult. Come over here. Don't let her substanceless threads manipulate you.”

Without a word, the Anon turns his back on the 40K Anon, slowly walking to the Namefag and her barely /tg/ related threads.

40k Anon: “What are you doing? How much pain before you realize? Are you out of your mind? You brat!”

Powerless, he can only watch as the Anon reaches the Namefag. Smiling, she pulls him close and hugging him in reassurance and reward. His Name field changes after a few moments. It is never blank again.

>> No.20301556

Because it was awesome and you should feel awesome.

>> No.20301582


The village of Sameo, a common haunt for the fantasy devotees of /tg/. In a secluded back alley, the confused Anon walks silently between a tannery and a stone mason’s workshop. The burns of the flames he took while trolling threads still tingle. They help him think. He has been a Fantasy and 40K fan since he joined up, and at first he resisted the threads the Namefags dreamed up. He saw them as a gateway to /b/ and all it’s warp-like horror. But as time went on he started to weaken, and yesterday he had tried being a Namefag for a thread. He didn’t know how it made him feel, and the thought of betraying his then ideals was taxing.

From the stone mason’s yard, a voice calls out.

40K Anon: “Flaming some threads, huh? That makes you feel grown up?
/tg/ needs to GET SHIT DONE. If you want to get your head back to normal, try posting some quality content.
You’re tired, aren’t you? Every time you enter a Namefag thread and don’t sage, it creates problems for everyone.
Well, I don’t think your ‘mentor’ is going to come back, but just in case...”

With a flash, a Guardsman flak vest and shoulderpads are jammed onto the Anon. His work done, the 40K fan retreats to his spot seated on a slab of uncut marble.

“Bros should stick with other bros. It’s only natural. That Baneblade thread on page 4 looked kind of sad.
It seems like a little kindness might help, but you’d need some maturity to contribute to it that way.”

>> No.20301598

Portals open throughout /tg/. Sensing that Sagefags have started striking threads, Furfags have commenced their invasion. A rabid sea of furries pour in, their warcry yiffs echoing throughout the forest.

40K Anon: “This is insane! You're doing exactly what /b/ wants! They're blasting boards all over 4chan, choking the boards with faggotry so you can't think. It's over! It's all over!”

The Namefag looks down in disdain.

Namefag: “I said I don't care about any of that. I just want my Touhou threads, that's all. I don't care what happens to the 40K part of this board. They'll have to learn avatar faggotry, I guess.”

/b/ invasions being the cancer that kills boards, the three prepare to quell the invasion alongside the true denizens of /tg/, as is the duty of all. Slowly the Furfags and the lolcats are driven back, portals closing. All except one; a Touhou channel being kept open by the Namefag. In berserker rage from the battle already, the new Namefag lashes out at his once mentor, sparks flying up from the clashes of steel. From a nearby vantage upon a battle barge, the injured 40K Anon sees the battle.

40K Anon: “She's just as bad as the Furfags! You're not going to get what you want from her! FIGHT BACK, TAKE HER OUT!”

At the climax of the fight, the mentor Namefag’s anime sword is struck from her hands, falling away into space. Her opponent closes in as if to deal the final blow, but stops just shy of striking. Picking her up, he looks into her eyes.

Namefag Anon: “Is there a game going?”


>> No.20301638


Is that a grownup version of Beat from Jet Set Radio Future?

>> No.20301728

It's the eyebrow guy from FLCL.

>> No.20301841

No! We follow a group of mentally unstable young psykers, handpicked by the Inquisition, to pilot a new kind of titan. These titans will later be revealed are actually living beings, built by the magos biologis, and have minor warp-gods bound into them using the same practices that are behind daemonhosts.
The main characters however can control them, because in a heartwrenching twist of the plot, it will turn out the bioconstructs were based on their mothers.

>> No.20301877

>mfw i just realized farnesse is a fallen sister of battle

>> No.20301931

In VOTOMS style? hell the fuck yeah

>> No.20301938


The flip-side of big eyes and waifus for Anime is "overly violent and dark." That anime falls into the second category.

>> No.20302002

Because its 40k, it's gotta be in the gritty 90's anime style, where the female characters aren't ridiculous and the bad guys are always smiling and laughing. Make it be about some renegade but still anti chaos chapter or something and you could do a lot with it.

>> No.20302014

This is horrifically unbalanced as a statement

>> No.20302067

>Action packed sci-fi man fiction bordering on every moment being an 80's action flick featuring a billion Arnold Schwarzenegger

>Animation style that uses the least amount of movment possible in cartoons to tell a story

Yeah, It will be as awesome as Naruto and/or Bleach. And by awesome, I mean it will be lamer than hell. The only feasible way 40k would be an anime is if it was done like Cowboy Bebop. Mystery upon mystery leading to 5 minutes of animated payoff. So maybe assassins and shit.

>> No.20302096

>overly violent and dark
So 40k.

>> No.20302100


Most of those look ridiculous in their own aspects, with perhaps Shoka being one I'd be willing to try out.

Most of this stuff probably shouldn't have crossed the Pacific, but oh well! Anime is endemic to the internet (God only knows why,) might as well try to put a grin on my face and deal with it.

>> No.20302147

>Because its 40k, it's gotta be in the gritty 90's anime style, where the female characters aren't ridiculous and the bad guys are always smiling and laughing.
And from 80s anime, people exploding in showers of gore. Can't not put that in a hypothetical 40k anime.

>> No.20302192

You are aware that the amount of animation is directly proportional to the budget? You can't judge everything by pokemon, which is pushed out to have as large profit-margins as possible, or NGE which had an impossibly small budget.

>> No.20302201

In what dimension did you think I gave a damn about what your tastes were? I was just disproving the "Big Eyes Small Mouth OR Gritty Realistic Ultragore" bullshit you vomited.

>> No.20302216


And look what GW gave us for the 3D movie.

>> No.20302243


Except most of the animes that you listed actually DO fall into either "Big Eyes Small Mouth or Gritty Realistic Ultragore" bullshit.

>> No.20302259


You sound a bit frustrated. Did I pinch a nerve?

>> No.20302291

It can't be helped, we will have to use THAT.
And then MC was Exterminatus'd

>> No.20302304

inb4 powered armor uses recycled gundam walking sounds.

>> No.20302437


what if

what if

they did a hetalia vesion of 40k

all the different factions represented as one character and refered to as their faction name ("No, SpaceMarine-san, don't!") with implications of homosexuality?

>> No.20302451

Not that guy, but why is "Big Eyes Small Mouth" such an anathema to you, though?

>> No.20302491

>mfw they animate HLQ as a harem comedy
>mfw they HUEHUEHUE before each commercial break
>mfw they don't even care and make it as over-the-top as possible

>> No.20302510

Yes, that nerve is "people saying false things" like today when dealing with two bitches who believe the Asthma is something you just grow out of, and any parent who got there child something to help out with it is making their body dependent on drugs and stunting their growth.

So yeah, that nerve? pinched raw.

>> No.20302550

Typical FUCK ANIME bullshit. Not worth going into it.

>> No.20302592

The thing is: If Japan made 40k, there would be less "nucerific" super weapons, because they have a cultural taboo.

>> No.20302633

Well 40K is over the top enough that it could work. OTOH they probably would ignore Tau and instead make marine/SOB power armour like Mecha, not to say that that can't be awesome.

>> No.20302648


You're right. Just lump people who don't enjoy what you like into a bunch of, "They just haters!"

>> No.20302667

No. They just treat nukes as 'A Big Thing' because they got nuked, they still show up in plenty of Anime just as "A FUCKING NUKE!"

>> No.20302677

It's more "people who don't like anime and then give no reason other than 'it's anime'"

>> No.20302705

Stardust Memories is all about a nuclear equipped Gundam being stolen and having it fire upon a naval review while the fanatic who stole it screams "Solomon! I have returned!"

>> No.20302711

what is metal gear solid

>> No.20302776

Don't Akira see Tokyo getting (psy)nuke like 3 fucking times ?

>> No.20302801

It's not a political satire, it's just batshit insane
I love it for this
His name is Hideki Ohwada

>> No.20302837

And here in we get to the underlying truth.

Anime, and the directors behind them, do not all follow one guidebook on how to make anime. They have varying approaches to various subject matter that isn't consistent with anything else but their own styles.

That's why if it has tits and Obari is directing, those puppies will bounce and have nipples, even on a robot. It's why Bokurano is a horrific tale of entire universes being wiped out and the pilots (children) of said mecha being killed because that's what the robot does.

It's why Ideon features a scene of a bazooka missile ripping a toddlers head off and the universe exploding in a big bang.

Because there is no 'one way to do things'

>> No.20302853

Well, it would mostly depend on the studio.
For example
If Production I.G got it ,it would propably be awesome
If Gainax got it, it would be crazy and propably awesome
If Shaft got it, it would propably suck due to lots of QUALITY and SoB fanservice
If KyoAni got it, may Emprah have mercy on us all

Also, Wakamoto as Horus, anyone?

>> No.20302903

>this thread
but... but i thought /tg/ is the last bastion of anti-weeaboo here on 4chan...
fuck you guys, i'm out to /k/.

>> No.20302918

You apparently don't pay attention.
/tg/ doesn't go into baseless hate for stupid reasons, you have an entire website for that.
If it's good, /tg/ will like it and talk about it. That's why you can find great vidya threads, great comic threads, great anime threads.

>> No.20302926

That word doesn't mean what you think it means

>> No.20302928

sorry, but, well.


>> No.20302930

We are anti-weaboo. There is nothing wrong with liking anime or manga or whatever. It's when you start going HURR JAPAN BEST COUNTRY IN WORLD HONOBARU NIPPONARU EVERYONE ELSE IS DISGUSTING GAIJIN that you become weaboo. And then we hate.

This guy knows what's up.

>> No.20302933

4chan is against your opinion, whatever it may be and whoever you are.

>> No.20302945

it already exist

>> No.20302952

This is going to make me cry tears of blood isn't it?

>> No.20302954

but sailormoon-ish crap can't be good

what the fuck.

>> No.20302970

Is Sailor Moon anime? Yes. Is it representative of all anime? Not at all. It'd be like judging all tabletop games on F.A.T.A.L.

>> No.20302988

More like tears of laughter.

>> No.20303318

Oh Emprah I curse my internet for being so slow.

>> No.20303324

It doesn't matter. We all know who'll be dubbing it.

>> No.20303338

They're bankrupt now, aren't they?

>> No.20304226

not him, but i share his opinion on anime being rather formulaic... consider me corrected. i feel rather enlightened

especially since 40k came from such an 80's tradition, alongside stuff like Judge Dredd (some Dredd writers and artists now work for GW iirc)

>> No.20304868

My dream 40k anime would be an adaptation of the Horus Heresy opening trilogy + Flight of the Eisenstein, with their events re-arranged to be chronological (so Flight of the Eisenstein will be intercut with concurrent parts of Galaxy in Flames), animated with at least the quality of Berserk.

>> No.20304955


If it does well, maybe a prequel series dealing with The First Heretic, A Thousand Sons, and Prospero Burns.

>> No.20305066


If they were, I'd be so happy.

>> No.20305149


Then prepare to jizz your pants with joy: they filed for Chapter 11 on April 6 2011, following a lawsuit regarding Yu-Gi-Oh. TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems alleged that 4Kids had breached its contract and entered into illegal agreements with Funimation and Majesco that allowed them to collect royalties without paying anything to TV Tokyo. 4K Acquisition now has the Yu-Gi-Oh license, while a company called Kidscorp has a lot of 4Kids' other shit. 4K belongs to Konami, Kidscorp belongs to Saban Capital.

4Kids is dead. The question is whether or not its legacy lives on.

>> No.20305173


Sorry, Kidsco, not Kidscorp.

>> No.20305233


>> No.20305285

For the original version:

The Emperor: Norio Wakamoto
Horus: Koyama Rikiya
Erebus: Jouji Nakata

These voices would make my life.

>> No.20305292

>4Kids is dead. The question is whether or not its legacy lives on.

Thank GOD that they are DEAD! Because they freaking ruin good anime to make it "suitable" for younger american audience.

If japanese is gonna make 40K anime then they should at least it make them GRIMDARK. Plus the style should not be typical anime style, more like in style like anime version of Iron Man and X-Men.

>> No.20305348


Don't celebrate yet. We may have traded one foe for another.

>> No.20306062

Anything that isn't a purely Space Marine centered show would work.

What is Strike Witches Quest?
No, seriously, legitimate anime hate is… quite rare here.

>> No.20306123


>more like in style like anime version of Iron Man and X-Men.

So... You want it to be Western animation. I'm ok with this!

>> No.20306168

Yins are fucking doing it wrong.

It's simple. We get Junji Ito to do the artwork and some part in the story. Namely due to his creditably for making Spiral and Gyo.

We get Yasuhiro Imagawa to direct due to his ability to make badass choreographed fight scenes.

We also get Jam Project do help with the soundtrack but instead with an orchestra.

Along with Junji Ito, we shall get Phil Kelly, Adam Troke, and Gav Thrope to pen the story.

With this team, we can't fail.

>> No.20306249


Due to Imagawa's works making us love Super Robots, the story should be an all out war on a planet with a fuck tons of Titans.

Chaos Titans.

Eldar Titans.

Ork Gargants.

Imperial Titans.

All in a free for all battle. Story will be short and simple.

Imperials fighting for control of the world, Orks are drawn in because of the fighting, and Eldar is there just for fan service for Xeno Fuckers and Weaboos.

We'll have Warhounds charging Gargants, Warlords fighting Banelords, and for the finally, an Imperator vs a Chaos Imperator.

>> No.20306356

> Orks humoristic short stories : Gargant-Z, with "killing is fun" mentality
> Hellsing remake with radical inquisitor as Integra, a possessed Alucard, mandatory chaos-nazi and Church being Church
> Imperium/tau/mortal chaos/orks and occasional eldar fighting for a sector in a space opera anime
> A group of space marine is lost in a primitive chaos world, Claymore style, in armour
> Maybe something about a young psyker who have to escape Imperial attention while going insane, don't see correspondent anime though
> FMA with techno-alchemy
> ....

>> No.20306428

Only if it's a slice-of-life about a Crisis Suit Team. With little unrelated comedy segments at the end of each episode following the exploits of some Orkz

>> No.20306798

>No Tyranid biotitans

A chance to have giant sprays of blood when hit? Cum on step it up

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