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1d4chan article and archive links:
IRC: come and talk.

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>Rolled 20, 15, 18, 19

The advisors of the general, in charge until he returns, be omen aggravated by the constant drinking habits of the shwirm, and completely cut off the beer supply until the barracks and library are done.

As the stone is pickaxes into new rocks for tools, one shwar gets the idea of making the walls out of stone rather than wood. He presents this idea to the advisors, confident this new source of stone would be enough to fuel the construction.

The explorers are sent with some dismay by the scientists, who are told to camp out near the wyvern area for several days so as to learn their flight patterns.

Rolling for building barracks & library, presenting the idea of using stone as a building material, and studying wyvern flight patterns.

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>Be omen


>> No.20297209

Apparently removing the beer of the shwirm motivates them enough to greatly focus on building. They tear down what they previously built and replaced the whole thing with stone. They barracks is built to house many fighters and an armory, and even impresses the general. The library is also built. Just not so awesomely.

The blimps are able to follow the wyrems movements from afar. They follow them while they test some new weapons. The scouts discover that the riders carry weapons that devastate ground targets. They also gather some intel that the wyrems land somewhere to the north. Continuing to scout the riders could result in discovery and retaliation.

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well shit, that should be part 4

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>Mountain Village
Gogan and Krogoan rest in furry beds, they are fed healing drink to help them recover, but it is uncertain if they will live. In the meantime they try to pass on their knowledge to a few of the other wise men while they are bed ridden. The wind chief has returned and he begins meditating on the sacred mountain, he becomes interested in the shadow drink and drinks a small sip of it, he finds that the enters a state of near unconciousness. His mind is perfectly at ease, his breathing shallow and slow. After meditating he believes that the shadow drink helps to communicate with the ancestors. Many of the more spiritual tribesmen climb onto tall mountains and take small sips of the shadow drink, entering a trance-like state of spiritual nirvana. Trajectory is discovered, now the tribe now understands how objects arc in the air, this helps with understanding gravity a little more, but not much. Warriors that use the slingbow can now 'snipe' enemies from across huge lengths of land using their knowledge of trajectory. The wise men start to discuss simple mathematics like addition and subtraction, using rocks as examples. They also start discussing the idea of laws

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rolled 12, 15, 9, 6, 9, 12 = 63

Rogalth is very happy about the new and grander hunting guild, the hunters that decide to join the guild are given more independence, they are no longer hunters of the tribe, but hunters of the guild, as such they are much more private and are entitled to their kills rather than forced to give it to the tribe, which Gormal doesn't very much approve of but puts up with it for the time being. Some of the warriors experiment with the slingbow, the weapon isn't all that efficient with larger creature, the pebbles and rocks they sling aren't enough to hurt their enemies. They try to improve the slingbow, and use tiny spears for ammo. The builders try their hand at building another road, this time they use a mixture of gravel mixed in with gabai.

Rolling for,
Gogan's survival.
Krogoan's survival.
Researching mathematics.
Researching laws.
Creating bows and arrows.
Building a road to the lacorra outpost.

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rolled 9, 15 = 24

>Lacorra Outpost
A supply group came by bearing a berry bush with seeds, the bushes are planted in the nearby sands, hopefully they will take root in the less salty sand. The scout, after being fried and nearly dying, decides to leave the Toruuz alone for awhile. Finally! A path has been made to the water, this allows for easy gathering of it. The soldiers, with their time free, decide to build a small gabai wall around the outpost, the wall would be just a little bit shorter than an Elen. It is to be used as a perimeter and a deterent for some creatures, but mainly to give the outpost a more presentable appearance.

Rolling for,
Planting berry bushes.
Building small gabai wall.

>> No.20298070

rolled 2, 9, 16, 10, 14, 14, 10 = 75

>Ocean Village
Transporting goods is much easier now with the sleds, and scouts can travel much faster through the dunes with the sleds, hell, it's even fun for them now! Infact a large sand hill is artificially created for sled racing, it entertains the people and improves their sledding skills. A group of fishermen are sent to the cove to hunt, but more importantly bring back an exotic creature to study, the wise men are bored. Speaking of fishing, the slingbows and spears aren't efficient at killing sea creatures, so the fishermen try to invent a new tool to use. Three scouts are sent out to explore the local area. The more agressive tribesmen start fights with each other at random, to vent this agression the fire chief orders the destruction of a simple arena, mimicing the one at the mountain village.

Rolling for,
Cove hunting.
Finding exotic creature in the cove.
Creating a fishing tool.
1st scouts exploration.
2nd scouts exploration.
3rd scouts exploration.
Building an arena.

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Khuna is pleased with the progress being made by his tribe. The new weaponry and defensive measures make the tribe feel overall more secure. The reports of the offerings of the puruus from north east are taken with some amount of skepticism by the majority of the tribe however. Ilith and few of her pupils she managed to convince about her discovery however are intrigued by the puruus and their offering. They head out and set up a small and discrete outpost for monitoring the puruus. She thinks that by studying them she could find the proof she needs to convince others of her discoveries.

The downriver settlement of Fa Kaath is still in the progress of relocating to the lub forest proper. Some of the settlers try to device improved tools for carrying water, so that they could finally drain the lub pools. Others have abandoned the idea of draining the pools, and instead have begun developing some sort of floating beds that they could place atop of the pools, while others continue to develop their net based homes. One important trait in all these efforts is the attempt to make a large dwelling that could house numerous geists, or even the whole tribe inside.

In the other settlements, developments have also been made. The settlers of the upriver village of Kun Kaath have continued to develop their great huts. They have attempted to improve the acoustic qualities of the huts, and some of them have started making decorative carvings and protrusions that cause pleasing echoes to the geists. Coincidently, these decorations resemble ribs and tubes.

>> No.20299724

rolled 7, 14, 17, 16, 12, 2, 12, 19, 20, 4, 20, 8 = 151


Lupai Kaath, the settlement in the valley of voices are attempting to utilize the nets developed down south to improve their village built into the walls of the canyon. This settlement is mostly a religious one, it is a site of reverence towards Lupia, the singing goddess. The wyvern riders often train in the canyon, and a new shrine is being built to house these warriors, and their mighty companions.

Now that the riders are proficient with their new weaponry they return to their task of patrolling the borders of the Lufae people. Some of them are also sent on scouting missions during nights, to monitor the neighboring songless settlements.

Also, fortune and notrip, I am still waiting for your responses to my tribe.

Rolling for:
Studying the Urupuruu.
>Fa Kaath
Making proper buckets.
Inventing floating devices.
Improving the net homes.
>Kun Kaath
Improving the acoustics of the great huts.
Decorating the great huts.
>Lupai Kaath
Building a new wyvern shrine.
>Wyvern riders
Patrolling the border.
Scouting out the neighboring tribes (4 rolls in this order: Nag Ber'ek, Omaenii, Urupuruu and Korobuskha.)

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Angrydorf are you solomon? Your playstyle is quite similar.

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rolled 5, 3, 18 = 26

The Urupuruu continue to tweak out their Purite drums, using thinner sheets of Purite and heavier wrapped cloth sticks. Lupo is especially anxious about how the music will turn out, for the sounds made by the Purite seem to be what interested the geist most.

With the development of a system of writing, and the recorded history of the Urupuruu so prominently displayed, some puruu begin to write their own personal histories, small autobiographies carved onto clay tablets. As these self stories become a popular thing, the Small Council decides that they need a place to put them. it is decided that the Runu hut shall be expanded and rebuilt with the new building materials, and that all works of writing are to be stored there.

One of the smaller puruu in the militia decides that the heavy axe blade end of the Urgosh makes it too cumbersome to wield. With the axe head stripped from the weapon, the weapon is reduced to a shorted, thick spear with a slightly elongated pointy end.

Rolling for-
Purite Drums ((that sound like steel drums))
Runu Text Depository ((For storing texts and such))
The adaptation of Short Spears into the militia.

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rolled 14, 19, 1 = 34

When the general returns from his trip to the Nag Ber'sk, he announces that they shall build a road to their fortress and the main village, and that beer was to be imported to them weekly. The workers, finally done with the buildings, rush to work.

The general sees the underground source of stone, and orders the construction of a mine, so as to get a hold of more of this stone. The miners set up the first wooden supports and set up a ramp that leads into the mine, so that crunchas could be used to haul the stone out to the storeroom.

Meanwhile, carpenters begin to experiment ways for the crunchas to carry more things around. Simply dragging the stones dug into the ramps and roads, and shwirm were tired of performing maintenance on them.

Rolling for building road to the Nag'Ber'ek fortress from the southern village, constructing wooden supports for the mine, and inventing the wheel/the cart.

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>> No.20303776

rolled 1, 16, 1, 1 = 19

New outpost in the forest seems to be doing well with it's purpose as both lookout and trade hub for nomads. Exotic goods are traded inside and outside different clans are able to meet each other with lesser danger of being attacked by others.

This new type of stone is not seen as useful as it is too heavy and hard to be used for building and even if it's glittering nicely why would they use it when it is useless.

At last a hunting party is sent to woodcutters camp to clear its surroundings of stalking jungle geists. With the hunters there are some who are quite adept at using the Sturm (rope&stone) and this would be great time to see how useful it is for hunting dangerous animals.

Southern village gathers an expedition to northern lub forest to find new exotic plants to farm. I have no idea if there are any plants like that there but damnit that's why i try.

Primitive rafts/boats are attempted to be built in western village to help them to trade with new town in west because the way there is rough and building road there would take huge effort.

Rolling for success of hunting the jungle geists, efficiency of Sturm, expedition to lub forest to find new plants to farm and making primitive rafts/boats.

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Wow, that's a lot of ones...

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rolled 6, 20, 10 = 36

Training of the puruus is started to turn them into beasts of war and burden. Breeding program starts for both slaves and warriors of katumoiset. Katumoiset are already a fast breeding tribe but these new ideas will help them to grow even faster. They might not have best tech but they will swarm their enemies. Scouts are sent to south to seek information about northern village they tried to raid in the past.

Rolls for Training plains puruu, breeding slaves and scouting northern village.

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Would any of your nagaberek or logedz or whatever the fuck you're calling them now be named... John and Kate by any chance?

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gogan and krogoan survive, but they are still in poor shape, and may need to take on apprentices. no math, no law, no new weapon yet. the road is a go!
The berries do not grow in the sand of the desert, and the plants wither and die, however the dried berries are tasty, and perhaps could be used as a way to store them for longer periods of time if they can get their neighbors to the north to grow them. wall is a go!
Some fisherman are being dragged off into the depths of the ocean by something...exotic. Fishing pole is made. ((i dont know where you are scouting, but the desert is largely mapped out for you by now. start working with your ally on a brighter tomorrow. that new village, doing trade, etc.)) The Area is a sand circle, but it does the trick for now.

>> No.20304787

The outpost set up near the urpuruu is far too close, and instead of being an observation post, the curious urpuruu approach the riders with more Purite offerings. so much for stealth.
Proper buckets are developed, as are floating devices of your choice. The net homes continue to become totally sweet. ((giant piles of sound engineering + for combined rolls that effect nothing having to do with game play)) the great huts take on strange shapes that help produce an environment pleasing to the geist. This knowledge begins to filter backwards into the rest of geist society transforming their living spaces. A new shrine is built, and is sufficent, but with more work will be more pleasing to the beasts and riders. The boarder is no longer as secure as it used to be. No one is invading, but the other tribes have grown, and the patrol sees this.
Nag ber'ek: they are in a budding alliance with the omaenii, and have a truely massive fortification for a home, it seems to be ever growing. They are a brutal, if honorable culture for songless.
Omaenii: they are for some reason growing Lubs in the middle of their village, a new breed of very tall lub.
Urpuruu: The village voluntarily lets scouts in to see whats going on, and share their history with them. ((learned the language. knowledge is as good as post history in threads))
Korobushka: Undergoing a civil war, too dangerous to get closer, and not important currently.

>> No.20304947

((this is pure fluff, and i am handing it out)) The desired drums are created. The text depository is not so good, and some of the texts are damaged. The short spears adapted, who will know if they are what the tribe needs. The axe heads were recycled into a side arm of sorts, becoming a very heavy hand axe.

The Nag Ber'Ek send some of their warriors to assist with the tasks of the tribe, and the road is built to the fortress. The mine is dug quickly and efficiently, with much stone being hauled out with the creation of the mine. No one knows how it started, but part of the village burned down that night, with a few people running and screaming on fire while a crude wooden circle bounced away...some would say it seemed particularly malevolent.

The jungle geist are one of the top predators of this little island, and the hunters are decimated, being lured into densely wooded areas where their weapon was ineffective. The Sturm when it did hit murdered things with ease, and was the only reason that some of the hunters managed to survive at all. Attempts to make primitive rafts and exploration to the lub forest result in death. all in all that day the tribe lost about 25 people.

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> jungle geist
They're called mossmen now, unless you're referring to a different critter.

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The plains puruu are dumb as rocks, but they are good for lifting rocks at least, and follow simple commands. The tribe becomes brutal, at birth the strongest of the children are elevated to warriors, while the weak are made slaves. It matters not who your parents were. The strong are encouraged to mate with the strong. While the plains puruu reproduce in number as well. ((activating small time jump)) The tribe has swollen in size, with a powerful warrior culture dominating the lesser slaves. Selective breeding has made them larger, and in their eyes, better, then the property they own. The great city has expanded along its wall, becoming a sort of massive city wall, slowly beginning to stretch across the island, as it is the Katumoiset's right and destiny. The northern village is currently at war with a race of primitive sightless monsters.
((if you feel i gave you too much, say so, and ill correct it, otherwise enjoy and try not to get too frustrated with the other players, I'm doing my best to tailor each person's experience to them, so a feeling of your own game is going on, at least until you start interacting with other players.))

thats onol's tribe, bronze: current name is Nag Ber'ek. No rolls make me sad, your tribe has been sitting in misery for a while.

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rolled 12, 2, 20, 10 = 44

So Before the Altume Cheifs left, the Iminye Elders negotiate the charter for the new Town Eden. The charter outlines how the town will constructed and run, as well as the knowledge and provisions that will be brought into Eden.

To prepare for the new town, the Iminye appoints Hulys as the Iminye Councilman, Halin as the Knowledge Councilman, and Fali as Provision Councilman, to which Fali said, "Of course I'm the Provision Councilman. Who else can throw a grand feast for hundreds of Eleni? An Altume? Ha. They'd throw shells on the ground and say 'Eat.'"

The Iminye pilgrims that were to colonize the Firil Sea are repurposed to settle the new town Eden. They are now joined by most of the clanless. A scout team is sent to discover a coastal land to found the town. Another is sent to discover a lacorra badlands.

The last thing that needs to be done or at least progressed is the sails. This is knowledge that the Iminye promised would be used to keep in touch with Altume territory. Without it, journeys to the Altume are long and dangerous. Sea travel off the coast should be faster and safer.

roll for scouting west coast, scouting for lacorra badlands, reorganizing pilgrims, and sails

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> on the Lufae
The tribe has nothing to offer at this time, they're already running short on food back home, turning what was once a diplomatic envoy into a beggar's plea. The representatives from Mikhail are noticeably nervous.

> on the mountain climber
A small youth, a boy named Chovit climbed the mountain. He was the runt and would not survive anyway, he would spare his parents the burden of taking care of him, he would climb the great mountain and just hope that some ceryatzi ate him. In times not so lean, his clan's healer would see to the youth's depression but if the healer even lived he was likely tearing and clawing at scraps like the rest of Korobushka.
Upon the third night he had reached the top of the mountian. It is on the peak, waiting to die that he has time to think. Think about his life, his family, his mind, his world, his fate. Everything, really, for only now, alone with his thoughts did he ever ponder the big stuff. He had sat and thought, ruminated and meditated, twisted and turned in his mind all things. Who are we, what is the purpose of life? What is good? What is evil? How do we separate the two? How can we know?
Upon the dawn of the fourth day, as the sun rose to greet the world, to shine its light upon all the dark places of the night, to chase the shadows and to cast its shine upon the snow, making it glitter like silver... young Chovit saw the whole of the South Continent, it is said, up there on the mountain. It was like watching the first sunrise at the dawning of the world. So it was that Chovit, the boy who came to die was given new life. It was time to return home...

>> No.20305160

the charter can be found here:

>> No.20305221

Chovit descended the mountain... he had the answer to the famine. It was then that Chovit began to preach his newfound philosophy, the "virtue of selflessness". It was when we compete, when we fight each other that evil occurs, only through cooperation and sharing could the tribe survive these lean times. The mountain has always provided, he said, and it hasn't stopped providing, we have simply been too greedy. Take no more than you must, and share all that you can give, you talent, your wisdom, your food... with each other. To each according to their need, he said, and by each according to his ability. If everyone worked as hard as they could and did not take any more than was absolutely needed then perhaps they could survive until the next harvest.

The people normally would not have lent their ear to this proseletyzing youth, but they were so deserperate for a solution they could not help but lend an ear. When they listened, it made sense. Were not the problems of their tribe begun when the Zartik hoarded their knowledge? Sergei then desired such power for themselves, causing raids and other woes. Were not such woes alleviated when the Explorers shared the knowledge with the whole of the tribe? Did they're problems not start when, even though they had enough, they kept eating, and cut into reserves? Had they been satiated with mearely being fed, then perhaps those reserves would be here now....

For the Korobushka, it all made sense, and the philosophies of Chovit sweep through the tribe. It is the beginning of a new day for the Korobushka, and the birth of a religion.

>> No.20305279

Iminye APoe 08/13/12(Mon)15:09 No.20305057
thee west coast appears to be relativly safe. The lacorra badlands are not so safe, many do not return, and the others do not want to talk about their experiences. Sails are finally developed, and are sufficient. Those of the clan, and the clanless are very ready. They have supplies and people enough to start a large and prosperous colony by themselves if need be. ((your 20 has assured a great start for the new village, which will be a town now. a similar roll by the other tribe will resort in something of legends.))

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Had a car accident. Not gonna post rolls for a while, and school starts tomorrow. You'll be seeing less of me

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So nongent, what was that about the lack of posts now? Hmmm?

The Korobushka begin to ration out their food, with the Elders of all the clans determining how best to ration it, though they cordially invited Chovit to be on board, in recognition of the fact that it was his wisdom that had saved them, and the boy became a a man in their eyes.

As the years passed, Chovit refined his philosophy and continued to preach the wisdom that he believed came from the mountain itself. The mountain that the Korabushka live under becomes a sacred symbol, and the manifestation of divine selflessness. The mountain gave everything, and asked for nothing. The peak, especially becomes a holy site, where divine wisdom shone like the rays of the morning sun upon young Chovit. The position of distributor of food remains with the elders of each clan, Zartik, Sergei, Nikolai, Mikhail, Klezmer, and Ruhaj, but in memory of Chovit, a seventh seat sits at the Council of Elders, the Voice of the Mountain. Unlike the Elders, the VotM speaks not for the clans but for the mountain and its holy wisdom, a religious post to guide (but not rule) the elders. The VotM informs their decisions and points them towards the virtue of selflessness.

>> No.20305650

rolled 10 = 10

Sorry to hear that, hope you're okay. Good luck with school.

Food is rationed out to each individual equally, all adults recieve the same daily amount, and as do the children, though children recieve more than adults (need food to grow up strong and healthy) and nesting females also recieve extra rations as well (they're eating for two after all). Chovit lives to a ripe old age, but dies without a child of his own. He charges the people to look into their hearts and elect a new VotM, to open their hearts to the wisdom of the mountain. An election is formed, where each adult shwirm gets a vote in the decision, save the elders, and a shwirm cannot vote for themselves (that wouldn't be very selfless, now would it?).

The Korobushka do not have writing, but they record the events of Chovit's life as primitive painting on scraps of leather and oral tradition. In this way, the memory and wisdom of Chovit is preserved.

Rolling for development of heiroglyphics from the paintings.

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rolled 17, 13, 12 = 42

While successful in the eradication of the small tribe to the north, a handful of injuries were sustained. As usual, crushed eggs were used for treatment. It was noticed by many that they had run incredibly low on them. Head elder Kwaku didn't pay much mind when told of this, and did Ytai did not seem to be too concerned about this either. He simply responded "A shortage of eggs in the pools worries you? Don't be absurd. There will be more by the months end."
On the other hand, Retti, the youngest of the elders, did see some issue with being wasteful with them. If Kwaku was to lead another assault in the near future, some form of protection would be required.

Even with the raider tribe gone, there was a desire to know what else could lie near the new village.

>Rolling for developing for a primitive wooden armor, thorough exploration of (16,G), and accidentally discovering some sort of cooking.
>Putting the Vierachè on the rear burner for now. The most progress for them can only come with interaction. Until then, assume just daily life happens.

>> No.20305856

rolled 14 = 14

With the sad reports from the scouts, the tribe decides they will depend on the Altume to find and gather the gabai material. The scouts have found a safe place on the western coast, so tribe begins in earnest to colonize the western coast.

They organize the new Kirunna Herd from the original. Many saplings and extra lumber is loaded up. Halin brings his tablets, bottles, and misc samples with him. Armor and fine fighters escort the caravan. In the following month, the pilgrims construct the harbor, plant the saplings and make temporary camp in the forest near the new town.

Right now the town looks like a wooden skeleton budding with saplings and a harbor. They prepare the maiden voyage of the new sailing boat. Their mission is to travel along the coast for the Altume Ocean Village.

rollin for the maiden voyage

>> No.20306069

rolled 17, 1, 18 = 36


After what had happened last night, the carpenters were nervous continuing their work, but it had to be done. How else would they haul the stone out of the mine?

Beer begins to be imported to the Nag'ber'ek, and the first cathedral plates were exported to the city, and the militia begins to experiment ways to use cathedral plates for their armor rather than cruncha bones.

The blimps are used by the scientists to study the purple horde to the SW, for they had not been documented yet, and they seemed to be quite the threat to the city.

Rolling for inventing the wheel/the cart, outfitting the militia with cathedral plate armor, and studying the blung horde from the blimps.

>> No.20306079


>Another 1

>> No.20306947
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The Lufae are content to stay put and watch the songless tribes continue to do their thing, for now at least.
They are however adamant about keeping the songless out from their territories. The success they had with scaring off the shwirms from the valley of voices inspire the tribe to try similar tactics again. They try to scare off all those who intrude too near to their settlements.

Some of Ilith's pupils are flesh singers, and as they observe the puruus, their strange internal makeup intrigues the singers more and more. Some of them decide to figure out how they work internally, and to do this they device a plan to discretely abduct few puruus so they can dissect them and study their innards more closely.

Some of the artisans have gotten their hands on the offerings of the strange water beings. The acoustic properties of the material intrigue them, and they set to work on developing better instruments of sound.

The inhabitants of the downriver settlement Fa Kaath decide to put all their discoveries together in order to build their homes in the lub forest that grows over the small river that flows down from the mountains. The nets, the floating bases, the buckets for draining the lubs, all are put to use in order to makea great village on the lubs, and around them.

The settlers of Lupai Kaath continue their work on the shrine in religious devotion. They wish to please the great wyverns, and thus Lupia herself.

>> No.20306968
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rolled 1, 10, 14, 2, 6, 19, 20, 3 = 75


Some of the artisans and the flesh singers have started studying the properties of the emils slime that the Shan Meer warriors bear. They seek to better understand the strange substance, in order to better utilize it, and help the ones infected with it to carry it's burden easier.

Khuna is pleased with all the new warriors of the tribe, but he also realizes that the Lufae warriors aren't truly unified. They are made from individual groups of specialized warriors, who don't really work with each other. Khuna wishes to change this, as he is sure that with co-operation, all the warriors would be much more efficient. The Hunters could bring down much greater prey with the aid of the brutes and the riders for example. Khuna begins to device an unified command structure, and combat doctrines for the warriors of the tribe. He also orders the groups to work with each other more so they could develop tactics together.

(As a rule of thumb, almost all the warriors are females, scouts are usually males, brutes are always males and the riders are also predominately females. This is because the females are the more numerous gender of the geist species. The ratio of males to females is around 1:3. I state this because it can be important when regarding co-operation with two groups that have different genders. There is always sexual tensions in the air when brutes interact with females for example.)

Rolling for:
Keeping the songless from advancing to Lufae regions by scaring them off.
Abducting puruus.
Making musical instruments from purite.
Combining all the Fa Kaath research in their attempt to make a great village in the lub forest that grows in the river.
Improving the new shrine.
Studying the emils.
Coming up with a command structure and combat doctrines for the Lufae warriors.
Communal training of the different warrior groups.

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Man my rolls were bad.
Done image with minor info. It doesn't contain new settlements but i'll add them later.

Thanks to sturm some of the hunters managed to survive the green horrors of the forest. As its efficiency as weapon is undeniable learning how to use it is really hard and only few will ever master its use. Hunters using sturm are now seen as elite hunters because the weapon is powerful and gives advantage of distance over the normal stoneball club.

Because the boats fail the Western colony grows self-supporting. Because they are mostly from western village they are hunters and fishers so getting food isn't problem for them.

about Staatgreich military. Staatgreich doesn't have real standing army. Each family/clan supports fighting force of its own and so the oldest and biggest families have largest militias. It is normally tradition for the biggest clan to take care of guarding the city and working as police. This of course gives them unfair advantage because of the risk that there is corruption (well not really corruption. more like doing what is best for the family).

>> No.20307156

rolled 2, 10, 18 = 30

The Nag Ber'ek now know what's going on with the bugmen, but what about the flying things? Scouts are being sent out to find, and maybe hunt the creatures.

The Gal Bak (Great Tent, aka the fortress) is being expanded once more. The chieftans meeting rooms shall be made into a grand affair, with a shallow pit in the middle for a fire. Deonar even wants to add a small hole in the roof to let the smoke of the fire out. He's also had an idea, that involves having curved entryways, with a single piece of stone bearing most of the weight of the entryway.
Rolling for scouting, making the meeting room, and discovering arches

>> No.20307181


It seems your scouts managed to be scared by the Wyvern's intimidate roll of 1...

>> No.20307197

Or both sides are freaked out by each other

>> No.20307435

rolled 15 = 15

I wouldn't rule out escalating conflict. We could have the start of the first real Tribal War in the South Continent.

>> No.20308112

rolled 19, 10, 18 = 47

The puruu have created their purite drums, and are very happy. Now, the sound of metal drum bands float through the air of the main village, now known as Yetu Mahali.

The militia captain, or the "Askari Wakuu" is still determined to train the Urupuruu into a fighting force to be feared. The idea is proposed that the slingstaves should be combined with the shortspears, having one end being pointy, and the other end with a sling on it. This will allow warriors to pelt the enemy with a barrage of stones before charging with the spears.

The sounds of the purite drums have lifted the spirits of the Urupuruu, and Elder Lupo has ordered a hunt. The Puruu hunting party heads west, looking for Yazda.

Rolling for-
Military formation
Combination of slingstave and short spear.
Hunting Yazda

>> No.20308449

I'm sure someone has told you this before, but those dudes totally look like elites.

>> No.20308512

That's a new one actually...

>> No.20308613
File: 32 KB, 455x318, Arby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grey skin, hunched stature, inverted knees, everything but the hooves and the split jaw. The helmets are even kinda Arbiter-y. Shit, the Warrior Hunter helm looks sort of like the Councillor helms from Halo 2.

>> No.20308773


The explorers spend a lot of time looking for a subtle means of kidnapping a puruu. In the end they can only blitz a single wandering lost scout.

The geist are able to make horns, brass dishes, and simple hand drums. They are able to tune different horns into many musical notes and pitches.

Unfortunately the research was disorganized and the efforts were slowed down considerably. They eventually gather all the information together and begin the effort again.

The shrine suffers from the same problems of the lub village. There are not enough references and information gathered together. The geist get the idea to collect and organize the knowledge of the tribe in one place.

Emil research goes surprisingly well and doesn't have the problem of other projects. The flesh singers actually discover a way to remove the emil. However removing the false skin is lengthy and arduous process for both parties. Shan Meer describe a withdraw effect where they feel dirty and naked after the process. When the emil is applied to other creatures, it is discovered that the emil eats the skin of the creature, taking its place.

The Lufae organize themselves and develop military policies that will benefit them for generations to come. The military hierarchy is developed and a chain of command runs through it. Every fighter is accounted for and disciplined to follow the orders of superiors. They also develop combat strategies for many situations against their neighbors. They discover that without allies, any large scale conflict could be incredibly costly.

The different warrior groups dislike working together and haven't bonded in the way Khuna would like. They are however disciplined enough to follow the orders of a superior coordinating them.

>> No.20308784

The meeting room is made with a safe fire pit and an open roof to let smoke out. Arches are discovered and start replacing other entrances around the camp and fortress. They are strong enough to support large gateways.

>> No.20308797

The Nag Ber'ek scouts aren't very subtle or stealthy. The Lufae easily see them coming dangerously close to discovering their settlements. Only trying to scare them off, they dive bomb the logheads. The stubborn logheads aren't intimated. They throw their Javelins and actually manage to hit the rider.

The rider pulls his wyrem high to escape. He loads a howling coil in his bad arm and throws. The riders aim is off. Meaning to hit much further away, the weapon lands at the feet of the offending loghead. The Nag Ber'ek scout is blown apart and several of his mates are too disoriented to follow the wyrem's travel.

>> No.20308805


The rider returns to report on the loghead scouts. The Nag Ber'ek scouts return badly wounded.

>> No.20308858

And here we were thinking that they looked like xenomorphs.

>> No.20308918


The Korobushka discover the use of simple glyphs to represent different things and convene different messages. The glyphs are based on important moments and figures in Korobushka history, such as the mountain, the voice of the mountain, Large Zartik farming land, Sergei fiery raids, falling snowy famine, etc. This is the base from which proper writing could grow from.

>> No.20308922

Yeah, and in response Nad modeled their armour off Predators.

>> No.20308953

Well elites do have a bit of the whole predator thing going on, but these guys are all elite. Just slap on a second thumb, give em hooves, and split their jaw open and whammo, primitive elites. And here I'm letting my /v/ show...

>> No.20309361


The Yapap develop a wooden armor that protects against stabbing and bashing of their own weapons. It is flexible enough not to restrict their movement. This should prove to save the tribe many injuries in the future.

After thoroughly exploring the region, the tribe discovers a scrap of netting and a pot stained with red. They also discover a large hole next to the river. Inside is thick clay.

The Yapap dig a hole and fill it with dry branches and leaves. They lay their meat across the hole, and after a while the meat is chewy and tasty.

>> No.20310076

rolled 16, 9, 4, 9 = 38

The scouts flee back to the fortress, and tell of the weapon that killed their fellow scout.

The Chieftains are worried, very worried. Such a weapon, if used in large numbers, could be devestating against even the mightiest horde of warriors. A messenger is sent to the Oamenii, to warn them of this deadly foe. Meanwhile, the Chieftains discuss their next course of action. After a few days, they decide to send a group of warriors, armed with axes and spiked clubs, and covered in heavy plate armor. Also, with them they shall carry armor made from the bones of the dead scouts, as all of the Nag ber'ek follow a philosophy based of the Kah idea of "Take what you kill," and applied it to everything, even the bones of the dead. Thus, the armor is meant to be given to the geist that killed the scout, though they don't stop to consider that these creatures don't follow the same idea.

The scouts tell the Chieftains that while they hit the creature with javelins, it was already close enough to use the horrid weapon. It would be better to kill such a deadly thing from afar, and so work begins on making a weapon that has farther reach than a javelin. Two competing ideas come up: A smaller javelin, propelled by the forward by animal sinew stretched by a stick, pieces of runna antlers, used to throw javelins farther (think atlatl), and stones thrown with the aid of animal hide.

Rolling for finding the Lufae, and new weapons, bow, atlatl, sling, highest rolling of the weapons wins

>> No.20310104


Still need the results of these rolls.

>> No.20311420

Boreal meditates in silence.

>> No.20312657


>> No.20312855

outta the way newjack. clearly you dont see the predator, alien, etc. though, having seen how they grew, most of it was a happy coincidence, otherwise nad is tzeench and everything, is always, just as planned with him.

>> No.20312896
File: 49 KB, 580x530, 1304177995323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Excuse me, as an *actual* follower of the Changer of Ways I take offense at that. Working on a new post.

>> No.20313248 [DELETED] 

Say, nongent, get in the irc, angrydorf and i are having a chat and i think you should be a part of it.

>> No.20314107

The tribe conquers their fears, and the wheeled cart is developed. Though some still whisper in dark corners far from the accursed objects that they are evil...evil...out to get the tribe. The cathedral plate armor is made, and fitted to a Schwirm in front of the entire tribe, he stands for a moment, shaking, trying to hold up the weight, and is then promptly crushed like a bug by the weight. It would seem it is far too heavy for the Schwirm, and to thin it down to an acceptable weight would defeat the purpose. This armor is not for the tribe. The blung hordes are discovered to be a loose collection of creatures in a semi fixed ecosystem. The blung field spreads, the species prosper but hunt eachother and anything else within the ecosystem. Yet as a group they respond to non blung organisms almost as an infection, slowly attacking, and becoming more aggressive as the threat penetrates deeper into the horde. They are slowly leaching the land of nutrients the horde needs, while filling it with their own waste. ((new tactics to defeat the blung have been developed a formation called the Panzerkeil, look it up.))
The puruu develop a Inverted wedge formation to capatalize on their older larger weapons. As an enemy comes into the middle they close around it, hacking them to death. It is a victory for the traditionalists in the military. The short spear is combined with the sling, but is a little awkward to use. Many yazda are killed and collected, it was mating season so many of the creatures are full of nutritious eggs. a bonus for the hungry tribe.

>> No.20314400 [DELETED] 
File: 251 KB, 1424x732, warmageddon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The lufae's territory is found, and the heavily armored "scouts" more less emissaries. They march deep into geist territory, and a periodic spear or small projectile bounces off their thick, neigh impenetrable armor. One scout looses his tail, as it was not protected. not a big loss, as it happens to many warriors. Eventually they get to an open spot near a large gathering of caves. They leave their grim gift deep in the mountains It is a beautifully polished and crafted set of bone armor made from the fallen scout and the shards of his old armor (the armor was broken/ so its theirs too.)

Now for that weapon. Bronze, I'm stepping in as GM, and vetoing all those weapons. here is a link, and attached is a picture. Get to crafting and training.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTu5jNqfzEk it is your race's spiritual liege.

>> No.20314431

If any rolls have been missed, let me know. feel free to continue the tribal interactions, they please me.

Nad- One thing i need claification on, is the leader of the wyvern shamans the one endorsing the puruu abduction, or is that a different faciton within the tribe? Would she even care? Do one of the alphas know about this, or care even though they have been given gifts? Finally, with the chasing tribes away, does it include the puruu? Or emissaries with gifts? ((you are playing the Fae style very well by the way, but i do need to know some intentions so i can GM properly and direct the flow of the game.))

>> No.20314487

You may want to rethink how this conflict is playing out. Before nad left he said he wanted some actual strife. Let this play out for more than one roll. Letting the logheads get deep into geist territory is stretching their abilities.

>> No.20314535

Well, we could retcon the Log'eads punching through one of the Lufae outposts?

>> No.20314633
File: 251 KB, 1424x732, warmageddon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The lufae's territory is found, and the heavily armored "scouts" more less emissaries set out. They notice as they get closer to the region the intensity of mock attacks increases. They are too busy on a quest to give something that does not belong to them back. Eventually they are intercepted on the open plains by a group of hunters and a brute geist. They offer their grim gift. It is a beautifully polished and crafted set of bone armor made from the fallen scout and the shards of his old armor (the armor was broken/ so its theirs too.) It is too large for a regular geist, but would perhaps fit an alpha or a brute quite well.

Now for that weapon. Bronze, I'm stepping in as a GM, and vetoing all those weapons. here is a link, and attached is a picture. Get to crafting and training. hey if you dont like it by the way, ill give you one of the ones you want off the list in place.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTu5jNqfzEk it is your race's spiritual liege.

((modified for maximum satisfaction for all parties involved. >>20314487 ))

>> No.20315009
File: 13 KB, 310x357, Yapap gatherer w armor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 4, 17, 13 = 34

Yeah, this is the kind of exploration discovery needed in this game, strategic locations to hold for resources!

With pottery being a major part of daily life of the Yapap, the discovery of this clay pit was a boon. The pots found there are washed out and put to use for storing goods.

Rolling for settling another new village at the location of the clay pit, clearing a road from the original village to the second village, and from there to this new one (if successful).
I'll expand on the rest when I wake up.

>> No.20315193

rolled 10, 2 = 12


Ilith is the leader of the group who currently tries to learn from more about the puruus. Her daughter Aith handles the wyvern cult and the shirne. Ilith is quite old female, one of the matriarchs of the tribe. She still teaches and studies things to keep herself busy.
And no, she, nor anyone else than the few flesh singers who came up with the idea know of the puruu abduction.

As for scaring away the other tribes, yes, it includes the puruus, but not to the same extent as the other tribes. The Lufae don't want the other tribes to find their homes, but in case of the puruus, they don't make mock attacks, but instead intercept them and ask what they want.

I am gonna make a proper update later, but here are few rolls.

The Lufae warriors take the armor the log'eads present to them, and quickly carry it away. The ones who remain try to intimidate the intruders to leave, with the combination of imitation and the use of the voice.
The armor is taken to the artisans of the tribe, who begin to study it in order to find out it,s strenghts and weaknesses.

rolling for intimidating and armor studying.

>> No.20315274
File: 286 KB, 123x116, 1342661263923.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ninja fucking Scroll.

>> No.20315322

The new village, if it can even be called that, is a collection of the tribes cast offs, wished well and told to go be useful. ((hobo camp)). the first road from the first to the second is an excellent pathway, well cleared easily traveled. The second road, is very functional, but not as manicured as the first.


The Warriors look at the screaming geist somewhat unimpressed. Its clear they are a threat, but the noise has done nothing extra to concern them. The warriors leave anyway, their objective complete, but not before taking a single quick half step forward in mock charge, enjoying the geist flinch out of reaction more then fear. The Logeadz are assholes like that. As they walk away they appear to be laughing and...slapping each others hands. an odd race, to celebrate being outnumbered and driven off.

The artisan studies the armor and makes assumptions about a gift made just for an enemy. It is a superb suit, to be sure, with many vunrabilities, but his fatal assumption is that this armor is a standard template instead of a one off. Any warrior attempting to attack the Nag Ber'Ek "weak spots" will be in for sore disappointment.

((in the grim darkness of the primordial game setting, there is only ever war.))

>> No.20315930


>> No.20316973

One day, as carts were being used to get rocks in and out of the mines, the general was overseeing how the shwirm were doing in the tunnels. The miners were doing well enough, considering their ancestors had spent nearly all their time in the caves, and the general was just about to leave when he heard the voice of a Log'Ead and heavy footsteps approaching. He sighed. "This better be important..." he whispered to himself.

And as it turned out it sure as hell WAS. The Log'Ead explains the weapons that the wyvern riders to the north had used in gruesome detail, the general nodding his head in worry most of the time, urging to go on. After the Log'Ead had explained everything there was to explain, the general dismissed him, and he immediatly went over to the workshops. He explained to the bone carvers, carpenters, and masons that he needed something that could be used to fight the wyverns, only giving further information id it was unclear as to the nessessity of this task.

Afterword The General went to the barracks and organized a meeting at the training hall. 240 shwirm looked upon him as he gave his speech. He told the soldiers what he had been told by the Log'Ead. He explained the weapon that had been used against the Log'Eads and what would happen should such a weapon be unleashed on their homes. He explained that a weapon was being developed to combat these beasts, but for now they would simply have to patrol their city and village in greater numbers. There was to be someone inside the blimp at all times to warn of coming wyverns, there would be men at the stone walls in case of infiltration, and every soldier was to have their weapons with them at all times.


>> No.20316980

rolled 13, 16, 5, 6, 7, 12, 12 = 71

He selects Old One Eye's squad to scout the area around the Wyverns and locate their homes, for you cannot fight an enemy if you don't even know where they're coming from.

A new formation is to be thought of by the officers, for their current phalanx only gave the wyverns a bigger target.

Spears are to be made and shwirm are to be drafted and trained into the military. This was a national threat and if it was enough to scare the Log'Eads, it was damn well something to take note of.

He dismisses the soldiers and sets off with the officers to plan for the coming war.

Rolling for inventing the bow & arrow, shwirm alertness at the walls/blimp, making spears/armor/tower shields, drafting shwirm, training said shwirm, developing the tortoise formation, and training said formation.

>> No.20318007


>> No.20318202

rolled 6 = 6


And it takes me two hours to realize I forgot to roll for scouting...

>> No.20319374

rolled 4 = 4

(I was trying to find blung, also I doubt i've explored every nook and cranny, surely there must be some more interesting things in the desert.)

A group of about 90 pilgrims meets with the Iminye clanless, the Altume start setting up the wall and some basic shelters. The wind chief select the tribes best captain, the mans name is Drogol, he is a masterful tactician and an Elen of honor. As for construction the tribes' best builder is picked, his name is Gothrall, he knows nothing of commanding others but when it comes to getting the job done he's the best. For the councilman the wind chief chooses his son, Dahmorg. Naturally Dahmorg is skilled in the arts of running a city, as he was taught by the wind chief.

>> No.20319383
File: 39 KB, 288x471, 1300972064791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20319393

rolled 10, 12, 14 = 36

>Mountain Village
The wise men believe that the early prototypes of the 'bow' show promise, and decide to focus their efforts on improving the design to make it efficient. Gogan and Krogoan take on an apprentice and teach them all they know, however they continue to struggle to live, as experience is often the most valuable quality in a researcher. The road allows for fast and easy travel among the sand dunes, the construction workers try to build a road from the lacorra outpost to the ocean village. The hunters of the hunters guild begin to trade their kills for other commodities, slowly gaining more than the rest of the tribe. The first concepts of wealth are born. By order of Gormal a group of twenty Eleni are to be sent into the eastern mountains to find things relevant to the tribe, and colonize near an important area.

Rolling for,
Wise men working on the bow.
Building a road from the lacorra outpost to the ocean village.
Twenty Eleni journey east.

>> No.20319394

rolled 1, 16 = 17

>Lacorra Outpost
The tribe decides to wait a few more months to plant the berries, they would send a small group of Eleni over to the fertile northlands where they would plant these berries. The scout, now recognized as Dogan, continues to tame the Toruuz, this time giving them actual dead animals instead of slabs of meat. The soldiers try to replace the tents with gabai houses, but the work is hard and it might not be entirely possible for such a small group of Eleni.

Rolling for,
Taming Toruuz.
Replacing tents with gabai houses.

>> No.20319401

rolled 14, 12, 2, 11 = 39

>Ocean Village
Tensions rise as each passing day the fishermen fail to return, some think they were killed, others that they were captured by something. The fire chief himself takes fifteen warriors over to the cove to find the reason of these fishermens disappearance. The fishing pole is just a long flexible piece of bone with a piece of sinew attached to a small sharp piece of bone, on the sharp bone is usually a bug of some sort. The fishing method works perfectly and soon the tribe is ripe with food, so much so that starvation stops entirely and the Eleni begin to breed rapidly! The arena is pitiful in the shadow of the capitals', but the Eleni were busy working on different project. The fire chief orders the construction of an even grander arena than the capitals. They try to use gabai to create an outer wall, they would create rows of gabai seats down each height level, they would create a bone circle where the warriors fought. To keep all of the builders busy the rest of the builders replace tents with gabai houses.

Rolling for,
The fire cheifs' investigation.
Population increase.
Building a grand arena.
Replacing tents with gabai houses.

>> No.20319444
File: 59 KB, 1200x600, Lufae musicians.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The flesh singers who abducted the puruus scout begin their studies on it in secret. They attempt to figure out how the puruu works internally, as the small water beings are something quite alien to the Lufae. They try to first study it with flesh songs, but they are prepared to dissect the puruu if they deem it necessary for acquiring more info.

The new instruments cause a boon in the development of more musical instruments. Many new devices are developed that combine drums, horns, strings and the natural songs of the geists trough specialized muzzles into numerous and strange instruments.

The Fa Kaath settlement attempts again to combine their net technology, lub draining and floating devices into a coherent setup for their new village in the lub forest. Floating devices would be anchored on water with the nets, and the lub pools would work as the homes of the settlers etc. (I'll eventually draw a picture of this.)
Some of the settlers have also tried to make their floating devices more mobile, so that they could travel on the river easier.

Some of the artisans from the main shrine travel to the new one being built in the Valley of Voices. They aim to use their experience to help the settlers improve their shrine.

>> No.20319457

rolled 3, 17, 16, 12, 19, 10, 15, 17, 6 = 115


The contact with the Log'eads alarms the Lufae. Khuna fears that the songless barbarians will try to attack the Lufae, and thus he orders that the warriors are to be mobilized, and they are to start intense training together in order to both make the different warrior groups more co-operative, and to test out the combat doctrines of the tribe.

The southern border of the Lufae is also reinforced. The tribe begins to intensely patrol the area, and this time, they will drive all intruders out, even by force if necessary. The Lufae warriors naturally hunt and fight in the style of guerrilla warfare, and now, the warriors begin to prepare to put their skills to use in practice.

Some of the brutes managed to get their hands on the howling coils, which are too heavy to be thrown like spears by the females and the smart males. The brutes however, are easily strong enough to toss the coils over quite long distances. They get the idea of trying to train with the weapons, mostly in order to impress the female wyvern riders though.

Khuna orders that small wyvern rider patrols are to be sent during the night to scout the southern neighbors for suspicious activity. He hopes that this will allow his people a head start in case the songless attempt to attack.

Rolling for:
Studying the puruu captive.
Further development on musical instruments.
Making a village in the lub forest.
Inventing boats.
Improving the new shrine.
Warrior training.
Reinforcing the southern border, in order to deter any further incursions to the Lufae territories.
Brutes trying to learn how to use the coils as throwing weapons.
Wyvern riders investigating the southern neighbor tribes.

>> No.20320029

>The puruu gets up, right as rain, and asks for some snack. After being denied said snacks, it walks back to Yetu Mahali

Polite sage for bullshitting.

>> No.20320045
File: 53 KB, 800x600, wyvern helmet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>6 for wyvern scouting.


>> No.20320069

A simple peice of wood, sinew and a sharp stick form the prototype of the first bow. The schwirm are on full alert, becoming very observant. The only other projects currently working are the tortice formation training which is currently being done by carrying large sheets of wood. ((Feel free to start having a little more tribal interaction. why not ask the logeadz to help your tribe build a walled fortress of your own, to protect against the sky, and in in turn, install some observation blimps at their fortress. do some cross training in drills and formations, or weapons/ armor research as something mutually beneficial.))
Altume's offering to eden is slowed down by their patient approch to things, they are still getting ready. ((continue to roll, gathering more people, and resources))
The bow continues to just evade their grasp. The road is complete and functional ((suggest mass roadworks project instead of further indiviudal rolls to fully interconnect your tribe, and perhaps build roads for Poe's tribe.)) The eastern journey is marked with a safe and quiet trip so far.
((again, please do mass changes for things like this, as its safe to say the knowledge of how to make the gabai houses is spread across the entire tribe, but since you did it and go a 16, here you go.)) The houses built at the outpost were rather nice, some of them being two stories tall. The torruz electrocutes the scout to death, but a nearby scout started breathing into his mouth for him out of desperation ((have some CPR)) he survived that day, and was much more cautious. A giant beast with many tentacles is spotted retreating from the investigation. The population increases and the tribe is larger now. The arena remains as it is. ((ignoring last roll))

>> No.20320200

The village in the lub forest grows, and every day becomes more detailed with the aspects of life and construction, The new musical instruments are beaitful to the geist, though one geist is busy plucking at a stretched piece of sinew from an old meal, contemplating the possibilities. Boats float, but do not move very well and are a little leaky. The new shrine is a gigantic monument half physical, have existing as an entity of sound. It is glorious, and a permanent roost for the wyverns. The casts have a hard time working together, especially between brutes and females, but they force it. Still there is a lack of unity. The geist begin to create a visible border, so incursions on accident do not happen. Chimes, and an earthwork mound are placed and built in regular intervals. Perhaps the songless could "SEE" this, and understand where they need go no further. Brutes can throw heavy things easily. The coil is no exception. The wyvern riders are very busy with their own projects, and the old leader still carries some pull with them all. A majority are studying the Puruu and the "pale/thin song".

((great work on the art man. its good to see you hopefully enjoying yourself again))

>> No.20320260


I don't want to shit on your results ng, but the toruz electricity isn't really powerfull enough to kill anything more than some passing over yazdas. It is mostly used to stun and cause pain in bigger creatures, in order to buy some time for the toruz to escape.

>> No.20320286

Also, hating to be "THAT GUY"...
But mouth to mouth doesn't do shit to people who get electrocuted. Not shit at all.

>> No.20320305

boo. BOO. hah, ok. fine fine. but i meant like heart attack, not crispy. >>20320069

Angry, reroll for the torruz one last time.

>> No.20320382

thanks for the roll results ng. I'll be back tomoroow with hopefully more drawings.
Meanwhile, just imagine the geist musicians I posted playing the cantina mtune from star wars.
I am eagerly anticipating the developments that will occur during my sleep.

>> No.20321363

The feast of Yazda meat is good, but the surplus has the small council scared that it will all spoil. In order to combat this food-spoilingness, the idea is proposed to cover the meat in dried ragus fruit seeds.

Elder Lupo has noticed something strange about the Lufae people in the past week or so. The wyvren flyers do not come towards their settlement as they once did. In fact, it seems that the Lufae have withdrawn from the north completely. Elder Lupo views this as a bad thing, as if they have offended the Lufae in some way shape or form. Another diplomatic envoy is to be sent towards the Lufae's territory, in order to find out what the problem is.

Askari Wakuu Brutos is continuing to drill the Puruu in military formations, such as the wedge formation, when it comes to a realization that offensive power relies on defensive capabilities. Brutos decides that they should carry around something that could be used to block attacks, something that could be carried strapped to the arm. Like a shallow basket of woven sticks wrapped in hides. Yeah, something like that would work, right?

Rolling for-
Creation of preservatives
Making wicker shields

I should have done this earlier, seeing as how now Nad is sleeping, but I would also like to open communications between the Urupuruu and the Lufae. Perhaps allow one tribe to set up an embassy in the others territory?

Oh yeah, and I would like to know what happened to that Puruu that the Lufae abducted for study?

>> No.20321371

rolled 20, 12, 5 = 37


Why does that not work?

>> No.20321384
File: 199 KB, 3028x1314, The World as I know it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Old One Eye's scouts had taken a while to get all their gear, but as soon as dusk came, they set off to locate their enemies. These riders could not be allowed to mass these weapons of destruction without consequence.

The tortoise formation is continuously the lesson being trained into the hoplites during training, for they had no way to fight the wyverns, and trying to carry a bow and quiver in addition to their current gear would be both clumbersome and unpractical, so dedicated archer platoons would have to be drafted.

The bow and arrow continues to be researched, many varients being suggested but only one varient really working out.

A messanger is sent to the Neg'Ber'ek requesting for assistance in building a fort of their own, for while walls were all well and good, they didn't count for shit when your enemy attacked from the air. In exchange they would set up observation blimps in their city for easy scouting of the blung and the wyvern riders.


>> No.20321430
File: 79 KB, 1509x754, Untitled2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 2, 3, 19, 3, 11, 4, 16, 5 = 63

Close behind the messanger is a group of traders with materials to build huts and stalls. They plan to set up shop in the middle of the road between the nag'ber'Ek and the nearest shwirm vilalge for easy trading.

Drafting, propganda, and recruiting officers working to grow the military still goes on, and the officers wait for able-bodied shwirm to train for the inevitable conflict.

Suggestions to build a fort close to the wyvern riders to the North west are suppressed, but they did have a point. If a base of operations could be held closer to enemy lines, it would push their borders, provide easier resupplying for soldiers on the field, and would allow them to more easily spot and intercept attacks on their main village. Still, they needed archers to keep the wyverns at bay as they built, and they weren't even past the prototype stage yet, so the idea is not carried out, though noted.

Rolling for scouting, further training in the tortoise formation, inventing/crafting the bow & arrow, planning out the fortress, setting up the trade depot, crafting more spears and tower shields, drafting soldiers, and training said soldiers.

>> No.20321448


>2 for scouting

Either the giest get more armor, or we shall have the first POWs in the southern continent.

>> No.20321991

rolled 19 = 19

I'd very much like to at least have slings... You know what, that can even work into the Nag Ber'ek way of life: Warriors and Hunters may use javelins, but slings are used by women and children, who may not have javelins ready, but can easily find rocks to put in small slings that they carry with them. Yeah, I like that.

Back at the Nag Ber'ek town, Deonar'Lo has gotten an idea to help fend off the wyvern riders: What if they simply built up structures that are very tall, the better to toss javelins at the wyverns from? Deonar's assistants do not question him, as they do not question him on most things since they're a little terrified of the mad architect, but will the Chieftains approve this use of cathedral plates? And would such structures be hollow, with functional insides, or solid, perhaps filled with rocks and dirt?

However, one of Deonars apprentices is tired of his mad tutor, and having tasted some beer, decides to travel to the Oamenii village. After a few days, he offers his services to the Oamenii, prefering the idea of living with them, rather than going back to mad old Deonar'Lo. ((free gift to you Oamenii. You get basic understanding of arches from this guy, assuming you accept him.))

Rolling for towers. 1-9 is hollow, 11-20 is solid, and 10 is something completely different

>> No.20323458
File: 45 KB, 600x500, 1114929-ACUB69I.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 2, 17, 8 = 27

> Dat helmet design
I see what you did there...

Finally back, did y'all miss me?

It takes a long time, but the tribe heals. Food returns and the next harvest provides more than enough to go around for the Korobushka. Now the tribe can resume exploration and the cataloguing of new lands. A standard of measurment is set, distances are measured from the peak of the sacred mountain, Búskôchôvit (mountain of Chôvit). Cartography begins in earnest. The tribe flourishes under the guidance of the Voices of the Mountian and the teachings of Chôvit. This new religion is called Hashlīm Chôvitúsa (hash-leem choe-VIT-oos-ah). The way, or the path, of Chovit. It's usually shortened to Hashlimévish... "our path".

Rolling for
1) direction of exploration
2) success of exploration, what do we find?
3) work on trying to better understand how busharri grows, more advanced farming techniques, that the famine we had will never happen again

>> No.20323678


Okay, could somebody explain this to me? First Nad is surprised nobody understood the 'fairly obvious reference' in his pic, then Korobushka is all 'I see what you did there..."

Seriously, what did you see?

>> No.20323733
File: 64 KB, 640x480, eva-unit-1-15560[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's from a 26-episode anime series called "Neon Genesis Evangelion" (though the Japanese title is "Gospel for a New Century"). Nad based the wyvern helmet off that of this mech/character, called EVA Unit 001.

>> No.20325469
File: 39 KB, 492x455, ''Kônh dúsô wəwintr-ún, ôrimagh thí vísh'' Poster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No posts in over an hour? Shame upon you comrades, abandoning our glorious evolution collective.

If need be I will self-GM.

>> No.20325828

been away all day, will be back torrow

>> No.20325866

Your absence saddens me greatly, comrade.

>> No.20325966


Sorry, 'comrade'. Had to wait for my mom to go asleep before I could sneak downstairs. And with no GMs I can't really do anything anyways.

It's 11:45 PM over here, just so you know.

>> No.20326053

The Korobushka scouts out northwards, possibly not along the river (you scouted that area before haven't you?). North of the alpine lake, you find a high-altitude meadow full of plants and animals, mostly high-altitude hexis descendants.
Busharri cultivation research is getting setbacks due to everybody focusing on working; nobody really had time to study the busharri in their natural habitat. Everybody's busy planting or building, and nobody had time.

>> No.20326202

rolled 2, 8, 11 = 21

Thanks IG. Well, this will bode well, I think I'll have those comrades start hunting some Redaresh, bring home some meat.
I can only assume that the tiff between the Lufae and the Logedz has been going on while the Korobushka have been recovering from starvation. Unaware of the goings on in the outside world, the Council elects to send an envoy to the Valley of Voices. I'll leave Nad to decide how his tribe shall respond.
More exploration, this time on canoes. Going to see what else there is to see, besides that van, down by the river. A big expediton is planned, it's basically the Korobushka version of Lewis & Clark. The two Shwirm leading the voyage are named Lovish and Kailark. What wonders shall they and their band of 10 braves discover?
The Ruhaj are now freed up to try and work towards breeding the dusya into the bug horses, how far along do they get and how close are they to a reliable steed now?

Rolling for:
1) bringing home more meat
2) Lovish & Kailark, how far do they get in the first day?
3) dusya becoming more steed-like (need to be bigger, *definitely* need to be more docile, possibly smarter)

>> No.20326685

The meat that was left on the leaves and branches absorbed flavors from them. Wondrous flavors. It wasn't long until they were grinding up bark and leaves for spicing the food before drying it. In someone's attempt in speeding up the drying process, he put some meat and fruit near a fire. Instead of getting dried fruits and jerky, he got roasted shish kabobs. The practice of cooking them spread quickly.

During the extermination to the north, it was seen that a Lub severed from the ground would float off into the sky. One puruu was talking about cutting one free some day and riding it up. Someone else responded to that with asking how he'd get down. After the conversation, the whole group went to a Lub and tried piercing the balloon. It sank, but only a little bit. The chambered balloon kept it from instantly plummeting. A basket of hexis leaves was assembled and stuck to the stalk tentacle. In the end, this would end up killing the Lub, but there are plenty more where it came from.

When the net fragment found at the site of the clay pit, there were thoughts off weaving one, but larger. A few uses were already coming to mind for it.

From time to time, a Puruu flashes back to 32 years ago, when she had been swept a short distance down the river on a floating log. The same has happened to a couple others, accidentally and for play. Riding a log was dangerous because it could roll over. Inspiration hit when a leaf floated down. The bowled shape stayed upright as it floated by.

>> No.20326700

rolled 9, 11, 4, 7, 16, 7, 5, 3, 13, 7, 15, 4, 12 = 113

Here are the dice.
Since this is probably my last update until Sunday, I'm rolling for a bunch of things.
>Extracting fibers from plants, net weaving, basket weaving, creating more tools (hoe, shovel, mortar + pedestal), Improve weapons (trident), expanding into (15,H), annexing any tribes there (exterminating if they resist), exploring south (toward the sea), using Lubs as hot air balloons, and boats.

>> No.20326858
File: 445 KB, 495x342, uguuu!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I read that at first as "moe tools".
> mfw

>> No.20327507


The puruu's preservatives can make food last...forever? perhaps not, but indeed does have a shelf life to rival any hostess product. It may be useful elsewhere. the Wicker shields are easy to make, and defend against projectiles and spears quite well. brutal hacking attacks tend to rip right thru them after a slash or two.

the scouts attempt to form a tortice formation and wade into the unfamiliar territory. The shape attracts unwanted attention form the nearby blung horde. Upon making their way to the Lufae territory they see evenly spaced mounds of dirt with chimes or bells attached, upon reaching the line an attack starts, and as they attempt to push deeper into the territory, the attacks intensifiy....When the scouts finally have retreated many are dead or injured. As soon as they cross the line, they are attacked no more, and the wyvern riders resume false attacks to scare them off. The bow and arrow is developed and is fully functional, with the tribe able to use it proficiently without training much training. The new assistant builder from the Nag ber'ek gets drunk, and the design for the fortress is almost as insane as his masters. The tribe must wait for him to sober up. The trade depo is set up and in time becomes a small town unto itself. there is a shortage of supply materials, so no new weapons or armor are built. A policy of all able bodied citizens joining the milita comes into play. They are not all of the same caliber as the dedicated militia volunteers.

>> No.20327510
File: 42 KB, 357x409, puruu booze2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, I have to head to bed, but *hic* before I *hic* go... have this stuff, get you drunker quicker than... uh... anything, yeah! 230 proof, it'll peel paint off plaster, m'friends.

>> No.20327646

The towers are solid, in a sense. They have a ladder up the side, and hold extra resources. The concept of attacking from the top was an afterthought, but a good one. ((Gained battle silos)) as for the new weapon, the tribe is not really impressed with the whirling murder stick, and opts for the more conservative sling. The sling is easy to use and is rapidly adapted from existing loincloth designs.

The attempt to make the transition from "enough" to "plenty" is met with disapointment. During the civil war there were many families that broke away from the tribe and lived off the land, but in an unbalanced way, chasing off the game. For now farming and ranching is what the tribe will have to do to survive, with many hunters reluctantly learning a new craft. The fishermen, they are still doing good, and aquabats are still pricks. Our two intrepit explorers make it..not too far, not bad either. ((for the sake of timeline, im going to be advancing them several days at a time, looking at the map and travel speed of a schwirm at optial speeds, they can cover about...what was it? 54km a day. each square is 100km. traveling upriver, at 16 and 20 days of travel they will make contact with new player tribes. your rolls, and the story you weave, give me fuel for further encounters))

>> No.20327795

The roll for hunting was just for that one exploring scout party, not the civ as a whole.
Please, don't timeskip me, I'm figuring that I'll use my "off time" to represent Korobushka recovering. They're now back to pre-famine prosperity levels.
I'm going to bed, normally I'd have 2 more hours in me, but I had a long day, so I must unfortunately bid adieu. Oh, nongent, Fortune evo has started too: >>20323630

>> No.20327803

Oh, and I forgot, what about the dusya?

>> No.20327890

from the rolls it seems like they get a bit bigger and more docile, but not yet smarter.

>> No.20327932

This is my horse, but he is not beink amazing. Name is Mister, no... Comrade Ed, but we all call him Volkolai.

>> No.20327938

A lot has happened since the great riots and civil war. The Dusya are large, and healty. A bit dumb, but perhaps useable for other tasks then eating, and field work.
((modified to reflect past experience and current knowledge))
The tribe extracts fibers from the vines of the ragas plant, and is able to make small nets fairly easily, but large nets, and even baskets escape their knowledge. The hoe and mortal and pedestal continue to be simple stone tools instead of gaining any refinement, but the tools are beginning to take shape from that stone. The shovel is an excellent tool that lets the tribe dig holes, and even uproot lubs without killing them as well as other things. It has been proven good for crushing skulls in a pinch as well. Attempting to make a trident is hard, and one puruu makes a large wooden pitchfork. He is laughed at. The tribes exapnsion into new territory is hampered by a massive coaliton of small tribes, they attempt to invade, but the enemy force holds their own. ((8 tribes, 2 hostile, 2 indifferent but loyal to the most dominant of the hostile tribes, 4 submissive worker tribes who are more then willing to join, but are being used as cannon fodder by the larger tribes. you are outnumbered in a straight fight, despite better warriors and equipment.)) Your explorers to the south have been pulled off their task to make ready for scouting the enemy. The lubs make fine baloons but are slaves to the direction of the wind. ((leftover roll?)) the boats are made, and while not worthy of rough water, they get around the calm tribal territory quite easily, carrying supplies or tribals.

>> No.20328494

There wasn't a leftover. Extermination if needed was a roll.

>> No.20328982

Im too tired to go back and redo that roll, and by the time i get back to it, another GM an redo, so you have an option:

Request re-do on results by poe or IG
go with the results given to you, and press on with a tribal encounter of you vs. this primitive horde of tribes. How you handle it is up to you, diplomatically, militarily, sabotage, try to cut the head off the snake, etc. would be up to you. Depending on the success of those actions, you would gain settlements, puruu, and possibly new technology, again depending on your actions. ((strip a village for resources or burn everything, kill all of a hostile tribe, or just the warriors.)) as well as new genetic material for your tribe, or at least healing eggs. with that, im off.

>> No.20330165
File: 627 KB, 638x361, Lovish & Kailarik.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, after getting a few good miles, what do Lovish and Kailarik (and their crew) see down the river?

>> No.20330333

Based on the roll... same ol' Hexis woodlands. Occasionally you see an Aquabat peeking out of the water, or a Grabba swinging from tree to tree, but that's it. Pretty quiet and serene.

>> No.20330371

Alright then, good to know, thanks. Working on a new picture. Will check back here and bump if necessary.

>> No.20330405

Huhuhu, looking forward to it!

>> No.20330669

I'll try not to disappoint, glorious leader.

>> No.20331329
File: 146 KB, 2758x1314, The Great Tunnel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Upon the return of the One Eye's scouts, the general attempts to send in another squad after bringing the others to the medical bay, this time armed with the new bows and arrows rather than tower shields and spears, though they still have their choppas. The General stresses that stealth must be used, since even in the tortoise formation the shwirm had taken a heavy beating, whereas they were marching in against weapons that were so powerful their armor might as well have been made of berries. After that little lecture, he sends them on their way.

When the new recruits were unable to have the same aptitude for SnS melee as the dedicated militia, the officers merely shrug and instead train them with bows and arrows. They needed the Anti-Air anyways.

Attempts are made to construct a wall around the Trading Village, for the village was just as likely as the farming village to be attacked by the accursed wyverns.

After giving a few days for the Log'Ead engineer to stop drinking so much and waiting out the coming hangover, they ask for the Log'Ead to try again on the designs of the fortress, two local building designers overseeing his work to explain what it was the fortress needed, and he simply needed to find a way for the fortress to be both strong in structure while still having everything the shwirm needed.

>> No.20331341

rolled 14, 11, 20, 1, 16 = 62

The miners in the caverns below continued to stretch out their tunnels in all directions, but some miners get the crazy idea to dig to the wyvern rider cities! Well, not nesessarily into the city, but at least bypass most of the open plains that the wyverns loved to hunt for targets so often in. In order to avoid collapsing the entire city, they head over to the farming village and begin their dig there, simply going in a straight line to avoid not aiming their tunnel in the right direction.

With so much building, the masons decide that mere hand hammer was no going to work, and so they attempt to create a hammer with a wooden handle rather than a roped one.

Rolling for scouting, building walls around the Trading Village, Planning out the fortress, Digging to the mountains, and improving the hammer.

>> No.20331351


>1 for digging


>> No.20332129

rolled 3, 2, 15, 17, 3, 2, 12 = 54


>You have awakened the burning golems of the depths. The demils have been uleashed.

Joking aside, I'll make a short update now, and return with a larger one later today.

The agression of the shwirms, who completely dissregarded the territorial signs of the Lufae caused anger within the tribe.
Khuna declares the southern border to be unsecure, and orders that numerous maze tunnels are to be dug at the areas around the border and the settlement of Fa Kaath. These tunnels would allow the Lufae warriors to flank and out manouver the aggressors, and to fight them where they wish.
He also orders that more wind chimes are to be buid in the are, so that the tribe could spot intruders easier. (the chimes work like sonar beacons for the geists.)

The artisans are ordered to study the equipment of the shwirms, while the prisoners (assumming there were any) are sent to the flesh singers so that the Lufae might learn how to fight the bugmen better.
Khuna and the most accomplished warriors also start refining the combat tactics of the tribe and new training sessions are ordered for the warriors.

One of the Shan Meer warriors seeks to further show his forth, and he sets out to scout the agressive shwirms further, hoping that the abilities granted by the emils symbiote would help him in his mission.

Rolling for:
digging tunnels.
Planting chimes.
Studying the oamenii equipment.
Studying the captured shwirms.
Refining combat tactics.
Shan Meer scout.

>> No.20332397


Okay, I might as well explain how Oamenii security works.

Shwirm are startioned along the walls with torches set up to more easily illuminate the area. Two shwirm with torches are stationed at each gate, and Shwirm patrol the roads with torches. As soon as one of them sees an intruder, they scream out, light an arrow with their torch, and shoot it into the sky. Then the gates are locked down and all the militia in the city are unleashed. Every nook and cranny in the city is searched, and only after an hour has passed without sighting their target do they stop the search, but more guards are placed for the night and the gates stay locked until morning. I also rolled 16 on shwirm alertness, so just putting that out there.

>> No.20332505

Hey Nad, a new diplomatic envoy has arrived to your outpost in the Valley of Voices, how do the Lufae there react and what do my envoys see?

Also, do note that the Korobushka do look different from other Shwirm, in that they do not possess the spikes on their back carapaces. That's not even mentioning their unique clothing, the furs and what-not.

>> No.20333487


Well, there are some things about the geist physiology that people ought to be reminded of.
First off all, the geists have evolved to be extremely stealthy. The slime covering their skin has peculiar optical capabilities that cause it to bend light in a certain way that makes the geists extremely hard to see in low light conditions. This biological "cloaking" allows the geist to blend into the shadows extremely well. Despite their lack of sight, they do know when they are illuminated by light. This is because of their extremely light sensitive skin. Because of these traits, the geists are mostly nocturnal creatures.

The are also extremely adept climbers. Even their great ancestors had gecko like paws that allowed them to scale almost any surface. Of course, the increased size of the modern tribal geists makes them somewhat less adept at climbing than their smaller ancestors, but their ability to scale surfaces is still only matched by that of the puruus.


The settlement of Lupai Kaath in the valley of voices is a religious settlement. The shaman apprentices and young wyvern riders are the majority of this settlement.
They regard the "shwirms of the mountains" with somewhat more suspicion, seeing that the news from the conflict down south has reached them already.
They do however allow the emissaries to speak their mind, outside of their village of course. Aith, daughter of the great shaman Ilith, and the current leader of the wyvern riders meets the shwirms personally. With her there are few warriors and a couple of brutes in addition to the riders accompanying her.

>> No.20334093


The Fa Kaath settlement is also preparing for the worst. They fortify their positions near their village, building net bridges in the canopies of the forest growing along the small river that flows from north. Traps such as overhanging drop nets and pits are also made to hinder any advances towards the village.
Some of the warriors also get the idea of trying to use the nets in combat, to ensnare their foes.
The settlers try to improve their boats using lub skin weaved over the hull of the boats to keep them from leaking.

The artisans after seeing how the Brutes began using the howling coils decided to help them out by developing a slightly altered version of it, that is better balanced for throwing. The tip of the weapon is also altered, so that it would shatter easier, as the original tip was designed to break from far greater speeds.
These throwing coils perhaps aren't as destructive, but they are far more efficient weapons for the brutes.

>> No.20334105 [DELETED] 

The wyvern riders are ordered to patrol the southern border with increased numbers. The Lufae no longer make mere mock attacks at those who intrude in their territory. The intruders are given one warning in the form of a howl, and if they do not back of, the Lufae will attack until the foe retreats.

The Lufae warriors have started developing their voice in more destructive ways. New war songs that combine many aspects of the voice are made, that help the warriors better beat their enemies.
Forward scouts are also sent out, with the instructions to confuse their enemies (warriors or just normal tribesmen) if encountered by imitating them and trying to lure them away by making them think that their comrades are calling to them. This is to buy time for the scouts to report back to the warriors about the attackers. (The geist are natural imitators. Their range of voices exceeds that of all the other species, and they can quite easily learn to mimic the voices of the other tribal species.)

Also, ng, what happened to that roll about studying the puruu some of the flesh singers managed to capture?

Rolling for:
Fortifying the areas around Fa Kaath village.
Making traps.
Weaponizing the nets.
Improving the boats.
Altering the coils in order to make them more suited for the brutes.
Wyvern rider patrols on the southern border.
Developing the voice and inventing destructive war songs.
The effectiveness of the scouts.

>> No.20334116

rolled 14, 8, 13, 3, 11, 6, 15, 17 = 87

The wyvern riders are ordered to patrol the southern border with increased numbers. The Lufae no longer make mere mock attacks at those who intrude in their territory. The intruders are given one warning in the form of a howl, and if they do not back of, the Lufae will attack until the foe retreats.

The Lufae warriors have started developing their voice in more destructive ways. New war songs that combine many aspects of the voice are made, that help the warriors better beat their enemies.
Forward scouts are also sent out, with the instructions to confuse their enemies (warriors or just normal tribesmen) if encountered by imitating them and trying to lure them away by making them think that their comrades are calling to them. This is to buy time for the scouts to report back to the warriors about the attackers. (The geist are natural imitators. Their range of voices exceeds that of all the other species, and they can quite easily learn to mimic the voices of the other tribal species.)

Also, ng, what happened to that roll about studying the puruu some of the flesh singers managed to capture?

Rolling for:
Fortifying the areas around Fa Kaath village.
Making traps.
Weaponizing the nets.
Improving the boats.
Altering the coils in order to make them more suited for the brutes.
Wyvern rider patrols on the southern border.
Developing the voice and inventing destructive war songs.
The effectiveness of the scouts.

>> No.20334176
File: 11 KB, 200x265, 200px-The_Giving_Tree[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The shwirm's envoy was informed by recent theological discourse among the Council and the Voice of the Mountain (hereafter referred to as VotM). The idea of sharing being essential to the Hashlimévish religion is sharing and providing.

Thus the VotM proposed that, in the spirit of the sacred provider mountain, Búskôchôvit, they should provide for their neighbors down in the Valley. The Valley is part of the mountain as well, is it not? Thus making the Lufae there as much the wards of the mountain spirit as the Korobushka. The Elder of Mikhail (currently a patriarch named Saschava) disagrees, since the Lufae immigrated to the Valley and it was the Shwirm who found the place first. If anything, they are invaders, he contends. The matriarch of Ruhaj responds, quoting Chôvit: "the Mountain provides". The Mountain to the Korobushka is kind of like the "Giving Tree", only it gives to *everyone*, providing for all of the mountain peoples needs unconditionally.

So, the shwirm give the Lufae people their greatest gift, recognizing it as such, a gift from the mountain. The busharri crop. In a repeat of past events, like the explorers of old, the Korobushka present several fields' worth of seeds and some of their flat bread and some adult busharri yields. Again, the Korobushka don't know that the Geist are carnivores, though perhaps the Lufae could find some use for the bread and grain, even if only as feed for any livestock you might have.

>> No.20334459


Aith, and the other geists gaze upon the offerings of the shwirms. The plants and the other things the shwirms are offering don't really interest the geists, but they can see how excited the bugs seem to be about them. Because of this, Aith orders some of the brutes to carry the offerings to storage, while she tries to quickly tell the shwirms to set up their camp at the edge of the village.
The people of the mountain have caught her interest, and she intends to learn from them. The shwirms are shown a clearing near the village where the Lufae bring some simple provisions. Some of the warriors protest to this, but Aith has enough influence to get the others to agree on her plan.

Her first course of action is to contact the scouts who learned the language of these shwirms many years ago. She hopes that they could help her to talk with the shwirms, as she herself lacks the knowledge of their tongue. She also tries to learn it by listening to their chatter.

The shwirms are allowed to stay near the village, and Aith in addition of some other shamans and wyvern riders occasionally visit them in order to learn from them. In turn, the shwirms might even learn more about the Lufae.
Aith is convinced that these shwirms are different than the aggressive ones living down south.

>> No.20334637

Current Councilmen
Hulys – Iminye
Dahmorg – Altume
Gothrall – Construction
Fali – Provision
Halin – Knowledge
Drogol - Defense

Hulys is not impressed with the provisions the Altume show up with. He saw the Altume as an equal partner, not a poor cousin to be taken care of. Fali waves his hand to his concerns, the Iminye brought plenty. Working with a poor cousin is a big risk, but nothing great comes without risk.

For Fali this new Town was full of ripe investments. He sent fishers off the coast for game. The Herders were directed to breed the Kirunna to create a larger herd. And while it was his duty to discover a food growing system for a large population, he left Halin to discover it. The Altume Hunting guild brought before him invigorated his need to hunt. The Altume would provide in this manner.

Halin talked to the Altume potion master to learn that the Altume had discover several interesting effects. He took the base components and thought that maybe he could increase their potency. Halin uses his basic powdering and boiling techniques, and tests the new brews. As far as growing food, he surveys the need landed for so much food. He figures he can jump start the food growing with some kind of substance. He tests Kirunna dung mixed with plants from one of his Limericks.

The Dreaming shrine is built, it built around a watering hole, so that the Eleni can pray as the bucket their needed water. Vylona promotes herself as Oracle and Priestess. She preaches the legends of the Progenitor clans, wishing to convert the clanless and Altume to join in worshiping the Dreaming.

rollin for Kirunna breeding, fishing, hunting, increasing potion potency, Kirunna dung mix, peaching the Dreaming.

>> No.20334648

rolled 3, 4, 17, 11, 3, 19 = 57

rolling would be good

>> No.20335870


>> No.20336151

rolled 20, 18, 15, 14 = 67

Askari Wakuu Brutos has noticed that one of the puruu he has sent out to patrol the southern woods has not returned. Brutos decides to send a few soldiers towards the small outpost the Lufae had set up, in order to ask after the lost puruu. Perhaps these masters of stealth have seen their friend?

Feeling that the southern border is secure with the Lufae on the prowl, Elder Lupo has decided that the Urupuruu need to expand, to break off and make another town, and to look for more resources.

The Elder also wants to find more applicable uses for Purite, so he demands that all of it's properties be researched.

Rolling for-
Three Times for expansion
-Once for direction
-Once for resources available
-Once for scouting the general landscape of the settled place
Also rolling for more uses for Purite

>> No.20337029


>> No.20337044

Nice twenty you have there.

The diplomatic coterie sends a small selection of its number home to carry the news of these events (otherwise being gone for so long would be met with concern that the diplomats got eaten by something along the way). The envoys, grateful that the Lufae can understand their tongue hunker down and prepare to learn as much as they can about their visitors. Some of their number are sombre, but others, especially the younger ones (the children born after or too young to remember the Famine) are full of curiosity about the world. They live in a world where their needs are met and so they are free to seek other thirsts, such as the one for knowledge.

>> No.20337355
File: 22 KB, 600x800, Urupuruu Coloring.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bumbing with Urupuruu recolor

>> No.20337652

Chocolate Easter Puruu!

>> No.20337707


Great, now I see them as food...

>> No.20337792

Just remember, brush your mandibles after each meal, especially sweets, like gesh and puruu.

>> No.20337819

rolled 20, 13 = 33

The Nag Ber'ek, still wary of the Lufae, resort to the one thing that is guaranteed to make them feel strong, and which they are naturally talented at: Intimidation. Plans are hashed out by the Chieftain council to mount the skulls of geists on the newly built towrers, the fortress, and the outer homes of the Nag Ber'ek settlement. Warriors will be sent south, fifteen of them, led by the young brothers Plud and Pluk, an accompanied by an apprentice shaman, who will search for new herbs. The hunters will search for Mossmen, and their skulls will be taken, and when they have a large pile, they shall bring it back, and the skulls will be mounted on the structures of the Nag Ber'ek. The logeadz however, do not know that the Lufae, being geists, won't even be able to see this, but that doesn't stop them.
Rolling for Hunting Faunus geists, and finding new herbs

>> No.20337862


>Dat 20


>> No.20337887
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> the Lufae, being geists, won't even be able to see this

This makes me giggle. But seriously? Boss poles now? So are we dropping any pretense of them *not* being orks at this point (beyond being green and coming from fungus).

>> No.20337933


Hey, humans did that kind of crap all the time in ancient history, I'm sure Log'Eads can do it too without people assuming they're just Orks with a different body.

>> No.20337971

I'm only teasing him, Oamenii, no hostility or malice was intended.

>> No.20338214

Son, I am disapoint

>> No.20338614

>That feel when too busy to 4chan.

>> No.20338915

Speaking of which, I haven't seen Katumoiset post lately.
Hope he can find this thread again.

>> No.20338969
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Then post at work. What the hell, you know? They don't pay you enough anyway. Besides, everyone knows 4chan is great for promotions.

Not your promotion of course, but the guy under you might get promoted after you get fired.

>> No.20339163
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>that I have access to a computer at work.

>> No.20339809

Word of advice, man. Don't take my advice unless it's about ice cream flavors.

>> No.20340173

Which flavor is the best flavor.

>> No.20340194

Rum flavor. Had it once, but everywhere else I've looked for it, it's always gone.

>> No.20340989

My favorite is red velvet. Love the doughy chunks.

>> No.20342186

My favorite is lemon custard, I-why are we talking about ice cream when there's evolution to be done?!

>> No.20342943

((as fair warning i take into account rolls, but i'm also not gonna always let a player kill a dragon because they rolled a 20. The Lufae are a more developed, larger, and defensive society then yours. You are moving into their home territory with them at the advantage)) The scouts push past the territorial line, and manage to sneak for a while, but it is not long until the force is discovered and the aerial attacks begin. They suprise the wyverns with their new bows and this causes the creatures to retreat, rather then risk injuring the sacred beasts too badly. They manage to push in further until the Brutes begin to throw the modified lances at them while hunters make the air sing with boomerangs and thrown spears. Without shields the scouts are hurt badly, but push on, eventually entering into a bloody melee with their choppas. One brute was killed, and a dozen hunters were killed or maimed, but the scouts retreated and were killed to a man, being pursued even past the border line. The dawn was already upon them and they retreated. Hours after the battle several badly injured Schwirms got up, apparently not as dead as the geist thought, and saved the comrads who they could ((roll a d20 for first aid)), and made their way back to the village.

>> No.20342992

((fortifications during wartime will be distributed across all settlements barring it being impossibly or specifically requested. roll for your entire tribe on roads, walls, new buildings, etc.)) The walls are put in place and are sufficient, with their prior knowledge and some stockpiled resources it was not too difficult. The Schwirm manage to get some logeadz to trade "Excess" cathedral plate for shipments of alcohol. The fortress is planned to perfection, and is massive in concept, a little more orderly then the Logead one. And a little smaller. It integrates every facet of society, from mining, eating, sleeping, to military training. Actually, come to think of it, it seems to have a large slant towards military life. Whats been going on here general? The plan to dig to the mountains ended in disaster. Many miners were trapped in the cave in, and they had even dug in the wrong direction. Some still live. ((roll a d20 for rescue)). The hammer gains a wooden handle, and inspires the woodsmen of the tribe to create a tool with a hammer on one face, and an axe on the other. Brilliant!

>> No.20343046

With the tribe on high alert after the attack, every time an alarm is sounded all work stops and people go to the defensive. Because of this there are many holes that look like entry points to tunnels all over the place, but no real tunnels. Several workers were hurt during the schwirm attack, and their chimes were broken. The Oamenii equipment is solidly built armor from the bones and chitin of local animals, weapons are projectiles and hacking implements. There is no music to them, but the artisans may have ideas for better armor from them. All the schwirms captured were those that fell within their own territory. Only one was alive. The dead were "scanned" and then cut apart first for practice on the living one, who was first healed to the best of their ability and provided food and water. He was then strapped down and examined. The fleshsingers were artists at dissection, and the bugman lived for the entire procedure despite being cut open, with his guts and organs strung out along many rounded hooks. They were durable creatures, able to withstand pain, loss of blood, and survive horrific injury while retaining consciousness. It is quite possible that when "dead" they may still be alive for a while longer. The Flesh singers began the process of putting him back together, a different sort of task. ((roll to see survival of patient, whats left of the sanity of patient)). Combat tactics are still unrefiend with the conflict between the various castes. Many training injuries happen due to an increased sense of urgency and recklessness.

>> No.20343190

>>20343046 ((Oamenii and Lufae))
The lone scout infiltraited deep into the agressive schwirm's territory, paying attention to each village. Come day break it was time to find a dark place to hide. The scout never knew it, as perhaps the geist themselves are not aware of it other then that they can hide in non lit places well, but with the Emils symbiote on its body, the ability to bend light was lost. The scout was found easily while it was resting. A large fight later, it was captured, and bound, also not an easy task due to how slimy the thing was.((as a note to nad: the male geists of the Shan Meer, while not brutes (at least yet), are larger then normal due to being "dominant" of their tunnel, with no competition, thus larger then a normal male, but not expressing brute morphology.))

>> No.20343202

>>20334116 ((see >>20315322 for captured puruu))
Fa Kaath becomes heavily fortified with many rope and net walkways, the village now exists above ground, and is hidden with a heavy living canopy under and around it. Traps are not so well built, but basic drop nets are in place. Hunters and scouts now carry a net to throw on their enemies. Boats are somewhat leaky, but in this time of potential war, they are good enough to be used, if drained daily. The artisans make smaller coils that do the job and are easier for the brutes to throw, but many brutes prefer the larger coils as a display of strength, or simply to enjoy observing the carnage they cause. The wyvern riders patrol up to the southern border, but the arrows of the scwirm are a threat to their safety unless they fly very high, which is hard on the wyvern, and makes scouting harder with a lack of detail from the sonar at greater distances. The warsong grows in capability, at least against schwirm. The scouts are quite effective, learning the language of the schwirm tribe and causing general confusion. They learned that the military of the population was making a grab for power within the tribal system, and the attacks were reflective of it.

>> No.20343280

Is no one going to respond to my useless 20?

>> No.20343299

The kiruna are skittish in their new environment, and are not interested in breeding, with males busy establishing who is dominant. The fish are not biting too well, and the clanless are unfamiliar with the technique. All potions across both tribes become much more potent. This can be dangerous. The dung mix does help plant growth, just not drastically. Vylona is seen as a blowhard, promoting herself like that. Not many listen or care. While they do not personally care for Vylona, the clanless and Altume are more then curious about the dreaming. The entire village, save a few, now "Walk the dream". ((GM provided encounter)) A single gesh dreamer walks up the the village and talks to Vylona. its eyes blank, and long ropes of drool fall from its mouth "I would like water if you have any...that is silly. you have water, i smell it. I would like some."
The puruu expansion becomes three small expansions in place of one large, each a half day's walk from the main village. Clay, Purite, wood, and food are abundant along their stretch of the river. The scouts discover a spot that at first appears to be mud, but then they realize is a small shallow lake of liquified clay. The lake is fed by an underground hotspring which makes it all plesantly warm and comfortable to soak in. Perhaps runuu can be put here? The Mud springs are discovered as a natural feature. Purite can be made into bells, or small art objects. The geists seem interested in them as bells, and that means a good trading resource. The geists can supply many things the Urupuruu might want. ((i like your recolor))

>> No.20343319

rolled 20, 13 = 33

The, still wary of the Lufae, resort to the one thing that is guaranteed to make them feel strong, and which they are naturally talented at: Intimidation. Plans are hashed out by the Chieftain council to mount the skulls of geists on the newly built towrers, the fortress, and the outer homes of the Nag Ber'ek settlement. Warriors will be sent south, fifteen of them, led by the young brothers Plud and Pluk, an accompanied by an apprentice shaman, who will search for new herbs. The hunters will search for Mossmen, and their skulls will be taken, and when they have a large pile, they shall bring it back, and the skulls will be mounted on the structures of the Nag Ber'ek. The logeadz however, do not know that the Lufae, being geists, won't even be able to see this, but that doesn't stop them.
Rolling for Hunting Faunus geists, and finding new herbs

The Nag Ber'ek make quite a game out of killing mossmen that goes on for months. They unintentionally exterminate them from the region, but they have a lot of meat, bone, and skulls. A great throne is made of skulls for their leader. It is a fine throne, but looks incomplete no matter what, and more skulls might be needed for it...The rest of the skulls get placed around their territory. Lufae scouts who see this are about as confused as a human would be to seeing a monkey skull pile. Its a little...weird. A glorious new herb is found, when chewed it promotes alertness, and activity.

>> No.20343699

rolled 13, 3, 16 = 32

Bah! School has kept me busy so that's why i don't post that often.

With shitloads of slaves and puruus for manual labour, Katumoiset can now really start to build great projects. First thing is the improving the city of Kaalimaa to make it more than pile of dirt and sticks. Also Road is built to the forest to make it easier for raiding partys to get there to raid nomads to find loot and more slaves. Slaves are also commanded to build moat around the city and after it is done it will be flooded with water from the sea to turn the city to an island.

Rolling for Improving the city f Kaalimaa, road to forest and building moat around the city

>> No.20343798

The city improves in many ways, with mud giving way to stone and clay. The moat is dug, a little wider and deeper then expected, and it is flooded. The city is becoming a symbol of strength and dominance over the weak. As generations of selective breeding pass, the Katumoiset develop into two people. The physically larger and stronger Slavers, and the smaller weaker slaves. The slaves are more numerous, but are conditioned from birth to be subservient. Certain slaves are promoted to slave leaders who are better treated then the others and offered small luxuries to ensure loyalty. In exchange they will "crack the whip" figuratively and literally, tell their masters of planned insurrection, and more. Slave groups the preform well are fed better then those that do not. With this system in place the Katumoiset have turned the slaves against eachother as opposed to their masters, with each group trying to curry favor, and offer secrets of the others to the ruling class. ((selective breeding continues.))

The road workers were eaten by jungle geists ((mossmen)).

Glad to see you have a moment to post again man. I dont know if you do art, but please include a list of armor, weapons, and technological developments in a list or picture, for your next post, with a description of where you feel your city is now, and where you want it to be later. ((mud and sticks, single story-->giant towers, giant walls, of this color, etc, etc. whatever.)) and ill try and get at least a scribble up for you.

>> No.20343843


Understood. So if one tribe is good at something, whereas another is just beginning to dabble in it, if both roll a 20 (or even if the good tribe rolls a major positive), the tribe that's already good at it will still come up with something better.

Doesn't change the fact it's a guaranteed great thing, so it's nothing to not be excited about.

>> No.20343853

rolled 17, 20 = 37


Also, rolling for first aid and rescue mission. The general didn't even sanction this, the miners just got up and did it!

>> No.20343889

bingo. If you want to be an agressive power, feel free to do so, but at this point the Lufae are defensive ((though your tribe may not know this yet, and were simply responding to accidental death of the logead scout.)) but with your alliance to the logeadz you may want to consider your actions, or at least fluff them out in game with dialog between you and the logeadz. If you want to have a few skirmishes against npcs, let me know, ill make that happen. im in the IRC for a bit, so feel free to hit me up.

>> No.20343915

The scouts preform first aid on eachother, one by one, those who got far enough away from the Geist border pick themselves up. All in all, 5 survivors, badly hurt, but alive thanks to the hardy schwirm physiology. They strip the equipment of their near by dead brethren, and return home with no further incident.

The miners save every single trapped miner, reinforce the tunnel, and discover a new type of mineral resource ((roll to determine resource))

>> No.20343942


>> No.20343949

rolled 17 = 17



>> No.20344042

The miners discover a new ore. Extensive heating in a fire manages to get a tiny bit of the metal to flow out of the rock, and harden again. It is hard substance to work with. What is know about it: Harder then bone, holds an edge, less brittle and lighter then stone, but not as hard. Schwirmite has been discovered. It is comparable to bronze.

>> No.20344471

The General, as of yet, was unsure on where to go from here. All of a sudden, he had been told a bunch of idiot miners tried to make a tunnel underneath the plains, they found some new shining material, and apparently we caught one of the enemies prisioner. On one hand, he was considering simply forgetting about the riders of the north. They clearly didn't want interaction between us, and seemed content to make sure we didn't get within a kilometer of their cities. On the other hand, with the constant prodding through the territory that they had claimed to be theirs, they had very clearly had been pissed off, so constant protection was needed.

In the end, he decided that the matter could wait until after they had gotten information out of the new slimey prisoner.

He walked to the hut that had been chosen to keep the prisoner, and the first thing he noticed was the slime covering it's body. It writhed around it's body, as if it was a sepreate entity, and seemed to take whatever shape it pleased.

He then noticed just how big the creature was. How these things were on flying on the backs of the wyverns, he really had no idea. He approached the creature, unsure of what to say.

After a few moments of awkward silence, he spoke. "Now, this is probably a hopeless cause, since you probably can't tell what I'm saying any better than how I can tell what you're going to say back to me. But I'm going to try anyways." He took a deep breath.


>> No.20344477


"Now, I am fully aware you guys have a weapon that can tear people to shreds and incapacitate everyone around said person who just got flayed. I also know you used this weapon against my allies, and freely use it to anyone who tries to find out where you live. What I don't know, however, is why you are so territorial and unwilling to talk sense with anybody except on your own wantings. We are not hostile, in fact I'm slightly curious what other stuff you have if you made such ingenious weapons, but the very fact you are so desperate to not have people find you is one of the very reasons we are trying to. I-we all, feel you are keeping us out of a loop, and..." he leans in to the creature's face. "I don't like people keeping secrets from me."

"Now, I just want you to explain why you are so xenophobic, at least for now. Just what is it that makes you go to such measures to make sure we can't simply have a nice chat with each other at YOUR house, not mine?"

>> No.20344818

The captured scout had a lot of options at his disposal at this exact moment. Provided he figures out the language, he could talk, but would it matter? Suicide? maybe. the emils would make it easy. Blaze of glory? could kill as many as possible until dead. Escape? the ropes were flimsy enough, with the emils slowly softening them to uselessness, but there were still guards. know some language. playing ignorant is always a choice. Diplomacy, or rolls for actions to the tune of your own imagination.
As the strange bugman walked around him and periodically got in his face, chirping and squeaking in their language the scout pondered what action he should take next.

>> No.20345074
File: 72 KB, 1500x875, Fortress Location.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 2, 12, 4 = 18


And now the Log'Eads have an excuse to have "SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" as their battlecry...

Meanwhile, the advisors were unsure of where to build the masterfully crafted idea before them. It was an amazing idea, yes, but a good idea wasn't worth shit if you couldn't exectute it. The engineers suggested to build it in the middle of the city, but it was far too large to build in such a full space.

Suddenly, the advisors either made the most idiotic decision ever, or perhaps they just grew a pair. Either way, they made a gamble. They would, at the edge of the wyvern's wind chimes, though they would probably have to move some, they would construct their fortress. The anger this would cause to their enemies was obvious, and so they planned to bring their militia to defend the site, though this would lessen the defenses in the cities. They send a messanger to the Log'Eads, asking for additional defense and/or extra workers to help build the fort.

And so, the Hoplites were mobilized, the archers were prepared, and the workers were readied. On the day of the half attack, half project, the soldiers were sent to clear out the area for construction, the workers and cruncha pack mules close behind.

Rolling for clearing the area, beginning construction, taking up defensive positions, and shwirm alertness.

>> No.20345095


>2, 12, 4

This will be messy...

>> No.20347360

A post for the-*slice*AACK!


>> No.20347496

rolled 20, 9, 16, 8 = 53

Current Councilmen
Hulys – Iminye
Dahmorg – Altume
Gothrall – Construction
Fali – Provision
Halin – Knowledge
Drogol - Defense

(AngryDorf, feel free to fluff these rolls. Going to roll things up that are on the Town Charter.)

Gothrall is the Construction Councilman, so he's in charge of these projects. Building a road back to the Iminye, a university, an arena, two graveyards. They are also responsible for finding a local lacorra badland for the gabai.

Currently all gabai brought into Eden is from the Altume Ocean Village. The Iminye charted a waterway so that travel wouldn't be a problem.

Drogol is head of the town defense so he's in charge of combining the fighters and fighting techniques of the two tribes. The Town also needs a gabai wall.

rolling for scouting and roads to lacorra badlands, creating a road back to the Iminye, general construction, and building a town defense.

>> No.20347519

The Lufae continue to improve their defenses when they don't need to deter the intruders away from their home. The conflict in the south has made deep marks in the mentality of especially the Fa Kaath villagers. They are far more militaristic and the mentality of the village towards the songless is much more callous than the majority of the tribe is. Ilith's theories about the songless are simply rejected by the Fa Kaath settlers, as to them, the songless represent the hated void. The Fa Kaath warriors believe that by intruding to their territory, breaking their chimes and attacking the Lufae the songless are trying to expand the great void forward.
The work on making the maze tunnels continues. The tunnels are dug underneath the forest growing along the river, their walls are reinforced with flowing stone. Some of the diggers get the idea of making great and wide tunnels that would connect the different settlements to each other. This project will take many years to be accomplished, but Khuna thinks that it is beneficial for the tribe in the long run, and thus the work on the long tunnels is started.
To prevent the invaders from breaking their wind chimes, the Fa Kaath warriors have begun placing them high in the trees.

The wyvern riders ask the artisans to come up with some way to protect the wyverns against the small sharp objects that the shwirms have started flinging against them. The artisans try to use what they have learned from the omaenii equipment to develop a light but protective armor for the wyverns.

The flesh singers try to sew the captive shwirm back together. They don't really care for the protests of their victim, only focusing on their work. It doesn't help that the singers are Fa Kaathian, and thus they don't really give any forth to the shwirm's pain. they do intend to keep the prisoner alive though.

>> No.20347545

rolled 2, 18 = 20

Fali is impressed by the Altume hunting guild as they successfully bring down a Ripper Tyrant. It won't improve the food stores drastically, but it's still impressive. He returns to find that other projects have not been as successful.

This worries Hulys who has been counting the food reserves. This year they lost more than they produced. And they can only ride the initial surplus for so long. He orders Fali to step up. If Hulys has to shame Fali by asking his father Firil for food he will. Fali's saving grace is the Kirunna dung mix. Creating a large scale growing system would greatly food reserves.

Halin is quite surprised when giving his apprentice the Shadow Drink he falls dead for five hours. He got better, but Halin quickly realizes that he has made very dangerous and powerful substances. He shelves the project while he turns his attention to education. Currently his potions are produced and put into glass bottles for anyone to use.

If Edenites can learn some basic herbalism, then maybe they'll be more cautious using his potions. He petitions the rest of the council to provide education for children just hatching from their pupal stage. They would be taught the Iminye language with Halin's limericks.

rolling for large scale food growing, and creating a youth education system

>> No.20347572


Meanwhile at the Dream shrine, Vylona is pleased with her growing number of followers. Taking a parchment from her desk she writes up all their names. She also tries keeping count, when she realizes she can't. She remembers all their names but can't count them. It's frustrating and embarrassing. The door behind her opens and she hides her notes.

Halin walks in greeting her, "Hello Vylona, you have gathered many around you. Everyone I know 'walks the Dreaming,' but tell me you haven't actually shared our dreaming dust to outsiders."

"Of course not," her right hand slightly tremors. "I would not share the dream dust with the uninitiated. You however play with the Voice's gift like a would-be Kirunna rider. I am in complete control of this shrine and have held up the traditions-"

"But you have sacrificed for those traditions," Halin said interrupting "I see the tremor of your hands. All I'm asking is that you remind yourself and not force others to ignorantly pay the same price."

"Leave," she screams at him, "I will not be lectured in my own shrine." Halin left her. She turned back to her parchment and threw it away.

The next day as the sun rose, she was bucketing up some water. From down the path, a Dream Gesh waddled up staring blankly up and to the right. Vylona took her bucket. She had guided the tribe with the wisdom of the Voice. Even if she had lost part of her mind, it was a price she was willing to pay. Her followers depended on her to give their hard lives meaning in the Dreaming.

She would not disappoint. Vylona lays the bucket before the Dream Gesh and breathes in its intoxicating breath.

>> No.20347590


The warrior castes are ordered to continue to work on their co-operation, and leave the petty competitions of the female groups, and the reckless impression attempts of the males outside of the battlefield.

>Now on to the scout.

The Shan Meer scout allows the shiwmr to rant at him. He can't understand the words, but he now knows his voice, his words and his speech. They now belong to him. He remains silent, waiting for the shwirm leader to leave him into his prison.
When only the guards (presumably) remain, he begins to act. Firstly, he begins to subtly alter the composition of the emils symbiote, growing hard plates over the most vital parts of his body. He also gets the idea of trying to create sharpened plates on his arms, that could work as potential weapons. His plan is as follows.
Firstly, he begin to cause deep, low frequency rumbling in order to subtly scan the layout of the village around the hut in where he is imprisoned. He will also try to listen to the chatter of the guards, in order to learn more of the language of his captors. (phase 1)
Then, he will use his strength to break the bindings that the emils slime has already caused to weaken. Simultaneously, he will use his voice to stun the guards, and make his escape. He will try to use his superior speed, strength and agility to quickly scale the walls of the village, and escape to the woods. If necessary, he will try to confuse his pursuers by imitating their leader. He will execute the plan when the night falls. (Even the geists do have their internal clock.) (Phase 2).
He will then retreat to the forests, and try to locate his people in order to inform them of what he has learned. (Phase 3).

>> No.20347622

rolled 16, 1, 15, 7, 20, 13, 9, 11, 7 = 99


Rolling for:
Finishing the maze tunnels.
Starting up the great tunnel project.
Placing the chimes in trees.
Wyvern armor.
Sewing the shwirm back together while keeping it alive at all costs.
Co-operation training of the warriors.
The scout's escape plan, 3 rolls, one per phase.

Also, ng, I don't think that you ever wrote anything on the abducted puruu. The post you linked didn't mention anything about it, or at least I failed to notice it.

Also, I'll make an response to the Oamenii fort when he gets the roll results for it.

>> No.20347680
File: 1.07 MB, 250x187, colbert scream.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> jesus_christ_how_horrifying.jpg
Though this little tidbit about shwirm biology is intriguing. I assume the Lufae were smart enough to not do this when the Korobushka diplomats were around? Maybe somebody was taking them on a lovely tour of "the-other-side-of-the-village-pay-no-attention-to-the-man-behind-the-curtain-just-ignore-the-s
creams-coming-from-that-tent" part of the Valley.

>> No.20347764
File: 1.84 MB, 2029x2500, 1327245008162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hiding screams in an echoing valley

totally inconspicuous

>> No.20347805

Ah, is that you Watson? I dare say, have you caught the flu or something, you seem to be sporting a complexion most pale. Mayhaps you should get some rest?

>> No.20347874


That all happened down south. Far away from the windy valley of voices in where the village of Lupai Kaath is located.

>Some info about the names of the Villages.
The name means Lupia's Shelter". Fa Kaath means the "Shelter of water."
Lu Kae, the main village's name means "The Chamber of Her servants."
Kun Kaath, the upriver settlement's name means "Mountain Shelter".

>> No.20347969

rolled 2, 3, 9 = 14

Alright, thanks for the info, my mistake then. We haven't mentioned Lovish and Kailarik in a while let's get back to them.

While exploring down the river on their journey to follow wherever the river goes (and map it out), the shwirm of the expedition realize that the temperature is getting warmer. As they continue, they find it neccesary to tear off the inner lining of their clothes. Later, they begin tearing at the sleeves, creating waistcoats of a sort. While nothing major has been discovered as of yet, Kailarik has been busy mapping the regions around the river banks on the several pieces of vellum. He's been having trouble keeping them all together. One of the crew has an idea, perhaps they could tie these maps together. Pages, basically.

Rolling for:
1) how far the group makes it down the river in a weeks time
2) rolling for what they discover while sailing down the river
3) inventing books by sewing the vellum into one whole. though no alphabet is formed, the shwirm *do* have access to a sort of heiroglyphics system (though it's not entirely standardized).

Last, would the GM(s) mind giving me a map of how far down the river these brave explorers are?

>> No.20348345


The master architects gather all the materials they need for the build, only to discover that their future build site is under a wyrem fly by. Shwirm alertness at work it seems.

They quickly resettle to a square further south, leaving much of the materials to be reclaimed later. Beginning construction goes well, but comes in quick spurts due to the need of material reclamation.

>> No.20348387

The Maze tunnels are completed, it takes geist like intuition and pre-knowledge to successful navigate them. They expand the lufae territory under the river. The great tunnel project hits a snag. Apparently the planed tunnel acrosses a large underground chasm. From the deep abyss, the diggers hear soft groans and feel an unbelievable heat venting from deep below. To continue working would bring the creatures of the abyss upon them.

The Geist are able to hide away most the wind chimes high in the trees. By their nature the songless can hear them. But it takes much longer to locate and dismantle.

Wyverm armor runs into some difficulties. The initial designs were rejected by the Wyverm for some reason.

The Shwirm lives to tell the horrible tale. But the experience leaves him shaken. The geist have taken some akin to his soul. He won't be able to live a normal life without reclaiming it by revenge or mediation.

The cooperation of the warriors improve. Some cross-gender bonds are developing. The males and alphas lose their ego and the females start trusting ground forces.

>As for the scout
The prisoner is able to learn the layout of the hut, but couldn't discern the layout of the village to escape. He gathers little from the guards mutterings. When he feels the time is right, he breaks his bindings and stuns the guards around himself. He escapes out of the hut's roof and better examines his surroundings.

The Shwirms have called a general alarm and are patrolling the village streets. It seems the prisoner miscalculated as the sun is just dawning. He is spotted. The Prisoner jumps from roof to roof before jumping the village walls.

After the walls night sets in the dark forest. It seems the shwirm won't give up. In the distance the prisoner hears the wind chimes, but the shwirm are between him and the path home.

>> No.20348423


Thank you for being merciful, Apoe. I thought the militia would be slaughtered and the workers with them. The shwirm alertness was assuming the guards got where they needed to be, but with the 2 for clearing out the area, the forgotten roll was moot.

>> No.20348758
File: 53 KB, 122x241, 10_tmp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just be glad your people are smart enough not to stand in enemy territory.

(I'm taking into account the previous exploration, and saying that you explore further than them,
<< rough estimate of location)

During the last week, Lovish caught a parasite that gave him dysentery. Progress was slow since Lovish had to take time to recover. The shwirm sew the vellum into a folding map of the area. The idea of binding them together at a shared edge eludes them.

Down the river the Shwirm discover a grey big nosed Smasha. The River Smashas charges at the exploration party forcing them to travel around them in the forbidding forest. They hear the rustlings of branches all round them. Around bout of sickness forces them to make a temporary camp. The next day they can decide to continue or return.

During the night, Kailarik spies an antlered figure wearing bark and hide. It watches them from afar.

>> No.20348905

The General had been the first to react when the wyvern rider had escaped into the woods. He wanted information from the beast, but having him somewhere in the woods was not going to help him get it. The shwirm were sent to surround the eastern side of the woods, as well as the northern area, blung be damned. When he sent the hoplites to do that, he then assigned another platoon to comb the forests for their target, and would be coming with them to see the capture personally.

Meanwhile, the advisors used the archers that had stayed behind to attempt to defend the fortress building site, sending whatever materials were needed and a little extra to construct the fortress as needed.

>> No.20348917

rolled 14, 12, 8 = 34


Rolling for trapping the geist inside the forest, finding the geist, and building the fort.

>> No.20348986

contested rolls. nad roll sleath.

>> No.20349019


As for the shwirm prisoner, nad, where do they keep him? After an experience like that, I doubt he'd just let the geist keep him caged like an animal.

And if he ever returned, it'd be a good way to entice open war between the yeist and Oamenii, as well as learn about shwirm psychology in the therapy attempts.

Captcha: perscribed [d]eralect

>> No.20349136


The diggers decide to mark the location of the abyss for future generations. They then decide that making the tunnel into one continuous pathway wasn't really necessary. Instead, the tunnel paths between the villages could be made from numerous smaller tunnels. These smaller tunnels could also work as temporary burrows for travelers and as locations in where to store material and so on.

The Wyvern riders understand the aversion their companions have towards the armor. It weights them down too much, alters their flight. The wyverns obviously dislike it. Because of this, the riders request that only minimal, extremely light armor should be made to protect the most vital parts of the wyvern. The riders realize that the proper response to the bows is speed and maneuverability. The riders begin to train to fly on their wyverns in complex and unpredictable patterns, as well as quick dodging. Some of them also believe that the wyverns could use their mighty songs to cause the arrows to be blows off course and away from the wyvern.

The Fa Kaath flesh singers begin to tend the shwirm, so that it could heal physically from the experience. They are planning on continuing their studies on the creature, once it has fully recovered. They also request that more shwirms are to be captured when a change arrives, so that they could learn more from the southern invaders.

>> No.20349212
File: 216 KB, 800x600, Shan Meer warrior.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The rumors of great shwirm activity close to their borders causes the Fa Kaath and Lua Kae villages both send scouts to figure out what the Shwirms are trying to do this close to the territory of the Lufae.

The upriver settlement of Kun Kaath has started focusing on musical development. They have tried to use the new musical innovations to improve the communication horns of the tribe.

The Shan Meer warrior tries to imitate the leader of the Shwirms, in order to confuse them long enough to allow him to sneak away and past them, so that he could reach home. If that fails, he will use his voice, combat skills and the emils slime abilities to fight his way to freedom.

>> No.20349237

rolled 17, 5, 3, 19, 11, 7, 11, 5, 18, 14, 10 = 120


Rolling for:
>Further tunnel development
>Making light wyvern armor.
>Training in erratic flight patterns and dodging.
>Developing defensive ways for the wyverns to use their voice (Screams and wing flaps strong enough to cause the arrows to fly off course from the wyvern.)
>Tending the shwirm so he can be used in further experiments.
>Scouting towards the recent area of shwirm activity. (2 rolls)
>Improving the communication horns with new tech.
>Shan Meer warrior's attempt at escape. (2 rolls, first for the sneaky way, and if it fails, the second for the combat way.)

>Rolling for his general stealthiness.

He is kept in the Fa Kaath settlement, in an empty caged and netted over lub pool, to which the Lufae toss bits of food for him. If he gets unruly, he is just stunned with the voice and restrained.

>> No.20349332


You're going to need somebody other than the surgeons to do the therapy, because I don't think people trust others who have hanged their insides on poles for him to see.

θύμα was distrustful of the... things. They offered him food and water and tried to coax him, but their seemingly featureless faces and lack of eyes only disturbed him, their constant droning as well, and was terrified at the mere sight of their tools. He was determined to leave, but that... SOUND, it fucking burst his ears and left him simply whimpering on the floor, and they would put them in the restraints...

He took the food and water as it came, but he decided if they opened his cage and reached for him, he would take his life by any means nessessary. He would not be put through that again by them. Not by anyone.

>> No.20349523

rolled 15, 18, 4, 11 = 48

With the founding of new villages, Elder Lupo has decided that their should be a leader in each. A leader loyal to Lupo, of course. These new leaders are to be chosen from the eldest members of each village, and the eldest among the village leaders is to be the new Eldest Leader.
Basically, it's like the Village Elders are Lords, and the Eldest Leader is the King. Basically.

The new village founded on the clay lake is north and west of the main village. It is called Udongo. It is lead by Elder Caesar. To the East of the main village ((Yetu Mahali)) is the village of Mrefumti. This dense copse of trees, headed by Elder Castor, makes a perfect spot for a tree house village, which is exactly what the Urupuruu set to work on. Finally, the third village of Mwepesi is located on the very edge of the chasm to the east. It is centered around a waterfall that descends into the abyss. Elder Kario is in charge in Mwepesi.

Askari Wakuu Brutos will maintain control of the militia, which will be housed at the main village. Brutos has made the decision to relinquish any position of Eldership that may have been offered, in order to advise the current Eldest Leader. Meanwhile, he continues to drill the military into a rounded out fighting force, now attempting to emulate the style of the stealthy Lufae with sneak attacks from up high, dropping out of trees to take advantage of the natural tendencies to not pay attention to what is lurking above.

More diplomats are sent by Eldest Leader Lupo to discover the fate of the missing puruu scout. The diplomat is sent south with an escort of purite drums and bells, as well as a few active militia members.

Rolling for-
-Development of Udongo
-Development of Mrefumti
-Development of Mwepesi
-Tree based stealth combat
-Discovering the fate of the abducted puruu

>> No.20349538

rolled 2 = 2

Whoops, left off a roll.

>> No.20349668


The lufae aren't even trying to do any sort of theraphy on the captive. The flesh singers are just aming to keep him alive and regrow his strenght in order for him to be strong enough to be able to withstand further testing.

The Fa Kaath villagers, who are keeping him don't really care about any traumas he might have. They don't regard the shwirms as anything other than the manifestations of the great void. He is a songless creature, and thus he serves the void. The great emptly void of the sky and the plains is the prime evil of the Lufae belief system. The songless species can move trough the void easily without getting lost, thus they are obviously connected to it.

Basically, the shwirm captive is just kept alive. His mental suffering is irrelevant to the Lufae.

>> No.20350343


...Did you tear off his right arm blade or not?

>> No.20350482


If you didn't, he rips it off and does this, minus the chit-chat and body-stomping.


>> No.20350528

Bumping with some words and phrases from Urupurii, the language of the Urupuruu, as well as village locations and the names of the Elders who lead them.

Udongo <NW> Elder Caesar

Yetu Mahali <MAIN VILLAGE> Eldest Leader Lupo

Mrefumti <WEST> Elder Castor

Mwepesi <EAST> Elder Kario
Askari Wakuu- Soldier Chief

Umri Wa Kiongozi- Eldest of leaders

Umria- Elder

Askaru- Soldier

Kivuli Mnyama- Geist Species

Utuput- The Chasm

Mwavijiti- Sling Staves

Mkukishoki- Urgosh thing

Fimbo- Short Spear

Nyumba yangu ni nyumba yako, mwili wa mwili wangu- Formal greeting

Jinsi ni kunyongwa?- Informal Greeting

Asili- Response to the informal greeting.

Bendi wa Kambi- Runuu chamber

>> No.20350707

rolled 11, 20 = 31

The Throne is huge, big enough for two log'eadz, and indeed, two log'eadz share the throne. Eno, Chieftain of Kah by right of combat, and his brother, Dlo, Chieftain of Tra by right of inheritance. It was in the great tournament that united the tribes that they became leaders of this coalition of peoples, and it was after the battle of the blung that they were affirmed by their fellow chieftains as Grand Chiefs of the Nag Ber'Ek.

More warriors venture south, seeking excitement and battle against the Mossmen, but find none, the previous hunters having slain them all. The youths who ventured out to the forests refuse to accept this, and even set up a permanent camp, of about five dozen individuals, some even bringing their families with them. However, the new houses of cathedral plate used in the main settlement are not as easily built here, as the camp is too far from the plains for the plates to be brought easily. The new village tries to build houses of wood, from the surrounding forest. They also grow deseperate in their search for worthy foes who's skulls they can present to the Chieftains and place upon the skull throne. The Mossmen might be dead, but does anything else lurk in the forests? Perhaps those Forest Stridas that walk upright (Eleni), or the strange squishy creatures (puruu)?
Rolling for Building houses, finding sentients in the forest

>> No.20351126

A post for the plaguefather!

>> No.20351488

rolled 11 = 11


Now that I think about it, I should probably roll for this.

Rolling to see if the shwar successfully commits suicide.

>> No.20352904

bumb. Where is everybody.

>> No.20353088
File: 747 KB, 248x200, ponderface_burncomputer&suicide.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was reading the comments section of a news story... I regret this. The stupidity I've seen...

>> No.20353279
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>That feel when you come back and find out your citizens have been converted to another tribes religion with no warning, and the children are being taught one tribes language instead of boths.

>> No.20353319

Ah, that reminds me, I need to rent Dead Space 2 again and try to finish it.

>> No.20353536

Then make a cultural resistance or something mang! There are ways to turn the tide. Globalization isn't just one-way!

>> No.20353796
File: 16 KB, 260x191, 260px-Kustodiev_The_Bolshevik.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need a revolutsya, comrade?

>> No.20354018
File: 82 KB, 500x272, LewisAndClark[2].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Lovish and Kailarik are stopped by poor Lovish's dysentery. Most unpleasant. But now he is healed and they can get back to exploring. Kailarik has one of the men keep watch at night, see if they can get a better look at this strange antlered creature. But beyond that, more mapping of the lands around the river.

>> No.20354054
File: 201 KB, 650x500, LewisClark_-_12[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 7, 9, 12 = 28

It'd be nice if I could remember the rolls, wouldn't it? A-Herp-a-derp-a-tittly-too...

1) how much further they get
2) what they find down there
3) getting a better look at the mysterious stranger watchin' them

Also, this image came up in a google search for Lewis & Clark, what the fuck, hans?

>> No.20354102

Many of the supplies brought along in the pilgrims' journey were lost due to sand storms and animal attacks, afterall they were traveling from the great southern desert north into the deep grasslands. The Iminye clanless only had a short trek compared to the Altume pilgrims. Nonetheless the pilgrims easily pulled more than their own weight, hunting relentlessly, at a certain point the hunters had to slow down for fear of them exterminating the local wildlife. Well, to be perfectly honest it was more because the local wildlife was starting to adapt to the Eleni's pressence, and game was getting harder and harder to come by. To combat this the hunters start using different methods to catch them, sometimes leaving bait in the form of food scraps out to lure in the prey, some even try to create odd contraptions to catch prey. A large gabai mound is built for the Altume to respect their ancestors, but Dahmorg quickly finds that nearly the entire population of Altume pilgrims have been converted to the Iminye's religion. He is shocked and disgusted to the core, this is a very insult to Altume culture and honor. And he blames the Iminye just as much as the pilgrims. He finds Hulys and converses with him in a most serious and strong voice. "Whether intentional or not, I will not stand for this cultural attack." The Altume's ancestor shrine had not been constructed yet, and perhaps the populace converted out of desperation, but on such a large scale was beyond belief. "I will not allow for any Altume man or woman to be converted to an Iminye religion, we believe in no high power, and for any of us to believe otherwise is a grave insult to the chiefs. I think it would be best for both of our people to be segregated into halves of the city.

>> No.20354107

rolled 10, 17, 6, 9 = 42

I'm sure if the chiefs were here they would be offended much more deeply, but I would like for Eden to be a success, and for that to happen the Iminye MUST respect the Altume, and by converting these pilgrims you have done the exact opposite." Afterwards the proposal of an education system is welcomed by the Altume councilmen, but the notion of them being taught the Iminye language alone only serves to further offend the Altume councilmen. As a counter offer Dahmorg proposes that the children be taught a hybrid language between the Altume and the Iminye. The apprentice chemists/scientists arrives from the mountain village, they are more masters than apprentices now though. Being the successors of Krogoan and Gogan. They set to work experimenting with local plants to create new beneficial concoctions. As afformentioned the builders set to work creating a sufficient gabai wall, two graveyards, a university, an arena, and a road to the lacorra fields. As a side project a road is being constructed that leads to the Altume Ocean Village. The military is trained relentlessly, the Iminye soldiers are much weaker than their Altume counterparts, living in a fertile grassland seems to make them soft and merciful. The soldiers are forced to sleep out in the wilds, they are given no comfort of a soft fur bed or an easy meal, this treatment would, with time, potentially harden the Iminye troops.

Rolling for,
Trap making.
The apprentices creating potions.
Road to the ocean village.
Troop training.

>> No.20354122

rolled 3, 8, 10 = 21

>Mountain Village
The fellowship continues it's journey into the eastern mountains, in search of the tallest, where they would meditate. Gormal sends off a group of thirty pilgrims to the north lands where they would plant berries and ship them off to the Altume villages, they would try to settle at the nearest patch of fertile land. The hunters guild seems to take and interest of the early crude prototypes of the bow, they, along with the crafters, helped the wise men try to create a fine and working bow, they were so close, almost painfully so. They just needed more time. Krogoan and Gogan try to do some research pertaining the bow aswell, they are still weak however and offer little other than knowledge.

Rolling for,
Eastern parties journey.
Northern pilgrims' journey.
Creating bow and arrows.

>> No.20354136

rolled 4, 9 = 13

(The soldiers at the lacorra outpost do nothing this turn, they simply rest in the shade of their houses and gather water.)

>Ocean Village
The fire chief rounds up fifty soldiers and declares open season on the tentacled monster, they hunt the monster with firery vengance, they will avenge their fallen kin! High winds made it impossible to build the arena, and finally the builders give up, deciding it must be a sign from the ancestors that they donot wish combat to be near their resting place. Dorogon instead tells the builders to build a gabai wall around the town. Some of the soldiers experiment with weapon making, they wish to create a close range weapon, their spears are only useful at moderate ranges.

Rolling for,
Hunting the tentacle creature.
Creating a close range weapon.

>> No.20354189

Oh boy, lord help us if some of the Altume were genuine in their conversion. Shitstorms, shitstorms everywhere!

>> No.20354502

Well it's about time we have some kind of religious tension though. The previous tribal threads never had a same-race religious tension of this level.

>> No.20354697

To be honest the Altume are a really hardcore traditional race, for any of them to even think of converting to some religion is way WAY out of character for them, so this whole thing doesn't make much sense to begin with. Also, the Altume don't have a religion, unless you consider communicating and respecting the dead is a religion.

>> No.20354849

Anthropologists call this "ancestor worship". It was common in many Stone Age to Bronze Age cultures (though much of it has persisted even to this day in some parts of China).

>> No.20355218 [DELETED] 
File: 12 KB, 200x281, impact200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this a bit of out of character moderation, and perhaps im reacting early. But im going to cover this now. For everyone. You are not your tribes. They are your puppets. i expect a degree of personal investment, but also emotional detachment. If in game things are causing out of game problems, I will work to negate them. aggressively. If both you and Poe are able to moderate and enjoy a strife filled RP experience between two tribes trying to live together under cultural conflict. Go for it. it would be rich and interesting.

Lets look at the Altume, they are hardcore traditionalists, yet they innovate and discover a metric fuckton. no strife switching over from huts to concrete, or a new life style of fishing in place of hunting. The Iminye religon, as far as i know, has little to do with the dreaming. That is something their shamans practice, and is a set of rituals to enhance the mind, and discover the secrets of this world. Poe can correct me if i am wrong. One other thing here. Induce your culture. Eden is an experiment, and both tribes can consider the resources dumped into this city lost, and theirs at the same time. Teach the culture of hunting and discipline. Both players are free to make rolls and contribute towards the mutually owned object. I could imagine though that it could break down with one or the other leaving, and the town being stripped for resources. Failing that, well, I hear this part of the world exists on a continental shelf.

Ill be watching developments, and im in IRC. further rolls incoming.

>> No.20355498

The Forest is sectioned off for now, and the patrols are on the hunt for the elusive geist. The fort starts to take shape with the first wall facing the geist territory and being a large sloping surface to protect the workers against air and land attack.
The tribal tries to take his own life, and reaches unconsciousness, only to awake again, saved by the flesh singers and his own rugged body. Fate has greater plans for this one. Over the coming weeks, he is expertly cut open, and patched back together, almost with no scars. The fleshsingers are interested in making cuts that heal quickly, and painlessly. In a sick way, he feels as if he is being improved somehow. As more weeks pass, he looks forward to the next surgery instead of with fear and trepedation. fear to desperation, to rage, to madness, to acceptance...what walked into this experience is not what is walking out of it. His mind is changing, his only choices are the thoughts he thinks, but they will forever change him.
A few more weeks pass, and where his arm blades were once stumps, now a strange socket resides, almost as if waiting for a new blade. ((flesh singers are experimenting with prosthesis on the schwirm before application on geist subjects.))

>> No.20355540

Oh IG, believe me, I plan on *plenty* when civ stage rolls around, and that's just the Korobushka. It might combine with ethnic squabbles as well.

>> No.20355767

The numerous tunnels form a sort of broken highway/ storeroom/ between the villages. Though smart males often use it to secretly mate with females out of "sight" of brutes. The new armor chaffed at the wyverns and they will not wear it, which contributed to the evasion flight training going quite badly, with one rider falling off and needing to see the flesh singers. Even the geist are starting to view them as creepy, with how they isolate themselves from the rest of the tribe on occasion, and smell of fear pheromones from the songless. The wyverns can blow light projectiles off course, but not all of them. The schwirm is patched up ((see earlier post)), with the flesh singers having a mastery of the schwirm physiology. ((dark eldar)). Scouts only get so far before the schwirms deadly hail of arrows halts their advance. What is know is that there is a large hill that was not there before. The communications horns are finally upgraded after many tries. The Shan Meer is not very stealthy, but he is evasive and sneeky. He gets out of the forest, but is now being pursued by a large force of Schwirm hoplites.

((for other players, the lufae are a large tribe, that is not entirely cohesive from village to village, or even culture to culture, with the leaders not knowing what is going on amongst them all))

>> No.20355849

Udongo gains many clay brick homes built on series of wooden docks/ piers/ walkways over the muddy terrain. The Mrefumti tree village grows very quickly, with delightful tree homes, rope bridges, and more. good times. Mwepesi settlers are beset by demons crawling out of the chasm, and manage to fight them off but many were badly hurt and needed to get the aid of the runuu pool. A few guys even had their heads cut off, but puruu can survive that if they are reattached quickly enough, and they were. ((stay and become a village of combat, or relocate) The tribe develops a stratagem of surprise to emulate the lufae. Dropping out of trees, screaming at the top of their lungs they chop away in a frenzy on whatever it is they have decided to kill. Those who go out to look for the puruu give up, deciding that something in the wilds must have caught him. Such is life on the muddy river. ((that puruu will return.))

>> No.20355985

wood is not as familiar as the cathedral shell to the builders, and they end up building long houses with many beds in them. A house is for protection at night, and sleeping anyway. The logeadz discover many things have skulls, but there is another tribe of logeadz in the forest, they are numerous, dont speak their langauge, and are very hostile. To the logeadz, another logead is the best fight, and now they have it!
The stranger is a tall, odd creature with horns, who runs off into the forest. The explorers make a point to return here and find out more on their return trip.The intrepid duo goes a bit further, encountering a very small tribe of river dwelling schwirms. They are a gregarious sort, inviting the explorers in for feasting, and celebration, odd that they are all women, but what are the duo to do? Refuse such hospitality? Perish the thought! The night turns into companionship, with the tribals pulling the males and guards off to further express their elation at having guests. come morning, they find themselves at spear point in the middle of the village. The female leader explains that they eat their mates! The exploration crew just provided the next generation of the river tribe. They have to escape and not ever pay child support! Make your move, with quick talking and diplomacy, fighting, or manly wiles.

>> No.20356029

The tribe has finally bread a strain of dusya that is smart enough to understand what its master wants, and is rideable. The new found stability of the tribe is a rather permanent state, and food is now excess, risking it spoiling they must develop new methods of storage for food, so as to share with their neighbors! Excess berries, aquabats, fish, meat, and grain are the problem. The tribe has also ballooned in number, with many requiring new homes, perhaps the mountain can offer a solution? ((build homes and stairs into the mountain itself? or expand outwards, or your own ideas))

>> No.20356135

((the new village of eden, is a combined effort, with it being both and neither of the two tribes. Traditions will intermingle, and understanding will happen.))
Simple snares are developed. As part of the combined education program apprentices are learning how to make potions, and are quite good at it. there is no need to roll for roads anymore, your tribe is proficient at it, and the road is made. troop training goes poorly, with the new guard not practicing with their Imi. counterparts. they will not function as a cohesive unit when disaster falls upon the village.

The eastern fellowship encounters fierce combat against spidergeist, and loose a member. The northern pilgrims are slowed by leviathwirm activity and have to travel carefully, coming to their destination days late. The bow is almost completed, but with the sheer number of projects the tribe is undertaking, it is slowed down considerably. Perhaps the village of eden has some crafter from the other tribe who might shed insight into the effort?

The tentacled creature is evasive, and is not seen as of lately, but reports persist. So far the best effort for a close range weapon has been a spear tip broken off with a little bit of the handle, creating a nasty shiv

>> No.20356231
File: 92 KB, 1435x733, monsters.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

new attempt at this. Angry, I am not attacking you, but i feel as if your personal feelings are bleeding over into the game. I wont tolerate it from any of my players. I explained myself to Oamnii, ill do the same courtesy to you. In some games people want to role play conflict, that is fine, but when it creates out of character problems, it is not. I feel that this is starting to become counter productive. When two tribes found a mutual settlement, they are forced to work together, with those at the settlement becoming of both, and neither the founding tribes. Traditions intermingle, as do beleifs. If your tribe is too traditional to be flexible, then they would have never agreed to this, if all they are going to do is view their new family as weak. Here is the part where i feel you were reacting out of character. No where, is it said that the Iminye worship the dreaming. It is a method of their sometimes batty shaman caste to comprehend and mediate on the world, and figure out bigger more philosophical ideas, or get insight from an induced heightened state of mind. The teaching of language was so that they could communicate easier between each other. If anything you can assume that the same thing is happening for them. Or role play and add it in that your added half of the settlement is also contributing to education, and learning. long story short, I see you reacting harshly to a big gift. ((ps. the tentacle beasts of the ocean village))

>> No.20356278
File: 12 KB, 200x281, impact200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With all that said, I dont care if its in character or not, i really dont want to deal with a "lawful stupid" situation. If the tribes cant work together, and the players cant, you are both free to take your resources and tribals, and call it a failed experiment. You can also work it out with cooperative, constructive teamwork, and sharing of culture to make an "eden" a hybrid society that is neither of the original tribes, but something more, taking the best of both worlds. Failing that, I hear Eden exists on a continental shelf, and i can solve the problem.

Ah but another possibility, both you and Poe got together and planned to roleplay all this strife, and i am ignorant of it. Which if that is the case, well done sir, well done, but you logging in what that angry picture and message makes me doubt that. I feel like real life emotions came into this game about pretend subjects, and i wont tolerate that becoming a repeat of previous problems.

>> No.20356739

rolled 6, 16, 5, 1, 20, 3, 19, 19 = 89


With reports of strange demons crawling up from the chasm at Mwepesi, the militia has been called to action. While Askari Wakuu Brutos remains behind in Yetu Mahali, the majority of the militia ((now under the command of a capable puruu named Nguni)) has relocated. The militia is under orders to remain in Mwepesi until either the last demon is rejected, or the last puruu has died. Back in Yetu Mahali, Brutos is attempting to raise another militia.

Elder Kario of Mwepesi has decided to send a guarded team of explorers down into the chasm, in order to see if they can find a source for these demon attack, and seal them off.

Elder Castor of Mrefumti would like to ease travel between the tree houses that make up the village. In order to do so, numerous walkways are being built over existing branches. These walkways are basically just pieces of wood cut into boards, laid over top of spots where branches intersect.

Elder Caesar of Udongo ((who was the earlier council member that tried to develop writing)) has decided to use the clay from the clay lake in his new attempts at writing. It becomes mandatory for all puruu of Udongo to know the written language, to write their personal histories and beliefs, and to read the histories and beliefs of other puruu.

Eldest Leader Lupo has decided that the Yetu Mahali, is still a tad bit too isolated from it's sister. In order to remedy this situation, Lupo demands the clearing of great paths to the other village. Trees shall be chopped down, grass shall be dug up, until all that is left is a hard packed dirt path.

Rolling for-
Militias continued defense of Mwepesi
Brutos raising a new militia
Exploration of the Chasm
Building of Tree Walkways
The Effectiveness of Caesar's forced learning decree.
Three rolls for the construction of roads from Yetu Mahali to the other villages.

>> No.20356862

The battle of mwepesi has been going badly, the town is nothing more then a series of low walls and trenches, with the puruu fighting a hard bitten battle against strange aggressors. Brutos is raising a new militia with eager new recruits, it is a point of tribal pride. They are not full time soldiers, but they are more then happy to pick up and defend their home. the explorers crawl into the chasm, and find the source of the onslaught, it is a fissure deep down letting some of the worst creatures the caverns has to offer creep up and terrorize the new settlement. As the scale the walls back to the surface, over half the team is killed by horrible flying monsters, the rest escape. the walkways are unsecured, and many puruu fall to their death, or injury on the ground below. SO IT WAS COMMANDED, SO THE UDONGO DID LEARN! and that eagerness spread to all the other villages. your tribe is now 100% literate, with education starting at a young age. ((permanent bonus to development rolls)) Two roads are built quickly, and are excellent, the third road going to the embattled village of mwepesi is not built at all.
one puruu thinks that the chaism could be sealed if they could flood it with mud, another thinks to ask the geist near the village for help, ((wyvern rider encampment)), while yet another suggest to throw wood and garbage into the chasm and then dump burning embers into the pile and kill them all with fire!!! The last puruu scares everyone a little. Many others have ideas too, time will tell how the tribe deals with the threat, or if some combination of many ideas is enacted ((you can indeed roll for multiple attempts to deal with this problem))

>> No.20357174

The Urupuruu are a determined tribe. They do not believe in the impossible. When it comes to the village elder meeting on the fate of Mwepesi, whether or not it should be abandoned, all of the elders agree that they should fight to keep the village. A small team of three scouts is sent south along the chasm, looking for the Lufae outpost that the elders believe is there. Their mission is to contact the Lufae and beg for any assistance they can get.

The idea of flooding the bottom of the chasm with mud is appealing, but everyone realizes that it would be only a temporary plug. The idea of throwing in wood and trash and lighting a great fire.. it appeals to people. Especially Elder Kario, who has seen firsthand what these monsters of the deep are capable of. Orders have been given to all the puruu currently defending Mwepesi that anything that can burn, will burn. All flammable materials are to be thrown into the fissure at the bottom of the chasm. The monsters of the pits shall burn for the suffering they have inflicted!

>> No.20357176


The artisans continue their efforts to develop some way of giving the wyverns increased protection against the arrows. The majority of them w´work to improve the armors, by adding more light weight padding to them, in order to make them more comfortable to wear. A small group of the artisans have started a new project that aims to improve the wyvern masks further, so that the masks would amplify the "shielding song" to a degree that the song would provide the wyvern with a "barrier" of sound that would deter light projectiles even better.

The wyvern riders try to develop evasive maneuvers and dodging without the wyverns wearing the armor, in hopes that the great beings would be more willing to learn the new tactics.

The flesh singers begin their prosthetic operation on the shwirm captive.

>> No.20357181

rolled 12, 10, 11, 1, 5 = 39

Meanwhile, in Udongo, Elder Caesar demands that a repository be built for the holding of all writings and especially significant artifacts. But this building cannot be made of clay bricks, as the other huts are. It should be big and proud, and strong. Never Changing, like the mountain stone. That is when the idea comes. Stone! The new building will be a great structure of stone. But how to get to the stone? Piling rocks is not enough. The rocks will have to be cut into bricks, and the bricks sealed with clay and mud. But up to this point, the Puruu have never witnessed anything carve stone in the way that they need.

Elder Castor has abandoned the idea of treetop walkways, and instead moves on to an even crazier idea. Puruu shall swing from tree to tree on the same corded ropes used in the slingstaves. This will make travel faster, and surely no one will get hurt.

Rolling for-

Defense of Mwepesi
Finding the Lufae Wyvren Rider Outpost
Throwing garbage and wood and other loose materials into the fissure
Discovering a way to mine and shape stone (masonry)
Swinging from Tree to Tree in the village of Mrefumti

Also, as a thought experiment, if you could find a way to extract certain memories from a Runuu pool, could you in theory re-incarnate a puruu?

>> No.20357185

rolled 8, 5, 17, 6, 8, 8, 14, 13 = 79


Khuna is worried about the Shwirm activity, and thus he orders many scouts to monitor the shwirms from a distance during nights, with the help of the riders. He aims to be aware of any threatening activity when it begins. He also tells the artisans to develop smaller communication horns that the warriors could communicate over long distances even when they are on missions.

The Shan Meer scout could just outrun the shwirms, but he knows that if he beams directly towards the chimes of his kin, the Lufae as a whole would be compromised. Because of this he tries to make his pursuers loose his trail, before returning home. He also begins to sing a low humming song, that is out of the hearing range of the shwirms in order to perhaps alarm his kin of his situation.

Rolling for:
Wyvern armor development.
Improved wyvern helmets/masks.
Evasive maneuvers and dodging.
Prosthetic experiment.
Monitoring the shwirm activity near the Lufae borders. (Scouts and wyvern fly overs during nights)
Inventing compact communication horns.
Shan Meer's attempt to loose his pursuers.
Shan Meer's attempt to contact any nearby Lufae groups.

>> No.20357712

As the Hoplites attempt to chase the slimey beast, The General starts snickering, then simply burst out laughing, though keeping his momentum.
Officer: Um, sir? Are you alright?
General: Oh, yes, I'm fine. It's just... if we can get this attack right, this slimey basterd will lead us straight to his allies! We'll finally find out where these guys live! It's high noon now, so he should be easy enough to follow. Hey. *points at a random hoplite* I want you to go request archers to go into the plains with us. We need something to take out the wyverns with.
Hoplite: On it, sir.
General: Ooooh, this will be great...

Meanwhile, the fortress's contruction continued, when suddenly a lone hoplite could be seen running towards them in the distance.

Officer: What is it, son?
Hoplite: Ummm, the general requests you push into the plains with two of your three archer platoons.
Officer: And what proof do you have?
Hoplite: Ummm, just my word, sir.
Hoplite: Thank you, you won't regret it.
Officer: I sure hope I don't...

>> No.20357835

One option could be that the lead shaman does not speak for his tribe anymore, that he is perhaps too stubborn to accept this new generation of altume. Generation gaps and leaders out of touch with their citizens has certainly been a factor for change and/or conflict in the world.

>> No.20357966
File: 145 KB, 2192x1314, The Plan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 8, 16, 14, 13, 19, 5 = 75

Now the plan was simple. The Hoplites were naturally charging the prisoner into the plains, and just to the right of where they were herding him to lie the archers of the shwirm, or 60 of them to be exact. These shwirm would help lead the scout to the assumed area where the beast's city was, and the archers would then fall in behind the massed charge of 128 hoplites. They would follow the beast hopefully all the way back to the tribe, where they would try to comminucate with the beasts, but if they all too likely didn't talk sense, they would burn the city down to end the wyvern menace, and the shwirm would be able to more easily explore the plains without being ripped to shreds. However, if the scout managed to escape or started heading north, they would simply continue charging to the mountains, where they had guess earlier to be where the wyverns were coming from.

Back at the farming village, shwirm were experimenting with ways to use the strange shining material. After finding they could melt it with enough heat, they make a small tube on the bottom side of a stone vial, where they placed the metal ore into, that leads to a small rectangular box with the top cut off. The stone vial is placed over a fire, and the shwirm eagerly wait for the molten ooze to come out of the tube and into the box.

Scouts in the south village had been sent to scout out the area to the east of the main village, further than the area that had been covered before. The advisors, and even the general himself, were curious as to what lay to the south of their tribe, rather than what lay to the north, which was all too obvious.

Rolling for:
The hoplites keeping up with the prisoner
The archers falling in behind the hoplites
Spearheading the charge into the north
Finding the Fa Kaath village
Inventing Shwirmite Ingots & Smelting
Scouting the area to the east of the research facility

>> No.20358766

I am afraid that I'll have to inform you that the prisoner isn't in the spot you put him in, as the Fa Kaath village isn't located in the plains.
See the picture in this post:
The southernmost red dot is the Fa Kaath village. It is build in the lub forest that grows over the small river that runs down from the mountains.

Of course, the Oamenii are unaware of this. And seeing how your tropps are just going to charge past it, straight to the hills which belong to the Lufae, you will probably just miss the village all together.

>> No.20359237
File: 661 KB, 800x600, 1344893232117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well, there's still this dot right here. The shwirm are going to charge NW up the plains since that's where all the wyverns are guarding shit, and so whichever village is that, they're going to find it rather than the Fa Kaath Village.

>> No.20359293


Double posting. I had assumed the dot being pointed at to the Fa Kaath village, since that's what the wyverns were always guarding, so it would make sense that the village most vulnerable to discovery would be the most militant.

>> No.20359322


Double posting. I had assumed the dot being pointed at to the Fa Kaath village, since that's what the wyverns were always guarding, so it would make sense that the village that was always being targetted would be the one to become militant.

>> No.20359345


Fuck. First I have problems with 'Having problems proccessing the request' or some shit, then a whole bunch of flood detected warnings, and when I finally post, I somehow posted twice.


>> No.20359627


That village is Lua Kae, the main settlement of the Lufae. It is the largest and most developed village. The area it is located in is extremely hilly, and the village itself is built under these hills. Within these hills are burrows and countless tunnels in where the geists live.

Hell, the hills basically have a maze of tunnels running underneath them. Only the geists can properly navigate these mazes as they have extremely developed spatial memory, as well as sonar that can reveal the true pathways.

So in short, the shwirms won't find a village with walls and huts, instead they will find swathes of hills, with countless hidden openings that lead to the mazes of tunnels running underneath the ground. The only signs of the geists are the wind chimes planted on these hills. This is the territory of the Lufae. This is their home soil. The terrain plays to the strenghts of the geists very well, as the Lufae have been preparing for intrusions for some time now.

>> No.20359851

rolled 1 = 1


The shwirm had expected a fight. At the sight of their push, the wyverns had simply fled, or they knew they wouldn't handle the volleys of arrows the archers would dish out on them.

It was dusk when they reached the hills and found... nothing. No huts, no tents, and hardly any footprints at all. Just more of those fucking chimes placed everywhere. The general took one out of the ground and tossed it to a nearby soldier.

General: Gather a few of those up for when we get back. Maybe the scientists can make a use out of it. The rest of you, set up camp for the night. There's nothing of value here.

The soldiers took their shovels and began to dig foxholes in which to sleep in, and the General sent some soldiers to see if there was anything around here, for the idea of nothing where the wyverns had clearly been gaurding something was simply too unbelievable to him.

Rolling to see if I find a/some hidden tunnels.

>> No.20359875

rolled 17 = 17


>lol 1

When the soldiers were done setting up camp, the scouts returned to tell the news that the general had expected.

"There's nothing here, sir. Nothing but some hills and these chimes."

"*Sigh* I thought so. Get some rest. We head back to the village tommorow.

>> No.20359881


>Suddenly 17


>> No.20359939

From the written scribes

Halin speaks:

"First off, I would like to praise the Altume pilgrims for their successful efforts in Eden. The apprentices your people had were gifted in knowledge and technique. They quickly grasp my methods and revealed desert herbs I never knew of. The future of Eden herbalism is bright.

"I'm confused by the Construction of the South road since we have a harbor that constantly ferries people back and forth to the Altume Village. But it matters not since other projects have been so successful. Truly you have used the best of gabai and tree shaping methods.

"As far as this 'cultural attack' is concerned. Nobody is disrespecting you or your culture. Nothing excludes the pilgrims from honoring their ancestors and walking the Dreaming. I talk to the Dream Priestess every day. She is just as surprised that many pilgrims have started coming to the shrine.

"You know the one thing the Altume followers ask? If they could bring their ancestors into the dreamtime and respect them at the Dreaming shrine. She was hesitant because she was sensitive to this very concern. I know that she would invite the gabai shrine next to the Dreaming shrine. She would even go so far as to invite one of the Altume to make a distinct clan for these pilgrims. The clan making ritual is a great honor and hasn't been perform for generations.

"As for the new education system, how can you really say that only the Iminye writing will be taught since it is in fact the base of your own writing? You borrowed it and adapted it for yourself. We had no problem with it. The reason I put forth Iminye writing is because the Halin Limericks are written in it.

"Let us hear from one of the town guard for another manner"

>> No.20359953

Isemir speaks:

"I, Isemir, am training and being trained under Drogol. Right now we are not ready. If the land stealing demons came today, we would all be consumed. The Iminye follow the same training as the Altume but they still call us weak and will not allow us practice. They waste our strength and breed resentment. We do not have a cohesive fighting force."

Hulys speaks:

"Thank you. We do nothing to insult you, Dahmorg, yet you ignore your own disrespect. If you really run back to your Chiefs to settle honor, we question if you are really strong. Do not let inflexible tradition bankrupt the future of your children. They will truly be something different than our relatives back in the Sehquestas forest.

"Right now, my own child is waiting to be reborn from his pupa. He will change the world. You know how I know? Because when he was born the ground shook under his mother. He was truly an Earthshaking Grub. I am grateful to actually see this day. I understand how important Eden is to my new son.

"We are willing to compensate but not segregate. Segregation right now makes both of us weaker and Eden will fail. Think about relocating your shrine so that these pilgrims can respect their ancestors. It's easy enough to teach both languages in this new education system. We would even go so far as to enforce signs to be printed in both languages around town. But you must reform your own training methods less our defenses are compromised even more."

(in short, no segregation, combine the shrines, teach both languages, you got to stop fluffing the Iminye as weak. And what Nongent said. I'm just trying to build up Eden to be a cultural center, and keep it fed. I need for you to build up its protectors. If I know anything, bigger hazards are on the horizon to test Eden.)

>> No.20360122

I honestly think what's going to happen here is similer to this:


From their own shore, came the world war
"Gleaves" and the "Ingham" Leading the "Bury" west
In their own track came the wolfpacke
"Gleave"s led the convoy into the hornets nest
Under fire, Underwater
May 42 when "Bury" did fail the test
To their own shore, came the world war
"Gleaves" and the "Ingham" leading them into death

>> No.20361277

The Geist are able to convince the Wyrems to wear the light padded armor. The armor however is untested. And there are still doubts they aren't better off without it. They Wyrems without perform aerobatics much easier.

The gains of the new research are small. Considering that the team works on several projects at once. The masks weren't their priority.

The riders discover diving and looping techniques to confuse archers trying to get a bead on them.

The experiment goes poorly. The Prosthetic is rejected by the arm and has to be cut off. Though there is still another arm they can experiment with.

The scouts are able to discern the major settlements and campments of the shwirm, but they can't detail the smaller moving groups in the region.

The compact horns made but they aren't as loud as the regular horns. Further research is needed.

The Shan Meer is able to outpace his pursuers and make contact with the Fa Kaath village and tells them of the coming shwrim force.

(as far as metal working goes... talk to nongent. You are fairly rolling for it. But you got to remember how rare these metal veins are)

The metal workers discover a means of melting the metal down, purifying it. They are able to transport these ingots much easier then the whole ore. They gather the little of it and put it into a small chest.

The scouts going east follow the tree line, and discover that the plains goes much further than previously thought. As their supplies forced them to turn around, they discover dozens of Hexis Schwars in the trees. The Schwars have barbed teeth they use to chew inside the trees. They fall on the party and bite them repeatedly until they shake them off.

>> No.20361287

The hoplites fall behind the prisoner. They move in a group whereas the geist is alone and can move much faster than an average shwirm. They are also slowed down by combining the archers which catch up with them.

The combined force charged into the Lufae territory determined to root out the source of the Wyrem. They find rolling hills filled with echoing wind chimes, but no village or fort.

They decide to dig into the ground hoping to discover an underground store or bunker. The work is long and seems fruitless. Just as they were about to pack up camp. The skys became filled with wyrems and their spears.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night, dozens of howling coils strike the ground around the camp, forming a barrier of wriggling spikes. The resulting blast disorientates the shwirms.

From under the Generals tent bursts Geist soldiers. They blast their own disorienting song incapacitating the shwirms further. The majority of them suffer a maddening cage of noise. From the hole comes, a stronger bigger Geist dwarfing the others. It speaks in the General's voice.

>> No.20361444

The Hexis Schwar are like this:

>> No.20361710


Khuna approaches the intruding shwirms while the war chant disorientates them. He has had just about enough of these songless aggressors, but he doesn't want to kill them just yet. They are better be left alive, so that they will deliver his message the their comrades. If he were to just order their slaughter, more and more of them would just try to breach the Lufae territories.

The Shan Meer scout had arrived some time earlier, trough the tunnel highway that connected the villages. He had told Khuna what he had learned, most importantly, he had acquired the voice of the presumed leader of these bugmen.
Khuna had quickly learned to imitate this voice, and he had learned the basics of the Oamenii language form the other scout team. As he walks closer to the shwirms, he begins to speak using the voice of the general.

"What drives you here songless? You destroy the song chimes, wither the world song and trespass in the sacred land of She who Sang out the World. What is the burning in your hearts that drives you to come to our lands? You have broken our rules, violated our lands, disrupted our song. You are unwanted here. There exists nothing but death for you here, if you choose to pursue this path.
You will leave our borders after two dawns. Tear down the hill of wood you created to watch on us. If you comply, the servants of the Great Singer will not pursue you nor your descendants, as long as they keep to this pact. You will not trespass to the song scape of the Lufae.
Our secrets are ours to keep."

He ends his speech with a deep, rumbling roar, which causes the coils to shatter as the stone bindings keeping the two branches together breaks from the vibration. Using this bang as a cover, the Lufae disappear back into their tunnels. The wyvern riders however keep monitoring the shwirms from high above in the night sky.

>> No.20361775


The General had just about to enter his tent when the camp became hell on primoridal. The sky erupted with wyverns that rained death upon the battalion, slaughtering dozens at a time with their spears, most shwirmk dying without every waking. The General brought his tower shield and spear to bear as the ground erupted in front of him, and nearly fainted at the ensuing screams. He kept his footing, however, and got to see a giant of shining black muscle and sinew emerge from the hole that had erupted from his tent. He screamed out a challange to the beast, who was clearly the leader, and took his position.

Across the killing field, most thwe the shwirm were either dead or whimpering in the fetal position, unwilling to accept the slaughter before their eyes as real. Others saw their doom and simply fought harder, swinging their swords and absorbing hits like creatures possessed. Then there were the 2%. The psycopaths of the militia, who laughed and giggled in glee at the slaughter before them, ignoring their wounds and simply cutting down whatever geist dared appose them. They were determined to put up a fight, no matter how vein.

>> No.20361784

rolled 7, 15 = 22

Old One Eye saw it all. He had been one of the scouts, and was going to return to the camp when the path in front of him erupted with whipping plants and shattering stone. He saw his general take his stand, and so many others. Shwirm laid on the ground, either dead or dying, having taken part in what they thought would be an easy battle. He knew they had no chance of winning, and that with most of their military now dead, the villagers needed to prepare for counterattack, for he was certain their enemies would try to take advantage of this situation. He turned and ran. he ran faster than any other shwirm had ran before, haing lost all sense of self-preservation after the near death from a mossman and all sense of emotion from the slaughter before him. Now, he only had his orders and his duty to carry out. And, by god, he would carry them out.

Rolling for the bodycount the last standers rack up, and if One Eye escapes the slaughter.

>> No.20361804

rolled 19, 14 = 33


Aaaand of course Nad posts by the time I'm done.

>> No.20361847

Writing a different reaction based off what Nad posted. Just a sec.

>> No.20361851

Rolled a 1, an 8, and a 4

>> No.20361879

yeah we're that heartless. he's giving you a mercyful warning.

>> No.20361915

not that heartless*

>> No.20361923


Actually, the coils weren't intended to kill your troops, just make them incapable of fighting against the geists when they came to deliver their message.

>> No.20362051

rolled 19, 16, 11 = 46


Tension is starting to rise in Staatgreich. Younger families are starting to see older more powerful families as danger to all as they have too much power compared to others. Leaders of older families don't even try to deny that they have much power because their oppinion is that the power they have belongs to them as their families are oldest and largest.

In eastern town shwirms have tradition to bury the dead. Now that the town is getting large they need specialized area for this purpose. Graveyard is built outside the city and one of the older families wants to honor their ancestors by building a great mausoleum.

Hunters failure against mossmen brings the idea of improving the tactics of hunters. As jungle geists (Mossmen) are stealthy and use hit and run tactics the shwirm have now idea of close formation that uses wall of weapons as defence. In order to make it useable they will need weapons better suited for fighting style like that.

Rolling for building great mausoleum, inventing stabby weapon and improving shields.

>> No.20362099

The general had heard these words from the creature, looked upon the death and destruction that they had sown on the camp, and could only nod in compliance to no one in particuler. These had been trained soldiers of war, armed to the teeth and ready to kill, and yet they slaughtered them like lambs. He shuddered at the thought of such an attack being carried out on one of the villages, and he had decided on what to do in his mind.

He knew this pact would by no means permanent. One day, a shwirm would look upon the slaughter rained down this day and demand retribution, or one of these lufae would claim that this slaughter was not punishment enough, and drive their armies into our lands.

But today, and at least this generation, the Oamenii and the Lufae would have a truce. He gathered what shwirm were still alive, Old One Eye thankfully among them, did what they could for the wounds they all doubtlessly had, and after having a silent breakfast and burying their dead, they left the hills and began their solomn march back to the Oamenii city.

>> No.20362532 [DELETED] 

rolled 11, 2, 2 = 15

The warriors of the Southern settlement challenge the other Log'eadz, knowing that strength is the universal language of the Log'eadz.

When word reaches the main settlement of the new log'eadz, two dozen more of the Nag Ber'ek head south to the village, to prove themselves, all thoughts of the the Lufae, or the Fae (LOL) as they're now known to the Nag Ber'ek, driven from their minds by the promise of combat and honor. However, the forest impedes the use of javelins, and the villagers wish for a new weapon to supplement their armory, and to aid in daily tasks of clearing underbrush, splitting wood and carving tools.

Meanwhile, to the north, the families that follow the cathedrals attempt to further tame their charges. They try to get the creatures to allow them to ride atop them, and even guide them, so that, in times of war, these pilgrim families can bring the might of the cathedrals to bear against the Nag Ber'Ek

Rolling for Fighting these Forest Log'eadz, making a short sword, and taming the cathedrals futher

>> No.20362546

rolled 19, 15, 20 = 54

The warriors of the Southern settlement challenge the other Log'eadz, knowing that strength is the universal language of the Log'eadz.

When word reaches the main settlement of the new log'eadz, two dozen more of the Nag Ber'ek head south to the village, to prove themselves, all thoughts of the the Lufae, or the Fae (LOL) as they're now known to the Nag Ber'ek, driven from their minds by the promise of combat and honor. However, the forest impedes the use of javelins, and the villagers wish for a new weapon to supplement their armory, and to aid in daily tasks of clearing underbrush, splitting wood and carving tools.

Meanwhile, to the north, the families that follow the cathedrals attempt to further tame their charges. They try to get the creatures to allow them to ride atop them, and even guide them, so that, in times of war, these pilgrim families can bring the might of the cathedrals to bear against the Nag Ber'Ek

Rolling for Fighting these Forest Log'eadz, making a short sword, and taming the cathedrals futher

>> No.20363236


Those are some amazing rolls there, Nag'Ber'Ek.

>> No.20363383

The Omaenii soliders returned to their life, those that survived, weary. Weary of fighting, and hoping desperately for something to look forward to. To be proud of. From the mines came their salvation. A strange new ore, that had been dug, and processed into ingots. Multiple small foundries existed directly outside of the mine now. From the chimneys smoke billowed out, and a simple decoration on a stick spun wildly from it. A schwirm stared at that for a long time, until the implications of such a thing began to develop in his mind. The partially completed fort at the edge of the lufae territory, if it were to be torn down, salvaged, and the unused resources put towards new efforts would greatly benefit the villages with resources for expansion and growth. ((suggested rolls, improving villages, developing simple prosthesis for the war vets, blacksmith training, tool and weapon upgrade to metal. possibly new armors, and...wood gears.))
In the chaos, the flesh singers managed to salvage a few corpses of the dead, or limbs, to study, to repair their subject if they acted quickly enough. ((roll to see how many body parts/ bodies are collected, if any of them are revived, repair of the current test subject, and augmentation of the current test subject.)) Some of the tribe, including the old alpha Thun noticed the flesh singers doing something odd. ((roll to see if the tribe finds the flesh singers suspicious. high is very much so, low is nothing going on here.))

>> No.20363500

rolled 4, 20, 12 = 36

Indeed. A GLORIOUS fight, and cathedral cavalry.

NO ON FUCKS WITH THE NAG BE'REK (except the Lufae. Freaking blind cave elfs)

>> No.20363501

Well NG, I gotta' say I kinda' felt like shit after coming back from a hiatus to find that nearly every pilgrim has been converted to another tribes shrine, I was under the assumption that the Iminye pilgrims would follow their own religion (whatever it is) and the Altume would follow their own religion, not that every elen would suddenly start walking the dream. That's forceful, when I thought the culture would converge slowly and naturally. Perhaps i'm just angry that I wasn't told about this, even if I was away for awhile he could've waited. Poe was being rather pushy during the town charter and made it hard for me to have a say in what te town was going to be like, then again maybe i'm just being an insufferable dick. By the way Poe, maybe I didn't make it clear in my writing but the intention was for both the Altume soldiers and the Iminye soldiers to train and survive in the wilderness together. And yes when individually compared to Altume soldiers the Iminye will always appear weaker, mainly because the Altume have been living in a harsh desert where there are nothing but wild meat eating monsters, when the Iminye live in a fertile land where there isn't as much danger. It has nothing to do with whether the Iminye work well as a fighting force, the idea was for he Iminye soldiers to get used to living life on the brink of death, therefore making them mentally and physically stronger than if they were to just train inside the safety of the town. I accentuated the weakness because you accentuated the Altume's shit roll
So there you go, i'll stop being a dick now.

>> No.20363513
File: 25 KB, 400x300, 8678689789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That feel when you realized you just wrote a huge post of pure bullshit.

>> No.20363524

rolled 14 = 14

Mwepesi defense goes well, an the brave little puruus hold the line against the monsters of the fissure. The Lufae outpost is somewhere nearby, but the puruu cannot seem to find it. The amount of flammable material thrown into the fissure is not enough, and more is needed before the fire will start. Several puruus are killed in a mining accident, but their bodies are salvaged for the runuu pool. The vine swings are also dangerous, and many puruu fall, and require healing.
The female shaman elder who set up camp nearby to study the puruu as insight into the songless can see them searching for her, and the wyvern riders are acutely aware of their plight as they have continued to scout while observing the tribe. Approaching them will be up the shaman, but this could be a good opportunity to interact with the tribe, and perhaps gain more of their "purite" in exchange for services. ((i hope you dont mind, but ive been waiting for a while on the roll of the escaped puruu situation vs the flesh singers, so I am making a roll for the escape of the prisoner and how far it gets.))

>> No.20363835


After much protest from the advisors, the general had the fortress scrapped for resources to expand the growing villages. Huts once again began to grow cramped, and ideas for a large building with multiple huts inside are noted for future use.

The engineers begin to work on creating wheels with protruding rectangles to allow for the prosthetics being tested for the veterans to be more manuverable.

>> No.20363855

Meanwhile, aspiring shwirm begin to experiment with the new metal at their disposal, seeing the great potential this had for their tools and weapons. They create exposed furnaces and attempt to beat heated shwirmite ingots into axes, shields and spears on workbenches made with stone.

The officers, seeing the potential the material that the blacksmiths attempted to utilize had, begin to plan out a new, better sword taking advantage of the durability of the metal, and also began to blueprint ideas for new, more fitting Armor to clad their militia in. The lufae menace was no longer a worry, but the blunt to the south, quite frankly disturbed the shwirm, and they would need everything they could get.

>> No.20364192

The great masoleum is built quickly and is quite grand. A requirement for a close range stabbing device, results in a trench knife. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_I_trench_knife . The shields are improved from sticks to solid planks of wood.
The fighting with the forest log'eadz is a glorious battle, with many skulls taken, but the Logeadz do not exterminate the forest tribe, a good fight is needed as much as good food.The battle was won with the short sword, really, it was just a large triangle of sharpened plate, but to the logeadz it did the trick. The cathedrals are fuly domesitcated and loyal, often assisting in construction efforts.
the choice of where to go is up to you, work it out, or separate and enjoy a good story. Either way is fine and works. There is no need for hurt feelings, only a good time.

>> No.20364226
File: 15 KB, 600x800, disco geist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 16, 5, 12, 17, 5, 1, 18 = 74

The Lufae celebrate their victory over the shwirms. They had successfully been driven out of the tribe's territory and now, the tensions that had been building up until this day were released in a great feast in the communal chamber of the Lua Kae village. The geists sang, played music and danced around each other all day long in almost frenzied state.

While the Lufae celebrated, the flesh singers emerged to the field of battle. The plan had not worked like Khuna intended. He didn't mean to kill this many shwirms, but in the chaos and panic the number of causalities had increased exponentially. This suited the flesh singers very well. They begun their morbid work, gathering dead shwirms and body parts, and then moving them to their lairs for continued research.
Because of the increased strange behavior of the flesh singers, some of the other geists have grown somewhat suspicious of them.

In the following weeks, the Lufae life continues on. The warriors continue their training, and the wyvern riders keep patrolling the borders of the Lufae.
Khuna orders the artisans to continue to work on the compact communication horns, so that the warriors could keep in touch out on the field.

Rolling for:
Collecting bodies and body parts.
Seeing how many of them are actually alive.
Flesh singer research on the test subject.
How great suspicions they cause.

Warrior training.
Border patrols.
Compact horn development.

>> No.20364257
File: 78 KB, 800x600, Emils structure.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The emils armor of the Shan Meer has caught the "eyes" of few of the artisans working on the wyvern armor project. The emils armor has quite peculiar properties, that could make it very useful for the wyverns. The problem is that the emils symbiote only acts the way it does with geists. Creatures who lack the slimy skin, such as the wyverns just get their skin melted off by the emils.
Because of this, the artisans, with the help of the Shan Meer, have begun trying to develop ways of utilizing the armor on non Shan Meers.
I'll explain some of the properties of the emils armor now.

The emils slime itself is a gelatinous organism that is composed of countless of amoeba like semi cells, that can both merge with each other to form bigger "cells" and split of to move freely. The movements of these "cells" and trough them the whole emils is based on fluid movements that occur in the numerous interconnected vacuoles inside each individual "cell". These vacuoles of all the countless "cells" form an ever changing hydraulic network inside the emils slime, that allows it to move around.
The harder emils armor bits are made from emils "cells" that have entered a state of hibernation. They clamp up on each other, and develop quite resilient "shell" over themselves. The armor is quite durable, but also very flexible. The "cells" can switch between the hibernation and normal activity extremely fast. A shell plating capable of covering an entire geist can form in a matter of few minutes, depending on the skill of the Shan Meer at exploiting the emils slime.

>> No.20364294

rolled 16, 10, 17, 13, 6 = 62

Meanwhile, scouts are sent to explore the area to the north, further into the plains. Tresspassing the territory of the Lucas was now forbidden, but in their aggression they had forgotten all the other unexplored land around them.

Some of the more psychopathic of the shwirm hear of the tournaments being held by the Log'Eads, and being the curious creatures they were, began to ask if they could come to these events to watch.

Rolling for making the villages bigger, inventing simple gears, inventing prosthetics, learning how to use shwirmite/make metal tools, and creating the new armor.

>> No.20364305 [DELETED] 
File: 10 KB, 250x265, 57207182_George_Takei_oh_my_xlarge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 4, 20, 18 = 42

>1 on rolls

>> No.20364307

rolled 20 = 20


And as usual I forget about scouting.

>> No.20364342
File: 44 KB, 700x600, Lupai Kaath village.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 19, 14, 10, 17, 18, 18 = 96


The artisans are trying to figure out how to grow this armor, without having to rip it off from the Shan Meers. With the aid of the Shan Meers, they have started experimenting on ways of getting the emils pools produce this flexible, lightweight and extremely durable, almost plastic like armor. Few of them are attempting to simply trying to make small identical plates that could be woven together, some of the artisans try to use a frame made from shwirm bones to work as a mold for bigger plates and few of the stubborn Shan Meer simply try to force the slime in the pools to form into a desired shape by sitting in the pool and trying to control it as a whole, like they control their own slime.

Aith tries to familiarize more with the Korobuskha emissaries in the Lupai Kaath village. The settlers have warmed up enough to the mountain shwirms, so that she can give the emissaries a quick tour of the village. The canyon where the village is located has very little game, and thus many of the settlers have started trying to use their nets for fishing.
Meanwhile, Kun Kaath has grown into a hub of the artisans, as during the conflict with the Oamenii, many of the artisans moved to the village for increased security. There, they were able to get more resources and privacy on their projects that would eventually benefit the whole tribe.
Tenak, the Alpha of the village encourages this development, and orders that workshops are to be built for the artisans so that they can have proper working spaces for their research and projects. He also orders that large pools for mixing up increased amounts of flowing stone for big building projects are to be made.

Rolling for.
Emils armor research. ( 3 rolls, one for each method.)
Developing fishing nets.
Building workshops.
Making large mixing pools for the flowing stone.

>> No.20364368


Obvious Dead Space reference is obvious...

>> No.20364418 [SPOILER] 
File: 216 KB, 400x270, Disco geist, ultra.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I couldn't help myself.
That is what I just kept imagining the shrine to look like.
The idea I have for it is basically that the structure "traps" the winds and sounds echoing from the valley, and then channels them into countless of holes and pipes that have been carved into the twisting pillars. The wind would then emerge from the top of the structure, as a great and harmonious tune, that could be "seen" like a beacon across the mountains by the geists.

Also, here is something that folks came up with in the irc.
Have some appropriate music too:

>> No.20364618



...Just be sure that my shwirm never find the captive. They've already ran into the flayed bodies in the plains, and they'd go on a fucking crusade if they saw what you did to him.

>> No.20365044

The battlefield was full of the dead, both sides, and this was fortuitous for the flesh singers, who had up until recently had little opportunity to work on the Geist population. Excitement. A handful of schwirm are "resurrected" or revived as they were very close to death, but not truely there yet. They first subject is...repaired, enhanced even. Cut to ribbons, and rebuilt with extra muscle, redundant organs, and a replacement arm. Nerves and blood vessels are lovingly grafted into place. This...was art...beautiful, perfect. A precursor for what was yet to come. In time perhaps but a simple scribble, compared to the masterwork of an enhanced geist. Thun is old, but the older alphas still respect him, as do the scouts who were allowed to live a better life because of him. The Flesh singers were caught in the act of study on live schwirm, most shockingly to thun was that they were cut to ribbons, but still alive, like a collage of living organs tied together by wet pulsating string. Their bones and muscles flayed and separated but still connected to the whole. next to them were the bodies of dead geist, or part of them. The Flesh singers had been studying what makes a brute a brute in large detail.
Compact horns are developed, and the border patrol fails miserably, with anarchy breaking out due to the continuing celibrations, followed by a power struggle between the new alphas of the villages, the brutes, and the various castes.

>> No.20365195

derp. but they are now trying to make him better, perhaps the best, but dont worry, your tribe has no idea of any of this. Consider these ones lost for now. they were already dead, the flesh singers just saved them...sorta.
((Nad, how thun reacts to this, or the singers is up to you. They are trying to accomplish something very grand, but their methods may be considered horrific. Thun at the same time may not care, and choose to not tell khuna, but the same cannot be said for his subordinates. Ill be very curious to see how you choose to play this out.))
A downside to this armor is that one ready, it is the emils are dead. Self repair, or modification is impossible, but the durability, and flexible quality remains. The most functional method is generating many small plates and hand weaving them. A few more agressive artisans form large sheets of plate, and cut them to shape while it is still "alive", but this method is not as efficent as the first. Finally, the Shan Meer can expertly create complex, beautiful shapes, but they must maintain them, out of the pool, until the symbiote hardens into its final shape and starts to die, which can take several days. It is a very inefficent process, but without a doubt, producing some of the most fluid, ergonomic results. Fishing nets are simply modified war nets, which are easily put to use catching food. The workshops of Kun Kaath churn with new ideas and experiments. The large pools themselves are made from flowing stone, hardened into a shallow bowl, and it is a functional concept.

>> No.20365272

Honestly, I'd rather live in the afterlife than be used in the experiments of madmen. And there's a thing called the uncanny valley. Where it's ALMOST like your species, but something just feels... off. And it's quite tucking disturbing, thank you very much. I understand it wouldn't be "HOLYSHIT WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO TO YOU?!?", but it'll still be like "Dude, you SURE you're alright? You seem sick..."

>> No.20365398

The stripped fort and materials cause the villages to nearly double in size, making room for new families, and new ideas. The buildings are made of more durable materials that were once meant for a fortification. The first gear system is made, it is just a proof of concept in the form of two wooden wheels with notched teeth cut out, and just to spin. It does this for a few minutes, until it breaks. The onlookers of the experiment are not too impressed, but the inventor, oh...he knows that he just created something to change the world. The new prosthetics are rather refined for a first attempt, featuring a metal and leather construction, they are sometimes even controllable by the nubs that can still move on the amputated limbs. Metal claws, and metal peg legs. ((once gears kick in...clockwork schwirms anyone?)) Schwirmite tools replace traditional stone, bone, and wood tools. Life and work gets a little easier for the tribe. The new armor is a very difficult thing to craft from the metal, and instead existing armor is simply upgraded a bit, with metal rivets, nails, and clasps replacing larger, heavier parts. Scouts have explored areas away from the lufae territory, and found on the open plains a massive variety of wild life, with abundant meat to hunt. It is unlikely food will be a problem for many generations, and leather, bone, hide, etc, while starting to become outdated in some applications, is quite plentiful and easy to work with. Of note there is a large population of cathedrals the Nag. may way to know about. They will either want them, or aid your tribe in capturing and domesticating them. Either way, their shedding plats are an excellent building material, of which there are many to be found.

>> No.20365501

The scout has escaped quite far, but was intercepted by a brutes on patrol. He is surprised at the lone puruu, more confused as to why it is alone and unescorted in the Lufae territory. He will take it to the village alpha for investigation/ brief interrogation. It seems more then content to cling closely to him, terrified out of its wits. The village alpha is the same alpha of the flesh singers in question. Does the alpha know? lets find out!
A few of the schwirms want to do more then watch, they want to fight! FIGHT FIGHT! There are clam logeadz that wish to just learn how to make a good brew, and schwirm who want to start their own skull collections. I suspect a cultural exchange, and perhaps sort of Embassy might be set up in one, or all of the villages of the respected tribes. What the embassy functions as is up to you, but preferably something to contribute in a helpful way to their host village. ((if embassies are established, it is assumed that a player can close them down, and recall their forces home, but otherwise, the host player can use them in their rolls, and effots, but not to a point of ordering them to do something. It would be assumed that the Embassy dwellers wish to be good ambassadors of their people, and are naturally helpful and driven to aid their allies in their efforts. beer making embassy. glorious))

>> No.20365517


STEAMPUNK SHWIRM FOR THE WIN!! Lol. And once I get levers/buttons, I'd like to greet the Lufae with a certain mettalic megabeast...

When I get back home I'll start settling, but for now, it's time to put on my engie cap. Oamenii actions next post.

>> No.20365718

rolled 12, 11, 20 = 43

Sorry to disapoint, but the tournament was held in the north before the Nag Ber'Ek moved to their current location.

Dosen't mean they can't watch the fights that occur almost daily in the main settlement.

I realised my settlements have no names, so, the main settlement I now dub Nag Palka, or "Great Camp," while the south village is Nek Palka "Little Camp."

The people in Nek Palka forcibly assimilate the remaining log'eadz of the forest into their village, making them do menial jobs like cleaning up excrement, and do other crap jobs.

A youth in Nel Palka tries to bind his loincloth back together after it's been ripped, but can find no animal sinew throughtout the camp. Desperate, he tries a hexis vine. Do the other tribe members get an idea from this?

Eno and Dlo send women to the Oamenii settlement, to learn how to brew, and to ensure good faith between the Oamenii and the Nag Ber'Ek. The women sent are chosen because of their calm natures, thought they're still a little aggressive. However, most of the matronly women reamain in Nag Palka, and soon form a group "The Sisters of " The leading members are mostly those who can no longer bear child, and have become dedicated to protecting the lives of the children, and thus the future of the Nag Ber'Ek. They ask the Chieftains for armor, axes and clubs, so that in times of strife they might serve as a last line of defense for the tribe.

New scouts venture forth, this time without the heavy plate armor, and try to infiltrate the lands of the Lufae, bringing with them food and beer as peace offerings if they're caught

Rolling for discovering rope, teaching the forest log'eadz how to speak the language of the Nag Ber'Ek, convincing the chiefs, and infiltrating the Lufae lands

>> No.20365729 [DELETED] 

rolled 3 = 3

Lets roll for that infiltration shall we?


>> No.20365741

rolled 9 = 9

Lets roll for infiltration shall we?

Also, thier the Sisters of the Future

>> No.20365983

rolled 6, 4, 5, 17 = 32

Dahmorg accepts Hulys terms, and orders the construction of a temple of sorts where dream walking and ancestral honoring can be performed. Dahmorg explains that the road was being built in case of sea troubles, and will only be used in case of emergencies. Both the Iminye troops and the Altume troops continue to train and survive in the wilderness, the Altume soldiers try to teach the Iminye men basic survival skills that would come in handy if the army needed to march a long way. The builders try to construct a school, the facility will be even grander than the university, it will be made up of gabai walls and columns and the floors and roof panels made with tree shaping methods. While the school is under construction the apprentice alchemists try to teach the younglings how to mix ingredients to create tonics and potions, more particulary how to create different varieties of health drink. A represenative of the hunting guild from the mountain village requests that he and his co-workers be allowed to build a hunting guild here, in return for respect and wealth they will provide leathers and meat at a much more steady rate than the current hunters. Dahmorg is cautious when dealing with the represenative, he's heard stories of home that describe the hunting guild becoming an influencial organization. He holds a meeting with Hulys to debate how they should deal with the hunting guild.

"They may not know the landscape well and may be useless for the first few months, but I know firsthand that they are skilled hunters, perhaps even more skilled than our own. They are picky about their members you see. I don't particulary like the idea of an independent group of men living within our walls without contributing selflessly."

Rolling for,
Building the dream walking/ancestral honoring temple.
Training the army.
Building a school.
Teaching the younglings of basic alchemy.

>> No.20365989

rolled 6, 9 = 15

>Mountain Village
The fellowship continues onward after mourning for their losses, they try to be as stealthy as possible as to not raise attention to any beasties living in the mountains. The wise men seem to become stumped as to why they cannot perfect the bow, they have the physics of it down and it's shape complete, something is just...Missing. Their pride disallows them the luxury of calling upon the Iminye for help, instead they call to the ocean villages wise men, they travel to the mountain village and try to complete the bow. All of the tribes efforts is now on perfecting this elusive weapon. As a side note they have informed Dahmorg of their issues with the bow, in the case that they still need help they will forfeit their pride and ask one of the Iminye wise men.

Rolling for,
Fellowships journey east.
Creating the bow.

>> No.20365993

rolled 2, 13, 18 = 33

>Ocean Village
The soldiers continue searching for the tentacle beast, they will feast upon monster flesh! The weapon crafters try to pruify the bone shiv, shapening the handle roundly and wraping it in leathers, sharpening the blades edges aswell. The crafters experiment with the wood that the Iminye gifted them, they study it's usefulness by shaping it into different tools, or using it as a component to their existing tools.

Rolling for,
Finding the tentacle beast.
Improving bone shiv.
Experimenting with wood.

>> No.20366000

rolled 11 = 11

>Gorm's Berry Farm
The pilgrims settle at J8, the first thing they do is create some small gabai houses, then they plant the berry seeds.

Rolling for,
Planting berry seeds.

>> No.20366007

With the sudden demand for metal tools and weapons, The general, now more widely known as the governer, decrees that the research outpost and the trade depot were to also begin a mine, with the hope that they would have a source of shwirmite underneath.

He is also interested in the gear made by the shwirm engineer, and requested he make more, giving him some lumber to work with.

The blacksmiths, with their new, harder material, decide to come up with a new sword, for the 'sharpened club's approach was no longer optimal.

Traders at the depot begin tobarter with the metal tools and weapons made by the blacksmiths, which caught quite a many curious eye from the Log'Eads and allowed the traders to get quite good deals in roasted food and cathedral plates.

>> No.20366090


Down below, in the shwirmite mines, the miners discovered something quite peculiar. One of the miners had run into a tunnel that had quite obviously had not been dug by the shwirm, with completely different tools and no light source to speak of. There wasn't even any sign of. The Lufae wind chimes, which the creatures had been quite happy to use to mark everything that was theirs. The miners decided to inform the governer, leaving a hoplite armed with the new shwirmite weapons and Armor.

The prosthetics created by the eningeers continued to be improved on, the engineers determined to get the closest they could to the real thing.

Meanwhile, the scouts come back and inform the governed of what they discovered. After thinking this through, he sent a messanger to the Log'Eads detailing what they had found, specifying they had also found a cathedral herd as well.

The embassies were met with open arms, and the brewers were more than happy to share their techniques with them. They also begin to experiment new types of beer, from vodka to whiskey to rum, and even wine was tried.

>> No.20366137

rolled 19, 11, 1, 9, 17 = 57

Rolling for for what the mines find in the trade depot, inventing gears, inventing gladius/short swords, improving prosthetics, and making new kinds of beer.

Also note that while the brewers are shwoing the females how to make the beer, they still are the ones with the berries required to make them.

>> No.20366358

Hell yes, I've been waiting for this...
The Oamenii have found the Caverns of Suursonnabu. More precisely, level 1 of the Caverns of Suursonnabu. Who knows what danger and riches await?

Under the trade depot, a big natural cave was found. Its walls are glittering with shwirmite, along with natural crystal formations which softly glow green.
Gears were invented, at first people thought it was a wheel with more traction, but the inventor knows its true possibility. Designs upon designs fling themselves at his mind.
The sword-maker, in his haste to produce swords, made them too thin; end result is a floppy sword that can't cut anything and is too brittle.
Prosthetics were given braces to stabilize them, but nothing else yet.
Some of the females try to make beer from small Siwari shoots and seedlings, and they managed to create Siwari beer. Tastes different from berry beer, but some shwirms like it.

>> No.20366448

hey nongent. did this go anywhere? or am i not seeing a post.

>> No.20366532


Wat? I didn't even...

Whatever, I'll just roll with it. LET'S INDIANA JONES UP THIS SHIT!!

>> No.20366692


After facepalms were exchanged all around, the useless 'swords' were melted down and attempts to make the gladuises restarted.

With the new gears, the engineers began to add gears to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and appendages of the prosthetic limbs. Experiments are also made to create a tool that would allow for the sharpening of weapons.

Upon hearing of this strange tunnel, the governed summons the great Old One Eye, who was the best of the best when it came to scouting and stealth. He let him gather everything he would need for the journey into the tunnels, and would enter the tunnel by next week.

>> No.20366774

rolled 20, 4, 5, 17 = 46


The miners, at the sight of their bounty, exchanged grins before letting loose their pickaxes on the shwirmite and the crystals.

The officers resume their project to create a shwirmite set of Armor, hoping to create at least 5 sets by next week for Old One Eye's Expedition.

Rolling for inventing gladius/short swords, improving prosthetics with gears, inventing the grindstone, and inventing shwirmite Armor (including the tower shield)

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