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What's your favorite weapon in Warhammer 40k, stylistically and/or tactically? In whatever terms that you're familiar with it - from the tabletop game, the paper & pen RPGs, one of the video games, etc.

For me it's the flamer, both stylistically and tactically. Not only is it cool as hell (I mean come on, it shoots out a giant stream of FIRE), but it has great applications in battle.

You don't really have to aim with the thing, since it shoots a huge gout of fire. This is especially useful on the move, where accuracy really suffers. It covers a large area, ignores cover, and it's good at breaking the enemy's morale.

If you can get the guy holding the flamer in range of the enemy, and they don't have heavy armor, they're pretty much done for.

As for as I know, it's also not that pricey (or rare, in the RPGs) across the various iterations of Warhammer 40k - not in the tabletop game, the RPGs, or the video games (or at least, not in the Dawn of War series).

I'm actually a bit skeptical that such a devastating weapon, that can totally shut down huge swathes of light infantry, should be considered a low/mid level weapon.

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Just because artillery is awesome in idea and practice.

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Boltguns, because I have a hardon for blocky guns.

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Personally, it's the Plasma Gun. While there is a danger to using it, it's never been a problem for me in the table-top game, and the benefits outweigh the costs in the FFG 40k games. Look at it: It's a big-ass hip-carried monster that barfs out balls of high S/AP anti-tank/anti-terminator death. I deploy them against anything heavier than a Space Marine on table-top, or just to force smaller, elite mobs of enemies to go to ground.

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Needs more artillery.

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Any and all Ork weaponry. It is just FABULOUS!

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However, to help liven discussion, I will also give an honorable mention to the Eldar D-Cannon. The idea is brutal, and it's simply marvelous against transports and the poor bastards inside them.

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Everything always needs more artillery

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As an assault-heavy, melee-focused player, I can safely say that even I can always use more 'tilly whenever I can get it.

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I've always wondered if the flamers of 40k Fire like fictional flamethrowers (short large bursts) or real life flamethrowers (100 feet long fiery trail).

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Up until recently, it was the Power Klaw.

Now though, the Fleshshredder.

Harvesting souls, all day e'rryyday.

>mfw I need to paint this ;_;

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I would probably say the latter since they can be used to hose people down (not that it bothered the Space Marine that had been set fully aflame)

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I've always liked the idea of man-portable railguns

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Me, I always liked the appearance of the melta myself. I'd wonder at the practicality of it, but you're effectively holding a DISINTEGRATOR CANNON that can MELT TANKS.

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Daemon weapons...

Specificlly the blissgiver.

Something about having up to 10 ap3 instant death attacks gets me exicted. Most weapons of mass destruction can wipe out a unit with sufficient focus but only the bliss giver turns a single model into a unit killing nightmare.

Fnp? No problem, multi wound? What's that? Powerarmour you say?

Pre 6th it would slaughter anything you could get a wound on, now terminators can handle it (but hey they may as well be vehicles anyway)

But for MEQ hunting i find few things to be as fine.

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It's your own damn fault for putting the whole thing together before trying to paint it.

Painting Huge Fucking Models Piecemeal Master Race here.

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Fictional. If they fired like real flamethrowers, they'd be horrendously overpowered. Any and all light infantry would be annihilated like it was nothing. Everyone would take them, and pretty much every army except for SPESS MUHREN armies would have to be heavily mechanized.

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On the tabletop they seem to have a pretty big range but in the FFG games they have a range of 20m

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Perhaps it is in the nature of prometheum to trade range for sheer killing power (adhesion, temperature, chemical impunity, etc.). Or balance. Either works.

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>I'm actually a bit skeptical that such a devastating weapon, that can totally shut down huge swathes of light infantry, should be considered a low/mid level weapon.

Nobody in their right fuckin mind considers the flamer low or mid tier.

in 'vehicle spam wins' edition, flamers were ultimate. you would tank shock your opponent to bunch up his guys all one side of the rhino, then pop the roof and flamer the shit out of them. It was a thing of beauty.

It still works too, its just that now vehicles can actually die, and flamers got better due to overwatch.

Personal favorite weapon though?

lately, the hellhound and any of its variants.

Fast Attack is a very contested slot in a Guard army and most guard players will just instantly go "LOL VENDETTA" but the hellhound is insanely overrated in the current edition.

You start 24" away from your opponent, on turn 1 the hellhound turbos up 12", then projects its flame template 12". the flame template is completely through no-mans-land is projecting onto any enemy unit deployed on the line.

For the cost of the vendettas, you could have the same number of hounds, inflicting 30 S6 AP4 hits on any unit sitting on the deployment line on turn 1.

Oh, and if they get blown up? That's about 18" of 4+ cover save right down the centerline of the table. For a guard army, that's fucking fantastic.

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Unfortunately, if even a single Powerfist survives the Blissgiver, your Lord will get clubbed to death. Usually by a nameless 30ish point Sergent.

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>Nobody in their right fuckin mind considers the flamer low or mid tier.

I meant in terms of cost and availability, not how players see it.

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>hellhound is insanely overrated in the current edition.
meant to say underrated. DERP.

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>That's about 18" of 4+ cover save right down the centerline of the table.
Next time I play IG on VASSAL, I'm going to give this a shot. Sounds like a truck-load of fun, even if I somehow manage to screw it up.

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Yeah the guy weilding it isn't the toughest lol but bliss giver vs powerfist for sheer killing power? blissgiver imo

But that's the thing with any weapon in 40k even the best weapons are subject to their user being slaughtered (with precision shots and challenges we have less ot fear from powerfists)

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Excuse my ignorance, but what's VASSAL? It's pretty clear that it's something that lets you play the tabletop game on a computer, but uh, how do you get it? Can you play against some sort of AI, or do you have to play against another human?

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i dont know about that. I don't think the average 40k player is really up on it, and that the flamer goes unappreciated.

and by that I mean, for some reason, people like plasma guns.

The melta gun kills everything the plasma gun does, has the magic number 8 so it IDs most infantry, kills every tank on a 4+ (3+ open topped) and can be fired on the charge.

The plasma gun can potentially kill its own model, is more expensive, but you tell people it will kill 2 MEQs/TEQs at 12" and they wet their freakin pants with joy.

then, it gets charged, because if you're rapid-firing it at 12" then guess what- whatever you fired it at is going to assault you so that you don't get the chance to shoot it next turn. You could have meltad, then charged them.

I'd rather trust the dice. if you want to kill infantry, don't take a plasma gun, commit to the flamer. Double up on it if you can, and get a combi-flamer on an independent or a sergeant if the option is available.

a plasma gun can kill 2 terminators.

3 flamers can generate 30 hits and make your opponent roll dice, and making your opponent roll dice is the best way to kill his models.

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I personally love Powerfists, but the Chainfist takes the cake. I like imagining what went down when it war first created:
>Magos Veskid!
>Ah Techmarine Mallus, what can I do for you?
>I have an idea for a new weapon! A Powerfist variant!
>Very well, lets hear it.
>Well its quite simple. We take a standard Astartes Powerfist for Tactical Dreadnought Armor...
>Go on...
>And then we take a standard Astartes Chainsword, re-purposed for shredding through armor...

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How do you feel about heavy flamers and doom sirens( i love doom sirens.)

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Ignorance excused. It's a tool for online card/tabletop gaming, and a module for 40k is rather good/popular. No AI gaming, but you can play 'hotseat' games as well as online.
Hoping these handy links don't set off anything.


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I'm a new CSM player, and I'm working on my first squad. I was set on getting a Plasma gun, but now I'm seriously reconsidering, mostly because of this post.
Considering the squad I'm making is going to be used for objective holding/defense, I'm leaning on Heavy Bolter + Melta, but the offensive squad will definitely be taking Flamers.

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Never take heavy bolters =( sorry. They're horrible. Go autocannon (you can repurpose the heavy bolter into one easily)

Just my advice, heavy bolters just don't work the way you'd want them to.

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I'm planning on running it in my guard list and all my allied detachment guard in other armies.

just think of it like this-

the current meta does not favor vehicles. Most assault or even pedestrian-shooty armies are going to put scoring units up to the deployment line to grab objectives or run into favorable cover.

Vendettas will not arrive until at least turn 2. They're good. They're very good, but what the hellhound is offering you is a turn 1 alpha strike of pure insanity.

you fast-and-burn on turn 1, and drop all 3 hellhounds' inferno cannon templates on 1 unit. That unit takes 3 times as many hits as there are models in the squad.

You've just changed the pace of the game.

Your opponent has to now immediately refocus his entire battleplan around wiping out your hellhounds, because if he does not, your hellhounds will do the same thing on turn 2, except this time they will produce 60 hits on one unit, because they will bus up and get their hull-mounted flamers in as well.

This is an imperative kill unit. the hellhound squad will destroy anything that does not immediately remove it from the table.

here comes the best part- that's just a fast attack slot. You're imperial guard- we haven't even got to the REST OF YOUR ENTIRE ARMY yet, which will naturally include either mounted vets with special weapon spam and melta bombs, or fuckhueg line guard bubble wrap and ALL OF THE TANKS.

it is going to take a very committed anti-tank effort from your opponent to remove that much vehicle from the table in a single turn, and assuming they accomplish that goal, your token 3 leman russes now have flaming wrecks they can bus up too to use as cover.

naturally, this probably is a hit or miss strategy against 'gauss gun wins' but hey, necrons gonna roll sixes.

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Gotcha. I'll do what I can, I have yet to assemble most of the squad.

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Sounds splendid, absolutely splendid. I'm thinking 1500 points should be enough to work an Alpha Strike army (as I'm terming it now), but as I play IG very casually, do you think it'll hold up better at higher point or lower point games?

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Question: What is to stop an opponent from moving his guys slightly back on deployment, thereby denying your Hellhound Alpha Strike entirely?

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My personal fav weapons are like, blissgiver,doomsiren,blastmaster, autocannon

I love meltas and melta bombs but for different reasons. (They let me get into those tastey infantry units with the above weapons)

If you want to be a real bastard, get an aegis defense line with a quad gun, put a squad of havocs in it w 4x autocannons.

Generate 12 s7 shots at anything on the board (more or less) kill mc's, rip through light vehicles, butcher squads of light armored infantry. And when they turn on your 270ish point unit to try to take it out.. go to ground for the 2+ cover save (if needed)

I've had enemies spend alot of resources on that reletively cheap unit while my noise marines run amok.

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Well, I really like the look of the ships in the Imperial Navy.

>> No.20270561


If they don't know about it why would they give up an initial movement advantage?

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I fuckin love doom sirens. Doom siren Noise Marine champion is probably my favorite model in the game right now. He's a shit ton of points, but he can wreck entire squads of marines by himself. AP3 flamer, I5 power sword, the guy is a brick house.

As far as the objective camping CSM squad is concerned? Well, there's a few things.

firstly, there's flavor. I personally prefer cult marine armies, and I run Slaanesh and Nurgle. Never together, 2 completely different lists. I never mix my green dudes and my purple dudes, I just consider it the right way to be chaos. That being said, I think cult marines are the best way to do chaos.(except of course for 1k sons, who are just easily the worst cult marines, even with berserkers losing their initiative bonus on the charge)

For guys that are going to camp objectives, I actually don't mind the plasma gun. If their job is to sit on something, I can see the Plasma being useful. However, I think the flamer can be a good deterrent as well. In general though, a lot depends on terrain.

If you consistently deploy objectives near barricades or forests that force your opponent to give up bad charges, than it pays to be patient, and the plasma gun is worth it.

>> No.20270641


However, if you're camping objectives In the open, I would pretty much always consider it better to charge. You can still hold/contest an objective when you're within 3" of it, so I would rather prefer to aggressively attack anyone that comes near you with melta and flamer, and get the charge, rather than let them have it.

on equipping normal Chaos marines, they have the option to double up on assault weapons if there's 10 of them. If I had to take a heavy weapon, I would say the missile launcher, because we'll probably get anti-air missiles in our next codex.

But in general, I would rather just get ten guys, mount them in a rhino, give them either 2 flamers or 2 meltas, give the champ a combi weapon, and have them bus up into something and either template or melta it to death, and then worry about the objective.

Keep in mind that a Rhino can flat out 18" up the table. you can put a combi flamer on it, bus it up onto any objective you want, then on turn 2, if the rhino is still alive, the guys just hop out and you dump 4 templates on whatever it was that wanted to fight you for that objective. That's a lot of hate on one target.

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however, we have to assume that the current meta is marines on foot.

because half the armies in the game are marines are some flavor, and marines are fairly confident of their ability to move up the field. Most people LIVE IN ABJECT TERROR of hullpoints and wine about vehicles, they leave them on the shelf.

One also must consider that objectives on the table are far more numerous in sixth edition, and the old standard 'fuck it dude, let's just go until one of us is out of models' mission is less likely to happen.

You currently have a constant 24" no mans land between the 2 armies regardless of deployments.

1 mission is 'kill doodz'
1 mission is 'the objective is in the dead center of the table, fight over it/bring it back'
1 mission is 'there's a bunch of objectives spread across the table' (and you always put objectives in no mans land to draw your opponent out)
1 mission is 'capture the flag'

Then, there is the secondary objective of most missions, which is linebreaker- get a scoring unit into your opponent's deployment zone.

So we have to assume that your opponent has to put something right on his deployment line just to compete.

if he doesn't start on the line, he's robbing himself a turn of forward momentum, and is committing to 'fuck primary objectives, i'll just kill everything on the table.'

And if he does that... You're a guard player. There's nothing you want him to do more than ignore objectives and try to kill everything on the table. That's your best win condition.

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Here is my method of equipping Chaos Marine squads:

-Champion with Power Axe (Power Maul if Noise Marines/Slaanesh)
-2 Meltaguns, or Plasmaguns if they are Plague Marines or dedicated objective campers
-Meltabombs on the champ (ONLY if you have extra points. These are not mandatory)
-Rhino, always and forever, even on camping squads.

A note on Power Mauls: things with 3+ armor only have a 4%ish better chance of surviving each swing compared to a Power Sword (because the Maul giving +2 S will cause more wounds), and the Maul is simply better against things with 2+ or 4+ armor, plus they give you a good chance at damaging most transport vehicles. There is simply no reason not to use a Maul in place of a Sword.

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I love me some MELTA!!! I mean come on it does what the name says, it MELTS and does a damn fine job. Kill a tank? Kill a terminator? Kill a space marine, or Mega Nob? Answer is the same, shoot it with melta... Melta the pocketknife of the Imperiem.

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Rhinos are goofy in 6th but if one survives you can be a real jerk with em. Flamer,flamer, combiflamer, combiflamer

Well it's hilarious.

Another thing i like is a stripped down sorcerer with mark of slaanesh, melta bombs and doom bolt(sub for psychic shreik brb)

For 120 points plus your noisemarine company (5 deep w/ a champ is 170 points) and a rhino w/ combi flamer or havoc launcher you can smother a squad in pure death.

And cover is meaningless.. totally meaningless lol. (2 flamer templates plus up to 8 wounds that ignore armour/cover) if you have to charge you get i6 power weapon and i5 powerweapon attacks when the time comes.

If you math hammer it up you'll realize a 5man noise marine squad on the offense can butcher a 10 man marine squad pretty effectively.

>> No.20270840


also twin-linked tesla destructor owns all

>> No.20270856

>we have to assume that the current meta is marines on foot.
no, we don't have to assume that. 90% of players are still running their vehicle lists because they are still good, and its what they are accustomed to using.

There is a misconception that 6th edition caused some massive shift in the meta. It didn't. If anything it reinforced it because you can no longer prevent a vehicle from moving/shooting by glancing it.

Foot lists CAN work now, but most players are still rolling vehicles.

>> No.20270889

you also have to consider that camping your own table edge grants 'flyer hate' now.

A lot of players that like to table-camp units like artillery batteries, devastators, and even Lemon Russian squads are at a disadvantage against FLYER SPAM, which is of course very popular in the current meta of "shit guys, there's only 2 anti aircraft models in the game- the hydra, and that rinky-dink little gun on the fortifications!"

Naturally, the availability of AA will change.

But camping your table edge with your long range, that will get you fucked.

A flyer buses onto the table from reserves and must immediately move at least 18, and this is on a 48" table.

Most flyers will bus onto the table, fly straight forward, and engage their target with every weapon they can.

Then, on the next turn, assuming they cannot hover (most flyers that can don't want too, as they're flying rhinos and hover made makes you much easier to hit) they must zoom again.

This means that a flyer moving as slow as possible, while still maintaining the speed that makes it difficult to kill, must cover 36" in 2 turns, on a 48" table.

This generally means that a flyer will hit its target unit on the turn it comes in, and then fly over it and zoom off the table on its next turn to avoid reprisal fire, and "Pacman" back into ongoing reserves and come in again from its home edge for another attack run.

If you camp a unit on your own table edge, this means that without turning, a flyer can fire aggressively on that target for 2 turns at zoom speed.

so you see, camping your table edge only gaurantees that you double the amount of fire your army takes from what is currently the most popular unit class in the game.

>> No.20270935

Definitely Lascannons for utility and Meltaguns for fluff. Lascannons can rip apart enemy armor like it's nobodies business (With a bit of luck one lascannon can wipe out a Chimera).
For the Melta, come on. It's a giant heat ray of death. I've always had this image in my mind of whenever the melta is used on Power Armor, it just melts the armor, cooking the guy inside. Why wouldn't you want a gun that turns armor to slag and melts people?

>> No.20270950


Also, Imperial aeronautica just made a shit ton of forgeworld fliers 40k legal for most armies, so pretty much every army has access to some variant of 'robot death pastry spam' if they desire it.

while i disagree with you, its irrelevant. I'm not going to argue statistics on the internet, but if people are still running mechanized, thats only that much nicer for guard players, including 'hellhound alpha strike' because there's nothing a guard player loves better than playing 'who can bring the most tanks to the table.'

a mech army might be able to prevent significant burny death and blunt the alpha strike on turn 1. That's more than possible.

But we're still relying on the tried and true guard strategy- "whatever I'm throwing at you first, rest assured there's vets with melta bombs behind it."

>> No.20270960

Tabletop: Gauss Blaster. I mean, come on! It's a gun that glows with sickly green energies and strip the target molecule by molecule into oblivion during the fraction of a second.
To quote a certain motivational poster: "Our most basic gun can destroy your most advanced tank. This is all fair and legal."

RPG: The humble heavy stubber has a special place in my heart for it has earned its place during a great many campaigns, first in Dark Heresy and later both in Rogue Trader and Black Crusade.
Heavy Stubber + Organgrinder Rounds/Fyceline-tipped Rounds + user with high BS = MEAT CONFETTI FOR EVERYONE!

>> No.20271084


The lascannon is tried and true, but I personally think aggressive use of transported meltaguns, backed up with combis, fists, and bombs where available, is a superior solution.

The lascannon fails to take advantage of the weakness of vehicle squadrons, as its really hard to get volume of fire out of it. To get a lot of lascannon, you need devies/havocs/longfangs, anti tank guard squads (which requires committing to a line-guard army) predator annihilators or the ever-popular vendetta, and the vendetta is probably the best weapon platform for lascannon spam out of all of those choices.

When vehicle squadrons are hit, there is no limit on the distance that damage can 'travel' between vehicles.

Theoretically, if you had 10 landspeeders in one unit, (you can't of course, but go with it) and they are all in one squadron, lined up from table edge to table edge, you could literally walk up to one landspeeder and melta/bolter/gauss/kitchen sink it, and the chain of infinite destruction would just continue down the table from one landspeeder to another as they blew up like popcorn popping.

That's just how the damage allocation works.

So while a lascannon can get a really hot roll and penetrate, then roll up a wreck on a 5+, it will destroy one vehicle, and only the vendetta is a really good guarantee for volume of lascannon fire with enough zap to get more than one good pen in and improve the odds of getting more than one kill.

But if you can bus up something like meltavets, chosen, sternguards, guys with combi-weapons, whatever you can dump a lot of guns on... Then you can literally just walk up to one tank, tap it, and every leman russ in the squad will explode. It just pays to be aggressive.

>> No.20271420

For the guys that love melta what did you think of it's portral in Space Marine?

Personally it fit my mental image almost perfectly and I love it

>> No.20271492


I'm pretty sure that the... stuff... that melta guns shoot is supposed to be in a straight beam, more or less, not a scatter shot. I dunno frankly, melta gun shots are portrayed differently.

In the first Dawn of War, it's portrayed as being a laser, basically. A perfectly straight, bright beam. In the second Dawn of War, it's portrayed as being like a mini lascannon - a thick, blocky laser beam.

In the FoK mod for the first dawn of war (great mod, by the way), it's portrayed as... I dunno how to describe it. Sort of like a cross between a flamer and a laser. It's a straight burst of bright, fire-like stuff.

>> No.20271563

Power sword, because swords are awesome and polearms are shit tier.

>> No.20272643

Pulse Rifle.
Its not that its the strongest
Its not that its the fastest
Its not got the longest range
Its not got all the specials.

But its solid, versatile, and doesn't let you down.
This goes double in Rogue Trader. Want an exotic main weapon that will never let you down? Good Quality Pulse Rifle.

If you want insane power however... Xenarch Death Arc.

>> No.20273053

I fucking love the look of devestators with multimeltas or heavy bolters, IG heavy weapons squads with autocannons or mortars - my favorite weapon has to be the assault cannon, either terminator or dreadnought version

>> No.20273249

Railgun Submunitions
10m long Shotgun fireing dozens of projectiles the power of a krack greanade

>> No.20276114

My favourite is the bolter, because it's pretty much emblematic of the entire 40K setting.

>> No.20276228


Think about how that would go down now adays:

>Techmarine Mallus, did you just suggest that we invent something new?
>Techmarine Mallus, you will board the next ship off Mars, you chapter can send a new marine for training

>> No.20278567

Truly a grim and dark future

>> No.20278826

The chainsword. It's a chainsaw, that's a sword. Truly, no better weapon exists for the purging of the undead. I love to imagine the gore shower it undoubtedly creates as it cleaves through its very unfortunate victims.

>> No.20279106

The warscythe. On the one hand, it's a S7 AP1 close combat beast that goes before powerfists and thunderhammers.

On the other hand, it is a symbol of office; the Overlord holds, in his clenched fist, an item that is both staff and blade, regalia and weapon all at once, a tool to reap the life of his foes and to boldly lead his forces in battle from the front. Not for him is the cowardice of ranged combat; even in an age of techno-sorcery, when the laws of physics themselves have been subjugated and made subservient, the Overlord is found in the thick of the melee, and it is the warscythe that accompanies him there.

>> No.20279159

Tactically, Hammerhead Railgun, i like switching from S10 AP1 single shot to a large blast whenever i want

as for style? i have a thing for Storm Bolters,

>> No.20279210

I'm still vaguely upset that chainswords are so iconic of 40k yet 6th edition kept them folded in to the close combat weapon option... I don't want to say that chainswords deserve better than that, much, much better than that, but...

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