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If all the other creations and homebrews can have a thread, so can these.


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someone should do some writefaggory for Threegrot.

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I thought there was some.

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I'd do so myself but I suck at doing most things.

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then I haven't read it.

got a pastebin link? since I don't see one on that wiki page.

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Who is that a drawing of?

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Not a character.
It's one of the 'Slingers' in the arms.

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"Slingers"? The wiki says "swingees", is that right?
Also, learn to reply properly

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Swinges, Slinger. It's all good.

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I might be wrong.

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On the writefaggotry note, did we get any origin of Fizzgutz?

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Well... yeah.
He was a weirdboy *Cant remember is he was a wannabe weirdboy or not* while they looted Boris he went into a closet and found a techpriest cloak/dress, with a book.
He then went to become a messenger of Gork and Mork disciplining bitches with 'Da Buk'

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Heya, I could do some writing on threegrot, but I'm not sure how. He seems like a very flat character and there isn't much to work with. Minor psionic abilities, suspicious.... but what are his motivations? What are his goals? These are questions I need to answer.

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Oh wait, my bad.
Seems like that was just an idea someone tossed out while we made him.
Disregard ''Weirdboy''>>20265464

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They wanted to be more than just the average grot, and became Threegrot.
So i'd reckon he'd want to become a higher up in the Grotocracy if he/they knew about it.
Not sure though.

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All the Scraplootas are madboyz.

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OP delete the other thread already..

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I feel like Threegrot would want to become a proppa ork rather than a tall/important grot.
Ideas for adding depth.
>Through their psionic connection, the three grots have now actually become a singularity. They are Threegrot now and any one of the three of them is little more than absolutely nothing. They have become one entity.
>They, being kinda chaotic, actually love to cause fights in camp but due to being essentially just three grots, are unable to fight in proppa WAAAGH
>idfk I'm running out of ideas again

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I'd tell you to read the codex, but this is a Scraplootas thread, so none of it would really apply.

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Actually, that's surprsingly accurate.

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Im bored out of my skull.
gonna gtfo for a while

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I thought he got weird in the head (not in the psych sense though) after sleeping in Boris too often and absorbing some of that chaos energy from it.

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dead tonight.

I haven't been through all the Scraploota threads yet, so there might be some uncollected stories somewhere.

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He thought he was a weirdboy after he saw three grot walking along and fall over so he thought he turned him from an ork into three grots.

Then he found da buk and his robe and he went smacking grots with it

Then the two parts were diverged and the whole "normal boy who thinks he is a weirdboy" bit sort of fell by the wayside

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The majority of the scraplootas are mad boyz by normal ork standards

To them it is just jeeneyus

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It's mostly dead because no one has much to constructively add, unfortunately, we've had a lot of discussion done already.
Can we make it an unwritten rule that, unless someone has Scraplootas related content to share, we limit starting up threads to Wednesdays only? This would help keep the Scraplootas fresh and interesting.

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Well I just have nothing new to add because my ideas have been mentioned last time and I suck at write fu

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I guess...

right now my brain is too busy trying to think how they'd interact with the other /tg/ homebrew factions.

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Agreed with this guy.

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So Scraplootas are a tribe of Freeboter Madboyz. That is fucking great.

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Well since we're all here, we could discuss their surrounding sector, since we know the Scraplootas don't really have a home planet. I keep imagining a 40K equivalent to the Carribbean, filled with nothing but Freebooterz, Space Pirates, Rogue Traders, and people taking advantage of the ensuing mayhem caused by this. Chaos wants to Chaosify it up as they always do, at least one Eldar craftworld is using all this nonsense to hide in, DEldar are there to rape and pillage, Tau are there to prove how the Greater Good can pacify the region, and IoM are there to gain control of the region again. Insert random Necron tomb world and a few Nids showing up here and there and blammo, you got yourself a stew.

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while on the subject of surroundings, do the Scraplootas even have access to warp jumping?

I always just imagine them putzing along in the same area, slowly making their way from planet to planet unless that farseer hooks them up with speedy transport.

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That's definitely something worth knowing. And while that scenario makes sense, it's equally fun to imagine them just -VOIP-ing above a planet and then dropping a Boris on the populace below.

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they'd probably have to fight warp horrors if they ever tried making a jump on their own since their shields flicker.

All the grots would probably just start screaming at the horrors as if screaming at the walls when the walls start screaming at them was practice for it.
Or some dumb thing like that.

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They have a krooza and I guess the ball of weird squigs would amplify the WAAAGH field that the limited number of boyz could put out so that they are safe as orks ever get in the warp

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I'm now imagining them running a giant cable from Boris' reactor to the ship's engines and using the WAAAGH ball as an astropath

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well then they're just guaranteed to fight warp horrors then if the WAAAGH is guiding them.

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Cool, that actually makes drawing things a lot less stressful. I can just dump all the stuff I finish then. :D

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Always makes for a good time while on the krooza if they can krump dem spiky demon gits

I do picture the cable being attached by shoving it in one of the squigs gob and Boris yelling at the daemon to take him to da fightin!

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I had an idea about the stormboy and biker nobs again

They both keep trying to find the best fuel for their respective vehicles, the stormboy keeps trying to make better fuel ( often just more explosive ) while the biker keeps trying to make a better nitro fuel from squig juice since he thinks that he can just fill his tank with it

While they compete they are about as good friends as orks can really be since they both share the same passion of bein da fastest ork ever

The stormboy uses all sorts of random bits in his fuel like Prometheum, eldar gubbinz and chaos bits to go into his mixes where the biker keeps to more orky things like squig oils and fungus beer. Realistically neither work that well but they are loud and explosive so they think they are great

The stormboy doesn't go anywhere without his rokkit pack and the biker has traps set up guarding his bike whenever he is more than a few steps away from it and locked away behind a giant bulkhead door that he got control of by bribing Zizzbitz to make a remote for.

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Are you the guy working on Snekkit?

>> No.20272154

Yeah, the day I said I was I just couldnt get it right and gave up, I'm going to start again tonight....
Are you the guy that said, "Yay" last thread?

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Might've been me.
Cant remember.
Dont know if I had taken my name off to go post in another thread or not.
Im going to fuck off and go to bed now.
It's 9 AM.
Words and sentences.

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That was >>20272263
I was also happy, though. Really, any drawfaggotry of any of the characters brought to the table is coolbeans, though.

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We'ze gots at go wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiider

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So assuming someone wanted to represent the ScrapLootas on the tabletop without using any homebrew rules:

Warboss ('Urtylug)
Big Mek (Zizzbitz) with Blue as an Oiler Grot
(If you're using dual FOC) WierdBoy (ThreeGrot) leading a grot squad.

Grots, and only grots. Oh Gork and/or Mork so many grots. Fizzguts (and maybe Derknitt) as grotherders, the rest being gretchen bureaucrats.

Kommandos. Model Rockeata and Snekkitt in there somewhere. Derknitt too, if he's not with Fizzguts and the grots.
(Maybe) A small Nobz mob. ('Urtylug's Swashkrumpaz)

Fast Attack:
Small warbikers mob. (Boris' Rear Guard)
A couple of Deffkoptas (Boris' Air Support)
(Maybe) A Small Stormboyz mob (I think they've only been mentioned once or twice, though)

Heavy Support:
None. Unless there's some Imperial Armour rules that could reasonably represent Boris.

Sound good?

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Dont forget about Boris.
But yeah sounds good.

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Sounds damn good to me. Good enough to be the current official Scraplootas loadout. I'm glad to see they're finally getting crunched out a bit.
>(Maybe) A small Nobz mob. ('Urtylug's Swashkrumpaz)
I'd make this a yes and take out the maybe. Just make them all have grappling hooks and pirate hats
>(Maybe) A Small Stormboyz mob (I think they've only been mentioned once or twice, though)
I think they've been mentioned enough to be more than a maybe as well.

I really just want to see a massive grot rush happen somewhere in the name of the Scraplootas.

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so we know Threegrot came to be since he was sick of being kicked around, but is he able to fool the Grotocracy like he does with the Orks?

What's stopping other weird grots from making a fourgrot, or even a fivegrot? No trench coat long enough?

>> No.20276988

Anyone taller or shorter are clearly not weirdboyz.

It would be interesting if Threegrot was a different grot every single time.

Or maybe Threegrot is the mysterious head of the Grotocracy?

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>Heavy support

Don't forget the looted leman russ and Boris

>> No.20277040

grots you say?

>>pic related
80 of the mofos!

>> No.20277139

I think the Grotocracy doesn't care about outsider grots. If a grot lives outside of Boris, then they don't much matter. I doubt Threegrot would be allowed into the grot-only parts of Boris after his dropping out of the Grotocracy
>Or maybe Threegrot is the mysterious head of the Grotocracy?
The 'Ead Kounsel changes almost daily due to all the uprisings and coups. Even the dakkists and the choppists routinely change leaders as different grots argue over what's the best way to be the shootiest or the choppiest
Getting there, but still not enough grots. We want opposing armies to be as confused as they are scared by the sheer number of grots we have.

>> No.20277193

So, about Boris.
Where can we find rules for an Imperator Class Titan or something similar?
How could you reasonably build the thing without either using scale compression or just building the two legs on a base?

The maximum number of grots you can take in one army is 180. (full sized squads filling all troops slots)
That doubles to 360 once you unlock the second FOC at 2000 points.

So there's a baseline.

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>> No.20277221

Boris might be better to play in Epic Armageddon, though.

>> No.20277234

rolled 37941 = 37941

Well, I guess it's a greater challenge to find people who play epic, than making things work in regular 40.

>> No.20277257

Nah, you're good. I was just being melodramatic.
>Where can we find rules for an Imperator Class Titan or something similar?
Could we use the rules for a similarly sized Gargant and just say Boris counts as one? I imagine that, given his modifications, he's as close to a Gargant as he is to a Chaos Titan

>> No.20277295

Bro, there are grots in at least the heavy support slot. Big Gunz or whatever.
This is not even counting all the ammo grots and grot riggers you can take that don't technically count.

>> No.20277317

That could also work.
Physically scaling down Boris' model to stompa-size doesn't seem right though, but I guess if it's between that and actually building a three-foot-tall orky plastic monstrosity...

This is true.

>> No.20277321

This idea hit me in the car.

-- --- -------- --- -------- --- ------

In 972.M40 a crack militia unit was sent to prison by the Grotocracy
for a crime they didn't commit.

These grots promptly escaped from a maximum security prison to
the Titanopolis underground.

still wanted by theGrotocracy, they survive as grots of fortune.

If you have a problem - if no one else can help - and if you can find
them - maybe you can hire: The G-Team.

-- --- -------- --- -------- --- ------

Your now imagining Grots themed to the A-Team helping out defenseless grots against the 'mafia' like Grotocracy

>> No.20277357

I don't think you understand that just about every grot in the Grotocracy is as powerhungry as the last. They're closer to the DnD Dark Elf house structure than they are to a mafia.

>> No.20277583

Big Mek -98
-Shokk, Ammo Runt (blue)

Weirdboy -85

30 Grots -120
-3 'herds

30 Grots -120
-3 'herds

30 Grots -120
-3 'herds

30 Grots -120
-3 'herds

30 Grots -120
-3 'herds

30 Grots -120
-3 'herds

3x Big Gunz -117
Zzap, 3 Ammo Runts, 6 extra grots

3x Big Gunz -117
Zzap, 3 Ammo Runts, 6 extra grots

3x Big Gunz -117
Zzap, 3 Ammo Runts, 6 extra grots

...246: 13 stormboyz & zagstrukk for sheer shock value :D
i have 100 grots, 20 stormboyz, shokk and 5 zap gunz already :lol:

>> No.20277623

I believe the previous A-Team idea was shot down because it was too similar to how the Scraplootas are already? I could be wrong though.

>> No.20277686

That and we're trying to avoid making the Scraplootas a collection of pop culture references, with Derknitt being about as close as we're willing to get. Shit, Snekkit got entirely reworked for being too close to Deffwotch. Now, I don't think a little one-off story of a band of grotmercs kicking it A-Team style inside Boris would be rejected, but having them be "main characters" in the vein of Threegrot or Blue is something that wasn't too well-received last time.

>> No.20277720

Now, if you could make terrain to represent the insides of Boris, I think that would be perfect.
I can't say I'm well-versed in Boris affairs, but the titan does most of the fighting, right? Meaning external fights are mostly the bikes and 'koptas.
Having swarms of grots repelling boarders/invaders would be a fun match.

>> No.20277806

Grots are everywhere. They make up the majority of the attack force, distracting everyone with their sheer numbers as the Kommandos and Stormboyz do more surgical strikes, all the while Boris is doing his thing with his band of kopta and bike guardsmen.

But yes, a grot/swashkrumpa vs invaders match would be fucking awesome. Bonus points if manage to make them fighting in the reactor, complete with a model of the WAAAGHball mass of glowing squigs.

>> No.20277828

so, the bitz boz has gifted 79 extra grots for 179 total :)

>Pic Related
it's my "Stormboyz"; snots kicked across the battlefield by Zagstrukk :D

>> No.20278787

>Not gifted fireworks jetpacks, instead they get KICKED across the battlefield in leaps by a bigger ork.
>The ork nob kicks these grots like field goals, several dozen in a row.

That's... hilarious.

>> No.20278839

The only problem is that the nob needs to find his way next to them before they can "fly" again. That said, it's a wonderful idea that fits with what the Scraplootas would do perfectly. Didn't Boris even chuck grots at Chaos Marines in the story of his ascension to Titandom?
And here's the pic you were looking for.

>> No.20278844

as it's Zagstrukk, they always deep strike; thrown out of a drop ship into enemy units (deep strike + assault); they're "attacks" are more like impact hits :D

>> No.20279255

You know, I'm not much of one for quests, but a quest about a young, ambitious grot trying to climb his way up to the top of the Grotocracy has potential, to say the least.

>> No.20279713

What's the word on the Scraploota's Painboss? I've never heard any ideas for him.

>> No.20279817

I don't think anyone bothered to do much with him. We've got a shitload of named characters as it is.

>> No.20279894

I've no idea what a painboss is, but let's assume that the Scraploota painboss gets replaced quite often.

>> No.20279907

>I've no idea what a painboss is
Boss of the painboyz. Painboyz are the closest orks get to a doctor. They handle all the limb replacements and head transplants.

>> No.20280020

Ah, alright then. the Scraploota Painboss gets killed and replaced in an endless cycle then.

>> No.20280137

We already have that going on with the 'Ead Kounsel. I say he just doesn't matter so much. Due to their surprise tactics, most orks don't get all that beat up save the ones that die wholesale and those that do just get some right flash bionics made by everyone's favorite grot slapped onto them by the painboss. The poor bastard is probably bored out of his mind and takes to experimenting on grots and mucking about with those WAAAsquigs whenever Derknitt or Fizzgutz aren't looking.

>> No.20280226

>mucking about with those WAAAsquigs
I can see the painboss going full weirdboy mad scientist (or as close as an Ork can get) like, making new types of critters out of the exploded heads of other weird ones.

Ultimately he'll just be mucking about in a way that pisses off the demon core in hilarious ways.

>> No.20280272

>...uhhh, why'z you did that, boss?

>> No.20280309

Well now we know where those new squiggotaurs from that leak came from.

>> No.20280324

This. This is now the Scraploota Painboss.

>> No.20280352

I'm laughing far too much at this.

I can see him getting a big stick and AGITATING THE HELL OUT OF THAT DEMONIC CORE

needs to be orkire first.

>> No.20280382

I meant the character concept.

>> No.20280395

T'be honest wiff ya, I'z don't much know meself. Let's see 'ow dis works on ya!
Dat's cuz I peed in it ya silly git!
Nah. Let's try dis one next!

>> No.20280442


>Gentlegrots, be'old: Spores!
Dis aint gunna be loike da last wun izzit?
>Dis time will be different!
>Dis isn't different at all, is it Fizzguts?

>> No.20280473

Orks spraying piss on a demonic core.
comedy gold

I bet that core is plenty pissy already what with all the rotting weirdsquig bodies surrounding it.

he probably became hyper intelligent (for an Ork) after spending too much time in the demon core room welding weird squigs to it.

>> No.20280504

>Orks spraying piss on a demonic core.
Piss and zog knows what else.
>he probably became hyper intelligent (for an Ork) after spending too much time in the demon core room welding weird squigs to it.
Mad Doks are another name for painboys and this guy doesn't seem too much of a jump from that. He doesn't need to be mutated by Chaos or anything, he's just a mad dok with too much time on his hands.

>> No.20280505

On it.

>> No.20280582

Zog it, you tiny blue git! I need dose bits!
>Nothin's for free, Dok, I's gonna need some recompense
Well what do ya zoggin want, I'z in a hurry! I'z got a zoggin amazin idea an I don't want to be forgettin like last time.
>You'z make me summa that dead killy burny acid juice for me and I's give ya all tha tau bits you need, deal?
Deal, now hurry it up!
>Fine, fine, hold ya squigs already.
I'z trying but dese WAAAsquigs iz just so squirmy! Dat'z why I'z be tellin ya ta hurry you lazy grot!

>> No.20280589

>Gentlegrots, be'old!
be'old wot?
>Aint I a squigglybeast?
>WHY NOT? *blam*

>> No.20280617

well fuck it.

>> No.20280621

that explains where she got the acid for the acid bomb

this mad dok has probably been through multiple head transplants, that he himself preformed... on himself.

>> No.20280644

if you are wondering why this picture was posted. it's because I just sketched and scanned a picture of the Painboss and every bloody time I try to upload it, 4chan says "possible malicious shit detected" I'm gonna try to scan it again.

>> No.20280656

>Gentlegrots, be'old: Our new Warboss!
[The metal sheet folds back to reveal a Hive Tyrant]
I fink dats a giant bug
[The tyrant lifts the mad dok up and starts flailing him around]
>Youz is roight! I'VE BEEN BETRAYED!

>> No.20280670

>"Oi'm gonna give ya wun moar warnin'", a beleaguered voice called from the Imperator's speakers, "Yew can haz surrender nao… or I'z gonna get sewious! I'z haz da lucky bloo grot wiv meh, yew cannot win! Oi am becum deff, de… des… d… KRUMPER OF WORLDZ!"

>> No.20280672

>this mad dok has probably been through multiple head transplants, that he himself preformed... on himself.
Takin da head off is da easy part. Da hard part is takin da head back off. Bweeheehahaheehahoo.

>> No.20280685


>Sturv the grot orderly: Oh ya boss, dat's right flash. Why's itAAAGRGHAGRHGALB


>> No.20280700


>> No.20280719

what should his name be?

Mad Dok is just a title, after all.

>> No.20280727


>> No.20280736

>chop off my ead wif such velocity dat the blood will rocket through my neck an propel my lifeless body all da way to Cadia!

>> No.20280743

I wanna call him Rukksakk for some reason, but we can do better.

>> No.20280747

one of the guys who came up with the idea of threegrot originally. I agree he comes across as a bit flat, aside from the fact that they diddn't just want to be just another grot and he's got psychic powers that's about it
they need some more personality; what do they like doing when they're not fighting or muckin' about, any other unique quirks like urtylugs mugs or rockeata and his similarity to his name.

(I think theres like one paragraph of threegrot writefaggotry with them fighting amongst themselves or something like that)

>> No.20280753

The old and mind-addled old ork picks up the shrieking vox reciever to his right, and after listening intently for a moment replies.
"'Ey, 'oo woz dat on da vox?"
"But Oi loike ma gubbins yellah"

The mad dok extends his metal claw and injects a simmering acid into the grot's neck.


>> No.20280784

Doktah Weird
Git Stitcha <my personal favorite

>> No.20280792

There is. I imagine they have some kind of hideaway away from both the grotocracy and the other orks where they can discuss things amongst themselves, roll lots for who gets to be the head that day, that sort of thing. I've been trying to put some thought to them, but I keep coming up flat. They seem to act more as a reminder of just how goofy the Scraplootas are than any sort of fleshed out character at the moment. And there's not necessarily anything wrong with that.

>> No.20280793

>old twice, I am an idiot.

>> No.20280812

We're trying not to go overboard on references, though. I like Gitstitcha, though. Or Squigsplitta, given his favorite pastime.

>> No.20280866

"Lookin' flash dere, dok"
>"All runty fats outta my body...MANUALLY!"
The Mad Dok steps out from behind his bench to reveal that he has cut off his legs and replaced them with squig legs.
>"Oi need ta lose twenty more pounds or oi'll nevah be pretty!"
He says as he begins sawing into his left arm with his mek-claw.

>> No.20280889

Threegrot in charge of training the other wierdgrots/boys in the tribe a since he's clearly the most orky and/or experienced. (with hilarious results)

I do really like the idea that all three of them a) all want to 'stand on the top' and b) hate each other and only stay together for fear of krumpings so there's this bizarre mixture of contempt, rivalry and mutual respect all at the same time.

Whoever gets to stand on top depends on who gets there first when they're getting ready in the morning (or whenever it is they get up)

>> No.20280891

Or Squig-stitcha.
Though I'm thinkin all the gits but the Warboss refer to him as Dok or Dok Squig-stitcha as a mark of respect and a deterrent to winding up on his operating table.

>> No.20280915

Cmon, I thought we agreed on not adding any more references into the Lootas?

>> No.20280929

I want to have him just referred to as Da Dokta. He can be a mixture of Weird, Farnsworth, Who, House, and the Medic. Depending which head he's currently using.

I don't think he'd be experimenting on Blue so much as doing experiments to make another Blue. He is convinced that Blue is actually a blue grot, and is trying to replicate her blue-ness, much to the misfortune of several grots.

For some reason I want Threegrot to be a phenomenon more than an actual character. He always exists, no matter what happens to him, because he gets reformed every time he's destroyed from another three weirdgrots.

>> No.20280933

Aww but Dr. Weird would make such a great ork.

>> No.20280983

We're getting away from that, slowly and thankfully. Just like we did with Snekkit and Derknitt.
I was the one who posted >>20280272, but that was mainly supposed to be a joke.

Besides, I like the idea of a bored Dok who spends most of his days trading with Blue or antagonizing the daemon core with a little grot experimentation mixed in because there's rarely anything better to do anymore. I bet he gets awfully excited (and overeager, getting carried away) whenever someone does actually need surgery.
>He is convinced that Blue is actually a blue grot, and is trying to replicate her blue-ness, much to the misfortune of several grots.
This, I like. It's straying away from the references, too.

>> No.20281047

Fun fact: Squig-Stitcha's head is totally autonomous after a successful experiment to make sure that if he ever gets krumped, he can still escape. Upon being severed from his body, two squig legs shoot out from the base of his neck and carry the head to safety.

>> No.20281058


>> No.20281070

I have only one question: why hasn't Warboss Urtylug "Titanloota" Dursnik looted another Titan? Not another emporer of course, but maybe a warhound or two. Or he could use a knight titan as an orkish dreadnought varient.

>> No.20281096

because the one he already looted was the only one in the area/quadrant/sector/whateverthefuckit'scalledin40k.

>> No.20281111 [DELETED] 

Maybe because he hasnt found any yet?
It's not every day you see an exposed force of a few hundred men at the least *As it's a fairly decent target for them* with a titan.
They only managed to snag Boris because rape.

>> No.20281115

Maybe because he hasnt found any yet?
It's not every day you see an exposed force of a few hundred men at the least *As it's a fairly decent target for them* with a titan.
They only managed to snag Boris because rape.

When in doubt.

>> No.20281116

I'd like Dok to constantly have a new "sure fire way" to krump the humies, each time he appears.

>"Dis wun iz even more perfikker dan da last wun, wot woz also perfik! It can't fail!

>> No.20281138

Yes! All of my fucking yes! And maybe a laser eye or something similar so his squighead isn't defenseless.
1. He's too busy priding himself on his Taktikal Genyuss regarding Boris to even think about what he could do with 2 Borises
2. Boris probably is awfully angry at anything he thinks is copying him, blasting any and all titans into scrap whenever the opportunity presents itself.
3. They're a hit and run ambush group that was lucky enough to stumble across one titan. I doubt they have the firepower to take on an actual army that's large enough to have a titan.
4. It's not everyday that you just find a titan.

>> No.20281172

Noone is entirely sure when Dok Squigstitcha joined up with the Scraplootas, nor where he came from. Whenever he is asked about his past or what happened to his previous warband he simply shouts "THEY WEREN'T SQUIGGLY ENOUGH!" and resumes work without answering any more questions. It is noted that he seems rather more easily agitated and more likely to conduct impromptu surgery if he has been asked about it recently.

>> No.20281191

I need a pic of squig legs.

>> No.20281210

This is a squig

>> No.20281225

>> No.20281229

thank you.

>> No.20281234

I could see Vaedrisa trying to give him the information he needs to get another titan as part of some complicated plot to win his affection or something. It would probably backfire horribly though.

>> No.20281236

Great, now he's Batman Beyond Mr. Freeze on top of everything else.

>> No.20281266

That's a thing from Batman beyond?

>> No.20281300

They also don't have the space for another titan. They'd probably just strip it down for more parts for Boris and slap everything else on the Loot Havva.
Mr. Freeze is reduced to a head in a jar setup with mechanical spider legs. Don't get me wrong, I love the squigfeet idea and fully endorse it, I just think it's kinda funny how he started as a mishmash of different mad scientists

>> No.20281317

That was totally an unintentional reference.
Should we have him swapping heads instead and it's his body that can function by itself?
Also should probably stay away from anything too Frankie Fran, though an Ork version of that would be morbidly hilarious.

>> No.20281368


>> No.20281377

I'm the git what wrote up squiggly legs and the name gitstitcha which compromised into squigstitcha (not to be all OC do not steel) and I have no idea what Frankie Fran is.
I like the idea that his body has an autonomous movement skeleton that comically searches for it's decapitated head should they be separated.

In such an event, my guess would be that the head just rebuilds a body from scratch and squiggly bits and starts over.

>> No.20281388


>> No.20281400

I actually like Gitstitcha better than Squigstitcha, so feel free to go with that.

>> No.20281430

It'll have to be put up to a consensus or some shit later on.

>> No.20281444

>What in Gork is dat fing?
"I calls it: DA CENTISQIUG!"
>Why's it got dat grot stiched to da end of it?
"Why do ya ask so many qwestuns?"

>> No.20281460

Frankenfran is basically Frankenstein as by Japan, so everything's a girl.

>> No.20281464

I saw someone asked for the rulesheet for an imperator titan and didnt see it posted. So this could be Boris' baseline and just mod it to propa orky levels


>> No.20281497 [SPOILER] 

*Franken Fran (derp not Frankie Fran) is a mad scientist girl who saves people's lives by drastically changing their bodies in guro-tastic ways. She can give you whatever you want, but it often comes with at a SAN reducing price. Which some of her patients apparently don't mind. Pic related to what she can do to herself.

Anyway, it's not an intentional reference, so it's all good.

>> No.20281510

>In such an event, my guess would be that the head just rebuilds a body from scratch and squiggly bits and starts over.

>Whaaat do you - what tha zoggin zog is you?!
It's me, Dok Gitstitcha! I'z need ya ta help me wiff buildin a new body!
>Now why the zog would I do that? You's zoggin adorable!
Quit muckin about an' 'elp me ya git!
>Oh Mr. Squiiiig, I found you a brand new friiiiend...
Oh Gork help me, I'z gotta leg it!

>> No.20281542

This mad dok...Blue came to him, hoping he might have insight in certain parts of her unorky biology...that she later put to use in a certain machine...

>> No.20281543

To be fair, heads in jars/detached from their body is far from a novel concept, so it's of no surprise.

>> No.20281555


>> No.20281559

You'z fulla holes, Blue! You'z just gotta plug em is all!

>> No.20281618

I knew it'd come to this.

/tg/ doesn't disappoint.

>> No.20281624

I got the most adorable mental image of Blue trying to round up the baby squigs and save them from Dok Gitstitcha like a kid who doesn't understand the purpose of raising piglets is to eat them.


>> No.20281691 [SPOILER] 

Dunno dok...but if ya say so...
-some amount of tinkering later-
ZOG ME! It really worked.

>> No.20281698

Something tells me the little psychopath wouldn't much mind, so long as Mr. Squig is fine.

>> No.20281829

Roight, toime ta hit da burroughs and get sum Z's.
Dunt touch nunna my writey bitz!

>> No.20281844

Imma gonna touch da writey bitz.

>> No.20281915

I will resist. I must focus on the newest member of the scraplootas.


>> No.20282051

he probably joined up when the Blood Axez started joining.

>> No.20282131

Daily reminder that orks don't talk like lolcats.

>check spoilers for how most Anons think orks speak, then check picture for how they actually speak
"Oi'm gonna give ya wun moar warnin'", a beleaguered voice called from the Imperator's speakers, "Yew can haz surrender nao… or I'z gonna get sewious! I'z haz da lucky bloo grot wiv meh, yew cannot win! Oi am becum deff, de… des… d… KRUMPER OF WORLDZ!"

>> No.20282138

what if Blue made him a drone for his head like what Mr. Squig rides around on?

>> No.20282237

Oh look, it's you again. We already went over this.
I guess it depends on how much she wanted to torment him and how much the other orks are willing to put up with two Squigkoptas.

>> No.20282267

These threads have had varying degrees od ork-speak, from dis and dat to a well spoken hitgrot. But no one has been that fucking bad. Die in a fire, ya git.

>> No.20282336

>Roight, toime ta hit da burroughs and get sum Z's.
>Dunt touch nunna my writey bitz!
Yes, and each time I've posted that picture there has been 2-3 people saying "Oh, I didn't realize I was overdoing it so much. I'll make it better next time, thanks for posting that!"

I'm offering a public service to make Boris threads and writefaggotry as good as possible. I only post this when it's getting disastrously lolcat-ty, in the hopes that it's just simple ignorance/misremembering, for the benefit of those posters who choose to use orkspeak.

>> No.20282576

You can do it without being such a pretentious git about the whole affair, especially since it really hasn't appeared outside of a few posts of people being silly. To think I defended you last time you were around.

>> No.20282636

I guess I'm sorry for giving you the benefit of the doubt.

>> No.20282728

Guys, let's not call names and fight here. There is need to keep the extremely silly out of the Ork speech to keep it intelligible. But there's no reason to be uncivil about it.
Thankfully, I don't think the people who post the most egregious examples are prominent writefags.
Posting that example of official Ork speech is helpful, being confrontational is less so.

We need to cooperate for the glory of the Scraplootas!

>> No.20282832

I honestly didn't think I was confrontational. The last few times I've posted it have, it's received mostly positive responses. This time I added a humorous exaggeration from some Anon's Boris story as a sort of "scared straight" tactic. I guess I'll skip that bit from now on.

Anyways, I mostly help when information from the codex/rules are required, so I'm back off to the shadows until I'm needed again.

>> No.20283160

>imply we're all blithering idiots
>"giving you the benefit of the doubt"
Yeah, no.
You mean the story that was written by someone who, by their own admittance, doesn't even really participate in these threads?
Anyways, I'm with >>20282728 so that's my last snarky post on the subject.

>> No.20283417

You are the grammar, this thread needs.
But not the one it deserves...
You are... The Derknitt...

>> No.20283843

Makes me think of Pretorius from The Mask cartoon. Split his head from his body, but his reason was multitasking.

Reading those phonically, they're actually pretty clear.

>> No.20283873

>Suddenly remember him
>Voiced by Tim Curry

Oh my childhood!

>> No.20283874 [SPOILER] 

>> No.20284540


>> No.20284881

maybe he thought he was in /b/.

so here's a thought that crossed my tired brain: how much of a personality to demonic cores usually have?

>> No.20284944

One would assume as much as any other possessed artifact, if not more. Though I don't suppose that much answers your questions.

>> No.20285103

I'm just thinking there's room for development on the demon core.

We know it hates the orks and everything, we know it's not happy with its current situation, but what's it gonna do about it?
Signal some forces of Chaos and have Boris' current location always known to them?

>> No.20285161

Yeah, but he gets ignored after the first few raids against Scraplootas due to Abaddon trying to cut down losses for his latest crusade. Nowadays only one or two raids by interested chaos groups per year instead of one per month.

>> No.20285165

Well, the area of it's influence has been reduced to occasional bouts of corrupting the inside of Boris due to the WAAAGHball, so I don't think he's able to do much but shout threats and have yet more squigs welded to him. It seems like the Painboss might have some sort of repertoire going on with him, entailing Gitstitcha torturing the daemon with his boredom induced experiments.

>> No.20286275

>Transmission start
Blood Ravens Tenth Company Scout Russen reporting. I estimate my position to be 200 yards from the Titan. Apart from the occasional "patrol" of mechanized units, if it can be called a patrol, I have encountered no resistance. I will hold position until further notice.
Tenth Company Scout Russen over and out
>Transmission end

>> No.20286450

Brother Russen,
We have been sent to provided additional support should you require it.

>> No.20286472


>> No.20286513

Deyz sneakin' up on uz boss! Da Zap gunz iz ready ta fire!

>> No.20286526

Perdix Hunters here. We have reason to believe the Partridges may try and steal your glory. we shall provide support if needed.
Praise the Emperor.

>> No.20286550 [DELETED] 

Ah, Welcome Brothers.
I suggest we make camp for the night and continue our observation. Even though their numbers seem to be smaller than estimated I believe we cannot underestimate them. After all these are the very Orks that managed to steal a Titan which they now occupy. Additionally Captain Jimmies Angelos wishes for us to confirm the existence of the "anomaly" before we commence our assault.

>> No.20286579

The Emperor protects,
The glory from this assault would be great indeed. Captain Jimmies Angelos has asked me to tell you that: We will remember the spelling of your name in the future as it is critical to know what to put on the trophy ca...call your battle brothers the correct designation.

>> No.20286634

10th Scout Squad,
I have been deployed to deal with injuries sustained as you have reported enemy weapons fire.

>> No.20286646

Waht, there's glory to be had?
All glory to the Partridges! Haters shall hate!

>> No.20286700

Hail Unrustler,
Luck for us the smaller Xenos' aim is lacking...
By the Emperor we've been found out!
Russen, you reported that Partridges had no knowledge of our endeavor besides what we had already broadcast unless...

>> No.20286720

This is the Perdix Hunters. Leave the Partridges to us, complete your mission poste haste!

>> No.20286743

Where the fuck did all of this marinewank come from?

>> No.20286750


Yet again you underestimate the cunning of the Partridges and fail to see our Glory soon enough!

Call in all troops!

...I helped myself to one of your cups while I was disguised, so I hope you don't mind.

>> No.20286767

You'll never succeed, as long as the Perdix Hunters stand!
Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way.

>> No.20286777

Boss, the 'Umies appear to be arguing amongst themselves. Shall we Krump 'em?

>> No.20286806

We'z gonna let Snekkit an' Rockeata keep watch fer now. Once dey'z done krumpin each ovva, we'z gonna krump wuts leff an' take all deir mugs!

>> No.20288927

What? Where did the marines come from? Are they after the funstikk?

>> No.20289292

we're never going to let this go, are we?

Let's just have Blue bludgeon someone with it already.

>> No.20289523

Lets not forget that it's armed with warheads.
Wouldnt be wise.

>> No.20289532

I thought they were empty warheads

Anyway it isn't any stupider than tankbusta's with tankhamma's

>> No.20289581

What would be fun is for the "funstikk" to ACTUALLY be a kustom weapon Blue built for herself that just happens to look like a sex toy by accident.

>> No.20289681

But...it IS a sextoy. She uses it and everything.

>> No.20289714

why not both

>> No.20289730

it'd be extra stupid for the warheads to be live.

Blue has a bit more brain power than to be shoving explosives into herself I'd think.

>> No.20290021

Empty warheads.
How about:
It's a close range weapon made for quick repeating powerful strikes to crush whatever the hell it's pointed at?

>> No.20290050

How about it's just a silly joke that doesn't need to be explained or rationalized away?

>> No.20290404

this would be the best solution.

so how about that Mad Dok?
Anyone have anymore ideas since last night?

>> No.20290442

Not involving it at all with actual canon sounds like an excellent idea.
I of course do not intend to discourage fapfic writing.

>> No.20290472

Was writing up Boris having heart issues because the Daemoncore is feeling depressed, so the Scraplootas decide to invite (read: kidnap) a Mad Dok to cure him. It's currently on my other computer and I think it's kind of shitty.
Rewrite? Y/N?

>> No.20290510

I like the prospect of the only ork who really remembers or knows about the daemon anymore is the Mad Dok, since he's always experimenting on him. The other orks have just kinda forgotten that there's anything under the WAAAGHball or that the WAAAAGHball wasn't just always there.
I prefer the idea of Gitstitcha just kind of showing up one day. Maybe he was drawn to them by the prospect of the squiggliest squiggly beasts in all the galaxy.

>> No.20290535


How to orkify a sentence:

Pretend you're mocking an Englishman.

>> No.20290550


That's something they would get a big Mek or Wierdboy to do. Painboys and mad doks are for da boyz.

Also daemon core depressed what?

>> No.20290595

>I say, you tallywacking gibberflop, I may be predisposed to the disposition of considering going a bout of the ol rough and tumble fisticuffs go round with you and slapfibbit you right in your bonstifferous slappy ham if you don't start playing the shut-your-jaw
No, I don't think that works too well. Though I'd love to see an ork say all those things to someone.

>> No.20290684

Well, I was playing off the idea that Boris is a big Ork, so when he complains about having heart issues, the Painboss comes about to inspect Boris (inside Boris) and he checks out to be perfectly fine. So the Painboss is forced to deal with the daemon core who is finally at the stage where he realizes it would take an entire army to liberate him, and that wouldn't be worth it. So he decides to roll over and die rather than put up with the Orks any longer.

>> No.20290706

>You mean the story that was written by someone who, by their own admittance, doesn't even really participate in these threads?

Whoa, man, I never said that. I admitted to it being tortureporn (not an apt description, really) based in the 'funstikk universe'.
I participate in these threads all the time.

>> No.20290735

You made me chuckle heartily.

>> No.20290737

Oh, my mistake.

>> No.20290773

It's not that they think Boris is a big ork, it's that they think he IS the titan. All those metal bits in titan? Boris. That giant dakka? Boris' dakka. It's not that they view the titan as a biological entity but rather that they view Boris as a mechanical one, some forgetting entirely that he ever was just an ork.

>> No.20291154

How has this thread not yet been krumped?

>> No.20291184


>> No.20291194


I still don't get what that whole marine thing was.

>> No.20291217

>“Why smash a perfektly gud tank if you’z jus gonna build a zoggin nother wun!”
is why

>> No.20291510

No one did.

>> No.20291633

Stoopid umiez muckin 'bout

>> No.20291643

I like this idea. It brings pain to her enemies, and pleasure to herself.

And then more pleasure between battles when her tau gubbinz is muckin' about

>> No.20291655


>> No.20291960

someone should draw the Mad Dok mucking about with the WAAAGHball, either welding more WAAAsquigs to it or feeding the WAAAsquigs already welded to it.

>> No.20292016

I still want to see a picture of The squigs licking, sleeping and the other squiggy sort of things while welded to it

>> No.20292032

I think we can all agree the WAAAGHball needs some sort of visual representation. Maybe even an "internal" view of the daemon getting eternally pestered by WAAsquigs.

>> No.20292143

they probably just all stare at the demon, making it feel... uncomfortable seeing how they stopped squirming.

probably yells at them to stop looking at it.

>> No.20292146

A defeated looking daemon half heartedly glaring at the squigs while one licks him

>> No.20292205

It does sound funny. And it would be even more proppa orky.

>> No.20292245

ive gotta agree with the other guy and just say no we already dealt with this thing before.

>> No.20292273

Thirding the no
It was a joke, it was funny with the comic. That's as far as we need to go with it

>> No.20292275

Just ignore him. We're discussing the WAAAGHball now anyways.

Speaking of, what does the Daemon core look like? Is it just a reactor but glowing all Chaos-y or is it a full blown daemon that's just grafted in place? Because I've mainly been imagining something closer to the latter.

>> No.20292305

Speaking of which, I've never seen one of these 'reactor cores' before.
I've never thought about it.

>> No.20292362

I have no idea what it looks like... the imperial titans use some kind of sentient computer in their cores, so something like one of those refrigerated rooms that holds a bunch of servers maybe?

Or would it be more like a nuclear reactor? Except with more teeth and tentacles.

>> No.20292453

I always figured a literal ball that held a summoned daemon in place

>> No.20292511


>> No.20292637

>You will never hear an orky version of the Megas XLR theme

>> No.20292688

I was imagnining The Orb of Magnus. Yet bigger. And with squigs attached to it.

>> No.20292724

Well, Chaos Titans are just Imp Titans that have been tainted, so I imagine it'd keep the same basic infrastructure
So basically a daemon stuck in a giant hamster ball? With squigs further attached to that.

>> No.20292746

what's the name of that image archive you guys like to use so much?

>> No.20292762

For some reason I want this Daemon core to speak with a upper class British accent. I'm imagining a Daemon trying to enjoy his tea and crumpets, but there's a squig sitting in his cup and several other squigs chewing on his crumpets.

>> No.20292785

I just keep imagining him yelling like Morbo.

>Quiet, you, I'll make it fit!

>> No.20292888

cus I need pics of orcs and SoB's

>> No.20293082

Imma go play some Call of Pripyat.
Since it's pretty much packed full of rabid mutated squig-like things on four legs.

Olololol self promotion http://www.livestream.com/zaaambieez

>> No.20293087

do you mean suptg?

yes... talking to himself in the third person in some demented fashion.

>> No.20293118

no, I meant tgboru
Thanks for helping me find it, though

>> No.20293121


>> No.20294121

has anyone actually drawn Zizzbitz’s Patented Zizzomatic Chainkutlass yet?

>> No.20294160


Fuck, too big for the wiki.

>> No.20294214

Nope. There's only even one drawing of Zizzbitz himself and it predates the existence of Zizzbitz.

>> No.20295111

someone should draw it.

I hope we don't end up with a lot of really cool ideas that become too overwhelming and never get drawn.

>> No.20295546

Drawfag here, I added the Chainkutlass to the list of things to drawl. I have been busy with work all weekend and havent had much drawing time. If anyone wants to update with a list of things need drawing....you should...do that....

>> No.20295659

>I hope we don't end up with a lot of really cool ideas that become too overwhelming and never get drawn.
Too late!

At least we got a badass motherfucking Boris out of it. And lots of other great drawfaggotry, mind you.

>> No.20295702

We should all reach deep within our computer and drawfaggot the entire thread in MSpaint.

It's fabulous!

>> No.20295706


>> No.20295719

the WAAAGHball should also on the list.

yeah, I'm still making mental bets with myself how long it'll be till Blue starts meeting the other /tg/ OCs.

>> No.20295788

Xeno's gonna be first. It's inevitable. And then, in the great Blueberry Wars, none shall be spared.

>> No.20295826

I was thinking more along the lines of Cultist-chan.

>> No.20295861

Oh she'll be next, but Xeno is gonna be first. You really think this board is big enough for two blueberry waifus? Shit, the only reason we've seen as little Xeno as we have is because these threads are more about Scraplootas than Blue herself. If they were more Blue centric, we'd already be facing a full on Xeno invasion.

>> No.20295896

I never see anything about Xeno (as a character).

I'm only aware of a handful of /tg/ OCs in the first place.

>> No.20295929

Tau that got all pariah'd out by Necrons. Was the central character of a really long quest. Someone will post in these threads as her from time to time.

>> No.20295969

I like Blue a lot more. For one thing, she's an appealing alternative to those who don't really like diaper porn.

I mean... diaper porn. Its an important aspect of the fanbase that she shits all over herself. That alone makes her lose in any comparison against... anything, imaginable, in the history of man.

I'd find a dude, or an inanimate 5x5 piece of stone, better waifu material than Xeno.

>> No.20296021

I never said Xeno was a good waifu, mind you, just that her supporters won't like the idea of a second tau waifu, even though Blue has very few waifu qualities thus far. Unless brutally murdering grots and blowing up Spehss Muhreen heads is kawaii as fuck and I'm just missing something. The Mr. Squig story was pretty cute, though.

>> No.20296082 [SPOILER] 

>> No.20296152

I wasn't involved in it so I didn't know.

>diaper porn
...oh... OH
Now I half way know what this thing is that we're talking about. I thought that was more of a board in-joke than a character.

her antics are actually quite endearing, in a twisted way.

>> No.20296197

Oh I find her adorable as the dickens, but it's not a waifu thing, you know?

>> No.20296238

yeah, she's still like what? 10 years old?
I know Tau develop differently, but...
Actually, come to think of it, I don't think I'm into waifus in general.

How old are the other Scraplootas anyway?

>> No.20296270

Orks don't age, I don't think. They just grow bigga.

And yeah, me neither.

>> No.20296300

Don't Tau only live to 30 or something?

>> No.20296357

I thought it was to 50.

oh, right...

Here's another thing to discuss
Does Blue generally live outside of Boris in her workshop next to Zizzbitz's, or in a place in Boris' elbow?
I've seen both used as well as some unfinished writefaggory about Blue's first time venturing into Boris on her own and having to deal with the Grotocracy (going to see the head council and all) because they didn't think she was a grot.

>> No.20296399

Dang, she's 10 in the Fanseer fic because I thought Tau lived until 30 and thus 10 would be adult already. Ah well.

>> No.20296402

The Blue's workshop thing on the Boris card was just someone trying to fill up space, but she probably has a little hideaway somewhere on Boris. Her main base of operations seems to be Blue's Korner in the Mek Shop, though. Which makes sense, as I doubt she'd want to be too far from Zizzbitz for at least the first few months when she was still a tau.

>> No.20296474

That's why the fanseer noted she was still oddly underdeveloped for a 10 year old. And a bit bluer than other tau. Basically, the author was trying to >imply the orks had WAAAGH'd Blue into an ultrablue foreverchild.
I know, I know, I didn't write the thing, I'm just delivering the news. Besides, I find the whole her subconsciously willing herself into a blue ork kind of cute.
Some day Tinka will have to watch Blue die of old age without understanding what's wrong with her

>> No.20296502

again, Tau age differently than humans, so she could be budding into adulthood by now.
She probably doesn't eat right enough to be as grown as she could be though.

I just remember reading in some of the writefaggory that she had a hammock set up in one of Boris' elbows. I think it was in one of the farseer ones.

>> No.20296534

that whole interview took place in whatever that brain world projecting thing is called, so maybe the farseer was just seeing Blue how she imagined herself to look.

>> No.20296556

Okay so. Can we do some theorycrafting about what exactly the WAAAAGH would do to a Tau who is incorporated into it before I go and write more bullshit that upset the aspies?

>> No.20296615

Write whatever you want. We already have glowing, warp mutated, psyker nullifying squigs for fucks sake. The amount of crazy shit that goes on with the Scraplootas, I could totally see a Tau getting affected like that. For all we know, the WAAAsquigs amplify the WAAAGH, causing even more weird hand-wavy shit to occur

>> No.20296635

I think it would do next to nothing to a Tau except give them a different outlook on life and maybe be stronger than the standard Tau due to all the hand-to-hand fighting they'd have to do.

>> No.20296674

Honestly I'm not that versed in 40k lore, so I ended up pulling a lot of things out of my ass for the whole Fanseer Inception bit.

>> No.20296739

The WAAAGH is more like psychic WD40 that allows orkish inventions to work better than they really should rather than the immense, reality skullfucking power /tg/ likes to joke it up as, but you never really know what might go down if you mingle that with Chaos. Chaos' whole deal is that they muck things up, after all.

>> No.20296746

Did we ever settle on a name for da Painboss?

>> No.20296771

Dr Squiggit i think

>> No.20296789

Gitstitcha was used the most.

>> No.20296802

Dok Gitstitcha is the one I see used the most in this thread.

>> No.20296824


nope it was Dok Gitstitcha

>> No.20296833

Scraplootas run on tg canon anyway so the WAAAGH is reality warping shit combined with reality raping of chaos

>> No.20296853

Gitstitcha. I like it.

>> No.20296860

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh really? Is this a thing that was 'officially' decided on?

>> No.20296888

ha ha ha
nothing is "official"

thought I don't like the idea of Blue growing big teeth and other orky things.
I like the ork in her better expressed through what she does and how she does stuff since using the WAAAGH to alter her physical appearance would take away from some of what makes her so interesting.

>> No.20296991

Not really. It's just that if someone writes a story about Blue looking abnormally young for her age and implies that it's due to the WAAAGH mingled with Chaos, no one's gonna get all upset like those rules sticklers. The only "official" rationalization that's been decided on is who gives a shit, we got an orky tau.

>> No.20297662

so how does Derknitt get along with the dok?

It's established that Derknitt is the one in charge of dealing with the demon core's chaos-y antics, so I'd imagine he doesn't like the dok provoking it.
Or maybe he encourages the dok to torment it as pay back for being a noisy git and causing trouble for him.

>> No.20298300

Blue was making her way back to the Mek shop, with the arm load of scrap she'd bought off some boys with her eccess teef. She had some good bits from a hover tank she wanted to try to use in her Dro'n Shield to make it good for smakkin' gits. She reaches her personal corner and walks by Mr Squigg, who was lieing lazily on the floor. Dumping her load on her work table, she pulls out some schematics and pours over them.

"If I c'n hook the hover pad gubbins to the outer shell, and run it on low, it should make the shield a little stronga, and then rig a pressure trigga to blast in on hi when it use it to krump somethen'..."
She plucked the converted Tau drone from the wall, and pried the metal casing open, and began to work on the insides. As she continued to work, she started hearing a sound, subtle at first, but gradually growing louder. She didn't pay it any mind at first, but it was constant and growing steadily louder, distracting her from her project. What was it? Stomping? No, that wasn't it, it sounded like several feet hitting the ground in unison. What was the word? She curled her mouth thoughtfully. That was it! Marching.

A growl from her pet caught her attention, and she turned to look outside to the ship's hold. What greeted her sight was several Grots, marching in unison. They kept getting closer to her hub, then all at once came to a halt, turning about face in her direction.

>> No.20298321

Blue was overcome with unease. Ten, fifteen, there must have been nearly thirty Grots at her doorstep. Normaly Grots didn't intimidate her at all, but with these numbers, they could probably krump a Nob without much difficulty.
She started to reach for her shoota on the wall, when a lone grot moved forward from the rest of the group. He was smartly dressed in a fitted uniform, complete with hat, and had a unchararisticly commanding pressence.

Blue tried to hide her fear as the gretchin walked inside.
"Whatcha want, ya git?" She spoke in a harsh tone, so he wouldn't get any ideas about who was boss.
"Call me Pa'mmol." the Grot answered. "I've come fa bussiness."
"Bus'ness?" she said, calming down a bit. "What kina' bus'ness?"

The Grot reached into his coat and produced a rolled paper.
"I want ya ta build this." he explained, handing it to her. She took it and unfurled it. On it was a somewhat crude, yet admitadly detailed blueprint for a small tank. She looked over it silently for over a minute. "Well?" Pa'mmol said expectantly.

>> No.20298347

"No sweat." Blue retorted. "I could build this in ma sleep." The design wasn't anything to complicated. Building it would take a little work, but it looked like fun.

"Glad to hear it." Pa'mmol said flatly. "'Cause I want twenty of them."

Blue jerked her head up. "Bwuwhahuh?!" she gargled in bewilderment. "Twenny'? Do you have any idea how much scrap that'll take? Not to mention how much teef it cost!"

Pa'mmol raised a hand and snapped his fingers. Two more grots walked in carrying a heavy metal case. They plopped it down on the floor, and one opened it. It was full to the brim with teef. The sheer volume mesmerized blue, there could be over a thousand teef in that case.
"Is this sufficient?" Pa'mmol said.

Blue turned to him sloowly. "How soon do ya need em'?"

"Take your time." he assured. "I came to ya cause I heard you did propa quality. Don't want to muck that up. My boys will assist ya in getting together any scrap y'll need."

"How'd you get all this anyhows?" the blue grot said skeptically.

Pa'mmol adjusted his hat. "Through sacrifice, and perserance. And some right proppa motivation: we as a group have no interested in dieing meaningless deaths just cause we's grots. We came to the coclushan to form this here battalion, and pulling our resources, aim to make it a reality."
Blue couldn't help but be impressed. It was likely this grot was the reason the others could unite in such a way.

"We best get started then."

>> No.20298683

Thus began the First Grot Tank Battalion, the 'Eavy Metal Gits.

>> No.20298687

Fire and debris rained down on all around them, as Pa'mmol moved his troops forward. The Killy' Fox came to a halt, as he surveyed the battle field with his eyescopes. A group of Chaos marines had been ambushed by Kommandos in the distance, however they were regrouping as some armor support was moving in to join up with them.

He wasn't having any of that.
"All squads, fowad'!" he bellowed into his speaky box, as the five contingents of 4 tanks each surged forward, cutting down any stray marines they happened upon unchallenged.

"Second and third squads, circle round eastward, box them in! I dun wanna any of these gits coming out alive!"


Marco cursed as he fended of another orc with his power sword. Outmaneuvered, by orks! He had ordered his men to fall back, and they were fighting desperately to keep from getting surrounded. He saw in the distance 3 of their tanks making their way to his position. His forces were breaking away from the nobs and managed to find some cover. Soon they would make for their armor and counter attack these savages. He looked at the tanks hopefully, then watched as they all simultaneously erupted in to flames. His eyes widened as one flipped over.

>> No.20298754


Over the horizon he saw them. Five, ten, a whole bloody battalion! He could just make out the tank commander's voice.
"On my mark."

Marco sighed in defeat. "Outmaneuvered."

"FIRE!!" Pa'mmol roared, as the battalion's guns flamed in unison. The whistling screeched in Marcos' ears.

"By Gretchin..." his last words not audible as steel rained down on his men, splattering his men and himself into a gory mess.

Tank Commanda Pa'mmol took out his speaky box.
"Keep movin, ya gits, we got more work to be doing!"

So began the legend of the most brilliant grot commanda that eva lived.
Not to say there was a high standard to make.

>> No.20298795

Well done!

>> No.20298827

I like that name, actually

>> No.20298864

Now they just have to wear Vietnam style helmets and shit with writing all over it
>Born to krump
>'Eavy Metal till I die!
>A picture of Blue in a bikini straddling a giant spanner painted across the side of one

>> No.20298996

the idea came to me do to the Scraploota's having such a surplus in grots. Only using them as expendable shock troops seemed like a waste, especialy when small tanks could be slapped together with all the destroyed vehicles they'd leave in their wake.
so lotsa grots+lotsa scrap=lotsa grot tanks

>> No.20299035

I think it's been discussed a few times that Scraplootas might field some grot armor, but we never really came to a major consensus. The idea of a battalion of grottanks, warbikers, and deffkoptas all backing up Boris sounds rad as fuck, though.

>> No.20299047

kinda works with that other story with the grots trying to steal Blue's grot sized tank.

They figured it'd be easier to buy her services than steal from her.

>> No.20299075

yeah, and throw in some killa kans too, since those are alos grot operated

that was a truk, not a tank, though that could be interchangeable, orks and all.

They only tried to cause Derknitt, the kommando that hates blue, put them up to it.

>> No.20299121

>They only tried to cause Derknitt, the kommando that hates blue, put them up to it.
Nah, they normally try to steal it and end up wrecking the thing, so Blue is constantly rebuilding it. Derknitt caused an increase in attempted thefts is all.

>> No.20300392

Yeah he put a bounty on it so any time it got wrecked the grots who brought him proof got a bonus

>> No.20301979

Question. Would the warboss have his grots Tapp and Spigot with him in a battle? I mean, they sound like a liability in the heat of things.

>> No.20302012

They don't just sit there and give him tea and coffee
They do still shoot for him and do things but they are mainly there to serve him coffee and tea

>> No.20302080

Spiggot has a flamer.
Tapp has... a boltpistol?

>> No.20302142

or they just get krumped less.

>> No.20302195

Possibly as the bonus

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