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>shit you hate without exception

see pic

It doesn't matter what game we're playing: someone will try to Steampunk it up.

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>That poor kid

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What annoys me is that people seem to think steam technology can be convieniently be invented by one or few dude(s) in Middle-Ages. They seem to fail to realize there was a 300 year period between Renaissance and steam engine for a reason other than that people were stupid.

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So, you hate The War of The Worlds, The Journey to the centre of the Earth, 20'000 Leagues under the sea and the Time Machine?

You hate sci fi stories that pretty much defined the genre and hate Jules Verne and H.G Wells in general?

So, you're an illeterate faggot.

There's a difference between hating "Steampunk" and hating "Faggots who dress like victorian cunts with random brass cogs stapled to their hats, shirts, waistcoats, guns and cocks."

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he hates the retards with cogs you nigger.
You are the illiterate cunt.

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People constantly trying to make everything grimdark and edgy

People constantly acting like it is a competition for who can have the biggest imaginary penis when it comes to damage dealing

People who insist that because they can role play an argument well their int 5 cha 4 troll can speak just as well

I live in a shitty area for role playing groups I think.

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these wankers they have no place in the 40k universe

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I dunno, he seems pretty cozy. Hopefully mom and dad will grow out of it by the time he can talk.

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Probably he's not their kid and this was a dumb photoshoot.

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Still a cozy baby, even if they stole it and glued some cogs to it.

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What, we can't have a 1984 Orwellian Dictatorship? Just look at it like that and they fit in fine.

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No, fuck off. Stop applying your stupid fucking "genre" retro-actively to classic speculative fiction because the aesthetics are vaguely similar.

You are literally the worst kind of person.

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I think we can all agree that dieselpunk is better in most ways

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Didn't say steampunk was a genre, it's barely even a subgenre of sci fi and speculative fiction in general. And like it or not, the label now works for the pieces I mentioned.

No need to get bent out of shape about it, just accept it. Acceptance of that fact doesn't mean you support the cunts who staple cogs to their babies, I certainly don't.

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Summer really kills /tg/. It's sad.

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lol even i can hit that big a target

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I'm more of a cyberpunk man myself. Something about totalitarian state-corporations being brought down by pink haired loons in a virtual reality using a 56K modem really speaks to me. It says "hack the planet".

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>Everything must have gears and googles
>Even is it doesn't make sense at all

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>implying Steampunk isn't a genre

Clearly you don't know what you are talking about. Genre is just any way of classifying an artistic work.


Secondly Jules Vern didn't write Steampunk, he wrote Sci-fi. Where Sci-fi takes the present situation of the day and speculates how advanced technologies may change it Steampunk is literally the opposite. Steampunk looks at a very specific time period in the past and asks to amp up the technology level of the time.

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>People constantly trying to make everything grimdark and edgy

Oh god, that sort. It'd almost be bearable if they knew when to stop.
But it's not enough that they want to turn Pajama Sam into Silent Hill, they need to make the games into a schizoid delusion, because they won't rest until everything is as retarded as they are.

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>implying steampunk isn't science fiction
>doesn't know what a subgenre is

You can stay mad dude, I'm obviously not going to get through to you.

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>So, you're an illeterate faggot.

Good morning North America.

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Elves and Orcs are so over-fucking done. It pisses me off whenever I open something that says "Fantasy" and 80% of the time it means "Tolkien Clone". I mean I hated the characters in Mistborn but I always give the author some props for not putting this bullshit in his book.

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This has been happening all night.

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Well, the other elves you have are the germanic ones, that pretty much are wild people adrenaline adicts.

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>the following link is mandatory for any and all threads discussing steampunk, regardless of context
>we now return you to your regularly scheduled thread

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That's true, sometimes elves are ripped from classic folk tales instead of tolkien, or both at the same time.

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Wouldn't dwarves also fit into your burning hatred of the same overdone races?

It is nice when people use different/original races for thier settings

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>Hating Deadlands
>Implying a setting where Zombie Lincoln exists can be bad

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Related to OP

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Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and sometimes Dragons all really piss me off.

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>illeterate faggot

Ho ho ho!

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Deal with it faggot.
It's pretty much nailed in our brains and it gets the status of "traditional", like dwarves, gnomes, halflings and other shit.
If you change it to be more "cool", "edgy" of whatever they aren't elves, dwarves, orcs, etc anymore.

PD: I called you faggot in a polite way, no need to get mad at it.

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>Hating Steampunk.

Why would you do that?

/tg/ hates elves. I can understand. /tg/ is it's full of pretty childish neckbeard manchildren, and elves let them remember how pathetic they are.

/tg/ hates Cthulhu Tech. I can understand. /tg/ is full of retarded troll spouting the new meme of the day, and when the new meme of the day is CthulhuTECH RAPERAPE, they are all aboard the stupidity train.

/tg/ loves Changeling : The Lost. I can understand. It's full of raped catboy. Man, /tg/ loves its raped catboy.

But why, why, does /tg/ hate Steampunk? Explain to me please.

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>Weeaboo pretty faggot wizard

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You forget that /tg/ hates, above all, Monks.

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Because they can't seperate a subgenre of science fiction from a subculture of cunts who glue gears onto shit.

Steampunk is like any other genre or subgenre, some of it will be shit, some won't. The only reason it's so hated on /tg/ is because of people like in OP's picture, even though dickheads like that have no impact on the quality of a piece of fiction.

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Because they find the idea of a game that uses cards as well as dice in its mechanics frightening and confusing.

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Probably because it is overused and shoehorned into every fucking thing ever much like ponies or 40k

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Faggots with goggles.

Hey guys, remember that mad tranny making that board game? Only thing as funny as her work was looking at the pictures of all of the fat goggled retards who befriended her after donating to the game.

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I DM a game where most, if not all of the players are steampunk enthusiasts, and for a long time I suffered OP's predicament of them injecting their proverbial fetish into the game at every opportunity.
I think I've found the way to solve the problem, and it can be summed up in one sentence.
>"Build it"

I'll let my players bring any crazy steampunk-inspired gizmo into the game on the one condition that they can build me a working prototype/model.

This has also had the consequence of giving me a surprisingly large collection of miniature steam engines.
>Seriously I have like twenty at this point.

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Not all Steampunk is Deadlands and Malifaux

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To me there's only one kind of steampunk...everything else doesn't matter.

Well, Metropolis is cool too.

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Them's fightin' words.

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What I hate most about the whole steampunk fad is that most people conveniently leave out the "punk" part and seem to assume it's just another word for "tech".

There are only few recent steam"punk" settings / stories where the focus is actually on a large suppressed underclass fighting an under-dog war against the insanely powerful and injust ruling class.
I mean the victorian era WAS punk if you look at it from this angle.

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That's common though. It's not just steampunk that does it. Even what could be described as "cyberpunk" ignores the punk elements more often than not.

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That's pretty cool. And they actually build these? Pics if ye can, good man.

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I don't hate steampunk as a design aesthetic so much as I hate idiots gluing broken watches to goggles and top hats.

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>I mean I hated the characters in Mistborn but I always give the author some props for not putting this bullshit in his book.
So, you hate Tolkien fantasy.
And you hate fantasy that tries to avoid being Tolikien fantasy.
Why don't you just say you hate fantasy, and everything to do with it.

Please make a list of the things you don't hate.

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>The only reason it's so hated on /tg/ is because of people like in OP's picture
I find this hilarious because /tg/ are those guys when it comes to traditional gaming.

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Okay, I can see the beginning of the problem, here. But why would you hate faggots with goggles and cunt gluing gears?

I do, in fact, find this kind of costume aesthetically pleasing. It's often well done, better done than any other kind of cosplay, in fact.

And I don't know if Steampunk cosplay tends to attract more sane people than Anime/Video game cosplays, by example, but I can say without error it can't attract worst people than Anime/Video game cosplay. Simply because people worst than what we find in Anime/VG cosplays are all already in insane asylum.

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How so?
/tg/ is just an image board, we're not a hive mind.

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>War of the Worlds
hahahahahahaha no
Only good steampunk is The Difference Engine, all else is faggotry

Cyberpunk will always be superior.

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Why did you even bother to respond to that?

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I can say without hesitation that you don't know much about animu and vidya cosplay if you find that steampunk is better done in comparison.

It is literally "take victorian goth, paint it brown, add metal parts" most of the time.

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Nothing better to do. Why else would I be on /tg/?

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>But why, why, does /tg/ hate Steampunk? Explain to me please.

Here you go, Charlie Stross gives steampunk a well-deserved kicking:


>But there's a dark side as well. We know about the real world of the era steampunk is riffing off. And the picture is not good. If the past is another country, you really wouldn't want to emigrate there. Life was mostly unpleasant, brutish, and short; the legal status of women in the UK or US was lower than it is in Iran today: politics was by any modern standard horribly corrupt and dominated by authoritarian psychopaths and inbred hereditary aristocrats: it was a priest-ridden era that had barely climbed out of the age of witch-burning, and bigotry and discrimination were ever popular sports: for most of the population starvation was an ever-present threat. I could continue at length. It's the world that bequeathed us the adjective "Dickensian", that gave us a fully worked example of the evils of a libertarian minarchist state, and that provoked Marx to write his great consolatory fantasy epic, The Communist Manifesto. It's the world that gave birth to the horrors of the Modern, and to the mass movements that built pyramids of skulls to mark the triumph of the will. It was a vile, oppressive, poverty-stricken and debased world and we should shed no tears for its passing (or the passing of that which came next).

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>Okay, I can see the beginning of the problem, here. But why would you hate faggots with goggles and cunt gluing gears?

Because of the prevailing opinions that;
- It looks retarded.
- It's bastardising a concept to a fashion
- You've ruined perfectly good dapper atire to do it
- gluing brass cogs randomly to shit where they serve no mechanical function is retarded. It doesn't make your hat steampunk if you glue cogs on it, it makes it look like a hat you ruined with cogs.

I'm sorry we don't like your subculture, which is pretty much just goths now in brass and brown, but the majority here think you look like twats.

As a result of you twats calling your fashion steampunk, rather than "retards with glue and cogs", the subgenre get's unfairly lumped together with you.

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>It's often well done, better done than any other kind of cosplay, in fact.
/cgl/ called, they want you to get fucked.

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I can't really describe this shit, but try to stay with me.

When people say "oh but it has DRAGONS! So it must be AWESOME!"
Replace dragons with "zombies", or as that fag who said "zombie-Lincoln".

To me it seems that it's just lolrandumb. And I don't understand how a setting/game/movie/whatever can be awesome by addition of just one element.
Is it me who is old and bitter, and not easily impressed witha flying lizard, or are people just dumb?

I'm looking at you, zombie-worshippers, dragon-worshippers.

Also the "nerd culture". I dislike it alot. Not /tg/-related in any way, but still. It seems to me that the nerd-culture-people are the same ones that go apeshit over Dragons, or zombies.
>Look how cool I look in my faux-vintage super-mario tshirt!
>Alternative posters for the original trilogy! Darth Vader by Andy Warhol!

It just seems to me that those things are regurgitated. They should be left alone. But no, the "nerd" or "hipster" will start pulling those saturday morning cartoons back out, because s/he thinks they're AWESOME.

They are not awesome. You just haven't grown up.

People that refuse to go outside their safe zone of 40k.
Have a couple of buddies like that. They keep giving me 40k books to read. I enjoy the setting, how goofy it is, and don't take it seriously. There really isn't any depth to it, at least to me. So I read books that inspired 40k. And watch movies that inspired it. After that, I recommend those things to my friends.
>Dune? No that shit is too boring.
>Starship troopers? But it's not SRS BZNS as SPESS MEREENS

Now I don't expect /tg/ to agree with me. This is just a rant thread, right?

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vaguely related:

>> No.20261279

I'm not sure how that thing you posted is anti-steampunk so much as it is anti-british imperialism.

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Steampunk isn't a fucking genre, it's an aesthetic and the label is slapped onto early sci-fi. All the supposed Steampunk shit is Wells or Verne aside from a couple of feature length animes and the odd terrible novel

It's like people calling Dark Age of Camelot a WoW-clone, or System Shock a Half-Life clone. Fucking retarded.

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The prevalence of anime cosplaying means you will get much higher numbers of good and bad examples

Steampunk is mostly done badly and the examples of it done well are much rarer and held up as an example

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I think you're just a bitter and jaded cunt who needs a little more joy in his life. I don't disagree with all your points, but seriously, why get so pissy about it? They're just having fun even if it's fun in ways you or I may not like.

Why must they stop liking what you don't like?

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It's a sci-fi subgenre. It's not just an aesthetic. The fact you can't seperate the aesthetic from the concept is your own issue.

>> No.20261307

Holy shit, I can't decide if your group is the best (since they inject steampunk into everything) or the worst (since they build fucking miniature steam engine prototypes for their in-game shit I mean holy shit what the fuck how does something so awesome actually happen?) ever.

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I hate when I'm playing in a high magic high fantasy setting and people try to bring low magic/fantasy themes into it.
The biggest example I can think of now, and I know people will hate me, is my roleplay in the WoW servers. I play a Paladin, a character capable of some very extraordinary healing feats, if the lore and games are to be believed. We're talking wounds scored by Dragons miraculously waved away by a guy with unlimited mana and a song on his voice.
And people come to my character occasionally for healing. I've had things like bullet wounds to heal, stabbings or slashings, to full on dismemberments.
In all cases, I emote my character casting the spell and allow the extent of the healing to be decided by the person recieving the healing. Of course I am not going to change their character in ways they do not wish to be changed.
But often in the case of dismemberment, I've been told my character is -not- capable of healing such things, or that in any case of healing, no less than two weeks of bed rest is still required for any wounds scored on a character. In a setting where healing magic is so powerful as to make any kind of wounding absolutely irrelevant.
Kindly eat dicks, all of you. Every one of you playing a character with amputations, every last one of you telling me that healing in that particulary setting is not stupidly powerful.

That said, any time you mix low fantasy into high fantasy, it never yields good results. Both are completely awesome ways of presenting fantasy settings. I like my milk, and I like my spaghetti, but as soon as milk gets spilled in my tomato based sauce, there's hell to pay.

>> No.20261310

Nah. Are you serious? You're surely joking.

I don't want to shit on your anime cosplay, bro. And I don't want to say Steampunk cosplay is more difficult : it's not. If you say it's easier, I won't even argue against it. If you say Steampunk is easier, it's easier.

But the average goggle gluing cunt has a far more successful cosplay than your average anime cosplay faggot. That's a truth. You can't fight the truth.

Maybe because Steampunk cosplay is easier, yes. Maybe because Steampunk cosplayer are more careful, or more sane, or are more often ashamed, or buy their outfits, or are older, or... I don't care about the reason.

>> No.20261314

I agree pretty thoroughly actually.

I have exactly the same type of people and my reaction is mostly the same, the only thing I would add is the constant edition wars bullshit for D&D that I get in my area. I like 3.x, 4e is playable but not my favourite is it so hard for people to treat things like that?

>> No.20261315

>Dune? No that shit is too boring.

How cute.

>Starship troopers? But it's not SRS BZNS as SPESS MEREENS

I lol'd at that, really.Hell, the ridiculousness of 40k makes me believe that it's best taken in small doses, like whenever you're at the FLGS or with a bunch of friends on the weekends playing Deathwatch.

Retards who will not flat out read "Dune" or "Starship Troopers"? No hope there, move along.

And yes, I love dieselpunk better.

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I think that guy who said 'zombie Lincoln' was talking about Deadlands.
You should look up Deadlands sometime, it's a very good setting.

There are Steampunk (instead of steam its usually souls from burning ghost-rock) elements in the Savage Worlds version, but you can straight up ignore it.

For example.
Zombie Lincoln?
That's fucking boring.
Manitou possessed Harrowed Lincoln?
Fuck yes, you now have a major plot point.

>> No.20261319


Idiots gluing cogs to old clothes gives people the impression that steampunk is just an aesthetic, it colours their perception of that paritcular subgenre of sci-fi unfairly.

>> No.20261321

Damn I hate people like that, this is the cancer that killed steampunk. I'm currently running steampunk and I just declared that top-hats are not invented in my setting and gluing gears to something or wearing goggles on your hat is punishable by death. Also player characters come from stereotypically German country instead of stereotypically British. Because fuck brits.

>> No.20261323

You get used to it. [Yes, only vaguely related.]

>> No.20261333

*running steampunk campaign

>> No.20261334

I confused best and worst there, sorry.

>> No.20261336

That is hilariously inaccurate and extremely stereotyped
The average Steampunk cosplayer is no better than the average anime cosplayer. The good examples of Steampunk cosplay are just much more noticed and enforced by the various groups involved

There is an entire culture devoted to finding the worst anime / vidya cosplaying because it can get so bad but that doesn't mean that any other genre or cosplaying attracts better or worse people overall

>> No.20261349

The thing is dude, your shit isn't really cosplay.

You just buy victorian gothic looking finery.

Any twat can look like a dapper dude in that.

Where you fail and thus undo any dapper, is when you start gluing on brass widgits, cogs and nonsense, giving everything from your cane to your cock a set of goggles, and generally adding shitty embellishments.

At least the anime cosplayers make their shit from scratch, rather than butchering and invalidating existing pieces.

>> No.20261358

>People that refuse to go outside their safe zone of 40k.
>Have a couple of buddies like that. They keep giving me 40k books to read. I enjoy the setting, how goofy it is, and don't take it seriously. There really isn't any depth to it, at least to me. So I read books that inspired 40k. And watch movies that inspired it. After that, I recommend those things to my friends.
>Dune? No that shit is too boring.
>Starship troopers? But it's not SRS BZNS as SPESS MEREENS
>Now I don't expect /tg/ to agree with me.

I'll agree with you.

Largely because I really want to play something I actually want to but it's pretty much impossible in my area to get more than maybe one or two games of something else in a year, because everyone is stuck in a constant cycle of warhammer fantasy/40k campaign or preparing for a local tournament. It's not that they refuse to acknowledge other things are out there, it's that it takes some effort to do something else rather than be spoon-fed another GW product.

>> No.20261361

Except that it can barely be called a sub genre of sci-fi. You have some trashy novels from the 80's like Infernal Devices and one feature length Anime. That's it.

And when people go calling early speculative fiction "Steampunk" because of the superficial resemblance, it's just downright insulting.

>> No.20261375

I like retro-futuristic stuff, both as an aesthetic and a setting for RPGs. Some things that people call steampunk fit into that. I do not like steampunk as a thing unto itself, because I associate it with ding-dongs gluing cogs to random stuff. The base materials that people derive fads from can be really cool, but the pandering shit that floods the market afterward seriously aggravates me when I see it.

>> No.20261389

Fuck no it doesn't, and the fact that you have a personal appreciation for brown doesn't mean it's higher quality overall. Steampunk faggots just take clothes out of their closet and add metal shit, and it looks retarded most of the cases. Just look at any steampunk group in Google images.

You just look at pretty pictures out of the most faved in DeviantART and think it's representative of steampunk. It's not.

>> No.20261400

There may not appear to be much of it, it does tend to seep in to other genres though. I'm sorry you don't like it, but if you're not keen at least make a rational decision based upon the objective quality of the pieces.

Not just because "it has this label affixed to it, therefore I MUST HATE IT".

>> No.20261414

I liked the world in Mistborn allot, probably one of my favorite fantasy worlds. But I absolutely hated the two main characters.

Kelsier probably was my favorite between the two characters because everything I hated about him was justified by the story. I hated how this asshole acted like he was unbeatable to the point of making his own religion. At the end of the book I understand why he did it but he still was a huge asshole.

Vin was just a whiney bitch who spent the entire book complaining about how she doesn't have any friends when she clearly has a group that is actively helping her. I just don't want to spend the 15 hours it takes me to read the book listening to someone whine without reasons, hell even with reasons I don't want to read whining for 500 pages.

>> No.20261428

>Everything must have gears and goggles
>Everything must have brass/leather accessories and formal wear, even if you're a soldier or working in a ship's engine room
>Everything that exists in sci-fi must have a Steampunk (read brass and wooden with gears and goggles) counterpart

>> No.20261435

>giving everything from your cane to your cock a set of goggles


>> No.20261438

Do people that hate Steampunk also hate Arcanum?

And since everyone is hating on goggles, I know that goggles tend to be an "overdone" choice of gear, but what if eye protection is a necessity for the setting? I'm not saying, like, just EVERYONE in goggles, but assume that the character is an inventor and works a lot with metals, and uses goggles to actually protect their eyes from sparks or bright lights. Or if a soldier, suppose they utilize energy weapons known to cause blindness in the wielder if appropriate eye-shielding isn't utilized.

Or a a sky pirate. Bugs and grit are not a fun thing to have in your eyes.

Seriously, of all the things you could hate on, why goggles? There's a myriad of reasons as to why someone would wear them if the setting is based on "classic" steampunk.

Random gears on the other hand are unjustifiably retarded.

>> No.20261442

That's not "my" shit. I've never cosplayed of my life. I've never met a Steampunk cosplayer (but plenty of anime cosplayer). I don't really care about the Steampunk genre, one way or another. I don't specially like it, even if some things are aesthetically pleasing, nor I specially hate it.

But I wanted to understand the sort of hateful viewpoint /tg/ seems to have against Steampunk. It's so unreasoned. It's not the first times /tg/ is senseless, but it's certainly the first time I cannot connect at all with the average viewpoint.

Yes, Steampunk is a very dark setting. So is Cyberpunk, W40k, and Wod.

Yes, Steampunk is an aestheticism. So is Cyberpunk, W40k, and Warhammer.

Yes, there is people cosplaying Steampunk. But people cosplays Anime, Star Wars, Star Trek.

It seems there is a core of the problem I can't touch. Not the false reason you gives to other, but the real reason why you hate the Steampunk genre. A core I'm lacking.

>> No.20261446

>ssume that the character is an inventor and works a lot with metals, and uses goggles to actually protect their eyes from sparks or bright lights. Or if a soldier, suppose they utilize energy weapons known to cause blindness in the wielder if appropriate eye-shielding isn't utilized.
Right, then why are they wearing a suit and top-hat, or a corset and leather skirt if female?

>> No.20261448

It's a shame goggles have become so hated because of the steampunk crap, because if they exist in the setting, goggles are a damn fine piece of adventuring equipment in some cases.

>> No.20261452

My one quibble was the removal of slavery (likely to avoid the CSA being automatic bad guys), but then I realised what the Fear Level on a plantation must be.
Those white sheets aren't just because they're Klansmen...

>> No.20261454

Check out the nerf maverick on that bitch, HOT!

>> No.20261456

I didn't mention those because it wasn't part of my point. That's terrible. I'm just asking about the hate for goggles.

>> No.20261460

>It seems there is a core of the problem I can't touch. Not the false reason you gives to other, but the real reason why you hate the Steampunk genre. A core I'm lacking.
It's at the same times ridiculous, overdone and unfunny.

>> No.20261461

As anon mentioned earlier, Steampunk could be a really good setting with the proper consideration. Beyond merely giving all metals a brass finish and brown leathers, its a highly distopean setting, with massive corruption, opression with no real way for the average citizen to change anything about it. Its practically made to be Punk, and thats before you add in the daft cogs and gears technologies. For every top hat wearing dandy walking the streets with a citrus powered lightning cannon, there would be a hundred working class men on the verge of starvation, shovling coal into massive furnaces day and night to keep the city moving. If they stop they will starve, there's no social security, no welfare, no protections of any kind if you fall into destitution. Disease is rampant among those who cannot afford doctors, the difference between those who have and those who do not would be so vast it would defy belief.

The real kicker for such a setting would be that ever rigid class system, the man at the bottom believes he deserves to be there, those above him are his betters in every way, it would not even be a matter of it being wrong. Then you can add the players in people who have woken up to the horrible distopean nature of the setting and do something about it.

The real issue with it as a proper setting is that because OMG STEAM POWERED TOILETS, the prevelant social issues of the day which by all accounts would have gotten worse are glossed over or not even touched on.

>> No.20261463

The main reason I dislike steampunk is because it's soulless.

Take cyberpunk as a counter-example; it's not just about the look, the tech and the aesthetic, it's also about the mingling of corporate and political power, about the negative effects of globalization. Good cyberpunk literature is disquieting, it's rebellious, it has a fucking point to make. When people originally wrote about street samurais and cybernetic arms they weren't just trying to create a cool visual aesthetic, they were talking about the cross-pollination of Eastern and Western cultures and asking what happens when being human means being obsolete. When Neal Stephenson wrote cryptonomicon, he wasn't just trying to tell a fun story, he was making an argument for encryption being necessary to preserve freedom in a world with omnipresent surveillance. Cyberpunk might seem a little outdated to modern tastes, but one thing it isn't is soulless.

What the fuck is steampunk?

It's set dressing. It's leather and gears. It's nothing but aesthetics. It's a bunch of cool-looking tropes with NOTHING of substance under the surface. It actively avoids trying to say anything interesting about the period in history it's poorly copying stylistically. There's too much focus on the steam, and vastly too little on the punk.

There's more artistic meaning in books about sparkly vampires fucking teenagers than in the entirety of steampunk.

>> No.20261469

Could be they're management, taking a tour around their factory or work site?
Or if you're doing the Space 1889 or otherwise "Aetheric Star Dirigible" thing, could be your eyes need protection from Celestial Rays while above deck.

But then those would only make sense on particular occasions.

>> No.20261471

Solution: safety glasses

>> No.20261472

>I find it aesthetically pleasing
>But I don't like it, nor am I defending it.
>But I don't agree that your reason for hating it is enough, so I want to know the REAL reason.

Dude, you have the real reason. You and your steampunk cosplayer buddies look like stupid twats when you glue cogs to shit. That's why a lot of people here hate it, because the genre gets mixed up with a bunch of faggots who butcher top hats.

>> No.20261477

This motherfucker right here.
He appreciates a fine Nerf weapon, even if its been tainted with the GOGGLESnBRASS plague.

>> No.20261479

You realize those are a modern invention compared to, say, welding goggles, right?

And show me a metalworker that would rather have "safety glasses" for mixing chemicals than, say, proper -welding goggles-.

>> No.20261486

>There's more artistic meaning in books about sparkly vampires fucking teenagers than in the entirety of steampunk.

Bbbut monocles and top hats and zepplins! Surely you don't need soul if you have enough shiny stuff!

>> No.20261487

Too far out of the typical fantasy setting to really fit in well, though in a more modern setting they could work.

>> No.20261494

Kid knows what's up.

I don't really have a problem with anything /tg/ related to the point where I hate it, but I'm not really a fan of steampunk either. I don't mind having a setting with steampunk elements (airships, gnomes that tinker with googgles, etc), but when steampunk can literally define a setting... well, no thanks.

I also dislike generic high fantasy, like Forgotten Realms and such.

>> No.20261502


The thing is, she is dressed like a street whore. Look at all that exposed flesh, its an outrage to any decent and right thinking human being. Its a traversty that even a regular whore on the street would have more decency to expose herself in such an outrageous manner!

>> No.20261506

Magicpunk was here.
Steampunk's a loser.

>> No.20261512

Show me a finer Nerf Weapon in the N Strike Series.

First time I took one apart, it was like gazing into perfection compared to all the other lesser dart guns out there.

>Dat Revolver Chamber.


>> No.20261517

I know that feel. Doing a low-ish fantasy RP on WoW. Being a "dokter" (yes thats is how it is spelled, no it's not a real word) Healing a soldiers battle wounds, it takes time to heal some deep claw marks and some shit that a warlock did, some person was rping as a the kings niece, she gets pushed off of a building and dies (in the game and the rp) other chick comes over screaming "omg she was pushed off of the roof by an assassin and she is dead come halp nao!!!!11!1one!!" "ok just let me heal this soldier real quick, i am almost done" "NOOO you must help her first she is royalty." "yeah but I am buisy and without the soldier she would have died months ago because of enemy armies" "OMG WHO CARES ABOUT A LOWLY SOLDIER CUM HLP HER" "ok now that he is ok I will see what is wrong" She was dead and un-heal-able due to her wounds (she was pushed off of a castle) The other chick rage "WOW U ARE THE WORST DOCTOR EVER" "I am not a doctor, I am a dokter, it's different" It lets me get away with stupid shit because I will just say "nah you should have known when you hired me, I am not capable of resurrections" Both of those rpers got buttmad, the king loled ooc.

>> No.20261547

Personally I fucking loved arcanum
It did Steampunk well and it meshed it with magic making it have realistic impacts on the world because technology and magic cannot coexist and so there is a conflict in society because elves are inherently magical, dwarves are neutral and humans are technological to cover for their shortcomings in magic that elves have and the natural strength dwarves have

>> No.20261560

>Because I find the aestheticism nonsensical.
Okay. If you say so. Why not. That's as good as a reason than anything.

Not a little hypocrite, when you see the average aestheticism of W40k or anime. Not a little senseless, though. And in fact, the more I'm thinking about it, the more I think it's not the true answer, but I won't annoy you further.

Either you don't want to say the real answer, and it would be useless to ask you again, or it's too deep and you don't know about it. In all case, I think this discussion won't be useful to me.

Maybe in the next Steampunk hate thread. I can wait, I'm not particularly interested by this question myself, as I said earlier.

>> No.20261574

Thing is, people rarely appreciate 40k or anime just for its aesthetics (even the cosplayers), but a good portion of the steampunk fandom just like to dress up in brown and metal bits.

But obviously, you know why we hate stuff better than we do.

>> No.20261576

> I'm not particularly interested by this question myself,

Hence why you asked it like three times at length?

Go polish the cogs on your tophat, twat.

Oh, and check it - >>20261460 Another good reason. And another >>20261463

>> No.20261598

Bad steampunk: just glue some gears on it and call it steeaampuuunk

Good steampunk: http://youtu.be/vORsKyopHyM

>> No.20261604

People that play against other characters impulsively for the lulz.

When I GM, people NEED to get their shit together or its going to be a TPK.

When I play, I just can't stand that the GM forces us in-game to go with some suicidal or homicidal liability because the player just plays that way.

If somebody is antagonistic for absolutely no reason, you are just abusing other players. Not characters, players.

>> No.20261607

Hey /tg/ have this. http://youtu.be/p628XOvtz34

>> No.20261617

Not a part of this argument but just jumping in to say I love 40k for its aesthetics. I play IoM the most because I have a raging hardon for gothic and neo-gothic architecture.

>> No.20261636

Depends hugely on the game. While a party should be united in a typical D&D game, PC antagonism is a normal part of say, Vampire, and unavoidable in Paranoia.

>> No.20261677

>welding goggles
Thanks, but I hear arc eye is quite painful.

>> No.20261693


>> No.20261726

That just looks like "British Aristoocrat" more than it does steampunk.

I bet if the brass polisher who was in here earlier could afford them, he'd want to stick cogs ALL OVER that shit.

>> No.20261790

I just hate how people mistake steam-punk with industrial fantasy

>> No.20261800

I hate rollplayers and people who think roleplaying is combat simulation. Hate. No exception.

>> No.20261814

I hate people that dismiss concepts off the bat just because of the franchise it's from/associated with.

>> No.20261839

>reverse plunger
direct plunger or go home, thanks. Luckily the elite series mav replacement is direct plunger and takes the cock-rotation from the spectre, rather than the mav's trigger-rotation I still like it

>> No.20261903

OP asked what kind of stuff we hate.
I answered.
Nothing to get cunty about.
I don't haggle people about it.
Did you miss the point of the thread?

>> No.20261957

About hating steampunk

What always bothered about it that people seem to complain that whenever it is portrayed in any story or setting or whatever it is not historically accurate. It does not have all the bad things that we know it had starvation, diseases, violence, supression, authoritarianism and so on. Yes we know compared to the present day that era was outright nightmarish.

But, why is it so important that these things be in a fictional world instead having one that is completely devoid of realism?

Take fantasy, most of it takes place in worlds like medieval Europe, yet they are almost always devoid of the terrible things that medieval Europe had. Like most people barely reaching the age of 30, illiteracy, slavery, religious fanaticism, filth, complete lack of public safety and hygene on and on we could go about this.

Yet fantasy settings are okay to be unrealistic. Mostly because LOLMAGIC is here, so no explanation is needed anymore!

>> No.20261978


Don't care about this thread, but I did look at your link, and all I can say is thank you. That video was wonderful and I'm glad you posted a link, thank you.

>> No.20261990

Oh hello Rob

>> No.20261994

>>People that refuse to go outside their safe zone of 40k.
Have a couple of buddies like that. They keep giving me 40k books to read.

I have ended friendships over this. 2 in the last 6 months. Ass-hat 40k Nazis...

>> No.20262018

Well the middle ages weren't as dark and gruesome as everyone seems to think.
That's a trope that's called The Dung Ages.

The actual middle ages were in fact pretty colorful.
Dental hygene wasn't as bad as you see in every movie since they didn't really eat much sugar, lack of public safety is a myth (at least in towns and cities) and so on and so on ...

Fantasy stories like A Game of Thrones which are praised as beeing "realistic" are in fact way over the top and just as unrealistic as the happy fairlyland ones.

>> No.20262026

Boring cliche fantasy shit. No; not all Dwarfs have to be Scottish, carry axes or hammers and have bards so big that they don't look like they have bodies. Think outside the fucking box for five damn seconds, would you?

40k. I'm sorry; it's a terrible setting and an even worse game in my opinion.

People who can't fucking grasp the concept of roleplaying. Stop saying shit like "My character asks him" or "I tell her" and just fucking say it IN CHARACTER. That's half the god damn fun right there.

People who try to grimdark everything up. Seriously, just fucking stop already.

People who simply refuse to acknowledge or even try another game because it's not the one they play or it's not made by company A. There's so many good games out there that people ignore because "hurr I could play this instead."

The same damn setting for everything of a certain genre. You know what makes the Wargods setting so great to me? It's fantasy that doesn't take place in the same 12 square miles of medieval England.

People who think Steampunk just means cogs, cogs everywhere.

People who bitch that a game doesn't have enough roleplaying because there's no rules for it in the book. Seriously? You need rules to tell you how to roleplay?

>> No.20262038

I find that "Victorian sci-fi", as that is, with a name change, divorced from fucktards in goggles and Abney Park, is a great setting for fun and silly wargaming shenanigans. There's something else about the setting too though that's better that I can't put my finger on. Maybe it is just the lack of cosplayers and weird social retards that want to live their characters.

>> No.20262058


The problem isn't that it's unrealistic, the problem is that those things you are talking about are missed opportunities for someone to write a steampunk story that actually tries to say something or make some kind of a point. Steampunk is never more than scenery for an adventure/romance/fantasy story, it isn't an actual genre in its own right, like cyberpunk is. The setting could be so interesting, but nobody ever really uses it. See the video in >>20261598: you could tell the exact same story on a 19th century wooden ship. The steampunk elements are just... flavoring.

Or see >>20261463 for someone making the same point better than me.

>> No.20262078

So, exactly what don't you hate?

>> No.20262085

Hey guys, I found out what /tg/ looks like irl.

>> No.20262104

Corgis and kittens mostly.

>> No.20262111


>That's a trope that's called The Dung Ages.

It's only a "trope" thanks to that fucking pit of cheap wannabe internet humourist-literati, TV Tropes.

>> No.20262115

So you hate turtles? Is that what the world has come to?

>> No.20262127

Steampunk it up.

Glue some gears on that bitch!

>> No.20262130

>Fantasy stories like A Game of Thrones which are praised as beeing "realistic" are in fact way over the top and just as unrealistic as the happy fairlyland ones.

Oh yeah, big time. Wars in medieval times weren't nearly as hard on the peasantry as GRRM makes out (their lord would have enormous incentive to keep them alive, as he needed them to bring in the harvest). Throwing armies of peasant levies at mounted and armored knights isn't something that happened IRL, except as a last resort. And refusing to let peasants into your castle when you knew your enemy planned on massacring them is retarded - that's what a castle is FOR. That's why it's so damned big; so you can protect your freaking subjects.

>> No.20262135

You need to go read "The Difference Engine". It's more clockwork than steam but basically the same thing.

>> No.20262138

Ze goggles, zey do nothing! Ze cogs, ze do nothing! Ze top hats, zey do nothing. Ze leather straps, zey do nothing! Ze brass buckles and chains, zey do nothing!

>> No.20262154

Is Inland Empire steampunk?


I know it says steampunk, but all its cogs are safely confined inside machinery.

>> No.20262157

Less steampunk, more trollpunk!

Magnet-pulled carriages. Compressed-helium airships. Flying carpets with handles to pull up on. Plots to destroy the world economy by buying gift cards with other gift cards.

Try and tell me you don't want to play a game set in the Age of Trolls.

>> No.20262214

I like this idea

>> No.20262218

>we each put $20 in a cardboard box
>I sell you the box for $30
>we each make a $10 dollar profit, because you gave me $30 in exchange for $40
>I only put in $20 so I'm not getting $30 and that is an extra $10.

>> No.20262225

i didnt mean to put "im not getting $30" should just be "I'm getting $30"

>> No.20262244

>>The problem isn't that it's unrealistic, the problem is that those things you are talking about are missed opportunities for someone to write a steampunk story that actually tries to say something or make some kind of a point. Steampunk is never more than scenery for an adventure/romance/fantasy story, it isn't an actual genre in its own right, like cyberpunk is. The setting could be so interesting, but nobody ever really uses it.

I understand this, but then what would make it more interesting besides portraying that life is hell unless you are an aristocrat? It would just inevitable lead to more angst and grimdarkness until the "common man" rises against the tyranny of the opressive noble class. However the common man rising against the tyranny of his rulers is something that has also been done countless times.

>> No.20262251

I love steampunk.

It's a sub-genre which's slowly replacing fantasy and it's a welcome change.

>> No.20262254

This is how a lot of real-world business works.

Sometimes with government-sanctioned money-printing thrown in the middle of a sufficiently complex transaction.

>> No.20262256

Make this shit happen!

>> No.20262260

>implying steampunk is replacing anything
>implying steampunk isn't fantasy

>> No.20262265


That cat isn't going anywhere without goggles.

>> No.20262275

>replacing fantasy
I laughed way too hard at this.

>> No.20262285

No amount of laughter is too hard for a statement so ridiculous.

>> No.20262286

Troika games, you were taken from us too soon. We wish that Nintendo had died in your stead.

>> No.20262287

Personally I think it would be a lot less of an issue if people just agrred to drop the -punk label. I kind of feel the same way about a lot of cyberpunk; if you want punk, Taxi Driver will give you a hell of a lot more punk than Blade Runner in my opinion.

>> No.20262294

Taxi Driver is punkpunk. That's a whole other thing.

>> No.20262321

I hate that steampunk has killed cyberpunk. I want my 2000AD-esque shit back. The bleak, dark comedy, stylized world of the megacorps and rebels. Guerrillas organizing lightning raids against well-armed PMCs.

But no. Now everythings about sticking cogs on shit.

>> No.20262359


You looking forward for FFG's reprint of Netrunner?

>> No.20262367


Fucking hyped as shit. I'm hoping between that and the new Judge Dredd movie, we'll see a small resurgence.

>> No.20262384

Hopefully new Dredd won't suck. I don't have high hopes, as I have fairly high standards.

>> No.20262385

>reprint of Netrunner

Tell me more.

>> No.20262422

>>I hate that steampunk has killed cyberpunk.

>> No.20262427


Most -punk stuff is now steampunk. Cyberpunk is seen as outdated.

>> No.20262428

Just glue some gears on it

And call it steampunk

That's the trendy fashion nowadays

A copper-painted chunk of some nineteen-eighties junk

Will fetch a pretty penny on eBay


>> No.20262448

Cyberpunk is very rooted in the actual punk movement and punk has been dead since around 1987.

>> No.20262449

>So, you would fight the Man, warrior? Tell me, why?
>I can't let the Man keep us down. We had enough.
>A noble sentiment, but know this: you can fight the Man, but can never beat the Man. If you do, you become the Man yourself.

>> No.20262469


- Rules are almost unchanged.
- Trace mechanics changed from limited blind bid to unlimited bid (Corp first, then runner).
- Update has official stamp of approval of the original creator.
- Many original cards transferred over to new game, some almost unchanged beyond basic balancing fixes.
- Layout, art, etc all updated.
- Cards divided into factions for both runners and corps (with a equal amount of neutral cards).
- New "Identity" cards for both runners and corps. Identities start in play and determine your faction, minimum deck size and how many out-of-faction (non-neutral) cards you can have. They also grant a minor special effect. Decks must be built for a specific identity (no swapping them around in tournaments).
- Cards limited to a max of three per deck.

>> No.20262501

Punk rock is a genre of music characterized by musicians who are ignorant of musical theory or history and untrained, i.e. guys who just picked up some instruments and made some shit up.

Cyberpunk is a genre of fiction characterized by computer-centric sci-fi written by people who know almost nothing about computers.

Steampunk is a genre of fiction characterized by alternative history sci-fi centered on mechanical engineering in the Victorian age written by people who have only the most superficial familiarity with mechanical engineering or the Victorian age.

Wearing top hats together with goggles (i.e. wind protection gear together with clothing entirely unsuitable for windy weather), and gears that don't connect to anything and obviously serve no sensible purpose should be exactly the sort of thing you expect.

>> No.20262505

>> No.20262510

I agree with the OP, pony tails on men is fucking horrible.

>> No.20262600

I disagree. I find that it varies from person to person, just the same as every other hairstyle.

>> No.20262623

Where does cyberpunk stop being cyberpunk, anyway?

>> No.20262644

Yes, Jason Isaacs looked fabulous in one when he was younger. Most people just happen not to be Jason Isaacs.

>> No.20262648

It's cool if you disagree but it probably means you have a pony tail.

>> No.20262652


Basically, do corporations run everything? Is there an internet analogue? Are there cyborgs? Then it's cyberpunk.

>> No.20262663


Hell, you probably don't even need the cybernetics. Just evil corporations unconstrained by the law, and the internet.

>> No.20262682

Nope. I like to keep my hair short these days. Had it long-ish when I was in high school, but got fed up of how hot it was during the summers.

>> No.20262690

inb4 "so real life is cyberpunk" joke

>> No.20262696

Yeah same at some point I was like "Wow everyone I know with a pony tail is kind of a douche.... wait a minute, I have a pony tail."

I cut my hair and like reverse samson, I sky rocketed in power.

>> No.20262793

More than that, I think that "Steampunk" (which absolutely needs a different name) shouldn't be considered a storytelling genre at all, but rather an aesthetic style one can utilise in any manner of story or setting. As many here have pointed out, what defines "Steampunk" is invariably the aesthetics and overall look of the setting, not any sort of literary features or type of story, so it makes little sense for "Steampunk" to be considered a genre when it encompasses everything from genuine punk sci-fi like The Difference Engine to light-hearted adventure stories like Girl Genius.

>> No.20262801

The moment where technology improves so much that a guy doing supermarket nightshifts has firepower to match a modern-day fire team.

>> No.20262831

So Traveller is cyberpunk. Cyberpunk with viking wolfmen and samurai cat-people.

>> No.20262848

So present-day games are cyberpunk?

>> No.20262865

Well, Cyberpunk 2020 had a full body cybersuite that turned you into a cat-girl sex-slave.

>> No.20262876

It can be. Why else is there cybernetics and robot books, with a sideline in hacking?
Also yay Apologised!

>> No.20262890


>> No.20262892


I got this.

When humans and technology are so integrated that you don't need to type anymore if you want to hack.

>> No.20262907

Oh god it's true! We're almost at the cyberpunk future!

>> No.20262916

When elective prosthetics become mainstream, then we're in a cyberpunk world.

>> No.20262946


I'm going to have a tentacle.

>> No.20262954

>> No.20262956

People say that quite seriously though. I do, at least. Especially since I have actually seen London during the Olympic Games.

>> No.20262957

There's not nearly enough recognition for cyber-metal. Screw cyberpunk and the hopelessness and everything returning to shit afterwards. Screw pink-haired wierdos on cyberrollerskate raptor legs with katanas.

Cyberpunk, but with metal instead of punk. Fight the power, there's always hope if you persevere, and just pour more power into things. Hack into the system, and SMASH IT. Or break into the server room and shoot up the computers. Destroy robots, with a hammer. Denim and leather and spikes and chains. Glowy piping? Hell no! FLAMING SHOULDER PADS.

>> No.20262978

No, but we're very, very close.
The first weaponized lasers, railguns, the birth of nanotechnology, medicine moving in strange and almost magic ways (hyposprays are becoming a real thing), mechanical prothesis almost as good as the real thing, corporations with more power than the government (spending more on lobbyists than taxes in the US now, so it's soon), and the Japanese are building mechs.

Except for the magic, we'll be Shadowrun in... probably 8 years or so. Yes, that's a joke.

>> No.20262979

Not my metal.

>> No.20262985

>And then humanity was spess mehreens

>> No.20263001


>> No.20263002

No, Shadowrun is Cybermetal. It's the only setting where you can have a dragon wailing on an electric guitar.

>> No.20263021

So Traveller again.

>> No.20263129


I think we're making it too complicated here. Cyber-this and shooting-that... What about just the metal.

>> No.20263152


Too many letters. Just the M is good.

>> No.20263168



>> No.20263266

>Imperial Britain
>libertarian minarchy
Wow, leftists really are that desparate

>> No.20263291

>/tg/ is one person

>> No.20263331

Corsets, corsets everywhere!

>> No.20263388

Does Steampunk even have any books? Not counting things written a hundred years ago? Like if you talk about sci-fi, or fantasy, or cyber punk, those genres have a lot of garbage but a few gems that you can point out as really awesome examples. I've never heard of any great steampunk books, or really any steampunk books at all.

>> No.20263416


See a steampunk game or setting that's actually set up like an actual Foo-punk story would be pretty rad. One that actually took the social, political, and industrial issues of the Victorian Era and then splashing in the amped up tech.

...granted, adding such twists and commentary to steampunk would take away from the more important matter of dressing in leather and metal in not-fetish gear-really clothing.

>> No.20263511

> I've never heard of any great steampunk books, or really any steampunk books at all.

That's probably because you're totally illiterate and completely isolated from the rest of the world.


>> No.20263527


I'll just leave this here.

>> No.20263564

The only one worth reading is The Difference Engine, by Gibson and Sterling.

>> No.20263565

Considering the first steam engine was actually developed by the Greeks in between 150 BCE and 100 CE no you're wrong. The technology wasn't useful at the time because of the abundance of manual laborers but if you could get that tech in the Renaissance there would be a significantly larger market for it and you could jump start the Industrial Revolution 300 years.

>> No.20263576


>Fullmetal Alchemist
>The Prestige
>The Golden Compass (film not the book..wut)
>Sucker Punch
>The City of Lost Children
>The fucking rest

What in the fucking shit is with that list?

>> No.20263601

That was a steam engine like a pinwheel toy is a windmill.

Practical steam engines initially evolved out of water pumps, using tools and methods of manufacture developed to produce water pumps, and used as water pumps.

>> No.20263606

Fans of the genre trying to appropriate themselves good works?

>> No.20263621

They kind of fucked up listing Sucker Punch then.

>> No.20263626


Christ, it's like they've taken any work of fiction where a character fucking rides a train.

>> No.20263633

Harry Potter is totally steampunk.

>> No.20263645


"Well in this part of the film, the main character looks at a pocket wat-"
"This film opens with the main character using his compu-"

>> No.20263669

>Write a crime drama set in victorian England
>It gets labeled a "steampunk adventure"


>> No.20263698

And a hand gonne was like a bat in comparison to an assault rifle. Yes, the industrial era steam engines were better. Congratulations you know something every person on the planet does. The first steam engine was invented by Greeks. It had the POTENTIAL to be useful if someone had actually decided to take it further. It was the first step and it could have done exactly what I described. The technology existed in a primitive state that just needed improvement and there were more than enough inventors and scientists in the Renaissance to make that a possibility if they had known about it.

>> No.20263706

How the fuck was Sucker Punch steampunk?

>> No.20263707

They had to put it somewhere as Total Shit is not an accepted genre on its own.

>> No.20263738


Yeah, and ancient china had the potential to be churning out gattling canons against the mongols.

With hindsight quite a lot of inventions could've been developed centuries ago.

>> No.20263748

>The first steam engine was invented by Greeks.
I think you mean, "the first steam toy anybody bothered making a record of which survived to the present day".

They showed no awareness that the principle of its operation had the potential to be put to practical use. This is a bit like saying that some ancients who wrote about scrubbing their feet in wool socks on the floor and giving people shocks "invented the capacitor".

>> No.20263770

They did have an idea of its potential use.

The biggest use it had would have been to horrifically decrees the need for slave labor and fuck up the economy.

>> No.20263776

>They did have an idea of its potential use.
[citation needed]

I've heard this before. Whenever I've dug into it, all I found was baseless speculation.

>> No.20263789


>Romans totally would have had industrial revolution if they didn't have slaves

One of the reasons Rome fell was because they didn't have enough slaves.

Next you are going to tell me that we would be exploring outer galaxy if it wasn't for Christianity.

>> No.20263796

You don't get arc eye if you use welding goggles -with the proper filters- and not just whatever shit you found lying around.

Do you even know the first thing about welding? Or do you just like to talk shit because kiddies with gears and swimming goggles on their hats annoy you?

>> No.20263800

Rome fell because the League of Shadows brought them down with theatricality and deception.

>> No.20263831

Most steampunk goggles are obviously not welding goggles, but the kind of goggles you'd wear in an open-carriage car or similar vehicle.

>> No.20263865




>> No.20263891

Yup, that is some baseless speculation right there.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.20263953


You are indeed correct in your belief that it was all just speculation based upon what seemed more likely.

Indeed, our ancestors were no more stupid than ourselves and would have imagined the potential of the device.

They, or at least they in authority of a city-state, would be aware of the economic necessity of jobs for slaves in a slave-based economy.

Putting the two together it is not outlandish to assume that the commonly agreed upon speculation for reason of rejection was reached.

Just a shame they forgot about the potential by the time of Rome's final gasping collapse when it might have proved a viable alternative industrial base to rebuild from.

>> No.20263963

I always think it would be fun to cosplay working-class "steampunk" anarchists/proto-communists and walk around handing out Victorian style broadsheets decrying airships as tools of upper-class oppression, waving red banners, and shouting at everyone who's dressed up as some sort of dapper gentleman adventurer about how children are starving in the streets so they can ride their bullshit-powered motorcar. Overly complicated mining helmets or megaphones optional.

>> No.20264050



Remember that steam-powered devices require hot, efficient fuel.

Meaning that every zeppelin is a symbol of class oppression. Their flights of fancy are powered by the deaths of sons, fathers, and brothers in the mines. And for what? Scrip at the company store, to purchase gruel for the kids. Who are sent off to work in dangerous steam-loom factories.

>> No.20264085

Zat skinny goth girl does me some things.

>> No.20264265

>praise cyberpunk for having the same traits as steampunk
>decry steampunk because it's been popularized as merely an aesthetic choice by people

This is why these threads are always bullshit. /tg/ hates steampunk because it's popular, that's literally it. If it weren't popular, it wouldn't be bastardized, and it wouldn't be everywhere. /tg/ would get its panties in less of a bunch over it then.

>> No.20264304

Well, it is exaggerated industrial era England punk.

Racism and classism are the proper defining features of the genre.

>> No.20264367

Well it seems to me.... hmmmmmmmmm.

steam dildos

>> No.20264376



How long will we let these parasites grow fat from the labor of our hands? We must unite as a proletarian brotherhood! Refuse to mine their coal and to maintain their furnaces! Refuse to build their airships and their motor-carriages! Refuse to sweep their streets, to clean their houses, to build their tools of war!

Soldiers, don't turn your weapons on your own families, turn them on the true cause of suffering and hardship! It is the parasitic bourgeoisie! The bankers and the politicians, the kings and lords, the priests, the so-called gentlemen adventurers who use the fruit of your labor, the product of your sweat and tears and blood, to further their own selfish whims.

We must strike, strike to show them that we will not suffer their arrogance and their indifferent cruelty towards their fellow man. Are we not men? No! To them we are simply cogs, cogs in the great machine of industrialist capitalism! To them we are fuel, we are coal. We are to be used up, burned in their furnaces while we can work and left to die in the street when we cannot. So strike! Strike against oppression and fear! Strike against hunger and disease! Strike against ignorance! Strike against poverty and starvation! Show them that we are men and we will not be treated as coal, we will not be slaves!

Strike! A general strike against all the parasitic oppressors of all working-class peoples! They fear us because if we unite, if we strike as one fist against their corrupt system it will come crumbling down around their ears.

We. Must. Strike!

>> No.20264407

Hack the Gibson, save the world.

>> No.20264433

u r a fegt

>> No.20264467

More like
>praise cyberpunk because it speaks about a different society, with opressive regimes and giant corporations controlling everything
>hate steampunk for not exploring the effects of industrialisation and alternate history on society, but instead focusing on LOLSCIENCE, LOLADVENTURE and LOLRANDOM

That's why.
Please re-read the thread.

>> No.20264496

And just to reply to myself, and add things, I think that /tg/ hates steampunk as an aesthetic even more, just because of it's "slap some cogs onto stuff" mentality. Everything and anything can become steampunk.

But come on guys. Put some glowy lights on stuff, and you get science fiction. Gears of War is an offender here. There are a lot of aesthetics that are misused like that.
Steampunk is disliked because it's popular.

Can someone now please rank some good steampunk novels? Something that isn't just skin-deep adventure, but maybe actual science-fiction?

>> No.20264526


Cyberpunk is a lot more popular than steampunk in popular culture. Cyberpunk has an influence and presence in much sci fi, whereas steampunk is relegated to a niche cult that emerges only when it can for brief episodes involving the 19th century - Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter or Wild Wild West (fucking lol) or Van Hellsing.

Yes, there's Jules Verne and HG Wells, and it can be tragic that earlier literature from the turn of the century is not as appreciated as it could be/should be. But if /tg/ were being hipsters they'd hate Cyberpunk and propose unique and even more niche/obscure 'punks' like cogpunk or whatever the hell Renaissance shit is. Or those "Dying sun" settings.

There's a strong dislike of steampunk for reasons similar to the hostility by some to 40k and by many to my little pony.

>> No.20264545

You know, there's such a thing as good steampunk. Stuff that actually does explore the effects of industrialization and alternate history. Likewise, there's plenty of shitty cyberpunk. It's just that, for whatever reason, people think slapping pink mohawks and blinking lights on everything is cool, while slapping gears and goggles on everything is retarded.

>> No.20264546

Yeah, except most places don't sell those. The only way you're going to find one is if you're specificically looking for something that doesn't protect the rest of your face. Why not wear sandals while you're at it?

>> No.20264553


There's an issue in which most steampunk is at its core, against relevance due to its affectionate relationship with pulp tier storytelling.

The only way to really do it right WOULD be to make it some proto-marxist clusterfuck. That is literally the only way to make it relevant.

This is different from cyberpunk, which at the time was highly relevant, and has proven to be vaguely prophetic.

Retro-futurism doesn't really stand on its own feet that well. See: Fallout.

>> No.20264571

My guess then is that nobody here actually reads or knows of any good steampunk.
I sure don't. Still haven't gotten through the classics of science fiction, got a lot of books to read before I get to the subgenres.

What is good steampunk and can't we have a civil discussion about it?
No doubt that there IS something very good there, but as always, Sturgeon's law, 90% of everything is shit.

>> No.20264578

Don't come crying to me when you die of blacklung.

>> No.20264615

Fuckin' 5 star post Comrade

>> No.20264629

You're mistaking correlation for causation. It's not:
>Thing becomes popular
>Therefore /tg/ hates it

>Thing becomes popular
>Thing becomes a parody of itself
>Therefore /tg/ hates it.

The difference is subtle, but real. It's one thing to hate something because it's popular. It's another to hate something because of effects that are often coupled with popularity.

>> No.20264672

Alright, didn't read any of the thread, but I did do a Ctrl + F and got no hits, so I'll bring it up.

Has /tg/ read any of the Johannes Cabal novels?

That's how you do fucking steampunk. And he's a necromancer, to boot. If you haven't heard of them, I do quite recommend them.

>> No.20264673

When does science fiction become fantasy?
When does tragedy become farce?
When does warm become hot?

>> No.20264676


We all must do our part to destroy the industrialist-capitalist system and usher in a new society of prosperity and justice, comrade!

Now I want to run a campaign where the PCs are all anarcho-communist agitators in a horrifying steampunk distopia attempting to bring about the revolution.

It would be grimdark as fuck because you could start out as these idealistic young people and by the end find themselves rationalizing lining innocent people up against walls and shooting them for the good of the revolution.

If they wanted to go that direction, anyway.

>> No.20264681

Not him but:
>40k invented as wacky and fun
>people like it
>40k is reinvented as srs bzns
>old fans fall off, new fans get on
>40k comes full-circle in lolrandom jokes
>everyone is now buttmad
Am I understanding this correctly? 40k is used as a general example.

>> No.20264693

This is how I steampunk!

>> No.20264705

Bro-tip, things got worse and worse for the common man in real life but the ruling elite was never overthrown. Some politicians just passed health and safety laws, then welfare laws, minimum wage, etc.

Sure, there were uprisings along the way and in some places they were successful, but it wasn't inevitable.

>> No.20264716

>>No doubt that there IS something very good there, but as always, Sturgeon's law, 90% of everything is shit.
Stop that! Sturgeon's law ironically is also shit!

>> No.20264726

In this society, there is no innocence. Anyone who does not support the revolution is supporting the status quo, and must either be removed or re-educated.

>> No.20264728


Well, that might depend on whether you class labor unrest as uprisings or not, but yeah. The ruling class just gave the proles better conditions to keep them from actually going through with any revolution. It's cheaper and healthier (i.e. you don't get shot in a roadside ditch) to provide a minimum wage and state education than to just keep stomping on people with a boot forever. As long as people have enough that they care about losing (i.e. a roof over their head, a decent job with safe working conditions, enough money to buy the essentials and some luxuries) they won't revolt.

>> No.20264747


I didn't see your post. My apologies. To reiterate my previous exposition, the Johannes Cabal series of novels is damn good steampunk. And an interesting portrail of necromancy, if that's your thing.

>> No.20264766


This was the era in which the Queen of England literally turned away 10,000 pounds of aid to Ireland from the Ottomans, because she had only donated a thousand, and didn't want to be shown up

>As long as you poison the Chinese with opium, they won't care about uprising

>As long as the Irish are starved, they won't care about uprising

>As long as we supply the lower class with cheap laudanum, they won't care about uprising

Weary men, what reap ye? Golden corn for the stranger.

What sow ye? Human corpses that wait for the avenger.

Fainting forms, Hunger—stricken, what see you in the offing

Stately ships to bear our food away, amid the stranger's scoffing.

There's a proud array of soldiers—what do they round your door?

They guard our master's granaries from the thin hands of the poor.

Pale mothers, wherefore weeping? 'Would to God that we were dead—

Our children swoon before us, and we cannot give them bread.


>> No.20264784

I know.

I run summer-long minicampaigns for Super Sentai/Power Rangers recruited off of Rangerboard. It was going fine with cool themes like Heraldic Beasts, Modern Military Hardware, Robot Crab Mac Trucks, etc.
This summer a former player of mine who had been in a more than one campaign demanded, no seriously he demanded - with threats of getting me banned from the board, that this summer's theme had to be "Brass and Leather Squadron; Steamranger".

>> No.20264785

>>In this society, there is no innocence. Anyone who does not support the revolution is supporting the status quo, and must either be removed or re-educated.
You realize that such actions will make you no different than the oppressors you are attempting to remove? Why would anyone support your revolution if they only get the same thing in the end?

>> No.20264796

Pretty much. More generally:
>Loving creators put out Skub, a masterpiece that transcends genres even as it reinvents them
>Becomes popular.
>Other creators see that Skub is successful and decide to leach off that success (ie "are inspired by Skub).
>Create something that sort of looks like Skub but misses out on the things that actually make Skub so good in the first place.
>Copies become popular.
>More copies pop up, fanbase grows, rinse, repeat.
>Eventually the genre is just a shell with no real substance.

There are, of course, all kinds of reasons that something becoming popular can lead to it declining in quality, but I'm not here to say anything insightful. I'm here to masturbate to half-fae catboys.

>> No.20264850


Don't YOU get all moral on me, with your talk of respectability and what's right.

I've learned different. "Morality is a construct to keep the weak in their place". It's what keeps us from taking the bread that WE grew, milled, and baked, and giving it to OUR children. And why? Because GOD decided that it was right to give a corrupt nobility rule over England?

You would ask me to watch my children die. My son starve, because that bread isn't mine? The bread made from the grains that my brothers and I grew on our father's land? That our friend's father milled? You would take it from our hands, even while my boys waste away, in the name of TAXES?

Injustice! What about "Thou Shalt not Kill"? Is it not killing to take food out of the hands of the thin and wasting? Is it not killing to tax us into poverty and death?

Your morality, and your God are constructs. Tools you created to hold us back. We will take what we need. And we will enlighten those who still cling to their slave's morality.

>> No.20264871

That's exactly the point. If the PCs follow this path, they will replace the tyranny of the established order with their own, making a perfect setup for the next campaign. It's just porting the history of certain "communist" revolutions over to a fictional setting.

>> No.20264908

So your enlightenment is basically "I will take revenge upon those that wronged me and otherwise kill anyone who happens to disagree with me."

If you fight monsters too much you become one of them.

>> No.20264992


Better an honest monster than one who pretends they're better because of their ancestry.

You've heard the talk, haven't you? From the enlightened boys? The speakers in the streets, in the town houses late at night, talking politics? Darwin said it himself, and the British nobility disowned him! Threw out one of their own for speaking the truth! Man's just an animal. And there is no God.

No God of England, anyways.

Ireland belongs to the Irish! The French understand this. The Indians understand it. The Ottomans do, too. We will not rest until the crown knows what it is like to weep over their fallen children, who have starved to death, and there was nothing they could do!

>> No.20265001


That would be the point. The PCs want a better world but the nature of violent revolution and extremist ideologies means that they will make themselves the monsters they hate.

>> No.20265023

I hear you OP
>Just Glue Some Gears On It and Call It Steampunk

>> No.20265113

Good and Evil being terms that are black and white and have actual mechanics.

Good and Evil are words made up to justify killing your enemy, end of story. The way evil is potrayed in most settings no one would ever pick evil, its dumber than shit.

Any time a paladin can just call up a god and be like, "Hey bro, is this evil?" Takes away the fun of gray morality.

Also intelligent dragons annoy me. DnD superintelligent dragons make me irate.
Lycanthropes are almost always done gay
Vampires are almost always done gay
Things that can't die to mortal wounds in general piss me off.
People who play Space Marines.

>> No.20265159

Moap, I like you, but you need to stop being such a queer.

>> No.20265166 [DELETED] 

No tears, only report button now.

Check global rule 14

>> No.20265178

May I draw your attention to the new Global Rule

>14. Do not use avatars or attach signatures to your posts.


>> No.20265245


Us Brits want to play too! :(

>> No.20265298 [DELETED] 

Please direct your attention global rule 8.

>> No.20265306 [DELETED] 

>missed a word
Holy shit I am the worst person.

>> No.20265320 [DELETED] 


At the risk of being That Guy, you quoted one person who never said they reported you. Just a sage.

>> No.20265343

>not using electricity to power your contraptions
It's as if you barbarians don't want clean, safe energy.

>> No.20265350 [DELETED] 

You are correct, my mistake. I'm happy to assume the other guy did, though.

>> No.20265365

By definition nothing can survive a mortal wound. People die when they are killed.

>> No.20265375


>> No.20265390

>Any time a paladin can just call up a god and be like, "Hey bro, is this evil?" Takes away the fun of gray morality.
Not necessarily, unless you want to go Full Kierkegaard.

>> No.20265393

Hey, Moap, not sure if you've seen this yet but the new GW releases schedule seems to heavily imply that many Space Marines codexes are going to be merged.

That, or the codexes will be using the same kits.

>> No.20265400

There is no global rule 18. you have been trolled!

>> No.20265421

This! A million times this!

I honestly can't put in to words the way I hate every single fucking thing about Steampunk.

>> No.20265506


Medieval fantasy in general, excluding Elder Scrolls and GoT. Reading a fantasy novel or playing a fantasy game only emboldens my appreciation for fire, and it's application to media the the producers of said media.

People who don't shower enough.

Card games.

Miniatures games that use randomized boosters as their distribution method.

>> No.20265584



>> No.20265586

>people who bitch about X mechanic in a game being unrealistic

I hate this mostly because the counter to the complaint is almost always "Because it is fun this way" but these people never seem to be able to accept that.

I mean, its not like people play RPGs to actually have fun or anything.

the biggest example is when people take HP literally to mean the number of times you can be hit before you die and not as a general representation of a characters ability to defend themselves from attack.

>> No.20265709

Yeah, I like Steampunk as a general concept but it gets overused waaaay to much.
Imagine if there were a cyberpunk game and everyone everywhere was a cyborg with a mohawk. The homeless, the rich, everyone everywhere is a goddamn robot with a mohawk and a bunch of augs built into them that don't actually seem to do anything. Shit just don't make no damn sense.
Steampunk is at it's best when elements of it are used but the setting still has it's own feel to it.
Bioshock good.
People in OP's pic bad.

>> No.20265723

To be fair, the reverse annoys me a lot too. Ask why a certain mechanic works in some irrational way, and I'll inevitably get someone answering "it's more fun that way, deal with it." Look, maybe YOU enjoy the way this works, but obviously I don't, or I wouldn't be bitching about it. If we're in a gritty-realism setting, why can't we have gritty realism damage? (Just to use your example; that's come up before.)

Just claiming that something is "more fun" is sort of vague. I mean, argue it's more fitting for the style of the game, or that it's a necessary streamlining of what would otherwise be tons of boring book-keeping, or whatever. But just saying that it's "more fun" kind of implies the person you're saying it to isn't qualified to decide what he thinks is fun for himself.


>> No.20265733

I think it's the lack of child labour laws, safety and environmental regulations, pensions, unemployment benefits, and so forth he's referring to. No libertarian minarchist state would have any of those, so any example of the evils of lacking those things would also appear in a libertarian minarchist state.

>> No.20265741

>Iron Sky a Steampunk movie
>No Victoriana in the RPG section

Wow. Just, wow.

>> No.20265794


Materials weren't good enough to make Industrial Revolution steam engines. Until coke-firing was used to produce steel, the steam engine would've been weak and used for minor, pointless acts. So no, the Greeks wouldn't have had glorious industrial revolution.

>> No.20265844

The Indians, though...

>> No.20265923

yeah I get what you mean, I tried to keep it general cause we would be here for fucking years if we tried to go in to details of when fluff v crunch just fucks up.

The rule I always go by is that fun is the main goal of the game but there is more than one kind of fun. For example, it is fun to let the players swing on the light fittings firing their assault rifle at the same time and actually get to hit something but it is also fun to have the player loose an arm when he fucks up making a pipe bomb and it explodes in his face.

You really have to take it case by case I think.

The only gritty games I have ever played have used a wounds system and I have always felt that is the best for getting a more real feel to combat.

>> No.20266035

It's a shame that steampunk is treated as fashion by these fags while movies like steamboy make it into an awesome setting of an alternate industrial revolution.

It should be a setting, not a fashion.

>> No.20266197

Well, I think that most cyberpunk stories still deal with the issues that are brought on by the expansion of technology, stuff like Deus Ex and Shadowrun. It asks the question of whether the convenience brought about by such things is worth the invasions of privacy it could cause, or how it could effect the holistic integrity of your body, etc. Steampunk, if it emphasized the "punk" aspect of it, would deal with the industrial revolution, which we already know was shit and the modern world has already figured out how to fix the problems of.

>> No.20266327

The only reason Steampunk or really most other -punk genres even exist is to copy the everliving fuck out of Cyberpunk which was indeed about punks who were cyberized.
I've never really seen Bladerunner as all the Cyberpunk beyond the aesthetic. That would be like calling the SMB movie Cyberpunk because it took place in a dreary neon city with weird tech.

>> No.20266591

Like what, is that player a mod at the forum or something?

>> No.20267071

>When does science fiction become fantasy?

The point varies from machine to machine, for example a predator drone can be cranked out by the thousands and could be a nightmare to remove from a area if they were made in bulk and autonomous, or how a nuke can level a large stretch of any land and destroy the world if used in great numbers.But my estimate? If and when people create true AI, I think the distinction will blur.
>When does tragedy become farce?

It is *all* in language used,

>When does warm become hot?

Hmm, normal human body temperature is around 100 on farenheit scale, probably a small bit past that.

>> No.20267226


>For every top hat wearing dandy walking the streets with a citrus powered lightning cannon, there would be a hundred working class men on the verge of starvation, shovling coal into massive furnaces day and night to keep the city moving. If they stop they will starve, there's no social security, no welfare, no protections of any kind if you fall into destitution. Disease is rampant among those who cannot afford doctors, the difference between those who have and those who do not would be so vast it would defy belief.

We already have a half dozen or so literary movements that address this in various forms. Dickensian, Marxist, Anarchist, Social Realists, etc.

The relevant point is that all of the stuff that steampunk shovels onto its setting is completely irrelevant to these supposed conflicts. Cyberpunk had (and has) a technological theme relating to its social elements: the idea that miniaturization and networking would decentralize industrial power. Your hero could be a scrappy individualist hacking into the Big Powerful Corporations because he had a $500 computer that could do so.

Steampunk doesn't do anything like this. It's just a celebration of the sort of gilded robber-barons and unabashed technological optimism that cyberpunk was satirizing and critiquing in the first place. It's utterly vapid; an entire self-nominated "genre" trying to justify its existence by pointing at The Difference Engine.

>> No.20267409


Blade Runner is about the marginalization of the individual in the face of corporate power and technological advancement. Both the protagonist and antagonist are literally dehumanized: Decker's great crisis is the realization that he can't prove that he's human in the first place.

Cyberpunk isn't about people with neon clothes and plugs in their heads. It was a rebellion against the historical sci-fi vision of technology as something that would make life better and cleaner for humanity. It pointed out that advances in technology would actually be hostile to individualism, freedom, and health; and that the corporations that controlled technology would enjoy ever-increasing power and wealth as a result.

Without cyberpunk, you don't have Alien, Terminator, or RoboCop. And the fact that none of those movies look like stereotypical cyberpunk demonstrates the power of its ideas over its fashion.

>> No.20267507

>Cyberpunk isn't about people with neon clothes and plugs in their heads.
I never said it was, nigger. The idea of corporate overflow is not strictly a cyberpunk idea. And yes, Bladerunner has some very strong Cyberpunk elements to it, but by that same token so does Total Recall, Minority Report, and Mirror's Edge. Shit, you could even say that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is Cyberpunk if you really wanted to.

I guess I'm just a little touchy on labeling everything as Cyberpunk because when you do that, the word suddenly has about as much weight and importance as steampunk.

>attempting to criticize someone on Sci-Fi while posting the worst character of the worst Sci-Fi trilogy of this generation
Get fucked.

>> No.20267704


>Total Recall, Minority Report

Both based on stories by Philip K. Dick.

>The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Basically just an illustration of how a lot of the technology we have has caught up with what people imagined as sci-fi up to the 80s. But its basic themes are about patriarchy rather than technocracy.

>> No.20267846

Wait, so this is eternal? I can't even avatarfag on /b/?
Gay as aids.
Gonna go shoot myself.

>> No.20268881

Unironically enough the picture the guy you're referring to is referring to is more western punk than not.

>> No.20269818

Slapping pink mohawks and blinking lights is fucking gay. Cyberpunk attire should be laid-back and/or utilitarian. It's about function, and anyone who thinks it's about cybergoth dreads, punk hairstyle (LOL SO REBELLIOUS AND EDGY XD), raver clothing, or club-derived fetishism can go fuck themselves. That never was cyberpunk, and never should be. Sadly, in five years it probably will be, the same way that gluing cogs on top hats is now considered steampunk. Every time I see a picture of one of these "cyberpunks" or "cybergoths", I want to reach through the internet and pimp-slap them with a copy of Neromancer. That's how fucking cyberpunk should be done.

Besides, cyberpunk is dead. It was the stuff of the 80s and early 90s. Some of it came true, some of it didn't. If anything, we should be looking to neo-cyberpunk for modern-day applications/hacks/awesome shit. Like the PiBomb I'm working on - drop a package with a Raspberry Pi, battery, and necessary in an innocuous urban or city location, let it hack every WEP wireless network in the area and analyze the best speeds and connectivity, then start seeding torrents through hacked WEP and any unsecured networks.

>> No.20269989

Don't bring that shit into Cyberpunk. Cybergoth is as related to Cyberpunk as Steampunk is, in that they both strive for aesthetic whilst forgetting philosophy
>Cyberpunk attire should be laid-back and/or utilitarian
Corporate attire in Cyberpunk universes usually is. Kitbashed mods sold in a backalley attached to other kitbashed mods, not so much.

>> No.20270029

And yet that faggotry bleeds over, branches of it calling themselves cyberpunk.

And I wasn't saying that attire wasn't, in cyberpunk universes. Your point is irrelevant, however, considering that I was talking about RL.

>> No.20270045

>And I wasn't saying that attire wasn't, in cyberpunk universes
> Cyberpunk attire should be laid-back and/or utilitarian.
Make up your fucking mind.

>> No.20270080

>Oh fuck, a steampunk thread, I bet it's filled with skub/anti-skub type arguments.
>Fuck, it's like I'm back on /lit/ with a bunch of hipster douchebags who hate it just because it's popul...
>Huh, that post was a well-written deconstruction of the problems with the genre
>As was that one, cleverly contrasting it with cyberpunk to show its lack of substance
>And that one was bursting with ideas for what steampunk COULD be, if it was written by talented people

What the fuck, /tg/? how is it you know more about literature than /lit/?

>> No.20270123

Once again,
>Your point is irrelevant, however, considering that I was talking about RL.

Reading comprehension isn't very difficult, I'm not sure why you're having so much trouble. Cyberpunk attire is utilitarian in cyberpunk universes. But I'm not talking about cyberpunk universes or fiction, I'm talking about real life.

Because /lit/ reads and regurgitates the same old shit time after time. /tg/, however, creates incessantly. That's what roleplaying games are all about.

>> No.20270153

>When does warm become hot?
>Hmm, normal human body temperature is around 100 on farenheit scale, probably a small bit past that.

Bullshit. Ever been outside on a 90 degree day? That shit is hot, not just warm.

inb4 fatty mcfatterson. I'm 5'10" and weigh 150lbs.

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