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Pfft Chaos Marines are only badass because they're former Space Marines. If they were Chaos Grox no one would give a shit.

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So I have to deal with the constant warfare and death of being a normal space marine, but with the added risk of my cock being turned into nine snakes with the face of my mother who try to kill me constantly?

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...But that sounds badass. I want a chaos Grox army now.

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What kind of Chaos Grox would their be? I assume sorcerers are right out, but what about things like Obliterators? How do marks work with Grox?

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Fuck that, I want Chaos Kroot.
>ate the flesh of daemons and became primal berserkers
>obsessed with ascending to daemonhood so they stalk chaos cults and devour them to ingrain more corruption into their bodies
I like it. I like it so much, I think I'll write some fluff for it.

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In Black Crusade, you will pretty much never get mutations you dislike, so long as you are Undivided, unless you royally fuck up.

When I ran Black Crusade, the Nurgle and Khornate PCs avoided getting the Marks, because they still wanted to fight FOR JUSTICE.

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True, but in the fluff you could be a loyal devotee of Tzeentch who does everything right and one day wake up to find he has turned your legs into banana pudding as a reward. The worst part? You don't even like banana pudding.

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This is the next /tg/ homebrew codex.

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Amazing, do it

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or you LOVE banana pudding...but the pudding is your form of locomotion...

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I rike it
though kroot instinctively refuse to eat khorne flakes, don't they? or is that nids

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If a space marine is untainted how does he join the chaos space marines? Like chaos united?

How would an untainted smurf join chaos united? Does he just walzt in to an outpost and say he wants to join? He might just get blasted.

And how loyal are chaos space marines to one another. Do they love each other like battle brothers?

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Depends on which God they serve.

Chaos united may be loyal to each other? Maybe. Nurglite marines love each other like family. Khornate marines will cut each other down mid-battle just for fun.

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So does anyone know the status on chaos space marines?

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for an army you could have more chaos tainted kroot be counts as demons

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"In the name of the God-Emperor and his Golden Throne my Faith is Strong!"

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But you need to remember, if a Chaos Space Marine dies, unless he ROYALLY screw up, he just respawns in the warp.
And a Grunt Marine isn't important enough to screw up enough to not get a respawn.

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>mfw chaos space marines are immortal

Why don't all marines go chaos? What does the emperor give them? Jack shit and no afterlife.

What do you get when you serve chaos.


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And banana pudding legs.

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is that true for all of hoomanity, or are the perfect snowflakes the exception to the rule?

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Filthy heretics! I should kill you where you stand!

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how important you are
khaos mahreens are rare, so they get special treatment
they're also much harder to turn

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You have the full support of a regiment of Krieg at your disposal.

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Dont forget massive empires in the warp, also if you arent a higher up the least you could be is just a hired blade. I always had an image of Ex-Legionnarires pissed of with their entire ordeal who just go around as badass guns for hire or even Conan-type badasses who roam the warp looking for glory or some quest to either please the Gods or redeem themselves from some curse they had.

Infact I keep having this vision of a Black Legionnaire outcast, one of the breed that had sought to rebel against Horus and was caught up in some bad shit when he betrayed his Word Bearer Blood Brother and was cursed by the WB's Daemon mentor to be a wandering psycho whose singal goal was to gain the ninteen Orbs of Desolation which is meant to releeive him of the curse. Also I always see him gunning down a bunch of Guardsmen and finishing off a few Space Wolves with fancy bladework.

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The respawn thing isn't at all clear, people really don't fucking have any idea how the Chaos Legions keep their numbers up.

They might just use normal geneseed, for example, even if only two CSM survived the entire Horus Heresy,lets call them Adam and Steve, and even if 90% of all subsequent CSM recruits either died in the process of implantation or before they could pass on their geneseed, you would still be left with 10 billion or so CSM.

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Bah! Worthless, cowardly humans? They are worse than useless; they are practically traitors themselves!

Only through my hate and anger will I purge the traitors!

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Morning gents, what heretical shenanigans are we up to today?

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>Infact I keep having this vision of a Black Legionnaire outcast, one of the breed that had sought to rebel against Horus

The whole point of the Black Legion is that they rebelled against Horus, Abbadon denounced Horus, said they were fags, that they'd be no longer called the Sons of Horus, etc.

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Far as I can tell, mini crusade, I'd stop them but I'm only a conscript...
Thank you.

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I am going to pretend I didn't hear that as we crush the forces of the enemy with a veritable storm of Lasfire.

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Ho Beletius! Just returned from a little raiding on the Drass-Fodil Sector, hauled up a dozen carriers filled with munitions bound for Praesus Loyalist dogs.

Anyway, we were on Colinus Sphincter and we ambushed a company of loyalist Wolves in a defile got me a cool power sword and seven heads.

Hear back from Arcona and the Steelfists?

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This again? Hey, can you pass me the SPF 15?

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Hmmph...filthy heretics,,,

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These guardsmen look a bit different these days...

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Don't forget Honsou and his Daemonculaba project, though it was destroyed. I'm sure there were other projects.

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Dear Dead Korp
You mean end up loosing eight million men just to crack open a little fortress instead of using air and orbital firewpoer to clear the way? Go warp yourself DeathKorp fodder, infact we are raiding Minok Cluster next cycle. Show up with the Fiftieth Army Group and we will make sure there will be a new batch of recruits lining up within the next month after the pounding we will give ya.



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Avitus brooks no back-talk!

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Really, there are a fucking miniscule amount of CSM in the grand scheme of thins
However, at least in the eyes of the imperium, every marine lost to chaos is a HUGE loss because what amounts to millions of thrones of resources being handed to the enemy. And not just the enemy, The GREAT enemy.
But still, chaos sorcerers and docs work sort of as makeshift marine makers, though their creations have a great amount of "imperfections"

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Oh, there ya'll are, room for a Tallarn? I've got a carton of Lho sticks!

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>showered in chaos blood

maybe I'm just paranoid, but I'd probably try and avoid that. Between Nurgle and Slaanesh, who knows what kind of suped-up space aids they could be packing.

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But it's been clensed by the holy light of the Emperor! Id est, Earthshaker rounds!

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I'm wearing a gasmask... does it look like I smoke lhos? That being said the tallarn are welcome to help us crush our foes.
Yeah probably not a good idea but, eh they're Cadians what do you expect.

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We don't actually know if there are a miniscule amount of CSM in the grand scheme of things. We do know that through some means they can tank unlimited numbers of casualties and can and do take IG on head on, which would be impossible if they were numbered like loyalists.

Until 6e CSM dex comes out and sheds some light on the subject, we are all restricted to headcanon, mine being that their numbers are second only to IG/PDF. They wouldn't have the numbers to do what they do in the fluff without it, especially how they constantly die in droves, and how the World Eaters alone fought the entire Imperium to a standstill.

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It's like a party on my skin except I'm being eaten alive!

>howshor compelling
You're right, Captcha. I surely am compelling.

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A high level of professionalism, and a world that, despite being next to the Eye of Terror, hasn't fallen to a level of corruption requiring the detonation of nuclear weapons in their major population centers.

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That respirator sucks air from somewhere.
If not, use the drinky straw!

Captcha: STRENGTH avokmc

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Did someone say strength of a commie? Valhallans! Deploy!

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I always thought that whenever they said "CSM are fighting someone" they mean CSM and a horde of chaos humans?
Though thats probably just my head canon also...

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I was looking for that, thanks!

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Pretty much a group of back stabbing bastards...trust no one and you sure as hell don't want to be standing next to a chaos marine more crazy/aggressive/abitious than you are.

Granted that dosen't mean that all chaos space marines are foaming at the mouth for violence one time in BL book one classier chaos marine was pointing out that it's a waste of time to torture and brutalize captured prisoners instead of just simply sacraficing them cleanly/quickly or making them slaves He basically asked them what was the point they say something and then he asks why.

Most Chaos bands follow the typical slave master pecking order, but remember this is chaos, there are no honor amoung traitors

as for new loyalist going chaos, they either get fucked at the door or if someone vouches for them, then they can join chaos, most of the time a group of loyal marines get bored and become pirates serving themselves, then they slowly slip to chaos and head for the eye of terror.

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OK, so I get that spoiler tags have occasional uses, but... what's the point in spoiler images?

Other than hiding porn, I mean [/spoliler]

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Very much welcome.

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Huh. Not sure how I made that happen.

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Cadians eh?

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What's going on in here?

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I think it was Sirocco in CoV that basically has the same complaints. "Do we have to be so cartoonish about it all?"

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Storm of Iron a book explains why there are more chaos marines for the black crusade...fabious bile and the Iron Hands raided an ancient cache of geneseed belonging to Imperial Fists.

Shit went down and now an entire legions worth of space marine implants fell into the hands of the Iron Hands and then Fabious bile made cheap copies of the gene seed to sell to other chaos factions...basically chaos got shit tier chump space marines but it's okay they make up with numbers

Before Storm of Iron book, many chaos space marines were scavanging for spare parts to upkeep their out of date and damaged power armor and yeah, no new gene seed meant chaos warbands loosing chaos marines were actually a heavy blow.

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anyone else wish the Hellguns would actually do meaningful damage to more stuff? maybe gain Felling[2] or something to make up for it?

One way or another, you really gotta stick to the models capable of using charge packs at 1/4 capacity apiece. That 10kg backpack is rather shitty a reserve, and a 25kg backpack would just plain be retarded.

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That's okay, Arachnos is in its death throes, and I aim to hasten the process, maybe competence will take its place.

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I don't think its self evident at all that all chaos followers are too retarded to engage in geneseed extraction and implantation. So you one day say "FUCK THE EMPEROR" and... your geneseed disintegrates? Or your databases on how to implant geneseed get deleted by Inquisitorial hackers?

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it could be that Apothecaries never defect, being all like, "Chaos? Mutations? The fuck with that, thats exactly what I'm supposed to get rid of, I'd have a fuck of a time treating EVERYONE, I don't get paid enough as it is."

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Please Read Storm of Iron
It's hard enough for loyalist marines to successfully undergo gene seed implant therapy.

Chaos Warbands have to be more deligent about recovering GOOD gene seed without the huge support base loyalist do. A chaos warband might have only one apothicary (chaos version is called something, can't remember) tasked with the job and all he has is the surgery/torture tools on him a lab thats probably scavenged. BAD Gene seed is just ripped out and shoved into chaos slaves until one of them dosen't die and then is given a shitty version of power armor and is thrown out there as a "mook" chaos space marine until he scavenges better stuff from loyalist or wins daemon stuff via duels with other chaos marines.

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There's plenty of instances of renegades continuing the recruitment process (which would require geneseed). I suppose it's just an issue of the fact that it would be much harder for a renegade chapter to stay organised with the whole thing.

Chirurgeons bro.

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Fabious Biles main goal in life is to break the secrets of the gene seed and dare to go further to out do the Emperor himself!

He's currently trying his best at it by making genetic slurrys and injecting them into helpless prisoners and basically watching whats happend...he hasn't cracked the space marine gene code yet and he's killed and mutated millions of slaves so far, but damn it he keeps trying!

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I'z gettin too green fer dis nonsense. You'z all muckin about.

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Hey, he's gotta hit the winning combo eventually right?

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You mean that we're finally going to come out and say it that the God-Emperor of Mankind isn't the true Omnissiah?

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I imagine most of his failures are on the "horrific, lethal monster killed by an armoured company after it decimated the majority of the loyal imperium spire they dumped it onto" side of things. He's neither incompetent or stupid, after all.

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> I got an official Black Library book backing me up.

The burden of proof is still upon you to prove that all CSM of the legion involved use an unbelievably retarded and incompetent method to add new troops, not just the ones detailed in the book, and after that point, the burden of proof is still upon you to prove that all CSM, from the Thousand Sons to the Black Legion, use that same ass-backwards method.

>Chaos Warbands have to be more deligent about recovering GOOD gene seed without the huge support base loyalist do.

No, not really. Okay, this will fucking blow your mind. How does the Imperium create new chapters? They put geneseed in one slave, let it grow into two, put it into new slaves, etcetera etcetera, and then before you know it, you have a thousand geneseeds.

And mind you, I'm just talking about halfway professional CSM groups. A bunch of space marines that went to Khorne one afternoon with no forethought, yeah, sure, they gonna have issues.

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It was written by a founder of GW and most of the warhammer 40k lore and played into the official story of the 13th black crusade...but yeah, what the fuck does the guy know? And it's not like the book is still in print and can be found at your local GW store.

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So, when did the lore move away from CSM's having to loot geneseed since Chaos is either limited, sterile, or unstable for reproduction?

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Ever heard the term 'hitting the genetic lottery'? Bile's got all the dice in the galaxy, baby!

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Fuck Chaos and fuck the Emperor, I have pledged my soul to the most powerful entity in all of the cosmos, Freddy Mercury

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Most stories which are found in novels, the codexes white dward stories and by extension fanatic and inferno stories talk about Chaos Marines with the exception of daemon aid and Dark Magos (chaos tech priest not bound by dogma) making new stuff like defilers, jet planes and what not, Chaos Warbands are actually pretty rag tag and have to resort to looting or using second or third rate parts and materials.

same goes with gene seed they have to steal it from loyalist casualties ontop of recovering their own or use shitty vat grown knock offs in a dirty lab or corrupted daemon gene seed.

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Daemonculaba is also official; yet nowhere is it implied that this is the #1 production for Iron Warriors, let alone for CSM period. You still need to prove that this little vignette is the case for 100% of CSM, and not just the shitty little warbands.

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What the fuck else do you want from me, man? My soul?

shit just look the shit up yourself, I've referenced enough literature and yet your still asking me for some absolute answer that you want to a question has fairly been answerd and you still wont accept it!

You won't accept the chaos codex, Classic BL novels or the Let the Galaxy burn storm of chaos game tournament, then what will you accept?

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Stop dicking around, there is heresy afoot!

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