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So, would fa/tg/uys and grognards get mad at me if I made a sisters of battle army that looked like actual marines because it doesn't make sense to go into battle naked?

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Someone would. You know that.

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No matter what you do OP I will get angry because I like being angry.

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>implying sisters of battle fight naked
>implying they don't have the most advanced lightweight power armor in existence
>implying /tg/ is this easy to troll

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But sisters of battle don't go into battle naked?

I don't get this thread.

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Unless you're fielding a whole army of Repentia, I have no idea what the fuck you're on about, OP.

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repentia do but no-one takes them because they suck. but other than that, no this makes no sense. I guess maybe its a female space marines troll, but it's really badly executed at that.

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He might be talking about the Sisters Repentia, who do go to battle naked, because they want a glorious death in battle to atone for their sins. Because theirs nothing more glorious than a six foot tall woman stark nakid but for purity seals and scars charging head first into a battle line with a chainsword bigger than she is.

The thing is, although they are crazy and their philosophy doesnt make sense, if we accept it as a fact them being naked does make sense. I might give them something in the realm of robes and the like for modesties sake, but you dont put power armour on a suicide bomber

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Guys....guys listen...

You know the Black carapace...I fixed it...

I made a White Carapace for the Ladies...

It only works with the Female genetic codes...

Am I a Heretek?

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Making a toaster that can toast bread any lighter than black makes you a heretek.

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>He doesn't enjoy scrape-to-taste toast

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Yes your rage only makes my All Women Space Marine Chapter vaginas wetter.

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Even if could make space marine from female... There will be no big difference in appearance. Big bulky blob of muscles and bones.

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You want wet vaginas? I'll give you wet vaginas!
>Finally, an excuse to use spoilers!

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Does no one remember the Golden Aquilas?

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DAMNIT! I forget to check that stupid box!

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>and the immediately fail at said spoilers

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>actual marines


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But they don't. Boobplate and leather corset look are decorate elements set atop segmented ceramite plates.

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This time, I clicked the little box first, so your mother can suck my giant throbbing cock! HAHAHAHA!

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This long and none posted the dem hips pics?

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