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- Warhammer Fantasy Battles
- Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
- Mordheim
- Man o' War I guess
- don't talk about Warhammer Online


The Mark of Chaos intro

The Battle March intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4wkYW6KoxY

The first trailer for WAR

Blood on the Reik: an artist's guide to the Empire

This fuckin sweetass pic
so good gurl

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>- don't talk about Warhammer Online


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>so good gurl

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Do the plague monk Skaven worship The Great Horned Rat or Papa Nurgle?.

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All Skaven worship the Rat. Coincidental overlap with Chaos Gods is essentially unimportant. Being Rat is important.

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Me too, actually. Too bad everybody played Order and the class balance kinda sucked...

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WFRP 2nd Here.

IMHO one of the best wound system. Even one swing of sword can be lethal

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Best book ever

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I respectfully disagree.

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>Mfw when Vampire Counts codex and Battle Box are 30% off at my FLGS
Should I /tg/?

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Sure why not

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THoughts dem fan books?


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yes bro, i'm doing Vampire counts too, but i'm making them a zombie and skeleton horde from the swamps of Sylvania, with moss and reeds and leaves draped all over their armor and bits. My flagbearer has tree roots sprouting across the base and through a skulls mouth.

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I loved parts of it. Lvl 32 Chosen when I stopped. Loved the class, but I couldn't kill anything alone, so far too tanky for my level.

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I play 40k, how do Vampire Counts play? Am I setting myself up for grouping with Twihard faggots?

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>Don't talk about warhammer online
>Starts thread with a warhammer online video.

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>zombie and skeleton horde

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I hope there's no people like that. I play Vampire counts like FUCK YOUR SHIT WITH SKELETONS MOTHERFUCKER

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Vampires need magic

SHIT TONS of magic. I'd always consider having a Lvl 4 Necro, a cheaper option then a lvl 4 vampire

Your core sucks dick even with 5 point skeles. Just fill out minimum

Your specials and rares will be your power houses. careful though, dcent magic/cannons can kill most of them

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To be fair it looks literally nothing like how WAR ended up. That's like saying "don't talk about Mark of Chaos" and then posting the MoC intro. They're so different it doesn't even matter.

The SECOND trailer, on the other hand, was basically accurate. Genericized fantasy shit that is basically indistinguishable from every other setting? yyyyyeop

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Do it faggot!
and do a Castlevania-themed army.
don't forget that Varghulfs can legitimaly look like werewolves by the "you got what you see" tournaments rule.
Ah, crypt horrors are perfect for Iron Maiden's Eddie conversions.

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Mark of Chaos was the crappiest warhammer game. WAR isn't that bad, just it didn't live up to the hype. They should've done Chaos Undivided, allowed female Marauders. The concept of no dedicated healer was brilliant.

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Take Crypt Horros. They arent the strongest, but they can dish out a shit ton of poison attacks

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I liked all the games and all the trailers.
I don't know what kind of magical shit people were expecting from underfunded games?
Maybe its because most people that play WFB are autistic and can't handle something that isn't exactly how they imagined it would be.

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SO...WHFB Generals. What is your main army?

My Main is Empire (Hochland), but I also have a small Tomb Kings army as well (Numas).

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I haven't gotten a chance to play a game yet or read the rulebook, but i have the new hardcover army book. From reading through it, i'm going heavy Necromancy with probably a wight king to lead my skeleton hordes. Vampire counts depend on having either a vampire lord or necromancer around to buff your units with magic, like Vanhel's Dance Macabre, which allows you to reroll failed To Hit rolls in combat, and additionally if they're unengaged move 8 as their movement phase. Great for zombies especially because they're slow as fuck and hit on 5+ at least. there are tons of deadly spells in the Lore of the Vampires. Vampire Counts depend on having strong generals and specialty units to back up their hordes of fearless soldiers. Skeletons are also great because they're undead and undead cause fear. Eventually if I ever get it large enough i want to field Heinrich Kemmler and Krull Lorde of Undeath together.

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Warriors of Chaos, been playing them for years.

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bump for dat Fantasy!!

Also who is next after Warriors of Chaos?

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orge kingdoms, i dont think theres anything more satisfying than charging 12 ironguts into something

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Dont go skeletons, go Zombies. They're cheapest unit other than Skaven Slaves. Get a good block of them and basically tie up the opponents valuable targets.

Then use your specials to flank. One the bests are the incorporeals since they can only be targeted if they attacked in the last phase, magic weapons, or magic.

Use them to harass the enemies artillery & archers. Remember to raise your troops, and you should always have multiple wizards/vampires.

If you don't and that wizard/vampire dies then you've lost. As your army will slowly crumble away. So a backup wizard or two is always useful.

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Zombies arent all that good

They cant kill shit and they will crumble fast

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btw, for prospective ogre players, here is your general, now and forever

Slaughtermaster, lvl4, fencers blades, glittering scales and greedy fist

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You can use your zombies, and have fun with them and not be worried about who wins and loses.

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I prefer zombies and ghouls. zombies are the ultimate mob meatshield, with infinite wounds and ghouls can be pretty nasty with all those poisoned attacks if accompanied by a budget hero.
Vargheist are also a nifty unit to kill specialized infantry, cannons and mages, but they can't stand a melee oriented character for too long.

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Hate fighting Ogre Kingdoms. Tough as hell for me to win. Good solid army.

My pinkie humans are hard pressed to defeat the big bois.

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Undivided Warriors of Chaos.
Playing a 2v1 on monday. 1k Chaos + 1k Empire vs 2k Chaos.

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Oh i know, i want a Master necromancer, a Wight king then fill up the heros with more necromancers to keep the buffs rolling. I don't think i'll do too large a block of skeletons, i think that will be my Graveguard with a Wight King, and i was thinking of getting hexwraiths as well.

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So Flamers of Tzeentch are now Special Units instead of Rare.

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VC is so fun when you double the size of your zombie units iwth a few good turns of rolling

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>Mark of Chaos was the crappiest warhammer game. WAR isn't that bad, just it didn't live up to the hype.
MoC was crappy but actually represented the Warhammer Universe fairly well. WAR turned it into, well, an MMO.

The whole reason everyone likes WFRP is that it's Not Fucking D&D. It's grim and realistic just like the setting is and WAR is none of that.

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>Maybe its because most people that play WFB are autistic
You're saying this about people who DIDN'T like an MMO.

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I hope the Empire guy have lots of cannons...

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Honestly, I like WFRPG/Battles etc. because of the variety of factions at play.

Its just not Chaos (and sevants) vs. 7 shades of Imperials.

Hell even undead comes in 2 varieties.

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Too bad they suck balls now. You used to be able to double the size of your zombie units with a few good rolls, and have them actually be semi-decent in combat!

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I wish Kislev would come back

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They're not meant to kill. They're meat shields, and they crumble fast but they raise up just as fast or faster.

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That's exactly why i'm taking them, they're cheap and meant to slug everything into it while my special and rare units are free to move around and pillage.

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so I was looking at the TK tactics page on 1d4chan, and they don't have any info on the hierotitan and collossus. Anyone have info on them?

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>Have 100 useless spearmen state troopers

What do

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Colossus is kinda meh

Mage titan can be very useful since you rely on magics

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>Threads face when Tomb Kings

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>Be about 10
>Discover Warhammer Fantasy
>Only reason I like The Empire at the time is because my name is Sigmar

Ah the memories of childhood.

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Sigmar's a real name?
Holy shit.

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>Be about 12
>Discover Warhammer 40k
>Only reason I like Chaos is because my name is Zeke.
Also, what's your Chaos Warmasters name? I heard it was REALLY LONG.

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Yes, it's a somewhat uncommon Germanic name.

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>mfw when your name's Sigmar
That's awesome. Do your parent's know of Warhammer Fantasy?

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That was scary Bonii-chan~

>> No.20253196

Don't have one, unless you're referring to something.
No, I was named after my father who is also called Sigmar. Kind of wish they did though.

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We hade a guy named Kharn at our FLG, but he refuses to play wh40k and is die hard whfb player.

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You mean Archaon the Everchosen?

>> No.20253244

So not only are you Sigmar, you're a Son of Sigmar.

>> No.20253316

Archaon The Everchosen: Lord of the End of Times; Chaos Incarnate; Herald of the Apocalypse

>> No.20253332

I sincerely hope Crom the Conqueror is in the next WoC army book.

>> No.20253335

You're kidding right?

>> No.20253363

>You will never kill baddies with your hammer

>> No.20253382

>mfw when Sigmar Preists
Do all the men in this look that good?

>> No.20253465

Somehow, I'm not entirely sure how, but somehow you're making me ill at ease.

>> No.20253491

I think that's all of his titles, though I've forgotten where they are.

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>What do
Field them all.
They are now 5pts each, you know that, right?

Not like mine poor old swordsmen, nerfed and overpriced.

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I played Ogres with my High Elves once.
>had 20ish spears, a mage and one dragon prince champion left.
>He had 7 ironguts and a butcher left.
>I charge my lone DP champion into the flank of the iron guts.
>Do 4 wounds.
>He attacks but i pass all my saves.
>I have 5CR (4 wounds plus flank) he has 2 (Standard and a rank).
>He loses but is steadfast.
>Rolls double 6.
>I run him down
I couldn't believe it happened but he laughed quite hard at it.
All in all it was a good day.

>> No.20253568


if you want some advice for fighting ogres, its really easy to make them panic from shooting with cannons, and they have crappy ld outside of general/bsb range, a cannon or two will make them run most of the time (for example if your opponent deploys mournfangs out on a flank or something)

>> No.20253574

>not wanting to be held by that pair of big, strong arms
What are you? Straight?

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And ladies, too.

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This guy is exactly right, by taking those two units in 2 blocks of 50 you have just filled minimum core for 2000pts. Job done

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>> No.20253660

My main is Ogre Kingdoms. Fucking love these guys. Dat feel when your Stonehorn hauls balls through their entire defensive line.

Been thinking about starting a second army. Wha'ts the general opinion on Dwarves? They look fun to paint, wondering how they do on the board

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I like her hat.
[Spoiler] But I'm far too gay for that. [/spoiler]

>> No.20253693

Dwarves in their current form are BORING

You're slow and not too killy sans artillery. You can absorb hits well but thats about it in CC.

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I didn't ask you to fuck her, you misogynist.

>> No.20253731

But I AM a misogynist.

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I want to play Fantasy but no one plays it here

>> No.20253751

Make a demo game

>> No.20253767

I love WFB, but no cunt will play

>> No.20253796

That's what I just said.

>> No.20253820

welcome to my hell. there's about 3 people in this whole city that play Fantasy.

I'd cave in and play 40k, but everyone plays Ultramarines and Grey Knights and I just can't be assed to give a fuck

>> No.20253821

>implying it's misgony if women are Dumb Bitches.

>> No.20253870

I have some of those cosplayers too.

>> No.20253871


are you me? i play ogres (and field the stonehorn, which seems to be an unpopular choice around these parts) and have just started combat dwarves

bumping with cool art

>> No.20253891

What is that neat headband? Is it special?

>> No.20253919

...So I will post them.

Anyway, does anyone here play Empire and use Handgunners/crossbowmen?
Am I the only one who thinks 9pts is a bit too much for them?

>> No.20253933

generally it seems like most people prefer the Thundertusk. I haven't gotten around to putting one together yet... but I just love the Stonehorns look, and there's nothing more satisfying than just charging up and stomping a new asshole in literally goddamn anything.

How are you liking Dwarves? I haven't actually started, just mulling it over. I've also been wanting to start Orcs & Goblins and Lizardmen, but trying to pace myself and not blow my bank account to hell

>> No.20253936

>mfw I recognize that guy

That channel (SgtViktor) is really cool, btw. He makes armour and stuff.

>> No.20253956


It's painful to watch.

>> No.20253958

>What is that neat headband? Is it special?
Naw, they sometimes simply have it.
Luthor Huss have something similar if I remember correctly.

>> No.20253983

>mfw when Witch Hunters
Those guys look cool as fuck. Are they any good?

>> No.20253994

In what game?

>> No.20254004

Witch Hunters are ok

Not terribly expensive point wise anyways

>> No.20254016

That picture is so fucking hilarious.

>> No.20254037

While I can't talk for their boardgame version, the coolest NPC I've ever seen was a 50-year old Witch-Hunter in WFRP.

>> No.20254065

What's with all these pansy empire cosplayers?

>> No.20254081


Sorry, LARPers. Dumping my larp folder

>> No.20254090


>> No.20254093

on another note, does anyone know where i could find a pdf of the most recent Dwarf Army Book? Checked rs and didn't come up with anything and the few I've found are all much older books

>> No.20254143

They're mechanically solid as PC too, but nothing to write home about.

>> No.20254169 [SPOILER] 


>> No.20254185

Please stop using spoilers for no reason.

>> No.20254189

>mfw when we have spoilers now

>> No.20254232

>I want to play Fantasy but HOLY SHIT THIS CRAP IS EXPENSIVE
That's my hell.

>> No.20254304

writing a 1000 pnt list right now for VC, and i've got a necromancer on corpse cart for hero, plus 30 zombies, 10 dire wolves, 20 crypt ghouls and 30 skele warriors atm, comes to about 860, but i want to fit in another hard hitting flanker, so i'm considering dropping skeles or direwolves or both entirely and trying to fit in grave guard and black knights, any suggestions?

>> No.20254305

Won't disagree there. Even a warrior-heavy Chaos list with this guy and his knights(about a 1k point unit by itself) is still pretty pricey.

>> No.20254316

So I haven't really kept up with warhams for a while on account of not being able to haul my minis down to school. I am aware that my army, Empire, has gotten a new book. Is it any good? What major changes got made? I saw that two headed griffon thing and was... shall we say discouraged?

>> No.20254324

Thinking about starting a Warriors of chaos army, themed around Norsca.

Greenstuff extra fur onto regular troops, and remove any chaos symbols. Dwarf bitz for extra scandinavianism.

Warshrine would be a viking longboat

Make giant into an ice giant, greenstuff beard, icicles and such

Regular wolves as chaos warhounds

Wizards would be either an old hag, or a forest nymph

What do you guys think? I want to wait until the next WoC release (which should be pretty soon) before buying any models.

>> No.20254345


around here most prefer no stonehorn/thundertusk in favour of more mournfangs

not actually played a game yet with my dwarfs, i intend to build up 2 25 man blocks of warriors (well, one warrior one longbeard) and a grudgethrower and maybe some crossbowmen and make use of strollaz rune to be (hopefully) on my opponent by turn 2/3, whilst the grudgethrower squishs things

>> No.20254365

I want to play lizardmen

>> No.20254466


No, I think that's pretty pricey, especially with how crappy BS shooting seems to be (take this with a grain of salt, I'm not all that experienced with WHFB to be honest).

I have been wanting to run Archers, mainly as detachments though. Any thoughts on that?

Also, more disappointed that they raised the number of points Free Companies were as well. Come on! They're such an easy filler otherwise...(Like I said, kinda noobish lol)

>> No.20254538

>Empire, has gotten a new book. Is it any good?
To be honest, I was strongly disappointed by new book.
It's not terribly bad, but there is so much wasted potential that it makes me sad.

No additional options for Witch Hunters.
No War Wagons.
No Reiksguard on foot.
No Demigryph mount for heroes/lords.
That stupid mecha-horse.
Those silly magic-carts.
etc. etc.

>> No.20254590

Lizardmen are very good right now.
The only "not-good" unit I can think right now is that Saurus cavalry. Rest is great.
And don't get me started on those Slann mages.

>> No.20254782

>gangster Empire militiaman
>no mention of it in entire thread

I am disappoint. I should go back to /k/.


>> No.20254887

I know that feel dude, I too was disappointed by the new book. So me and my buddies decided to take the Warhammer Historical Armies of Chivalry and bodge together a more 'fitting' Empire force more in tune with the late 15th early 16th centuries.

>> No.20254895

we don't need to mention it. It Is Known.

>> No.20254899

Alright here's my 1000 pnt Vampire list i just wrote up, please critique.


Necromancer 65
Level 2 Wizard 35
Nightshroud Armor 40
Corpse Cart 90
Unholy Lodestone 30

Total 260

Wight King 85
Great Weapon 5
Shield 4
NightShroud Armor 40

Total 94


Zombies x 30 90
Musician 5
Standard Bearer 5

Dire Wolves x 10 80
Doom Wolf 10

Total 90

Crypt Ghouls x 20 200
Crypt Ghast 10

Total 210

Grave Guard x 14 154
Seneschal 10
Musician 10
Standard Bearer 10
Great weapons 12
Banner of the Barrows 50

Total 246

Total Points= 1000

Any critique/suggestions would be welcome, but i think i have a solid synergistic force here that utilizes hammer and anvil pretty well.

>> No.20255035

Yea, 8th Empire is pretty meh

Still though, it makes all of my halberds tasty

>> No.20255192

my 3k points Empire force is basically made from the Perry's sculpts... It also happens to double as my late 15th century Burgundy/Low countries...

>> No.20255238


hm, looking back i don't think my list is legal as i have over 300 pnts spent on hero's, I suppose i can't count the corpse cart as a special unit?

>> No.20255252

y'know in 40k the avatars of Khaine have helmet designs like Khornate marines. Either the chaos gods appear in different aspects to different races (which would explain humans worshipping the eldar god Slaanesh)
every sentient race makes its' own version of the representation of the same concept so they're similar in nature/appearence.

>> No.20255348

Does scans of the new empire book exist?

>> No.20255353

How famous are skavens in the setting? The RPG makes them the stuff of wild rumours and conspiracy theories ("Fortunately, most
Empire folk scoff at such tall tales"), but then the miniature game has them field whole armies and fight full-scale battles with imperials.

>> No.20255368

2500 skavens. is it faggotry?

Queek Headtaker

warlock engineer lv1

Plague Priest lv2

Hellpit Abombination
+warpstone spikes

Warp Lightning Cannon

+warpfire thrower

+warpfire thrower

+ratling gun

+ratling gun

Queek's Bodyguard x40
+Banner of the Under Empire
+ratling gun

>> No.20255475

Its not so much that they don't exist, its that a lot of them don't believe that they are as well organized and as big of a threat as they really are. The few that have seen them think they are just another form of Beastman. And the Empire's been kicking their ass for sport for years, so the idea that Skaven could actually build things like black-powder weapons or lightning cannons is pretty laughable for the general population, that hasn't seen a full Skaven invasion.

>> No.20255484

yes, I have one

>> No.20255517

Do you mind sharing?

>> No.20255668

So I just got into 40k recently. Bought 20 IoB clanrats to see if I would enjoy painting them and I did, so I'm looking to expand to an actual army.

I have a question though. How often does GW update their models? Because some of the skaven are completely hideous. The new IoB models were just last year right? Am I going to have to wait forever for plague monks and poison wind globadiers that match the rest of the army? (More realistically though, I'd probably just do a shitload of conversions.)

>> No.20255684

>So I just got into 40k recently.
Herp derp. I meant Fantasy, obviously.

>> No.20255874

Yea, dont count on seeing new skaven for YEARS

2014-2015 or so

>> No.20256030

Ogre kingdoms.

I want an army of bashy bigmen.

What are the best units to field, can someone give me an example army list?

>> No.20256067

Everything involving Skaven is retitled "Chaos Ratmen" from an Imperial perspective. They know there's rat-shaped beastmen. They know they've fucked things up a few times. They've got several heroes who are famous for fighting them. But they DON'T believe there's literally tens of millions of them living underground in giant megacities, ready to spring up and destroy the realms of man at basically any time (if they ever stopped fighting each other).

Meanwhile the Dwarfs and Tileans fight Skaven all the time and are like "what the fuck why won't you acknowledge how big a deal this is"

>> No.20256170

So how does one into Bretonnia at 500 points? The Paladin and Knights-Errant requirements really throw a bone into any low point lists I've tried to slam together.

>> No.20256171

Ironguts are your bread and butter, and if not them then regular Ogres will do the trick. Leadbelchers are a decent ranged unit and can hold their own in melee just fine. I would recommend bringing at least a butcher or two. Lore of the Great Maw is pretty damn good in my experience and it'll only make your Ogres beefier, or at least hobble your enemies a bit.

Don't bother with the Scraplauncher. Not really worth it in my experience. The Ironblaster on the otherhand is a godsend.

>> No.20256193

>> No.20256276

Hello /tg/. I here just to remind you that this was a thing, and it no longer exists.

>> No.20256306

I fucking love those minis. My Dogs of War army became really, really economical to put together when they started doing plastics.

>> No.20256336


major skaven incursions into the empire are pretty rare. generally the only contact the empire has is ratcatchers running across a few in the sewer(and being dismissed as crazy) or individual warlord clans out raiding. (mistaken for beastmen). and the skaven are pretty relentless about retrieving artifacts and destroying written records of themselves within the empire.

other societies are more aware of the problem. dwarves in particular have not be blessed with the privilige of ignorence.

>> No.20256359

All fucking MMOs must fucking hang.

>> No.20256429

Yea, their Men at Arms are FANTASTIC

I REALLY hope they plan on making plastic HYW. Bretonnian players would jizz

>> No.20256446

>Dat feel when you know the 7th ed. state troopers looked like shit and they didn't changed them for the 8th.
>Dat feel when the state troopers from 4th, and 6th editions looked better than the current ones.

>> No.20256476

The Perrys made the miniatures from the 6th edition boxed set, the current knights and some other Empire miniature for 6th edition. It does not surprise me that their minis look so good.

>> No.20256487

>Dat feelign when TK skeletons havent changed in YEARS and probably will never

>> No.20256501

They also designed the 5th edition Bretonnians

>> No.20256512

State Troops look good no matter what you godless heathen

>> No.20256541

>How often does GW update their models?
whenever they fucking want. Sometimes for worse, like when they changed the 4th edition clanrats for the plastic ones in late 5th edition. They looked awful. The new ones are better, but they changed the metal ogre rats for the new plastic ones, and they are horrible. The ones in the IoB boxed set are an improvement, though.

>> No.20256596

New(er) Brets are pretty great, but Old Brets are pretty sweet too.

>> No.20256602

>Dat feel when the HE spearmen still have those horrible gorilla hands.
>Dat feel when you compare the old plastic HE archers from 4th edition with the current helmet-hairdo ones.
>Dat feel when you compare the old Phoenix Guard with the new plastic one and ask yourself "WHY THE HELL THEY ARE SCREAMING".

>> No.20256636

I love both editions, I don't get all the hate bret players have against the new minis.
Also, are those shields a reference to House Arryn?

>> No.20256653

In general 5e/6e Brets look totally different while still having exactly the same theme. 5e knights and errants have simpler models, thus allowing for smoother color applications, while 6e knights have more doodads on them.

Oh, and they had plate arms/legs as per late 1300s-style transitional armor.

>> No.20256668

I love those cone helmet thingies

>> No.20256675

>I don't get all the hate bret players have against the new minis
I haven't encountered a lot of hate personally but they're definitely different aesthetics.

>> No.20256684

Has anyone ever seen a mod to make a Banner of Eternal Flame?

I've been trying to come up with ideas for a HE one. My only idea is "they set it on fire".

>> No.20256704

HYW plastics would be nice

THough at least Fireforge is doing what they can to get plastic medievals out

>> No.20256742

That's a Hounskull Bascinet, for future reference.

Hey, I learned the name at some point, might as well be informative about it.

Anyways, here's some 6e knights. Notice how they're just way more busy and less simply-colored than their 5e counterparts.

>> No.20256792

The banner shines like it's on fire but it's not on fire.

>> No.20256804

>> No.20256838

What do french/english medieval/renissance navy crew look like?

Thinking of making a Bretonnian marine army using empire rules

>> No.20256853

Like this.

>> No.20256871

I was thinking of getting into WHFB and playing High elves, Got any tips for a complete beginner?

>> No.20256877

Also, they have no helmet because they're insane.

>> No.20256880

That doesnt look very professional.....

>> No.20256918

The Blazons stuff was probably the coolest part about 5e Brets. As a knight-errant you didn't get fuckin' SHIT until you'd completed an appropriate quest, you just wore the lord's colors. After you became a knight you wear the lord's colors but now you get a sweet-ass symbol for all your chievos.

>> No.20256929

They're BRAVE

Anyways, here's the aforementioned cheevos.

>> No.20256953

HE are about not getting smashed by AOEs.

Low population army, high damage output. Resist the urge to use Teclis if you want your friends to want to play with you.

For your strategy, just remember artillery=bad. Then pick the special units you like the best (Swordmasters=high damage, White Lions=jack of all trades, Phoenix Guard=high defense) and base the rest of your strat around them.

Always take a mage and some eagles. Named heroes generally suck except Korhil and Caradryan (and Teclis, who is so ungodly OP he's single handedly the fish of fury of fantasy) but they don't suck bad enough to be terrible choices. Take them if you want to go for a theme, since HE are REALLY fun to play with a theme.

Also, read their lore. It's pretty entertaining.

>> No.20256954


What are those models from?

>> No.20257003

Don't fight his swordsmen of Hoeth in close combat.
You won't win.
Shoot them to shit.
You will win.

>> No.20257016

I want more female bretonnian knights

Yes I am crazy

>> No.20257064

>Warring Grail Ladies
I don't see why I wouldn't like it, sounds awesome.

>> No.20257065

Your core choices are spearmen, archers, or ALF MAREEEENZ (AKA Lothern Seaguard). Lothern are my choice, but you get less of them due to points and their bows don't have the range archers do (Lothern=Spearman+archer basically, but with a shortbow instead of a longbow).

2 Units of 24 are my strat, reform between melee and shooting to get the most men firing/ranks of men in back. Covers your 25% core requirement too.
You can take one cheap magical banner for one of the core units, Eternal Flame is a good choice depending on who you're facing.

Reavers/Silver Helms/Tiranoc (horse) chariots are underpowered at the moment, but rumor is they're getting a buff soon. Same with Shadow Warriors (which have double your weaknesses and your same strengths).

Dragon Princes are expensive points-wise, but hit hard. They fall hard too if you're not careful.

Dragons are scary as fuck to face, but even weaker to artillery. Great for fucking up artillery-light enemies. Dragon mage is questionable, people either swear by it or laugh at it.

The core 3 specials (PG, Lions, Swords) are your strategy base.

Bolt Throwers for defensive armies. Lion chariots for offensive ones. Both for awesome jackofaltrade armies.

Caradryan/Korhil are great buffing your core units for that coming melee.

Alith Anar is worth considering as a named character, but only with shadow warriors with him.

>> No.20257066

You'd never be able to tell. You know. On purpose.

Here's this anyways.

There's open female soldiers in the Empire and they don't get models.

>> No.20257111


>> No.20257124

>Dat feel when you want the Eternal Queen and her guard back but you know that will never happen.

>> No.20257280

>Rescued a damsel in distress

>> No.20257287

I bought a bunch of Maiden Guard and gave them greenstuff shields so they can march alongside the Seaguard.

>> No.20257300

Karl Fucking Kopinski

>> No.20257314

Agreed 100%.

Warhammer would benefit from more female units/models.

>> No.20257333

WHoever did the Dark Eldar needs to make the Dark Elves

>> No.20257349


Thank you for the help it is much appreciated!

>> No.20257409

>> No.20257470

what ever happened to Rapunzel?

>> No.20257611


>> No.20257619

Don't play that low of a point level. I would say 1000 is about as small as you should go, MAYBE 800.

>> No.20257666

Brets suck so much dick right now do not play them until they are announced.

>> No.20258095

Only army I'd consider unplayable is Beastmen, without houseruling.

But if you're playing a game with anyone but a jackass you can usually find a good balance from mixing in a unit or something from another Chaos army if it's your play choice. Guys at my shop always seem to be chatting on how to fix certain armies that way, by allowing a certain amount of certain things while avoiding a cookie cutter build for the army lists. They've got a little list of what's allowed, I'll try to give it a glance and post it on /tg/ sometime.

I know there's one guy who swears Screamers can fix any balance issues in the non-Daemon Destruction armies.

>> No.20258496

I miss the days when the chaos armies could combine freely.

>> No.20258635

I'm a newbie to the 'hammers, but isn't the current allies system in 40k originally from fantasy?

>> No.20258654

This thread needs some chaos

>> No.20258822

Think about how heavy a dude's torso is and that dude is just carrying it around on his shield because Chaos Warriors are STRONG AS SHIT

>> No.20258845

Pure Beastmen are playable, but they take a few specific lists and more unfortunately can't take the more interesting stuff. The big things for them to take are the Herdstone Council, Great Bray-shaman with the Herdstone Shard and a bunch of lvl 1's with the sig spell from Lore of Beasts, You will generally produce close to maximum dice each turn and spamming Wildform or the boosted range form is easier with the -1 to the casting difficulty when thrown of Beastmen; and the Minobus, an old Deathstar tactic using a Minotaur unit and a few Minotaur characters. Other than that, its mostly Gor, Ungor, and Bestigor units. The core chariots are good, but Razorgor chariots are best saved for putting a character on. Lone Razorgors are ok for sacrifical units, but there's better choices. Scouting Harpies are awesome. Ignore the rare section. Its still an uphill battle, but at least its not Wood Elves.

>> No.20258930

Wood Elves are trolltastic though. You make someone earn their win.

Personally I still like the Drycha rush. Nobody seems to ever expect it and they always forget the rules for it. I've pulled off more (theoretical, not using real models) WE victories from underestimating or overestimating opponents than I have with Beastmen.

>> No.20259034

So, I want to get into Fantasy. Never played a wargame before, only RPGs.

Looking over the factions, I think I want to play empire because dat Holy Roman Empire. Seriously, I think my fetishes are spears and the Holy Roman Empire.

How is it currently? Actually playable? Am I setting myself up for an ungodly expensive army that cannot be created on my student budget? Are they as overplayed as the Imperium in 40k?

>> No.20259130

>How is it currently?
Moderate, as always. Aside from a Chaos Daemon debacle fantasy has always been pretty balanced.
>Actually playable?
Yep. Remember other races will have their tricks and exploits, you're pretty middle of the road.
>Am I setting myself up for an ungodly expensive army that cannot be created on my student budget?
No more than the others. Generally speaking HE will be the cheapest because they're low pop army, while Skaven (I think?) would be the most as a swarm race. But you DO have options to go more expensive for more impressive looking models that don't do much different.
>Are they as overplayed as the Imperium in 40k?
Fuck no. Fantasy, because they don't grimderp into the ground, has a legitimate fun factor as every race fluffwise and thus people pick armies they like the aesthetic/gameplay of. Although many people branch into Tomb Kings as their second army, most never finish collecting so from what I've seen it's all pretty even.

Bear in mind though the Empire is presented far more renaissance than HRE era.

>> No.20259174


If the 30 Years War counts as Renaissance, and that's the particular conflict I get vibes of, I should be perfectly happy.

>> No.20259199


The HRE existed during the Renaissance. :|

The Empire is very, very much the GW-ification of the HRE.

They 30 Years' War does not count as the Renaissance, but the Empire in Fantasy has bits and pieces pulled from the very end of the Medieval era all the way through pike and shotte.

>> No.20259268


What would you say is the best equipment for state troops? In the process of replacing mine and not sure what to equip them with.

>> No.20259271

Who is Sigmar? he is somesort of Human+, how to turned to be so powerful? 16 yo old defeated Goblin leader. that's impossible high feat for mere boy. and by 20, he founded Empire.

>> No.20259297

He's not a Primarch I can tell you that much.

>> No.20259312


Some men are born great. Others rise to become great.

Some men just don't give a fuck.

>> No.20259321

Also the birth of Sigmar coincided with That Time When the Twin-Tailed Comet showed up, which is when a bunch of other weird shit went down like the Lizardmen and Ogres making new gods. He was obviously superhuman, either because he was blessed by the gods, who do sometimes take an interest in mortal affairs without giving them tentacles, or just because of the natural fuckery of all the ambient Chaos energy bouncing about the place, which can sometimes have helpful effects.

>> No.20259346

maybe he was born with small fraction of Emperor's power, AKA a Saint

>> No.20259404

spears all the way. 5 points each and they come with a 5+ save. Your basic infantry aren't going to be killing anything, so why would you pay the premium for halberds?

>> No.20259433

>What would you say is the best equipment for state troops? In the process of replacing mine and not sure what to equip them with.
Halberd for nasty business, spear for defensive (extra rank ftw), swords to finish it, handguns are a must have. In 6th ed. you could use pikes, but now you can't. The miniatures also look ridiculous with pikes. I recomend to search for the old 5th/6th edition troopers for conversion thingies the current ones can't be converted for shit.

>> No.20259528

>implying there is any greater emperor than Sigmar

>> No.20259556

For those who were wondering, back when 40k was just fantasy in the future (back before the grimderp when the Imperium was barely fleshed out at all and xenos had a small paragraph of history fluff each) Sigmar was the Starchild, a fragment of the Emperor's soul that was flung back in time through the Warp.

Eventually, the Starchild Sigmar becomes the Emperor. Yes, the God Emperor of Mankind pulled a Fry.
It's possible that each time this happens, more and more memories are retained which means the God Emperor is born each time knowing more and more of the fate of reality and may possibly cause a noblebright 40k (again though, all just theoretical and conclusioncrafting).

However, since they're entirely separate universes unrelated to each other now where Eldar created Slaanesh and the Old Ones were incompetent assholes (more so), the canon event is "Sigmar wandered off after setting an Empire of Mankind in place that would survive as long as men can find common goals and making friends with both the Dwarfs and High Elves. Last seen with his dwarf companion heading into the mountains, Sigmar ascended to godhood (possibly. It could also be that the preexisting human god (who may actually be Asuryan) simply accepts prayers to Sigmar because he's nice and cool like that).

Either way, the greatest Daemons and undead wince at the mere sight of an icon of Sigmar or Asuryan and find treading on holy ground or maintaining coherent thought while listening to prayers to either of them difficult. Lesser Daemons cannot exist in the presence of such things unaided.
Unlike 40k where Slaanesh buttfucked Asuryan then ate him, and the God Emperor is roughly equal (with cunning that is) to one Chaos God and the only "miracles" are done by the faith in him, not him himself.

>> No.20259569

yes there is.
Even Chaos Gods are afraid of him.

>> No.20259611

Sigmar should be roughly a few levels more powerful than the strongest thing in the setting.

So if Sigmar was in the 40k universe, he'd Khorne's match in battle and a psyker to rival the God Emperor. Plus he'd unite the Tau, Eldar, and the various mutants and abhumans into one fighting force before he takes a spaceship and blasts off into unknown space for reasons even less known with a keg of Bugmarines XXXXXXXXXX ale and a Squat to navigate. His force of good degrades due to infighting, but they'll unite enough to keep the orks, the hivemind, and all the forces of Chaos at bay for another 40k years AT LEAST.

>> No.20259672

>For those who were wondering, back when 40k was just fantasy in the future (back before the grimderp when the Imperium was barely fleshed out at all and xenos had a small paragraph of history fluff each) Sigmar was the Starchild, a fragment of the Emperor's soul that was flung back in time through the Warp.

>Eventually, the Starchild Sigmar becomes the Emperor. Yes, the God Emperor of Mankind pulled a Fry.
>It's possible that each time this happens, more and more memories are retained which means the God Emperor is born each time knowing more and more of the fate of reality and may possibly cause a noblebright 40k (again though, all just theoretical and conclusioncrafting).

You made all that up, the Star Child fluff never had anything to do with Sigmar and there was never any official continuity between 40k and Fantasy, just elements that got reused by lazy writers.

>> No.20259681

He'll also spread his seed throughout the Eldar race, repopulating them and choking the fuck out of Slaaneshi daemons who attempt to soul eat. The entire Eldar pantheon will be reborn as the Primarchs of Sigmar, except Isha who escapes Nurgle. Nurgle makes a love pillow out of pus in her image.

He encourages the Squats to start keeping a book of everyone who fucks them over. 90% of the Comissars of the Imperial Guard disappear overnight.

>> No.20259690

>Even Chaos Gods are afraid of him.
[citation needed]

>> No.20259702

>Sigmar should be roughly a few levels more powerful than the strongest thing in the setting.

Also bullshit, Sigmar could only barely go toe-to-toe with Nagash, and he's not the one who's still around.

Every race in Warhammer has its legendary heroes. Aenarion and the dwarf Ancestor-Gods and probably even Gilles de Breton did crazy feats of arms too. It's a fantasy world, and sometimes fate ordains that people are supernaturally badass.

>> No.20259706

Who is Emperor?
My Theories:
>1. he is last of Old Ones, maybe greatest of them. As proto humans were Old One's latest creation, he swore that he will guide them to their destiny as Master Race of Cosmos (as Old Ones were themselves)
>2. He is Malal. Malal was banished someplace, why not Material plane? Shamans sacrificed themselves to create Figure Head for Humanity. on themselves they would've created something like Primarch (or similar power), now Malal absorbed those shamans souls and born into material plane as human, all those souls might have turned him more 'human'.
>3.He is from far future. there's mention somewhere that in far far far future every human is as powerful as Emperor.so they probably send him into Past to ensure that survive long enough to become so powerful.
>4. he is Indeed reincarnation of all Earth's wisemen.

>> No.20259733

Actually they did originally share a loose continuity as warhammer 40k was a joke setting in the first place that was expanded as fans demanded more. It was never an official timeline or anything but when something happened in fantasy they'd bring in a reference to it in white dwarf. Most of it was fans connecting the dots and filling in the gaps, although the popular theory is Sigmar is a primarch, not the god emperor reborn. I kind of always thought the starchild was Khorne in fantasy since he's much more intelligent than his sci-fi counterpart originally, inspiring scientists with warmachines and shit.

>> No.20259777

Actually Ogres were the last attempt at creating a race.

Also, 40k and fantasy are still interconnected since it's the same Chaos gods in the warp affecting both settings. It's probably very loosely canon (greater daemons have used the warp to fight alongside their past/future selves in the same battle, when it comes to the warp there's no rules).

I kinda like to imagine the High Elves who sacrificed themselves to seal off the rift meeting Draigo. Technically magic isn't psyker energy so...

>> No.20259830

i though they created jokeroo (monkeys) Elder, Slaans, Orcs and Primates

>> No.20259891

Old continuity.

Current is the Lizardmen (Slann are just the top caste, and since the non-Slann Lizardmen tend towards mindless or single minded Lizardmen can be argued to be the Tyranids of fantasy) were created first, but they're too robot-like.
So then the Elves, but the Elves were too frail.
So then the Dwarfs, but the Dwarfs were too unchanging and unwilling to adapt.
So then the Humans, but the Humans were too easily corrupted.
So then the Giants, but the Giants were too peaceful.
So finally a last ditch attempt with the Ogres. Which were a failure in every meaning of the word.

>> No.20260013


at 2k your army will roughly be, a tooled up lvl4 slaughtermaster, a bsb, firebellly/bruiser/butcher, a unit of ironguts and a unit of bulls, then whatever you like from the special/rare choices

>> No.20260050

>Mfw I like mordheim

>Mfw no one else in the whole state likes it

>Mfw I just want to play some mordheim

>> No.20262233

Hey, I'm looking to get back into WHFB like the guy above who was talking about High Elves. But instead I'm thinking about dwarves. Any tips?

>> No.20262281

Is a Clan Pestilens army viable?. I'm not WAAC and I'm a beginner but I don't want to be blown off the table e'rrytime. Just bought the book and I love the fluff/art for the priests/monks etc. Also £20 for 20 plague monks is one of the best GW deals.

>> No.20262308

I sort-of know that one. Some of the clubs I've been in have had Mordheim players, and I've made maybe 3 gangs in my time.

I have never played even a single Mordheim match.

>> No.20262554

I'm also thinking of starting Dwarves. Going to go pick up a Dwarflord today to see if I like painting them.

From what I understand their basic strategy is to set up defensive walls of Warriors/Longbeards and then fire artillery at everything.

Btw, do current Dwarfs still use the Anvil of Doom? Because I downloaded an older book that mentions it, and I can't find the most updated book and they don't seem to have that model on the GW site.

>> No.20262620

Anvil of Doom? I hear little murmurs of that here and there when I'm looking for info. What does it do?

>> No.20262659

Excuse me if I'm being dumb here, so it seems to me that Fantasy and 40k are connected but they're not?

>> No.20262665

They WERE before

Then they recton it

And now they may be comign back

>> No.20262681

from what I understand it was a thing that basically acted like a piece of terrain that a Dwarf Runelord could use to cast 4 different spells. It was the only way for Dwarfs to do magic, and I keep running into old Dwarf army lists that use it, but now I hear Dwarfs don't do ANY magic and only do awesome dispelling

>> No.20262686

Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks.

>> No.20262691

>it seems to me that Fantasy and 40k are connected but they're not?
The Warp is the same in both. In the older editions there was a story about someone looking into the giant warp-pit in the north and seeing 40k battles.

>> No.20262695

>tfw you were happy as fuck when WAR was released, because it was the closest you would ever come to the warhammer fantasy universe
>tfw the game crashed and burned after a year or so
>tfw when you have to stick to fantasy novels nowadays to get your fix

>> No.20262721

I see.

>> No.20262727

There's a roleplaying game - well, two, since 2e and 3e are very different, and they're both quite good. Find yourself some kindred souls I say.

>> No.20262750

>it was the closest you would ever come to the warhammer fantasy universe
Buy Medieval 2 Total War and the Kingdoms Expansion.

Download all this shit.

Play some fucking Fantasy Battles.

>> No.20262775

I know of this, but I am 29 with a 1 year old daugther - painting figurines when she's asleep and my wife is at work would've been a perfect pasttime. No other players or organizations that I know of nearby though.

I'll keep this in mind, thanks.

>> No.20262782

sup /tg/ Im painting my High Elves. I'm gonna sleep now but if this thread is still going in 8hrs Ima post some pics of my work if anyone wants to give me some company later on.

Pic Related Im doing a full dragon High Elf army.

>> No.20265806

Sooo, how about some pic's?

>> No.20265839

We need a fucking Canon Estalia already.

>> No.20265878

Well, you can easily make Estalia or Tilea using Empire book. The only new thing would be "pike" as weapon for troops

>> No.20265998

So, are there any speculations/leaks about upcoming Warriors of Chaos?

I only know the book comes out in october.

>> No.20266037

Aw yeah bretonnia, I like the 6ed knights if only because their lances don't break at the drop of a hat, but i prefer the 5th ed men at arms. but really what makes bretonnia is a good paintjob.

Inspired by MLP of course!

>> No.20266060

Just make your empire troops more Venice-esq

>> No.20266098

Estalia is spain YOU FUCKING NIGGER.

>> No.20266137

Actually the twin-tailed comet it's a lizardmen symbol I think it's Sotek's

>> No.20266169

And Spain is a drier Venice, so who cares. Anyway, shouldn't you be playing Infinity? Sure, they are galicians but still...

>> No.20266179

I figure that if a twin-tailed comet regularly shows up, every faction in the world will have their own story for it.

>> No.20266196

>typical americlap in charge of story, geographic or anything at all that isn't being fat and clapping.

>> No.20266199

>GW HQ in Nottingham - brain storm in development department
>"Hey, I heard those 'Ponies' things are fairly popular, lets make new Bretonnia themed around them, just like we did with Ogre Kingdoms and World of Warcraft!"

>> No.20266203

what would estalian units look like anyways?

I was thinking a tercio special infantry unit that could buy weapons on a per model basis so you could have 1 rank of swordsmen with shields, a 2nd rank of handgunners and the rest spearmen.

>> No.20266220


>> No.20266233 [DELETED] 

Just watch alatriste and take everything from there.

>> No.20266242

>Typical spaniard who can't recognize another spaniard pulling his leg
A la cama, hostias.

>> No.20266245

If it leads to a monster alicorn like monster that can caste heavens or lights spells and unicorn ridden cavalry of some sort, then i'm completely down. Pegasus chariots would also be kinda neat though i don't know if they'd fit with the bretonnian asthetic completely.

>> No.20266254


>> No.20266272

Catalunya independent!

>> No.20266323

Llevaos Cádiz también, cojones.

Lately one of my friends has been pestering me about WFB, but I'm not quite sure about. First, armies aren't exactly what you call expensive and I'll be honest, 40k seems more fun, but... Mordheim look pretty damn cool. What's your advice, /tg/?

>> No.20266338

"... armies aren't really what you'd call CHEAP"
It's 23:30 here. Have mercy of my brain.

>> No.20266347

>Llevaos Cádiz también, cojones.
No es catalunya, no es importa, els indigents i gitans son el vostre problema.
Also play Mordehim, it's the shit, and WHFB armies cost an eye and a pancreas.

>> No.20266393




>> No.20266406

Como el Mas se entere de que vas diciendo eso de los habitantes de Tarragona y L'Hospitalet lo mismo te quitan el carné del Barça.

I'll follow your advice, elegan/tg/entleman!

>> No.20266420

00:45 here, stop whining.
About your question: I think you can find army better fitting your own taste in WFB, than in 40K.
Beside that, Mordheim is cool, and you can always use miniatures from your WFB army, and vice versa.

>> No.20266462

Beside, look at those cool motherfuckers!

>> No.20266472


>I think you can find army better fitting your own taste in WFB, than in 40K.

This is one of the main reason I'm starting Fantasy. I don't have anything against Space Marines, but it kind of sucks when almost half the armies in the game are basically the same.

>> No.20266473


>> No.20266516

>te quitan el carné del Barça.
Paro ells son catalans i no indigents i gitans.

>> No.20266632

Ahí me has pillado, noble hijo de almogávares.
>Beside that, Mordheim is cool, and you can always use miniatures from your WFB army, and vice versa.
Yup, this has convinced me. Also I could use the minis for D&D tabletop games. I'll take a look in the GW site, see if any army catches my attention.

Thank you all for your answers!

>> No.20266672

Don't forget that there's also plenty of places for alternate models if you like an armies fluff but not their models.

>> No.20266750

Just finished putting together my Ogre army list. I was wondering if I could get some advice/tips.

1) Lords
Fargus Everbelly
Tyrant - 210
Great Weapon - 12
Armour of Destiny - 50

272 points

2) Heroes
Krup Everbelly
Butcher - 100
Level 2 wizard - 35
Lore of the Great Maw

135 points

Dermus Rendar
Butcher - 100
Level 2 wizard - 35
Lore of the Great Maw

135 points

3) Core
The Feasting Legion
6 Ogres - 180
Additional Hand Weapons - 6
Full Command - 30

216 points

The Rumbling Legion
6 Ogres - 180
Additional Hand Weapons - 6
Full Command - 30

216 points

Fargus's Favored
6 Ironguts - 258
Full Command - 30

288 points

>> No.20266759

4) Special
The Breakers
4 Leadbelchers - 172

172 points

Mourning Raiders
4 Mournfang Cavalry - 240
Crusher w/ Brace of Ogre Pistols - 16
Standard Bearer - 10
Dragonhide Banner - 50

316 points

5) Rare
Stonehorn - 250

250 points

3000 points total

And that's the rest. Any advice would be cool.

>> No.20266850

This is very cookie cutter but I'd drop the Tyrant for a Sluaghtermaster

Tyrants are overpriced imo compared to the good ol Bruiser and a level 4 wizard is a valuable asset for ogres

>> No.20266870

Maybe its me but I like bigger ogre units

8-12 is my magic numbers

>> No.20267074

I could see the appeal.

I'm mostly going with a Tyrant for fluff reasons

>> No.20267104

Fluff reasons are good reasons, but sometimes you should drop them. When going for a tournament for example.
In friendly games, fluff reasons add some real shine to your army.

>> No.20267117

The sooner /tg/ gets over the newness of spoilers, the better.

>> No.20267183

Dogs of War.

>> No.20267218

I can confirm right now that I have never played in a tournament, and never ever will at any point in the future ever. Lord no

Spoilers are fun. This will never end

>> No.20267249

That's Tilea.

The 5th Edition Dogs of War book ( http://www.mediafire.com/view/?798n76po7cbbtc4) seriously has like all the lore on Tilea in the entire setting. All the Estalian info is taken second-hand from other sourcebooks, and basically boils down to "there's multiple kingdoms, not a united Estalia", "they have fencers", and "they're Spanish".

>> No.20267266

Yeah right.
You probably will, even if only for sake of playing with different armies then usual.
Besides, not all tournaments are evil, don't be so negative about it.

>> No.20267278

What about Pizarros Lost Legion?

>> No.20267394

>doubting how shit my local tourney community is

there are no less than 5 guys who I would describe as That Guy. There were 6. He has been permabanned from all future functions for flipping a table after a loss, taking a swing at his opponent, and personally stomping on every one of his minis he could see. No way I'm putting myself in a situation that would require me to play against any of those fags

>> No.20267444

Oh, that's true. But they were just Obvious Conquistadors using pikes & crossbows so it didn't really add much to the setting.

>> No.20268638

Would any of these armies be considered hard for a beginner to learn ?

Vampire Counts
Tomb Kings
Warriors of Chaos

>> No.20268649

Hey, quick question: what is known about Sea Elves and Amazons?

Google seems to turn up different answers from different sites.

>> No.20268734

Jack of all trades with some great artillery options, easy to learn difficult to master since you don't get many exploitable strategies. Kinda the ultras of fantasy in the sense they're easy to start with if you're not a fast learner.
>Vampire Counts
Zergling rush of respawning zombies. Great special choices. Not hard to learn.
Rape the enemy with god mode magic while the rest of your army makes a wall of steel (scales like steel, whatever). Easy to learn, but not much variation for strategy which can be good or bad depending on your perspective.
>Tomb Kings
See Vampire Counts. However, lose your mage or king and you lost the game almost guaranteed. Faster respawning units and stronger troops with more fun rules make up for it. Hard to put together an army for (just find a cookie cutter build and go with that), but easy to play.
>Warriors of Chaos
Hardest on this list, requires strategy at times and at others just a bloody charge. Better to familiarize yourself with the game first.

However, you want my advice? Make a list of your favorite looking armies, then pirate their books. Read their fluff, and select the one you like most to start with. Buy their book, figure out your army, buy/paint them.
More fun that way since the skill level differences are all negligible unless you're talking about Wood Elves or Beastmen (which are still viable).

>> No.20268751

How about the Wood Elves?

>> No.20268828

Empire, Vampire Counts and Lizardmen are all GREAT starting armies. Not too hard to learn and good on the board. Tomb Kings and Demons of Chaos are both a little trickier.

I'm not too knowledgeable about every little facet of Wood Elves, but what little I know makes me think this is a more advanced army. You'll have to use some pretty clever tactics to get a win

>> No.20268867

Wood Elves suffer from the fact their book is several editions out of date. Some of the units are so weak they're unusable. Their heroes are fun, but pricey or suffer from a bad stat somewhere.

However a really skilled (note how I said skilled, not "experienced") player can use them to great effect and whittle the enemy away or at the very least give them a costly victory. You also have the option of fielding an army entirely made of forest spirits lead by a bare breasted acorn-nippled pointy-toothed insane forest goddess pic related (if your enemy has fire attacks it's autolose, otherwise a fun way to do something nobody else can).
Another advantage is your opponent will almost always either underestimate you and attempt to finish the game quick fucking himself over and playing into your hands, or think you're a god tier game troll and spend his time minimizing the damage from an attack you don't plan to make.

Painted, the army looks fan-fucking-tastic and you get a lot of options for modding compared to the more civilized races. Not to mention you've got an army that's somewhere between free love hippy elves lead by a female Tom Bombadil, insane cannibalistic Hills Have Eyes elves, forces of nature incarnate that do as they fucking please no matter what based on whim and thousands of hundreds of thousands of years of doing exactly the same thing, and finally the most epic trolls in the fluff (they even outwit Tzeentchian favored quite a bit).

tldr: your army is nature. With luck, you're Moby Dick in the treebranches. With bad luck, you're the only blade of grass in a field full of starving cows and goats.

>> No.20268994

I love you.

>> No.20269049

hey guys, I play lizardmen, and all my friends complain about how retardedly OP they are. Do they just suck, or is there some legitimacy to their claim?

>beat my friend's high elves without losing a single full unit.

I run only one stegadon and a slann, so I don't feel that overly good, and I don;t really have anyone else to play against except my friends.

>> No.20269079

Would anyone happen to have a link to the Empire rulebook?

>> No.20269120

Slann are fairly OP, depending on what army your friends play.

There's ways to fuck them up royally to the point Lizardmen are sitting ducks in a Slann strategy but unless your friends are prepped for "magic killing" then they're the ones dead in the water.

Try a different strategy. A High Elf player at my shop got sick of his Repeater Bolt Thrower spam and switched to a Dragon Knight-centric army.

Better yet, try multi player games with your friends, some 3v3 free for all or 2v1 with the one having some castle walls or reinforcements or something. It's hard to outright crunch when you throw in random factors like that.

>> No.20269137

>not running three salamanders
>magic - magic errywhurrr
>flesh to Stone -
>Skinks poison skinks poison
Yeah - OP - Lizzys are nasty sauce in 8th. Top three, easy

>> No.20269262

Well, uh, That basically sums up my list, except for my lack of skinks.

In the interest of decreasing my level of douche-buggery, I'll try a different list. probably something with Kroq-gar and lots of delicious cold ones.

>> No.20269449

I wonder how Dwarfs feel about giant robots..

>> No.20269467

WE are ultra-shit tier right now. Their codex suffers from having a whole bunch of rules tied to the fiddly bits in 6e and 7e. Combat skirmishers are super shitty now, and their army has more skirmishers than anyone else.

They have low T, low saves, and high I. They used to operate by clearing the kill zone, and preventing attacks back, because they were squishy, winning combats on sheer numbers of models killed, which they needed because they had almost nothing for static combat res. Now attacks come back regardless, and they get roflstomped.

They're an older dex, with crappier magic lore, but unlike other books which got some power boosts because of cheap wizards with access to core lores, the only wizard with access to any core lores is a Lord choice, and only has access to Beasts and Life.

With fire providing additional benefits, flaming attacks are more common in 8e, and the vulnerability of Treekin and Treemen to fire comes into play more often.

Plus, the whole army was basically supposed to dance in and out of terrain, moving forests to control LOS and charge lanes - that doesn't work in TLOS edition where the forests eat you.

>mfw 8th edition

>> No.20269471

They probably feel pretty good about em

>> No.20269515

Don't play a new list all the time - it feels good to win as well ..

>> No.20269931

So I saw Ogres, Orcs & Goblins, and Tomb Kings have their own race unique lore. Any other armies that have a Lore of Magic all to themselves?

>> No.20269961

add high elves, skaven, and vampires to that list. probably others as well

>> No.20270343


Beastmen and I think Warriors of Chaos and Lizardmen.

One thing I don't get is why GW makes the race specific cards available for only a short period of time.

>> No.20270499

Dunno. Kinda pisses me off. I've been picking them up occasionally off ebay, but damn the price gouging. You'd think that GW would keep them around though. Anyone playing that army would be up for having easy access to the Lore. I can't imagine it costs them that much to make the things

>> No.20270618

Dark Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Deamons and Wood Elves too. In fact the only factions that dont get their own lore are Empire, Bretonians, Lizardmen and Dorfs (duh).

Also belated pics incoming...

>> No.20270631

I also forgot that beastmen dont have a lore of their own. Add that to the list too.

>> No.20271525

Isn't lore of the wild beast men?

From what I understand it's kinda shit though. Doesn't even have a lore attribute

>> No.20271878

Yes - Lore of the Wild is the Beastmen specific lore - and the book is too old to have a lore attribute.

>> No.20272111

lol guess i can be wrong too. that being said I dont have a copy of the beastmen book.

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