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What would you say your alignment is?

What is the more horrible thing you have ever done?

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neutral good or neutral, I volunteer a bit and give money when I can, but I'm not a paragon a virtue all the time.

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my alignment is "I don't use alignments to describe myself because D&D alignment is fucking stupid".

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I don't have an alignment because I am not an D&D character. Alignment doesn't exist in the real world.

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Neutral good. I sometimes betray my own minor principles if it gets in the way of others, but I try to never ever dick anyone over - often at my own expense. Which breeds resentment and all that...

But yeah, I'm a good guy at heart. Just not an unyielding master of awesome.

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Lawful Good.
I used to cheat at Candyland when I was 6. Counted cards and stacked the deck in my favor.

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lawful good, I'd say, since I try and do the best I can, and take my cues from the bible

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>What would you say your alignment is?

Neutral Good

>What is the most horrible thing you have ever done?

I once punched a crippled kid in the face and broke his glasses.

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My alignment is Moe

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Lawful Neutral. I've pointed fingers at other people when they try and blame stuff on me before, but nothing particularly evil or particularly good either.

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Neutral Good

I try to be the best person I can, but don't like stepping on other people's toes

The worst thing I have done is probably cheated at games when I was a kid.

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What? How do you cheat at CANDYLAND?

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Chaotic... neutralish.

Pimpin hoes.

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At my best, I'm Neutral Good. Trying to do nice things for people and doing my level best to improve things. At my worst, Chaotic insane failure.

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Chaotic Neutral. Why? Because I just am.

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The furthest advancement card in the deck is the Ice Cream Princess.
The youngest player always goes first. So I simply made sure the Princess would come up on my turn. But to avoid suspicion, I would sort her down so she would show up on my 3rd or 4th turn, rather then first.

I would also try to make sure that there was a reflective surface behind my opponents whenever I played battleship. I'd also wait several rounds before making any hits.

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>What is the more horrible thing you have ever done?

Get a semi from your pic and desire sauce

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Lawful Neutral

I take my own method to everything but I don't bring the pigs done on myself with my choices.

Pic related

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If I had to say, I'd say Lawful Neutral.

I don't go out of my way to do good or bad, and I realize that law is what makes a modern, stable, developed society possible. So except in outstanding cases of gross inequity, I simply follow the laws rather than trying to subvert, change, or defy them. And when a law needs to be changed, there is usually a legal process by which that can be accomplished.

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Sounds like you're Neutral Badass because you don't take anyone's shit. You stand up to LAME NERD GAMES like DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS.

You're such a pro. A pro at everything.

You're probably the bottom middle one in this pic.

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When interacting with others, Neutral Good. I like order, but I don't like being a dick about it.
When left to my own devices, Hedonistic Selfish.

stole some money out of the wallet of a priest when i was a kid. I am also somewhat negligent toward one of my siblings who has some severe emotional instabilities.

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>What would you say your alignment is?
True neutral, or neutral evil, depending on how strict your moral system is.

>What is the more horrible thing you have ever done?
I bought about 75 carats of conflict diamonds from a man in Sierra Leone from a man I met while working for a non-profit during my second summer in law school. I sold them a few at a time in various pawn shops and made thousands of dollars in profit.

Also, I broke a junkie's fingers while I was in Ireland. But he deserved it.

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Why would you lie on the internet?

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Is it bad that I recognize the guy that drew all the stuff under 'cock'

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Black with Blue secondary (Or is it Blue with Black secondary?)

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Lawful Neutral.
I was the driving factor behind destroying my friend's wedding. Those two didn't get married due to the efforts of myself and some guys who work for me.

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Not really. That artist draws some good dicks.

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Probably neutral good most of the time. I can be a cunt sometimes though.

Worst thing I ever did? Burned down part of a forest by accident playing with matches, which also set my shed on fire and caused a gas explosion, then blamed it on a local vagrant who got arrested for it.

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Do you have any idea how many sex workers are on 4chan?

OP's pic technically related.

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[spoilers] I commissioned one of his draenei images [/spoiler]

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[spoilers] I commissioned one of his draenei images [/spoilers]

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I've always been entertained by "my alignment". I call myself Chaotic Good. But I've never gotten it in an alignment test. Instead, in almost perfect division, I get Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Good.
I'm an Eagle Scout, and my current job is tending to an apartment complex of the elderly and disabled.
On the other hand, I lie so often that I've redefined the world personally, so that I can say "That wasn't a lie." People regularly tell me that I'm weird, but I have the charisma to pull it off, as far as I can tell.

The worst thing I've ever done is destroy a content relationship. The couple seemed happy together, though the chick did complain about her boyfriend, but she was high-maintenance. But my friend wanted to date her, and I didn't know her boyfriend, so over two months I made him into a douche in his girlfriend's eyes, with implications, misquotes, and mockery. Then she dumped him, and turned to me on how to handle the "I like your friend, but is it too soon" issue.
I messed with a relationship for my friend's personal gain, and abused a girl's trust.
I'm not proud of that time.
Especially since the two made a clingy, whiny couple for 4 years.

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I commissioned one of his draenei images

Also I'm horrible at spoilers holy shit. I'm not used to posting on boards that have them

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I like to considering myself lawful neutral, though my friends often say the only thing that stops me from being CE is the fact I don't kick babies for fun.

The worst thing I've ever done was I stabbed a classmate in the eye, though I was 6 at the time, so I'm not sure that counts.

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Not cool man.

Also, don't kid yourself. You're CE.

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All 6 year olds are chaotic evil, its cool bro

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>paying for porn
Who is it? It looks familiar.

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Honestly, I have no idea. I help people who need it, but I tend to bitch about it when I do.

I care more about my friends than anyone, to the point where I would probably watch the world burn before letting one of them get seriously hurt.

Everybody who knows me says I'm sweet and a good person, but I feel like there's two mes: The one who's the good friend who's always got your back, and once drove across two states in the middle of the night because a girl I knew called me crying and told me her dad died and she had nobody to turn to.

At the same time though, I don't give people I don't know the time of day. I don't tip, ever. I tell people begging on the streets to fuck off, and I once punched a pastor in the face after he touched me on the shoulder to get my attention. To tell me I dropped my wallet, and return it.

So I have no idea. I think I probably land in TN territory because all my crazy contradictions balance each other out.

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The draenei shit? Dr. Graevling.

I followed him a bit till he started making everything as shiny as ganassa does. Then, welp.

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True Neutral. We live in a purely mechanical universe, it is impossible for anything I do to be horrible since I am simply acting according to my structure and the laws of nature. The thing I've felt the most guilty of doing is lighting a spider on fire.

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Dr. Graevling does things other than his draenei series? I'll need to check it out, then.

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Lawful Good.
I have never done anything terrible horrible. Not as a child, not as an adolescent, and not as an adult. I have been targeted for bullying & abuse my entire life. I have been lied to, stolen from, cheated against, beaten, stabbed, burned, and poisoned.

I will never lose faith in humanity. I will never stop doing what is right. Even if it kills me.

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Using D&D logic, I'm right on the edge between Neutral Good and Lawful Good.

Worst thing I've ever done? I didn't answer a phonecall from my friend, who was in the hospital due to a failed suicide attempt. I couldn't deal with the stress of it.

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Started lawful good, and then realized that brutality and terror tactics can be used to take from an enemy their will to fight. If an enemy will fight a normal battle to the last man, then I many people are killed.

If, on the other hand, I take the enemy by surprise, use abhorrent tactics, break the rules, use torture and public killings, then the enemy begins to get afraid, and wonder whether their fight is worth it. That is, unless they are religious. It never works against religion, only money and politics. But nine times out of ten it avoids killing nine enemies out of ten. But you really start to pity the tenth.

I eventually made a habit of torturing enemies and having public executions, and got a little out of hand. I don't have torture fetishes or anything, nor did my character, but I think we all kind of like to see a character go a bit off the rails, and then keep on going (think Breaking Bad), and as a person think it would be interesting for another player's character to stop me, which eventually happened. Killed peacefully in my sleep by the party rogue because I was a loose cannon, and they couldn't be sure I was safe to have around.

Next character I played was a druid that under all circumstances refused to kill or apply what could be lethal force, but used it as justification to start fights since "I don't intend to kill you and ask that you don't kill me, but a fight would settle this matter quickly."

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What does being good have to do with having faith in humanity?
I think thats probably justifiable there, where your love for oyur freind meant you couldnt reply to them

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Lawful Neutral, sometimes teetering into Neutral Good.

It's hard to say what's the worst I've ever done...
I stole a toy I found on somebody's porch when I was 7
I hit one of my peers for cheating when I was 10
I once let the dog lick my dick when I was 12
I called an autistic kid "retard" when I was 14
Called my mother a "fucking bitch" and was generally angsty and mean to her despite her depression 15-17
1 month after I turned 18 I had sex with my classmate on several occasions despite not being attracted to her and her having a deep infatuation with me
To this day I pirate anime, occasionally music, and on a rare occasion games

How about Neutral Guilty
That's a good alignment

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Alignment shifts depending on actions and decisions. I keep a regular rotation, though I have a hard time rolling Chaotic Evil for any extended period of time.

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Neutral Evil..

I got a kid expelled from school by acting as though he had beat the shit out of me. I tore myself up a bit, ripped my clothes, bruises the whole deal.

Apparently, I'm a damn good actor because they took my story hook, line and sinker. He barely got time to talk. Mostly because I was the odd kid in Middle School whilst the Expelee was a Class S Middle School d-bag who had a record of being a "That kid". I don't regret it.

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True Neutral. Punching my mom.

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I am lawful good.

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On the border between lawful and neutral evil.

As far as horrible things done, I can't decide between my week-long suburb mail-theft scheme that shut down utilities and services for a dozen homes, or my ongoing exploitation of my mother's guilt to fund my slacker lifestyle.

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Sounds like Guilty Evil to me.

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If something cannot be saved, there is no point in attempting to.

Humanity is not inherently evil. Many atrocities have been committed by the species and at times it may look as though everyone is out there for themselves, but it is important to never forget that humanity is capable of great compassion & benevolence. If one simply accepts that humanity is damned to being a greedy and selfish species then it is that much easier to stop caring about what happens to them.

So, to answer your question, nothing. You could be perfectly good and consider humanity the scum of existence. I know people who are like this. It helps keep me motivated, though. I am, after all, part of that humanity. I prefer to think my desire to help my fellow man is something we all share.

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Lawful to Neutral Good.

Cheating on my girlfriend and then ending the relationship the next day out of shame.

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>Humanity is not inherently evil
Evidently you're not religious.

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Chaotic good
Ummmm stole food from a store to help feed me and my friends when we "ran away" for a day

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LG. I'm a Paladin.

I have made a few mistakes. But my intent is flawless.

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>I have made a few mistakes. But my intent is flawless.

Hello there, Lawful Evil.

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Could have asked to do some chores for a few bucks.
But no.

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I don't know, maybe true neutral, bordering on neutral evil. I act like a decent person in public, and never actively go searching or bad things to happen, but when opportunities arise, I just take advantage of them. I'll steal things not because I need them, just because I'll get hungry. If I find a wallet or flash drive laying on the ground, I;ll keep them. The worst was sleeping with a married woman. Granted, she was unhappy, and they fought all the time, but I did take advantage of her emotional instability.

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>Humanity is not inherently Evil

Say waaat?

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sauce of image?

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>Basing morality on the writings of Ayn Rand
Lawful Retard?

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Yes! I thought I was the only person to read those comics! Avenging World was pretty fun too.

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Would you have me be prideful then? Declare myself flawless? No, do not mistake my humility for a flaw. You have the same failings if you would but admit them.

>> No.20245035

As of last tuesday I'm true neutral. I was drafting and I first-picked an ajani CoTP, then used sleight of hand to swap it for a rhox faithmender from my pocket before anyone noticed.

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Good intentions do not equate good actions.

I merely mean to point out that what you say could easily describe Lawful Evil as well.

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I don't have an alignment because forever gm.

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> Necessarily evil
Whenever I see someone use that word combination I mentally replace the evil with rape.
I'm looking at you Dominic Deegan.

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"And (Steve Dikto) said 'Oh yes, Rorschach. He's like Mr. A... except he's insane.'"

>> No.20245062


Do good intentions have any relation to good actions, then? Does the blackest-hearted fiend have the same chance of doing good on this earth as the most virtuous? I think not.

>> No.20245074

I like to consider myself a kind of Lawful Rational Paladin. You know when people hear about someone doing something silly, and they just go, "Well people are dumb."? I take it as my sacred duty to get people to understand that even the "stupid people" are redeemable. To get people to realize that others might not view an issue the same way, and that they aren't Evil Bastards just because they don't agree with your views on abortion or whatever the hot-button issue of the day is.

It's easy to empathize with someone like you, it's very difficult to empathize with someone who views the world differently.

However, I would probably fall in order to teach this >>20244844 rat bastard a lesson with my fists, assuming I couldn't just tell his parents, the school, and the other kid's parents what he did.

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>Ayn Rand
Didn't take long.
Her own life notwithstanding, are you aware that her philosophy was for living a life without sacrifice - going both ways? In other words, a life where you don't sacrifice others for your own gain, which is outright evil in everyone's eyes, but also living a life where you never sacrifice yourself ONLY for the sake of others?

That said, if it makes you happy, then you have every damn right to sacrifice of yourself for others. But you shouldn't HAVE to to be good.


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Necessity is the excuse for most selfish action.

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That's called apathy.

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Actually, yeah. The world has benefitted heavily from many evil actions.
After all, the very act of war is what usually drives technology forward.

If all we do is justify that what we intent and believe in is right and flawless, then how are we any different from the maniacs on the "other side"?

>> No.20245120

Do you have accountability buddies?

They can keep you on the straight and narrow

>> No.20245124

Breaking Bad is an EXCELLENT use of Alignments, and how they are not pigeon-holing, but are useful archetypes.

Lawful Good: Hank Schrader- He's broken the rules once or twice, but generally stays within the confines of the law to help society through his job at the DEA and help Walt and his family as he can.

Neutral Good: Mike-(and possibly Jesse). Mike is tough to pin down. He does good things when he can, bad things when he has to, and does most of his things to make his granddaughter's life comfortable. He tries to do right by his friends, and sometimes gets passionate about a perceived wrongdoing.

Chaotic Good: This is where Walt starts. He breaks the rules to do good by his family. He kills out of necessity for his life.

>> No.20245131

Lawful Neutral: Skyler starts here, she knows something is up and just tries to keep her family on an even keel. She wants to punish Walt, but doesn't want to destroy her family in the process.

True Neutral: Jesse is what I consider a neutral good character provoked into doing things that are decidedly not Neutral good. He arguably starts out somewhere around chaotic neutral or neutral evil: He cooks meth because he likes meth and can make money cooking it, and doesn't care about the law, but is a good person. A little rough, but really a nice person that has to put up a front to survive in his world. When Walt gets involved, it eventually drives Jesse deeper down into the criminal underground. He gets a darker shift, but is always remorseful and trying to find justification for what he does. The evil things Jesse does are usually because Walt has convinced him that they are acts of survival.

Chaotic Neutral: Walt and Skyler both pass through here. Walt, when he tries expanding the business when it would have been possible to stay small or get out, but he still hasn't hurt anyone not directly trying to kill him. Skyler when she chooses to help Walt with his business in order to make sure it is successful and doesn't get him caught, in order to maintain peace in the family.

>> No.20245132

And is there anything wrong with that?

>> No.20245139


>> No.20245140

Lawful Evil: Fring is here. He has rules that he follows, and when others break those rules, he tries to punish them, or make sure they are punished by others in their breaking of the rules. He has wavered once or twice- once to good, maintaining lawful in calling and warning Hank about the men coming to kill him ("No DEA.") and had some neutral or Chaotic evil tendencies with his lust to overthrow the cartel.

Neutral Evil: Saul Goodman- He is out to help himself with his illicit business, but will work within the confines of the law as necessary, and tries to avoid things that are clearly wrong or harmful to him. He's not seeking to expand or get power, just trying to keep an even keel with his dirty business.

Chaotic Evil: Walt, when he poisons Brock, crosses fully into Chaotic Evil. Walt had a chance (pleaded from Fring by Jesse) to get out. Walt instead poisons Brock and uses it to convince Jesse that Fring needed to be killed, even though Walt was no longer in danger. Walt fully intends to fill the power vacuum of Fring and shows that he is just in it for the power now; he does not intend to stop.

>> No.20245158

neutral good

generally a good person. never dick someone over or talk behind their back. often described by family, friends and coworkers as "a good guy" or equivalent. I disregard rulesI consider silly or inconvenient. Such as jaywalking with no cars in sight, my old work places ban on high fives or laughing loudly.

Jerked off to naked pictures of my brothers long term girlfriend. Admittedly I wouldn't have looked if he hadn't labeled the folder on MY desktop "DONT CLICK THIS," then another folder saying "SERIOUSLY GO BACK," and further "THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN," and then poon.

T'was a good guilty fap.

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Well, when you put it like that

>> No.20245165

Neutral evil

>> No.20245178

Yea you shouldn't force others to sacrifice.
That's evil.
But you also equate sacrifice with good at the end there buddy.

Utilitarianism is to morality as "it seemed like a good idea at the time" is to excuses.
Without principles you end up with the kind of laws that say that you shouldn't idle at a stoplight for the environment even though starting up the motor again is more polluting because most people don't know the latter but have a nice feeling about the former.

Thank you for agreeing that Mr A is a sane moral man. :P

>> No.20245192

>Broken window fallacy

>> No.20245196

I'd like to think CG though it may be CN. Basically, I react poorly to being fucked with and don't have much of a respect for rules in general.

I drink, I do drugs on occasion, and I've been known to cheat the system.

At the same time, much of what I've done for an actual reason (rather than it seeming like a good idea at the time) is done with consideration to the people around me, hence the leaning towards G

>> No.20245206


Nice sentiments, but they kinda fall apart when confronted with concepts of society and family.

>> No.20245209

Chaotic neutral

i once broke the windshield of my family's car, put a tree branch on it and got away with it

>> No.20245211

>But you also equate sacrifice with good at the end there buddy.
It's late and I don't know what I'm reading. Could you reword this?

Are you saying that I'm equating sacrifice with good? I'm not, except at the end. Ayn Rand was all about personal pursuit of happiness without anyone else being involved - unless you wanted them to be.

>> No.20245219


Kinda goes out the window when you have children.

>> No.20245220

True Neutral. I haven't really done anything particularly horrible (I think the worst thing I remember doing was in second grade ripping up some girl's valentine in front of her because she didn't include any candy), but I don't tend to do much good. I might donate every so often to a worthy charity, but I'm usually a rather stingy person who does neither good nor harm towards the world.

>> No.20245227


Rand's belief is that every man is an island, exists in a vacuum, and builds nothing on those around him or those who came before. He wrests value from the very ether, and other men should pay him for the privilege of deigning to allow others to partake.

Y'know, sociopathy.

>> No.20245232

>unless you wanted them to be.

I think you missed something here.

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Moral relativism is a disease.

>> No.20245244

>I have no idea what sociopathy is yet insist on applying the term to a philosphy as milquetoast as Rand's

>> No.20245254

You opened up Atlas Shrugged, decided you hated it, and then misinterpreted her philosophy because you hated her book. Because that's not what she believed at all, you're just spouting crap.
Or the behavior of dumbass conservatives who spout her philosophy in order to protect THEIR sociopathic behavior has given you the wrong impression...

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>He wrests value from the very ether, and other men should pay him for the privilege of deigning to allow others to partake.

Despite your best efforts you still couldn't manage to mangle it enough to make it sound unreasonable. How unfortunate.

>> No.20245258

Chaotic Neutral. I'll give money to hobos and gutter punks and tip well to waitresses and taxi drivers. I work as a cook and yell at the waitresses. Im the guy everyone asks for advice for there problems and listen to what they have to say when they need to talk.
Most horrible thing? Threw rocks at a deer when a car was going by on the highway speeding when they shouldn't be they clipped left about a 50 dollar fixable dent. Basically Im an asshole who can live with destruction of property, So possibly Chaotic good/neutralish?

>> No.20245264


Your childlike morality is showing. There are rules that are followed. There are an infinite number of rules, and only the one that is right for this instance of space-time is worth following. Fundamentally, what can you say is wrong with fighting for the greatest possible good at any particular moment?

>> No.20245268

He specifically said that it was impossible for somebody with evil intent to have the same chance as somebody with good intent to do good in the world.

That was the point of that statement.
>greentext proving me right

>> No.20245272

Nope, Neutral you are sir

Sincerely, Judgemental

>> No.20245283

>Without principles you end up with the kind of laws that say that you shouldn't idle at a stoplight for the environment even though starting up the motor again is more polluting because most people don't know the latter but have a nice feeling about the former.
/tg/ - pants on head retarded philosophy.

>> No.20245285

Allright guess Im neutral Thank you Judgemental

>> No.20245290

Chaotic Good.
I'll kick your ass if you dont stop smoking.

>> No.20245316


And they're not real Scotsmen either...

>> No.20245344

I guess true neutral with a lean towards chaotic. I tend to lie fairly often.

>> No.20245375

Using a philosophy nonsensically to justify your own stupidity is commonplace. That says nothing of the philosophy itself.

>> No.20245396


A philosophy that requires the creation of limitless free energy to make it work is probably not applicable to the real world.

>> No.20245404


If you truly can't grasp the difference between Conservative philosophy and Randian philosophy then you're basically beyond help.

>> No.20245424


Tell that to the people you call stupid. It comes down to both sides declaring they they're the ones who got it "right" and the other side got it "wrong," basing these positions entirely upon their own interpretations.

>> No.20245437

Yes, except that you are talking to me, and not them.

>> No.20245452


And you're sure it's not "These people make me look bad, so I better convince others that they're not in any way like me."

>> No.20245467

Neutral Evil.

Intentionally researching things that have no purpose other than the destruction of society and human life.

>> No.20245472


Well, I can see that modesty isn't a virtue in your mind.

>> No.20245491

I'm sure it's not. It's more like "these people are fucking stupid and are corrupting this philosophy to the point of starting arguments between computer chair philosophers"

>> No.20245494

Left a blind girl to talk to some friends, she then wandered facefirst into a wall.

>> No.20245509
File: 270 KB, 580x744, Drawlinax.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chaotic Good. This causes me endless strife as I wish to be a super-villain.

>> No.20245548

>What would you say your alignment is?
Lawful Neutral

>What is the more horrible thing you have ever done?
I was dating a girl towards the end of the college year. It wasn't working out and I didn't really like her. Instead of breaking up with her, I used her for free housing until my new lease started later in the summer.

An ill timed fight meant I dumped her the NIGHT before my new lease began. She was homeless for about a month. Sometimes before I go to bed, I still picture her crying that night, and I feel awful.

>> No.20245612
File: 269 KB, 1024x1024, trolley-problem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hello Mr. A.

Would you like to play a game?

>> No.20245652

Neutral Good, I do good for the sake of doing good, not because the law tells me and not because I'm some impulsive type doing it for the lulz. I believe that being kind to everyone, from the lowest homeless person to the highest executive is what I was put on this earth to do. My good-doing tends to attract a lot of friend and acquaintances, which feeds my desire to do good.

The worst thing I've ever done is mistreat my Guinea Pig, and I regret it every time I think about him.

>> No.20245698

Lawful Erotic

>> No.20245775


Wait, when the hell did we get spoilers?

>> No.20245794


Neutral Evil probably.

I've done alotta shitty things over the years for personal gain or just amusement.

I know it's dickish, but nobody's ever given a damn about me. Why should I care about them?

>> No.20245796

Today. Like, just today.

>> No.20245835

lawful neutral.

I nearly strangled my best friend to death during my CE/CN youth.

>> No.20245880

Chaotic Good. The worst thing I've done is probably torment a kid in high school (who I ended up friends with).

Funny that I enjoy playing Lawful Evil characters the most.

>> No.20245892

I know I will get shit for this but chaotic neutral, I think. I'm an asshole but not a mean one, just playful. I don't really do things maliciously, just for my own gain or because I think they are funny. I get urges to do asshole things and sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

>> No.20245935

True neutral

>> No.20245954

>Paranoid neutral
Yep, that's pretty much it.

>> No.20245967
File: 18 KB, 261x300, $(KGrHqUOKi8E3ZE6c-PQBN29UijHiw~~_35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I drift between Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil. I'm a generally nice guy, but I've done horrible, horrible things, almost all legal.

Worst thing I've done?

I had anal sex with my half-sister. And - uh, basically every kind of sex except vaginal.

Now in my defense, she IS model hot, and it was consensual, but she is, you know, my sister. I'm told this is wrong and awful. This is probably true. I don't live in Japan after all. (Thankfully I don't live in the rural south either. Hooray for not being a stereotype!) Once we were found out, the family shattered, and we don't talk to each other anymore. Except when she needs medical advice.

That was years ago now. I mostly do medical and charity work these days. Maybe that would even things out, but really, that's not the only terrible thing I've done in my life. I've realized I'm kind of a douchebag. And what's more, I don't ever want to change.

So probably Lawful Evil.

>> No.20246007
File: 61 KB, 604x453, Ain't no man keepin' me down.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chaotic Good. Gave $20 to a hobo and tripped a Cop in the same day once.

Worst thing I've ever done? It wasn't malicious but my friend's dog got hit by traffic and he called me to put it down because I had a gun.

>> No.20246047

You have any kids with her? I don't see the evil here. My cousin raping me? That's pretty fuckin' evil. You making sweet butt love to your hot sister seems generally rad.

>> No.20246051

>Fucking your sister
Oh god my fucking sides. And she's even only your half sister.

You need to get your fucking priorities sorted out man, holy shit.

Also alignment systems in traditional games are pretty silly most of the time

>> No.20246070

Eh, I drift between

Lawful Good (tending towards Good)
Lawful Neutral (tending towards Law)

Overall I'd say I'm an occasionally ruthless Lawful Good with a slight tendency towards Law more than good. Generally, I think people should work together for the benefit of all on a greater level, and that people should just try and be polite/nice on an individual level.

And if you don't want to help? Fuck you, you don't get helped.

As for bad things... None, really. I've avoided doing bad. Haven't done a whole lot with my life period, but I'm just not the sort of person to hurt people.

>> No.20246100

True neutral. Im to beta for anything else.

>> No.20246102

It isn't. And no, no kids, that's why we never did vaginal sex.

I mean, the sex was fantastic. I would do it again if I could.

But the aftermath is not worth it. The whole family did fall apart, and it was our fault. So you have to live with that kind of guilt and shame forever. And knowing that you destroyed your own family out of selfishness (and getting reminded of that every single day for a long, long time) does reveal that you're kind of evil.

And like I've said, I've done other things which are not good, which people in here might consider worse (although I don't). But I won't mention those. I said my bit.

>> No.20246188
File: 55 KB, 1382x873, 1327518923101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

......w-who is it?

I need to know

>> No.20246260

Unaligned. I don't stand for anything, and I have no ambitions for which I want to use others. I suppose my most evil trait is my apathy, and small evils that accumulate over time like making environmentally irresponsible decisions. But really, look at nature. It's a litany of murder as creatures struggle for dominance. Human beings are the same, struggling against each other. It's just how things are. Organic machines following the behavior coded in their genes. There's no room for morality there.

>> No.20246310

Not sure, At lot of things change about me depending on, well i don't know what. might be my mood but im not sure...
Right now I think I'm some kind of neutral but I've been mind numbingly horny for like an hour and a half

>> No.20246779

Neutral Good.

Neutral because I'm a born rebel with OCD.

Good because I like helping people and generally avoid being a dick.

>> No.20246805

Various alignment questionnaires say Lawful Good. Not sure if I buy into that, but there you go.

>> No.20246815

Lawful Evil or maybe Chaotic Evil. I didn't like my best friends girlfriend a few years ago, so paid a male escort to seduce her and film it. Then anonymously sent the video to my mate.

>> No.20246827


*Chaotic Neutral

>> No.20246838

Umm... I dunno, I don't really go out of my way to do good or try to be a dick to people.

Lawful Neutral? I tend to listen to laws a lot.

>> No.20246858
File: 518 KB, 763x992, 1335729904987.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chaotic Neutral

I had to assist a vet with cutting open dead puppies to learn how they died. He cut them open with no remorse, you could hear their tiny ribs being split in half as his hands don't even strain to pry open their tiny chest cavities.

>> No.20246871

Neutral Good.
I just want to help people and make strangers smile.

>> No.20246912

I stole a candy bar from an guy who was knocked unconscious and bleeding once... I have no idea why. I have sex with prostitutes. That's probably it, I'm a pretty ok guy over all, neutral good maybe.

>> No.20246913

Everyone I've taken an alignment test it tells me I'm chaotic neutral. I'm not really surprised, that's what I would have picked. Maybe leaning a bit towards chaotic good. When I used to play DnD I pretty much always played CN, without being chaotic stupid or randumb.

And no, I'm not the stereotypical 'dick add thief'; I abhor theft, and am actually pretty loyal to my friends. I just tend to ignore laws that I don't agree with, and often decide things on a case by case basis.

>> No.20246927

>I had to assist a vet with cutting open dead puppies to learn how they died.
>to learn how they died
>to (hopefully) be able to help living ones

Even Lawful Good applies...
other story if you cut open living ones to learn better ways to make them die... or corpses was stolen...

>> No.20246940

As for worst thing I've ever done:
Tricked a drunk girl into going home with me, but took her home rather than shagging her because I cared more about my rep at the office than her feelings?

Fuck, I don't know... Ordered pizzas to a friends place. Got in big trouble for it too.

Ratted out a friend who'd stolen some shit from another friend, to that other friend.

>> No.20246944

Selfish asshole

Uh... maybe the way I treated my first girlfriend? That was pretty abhorrant, though there was also the fact I pretty much molested my neighbour when we we kids and I think I might have felt her up a little at a later point..
For a /tg/ related crime I also walked away with a painted model I found lying around the floor of a gameshop, it was painted really well.

>> No.20246968


Another incest person here. Not a half sibling, though, a full sibling, my brother. I never had full vaginal sex with him, butt I did masturbate him and have done oral. I was the oldest sibling, by the way, he was just 2 years younger than me.

It doesn't make you evil at all. Nothing about consenting incest is evil. NOTHING.

As for myself, my friends tell me that I'm True Neutral as I'm a pleasure seeker; and I don't particularly stay on the side of the law, but I strive to appear so. I've stolen several times, and not exactly small amounts of money.

I've stolen expensive antennas, computers, software. I've molested a few people as a part of a joke.

But I also genuinely care about people and go out of my way to help my friends.

Also, anyone know what OP's image is from? Being a former willing sex worker, this image interests me to no end.

>> No.20246983
File: 18 KB, 211x290, 134375832456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>molested a few people as part of a joke

What. The fuck.

>> No.20246986

I once mistreated a girl I was intrested in so badly that she doesn't want me to exist anymore. I am not allowed into her world and I have not been allowed to apologise years later.

Since I feel like amonster for it, and because I try to be a good person. LG?

>> No.20246989

> What would you say your alignment is?
Chaotic Good. In gaems when I can show my full power or true nature, probably Neutral.

> What is the more horrible thing you have ever done?
Dunno, I'm a pretty lazy person. I've felt pretty bad after incinerating 30,000 innocent people in vidya though.

>> No.20246991

Im neutral.
But I do some acts of kindness. Not because I am a good person, I am somewhat of a bitter bastard, but to spite all the people around me.
Think they are so damn good people...well I don't see them helping the beggars out...

>> No.20247000

according to D&D I'm neutral evil, or lawful evil with neutral evil swing.

Really there's not much for me to measure "worst" thing I've done. Sleeping with people's girlfriends (living with two of them now) or my friend's under age 28G cup sister who was incredibly proficient at oral due to having been bulimic in her earlier teens is about the only thing of any note.

>> No.20247009

Lawful Neutral

I don't really have many major principles and I don't often break the law. I'd think the majority of people here are Lawful Neutral, it's not like many of us are helping out at the orphanage.

>> No.20247014

For the longest time I was lawful/neutral good, but in the last three years or so I've lost my entire supply of giveafuck and am presently chaotic neutral.

As for the most horrible thing I've done... probably a good contender was Christmas, a couple of years ago. A card got misplaced in my post office box instead of an adjacent one, and being strapped for cash, I opened it. It had a very sweet message to a child written in it as well as $40, which soon translated into an eighth.

Goddamn I miss living on the west coast, with its cheap, high-quality weed, and its lack of huge motherfucking insects.

>> No.20247017


I think what you were looking for is "I'm a Cunt"

>> No.20247026

Chaotic Neutral. I do good things, I do bad things, it all evens out. The worst thing I ever did was take money from my folks without permission, specifically my mom. /tg/ won't believe me but my mother is a gigantic shitlord, a multi-millionaire who tells her son to get a job for Christmas and asks him to commit felonies for her so I still don't feel bad about doing what did to her.

>> No.20247040

Lawful Good.

I hacked other people's wifi networks to get internet, before I could legally buy some.

>> No.20247045

> my mother is a gigantic shitlord, a multi-millionaire
> and asks him to commit felonies

Either that's how she gets rich, or its all lies.

>> No.20247047
File: 92 KB, 764x720, 1342058796597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since we reached that point anyway:

If we are using a fictional measurement of morality, we have to apply that fiction's rules for this. Unfortuantely, I am not really too big into DnD, so I do not know where incest falls, but if it is Evil in DnD, it is Evil for the purpose of this thread.

>> No.20247048

Give details on your mother's situations and the felonies she wished comitted

>> No.20247058


No, she got rich from getting run over by a bus and the ensuing settlement. She lives in Spain and she demands that I front for her and use my address as her US Residence so she can get disability benefits. I also get all of her mail, some of which needs to be sent to her.

The most recent felony she wanted me to do was ship 900 vicodin tablets to her, across international borders, to a country that won't allow private citizens to send prescription drugs to residents.

>> No.20247071

I assume you were exagerating in calling her a 'multi-millionare'.

But you're right, your mom does sound like a piece of shit benefit-conner.

>> No.20247085


That's the thing, many people seem to be very generous with at what point you start being "Good". The way I see it, "Good" and "Evil" should be the fringe cases and most people fall under various shades of Neutral.

I (>>20246805) am probably more like a decent Lawful Neutral than actual Lawful Good, for example.

>> No.20247086


No no, I have her financial records. She has multiple millions of dollars invested and spent like 20k Euros on 3 weeks in France last Christmas, where she told me I needed to man up and get a job.

The thing is, I know she doesn't hate me, she just doesn't really know how to express love in a way that normal people find meaningful. She arguably never has. Very sad, really.

>> No.20247094

I am Lawful Good by most standard D&D tests, tho I have my moments where I break down.
My vices are sex (holy shit yes it's bad) and alcohol (to a point).
Worst things I have done? Not too much, I'm fairly forthright, but I have slept with a few girls who were taken, and I knew it. I've slept with a few underaged girls, provided booze/weed to underage people because I made sure they didn't get hurt, raped this girl (to be fair tho, she really wanted me to...).
So yeah.

>> No.20247106

Are you that chick they cheated in american gods?

>> No.20247110

>>Raped this girl
>>She really wanted me to
>>Lawful Good

Get the fuck out

>> No.20247111

> raped this girl (to be fair tho, she really wanted me to...).

How does consensual sex become rape?

>> No.20247116

>Lawful evil

>I have raped, tortured, and murdered and I have no plans to stop.

>> No.20247120

>Implying you can rape the willing

Get the fuck out

>> No.20247132
File: 42 KB, 338x450, I'm a gorrilla and even I thought that was retarded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Consensual rape ( what the fuck?)
> Lawful Good

>> No.20247138
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, 1343587744771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's an LG I can get behind.

>> No.20247140

> Okay.

And then she was multiple identity disorder.

>> No.20247144

Dude, I said I had moments of weakness. Doesn't mean that I immediately start eating babies.
She asked me to come over to her place and "ravish" her. As she lived a fair bit away at the time (we were fuckbuddies a while ago, and I had facilitated her cheating on her current bf), I told her I couldn't. She begged, I told her no, I really can't, had shit to do.
Cue 4 months later, she is at my place, we had a few drinks and I basically force myself on her in a none too gentle way. It was "rape" by definition in that she clearly, vocally asked/demanded/pleaded me to stop, but she actually loves rapeplay (this girl is all manner of fucked up f'reals) and got into full swing after some time.

>> No.20247145

I think encouraging you to get a job like a sane person rather than become like her is probably a decent way of expressing love.

>> No.20247150
File: 358 KB, 477x270, 1340919504025.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chaotic Good. I try to be good to other people, and I feel better after it. But I like to be a bit selfish time to time, look what's good for me, and try to persuade others that it's good for them too if they help me - in most cases, it's true.

Worst thing? Hmmm...my first (and yet only) girlfriend said that he didn't thought enough about a relationship, in my mind I wrecked a city with anger, stood up, and went home without a fucking word. That was 'bout a year ago, and I still feel bad when I think about it. But whatevs.

Captcha: revealed ahautry...what the fuck did I reveal?

>> No.20247156

Lawful Neutral

I am a good person and a lot of my friends and family think so too. The worst thing I've personally ever done? I've been looking at porn since I was 13 and I have a shota/incest fetish.

>> No.20247168

> Cue 4 months later, she is at my place, we had a few drinks and I basically force myself on her in a none too gentle way.
That's just rape.

> but she actually loves rapeplay (this girl is all manner of fucked up f'reals)
How is this not denial?

>> No.20247169

Then it wasn't rape

>> No.20247190

Lawful Neutral

The only things I regret:
> I left the gate open at the dog got hit by a car and died; Because I wasn't careful.
> I fucked up in school because of my lack of self discipline.
>Not knowing what the hell I want to do with my life.

Rules are there for a reason. I follow them because the make life better/safer for me. A friend of mine once had agreement with his parents because he got caught smoking pot in a mall parking lot. I had zero sympathy to the prospect of him getting kicked out.

That said I don't agree with the current drug policies in the USA, but I sure as hell follow them. Though that is admirable easier when the idea of what most drugs do doesn't really appeal to me.

Hell, I didn't even go under when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I didn't like the Idea of not being aware of what was going on. I just had a bunch of Novocaine shoot into my face and the dentist rip all four out.

>> No.20247191


There's got to be a job to get, and she prefaced the 'encouragement' with a threat that she was going to pull the money she gives me to help me out with college if I didn't find one by March.

Basically all her "requests" begin with "do this or you lose whatever money I give you."

>> No.20247193

Because when you realize that you are on your back and she is riding YOU, it's hard to call it rape rape, just sorta kinda rape.
Yes, it may be splitting hairs, and no, I am not proud of it, but it is there. I feel worse about the fact that it was very good for us both, and given the chance, I might do it again if I don't leash my outstanding libido.
In most other things, I am honest and on the side of law and sensible order. I've never stolen anything bigger than a pen, never purposely seriously injured someone, I rarely smoke pot, didn't drink until I was 21, I do my best to be polite and respect my elders.

>> No.20247204

Chaotic bro. If you have proved yourself a worthy friend, I will hide entire concentration camps of bodies with you.

Also, source on OP's image?

>> No.20247206
File: 831 KB, 1200x1200, 1342395800370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Silly trolls

>have uhelms

The trolls have uhelms, apparently.

>> No.20247224

I've been watching porn since I was 5. The first one I saw was Interracial DP Sluts 5.
I think I can trace some shit to that.

>> No.20247242


Yup, right when I hit 7th grade. My very first hentai was the Secret Plot series and the Alice in Wonderland one.

>> No.20247257

Moral relativist here, just tellin' y'all to get on mah level. I could murder a nun, rape her corpse, feed her to a dog, rape the dog, then kill the dog, and still consider myself Lawful Good.

Just saying...

>> No.20247291

I shot my best friend in the leg with a crossbow and left him in a forest 40 miles from his house, because he tried to fuck my sister (she was 11 at the time). I came downstairs and she was squirming under him while he undid his trousers, so I dived over the couch, beat him unconscious, drove out of town until I felt it was far enough, threw him out of my car and shot him in the leg before driving off. He got to a hospital, came home, made up a story about hunters mistaking him for a deer and avoids my house to this day.

Does that count as Chaotic Good?

>> No.20247306

True neutral. I use the laws when they benefit me and denounce them when they're idiotic. As for the good-evil axis I only care about myself and my friends really. My philosophy generally amounts to "Don't screw people over if you can help it"

>> No.20247320
File: 692 KB, 933x1185, thumbsupbrah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lawful Neutral and very badass, well done sir!

>> No.20247342


Molestation may have been the wrong word to use. Clothing never came off... well, at least theirs didn't. It was more of a teasing and fondling, aka sexual harassment, than it was molestation.

And no, I am not that chick on American Gods, or whatever.

I'd rather keep my identity a secret. My brother now uses the stuff we did to blackmail me.

>> No.20247349

Well, I wouldn't really give myself an alignment, I think I'm kinda weird, I am a good citizen, I follow the rules, and expect other to do so, I'm an overall good guy, but I also enjoy stealing, fighting (this one doesn't happen as often as I would like to, people avoid messing with me since I'm a towering pile of I'llpunchyouinthefaceandleaveyoulikeanaccordion) and making the life of my enemies much worse and not being discovered in the process. I could say that I'm a real friend to my friends, and a real enemy to my enemies, which aren't that many, but yeah.
I've done many bad things, and as far as I know I haven't been discovered yet, this isn't the worst, but it servers as a good example of what has been told above:
A few years ago, in high school, there was this guy who was a real douchebag in my class, he never really bullied me because, well, I could easily be two feet taller than him by the time, but he really was an idiot, and he did mess with my friends sometimes, so I decided to take another crusade of revenge, this time on him, and if I could, on his friends. This wasn't done in just one go, I did a lot of stuff as part of my crusade over the year, and unfortunately I don't remember all of it, but it involved stealing, breaking, inculpating, and giving diarrhea to his whole group, I could try and tell some of my tales even if my english isn't that good if anybody is interested.

>> No.20247352

but at least I don't hurt anyone. And if you're in such a shit relationship she'd rather join me and the girls then l2boyfriend

>> No.20247353

I wish he bled out.

>> No.20247424

Source on OP's image?

>> No.20247560

I'm a Chaotic Faggot and I am not proud. I usually do good, even when I shouldn't i try to please other people. But then again I cheated on my girl last week, and we are in our second year. I love her I really do. But I am very hungry sexually, sometimes it scares me what thinks I want to do to my collegues.
Before that incident I would describe myself with lawful neutral, but now I don't know.

>> No.20247626

cheating isn't chaotic so much as evil, given it was a selfish act =3

>> No.20247862

I'd rather myself towards chaotic neutral, not in the fact that my morality changes quite a bit but rather that I am rather decisive in my morality, and the law tends not to effect those choices.

As a whole and at looking towards the world, I suppose I lean towards utilitarianism, with a close tie in to justice when possible, leading to what some may consider blue and orange morality or at least fuzzy lines. If the fat man can be pushed in front of the train to save the lives of the people on board and he is unlikely to balance out that effect within the rest of his lifespan, then onto the tracks he goes. Sure, it's unpleasant if it's you, but it's also unpleasant if you're on board.

On a personal level, perhaps I'm more selfish. I try to leave minimal impact on what I do in terms of negativity because I dislike who I was as a younger person before I took a look at my own philosophies towards life. Mostly I just let it all out through joking and snark. That's not to say I did anything particularly "wrong", just that I should have been more considerate, and maybe changing my outlook in terms of my actions would contribute to that.

>> No.20247921
File: 368 KB, 520x517, WTFAMIREADING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How do you gain sexual appeal from a sibling that came from the same parent?

>> No.20247937

It helps when you're a loser who can't get any girl to get near you.

At least a sister is forced to talk to you when she wants things.

To the average guy on /tg/ 'Stop leaving your clothes all over the floor.' is a come-on.

>> No.20247942

Don't assume the rest of us are down at your level.

>> No.20247961

Right between Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good. Neither TN nor LG though.

Lied, I guess?

>> No.20247988


Supposedly, there's a gene that causes people to have the Westermarck effect; and people who are genuinely attracted to parents and siblings are lacking that gene.

Either way, the way I experience the world is not the same as you. Whereas you have this feeling of disgust and nausea almost instinctively when thinking about having sex with your closest blood relatives, I get no such reaction.

For example, I am sexually attracted to my brother, sister, and mother. I'm the eldest daughter in my family. I can't explain how or why, only that I am and it's there. Such barriers simply do not occur to me as so much to not exist.

However, I do understand that incest is a very deep taboo and disgusting to others, so I basically never bring it up and have only acted upon it a few times with my brother. I don't regret the act itself, however I do regret its consequences.


It also doesn't help if you're like me. I would walk about the house naked like that sweedish boarder in Cashback. Youngest brother finally saw me nude by accident a while ago while staying with my parents. He hasn't looked at me the same since, haha.

>> No.20248012
File: 18 KB, 240x240, allstar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neutral neutral

The worst thing i ever did was one time when my girlfriend was drunk and i talked her into a bj i came in her mouth and told her it forgot to warn her because i was also drunk. I didn't really though i just wanted to come her mouth and she wouldn't let me.

>> No.20248040

>tfw I have a huge incest fetish

I'd probably rate myself as neutral good. The worst thing I've ever done is had sex with a girl who was in a relationship. Now mind you their relationship was already in the shitter and they broke up about a month after the indecent (the sex wasn't the cause).

>> No.20248045

You just sound like a lying attention whore.

>> No.20248059

Lawful Good... and yet, I have a perverse affinity for sneaking.

>> No.20248067

Lying attentionwhore

>> No.20248082

>>20244480 this

although...if i felt bored enough to play along, I'd say chaotic eroti- I mean neutral. The worst thing i've done...when I was 8, I took sexual advantage of my cousin. He was 13. That's pretty bad, right?

>> No.20248084


Ok, believe what you like. We do exist. Sorry for being so disgusting.

>> No.20248096

Confirmed for attention whore.

>> No.20248097

Lawful Good (at my best), Lawful Neutral (at my worst).
I haven't willfully broken the law, to my knowledge, because I believe that laws are meant to protect people from harm by instilling order.
When people break laws, bad things tend to happen - like that woman who decided to jaywalk in a busy intersection to get to a convention and was run over by a truck.

>> No.20248121


Incest girl from above. Yes. Very. That's paramount to rape. At least mine was consensual.

>> No.20248132

Chaotic Evil...and the time I rape a group of nuns.

...oh, you mean in real life? Stole a pack of gum once.

>> No.20248154

Neutral good

worst thing I have done?
I have *gasp* smuggled Kinder Surprises into the USA

>> No.20248184

>I have *gasp* smuggled Kinder Surprises into the USA

You fucking Chaotic Evil son of a BITCH! You know how many children could have choked on those?????

>> No.20248190

I'd say I'm chaotic good. I try to help when I can, but I'm still young so I haven't had a chance to do much. I also believe in personal freedom, and that freedom is more important than order.

>> No.20248191

Shut up, you fucking attention whore.

>> No.20248199
File: 28 KB, 364x400, sexy%20nun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nun's are my fetish but with less of the rape. (Maybe having a nun fetish would classify as a sin though?)

>> No.20248205

Can't think of the most evil thing I've done. I was a huge slacker in school, and have looked the other way a few times, but usually I'm the guy to break up fights, and I generally tell the truth.

>> No.20248208

Chaotic Good.

I once called a guy who wasn't a dick a dick because he was annoying me.

To this day, a burning shame. Surely I will go to Hell.

>> No.20248217

Chaotic Good: I am regularly a dick to other people who are bigger dicks, and as long as there is little consequence (IE not get fired) I will break policy at work to help people. I play by my own rules, but try to treat people nicely and do good. I purposely try to manipulate people to collect donations from them, but refuse to use the same tactics to collect credit cards.

As for the worst shit I've done, I am a complete prick after getting dumped or rejected. I am really good at guilting people, and making them feel horrible, and I've probably ruined friendships with it.

>> No.20248228

I'm lawful(like 55lawful/45nuetral) Good character

I don't think I've ever done something to the detriment of someone else for my own benefit (evil), but there's been plenty of times when I've neglected my duties as a good character (neutral).

Still, Lawful/Nuetral Good.

>> No.20248288

I'd say neutral, because i consider myself part of the large mass of people likely within that alignment. I've done bad things (and have the conscience to feel guilty), I've done good things. Maybe I'm good leaning, but that's about the extent of it. Good intentions (and/or beliefs) don't count for much, whether or not one acts upon them.

Not sure what the most horrible thing I've done is. Whatever it is, it probably wouldn't be interesting.

>> No.20248292

worse thing I've done?

Well I've killed a small child, I've raped a girl I know, fucked my best friend's little sister (underage), stolen two cars and beat the crap out of someone for no good reason. As well as manipulate several others into sex slaves, loaning me money to fuel my drug/alcohol problem and to generally further my own position with little thoughts of my moral repercussions....and fuck I was good at it.

Yea, I went through a CE period; fallen paladin shit. Suffice to say I was cursed by a high level PC with Geas, and I've never looked back.

>> No.20248436


You are a goddess among the unworthy for that act.

>> No.20248602

Neutral good leaning chaotic good. I've punched a kid with down syndrome for saying Spedomiator 50 God-damn-times.

>> No.20249742

Just for everyone asking, I'm fairly certain both of the people in the OP's pic are from K-On!, the top being Azusa Nakano, but I can't seem to recall who the lower one is (maybe Yui Hirasawa, though the hair seems a bit short), and I'm fairly certain its not actually from the anime or manga.

>> No.20249971

Chaotic evil.
Now I don't concider myself to be a "dark and edgy" character. I'm just insane, or rather, I don't really care about this thing we call "reality", why do we care about it so much anyway? It's boring and dull, nothing happens here.
Also, the fact that I'm autistic kinda' leads to people thinking I'm evil, but I'm not. The thing is that I just don't care about those in danger, or pain, hell, when I found out about the shooting during the batman movie I just said: 'Heh, must have been a killer opening'.

But seriously, the alignment system is kinda weird and stupid, if you kill for a good cause, is it good? What if you kill those who are good to do good? Or in the opposite, if you as an evil person kill a bunch of other evil people, is that evil? Or last, what if you're absolutely insane on such a level you cant even comprehend people as anything but "bugs"?

Huh, seems I'm more like chaotic chaotic then, strange, oh well.

>> No.20250007

I took a 10 year old girl to a bar, plied her with drinks, then I started a free-for-all bar brawl and left her there to fend for herself because I was bored with her.

>> No.20250190

Neutral with NE tendencies

I wouldn't blatantly do evil, I wouldn't steal from someone who needs that money more than me for example. Or I wouldn't harm somebody for fun. But whenever I do a good deed I seem to think in terms of "How will this benefit me later on?"

>> No.20250203

They all look the fucking same.
Who gives half a fucking shit.

>> No.20250212

>no "shot a man in Reno"

You fuckers disgust me.

>> No.20250213

Cool troll post.

>> No.20250245

I'm Chaotic Evil. I took the test and everything. Also I once [Redacted for legal reasons] then came [Redacted for legal reasons] blood out [redacted for legal reasons] car. That enough?

>> No.20250268

The insane do not regard themselves as insane. You're just a dick without a cause.

>> No.20250327
File: 48 KB, 640x480, 59c512d284ed8168117819984b80b2ab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The bottom pic is also Azusa but it's a fan pic drawn by a hentai artist named Kuma Motoko. Search him in Gelbooru if you want more pics like that.

>> No.20250401


>> No.20250489

Definitely somewhere between neutral good and lawful good. Maybe solidly lawful good, depending on how you read it.

I feel law and systematic justice are necessary for a functioning society, as individual acts of vengeance just lead to anarchy and, despite my college sociology professor's beliefs, anarchy always leads to violence, abuse and inequality.

That said, if most parties are agreeable, people who've committed wrongs are repentant, and/or little actual harm was done, mercy and leniency can and often should prevail over cold, unfeeling punishment.

Worst thing I've ever done was during college. A female friend of many years who was going to a different school told me over instant messenger that she was interested in me romantically and wanted to go out when we were both back in our home town over break. She had to seriously work up to it and I know how hard it was for her to even ask. I wasn't attracted to her in that way but, because I'm a socially awkward bitch, I said yes, that would be awesome. After I logged out of messenger for the day, I never logged back in under that account, and now, almost eight years later, I've still never spoken to her again. To this day I stay up some nights stewing in my self hatred.

>> No.20250510

Chaotic good, I guess.
This girl back in high school was obsessed with everything Greek, and, knowing that I was from Greece, would occasionally ask me about things. I fucked with her for upwards of 3 years just making shit up about the language and the culture and the food and she ate it up. It was all harmless stuff, and I was very kind to her otherwise (even baked her finikia on her birthday,) but I never told her I was dicking with her, and I feel kinda bad about it now.

>> No.20250749

I can't say I've done bad things to other people.

When I do bad shit, I do it to myself - when I'm depressed, I go whole nights without sleep, I smoke entire packs of newports in a day, I get cross and irritable with my own mistakes and inconviences.

I mean, I've done shit like hit my siblings when I was little, but that's kid stuff, everyone does it.

I suppose Lawful Good. I have strict set of morals that I hold myself to (no fighting, drinking, rapin', etc etc) and I try to help when and where I can.

...I'm a sucker for those charities that you give a dollar too when you're purchasing something - I would, and still buy one everytime I go to the register, even if that's the second or third time I went to the store that day.

>> No.20251938

You have it easy.

Girls who have sex with their brother are always automatically the villain, unless they're much older.

In my case, I was definitely treated as the villain, and she as the victim. Both of us are close the the same age, it was consensual.

But we were underage, so no one else, state included, treated it that way.

Those were the worst years of my life. I tried to commit suicide several times, and sometimes I still wish that I had died. But somehow I broke hospital records and survived a few serious attempts to poison myself, hang myself, and slash my wrists.

But I'll tell you now - the sex was good. Neither she or I thought it was romantic - we just wanted to have sex. I don't regret the sex. Like you, I think I mostly regret the consequences.

She and I have talked, very rarely, about it. She's mostly gotten over being told she was a victim of her horrible predatory brother, and I've mostly gotten over being told I was a monster.

But both of us still bear scars from what our family and the state did to us.

>> No.20251974

I got a girl trapped inside her ex's rape dungeon where he raped and then murdered her and another girl.

So I'm going to say Lawful Good.

>> No.20251981

neutral evil

pretty much forced a girl to give me a blowjob for staying at my place for two weeks for free.

>> No.20252013
File: 12 KB, 426x304, 1259114743042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw i just realized all you guys are talking about your D&D roleplay
well fuck me, guess i've been away from /tg/ for too long.

>> No.20252031

We were?

Ignore that bit about the rape dungeon then.

>> No.20252073

Chaotic neutral

I once set up a friend to go to prison in my place. It worked.

>> No.20252128

I've gone before a judge twice for theft, once as a juvenile when I was held in contempt for refusing to apologize, and once as an adult when they didn't bother with trivial nonsense like that. I also don't think I've ever paid back a single debt in my adult life without being forced. I've also had people tell me I don't have a mean bone in my body, and everyone I tell about my background has trouble believing it

Chaotic Neutral, or more likely True Neutral with poor impulse control

>> No.20252225
File: 48 KB, 300x301, 1328661585851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're not, this about stuff irl and our actions/alignments.

>> No.20252315

In practice, Lawful Neutral with a hint of Lawful Evil.

I want to get things done, no matter the cost. If I have to do it myself, I will. I've still got a respect for order, though, so I guess that's where the "Lawful" part comes in.

>> No.20252778
File: 25 KB, 216x377, KeanuReevesCutOut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to think I was lawful good. I dunno anymore though.

>Still believe in a higher power, that hasn't changed
>Now understand every man has his price
>Not every price is in cash
>Learned the hard way I'm not above my own desires
>I hurt her and didn't even care until I saw what she became as a result
>I didn't even think it was wrong
>I don't feel as guilty as I know I should
>Wake up every morning disappointed I woke up at all
>Don't even feel bad about that, figure it's normal for a rational person
>Turn on the news and remember why I drink
>Lay in bed awake at night and remember how I hurt her and it's why I'm alone
>Not sure if I care anymore

Not sure where I stand anymore. I have a lot to atone for though, of that I am certain.

>> No.20252872

Lawful neutral. I'm the kind of guy who doesn't take holidays because I get depressed when people aren't telling me to do things.

>> No.20252915

I was neutral good before, but now i think i've slided into true neutral...

I just don't care about stuff anymore.

>> No.20252975

Stole every bit of fancy body jewelry off of this hypmotized sex slave laying in a bed (Some vampires play thing, boring monotone voice), then helped my friend flip the whole mattress with the woman still lying there up against the wall so we could look under the bed for important clues. All the while the room was being shamelessly looted while we looked for a magical room.

>> No.20252999


Get the fuck off my lawn.

>> No.20253352

Lawful Good

Made fun of a fat girl once for being fat. So fuck that bullying shit and fuck bullies.

>> No.20253386


I always find it strange how easily families can turn on each other.

>> No.20253398


That's messed, dude.

>> No.20253421


Log on homie.

>> No.20253457


You ain't insane, you just don't think hard enough.

>> No.20253561


I don't see why that can't be Lawful Good.

Also, do you mind if I steal this for a short story?

>> No.20253598


I have dealt harder drugs like x, meth and lsg to people dozens of times and in large quantities.

Ive cheated on several women who dont deserve it. ive stolen many things, bullied others for personal gain, vandalized a lot of property, killed loads of animals, beat up homeless people...

I dont have a single worst thing, ive done loadsvof horrible things.

Im a teacher.

>> No.20253610

These are my favorite threads.

>> No.20253630


Shit that's rough. Why do you say Neutral instead of Evil?

>> No.20253698


Do you live in Arizona?

>> No.20253702

I teach English at a highschool and come from a supportive middle class family. I'm a convincingly cheery person.

>> No.20253732

>pretending you aren't evil makes you not evil

That's a cool story, bro.

>> No.20253769


Cut that greentext shit out, dog.


And do you think your teaching and lifestyle balance out the horrible things you have done enough to make you Neutral?

>> No.20253788


Worst thing I did was sleep with one of my friend's GF. In my defence I didn't know they were involved. He still hates my ass though. The way I see it, if she was going to sleep around like that then they weren't going to last. I regret the whole thing. If only I had known I would have said no and retained a good mate.

>> No.20253800

Evil is subjective. I did most of those things out of necessity.

>> No.20253817


Dude, you didn't know they were involved. There was literally no reason for you to say no aside from other moral issues.

>> No.20253841


Evil is not subjective.

Have you moved beyond that life of violence and decay?

>> No.20253863

Neutral. And for the worst thing I have ever done. Well it's a tie between poisoning my neighbors dog because his kid laughed when my cat got hit by a car, placing glass and a trip wire in an alley that a kid I didn't like would always go flying through on his scooter and stealing a guys wallet instead of calling an ambulance as he had a heart attack.

>> No.20253884 [SPOILER] 
File: 336 KB, 500x636, PatrickBatemanSummoningHisPersona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bullshit, a lot of those actions from what you imply are downright evil

> cheated on several women who dont deserve it.
I'd say that's evil

> stolen many things,

> bullied others for personal gain,

> vandalized a lot of property,

> killed loads of animals,
If it was for no reason other than pleasure, I'd say it's evil

> beat up homeless people
Self-defense, otherwise you're almost Patrick Bateman

>> No.20253921

Holy hell I'm a cat person who thinks dogs are noisy fuckers, and I think that is sociopathic

>> No.20253938


Chill out, homie. We aren't gonna get anywhere by blaming people. A bunch of those can be subjective depending on the circumstances. Also the degree of their villainy should also be taken into account given the good things he has done in his life.

>> No.20253949

Didn't have a lot of friends growing up since I liked nerdy shit in a Black/Mexican. I was really attached to that cat. But in hindsight since my cat survived if with a obvious limp it was a bit over the top.

>> No.20253988
File: 1.68 MB, 2048x1536, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CG - I generally help people if it's not horribly out of my way.

>Nicest thing I've done
Took a trimester off to volunteer for One Laptop Per Child, custom-tailoring an OS image, training teachers, and implementing (and briefly acting as sysadmin for) a wireless network in an inner city elementary school.

>Most horrible thing I've ever done
I ruined my last roommate's life. He left me pic related on my desk after I told him that his feet smell, and I uploaded it to facebook and tagged him and his girlfriend in it. He barely has any friends now. Probably excessive retaliation on my part.

>> No.20253989

I love my cats too, hell my mother thought I couldn't feel emotions until our cat died after the 8th grade. I cried for days when she died.

>> No.20253995


>> No.20254023


also, evilest thing I've done, Ate cereal without any Milk

>> No.20254047

Yeah its always fucked up when they die.

>> No.20254054

Can't read shit cap'n. Summarize?

>> No.20254082


In a related note, I once didn't have any milk so I put cereal in ice cream instead. Best breakfast ever.

>> No.20254092

The dog part is the one that catches your attention? Not the glass or heart attack victim one

>> No.20254110


The guy who had a heart attack could be a rapist.

The kid with the glass could've been a bully who broke a kid's neck.

Worst thing for the dog is that it has rabies.

>> No.20254144

Up til recently?
I'd have said Chaotic good, I'm a pretty moral guy, but I like doing things my way, and occasionally I fuck with people for a laugh, but never anything mean spirited.

But recently? well, I'd Been crushing on my mate's girlfriend for like six years, since way before they were together, known her longer than I have him, and within the last year or so she was dropping some pretty big hints that she liked me too, mostly whilst drunk. So, we met up while he was at work, just a friends thing, one thing led to another and we kinda made out for an hour in a field full of long grass and wildflowers.

Feeling pretty conflicted about it, don't particularly want to stop because damn, is she ever good looking, and we get along like you wouldn't believe, but the whole situation can't be going anywhere good, and I feel like I've stabbed my buddy in the back.

So yeah, at the moment? Chaotic neutral at best, or more precisely "Chaotic fucking asshole".

Feels confusing man.

>> No.20254163
File: 494 KB, 500x280, 1325868988520.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chaotic Good.
Worst Things: Haven't felt sorrow for close relatives dying in three cases, two unexpectedly. Turned three friends against each other to get a girl. Framed someone for drug use before they could falsely accuse me of sexual harassment (She never even figured it out, as she was incidentally actually doing drugs). Almost killed a guy after my ex-girlfriend died in an accident he caused (Stopped myself out of sympathy, the law never crossed my mind).

>> No.20254184
File: 97 KB, 874x768, what the hell am I reading.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


"Your Temper Tantrums are So adorable. You Should Spend Sometime between my legs Sucking my Cock So That you May See that It is cleaned readily enough That an Asian female raised in a OCD cleanly-style house [editor's note: this was where I tagged his girlfriend] Can do So voluntarily, without Complaint.

Your problem is ithe [sic] Shoes, and it's your problem not Because My feet can't deposit Sweat in a toilet But Because you take issue with it. Good luck getting what you want in life with your attitutde. I'm going to go eat and Shower now, as opposed to Continue feeding your Passive aggresive Bullshit Factory."

>mfw reading this

>> No.20254194

>Chaotic Good
That looks a little more like Chaotic Neutral to me.

>> No.20254203

Sounds like all he ever wanted was a threeway with his roomie and bangin' Asian girlfriend.

>> No.20254261

>calls you passive aggressive
>writes that note
Totally deserved it.

>> No.20254313
File: 388 KB, 890x502, 1279839751230.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair, those were specifically the worst things. I give a bit of time to charity, teach local kids about astronomy, helped raise my uncle's kid while he was broke and homeless, and give blood at absolutely every opportunity. Those are just off the top of my head, but most would agree I fall pretty squarely in "good" territory.

>> No.20254359

We almost had a threeway when all three of us got crunk. His bangin' Asian girlfriend didn't seem to mind that I was squeezing her tits while she was making out with him.

>> No.20254612
File: 94 KB, 609x1500, 1344351191552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chaotic Neutral.

I steal and lie a lot, whenever I know I can get away with it. Just stuff I know people never notice/check or think anything of. If it weren't for the fear of punishment, I would seriously do some "evil" shit though. I would just kill, rape, and steal, on a minor whim. People don't understand how thankful they should be for their government's law enforcement.

Also, what's up with your pic, OP?

>> No.20254625


Meant to put Lawful Evil.

>> No.20254640

That's probably Chaotic Evil. Chaotic Evil doesn't mean you're retarded. You get away with what you can.

>> No.20254666

worst things... had sex with a guy and let him cum without condom, didnt clean up or tell my boyfriend when he went down on me 30 minutes later. i was surprised how turned on i was by it.

also got my cousin to go down on me, then blackmailed him over it. i never had vaginal with him, just lots of oral.

>> No.20255068

Did your boyfriend notice?

>> No.20255098

lol nope

>> No.20255126

Karma, perhaps. Be a scheming whore, end up with an idiot boyfriend.

>> No.20255209

Ever consider that he may have noticed and didn't ever say anything?

>> No.20255295

You'd have to have a spectacular poker face to lap up some guy's sweat and jizz from your girlfriend's cooter and not say anything.

>> No.20255336

he didnt know, thats why it was a turn on

>> No.20255441

In my language we have an expression; "Thieves think everyone steals."

>> No.20255824

I'll be taking that saying... I like it.

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