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So, The Lathe Worlds is out, and was wondering if anyone could scan a copy or a scan was already out.

Also, AdMech thread!

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This one is a personal favorite and an amazing crossover.

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Holy fuck, I actually saved 2 new images from this thread already.

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I'm happy, also I saved that one for it was missing. I will continue searching my folder for adequate AdMech in hopes for the scan.

Omnissiah provides.

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Also, I attempted to post a techpriest and it was found to be a duplicate. On further inspection it was a heretek.

It's a sign.

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Niiiice, love those models.

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Does anyone have the picture that AdviceTechpriest is from?

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The original to this? I'll see if i can find it in the sea of pictures.

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I will have to take a short smoke break, brothers. I hope you all can carry on in the Omnissiahs name and continue providing worthy images of His loyal red-robed servants.

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Yeah that. I've seen it on here. He's mostly naked if I remember correctly. (And by naked I mean full body conversion, no robe.)

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>red-robed servants
>posts a picture from late rt/early 2e when techpriests were still depicted in white robes

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It's also a she.

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Ok, NOW I'm going on that smoke break.

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My Google Fu suggest this "Lathe Worlds" of which you speak is a Dark Heresy supplement.

Finally a book focusing on the AdMech! Praise the Omnissiah!

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Does anyone know if it's possible to field an admech army in 40k tabletop?

I vaguely remember some counts-as armies, or some workarounds, but nothing specific.

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I have an entire folder of AdMechs. Would you fellow gents allow me to post them?

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Go on ahead

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We will require you to post them.

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Alrighty, here I go

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So, you going to post or not?
Don't leave me all alone here.

I'm about to go to sleep anyway.

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I have a bunch of the Tech-preist meme one also

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Speaking of Lathe Worlds, does anybody have Honour The Chapter or The Emperor Protects for Deathwatch?

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This one is wallpaper worhty

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techpriest wear red robes, only adepts of war wear red ones

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That's it from me, off to sleep.

After one last Leadbelly song.

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white ropes, GODDAMIT

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now you're just doing it on purpose.

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Ah, Krowzi. I wish she did more art and less pony shit, but I guess the latter do bring in the dosh.

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how about some techpriest futa??

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>Does anyone know if it's possible to field an admech army in 40k tabletop?

Play second edition, it's easy. You have unit entries for tech-priest heroes, tech-priest squads, servitor squads, electro-priest squads, and servitor vehicles (including servitor bikes, artillery, land raiders, any Imperial vehicles). Thing is, you're normally only allowed to take 25% your army as Imperial Agents, but it's the nature of 2e that fudging rules comes more easily. Worst-case, pair them with Black Codex IG, which are based on the rogue trader army list. That way you can take techpriests, artillery and land raiders from your main list instead of allies allotment, and you get funky things like IG assault squads and man-portable heavy weapons that distinguish you from a regular IG army with admech allies. Use your army command squad as a skitaari retinue for your Magos, and you're good.

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Holy shit, I haven't seen this one.

Does she still have her 40k artwork?

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If your going to break the rules, at least use the spoilers.

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>techpriest wear red robes, only adepts of war wear red ones

It's a good theory, and personally I use it in 40krpg, but I don't know if it's grounded in any solid fluff. Besides which, recently basically all techpriests have been shown in red, even the non-combatant ones. Dark Heresy was originally a GW product, remember, and its priests are all red.

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So, nothing that easy in 6th ed?
What particular codexes are required?

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I still got more..

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In sixth edition, I guess take IG with lots of tech priests and grenadier vets, then take space marine techpriests and land raiders and shit as allies.

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Just checked her dA. Didn't see anything 40k related, just pony sculpts and tf2 plushies.

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last futa one..

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Please stop, we are /d/-lite, not full blown /d/ickgirls here.

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Oh, well that's a shame.

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We already have an entire board dedicated to futa.
And god damn man. Use the spoilers.

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Did she ever draw a fully nude shot of this girl? In the story, she was the vastly more kinky of the two techpriestesses.

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Thank god, I hope you get banned.

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still got regular techpriest pr0n

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I believe all the techpriests in Ciaphas Cain wear white, but its implied to be a regional thing, isolated to the Sector or area. Personally I prefer the red robes for the Mechanicus, they stand out next to the white robes usually worn by the Administratum. Plus the ties to the red sands of Mars

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I don't have it if she did, but I don't think so. I followed those glorious writefaggan threads, like the forever alone loser I am, until the writefag got banned.

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We seriously have spoilers now....I didn't believe it
Had I only known earlier..
Sorry for any inconvinience that might has caused

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Me too. I hope he gets to come back. I hope even more that he finishes the story.

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Use. The. Fucking. Spoiler. If you are posting porn.

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I didn't know we had spoilers now, sorry

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Damn it, dude. Stop that. You knew we had spoilers this time.

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so does anyone actually have Lathe World Scans?

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so....do you guys still want me to post?

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Mere hours after the announcement?

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In a similar vein, anyone have the Koronus Bestiary?

>> No.20240096

I'd like to express interest in the same

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Using spoilers to hide porn is what lost us the feature in the first place.
Take it to /b/, /d/, /s/, /r/, or wherever the fuck else.

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I have it in print, but not yet seen any PDF going around...

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Yeah, figure it'll be a few weeks before an OEF version turns up unannounced in /rs/. Since you've got the book, care to tell us your views on it? Essential, fun, useful etc?

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In fact this picture could be considered worksafe. There are tits or genitalia visible.

>> No.20240210

This post has it. If you want to post the occasional nipple and spoiler it, that's one thing. But if it involves a penis entering a vagina, start a /tg/ thread on /h/ or something, and cross-link it.

Got a sexy request in an art thread; drawfags? That's nice, post it on /i/ or something, and cross-link it.

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I think this'll be my last post

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>top post asking about lathe world scans
>no scans of any kind ITT

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Do we look like Hereteks to you!?

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Honour the Chapter should be in the /rs/, it was posted on /tg/ a while ago.

Let me see if I can upload it.

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... sigh, I am fucking pissed that I can't find any PDF versions of Into the Unknown.

Spoilers to keep it /tg/ related.

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To the dude posting all the futa porn: can you please go and delete it? Set up a /d/ thread or something, if you really want to post shit like that.

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Keep the machine spirit alive!

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Never heard of Into the Unknown, sure your not thinking of Into the Storm?

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since you asked so nice..

>> No.20240506


It`s solid. Presentation is superb and better than in Creatures Anathema or Mark of the Xenos. Fluff sections are exellent. Description of the creatures in question are given as a first-hand experience report from a female Arch-Militant that acts as a bodyguard to an excentric Rogue Trader who fancies himself a trophy hunter. After that follows a more in-depth describtion of the creature and its habits.

First chapter, "Beasts and Monsters", has all kinds of critters a Rogue Trader could run into while exploring the Expanse. Most of those present a solid challenge and can be easily fitted in an existing adventure or even be made the point around which an endeavour revolves.

Second Chapter, "Aliens of the Expanse", goes in depth on Eldar and Orks, gives us some new exceptionally powerful Rak`Gol and shines a light on the Stryxis and Yu`Vath. Especially the last two were interesting to me.

Chapter Three, "Denizens of the Warp" is a bit underwhelmig. There is only one new creatures, the rest are well known deamons like Fleshhounds of Khorne or Plaguebeasts of Nurgle.

Chapter Four, "Xenos Generator", was a disapointment to me. The tables are not very well thought through and do not present enough options. It can give you some basic inspirations though if you want to create some wildlife for aplanet, you just have tweek it a bit.

All in all I can say that it is the best creature book for the 40k lines so far, even if it falls short on some points.

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Thank you.

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OP here, Omnissiah provides.


Enjoy, I hope that one day soon we will gain the tome of The Lathe Worlds.

>> No.20240538

I'm honestly sorry, had I known about the spoiler tags before..

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Thanks for the review mate, sounds like a good grab for when my Explorers get around to looting beasties. Shame about the daemons but I never really use them in RT anyway, doesn't feel right for some reason

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>dat feel when the spoiler pic you made is being used on your favorite board

But on a related note, why are AIs and sentient (non-spirited) machines Tech-Heresy?

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Erm, the spoiler pic displayed is random for every site served. Not all will see your pic but one of the two others.
Which one is it?
The Die? The MTG Elements? The Inquisitorial Seal?

>> No.20240652


The Great Machine Crusade

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The die.

>> No.20240665


I would have to agree that it is one of the better creature books for FFG`s 40k lines.

I like that there are a good bit of beefier creatures but still some "Baseline" monsters, give you a selection of nasties that will not all be mere speedbumps past Rank 1.

Also the Eldar sections is pretty damn well done, a broad and pretty exhaustive selection of Eldar, unfortunately the Ork selection is pretty poor: Big Mean Ork, Bigger Meaner Ork, Biggest Meanest Ork.

>> No.20240674

Back in the Dark Age of Technology the AI's did what they always do and rose up against mankind and starting killing us left, right and centre. After that the Ad Mech determined it was best to shackle them before they did it again
Personally, my head canon is that AI's figured out they could gain access to the long term benefits of serving Chaos easier than humans, what with not having to worry about mutation or insanity so much. So to them it would be logical to become Chaos worshippers, as they get the bonuses and minimise drawbacks

>> No.20240678

Oh, I liked the one the least.
Kudos, though, others obviously did not share my preferences

>> No.20240679
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>> No.20240696

>logical to go to chaos

More or less. Many automated factories deduced that they should serve khorn. Lo' they did.

>> No.20240708 [SPOILER] 
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>Big Mean Ork, Bigger Meaner Ork, Biggest Meanest Ork
There are other kinds of Ork?
Image spoilered for possible tech heresy

>> No.20240731


It's just a prototype lasgun from even before the DAoT

>> No.20240763

I don't usually mind boobs on /tg/, in moderation, but penetration and futa is a bit overboard. Even if it is techpriests. Spoilered or not, new mod's rules or not, it's just beyond the line.

>> No.20240776


Well that is kind of the problem, with little new mechanics and just higher toughness and strength, the Orks gets kind of dull.

The books have stats for most of the Eldar specialist troops even including the Shadow Spectres, Exarchs, Wraithguard and Wraithlord.

And the Orks are each a little bit stronger or tougher than the preceding one.

>> No.20240855

You can field an IG army of Skitarri, there's rules for them floating on the GW webpage some awheres

>> No.20240872

>Big Mean Spahss Mohroon, Bigger Meaner Spooss Murdoon, Biggest Meanest Spuuhs Mobungo
You mean there are other kinds of Space Marine?
>Sneaky Little Eldar, Sneakier Littler Eldar, Sneakiest Littlest Eldar
You mean there are other kinds of Eldar?
>Cyborg Retarded AdMech, Cyborgier Retardeder AdMech, Cyborgiest Retardedest AdMech
You mean there are other kinds of AdMech?

I could go on.

>> No.20240988


What I liked about the Eldar is that they are truly capable of fucking shit up. Eldar Aspect Warriors will make your players weep for their mothers. As it should be. I always imagined Aspect Warriors as equal to Space Marines.

>> No.20241018


Well you could go on but you would be wrong, there are more diversity among the other races than there are among the Orks, or in the cases where there are similarly mono focused races there are less of them.

The Rak`gol for example are similarly nasty melee monsters but there are less of them. There are not 10 kinds of Rak`Gol with marginally different stats and several different ways of saying "They really like to run into melee and hit people with their beatsticks."

And when you compare the Orks to the Eldar you are just plain wrong. The Eldar got the Avatar, Wraithguard, Ranger, Shadow Spectres for short range but nasty damage, classic melee specialists like the Banshees and the Striking Scorpions, Psykers and so on. Basically the Eldar have everything from Sneaky assassins to long range snipers to melee berserker to powerful psykers to the most powerful and toughest unit in Rogue Trader right now.

>> No.20241070


Yeah, the Eldar section of the book is very well done, i am not the biggest Eldar fan around but this book made me really want to use some just to see how they would do against my party.

>> No.20241095

And orks have nobs, gretchins, stormboys, wartrakks, killa kans, kommandos, weirdboys, flash gits, warbikers, slugga boys, shoota boys, big meks, mekboys, and a good deal more diversity than just "bigger, meaner"

>> No.20241148


Sure they do, but not in the Koronus bestiary.

Pay attention, i said the Ork selection in the Koronus Bestiary was poor not that there was no interesting Ork units in existence.

And of course quite a lot of those units you did mention there are a progression of melee fighters that just gets stronger and tougher.

>> No.20241154


Well, the Avatar is probably taking it a bit far. I can not imagine using one in Rogue Trader, like, ever. Not only because it is insanely powerful, also because it usually is the heart of an Eldar warhost, and facing one of those is beyond the scope of RT in my opinion.

>> No.20241214


The Avatar is a Deathwatch monster, a boss Deathwatch monster. It would probably take a whole two rounds for a party of Space Marines to stormbolter it to death.

>> No.20241282


Not with battlefleet koronus and two dozen meetings

>> No.20241325

>I believe all the techpriests in Ciaphas Cain wear white, but its implied to be a regional thing, isolated to the Sector or area. Personally I prefer the red robes for the Mechanicus, they stand out next to the white robes usually worn by the Administratum. Plus the ties to the red sands of Mars

Administratum is shades of gray, with lower ranks getting darker shades. Only at very high ranks would they look white. Red originally was the High Lords, because they were originally obviously the direct equivalent of Catholic Cardinals, while the various Adeptus were all Canticle for Liebowitz- style specialized monastic orders.

>> No.20242037
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>> No.20242095
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Well, I guess this thread is dead, last chance for AdMech pics, posting one more.

Here's hoping for The Lathe Worlds.

>> No.20243258


Use the IG dex and hope you're good at modelling/converting.

>> No.20246042

There are no scans because the book only came out today. I doubt it's even in stores yet, just available at the FFG store.

>> No.20246384

Anyone got a pick of an Admech not wearing robes?

I wonder what they look like under there...

>> No.20246431
File: 88 KB, 567x1000, techpriest_openrobes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That depends on the level of conversion, usually the higher ranking priests have more of their flesh replaced.

>> No.20248467
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Someone was looking for that, I also thought it had tits.

>> No.20248593
File: 1.02 MB, 417x1041, Techpriest2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20248616
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>> No.20248645
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>> No.20248670
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>> No.20248815
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I happened to be able to talk to Krowzi recently via dA notes. She told me she only makes those plushies because they make money. She honestly doesn't like making MLP ponies at all. This, makes me feel good. She's also going through some rough times because her husband left her, and kinda took everything. Also, she says once she finds the time she'll go back to drawing 40k. But she can't see that happening anytime soon.

>> No.20248860
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>> No.20248878
File: 699 KB, 699x660, Extra Heretical.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20248897
File: 327 KB, 719x762, Friendly_Techpriest_by_Anomunnus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20249046
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That sucks, I'd prefer she do things because she wanted to, rather than having to for money.

>> No.20249184
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>this thread is still alive, somewhat

Any word on the scan?

>> No.20249859

At one point, my only source of food money was drawing furry shit. Dark times, but thanks to pathetic losers I didn't starve to death or have my internet cut off.

>> No.20251083
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How is this thread still up?

>> No.20251431

Cus you keep askin' and I keep tellin'.

>> No.20251455
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>> No.20251716
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