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Can we have a model thread? I'm wondering about paint schemes for the Tau. I have to use the Dawn of War army maker because I'm artistically challenged, but was wondering what colour schemes are good for what races.

Or you can just post good looking models. That's cool too.

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my contributions

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Looks good OP, but you should throw down a brown wash on the pants. It would help the highlight show a medium between your highlight and basecoat.

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Correction, less of the pants and more of the general brown clothing area

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I wish those were mine. I saw them go by elsewhere, and decided to use them as an example. I still haven't gotten my own army yet - although I do have my eyes on the Tau. I like their fighting style.

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I can't fault it but I always feel a little sad when I see Tau painted up in the T'au colors. They look so sleek in any number of different schemes.

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I love this color scheme

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Here OP, this is alot better than the DoW shitty army painter.


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Where I buy my shit:
Really cheap vallejo and really great brushes, I highly recommend them.
anything over £30 is free shipping.

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Aw yeah, thanks. I'll see if I can post my idea here. I'm leaning towards some kind of honour guard black/gold mix, or possibly a red/yellow mix.

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(world-wide shipping)

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Your pic related is really not difficult to achieve.

It looks like stock paints, painted straight from the pot by a very patient person.

Painting is just about how much patience you have to paint carefully and how much OCD you have to keep correcting your mistakes.

If you want to achieve a painting standard like pic related, then dont come up with your own colour scheme. Pick and choose from one of the readily available painting guides by Games Workshop. You can download pdfs of white dwarf articles for this.

This is why so many good looking models have a stock colour scheme, because it dosnt take any artistic skill to follow instructions, just some patience and OCD.

If you are truly artistically inclined, then by all means go ahead and come up with your own scheme- but then you will need a considerable amount of IQ and good taste to make the right decisions.

Dont underestimate your abilities, but if youre new to painting, I highly recommend you follow one of GW's guides.

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Do they have more than just the Fire Warriors?

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I don't actually play 40k, but from what I've seen of those that do, Tau, Necron, Tyranids, and Eldar seem to be the races with the most color scheme options, so really anything that looks good works.

If you're really that creatively impaired, an easy color scheme would be red+black. Though really for Tau it's as simple as choosing one bright primary color and one neutral secondary color. Green/white, red/gray, blue/navy blue are all nice combinations I use in DoW.

>I'm leaning towards some kind of honour guard black/gold mix, or possibly a red/yellow mix.

Please don't make it actual gold. That's tacky as shit. Black and yellow mite be cool though.

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this is the basic idea. I messed up a few parts because I wasn't certain of the labels. It looks pretty bad though.

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Looks pretty good, but I've always liked the tonka truck colour scheme

Looks a bit like Haze actually

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>If you want to achieve a painting standard like pic related, then dont come up with your own colour scheme. Pick and choose from one of the readily available painting guides by Games Workshop. You can download pdfs of white dwarf articles for this.

Bitch, what kinda nonsense you feeding this kid?

OP, you can make your own color scheme just fine. Seriously, it doesn't take a genius to alter the instructions to their own color scheme. And it doesn't take a genius to write down the ratios you used to mix your colors so you can replicate it. Get a notebook, write down "dark blue - 3 drops blue, 1 drop black", put a spot on the page so you can see what it looks like later, and BAM. You're done.

Seriously, the skills you need to do highlighting and shading have nothing to do with using store-bought paints, and it's seriously not hard AT ALL to make your own color scheme. My first army used a custom color scheme and I didn't have one bit of trouble highlighting because of it.

I would suggest making his underclothes a slightly lighter shade of ggray and limiting the yellow a bit more so it's just detail. Also, make the eyes red.

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Hm. Does black primary, yellow secondary and red detail sound good? I don't know if I want a grey on it, but I'll see if I can't limit the yellow.

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HAHAhaHAhahahahaa oh god

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Here you go, dude. Free of charge.

I wouldn't paint the entire thigh guard yellow, though. Personally, I'd stripe it or only make the outer stripes yellow.

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If he switches the red and black, it might not look so... painful.

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^crypteks I built today, would love some feedback on them
and the start of my paint scheme, blue needs to be lighter and I'm thinking of making the joints silver instead of black

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That looks excellent! Thank you. not sure it quiiite is what I want, but it's a hell of a lot better than what I've been putting out.

Have a pretty picture.

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So, is this what you're aiming for? Because that white is as eye-blinding as Neptune's bald.

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If you're going to have that white, detail the mouth a bit.

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it looks like a matte ceramic in person, I don't see how its blinding, and no, I wasn't going for the shiny plastic look of iRobot

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how would you suggest detailing the mouth? its not like they have lips

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I also think the white is pretty blinding. But besides that, it seems like the joints and chest area are a bit messily painted. I'm not too worried about the joints, since you probably won't even notice once it's washed, but the chest could definitely be an issue. Might wanna fix up the details.

Just put a tiny tiny bit of watered down black paint in the mouth area so it runs through the cracks. If some spills out just paint over it in white once it dries.

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I dunno, it just seems to me the mouth is blending in with the rest of the face. It's probably just a crappy picture.

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Found an older Imperial Guard painter (Seriously, why aren't there any of these?) and made a rough version of my army idea.

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alright, thank you
the white is probably slightly darker than computer paper, should I tone it down? and, if so, how?
I'll work on the mouth and joints the chest I am basically redoing due to it being darker than I wanted.

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You should use white as a highlight- use a light gray for the arm, but highlight it with white.

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Been working on commission this week, too hot and lazy to do much....

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Did you use an airbrush? Can't argue about the results, but are there more detailed pictures?

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I'd really rather keep them white, grey reminds me of the boltgun bukkake too much and black just feels meh on 'crons to me.
pic is similar to what I was going for

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Are there any guides for paint-mixing?

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So you aren't going to shade your white? At all? Not even using a very white gray for the base with a white highlight?

Have fun with that.

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saying to use light grey to shade the white is different than saying to use grey with white highlights which is what I got from the post I was refering to, I will try shading with a white grey

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but orks are the biggest and the baddest.

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enough dakka?

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>>20222941 stole my picture

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My Tau are purple on gray with black details and dark red optics. I haven't done any washing with them, so I'm hesitant to take pictures, let alone post them.

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go for it, bro.

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come on this is /tg/ its almost guaranteed that someone will advise you to thin your paints but past that it's pretty friendly about painting and modeling.

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Some nice DE paint and conversion.

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My converted techmarine, once my camera's fully charged again ill post my scratch built TFC

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Just got these done today

also how do you guys lightbox, A4 paper doesnt cut it

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also inb4 "mold lines" yes, I know, I'm a damn fool

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captcha ate my picture

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you also forgot to >>in b4 thin your paints

I just learned a method on how to lightbox from this blog


and the rear of my converted techmarine

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spess wulfen finished the last grey hunters last night

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oops forgot c

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well this image was from a while back. I fixed the muddy feet so they weren't so muddy.

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I can dump some Tau images that I have for the OP. I'm currently painting up my tank hunting and teq killing team of crisis suits like these guys in pic related. The suits look good in black, and they stand out from the rest of my white army. unfortunately i don't own the camera, so i won't be getting any updated pictures for a while.

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fire warriors look pretty good with "black" on white. but i'm painting mine off of the cities of death box art.

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btw OP, star wars and camouflage tends to be their safe zone when it comes to colors for them if you're not entirely sure yet.

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also rusty brown looks pretty neat on them as well, was going to be my original color choice.

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this is going to be my last image, you could always go nuts with their colors. they look good in blue too.

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