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I see a tranny, a virgin, and a emo bitch

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I'm still pissed that story never got finished. Not as pissed as I was when the guy who made Deadwood ended it prematurely so he could do a horrible show, but pretty fucking pissed.

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Not the OP, but I'm thinking right to left.

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I see an intolerant hatemonger.

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It's the internet. You learn to filter them out.

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From Left to right.

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I happen to play Eldar

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>Emo bitch

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Thanks that made my day!

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I see three.

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Mai waifu, and her two pets

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Seriously, finest ass in the 40K universe. It's like an untapped natural resource.

Forget about Heresy, the first human to claim it for the Imperium would be given a Warrant of Trade and a fleet of ships as a reward and sent to conquer entire systems.

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>tfw goth women are your fetish
>tfw shemales are your "don't really tell anybody about it" fetish
>tfw you would so fuck a goth shemale that you meet at a club
>mfw there are no goth clubs in my area, and I'd have to go to Toronto to find one

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I'd give my laifu for mai waifu.

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You'll find her on Klendathu. Go, my child. Seek out your prize!

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I'd defect to the Eldar. I like it when hot chicks think they're better than me. That's my fetish.

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You are to late dude

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More like so

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She's jelly. She's so goddamn jelly.

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LIIVI didn't fuck Macha. He fucked Taldeer.

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I'm kind of jelly.

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>dat Fairuza Balk

that is MY fetish.jpeg

haha you crazy kids probably just did a google search for "emo bitch" and that pic popped up.

i hate you

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HA HA!........Turbo Penetrator

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She's the bucktoothed chick from Waterboy, right?

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>Implying he didn't go for a threesome.
>Implying he didn't succeed.

Also, LIVII as a Rogue Trader is the funniest fucking mental image I've had all day. Seriously.

This is the list most Rogue Traders use for solving problems:

1: Send in the Redshirts.
2: Orbital Bombardment.
3: Send in the Redshirts.
4: Hire mercenaries.
5: Send in the Redshirts.
6: Direct PC intervention.
7: Call in favors owed.
8: Send in ALL the Redshirts.
9: Fuck everything, nuke the planet from orbit.

LIVII Rogue Trader's problem-solving list:

1: Send in the Redshirts.
2: Stay absolutely still on a mountainside for six hours waiting for the conveniently helmet-less enemy commander to show himself, take the shot.
3: Use Redshirt assault as a distraction to lure out enemy commander, take the shot.
4: Use orbital bombardment to flush out enemy forces, take the shot.
5: Call on Waifu and her army for help, take the shot.
6: Call on other Waifu and her army for help, take the shot.
7: Call on BOTH Waifus for help, take the shot.
8: Redirect Ork Waaagh!!! into enemy forces, take TWO shots.
9: Drop an anonymous tip to the Inquisitor who hates your guts, wait until all 17 Eversor Assassins hit dirt, then burn it out of the Solar System.

Fuck it, I HAVE to play this now.

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What's wrong with being trans or virginal?

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>what's wrong with being an oversensitive little bitch?

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Punks >>> Goths

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From left to right: a Synth morph, a Sylph morph, and a Pleasure Pod morph.
The Sylph is the main character. The Synth and Pleasure Pod are both beta-forks of the Sylph who earn most of the Sylphs money using labor and whoring respectively.

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I see:
>fuckable if you're into jesters
>fuckable if you're into BDSM

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Wait, why a tranny?

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The Sisters battle furiously to claim the title of DAT ASS from the perfidious Eldar.

Whoever loses, we win.

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You're funny sir.

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Okay, for future reference what the fuck does this mean? I know the origin, it's just that people use this goddamn word for fucking everything now so it gets confusing as hell. It seems to have no actual meaning.

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>Bubble butt
No sir, I don't like it. Bolter Bitches be all muscle.

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I bet Eldar pussy tastes like strawberries

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I want to say it means 'emo'tional.

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