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Alright /tg/, lets talk about whatever army you're currently working on.

40k, Fantasy, Infinity, Warmachine, Flames of War, Malifaux, etc. Whatever army you're building/painting/planning, lets talk about it.

To start: I have a question:
If you could only take one of the following vehicles (not a squad) in an IG ALLIES force supporting an army of Noise Marines, other Slaaneshi CSM and Obliterators, which would it be:
-Vendetta (because fliers are overpowered as fuck right now and its a solid transport for a squad of stormtroopers/vets)
-Medusa (because a S10 AP2 Large Blast will fuck up any Terminator force and, with the new blast rules, even the large blast will ruin a vehicles day)
-Manticore (will put the hurt on vehicles like the Medusa, but with D3 blasts, it'll fuck up hordes much more effectively)
I was leaning towards Manticore because of the massive templates I'm lacking. I currently have an ADL with Quad-gun that is operated by a lord commissar. The Oblits are also chilling back there and could easily protect an artillery piece. Thoughts?

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