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In all honesty I haven't posted on /tg/ before, so I don't know if you guys do "_______ general" threads, but here's my story to start the thread off:

Got into Warhammer 40k back in high school (9 years ago), went Tyranids 1st, sucked at the game so constantly got slaughtered at range by space marines. Next I did Tau, still sucked so had 3 good turns then got curbstomped in melee by space marines. 3rd went Chaos (guess I learned my lesson lol), had a lot of fun with them, loved their bike squads.

Now, I never had more than 3 people to play with, the closest hobby shop/GWS is about an hour drive from me, and I'm picking up the Imperial Guard army I started before I quit. I went with IG because I honestly love painting at least as much as playing the game, and there is no shortage of painting with IG. Might post some pictures of my in progress army if this thread goes anywhere, but so far its just a squad and a half of infantry. Also I'm pissed that I will have to buy yet another Codex. But on the plus side only 4 of my paints dried out over the last 3 inactive years.

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Not many 40k generals. Usually with 40k we have topic specific threads. just fyi

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Your aura is momentous OP

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Technically OP, the entirety of /tg/ is Warhammer 40k general.

Like how /co/ is Batman general.

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>Usually with 40k we have tons of shitposts, fyi

God forbid you fuckwits with your self-entitlement issues can't show a sliver of fucking respect.

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If /tg/'s name described what it is like, it would be called "40k, dnd, and other stuff too I guess."

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you mean korra

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Isn't an entitlement issue, strictly speaking, always a self-entitlement issue, making the distinction between self-entitlement and regular entitlement issues a bit superfluous?

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>Your aura is momentous OP
Indeed, do you Catan OP?

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No more superfluous than calling a /tg/ shitpost a 40k shitpost.

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>whining about 40k on a board that was literally made to get 40k threads off of /b/
Haha oh wow.

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Oh wow, 40k threads were so shitty even /b/ didn't want it?

That's unusual.

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No, you're thinking of why quest threads are herded onto /tg/.

Now then, if you don't like /tg/ related discussions, then please, do leave this board.

OP, you can download the codices at /rs/, if you so desire.

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I'm pretty I didn't mean that to be a zing. It's, like, just an insult.

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Oh boy, so /tg/ was the original /mlp/ huh?

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Then why isn't there a /cooperative games/ board?

What I'm getting from this is that /tg/ was created for the same reason /mlp/ was created: they were shitting up a board and something had to be done to contain the shitposting.

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>you're thinking of why quest threads are herded onto /tg/.

Because quest threads are related to traditional games?

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The furfags hated 40k out of /b/.
Since you share their opinion, why don't you go on ahead and join them.
On /b/.

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I don't thin my basecoats, but any top layers I thin just a touch, and I thin the fuck out of my ink washes. My models look pretty basic, but I spend a couple hours on each one individually. It's relaxing for me. I was never good at highlights, but I do alright with drybrushing and ink washing.

Here's a flamer from my infantry unit (sorry about the dust, only room with good natural light).

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Alright /tg/, I have a question:
If you could only take one of the following vehicles (not a squad) in an IG ALLIES force supporting an army of Noise Marines, other Slaaneshi CSM and Obliterators, which would it be:
-Vendetta (because fliers are overpowered as fuck right now and its a solid transport for a squad of stormtroopers/vets)
-Medusa (because a S10 AP2 Large Blast will fuck up any Terminator force and, with the new blast rules, even the large blast will ruin a vehicles day)
-Manticore (will put the hurt on vehicles like the Medusa, but with D3 blasts, it'll fuck up hordes much more effectively)

I was leaning towards Manticore because of the massive templates I'm lacking. I currently have an ADL with Quad-gun that is operated by a lord commissar. The Oblits are also chilling back there and could easily protect an artillery piece. Thoughts?

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So even furfags, with their particular brand of shit, couldn't take 40k?

That's a whole new level of bad, man. 40k must have been invented by Hitler.

In other news, sarcasm doesn't carry well into a text related medium.

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No. Moot thought Warhammer Wednesdays were pretty cool. Before /tg/ came along, DnD and other such games only ever got posted in /b/. Moot saw how effective the Emperor was at combating furries, and thought Warhammer Wednesdays were neat (Plus the B&hammer 40kun stuff), and said "Hey, you guys want your own board?", and thus, /tg/ was born.

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Sorry for fagging up the thread, OP, I'm out

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Sorry OP, someone probably should have warned you that 40k generals have an ironic habit of turning into flame wars about there never being 40k generals.

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Forgot my sage.

Polite sage.

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>Because quest threads are related to traditional games?
I'm a bit confused about this myself.

Not all quest threads here are related to /tg/.
Like the /a/ quests and YOUNG ROMAN BOY ANAL RAPE:THE QUEST we had yesterday.

I mean, I understand that people like strike witches quest and all that, but I think that letting them stay on /a/ would be more appropriate.

Well, whatever, I don't mind the good ones, even if they are more anime than /tg/

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>Young Boy Anal Rape

But that's one of the most traditional games in existence. Invented by some of the most traditional people!

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>moot found something irrelevant to its interests, so gave it an island in the sea of piss
>Warhammer Wednesdays were 'shitting up /b/'
>shitting up the shit depths in the sea of piss

Niggers, you just went full retard.

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>>Because quest threads are related to traditional games?
>I'm a bit confused about this myself.

Not surprising. A lot of newfags are. Quest Threads are, and always have been, /tg/ related. It started years ago with classics like Ruby Quest, which had NO BEARING WHATSOEVER with anything on /tg/. It was merely a fun game someone started on here. /tg/ basically started the Quest Threads, so /tg/ is the board for Quest Threads.

Deal with it.

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No, you did.

40k was KICKED OFF /b/! You realize that in the history of 4chan, the only other things to be kicked off /b/ were My Little Pony and child porn? What's that tell you about the 40k fanbase?

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... they're smelly, and possibly criminals?

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And just as obnoxious as the MLP fanboys.

Yes, congratulations on liking something. Now stop shoving it down everyone's throats.

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Oh wow Questthreads were so shitty the rest of 4chan didn't want them?
How unusual.

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Wow this thread went to shit fast. Is this pretty much par for the course with /tg/? I'm surprised to see WH40k be a divisive topic.

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>kicked off /b/
>not given a place to avoid the stupid shit on /b/

Again, full retard.

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Even we have trolls.
/tg/ is only hard to troll to outsiders. When our own trolls smell blood (like 40k is shit hurrdurrfaggotry) they jump right into the thread.

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It went to shit mainly because you made a thread about 40k as a whole. If you focused on "Imperial Guard Thread" or "List thread" or "Lore about specific race thread" you wouldn't have gotten any meta discussion and it would have stay more-or-less on topic.

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40k is the new quests for trolls and retards to hate.

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>WH40k be a divisive topic.
49% of tg is here for 40k
49% of tg is here for quests
both hate each other.

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The only thing we hate more than everyone else is ourselves, yes. /co/ and /v/ are actually better about it than us.

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Actually, I've found that most of the haters of quests and 40k are the same people.

I call these people 'retards and trolls'.

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>hates 40k
>must be a troll

Ladies and gentlemen, observe. This is how only ponyfags and 40kids think

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You...You do realize the mod flat out stated that quest threads are only "related" because they're so shitty no other board will tolerate them...Right?

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Ok maybe if I make it more IG specific...

Are Sentinels as good as they seem to be? Scout vehicles seem pretty awesome, even with shitty armor.

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No, you can hate 40k and still not shit up 40k threads. You hate 40k AND shit up the thread instead of ignoring it as irrelevant to your interests, you are a troll.

>I hate something so I must speak shit about it all the time

This is how retards actually think.

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Make a new thread, no side will stop shitposting, and shitposters will never learn how to do this...

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Scoot sentinels are now more fragile than ever. They're a gamble, but they could work out. If they hit with their first shot, they'll wreak havoc. If they miss, they'll pretty much just get destroyed.

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Well, they do have a lascannon.
Lascannons are awesome, ergo sentinels are awesome too. And they are scouts, so they can just pop out of nowhere and lascanon shit.

I like 40k tabletop.
I like 40k fluff, storytiems and homebrew.
I like almost all of the quests.
Wat do?

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Be a unicorn. Get all the virgins.

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That sounds like a plan for a wizard's summer vacation.

>> No.20225524


Why would you have any other plan? Polymorph is the best spell ever.

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Walkers were pretty killy in melee last edition, since it was so damn hard to hit them with weapons that could pop them. But six makes it easier for infantry to punch/meltabomb walkers to death.

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Thanks, I was thinking if I did field them, I would use lascannons. For 35 pts. it's not a bad investment, I think.

Would I be an idiot if I only fielded Basilisks for Heavy Support, and just sat them at the rear blasting shit?

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>Wat do?

Don't make shitposts like "hurr I maek new post for army I want play, wat do I go doing?" or "Raet mah parnt jerb!". Help make /tg/ a better place.

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From what I hear, Basilisk are kinda garbage outside of apocalypse because the Basilisk's indirect fire min-range of 3' isn't something you'll get over in a 1500-2000 point game. The Medusa or the Manticore are better choices at that point level because, while the medusa is direct fire, can do significantly more damage for the same points.

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So you don't like 40k posts that ask for army advice or painting suggestions/comments?

Hey. Hey. Fuck you.

>> No.20225604


Okay then, what do you think are good posts?

>> No.20225610

>thinks paint threads are bad

Oh wow... So there actually are people on /tg/ who don't /tg/...

>> No.20225616


Which is better in an allies role: Medusa, Manticore, or Vendetta

>> No.20225656


I honestly don't know, I'm still learning about the wargame itself.

>> No.20225672

I've always found it hilarious that anytime an flamewar starts about 40k needing general threads.

The flame starts and shits up a 40k general thread.

>> No.20227461

>Thins paints
>Doesn't remove flashing


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