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Is there any limit to what an Ork can loot? Can Orkz loot ANYTHING?

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could Orks loot tyranids?

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what if i loot you're mom ;)

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Actual rules: I don't know or care.
Cool Rule: Anything you can model is fair game.

Your* because it's not a contraction of "you are"

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Woah, dude, I'm trying to shitpost ironically here and you go around correcting me?


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Shitposting is never ironic, it's just shit.
And if you HAD been a stupid 12-year-old you'd now be better at grammar.

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whatever nerd ;^)

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>using emoticons
>putting noses on emoticons

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Everyone has been putting noses on their emoticons since Facebook became a thing. Are you a nerd or something? Did you use the Internet before that?

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Nerd? Niggah, do you even know where you at?

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Welp, was a good thread while it lasted.

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We are are sorry if you were a total faggot and didn't know how to use this funny magical thing called "computer", but don't rant and rave because we like fictional settings.

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so easy :*D

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Gentlemen, let us not fall for trolls. There is no reason we cannot still have a civilized discussion.

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As far as I know, Orks can loot just about anything and change it to fit their needs, probably even the most petty/useless of stuff. For instance, a looted gumball machine will be a gubbins machine.

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This thread makes me so happy.

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Can orks loot love?
Can orks loot the heart of a female or a male?
Can they make those fawn over them?

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Sounds loike a challenge.

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Quit yer muckin' about and git ta lootin!

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Hah, I gotta see that.
So you can't loot love?
What a loser.

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I wonder if there are any images of an orky DEldar raider

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They can loot a mind control device.

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>Luv kin boom!

I wuzzn't alwayz a big, stompy, shooty, flash Warboss. We'z all start out as just unnover boy and gotz to fight and smash our wayz to da top.
Now back wen I waz a boy, we had us some games ta pass da time between WAAAGHs. Me favert wuz 'Kin you loot it?' 'cause I wuz da best at it, and still am, so don't youz be gettin' any ideas!
Anywayz, me turn comez up afta a raid on dis Spiky Panzy camp and they sez I gotz to loot a emoshun. Now I knew dat wazn't fair, but I'z not lettin' dose smug gitz say I couldn't loot somefin. We'd catchured a few o' da Eldur fer fun, so I goez up to a cage late at noight and seez me dis flash lookin' girl wif hair so black you knew she wuz ded killy!
She looked uppit me an sayz a whole lotz a wordz dat ain't fit fer polite comp'ney. I just stood dere an' let 'er rant before I givez her a necklace I made outta da teef I smacked outta some stupid git. I worked 'ard on it, too. Carved me some little toofy grinz on the teef and some ol' bolt roundz fer claspz. I gave it to her an' told her she was bootiful, turned, and left. She said ta wait as I waz, but I'z was only innit fer da challenge.
We used 'er to test a new stormboy rokkit a few dayz later. She made a big boom. I still fink o' her sometimez.
Now back ta lootin'! I ain't no storyboy!

-Warlord Flashloot 'Hartbreaka' Grimgutz

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Well, they can loot at least one member of the Earth Caste.

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RIP Eldar chick

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S'been done.

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Seen plenty of 'looted 'fexes, but anyone find a 'looted trygon,, tyrant, tervigon, or hierodule?

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She'z not got da fangz or da dakka, but dis humie'z roight propa orky.

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...Could an ork loot himself?

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As a side note, what the fuck is up with Carmen Sandiego?
Like, I know everyone wants to find this bitch, but is it ever explained why?

Is she a thief? A spy?
Did she kill someone?
Is she a celebrity hiding from the press?
Does she give REALLY good head?

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There was a warboss who, thanks to Warp travel fucking with the flow of time, went back in time and shot himself in the face to have two of his favorite gun.

His WAAAGH! imploded from confusion and time paradoxes.

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she stole monuments and famous works of art for shits and giggles basically

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Orks CAN loot anything.

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there is nothing orky about carmen sandiego. she is neither loud, fighty, or fast. she's just a sneaky git, and has more in common with a grot than any ork.

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>Why have the Orkz not gone back in time to loot the Brain Boyz?

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They did. In doing so, they became the brain boys.

Explains why the universe is in constant war, doesn't it?

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Because nobody knows how to control how time flows in the Warp, and going backwards is extremely rare.

If Orks could weaponize time travel, though, they'd somehow loot the concept of time itself.

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>Is there any limit to what an Ork can loot?
I don't think they can loot Eldar tech too well, but not for a lack of trying, but because I can imagine that they try to loot an Eldar vehicle, they overload the engines and the whole machine goes Chernobyl on them.

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This is the single saddest story I have ever read.

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>somehow loot the concept of time itself.

I have an old Doctor who T.A.R.D.I.S lying around some where. I could loot it and make this a thing.
The Timeorks/ Timeboyz

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meant to reply to this one.

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Headed by
Boss Dokta

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I like where this thread is going

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Like this, but with orkz?

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oh god, and they're travelling through time looting artefacts from famous bits of 40k's history.
[nospoilersontg]Like Abaddon's arms[/nospoilersontg]

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Tat get tha choppiest and shootiest of fings!

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>Boss Dokta
>Not Mad Dok Timeywimes

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The real question becomes, which Doctor do we model Mad Dok Timewimes after?

Which Doctor was the orkiest?

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10th is angriest.
11th is most ADD.
Since they started again at least.

I vote 10th.

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>I vote 10th.

He was the ugliest of them all...

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But can they loot the cinnamon sugar swirls in every bite?

>> No.20226737

I will not have this argument here.
Suffice to say that would just make him MORE orky.

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Take the signature article of clothing from each and every doc. Either that or Timeywimes is the OG Doc and he has a bunch of grot attendants modeled after the other ones.
Orks aren't known for their dashing handsomeness.

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>grots modeled on every incarnation, ruled by a grumpy white-haired ork.
Best end.

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Or maybe there's just 11 doks and everyone thinks they're the same person.

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Including them.
Because they are.
Cyclical causality!

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Two green, caloused thumbs up.

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>Oi, ooz dis git?
>Wot you mean 'ooz dis git'? It's me, Timeywimes.
>No you iznt. Timeywimes iz different, doesn't av a goofy scarf.
>You callin' dis scarf goofy? Yooz gonna get da screwdrivah now!

And then the Ork was stabbed to death by a giant rusty screwdriver.

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It's a sonic screwdriver.
For an ork that means it's got dakka.

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Eh, that psychic field or whatever will make it do other stuff. It's got a lightbulb or something duct-taped to the bottom of the handle.

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This thread made me love /tg/ again..

Let's hear it for "Da Oncomin' Stormboyz"

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What if each Timeywimes had a different screwdriver?

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So did the Timeboyz find a phonebooth that happens to be able to manipulate the Warp and enable them to travel back in time?

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Looted from one Bill S. Preston Esq. and one "Ted" Theodore Logan.
The pair were allegedly quoted as saying "Most bogus" as Mad Dok Timeywimes punched the keypad.

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bumpin for moar timeboyz

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also, moar

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Can god make a rock so large that ork's can't loot it?

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Gork and Mork can.

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They can't loot this elf girl, because they don't know what to do.

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Lost it.

>> No.20234932

You've gotta find a way to throw Doc Brown in.


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Carmen Sandiego stole a river once.

By herself.

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Gork and Mork make it so orks can loot anything.
They cannot make something their followers will not loot

>> No.20235152

They can make it so that an ork cannot loot something.

But only by looting it first.

>> No.20235164

Ah but then it is already looted by an ork because gork and mork are the biggest orks there is.
That is because the orks wouldn't see their gods as anything but orks

>> No.20235169

/tg/ has spoilers

>> No.20235178

You forgot the slowpoke picture to go with that.

>> No.20235193

>not having dr wily and dr robotnik on the list of warbosses

>> No.20235264

when did this start?

also, thank god, finally.

>> No.20235314

There are spoilers on /tg/ now? I don't know what to think anymore...

>> No.20235326

its like moot is trying to fuck with us, next were gonna find out we have mods again or some shit, just watch.

>> No.20236063


Don't you dare. Don't you fucking say that!
I can't handle a second purging of /tg/...
Also, fuck year spoilers!

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