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I the Eldar equivalent of a clitoris is their ears, do they still have a clitoris on top of that? Do they need to rub each others' ears when having sex to initiate orgasm?

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In a few weeks we will be blessed with new janitors, and threads like this will be 404'd before reaching 200 replies.

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>I the Eldar equivalent of a clitoris

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Yes, and this way, /tg/ will be freed of the oppression of original content, fun and speculative discussion! Hurray!

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No they put their double tentacle dicks inside the female eldar's ears.
Then for six months the head of the female eldar keeps swelling until she pukes up a baby.

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So every time two eldars hug is like scissoring?

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thinkin of ferengi bro

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While I am in all favor for discussion of odds and ends of any setting, what the fuck does this have to do with anything?

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it's about eldars
it's funny
it features Macha

Since when do hugs involve ear-rubbing?

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Can someone explain to me how an eargasm works?

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Well, when you have ears as big as an eldar, I assume these things just happen. Probably enough for it to be an issue if you don't leave the house wearing your ear gloves.

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Xenology is the worst book ever produced by the Black Library.

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Bad, certainly.
Worst, unfortunately not.

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Nah. It's not. Xenology is great. Just some of it's details are either suspect, old or bullshit. But hey. If a few discrepencies make it worse than the Sons of Dorn or some other pile of fanfic written by someone with absolutely no right to be behind a pen, then you are a bit of a sperglord. But that's fine. I will continue to like what you don't.

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So, Macha is a dirty, dirty little slut for showing off her ears all the time?

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I'm not saying that it's the worst, in that it's incredibly poorly written, because you're absolutely right, there are certainly far more poorly written books than that. I'm saying it's the worst in that it leads to mind-bogglingly stupid conversations, even by 40k standards.

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I agree. Just it being claimed as the worst book by BL rustles my jimmies because there are some truly abysmal publications.

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Imagine getting a full body massage by a dozen different hands covering and caressing every inch of your body in the most relaxing way imaginable. Now keep that same intensity of pleasure and sensation, but localize it to the ears only. Maybe it's not so much sexual pleasure as stroking an eldar's ears just shuts them down out of sheer sensational bliss.

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I'm more thinking about the fall of damnos...

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Well, she does REALLY want to get laid...

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The first Eldar book i read was Eldar Prophecy. Hory Shet. I spent most of that book on the fence. On one part it was lots of bizarre eastern style fanwankery with the whole warpspider dance....thing but genuinely interested in the depiction of Craftworlds in novels. And then Multlilasers on everything cropped up. I finished it, but my god. I can't even call it terrible. Just confusing and depressing. It isn't even just because of the lasers multilasers.

Back on topic: In xenology the magos references the ear as potentially erogenous zone in (?) after noting it had a high level of nerve bundles compared to humans. I'd have thought since eldar have a deeper control of their biology that would be the norm anywhere...the question should be, do they have regular super orgasms?

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How uptight about sex would a race who restructured their entire society to avoid enjoying themselves too much be?

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Like pulling teeth out of a wrought-iron fence made of tigers.

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Maybe I am a sperglord but when they can't even look at a fucking model or art of a Tau for 10 seconds to notice it has hooves is just terrible.

It's a huge error that is so apparent if they looked at ANY art

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> f3
> Fallout 3
> Any redeemable points whatsoever.


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One unintentional error in the book and it makes it all bad?

Is this the only reason you don't like the book?

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>unintentional error
You mean people fuck up on purpose?

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Of course, This is setting is built upon misinformation and propaganda.

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If the eldar equivalent of a clitoris is their ears I would think they also have a regular clitoris and that it is even more sensitive than a human one, because the eldar are like that. Everything human but with absurd extremes and but a few differences.

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it casts a giant shadow on the entire thing. How can I take any of it to be reasonable if they get something as obvious as that.

It smacks of laziness

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An unreliable narrator, might as well say that even the hugest of space marine is 3 feet tall and uses a water gun. Makes the fluff therein even more pointless, because everything becomes a lie, not even a particularly entertaining lie I might add.

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Don't cats have plenty of nerve endings in the tips of their ears? I remember something that if you rub and squeeze them with your fingers, the cat goes into an almost trance like state.

People point out errors in GW artwork all the time. Still we don't dismiss entire codexes and rulebooks because of it.

So the artist fucked up, that is all. Even the text mentions hooves, so that is all.

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Ca/tg/irl here. I almost go into a trance state when people play with my ears. It feels really good.

Dunno, maybe it's just a girl thing.

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I doubt anyone on /tg/ knows anything about women. Even the women.

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but ca/tg/irls don't actually exist

why else would be call the concept ca/tg/irls?

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There /are/ a lot of nerve endings in the ear...

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If someone touches you properly anywhere, it feels really good, why do you think masseuse is a profession that still exists? I can assure you, it isn't only because of the happy endings.

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Oh, I know. But a really good massage will probably end in a happy ending for the masseuse if he's good. A good massage is a sure fire way to get me really wet.


...and the feet. I can't stand my feet touched, though. Way too much sensation to be pleasurable. Just holding my feet can actually hurt my ankles enough to cause me to sob even though there appears to be nothing physically wrong. Ears, between my breast and and pressure right above my pelvis but below my bladder are always my favourites. I think ears are better for just general outdoor affection, though. Namely because you can hear your partner's breath.

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You need to find someone with a more gentle touch for your feet then.

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You fail to comprehend how sensitive my feet and ankles are. They get handled very delicately, but it still really hurts. Just resting my ankle in someone's palms can be painful at times.

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>doesn't know about THREEEEE DAWG, OWWW! and you're listening to Galaxy News Radiooo

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Fun fact, masseuse is the feminine term, masseur is the masculine.

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obligatory writefaggotry from 1d4chan


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How do you walk around? Sounds to me more like a psychological thing. Personally, I spent my youth burning (I didn't realize it at the time, I was just walking on asphalt in an Oklahoma summer) all of the nerve endings out of my feet in an attempt to teach myself how to deal with pain better.
My mistake.

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Then what is a masseui?

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Eldar are so sensitive that they can't help but be horny all the time. Even the puritan Aspect Warriors wear fetishized form-fitting suits with sculpted muscles, boobplate etc, all laid on top of a skin-tight bodyglowe.

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> Eldar are so sensitive that they can't help but be horny all the time
This. These are the guys who were so horny they made Slaneesh, remember?

Extremely horny and even more repressed. Kind of like Victorian England, but with more space elves.

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And clitearises

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Would /tg/ hynotise an Eldar by whispering suggestions to it while rubbing its ears?

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Imagine cutting an Eldar ears off with a dull blade.

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The juxtaposition between these two posts is hilarious.

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Eh, guro's not my thing. You should tip off Goto, though he prefers harm to eyes.

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>implying that tearing them off with your bare hands wouldn't be more exquisitely cruel

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>Implying that would be done to get sexual pleasure

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>implying Goto is pleased sexually

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oddly enough one of my exs also loved it when i rubbed or even bit her ears during foreplay, shit made her go off like nothing else, maybe just a case by case thing

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>implying it wouldn't

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What's wrong with loving your job, man? Are you telling me Eversors aren't allowed to WRYYYYYY anymore?

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Pleasure feeds Slaanesh, therefore, pleasure is verboten and heretical

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And grimdark.

England eventually loosened up, in the grim darkness that would mean worse than death.

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IIRC there are alot of nerve endings in the male ear, so much so that they can be considered an erogenous zone. For women it's generally not as sensitive but with nerve endings, anything is possible (there are a genetic few that actually derive pleasure from Anal sex. Women, I mean. Women without dicks.)

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Yeah, but this is just job satisfaction. Sexual job satisfaction.

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If Eldar are devoured by Slaanesh at the moment of slightest lewd thought, why would a farseer cast her protective garments away even as a penance?

>Rune Armor of Macha
>This wraithbone rune armor, etched with wards to protect the wearer from harm, was worn by the farseer Macha of the Biel-Tan craftworld. Though she cast aside this armor after failing to prevent the release of a terrible daemon from the Maledictum on Tartarus, it retains its protective enchantments.

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> If Eldar are devoured by Slaanesh at the moment of slightest lewd though
Because this is hyperbole.

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So, like... they've got nerves everywhere in their body, their entire skin is one huge erogenous zone?

Damn... I think I read that doujin once.

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I, on the other hand, have not. What was the name of this doujin?

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>Eldar equivalent of a clitoris is their ears
>Do they need to rub each others' ears when having sex to initiate orgasm?
>Implying female orgasm is a real thing

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Becoming a Girl

>> No.20223794

This guy's right, it's a gender bender comic from Da Hootch. Which means it's doubly disturbing.

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Well everything's an erogenous zone when you're in the right mood.

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Hey, this is a fantasy setting.

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>/tg/ proves fun is wrong

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I never understood the uproar over that.

Fun is cool but if you only focus on "WAS IT FUN??" you have to admit all reviews, all criticism, and basically all effort are pointless. You have to admit orgyporgy is superior to literature and PS:T is inferior to mindnumbing addictive minigames.

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This eternally, if my gf so much as brushes my ear by accident I am lying on my ass for the next 5 minutes body totally limp, while standing to full attention, as it were.

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In the grimdark future of 40K, there is only eargasms.

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Actually he's kinda right.
This guy explains it pretty well.

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That's /v/, not /tg/

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I've never actually seen the origin of "Fun is a buzzword". I just heard my roommate spout it constantly for months.

tl;dr this made me cry laughing.

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>threads like this will be 404'd before reaching 200 replies.
This one only got 80.

By the way, you should keep meta discussion to /q/.

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I, for one, am actually enjoying /tg/ these past two or so weeks. It's starting to become a place where you can discuss a topic as knowingly completely stupid as this relatively harmlessly.

We've (apparently) gotten a new mod. I wonder how that might change in the coming weeks. But if he hates meta-threads more than threads like this, I've gotten what I hoped for in a new mod.

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fairly hot.

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>Mfw I go into complete euphoria whenever someone massages, nibbles or even breaths heavily on my ears
>Mfw the guy I like discovered this
>Mfw I have to be on complete guard so I don't go moaning in front of everyone when he sneakily rubs them

Fuck you Jonathan

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Dude named Jonathan here. How common is that name, specifically that spelling?

I know it's not me; my boyfriend would never forgive me for cheating. But still, threw me for a second.

>> No.20229621

idk, I've only met one Jonathan with that spelling, and that's him.

Either way it can't be you, he's no gay

>btw I'm a girl

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I say this >>20226113 and then I find 20229323

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Common enough that people think that its my name.
I only share a couple letters with the start of the name and yet I've had people insist that this is my real name. Its not, it never was, never will be.

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What is your unusual name?

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>mfw I enjoy having my head and ears scratched or having my ears bitten

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All I'm saying is that chicks love to rub my head when I shave it bald, and when they rub behind the ears it feels glorious. Not even sexual, just relaxing as all hell.

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ca/tg/uy detected

>> No.20231862

Naw fuck that label. I'm allergic to the fuckers anyways. I can't even into cat.

>> No.20231911

It is. Too bad I don't have a GF to do that though.

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>or having my ears bitten

Like this?

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Holy fuck we have spoilers now!

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No. I should have said "nibble".

>> No.20231981

>and when they rub behind the ears it feels glorious.

That's no surprise. There are various pressure points situated across the head. If they're massaged, it can help get rid of headaches, or just relieve stress to a degree. You can get these weird, spidery head massagers that help with it.

>> No.20231995

I never said it was a surprise, just that you don't need to be an eldar to enjoy an ear rub.
It's like minutes old!

>> No.20232012

Those feel really weird at times.

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I don't know about you, but if I have one of those spidery-headraper things used on me without knowing, I lose the ability to stand. It's.. Nails-gripping-pants good.

>Them arldsop
Yes captcha. Them Arldsop indeed..

>> No.20238700

I just start feeling drowsy or falling asleep.

>> No.20241676

Like a female orgasm?

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The spider things just tickle me. I can use them on myself and it feels okay, but if someone else uses them on me it feels weird.

Fingers, though? I go all pic related. If humans could purr...

>> No.20241779

If you have an appropriate amount of mucus+saliva that's the right consistency in the back of your throat(After eating food, sometimes), you can make a gargling rumble that's fairly purr like, or add a bizarre sort of warble to your whistling

Of course if anyone asks how you're doing it, you should probably lie because that's pretty gross

>> No.20241786

>Dat new spoiler image
Yes, I like.
They took whatever designs were floating around and then actually made it look good.

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I can sort of make a purring noise by putting my tongue near the roof of my mouth and forcing air out, and it sounds pretty catlike. It's an affectation, though, so I only do it to make my cuddlebuddy laugh.

I also make a growling noise, but that's more instinctual.

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>if only humans could purr.
I know right? well there's always imitation.

>> No.20241900

I just settle for groans of satisfaction. Same general idea.

>> No.20242058

well, we can but we're bad at it.
it's like a 2 stroke engine before it keels over to die.

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ITT: Ca/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls just wanting to be pet.

>> No.20242292


I'm not sure if you were going for "to be petted" or "to be a pet" but either way you're probably accurate...

>> No.20242448

Either works.

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catgirl here.
god damnit

its true

>> No.20242586

It's true. There's this spot just behind my ears, jesus christ it's better than sex.

>> No.20242589

I could pet, but being petted seems insincere to me.
Playing a pet is fine, though.

>> No.20242932

I'd do any of it. Pet them, be pet by them, be their pet, be their owner.....

*Reads what he wrote* Oh god... I'm weird!

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