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Yarrr yer planet lovers, lets START YE 5TH BLACK LOCK THREAD.

This time we'll be fleshing out further the Locks companies.

The existing companies are as follow:

Black Cutlasses - Disciplined, well trained and balanced, as well gentlemanly and well behaved (thou they don't follow the codex). Can order the help of Auxiliary forces as support.

Crimson Blades - Assault oriented company. Has greatly above number of apothecaries. May or may not be Angry Marines with the ability to manage their rage. Like to tell stories to children, go berserk if civilians are targeted (don't mention Ravenholm IV around them).

Rum Grails - Have a higher than usual number of Chaplains. Guardians of the Chapter relics. Ale brewers. Put equal emphasis on medium-ranged firepower as much as on sword fighting.

Holy Treasurers - LUCKY BASTARDS. Have luck bordering on supernatural. Look for stuff useful for the chapter. Have a incredibly large amount of exotic weapons that they specialize with.

Void Plunderers - Put even more emphasis on boarding actions. Have a larger than average number of Techmarines (as well servitors and personal Skittari Auxiliaries). Like to drop pod on the battlefield.

Warp Cutters - Curious company. Acts as a exploration/reconnaissance fleet for the Chapter. Use both drop pods and orbital strikes.

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Unofficial Companies that I'm suggesting:

Grave Mists - Specialists at terrorizing corrupt elements of the Imperium. Are grim and have a grim sense of humor. Allow Officio Assasinorum agents on board (as well have them as allies on the battlefield).

Zumbo Company (alternatively The Hex Company) - Have higher than average number of psykers. Have unusual method of psyker training that includes smoking plant substances. Made a Inquisitor, his retinue, the Psykana observers and Imperial Stormtroopers on their ship to GO NATIVE. And they are all Jamaican Witchdoctors. (if only I had that picture with a marine miniature that was JAMAICAN).

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Just my suggestions. If /tg/ has other ideas for names, then go forth on them. I'm opened for suggestions.

> Need names for the last two companies. One is a siege specialist company with a lot of siege weapons, the other one I thought should be a special one, yet I don't know what should it be (stealth tactic one not, for the Locks don't have scouts).

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Oh, and BTW.....Official site here:

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>Locks don't have scouts

This is something that many people claim, which just shows you how good the scouts are.

It is also worth noting that the new recruits are not scouts because scouting is serious fucking business and no business of Well-Dwellers (the name given to those who dwell in a gravity well or are new recruits. also means newb). All the scouts are part of the Grave Mist company.

They differ from the other companies in that they don't have a captain or their own ships and only recruit others into their company from other companies.

Bonds between squad-mates is extremely strong amongst the Black Locks regardless of company and crew but once a squad gets below a certain strength (3 and lower) it becomes impractical to keep. Unfortunately they are resented and considered bad luck by the other squads and any attempts at amalgamation from such low numbers is doomed to failure.

It is these lone wanderers tossed aside like so much flotsam and jetsam on the tide of luck that the Grave Mists seek out. Upon recruitment they surrender their armor and have their Black Carapace removed that another might use it and others will speak of them as if they were already dead. The scars are quite horrific from the carapace removal and give the impression of having a Checkered Shirt.

They are a law unto themselves but travel with the other nine companies to add their support. No longer being full battle brothers they don't count towards the 1,000 marines limit allowing the other companies to go slightly over the 100 brothers limit.

They are known for their somewhat grim sense of humor and the dark glee in their eyes when a well placed trap goes of without problem.

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They are also known for taking in strays waifs and strays.

The Inquisition also has been known to send vindicare assassin trainees with them for some of their final stage training.

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Zumbo/Hex Company is currently under so much scrutiny from the Inquisition that they decided to save time and post one to their company permanently. Since then Inquisitor Baranova and his entire retinue have gradually merged seamlessly with the crew to the point were neither they nor the company think of themselves as belonging to another institution.

One of the things the company is known for, beside cultivating that plant native to Catachan, is Necromancy.

Their librarians, of which they have a lot of, can channel a soul from the Other Side and install it in a body that has passed out from inhaling the smoke from the Catachan Weed.

The more talented the Necromancer the further back in time they can draw a soul from.

Known for their usage of human psykers. Each of the of the psychic Space Marines has a choir of human psykers that they fight alongside.

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There is actually a captain, and his name is Brother Captain Rackham. A scary man with a very grim sense of humor.

And by scouts, I don't mean scouts in the usual version. By scouts I mean Space Wolves type scouts. The Black Locks don't have scouts. They have Neophytes that are given Power Armor. The Grave Mists have THE SCOUTS.

For the younger ones would mess the situation, thus the infiltrating of enemy lines they leave to the more experienced warriors who know well what and how things should be done right.

> Also I thought that the Black Locks as a Chapter would be a 3000/4000 strong marine chapter rather than a 1000, since they all fight in various places among the Calico Stars either reinforcing Imperial defenses or exploring and fighting.

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I can't see them having a chapter that is 3,000/4,000.

More than the average, yes, but not that big.

In truth no one knows how many of them there are. There maybe anywhere between 1,250 to 2,000. Not even Ahab Blackbeard has any real idea, and he probably couldn't give a shit. So long as they are there when he calls them and they do what they are meant to do he leaves them alone and expects them to do the same for him.

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I thought we established they DID have scouts. They were the cabin boys etc. Brother Guybrush is a veteran scout.

Surely they'd do what every other chapter would do? Reassign them to another squad. . . .
Noooes, the voodoo marines are the CSM of the Calico Stars!

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THIS nigga knows his shit

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this is the sort of melta-charge the siege company use.

Curde but effective

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Actually, they also collect various plants form the regions of the Calico Stars (both explored and unexplored).

A lot of them have unique psycho-chemical qualities that can improve their brain function, thus also accelerating their mastery over psychic powers.

Apart of installing souls into new bodies, the librarians also know how to cast devastating hexes that can make their enemies hallucinate and fall into confusion.

Other powers include literally puppeteer-like powers that can take over weak minded enemies and send them against their own comrades.

Compared to any mind control abilities or other psychic manipulations, the puppeteer controlled targets are aware of their surroundings, yet cannot break free unless they are of exceptionally strong will or they have another psyker around that would help them in freeing.

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Also, they'd employ Dreadnoughts with Dreadnought sized Demolisher Cannons.

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>Holy Treasurers
The Opulent Hoard, or Black Treasuries

>Void Plunderers
From their fluff "Woodworms" would be a good name

>Warp Cutters
Eh, sounds legit

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Too much dabbling in Chaos

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The siege company is the only company with any real number of tanks and heavy artillery. Most of these are reconsecrated things taken off of the field of war and repaired. Leman Russ tanks are quite common,.

They also boast the highest number of Terminator suits in the chapter. Usually they are Big Daddy pattern with the storm bolter on one arm and the siege drill on the other.

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But their voodoo employs bad mojo and they channel way too raw juju.

The Zumbo/Hex company uses nice mojo for their spells and channels purified juju thanks to their sue of weed.

Remember, the Black Locks, although a Space Marine Chapter, and having the same gene-seed, they are actually a Chapter of mini-chapters. Thus it's possible that over time they'd grow independently from one another, thus not even the Inquisition, the Muntorium, even the High Lords and only THE EMPEROR would knew their actual numbers.

Thus it's possible for them to even have said numbers over 3000 or 4000, yet disproportioned among the chapter companies.

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Don't like the idea of the siege company Friendly :/
I think we're dragging this out a bit to much tbh, we're ran out of pop culture references.

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Mary Sue levels dangerously high

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Sorry guys, but now I have to go sleep, If you want to save and have some nice ideas, then use this link:

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Yeah siege company don't fit in a pirate fleet

>> No.20210886

And pirates going after fortified settlements?

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And this is why to keep the number a little more tame. Also the companies, whilst not actually hating each other, would rather not be on the same planet. hence the reason why they can hardly ever get enough of their shit together to cause any real problems for long term imperial stability.

Start giving them Xbawks HUEG numbers AND fancy shit with no cost and you may as well call them grey knights: pirate edition.

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If anything they should be mildly below par as they were down to the point of having nothing to lose before settting off on their quest. Plus it's been decided the Dread Fleet sails as one many times throughout a year before splitting back up for clues.
But yeah, if this is to continue we need to tone down the Mary Sue.

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They are boarding specialists. They fire the shit out of it with boarding torpedos.

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