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That's right, the time has come to remind all of /tg/ about the official /tg/ DOC!


Currently, there are over 100 people looking for games to be a part of! Check it Out!

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And because I live to serve, I'll bump this every few hours. Ain't technology grand?

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Does anyone use this to find games though?

I mean, if I put down my details, is anyone ever going to contact me?

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Hells yeah. OP here. I didn't create this, but I was one of the first dozen to put my info down on. I'm now in a pretty good skype shadowrun game. It's not just players looking, GMs are looking for groups, groups are looking for players. More people is never a bad thing.

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No, everyone's waiting for somebody else to contact them first.

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this is awesome, and you're awesome for posting this so I could find out about it!

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No67 here, I have contacted at least 3 GM's from the group with no reply at all. Feels bad man.

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89 here, I've heard from two DMs but nothing has come of it so far.

Lol, I'm starting to feel like the smelly kid no one wants to play with.

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