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Hey /tg/, novice resin caster here. If you were to cast a whole Warhammer Fantasy/40k army, what would it be?

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Sisters or LotD.

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Squats all the way

>> No.20198085

lost and the damned. i miss those fuckers

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wraithguard army

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I would make a killing casting the new Chaos and Dark Angels stuff, but I would /NEVER/ cast miniatures for profit or gain.


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probably sisters to stick it up GWs ass about their molds having an issue switching off of metal for sisters. really GW? really? if i can do it with my homemade castes then im sure you can figure it the fuck out

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Yup, Sisters of Battle.

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>Wanting failcost sisters.
I'd rather them plastic or metal. It's not that bad of a material to work with.

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I'd make a couple mushrooms with legs and googly eyes and get sperged out of every game store.

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Sisters. The models are so pretty, but fuck converting metal and paying GWs prices.

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So is the consensus Sisters? I plan on doing Warriors of Chaos and a 40k army and will start posting sauce when I crack my next kit.

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rogue trader beakies and imperial guard. especially the imperial guard.

Image related, what I'd build a whole platoon of if I could.

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100% sisters, but only if you can manage to get decent faces into the mix. Otherwise, I'd be divided as to whether it would be an improvement.

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>Assault guardsmen

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>They have two plasma guns and jump packs.

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Sisters or Death Korps of Krieg.

In practice, though, I'd just resin-cast a bunch of Space Marine and Ork legs. So I can get rid of all these spare torsos/arms/heads.

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Lizardmen, then maybe empire, then maybe chaos warriors and Tzeentch demons.

Of course it woud be a disaster with all the scales and pointy armor.

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>Puttin' yer nobz in mega-armour insted of sittin' 'em onna bike
I seriusly 'ope you gits dont do dis

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Enjoy your points cost.

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If you were playing late RT, post Battle Manual, Assault Guardsmen probably would be ferocious. Battle Manual introduced the close combat system that 2e used, so these guys would have +1WS for charging, +1A for two hand weapons, plus outnumbering modifiers. Laspistols had 18" range and a -1 save mod which would also be in effect in hand-to-hand, and of course a model not immediately in base-to-base under these rules was allowed to move and shoot normally, so they could fire with a +2 to-hit mod at any of the enemy unit who were not engaged in melee, or into the melee because friendly fire is something the Guard don't give shits about.

Now that hand-to-hand is back to being a simple mass combat system and Initiative is so important, none of this matters and the idea is laughable.

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Let me worry about the points cost, you just worry about the sundered anuses of any squads it catches up with.

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What were plasmaguns like in the olden days? Did they have the chance of a tard-out like they do now?

I never got to play 2nd ed, I got into warhams shortly after the BBB came out, and from what ive heard on /tg/ and some of the oldfags I play with I feel I missed out

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Plasma guns were a squad automatic weapon. Sustained Fire (in 2e, this was pretty much D3 with a 1 in 6 chance of jamming replacing one of the 3s). Had to recharge every other turn. S7 with a -2 save modifier.

You missed out, but it's okay! It's much cheaper to start up 2e than 6th!

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Strength 7, -1 save, Following Fire (old rapid fire mechanic, if you hit and wound (doesn't matter about save) roll again until you fail). 24 inch range, +1 to hit at 8 or less, causes 1 wound.

Second edition version gave them 1 (if I remember right) sustained fire dice and a fire every other turn mechanic. might have upped the save modifier too.
chaos version could fire every turn at a chance of melting.
Cant find my book for that one though I keep my copy of RT in reach.

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here's a cheeky fuck that imperial army could take in 1st:

auxiliary grenade launcher, a 1 shot weapon attached to a lasgun for 10 points a whole squad plus ammunition type. 20" range, no modifiers, can be loaded with any standard grenades for various costs (some per grenade, others listed at points per squad.

The grenades list includes the usual crack and frag options, but also of fun use might be plasma, blind haywire, stumm, tanglefoot, vortex, virus and anti-plant.

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For associated costs, of course. Definitely glad they limited the number of vortex grenades with 2e, though.

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yeah, shame about the rest of 2nd edition though. Well, really just the cards and codex approach. and the entire boxed set of cards for using any items or psi powers or vehicles.

>> No.20199381

Eh, beats 3rd+ by a mile, and the cards were always optional. I like them though, for reference and the option to keep things secret, but it would have been better if they had also given a consolidated summary that included the card rules (unlike the notes in Wargear).

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