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So, FFG has released Space Marine RPGs, Inquisition RPGs, Rogue Trader RPGs and soon an Imperial Guard RPG.

What about an Imperial Navy RPG? Does /tg/ think that will work, or would it just be another expansion book like Book of Judgement and the Sister of Battle book?

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A Battlefleet RPG would be like Rogue Trader except with far less variety and freedom. It should also be perfectly possibly to run a Battlefleet game with minor modifications to the RT rules, especially if you adopt an Only War style requisition system for getting new gear.

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See, that's the problem I see with it, being to similar to Rogue Trader. The only way to make it different would be to have players start at the bottom of their career ladders and work their way up, rather than being Bridge officers from the get-go.

So instead of commanding a whole ship and doing different parts, you'd be an enginseer in a reactor or a gunnery officer commanding a deck crew or some armsman clearing a ghost deck of Hullghasts.

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You raised my hopes and shattered them quite magnificently, OP. Bravo.

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Raised them how?

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If you're talking about actual questing, see the 1d4chan page.

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