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Anyone got any weird 40k questions just post them here.

I'll start with 2.

If a Space Marine and a normal human had a child, would the resulting offspring be human, or half Space Marine?

Secondly, (and even though these sound like i'm forming my own sex cult, I am not) is Slaneesh the god/ess of pleasure, or more like the god/ess or pleasure to excess?

Help me /tg/, you're my only hope.

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If they can have children, the child would be human.
Since the alterations to the Marine don't appear to reshape their DNA, their sperm cells are probably unaugmented.

As for Slaanesh? Yes.

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Spess Mahreens can't make babies, balls drop off, or go bad, or something like that.

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>If a Space Marine and a normal human had a child, would the resulting offspring be human, or half Space Marine?

Space marines don't do sex etc. blahblahyouprobablyknowthisalready.
The enhancement should not affect their reproductive genetic material, so it would be a human.

>Secondly, (and even though these sound like i'm forming my own sex cult, I am not) is Slaneesh the god/ess of pleasure, or more like the god/ess or pleasure to excess?

Yes, but more excess than pleasure.
They are more into torture than sex.

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Just remember, if you're enjoying it, it's not slaaneshi enough.

If you're not enjoying it, you're not slaaneshi enough.

That spiral of esctatic agony is what the prince of pain is all about.

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>If a Space Marine and a normal human had a child, would the resulting offspring be human, or half Space Marine?
It's made pretty clear that marines can't have kids. If they could, we'd see examples of it amongst the Salamanders who still have families back on their homeworld.
>Secondly, (and even though these sound like i'm forming my own sex cult, I am not) is Slaneesh the god/ess of pleasure, or more like the god/ess or pleasure to excess?
Pleasure to excess. Any pleasure. Be it gluttony, sex, drug or rock and roll. The idea being that at first your sensations are heightened, then the more you indulge in each vice the less it fulfils you, forcing you to ever more perverse and self destructive excess to get the same "High". Slaanesh forces his/her follows to "chase the Dragon".

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Actually there was a post from one of the forums that was screenshotted where one of the guys from GW was asked that question and he said it wasn't done because to space marines they are fertile but that most of them never have relations with normal human or women long enough to have children.

And part of that is because of their lifestyle, the reason we haven't heard about it from chapters like the salamanders is probably because the author thinks it can't happen, it makes them too human or they don't see it as contributing anything to the character

There is reference to it in the ultramarine novels where Uriel ventris mentions that his grandfather was actually a first company marine and since they take their aspirants before puberty it means his grandfather must have had a child after becoming a marine.

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Seems a little stupid, but fair enough. I guess it's no sillier than FTL via a flight through psychic space hell.

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Good thing or a bad thing?

And why?

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>Anyone got any weird 40k questions just post them here.
I wish you 40kids would actually keep to one thread with this.

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A retarded solution to a real problem is not good just because it's a solution. Almost any way of handling it other than the way they did would have been preferable. Now instead of lacking customization options, the Necrons are just completely boring and only appeal to retarded Reddit users and MLP fans.

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Why did 3/4 of chaos gods were born from such a small-scale and all the way boring (compared to others) race as humans?

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Obviously that's what we're trying to do. We're not out to get you, you know.

Okay, now here's a question

The Grey Knights have been known to turn on and attack Imperial forces after a battle against Daemons is over.

What happens if they lose?

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Good, because choice is always a good thing.

But, then again the subject is very divisive. Even though OldCron players can still run, both thematically and model wise, the same army they always used to - some still hate it because "NOT MAI NEKWONS!!"

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Because Nurgle ate your grammar. I think you're trying to ask why 3/4s of them were born already.

The Chaos Gods weren't born because of humans, they've been around way longer than we have. Humans are just Chaos' favorite toy since they're so numerous and easy to corrupt

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Because Ward Wrote the fluff, they Don't Lose.

Unless the fought Ultramarines somehow, at which point they fall down on one knee and give praise to Rowboat Girlyman, ritualistically paint their armour blue and return to Ultramarr for bumsex.

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He's refering to the fluff which had them being born/coming to wakefulness in the mdidle ages.

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He's referring to very old fluff that states "Nurgle was mae by the bubonic plague" and "Khorne was made from the crusades" and, fuck I don't know about Tzeentch, but we'll say he was made by Obama, why not?

Old fluff was dumb in this regard, but it could be explained away as;

- The warp doesn't work on the principals of linear time, the Chaos Gods, all of them, have always been and always will be. Even if in the materium there was a point where they were "born" this isn't strictly speaking in Warp Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Time, the exact point they came to exist.

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How much of the Orks technology is based on their inate knowledge of technology/WAAAGH! field and how much is just copying things they see and scavenging? If Orks spawn on a feudal planet will they be able to recreate Trukks just based on their mekboyz genetic knowledge or will they be reduced to fighting at the tech level of the natives?

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So, Slaanesh is also called the Prince of Lies. But Tzeentch is supposed to be the greatest schemer of the Chaos gods. Why isn't he called the Prince of Lies?

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> How much of the Orks technology is based on their inate knowledge of technology/WAAAGH! field and how much is just copying things they see and scavenging?
Who knows? It varies from clan to clan and Warboss to Warboss. Why build if you can loot, why loot if you can build it?
>If Orks spawn on a feudal planet will they be able to recreate Trukks just based on their mekboyz genetic knowledge or will they be reduced to fighting at the tech level of the natives?
Depends. Some Orks do "go native" and use/tame boars and such instead of bikes, or grow Squiggoths instead of trukks. That's not to say they don't know HOW to build the more advanced stuff innately, because they do, they just choose not to or simply can't due to the resources at their disposal.

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> So, Slaanesh is also called the Prince of Lies.
He/She is?
First I've heard of it.

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If a man used his Lasgun as a grenade by overloading the powercell, would he be blammed for losing his lasgun?

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Orks have a basic understanding of most tech used by themselves and a massive capacity to learn how to replicate the effects if not the mechanisms that make them work.

Basically the waagh field will make things work better, guns will shoot dakka endlessly without jamming or exploding on them, trukks will run more consistently and go faster if they are painted red and the boyz will be tougher and luckier thanks to it.

It won't make a gun with no ammo shoot because an ork thinks it should or make a trukk without an engine or fuel drive.

Most of their things shouldn't work based on how many races understand technology so they work based on brute forcing things more than anything else.

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Or they're Snakebites, who use squggoths instead of trukks anyway.
Kinda cool mental picture. Tens of thousands of Orks riding thousands of squiggoths and all the nobz and warbosses riding the really big ones.

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Depending on your regiment and commissar maybe

With a group like gaunt or Cain they would reward them for quick thinking and possibly wiping out a big threat

If you were under a by the book commissar like many unnamed commissars are supposed to be then yeah you wouldn't have the time to finish saluting before getting your head ventilated

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>It won't make a gun with no ammo shoot because an ork thinks it should or make a trukk without an engine or fuel drive.


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>Or they're Snakebites, who use squggoths instead of trukks anyway.
That's the ones I was thinking of. Honestly, it seems a pretty logical thing to do. I mean they can literally GROW a Squiggoth, just like any Squiggly Beast. So it makes more sense for the Orks to use hordes of them rather than All Mad Max All The Time.

>Kinda cool mental picture. Tens of thousands of Orks riding thousands of squiggoths and all the nobz and warbosses riding the really big ones.
I'm still holding out hopes for a plastic squiggoth kit for just this reason. Forgeworld prices for resin that dies on a hot day can fuck off.

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So, what's life like for the average imperial hive citizen? Do they go to work long, hard hours in a manufactorum before stumbling back to their tiny, damp hab-block and reheat a meal of soylens viridians in the microwave, or is that too hi-tech for them?

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Is all of the Orks perceptions on how things should work innate like the Mekboyz knowledge or based on observation of things working and figuring what the Mekboyz make can surely do the same?

So an Ork WAAAGH! who haven't seen a gun would or would not make what the Mekboyz clobber together shoot through the power of clap your hands if you believe?

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Yes, it's exactly that. Though, whether or not they have a microwave or similar device as opposed to a simple promethium burning stove depends on the hive world in question.

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It's probably a little from column A and a little from column B.

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For a hive citizen? Probably not. Although they probably won't have meltaovens.
Probably have to make do with a prometheum burner, or if they're unlucky, going to the local Thermopolium.

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What do they do for fun? Let's say it's an advanced hive world, like, Vervunhive/Verghast. What sort of stuff do they get at movie theaters? What sort of books do they read? Would we find something like D&D being played?

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Ork tech is not magic.
A mek who builds a shoota has made a working firearm. An unwieldy, unreliable, and prone to malfunction one... but it works. Most of the time... if you don't care much about hitting what you want.

Quite often feral ork meks make primitive blunderbusses.

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They took the Pariah away.

>> No.20190889

>What do they do for fun?
For what now...?
If they're lucky the monotony of their existence may be brightened by prayer to the Emperor once a week.
Failing that, Drugs. Lots of drugs. Which have the unfortunate side effect of killing them.

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Humans evolved a special relationship with the Warp, hence their emotions and energies are dominant.

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It's dependent on the writer, some sources have the physic field make their tech work a little better than they should, and some have it make it work when it should be physically impossible.

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Good, their not monotonous anymore. And the C'tan have been reduced to buttslaves slaves.

>> No.20190906

Sorry, I should have said "communal prayer" as in "going to church".

Any Imperial citizen not praying to the Emperor on a daily basis is probably a heretic.

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Orks can copy almost anything but they will rarely know how to make things like guns from scratch.
Feral orks are like cavemen. They use clubs, ride squigs and use bows or the occasional blunderbuss if any ranged weapons.

Once they get to the average ork level though the meks will understand how to make a trukk, gun or other weapons because they have access to parts required

For the average hive citizen life is like living in chinas cities with 50 times more population density.

They are massive but their populations are too, you might have a small Hab that has a room for a bed, a toilet and a small living / kitchen area.

The tech level is comparable to today with things like toasters, stoves maybe a computer / phone that they know how to use to call people and get the news on.

The higher in hive society the more space you have so nobles have mansions at the top of the spires while for the lower classes the same amount of space will have a hundred or more families

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Most likely what they get at the throneodeon would be a combination of newsreels, suitably edited. Mystery plays, suitably chosen. And musical performances, suitably augmented.

Books, well, there are penthrift dreadfuls mentioned.

>> No.20190917

Didn't Gabriel Angelos have a family?

>> No.20190923


He was responsible for their deaths and the demise of his home world.

>> No.20190927

Movie theatres, plays, tv shows, music, bars, strip joints.
The same sort of thing we do now, there are a few references to entertainment on slates or computers that could be games but it isn't very well fleshed out.

Funnily enough there is no reference to more traditional games other than regicide and tarot which are chess / poker analogues

There was one of the gun heads novels which mentions them playing heretic which is assumed to be somewhat like the card game bastard but it is never mentioned outside that book that one time

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Apparently. It is important to note that family isn't just wife and children or whatever. There's nephews, cousins, etc.

>> No.20190932

Or, y'know, PARENTS.

He wasn't born in power armour.

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I always took it that the WAAAGH could make up for a couple of things, like the lack of a power field but could make up for EVERYTHING. No ork is gonna think since he should have an axe, he therefore has one and can kill anybody with it, and therefore runs around killing people with an imaginary axe. Basically you have to convince the orks who power the WAAAGH field that it should work. The ork above would just be laughed at by his fellows. Therefore FAIL. But if a mekboy can convince other boys that this weapon can work, probabably because he has made them before fo rhte others, then it will work. But on a feudal world, where no guns exist, convincing an idiot that you can make one, would be pretty hard, and therefore you would end up being outcast like weirdboys and ignored, never haveing your inventions work since you don't have real parts and/or you can't get the boys to believe you.

>> No.20190949

Of course, if just a few other boyz DID start believing that the imaginary axe worked - (DIS ERE IS A GIFT FRUM GORK UND MORK!!! KROOSADE TIEM!!!) - then there's no reason to assume it wouldn't.

It'd take a while to get the ball rolling, sure, but if enough Boyz believed it, I'm not sure why it wouldn't work, theoretically.

>> No.20190951

Or did he?

Anyways, how old was Angelos when he purged Cycrene.

200? 300? Do normal humans live that long?

>> No.20190963

Some of them do, yes. Though admittedly they tend to be filthy rich or else in the employ of the Inquisition. Eisenhorn is at least 300.

>> No.20190968

That is how most writers treat it

How he could convince them an imaginary axe lets him chop gits enough that the boyz believed in it enough for it to work like that is just incomprehensible to me

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Normal humans don't
The average age of people in the imperium stretches from 80-100 due to planetary differences

With augmetics and Juvenat treatments people can live much longer, in the Eisenhorn novels his scribe who was a savant had served his master and his masters master before being left to him. By this point he is approaching 500 odd years by description but this is thanks to him being very much modified.

Nobles might get to 300-400 with a lot of replacement and money spent on average

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>How he could convince them an imaginary axe lets him chop gits enough

"Coz ee's bigger n 'arder" that's usually how it works.
A large enough Ork or Nob could easily intimidate enough boyz into thinking he's right. I'm not saying it's likely or commonpace, but it's at least possible.

Thraka is brain damaged but many Orks think he's the Prophet of Gork and Mork, for instance.

>> No.20191004

How does rejuvenat work?

>> No.20191013

Very well thank you.

Sorry, I mean "that secret is lost to the Dark Age of Technology and only the techpriests fully understand it."

In other words, "Magic".

>> No.20191018

Well yeah, but he doesn't gain his power from being thought a prophet, his power makes him be thought a prophet.

I mean, yes, due to the nature of him being half-weirdboy, his power is strengthened by the masses of orks following him, but if another warboss claimed to be a prophet and had an army following him, he would not be a prophet of the Waaagh.

>> No.20191021

Yeah, I was trying to ask if that was the case.

Also, does that mean that the Orks during the C'tan/Old Ones war would have been using technology more mimicking the Elders and Necrons and it now more ressembles human tech because they're the most widespread and would have been the main point of observation for most Orks?
Orks fighting with Trukks and shootas when they would have been the only race with anything like a combustion engine or ballistics would have been odd.

>> No.20191040

Ah they have reason to believe he is though
Thraka fights and wins, he says he is the prophet of gork and mork and will lead them all to the WAAAAAGH to end all WAAAGH, to the orks this is true because he finds the best fights and he wins almost constantly.

This supposed nob only has that he is bigger than them to back him up, he has no ability to chop gits up without an axe and so he cannot make them believe he can so when he tries to make it happen the one who is carrying an axe krumps him and is the new boss

>> No.20191042

How old are the Farsight, Aun'Va, and Shadowsun?

We know the tau live for like 40 Years and yet these guys are long lived and appear everywhere in tau fluff

>> No.20191046


Apparently most hive citizens lead pretty miserable lives, not torturous lives but in general they seem to be overworked, ignorant proles that live dull, relatively short lives often never even seeing other parts of the hive.

>> No.20191047

Presumably biomedical nanites are injected that extend the Telomeres using the body's DNA.

>> No.20191065

My friends and I had a running joke about an Ork asylum.

I guess it would be easy to be a prophet, convince enough until you have enough physic backing to make a small demonstration, then it would cascade from their.

>> No.20191079

That's a lot of asusmptions there.

Still, I wasn't saying the boyz who follow him MAKE HIM a Prophet, I'm saying he's big as a fucking trukk, so you'd be daft to question him - even if half his brain has been replaced with Bioniks and his "visions" only started after being fitted for a new brain pan.

Again, not saying it's commonplace, likely, or even probable, but the Ork with an Axe of Pure Waaagh is at least Possible.

>> No.20191082

Farsight is thought to maybe be a dread pirate Roberts deal where he isn't a man but a legacy.

Shadowsun I am not sure about because it has been messed with sometimes.

Aun'Va is around the age of "supposed to be long dead" but he has plot enhanced lifespan which may apply to all three

>> No.20191090

There are references to a lot of different games in the Gaunt's ghost series, such as cockfighting and games in the casino.

>> No.20191097

>This supposed nob only has that he is bigger than them to back him up, he has no ability to chop gits up without an axe

He could just hit fucker so hard that arms tear off, and then say "I DID THAT WIV MY AXE!!!" until other Orks agree with him.

Again, I'm not saying it's probable, or likely, or commonplace, but it's possible.

>> No.20191099

It is possible but it would take an ork like ghaz to pull it off because he is already so far beyond normal orks already.

And by the time they get to that power they don't need it because they have armour etc.

A weirdboy might be able to do it by focussing his WAAAGH power without having the boyz believe in it but that's another whole scenario

>> No.20191119

Taht would be a fair assumption. It might be also that they moved over to human tech, because it is so much louder on average. It's easier to get boys to believe something when it is so loud. Maybe a couple of the Mekboys can still make Old Ones tech, but they can't convince any of the boyz that it should work reliably and therefore you get things like the shokk attack gun, that only kinda work.

The nob could convince them to SAY that he has an imaginary magical axe, but not believe it. Therefore FAIL. Remember that the average ork, is a moron that needs to be shown, or told things many times, in very simple ways to understand anything. Convincing them that you are not a laughing stock waving around his empty hand, is going to be VERY difficult. No nob worth his salt is gonna try it. Nobs stay in charge, because the boys think they should be in charge. No weirdboys end up in charge, because no boy likes to follow a crazy around.

>> No.20191126

Assumptions based on how Ghazzy was created. His brain damage awakened psychic powers. He's got weirdboy tendencies, and the Waaagh channels through him.

>> No.20191149

Do Orks sound like they're speaking in terrifying growls and screams to the common citizen or like 'we da biggest and da strongest'? This seems to be constantly contradicted and much harder to pin on all sources being in-universe propaganda than most things.

>> No.20191154

>It is possible but it would take an ork like ghaz to pull it off

Why? All the Ork would need is enough other Boyz to believe he was right. Or to force others in his warband to say he's right, else he'll kill you.

And what's to say his axe of pure waagh wouldn't get better? "IT'S A POWER AXE NOW YA GITZ!!!"

>> No.20191161

Not all orks are weirdboyz.

>> No.20191165

No, just assumptions still.

That's one interpretation. The other interpretation is just that the fucker is brain damaged, BELIEVES he's the herald of Gork and Mork and is also a very competant warboss. Thus, others believe him and thus he gains more than avaerage power.

Neither interpretation is right.

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File: 826 KB, 902x1298, Ghazghkull 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We'll that's a matter of fluff changing over time.

Originally he did have psychic powers.

>> No.20191196

Yes and originally the Ultras had a Half Eldar Librarian, plus the Sensei/Illuminati, plus the incredible disappearing reappiring squats, the Zoats, etc etc etc.

What's your point?

Shit changes.

>> No.20191212

Thats still not proper belief in the fact.
For an ork to make something work they need to see it as the truth. Red ones go fasta, green is best, purple is sneaky that's all things the orks inherently believe.

Same as ghaz being the prophet of the waagh the orks don't question it at all it is true

>> No.20191218

Just from the name, wouldn't heretic be like liar's dice? Or was it expressed that cards were used?

>> No.20191227

>For an ork to make something work they need to see it as the truth.
"Truth" is subjective. "Truth" can be enforced through coercion and indoctrination - or through threats of violence.

>> No.20191236

>purple is sneaky
Isn't this something /tg/ made up? Never seen it in a codex.

>> No.20191242

The point is that you have to go on what has past to make decisions of the now, even if the past is mutable as is the case for fiction. Therefore, Ghazzy got his start because he was a nob that had half his head blown off and it awoke a weirdboy power. Now, not wanting to be a drugged up loser sitting on the outskirts of a ork warband, he decided to explain it as being the "Prophet of Gork and Mork". That is an explaniton that a boy can get behind. Sure, weirdboy also makes sense, but since he is a nob and nobs don't just become weirdboys overnight, the whole prophet mess makes as much sense. You get a weirdboy warboss hybrid mess that is Ghazzy.

But average nob, not gonna have that going for him. In the case of hitting people so hard, the boys are just going to say "Whatever you say boss" and just keep believing what they saw, that the boss hit someone so hard with his HAND that his limbs came off. Don't want to piss him off, so says what he wants you to say and be quiet. Doesn't mean they believe it. You need to get a good batch behind it first, then PROVE it to the next batch, then it might catch on. Too much work, just get a real axe and start smacking, and maybe it will become magic if you smack enough people with it.

>> No.20191250

What's the Tau End Game?

>> No.20191251

And there's been half eldar mentioned as a possibility in a book from 2008.
There's the Thorian faction of the Inquisition.
As you meantion the Squats.
And of course, Hive Fleet Colossus.

You were claiming I was making an assumption that he would still have psychic powers.
Which, given he can gather far greater Waaagh! energy than other warbosses, at least seems possible.

And it's still far, far more likely than "ork weapons are powered by pixie dust".

>> No.20191260

The point is that you have to go on what has past to make decisions of the now, even if the past is mutable as is the case for fiction.
So, you admit the past is mutable, even though...
>and it awoke a weirdboy power.
Isn't in the new codex?

So, you're pretty much saying your plastic canon is more "true" than the actual mutable history as presented in the most current codex.

Pretty egotistical of you, but whatever.

MY only point is that Axe of Pure Waaaagh is Possible, if not likely.

>> No.20191272

>Which, given he can gather far greater Waaagh! energy than other warbosses, at least seems possible.
Certainly possible. Never sid otherwise. In fact I said noth interpretations were equally valid, nigger.
>And it's still far, far more likely than "ork weapons are powered by pixie dust".
But that's not what I'm saying. The Waaaagh field is a proven concept in the fluff. I'm saying it's possible, but not likely, for it to manifest as a non physical weapon if enough orks believe it so. Only possible.

>> No.20191297

No, those example all work, BECAUSE they got a bunch of boyz believing it first. Now it's almost a universal truth to the Orks, like that we are the only intelligent life in the universe. Sure some may believe in aliens, some may even try to get others behind it, but nothing been proven yet, so most of humanity still believes in humanity being the center of the universe. Orks KNOW red ones go faster, and therefore they do, and therefore the next batch of orks sees it and can't dispute it. It's like a self perpetuating meme. Ork magic nuts with his invisible axe... not so much. IF you get your boys to BELIEVE it as much as they KNOW that red ones go faster and you can then get the next batch to believe it and so on, then you get the invisible axe of magicness. Thing is, no Warboss would know this enough to try it. They would just get a good axe, start smashing with it and if the boys saw how good it was, maybe they would start suggesting it's magical and think they should get one just like his and such. Then maybe the axes start acting like they have power fields. But it would be a tricky thing easily disbelieved until it got some real traction.

>> No.20191322

Ah, I see your point.
Yes it's possible for an ork to channel the waaagh! through their brain and generate a weapon. It just won't be a shoota or choppa.
It will be a bolt of lightning, a beam of evil energy, or a giant green foot. And the orks who generate these are weirdboyz.

>> No.20191343

>Thing is, no Warboss would know this enough to try it.

This is a fair point. I should state, quite categorically that I imagine the boss convinced he has an invisble magic axe is plainly batshit loopy.

But it's still possible due to the waaagh field that other orks would begin to believe in his delusion.

>> No.20191347

Considering they can make the foot of Gork or Mork stomp on their enemies, an imaginary axe seems tame in comparison.

>> No.20191355

>And the orks who generate these are weirdboyz.
Usually and most commonplace, sure. I agree.

I'm just saying invsible axe git is POSSIBLE. I don't know how often I have to reiterate this.

Not that it's likely, or commonplace or even a good idea, but it is, strictly speaking, possible.

>> No.20191373

I remember it being part of the kommando's bit from some fluff about how they use random colours but are still sneaky.

There is a difference between wholeheartedly believing it and being coerced into believing it.

Orks while stupid are very clear about things like what they see and believe.

If they see a nob punch someone and then yell it was their invisible axe they will say he's gone weird.

If the nob turns around and cuts them with said axe they will say there is an axe.

Without being able to prove he has the axe he won't get the belief to make the axe real.

WAAAGH isn't pure magic and it isn't something you can make an ork believe in easily or the imperium would have made them believe the emperor is the size of a planet and ate the eye of terror in order to make it happen.

>> No.20191378

An invisible axe git would be a weirdboy.

A weirdboy is an ork who channels Waaagh! energy through themselves to achieve an effect.
An invisible Waaagh! axe would be an effect of Waaagh! energy.

>> No.20191381

The giant green foot is proof that it doesn't have to be chaotic burst of physic energy, but can manifest as something.

I can't see it actually happening though because it wouldn't be any easier than having a shard of metal and making it choppier through Orky ego.

>> No.20191419

Doesn't it have an effect around the Orkz anyway? They don't need a wierdboy present to make the red ones go faster or a gun without a firing mechanism shoot. I know that's not really comparable with a physical manifestation of WAAAGH! energy but still.

>> No.20191420

>There is a difference between wholeheartedly believing it and being coerced into believing it.

The effect of guns working when they shouldn't is also an eefct of the Waaagh field. The invisible axe is somewhere between wierd boy and the standard usually imperceptable version that affects all Ork technology. Seriously, this is like the basic premise of the argument. Why didn't you read the thread?

>I can't see it actually happening though
Fair enough. I never said it was likely, or commonplace, or whatever. Only that it's theoretically possible.

>> No.20191425


You guys don't seem to understand though, weirdboys CAN stomp with foots of Gork. They CAN blast with bolts of lightning. This one isn't even WAAAGH generated, though they get the power from the boys, the ability is inborn and innate. Programmed by the Old Ones. They have Psykers and while they are pretty pathetic without boys around them, they don't need them to be weirdboys. They just get the really awesome powers by being around them. In the case of Foot of Gork, it is the foot of Gork because that is how the weirdboy envisions the release of power that he already has. In the case of psychic phenomina, it's the psyker that determines the result, not the boys. In magic nuts Warboss's case it's the other way around. The boys determine if he has the power, not him.

THAT is the key difference that you don't seem to understand.

>> No.20191445

Gullible people are religious because there is no proof to it.

Orks have religion that you can see. They see gork and mork as the biggest orks ever who were good at being kunnin and krumpin stuff.

No magic weapons, no invisible waagh axe just good at hitting things and being smartish.

It is theoretically possible just like everything else in 40k is theoretically possible from female space marines to the emperor finishing his 20,000 year long shit and getting up to fix the galaxy

They are all as likely as each other

>> No.20191465

>Wierdboy powers aren't waaagh generated
You have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

Wierdboyz are conduits of the waagh, they are channels of waagh energy.

>> No.20191466

Yes, but what I'm saying is the invisible waaagh! axe goes beyond regular orkish "massaging" of technology (which still needs a firing mechanism. Ork weapons work. They just don't work well without an ork behind them), and into full blown witchery.

There's a reason why madboyz are mad and not weird. Just because you believe something, doesn't make it true, even if all your mates agree with you.

>> No.20191476

>It is theoretically possible
Jesus christ, finally. That's all I was ever saying.

>female space marines
Geneseed doesn't work on females. That's canon.

>> No.20191497

>Just because you believe something, doesn't make it true, even if all your mates agree with you.

Enough of them believe that Red makes it go faster so it does, is EXACTLY THE SAME SHIT.

>> No.20191499

Where? And there have been canon female space marines in the old books even though GW has tried to erase all mention of it.

The thing is they are as likely to happen as your invisible axe scenario according to current fluff.

>> No.20191513

They weren't. In some old old fluff they were, but currently:

Nurgle was born when the first creatures stepped out of their caves, looked up to the stars, and were afraid, so buried their heads in the sand and went back in rather than face the universe, such as he is the essence of stagnation

Not sure about Tzeentch.

Gork and Mork were, naturally, the Orkz

Khorne I believe was humans, since we're so good at shitmurdering each other constantly. The Orkz made Gork and Mork instead for some reason unexplained.

And everyone knows our favourite Chaos God.

>> No.20191519

>The thing is they are as likely to happen as your invisible axe scenario according to current fluff.

They really aren't even remotely, and you know it.

>> No.20191531

But it doesn't.
WAAAGH doesn't make things on the scale occur. It does small things unless directed by a weirdboy into the powers they can control.

It's like saying SoB should be able to make faith weapons out of nothing in the exact same way.

>> No.20191536

I have one. if an imperial guard ship arrived late to a planet , couldn't it just go back into the warp and then come back into realspace, and repeat until he came to the correct time?

>> No.20191538

Then why the fuck are there madboyz?

>> No.20191542

There's at least one report of a techpriest taking apart a shoota to find there was no way it should have worked. The fluff isn't consistent on the extent of this or anything else.

>> No.20191552

Space Marines have genetically engineered organs implanted in them.

That means, that if they CAN have kids, the kids will be normal.

It also has the funny side effect that the Tyranids can't properly integrate Space Marine genes in their body, because a Space Marine isn't really a genetic engineered superwarrior.

It's really just a human with like 20 different symbiotic genetic engineered organs in it.

>> No.20191570

Madboyz is a word for "the mentally ill".
Presumably if you're 'ard enough, people won't dare call you mad.
Yes, it does, learn your fucking fluff. Red things go faster because Orks believe it to be so. This is the same shit, albeit - and I freely admit this - it's not likely or commonplace, just POSSIBLE.

>> No.20191581

Well of course it wouldn't work. There's no machine spirit, no sanctified oil. No blessings to the Omissiah.
How's a gun meant to work without that?

>> No.20191598

What proof do you have that Red vehicles only go faster because the Orks believe it?

We know the Orks believe red things go faster.
We know red things go faster.

Is it not possible that the Orks belive red things go faster... because red things go faster?

>> No.20191601

Actually the fluff he's referring to was quite specific in that there was no firing pin, amongst many other essential mechanical compoenets. IIRC the bullets were the wrong calibre by about half an inch.

>> No.20191603

That is it shouldn't have worked according to the techpriests understanding
Just like tau weaponry and eldar weaponry shouldn't work properly to the admech's understanding. Jokaero digi weapons shouldn't work according to the admech's understanding either.

The fact is there is a lot the AdMech doesn't understand because they know only a very limited selection of the science they revere

>> No.20191604


Note: An exception to this general rule of Ork tech is Forcefields and Teleporters.

They're better than anyone except the Necrons at those two things.

>> No.20191607

>What proof do you have that Red vehicles only go faster because the Orks believe it?
A basic understanding of the fluff. It kinda helps.

>> No.20191609

Everyone keeps making this mistake. It's not that the red ones go faster, it's that the faster ones are always painted red. The mekboyz that work on them and make them better almost always get an urge when their work is completed to paint it red. Hence, the myth spread by orks that the red ones go faster.

>> No.20191612

See here >>20191601

>> No.20191622

How about you learn your shit from somewhere other than lexicanum or tg? Both places are terrible because they are fan interpretations and far from the canon.

The fluff as it stands from everything currently GW endorsed says what I am saying. The whole "oh an ork could make people think he has a magical axe and it works" just doesn't fly at all because it is impossible

>> No.20191623

> It's not that the red ones go faster, it's that the faster ones are always painted red.
No, red paint actually makes it faster. It's been this way since the first inception of Orks and is still so. Stop talking shit.

>> No.20191633

I give you a solid 3/10. But seriously, stop.

>> No.20191637
File: 173 KB, 334x612, Pixie Dust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, the Genator-Major doesn't ever specify what makes the weapons "impossible".

>> No.20191643

Except that isn't it.
It works when feral orks paint their squigs red with blood and there is nothing they can influence to make them faster.

For orks the universal truth is red ones go faster therefore the waagh field makes them go faster. There is no they tinker more on it, there is no better maintenance it is simpy red = faster than anything else

>> No.20191655

It says in the fluff that time travel can happen when the warp acts particularly crazy, such as a ship appearing from the warp whilst it's still under construction.

How does 40k handle time paradoxes?

>> No.20191661

>Where? And there have been canon female space marines in the old books even though GW has tried to erase all mention of it.

Everywhere that details the creation of a Space Marine says that the geneseed won't work on females. Female Marines were never in any of the past books. I know, I read them all.

>> No.20191664

By sidestepping them

In one example it changes nothing because they already had arrived and hadn't changed things with foreknowledge and in another an ork warboss went back in time and killed himself for another copy of his favourite shoota

>> No.20191669

Ere we go, page 74, Red Wunz Go Faster mentions that it's unknown if they actually are faster, or if it's just because Meks manage to squeeze extra milage out of it, by risking it falling apart.

>> No.20191690

Uh, got a source for that? Because it's not in any Boarboy write up I can find.

And anyway, they do augment their boars with cybernetic parts to make them faster.

>> No.20191713

And you are a fucking rtard. The power BEHIND the weirdboy powers is the WAAAGH. For example, it isn't gasoline that powers your car, it's combustion. Gasoline is HOW you harness combustion. WAAAGH doesn't allow the weirdboy to use powers, its just what powers it. Understand yet you porcine headed bastard? A weird boy can use the WAAAGH becuase he is a psyker that the Old Ones attuned to the field generated by all Orks. Now he gets all his umph because of that field, but it doesn't make him a psyker. The psyker comes first, through Old Ones genetic engineering. Horse and carts fucktard. Get it right.

>> No.20191732

Feral orks can use the red ones go faster rule on boar boyz as stand in warbikes since they aren't at the tech level, it was in one of the old FAQS because it was bitched about back and forth.

It is also mentioned in fluff that the red ones go faster idea comes from them spreading the blood of their enemies on their mounts to make them go faster.

That is from the imperium's point of view

>> No.20191734

Unknown from an imperial perspective, sure. But known to anyone who's been aware or Ork fluff for more than a year or so. It's established dude, deal with it.

>> No.20191752

Right, as I said, he's a conduit of the waaagh. Without it he's powerless. He's not a traditional psyker at all.

>> No.20191784

>Reddit users and MLP Fans

>> No.20191802

Generic insult, he's being retarded. This shouldn't be a new concept.

>> No.20191805

As is the fluff about the ork weapons being impossible.

Genator-Major Anzion isn't even a magos, or a technical tech priest. Of course he's going to be biased in favour of a non-technical answer.

Also, do you know where/when the FAQ was published? It'd be useful to have anyways.

Established from an Imperial Point of view, you mean. Last I checked, Anzion wasn't a greenskin.

>> No.20191824

The MLP fan and Reddit user as still usually used as insults better.

If he were talking about the Tau and their "Harmony" bullshit I'd understand said choice.

>> No.20191835

I think it's just troll bait.

>> No.20191838

How can you be on this board when you are you obviously blind deaf and stupid. Psyker attuned to the WAAAGH. Even without a WAAAGH field, his is still a psyker. Still a hole in the soul to the warp. Old Ones just understood it so well they made a sort of refined warp, that the Orks call WAAAGH. Like refining gasoline from diesel. He just runs on gas, while most of the universe runs on diesel. He is still a combustion engine. Slight different makeup, different problems, head blowing up instead of demons eating him, that kind of thing. Still a psyker.

Jesus motherfucking jimminy crickett on a fucking pogo stick Christ you are dense. Please stop being so stupid you are endangering the noobs.

>> No.20191847

Look, I'm not agreeing with you because you're wrong. Why is that so hard to you?

A wierdboy isn't a traitional psyker, he's a conduit of the Waaagh. That's pretty much stated in his codex entry, and has been the case for years.

Stop being so buttmad.

>> No.20191848

No sadly. It was in one of the WD mags when the ork codex was still newish but I didn't collect them then.
I will try and find where it was though

>> No.20191859

> Even without a WAAAGH field, his is still a psyker.
No, he isn't. Because without the waaagh field he has nothing to channel. He's not a psyker, he just shapes the Waaagh energy.

>> No.20191875

Exaserbated do to stupidty is not "buttmad" merely annoyed that Einstein is again right about infinities. Look, you obviously have some definition problems, happens with a 3rd grade reading level, so I'll let this just go. You cannot understand logic and word definitions so it's pointless. Be happy, you won, so go swing your e-peen somewhere else and let us continue discussing with grown up words.

>> No.20191885

>Slinging random insults
>obviously furious
On the subject of definitions, you do understand what a conduit is, right?

>> No.20191894
File: 62 KB, 450x373, 1343204646594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You remove a psyker form influence of the Warp are they still a pysker? You remove all gas from a combustion engine, is it still a combustion engine?

Logic people, learn it, use it, love it.

>> No.20191896

>Exaserbated do to stupidty
>do to
You mean "due" I assume.
>happens with a 3rd grade reading level
Ironic much?

>> No.20191918

>You remove a psyker form influence of the Warp are they still a pysker?
Geneticaly, yes. But they have nothing to channel, thus no power. They cease being a psyker effectively.

But that's missing the point, because a wierdboy isn't a psyker in the tradtional sense.

A wierdboy isn't a psyker, he's a coduit of the waaagh, he shapes and channels that energy, but isn't a psyker because he can't interact with the warp.

The only thing you're arguing against when you say "yes they are!! HURRRR!!!" is Ork Canon, which says you are wrong.


>> No.20191933

Conduit, as in travel path, pipe or vessel? Yes, I understand just fine. Pyskers are conduits for energy, Warp Energy for most, but in the case of Orks, they had an alternate source programmed into their being by their makers. A biowarp energy field that generates as the orks fought. Damn useful for a geneticly engineered warrior race. Weirdboys are the only psykers capable of tapping this energy source, also useful in a warrior species that was fighting a race of creatures trying to limit or destroy access to the normal source of pysker power. Thereby giving the Old Ones a great weapon in their war against the Necrons.

Yes I understand. Do you yet? Have I given time for your brain to process?

>> No.20191943

I don't know why you're so mad dude.

A psyker interacts with the warp, a wierd boy interacts with the waaagh.

He's not a psyker any more than, how would you put it? No more a psyker than diesel engine is a petrol engine.

Have I explained it in a way you can rleate to now or do you need to calm down?

>> No.20191958

Ok so them having Gods that actually exist in the warp... that part isn't canon? Since when? They obviously affect the warp, and their powers can be countered by pyskers and they can counter psyker powers, correct? What am I missing? Where is it that they do not interact with the warp at all? I know the Weirdboys access the biowarp field of WAAAGH but they still influence the warp and act as psykers do in all the game mechanics, though with their own unique twists. Where are you getting your assurance that I am wrong? Can you cite it? I'll start working on my end.

>> No.20192031
File: 330 KB, 1020x659, Retardbait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is the first part, even went in and circle the obvious parts so your brain can comprehend it.

>> No.20192058
File: 45 KB, 444x219, retardpunch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this should be all you need, but I'll keep looking for more, since your slow.

>> No.20192113

Not that guy, but the Waaagh! is a physic field by it's own right, that's what that physic refers to, not the warp.

>> No.20192125
File: 56 KB, 247x432, retardkick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And in character just in case you derp out and claim crunch doesn't fit fluff. How would someone know they have a psychic aura, unless they interact with the warp and therefore can be detected by other psychics? Please answer that one for me. But you are slow so I'll give you time. Need to keep looking for more proof.

>> No.20192133

Managed to find the list itself (259), but not the FAQ unfortunately, however I'm missing a few pdfs from the 260s, so it could be in one of those. Thanks though.

And especially thanks for the argument, there's actually been some backing up with evidence, which is often hard to find with orky arguments. So it's been interesting.

Anyway, I need to hit the hay, have a good day and all that stuff.

>> No.20192143

Thanks, you too.
I like having people to actually talk about ork stuff with since my LGS is full of fucking space marines. The owner is a bro and runs orks though so we have fun trolling them all

>> No.20192156

Again, how does that say anything about their interaction with the warp?

>> No.20192162

Perhaps, but why call the advanced ones Warpheads then?

>> No.20192205
File: 57 KB, 589x380, 1342677827349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ok, done. Obvious troll now. Moving from "Are not psykers" to "What says psykers interact with warp?"

Be gone troll I have no further use for thee.

>> No.20192215

What would you have done to give the necrons a degree of individuality?

>> No.20192246

Is the whole Machine Spirit deal true, and if yes, does that mean the C'tan Void Dragon could basically lolNOPE all of earth's technology if it felt like it?

Exactly how are Psykers sacrificed to Emps?
As in, do they just shoot/stab them, or is there something more elaborate involved?

Would the physical return of the Emperor really save the Imperium, or just prolong its existence for a couple of millennia?

>> No.20192252

Still not that guy, but he claimed that they're not "a psyker in the tradtional sense" because their powers are manifestitions of the Waaagh!, not the Warp. Nothing you have posted has contradicted this, since the Waaagh! is constantly described as a gestalt /physic/ field while being distinct from the warp.

>> No.20192309

The machine spirits are mostly implied to be the Adeptus Mechanicus' way of keeping the knowledge of technology over the millienia. The 'rituals' to please them are maintenance, and when the machine spirit actually does anything (Landraiders fighting crewless IIRC) it's most likely a computer program.

>> No.20192322
File: 53 KB, 324x236, 1342415286085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, how are they detected as psykers then? Can pyskers access this complete separate field and detect them that way? Because otherwise, every way I've read to detect a psyker, required a psyker and them using their powers through the warp.

>> No.20192326

The machine spirit is technically true because golden age humans threw AI's into fucking everything, these AI's are basic enough to do their jobs but advanced enough to get pissy

Psykers are sacrificed to the emperor by being a part of the astropathic choir which is actually a way of saying your soul gets ripped out by focusing your powers to help the astronomican

The physical return of the emperor may well save the imperium because all the lost knowledge from the height of man could be recovered, the imperial cult and the AdMech would lose all power they have over the people because the emperor was a giant space atheist and he would bring things like STC's and tanks that are so big they cause baneblades to be considered a scout tank back into circulation.

He also may be able to finish his web way gate that the golden throne was supposed to be allowing human forces to use the web way instead of the warp for infinitely safer travel

>> No.20192343

The orks use the same mechanisms and controls as psykers but a different power source

It is all reality raping but one is done one way and the other is done another

>> No.20192404

Doesn't the Waaagh! itself have an imprint on the warp? Then I assume it would be easy to see where the Waaagh! is concentrating and going crazy.

>> No.20192431

It doesn't imprint in the warp iirc.
That's why they rely on the regular means to see where orks are headed.

Strangely enough the orks belief in their gods does imprint which leads to gork and mork being the uber sues of the warp because there are so many damn orks and they all think their gods are the best

>> No.20192476
File: 33 KB, 320x240, 1342065427416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Begone troll. If the rules of logic can't be used to prove you stupid then you win, now go away and swing your e-peen elsewhere.

Pyskers use the warp for their powers. Not electromagnetics, not superpowers from God, not homosexual thoughts driven into the mind of reality. They use the warp. They sense through the warp. If they sense you as a psyker then .... I'm guessing you use the warp in some way or fashion.

Maybe I'm stupid, but it sounds more likely to me that you are a troll. Go away.

>> No.20192477

Okay so, let me start with this.
I don't play Warhammer of any flavor. I haven't read any of the novels and my knowledge on the fluff is somewhere between "nonexistent" and "minimal."
After seeing CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED around here a few times I looked him up on 1d4chan. I've gleaned that he pretty much stealths anything onto the board using the Scouts special rule.
So, in generic terms, how exactly does that rule work? What does it do? Besides stealthing units in, that is. How does it do that?

>> No.20192509

I just stepped into this because I saw you sperging over it

Orks use waagh power everyone else uses warp. That's why orks just have head explosions instead of demonic possession

>> No.20192515

I thought the imprint of the Waaagh! was what (mostly) stopped daemons from fucking up the shit of Orkz travelling through the Warp otherwise unshielded.

>> No.20192524

Basically you can choose somewhere for a unit to pop out from instead of deploying with the rest of your army.

>> No.20192538

Neat. I assume there are some limitations on it so you don't just pop some guys out from behind your enemy's main force and pinch them?

>> No.20192553

Well it doesn't always work like that because daemons can still pop out of orks in the warp but it sort of pushes it back like a gellar field instead of imprinting it.

Imprinting unless I am misunderstanding whay you meant by it would be more the orks directly influence the warp itself instead of just making a sort of hole in it where it can't go

>> No.20192564
File: 46 KB, 418x604, 1329167856163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They use it for fuel, but they are still psykers, always have been. There fuel is different but the results are still the same. Read above for the stupidity I've been dealing with. Magic nuts Warbosses and definition impaired chimpanzees. It's all above in it's horrible glory. Enjoy.

>> No.20192584

They must be 12" away from any enemy unit and cannot charge on the turn they are revealed.

That's the rule off the top of my head anyway

>> No.20192592

That's what I meant, that the Waaagh! has a presence in the warp that would presumedly be detectable by a psyker.

>> No.20192616

That's what I said as well

I think I will pass though, it sounds as horrible as you imply

>> No.20192665

Is the Emperor a virgin

>> No.20192668

I have never seen anything about non orks being able to sense the WAAAGH in any way just that it is known of

And apparently my post is spam since this thing won't let me post the last five ways I wrote this

>> No.20192671

Nah that dude had thousands of children
They were called the Sensei and were unable to die of old age or some such.

>> No.20192685

My thanks, that already helped somewhat.

Okay so… are Psykers allowed to breed?

>> No.20192694

The FFG 40k RPGs say that they are chem gelded which means they feel no sexual attraction to anything but nothing in the official fluff supports this.

So I think it varies by planet/author/day of the week

Checking the 1d4 chan AdMech page has a better explanation of the whole machine spirit thing than I gave as well

>> No.20192710


as going for explaning that shit in RL terms

He most likely is smart enought to let his Units go way around and not march foreward like the rest... also maybe he tells his troops how to use cover and camunflage (and yes you can do that with tanks[WWII shwod us])

>> No.20192712

Who is Emperor? theory that humans created him sounds strange. yes if all shamans had sacrificed themselves to create god, they shoul'd have created Primarch-level being, but not freakin God in man's guise. so who he is ? amisary from future? last of Old Ones? Malal? (he was banished somewhere. why not material plane?)

>> No.20192718

Vaguely related: going to visit a Games Workshop in about an hour. What should I expect?

>> No.20192726
File: 1.19 MB, 1000x590, 4chan corndog banner gurl lel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can a spess mareen beat the 4chan corndog banner girl?

>> No.20192741

my 2 questions:
>who have more brutal training regime. Adeptus Astartes or Officio Assassins?
>If Marines are superior to humans in every way, how come that normal humans (like Eisenhorn, Cain, Gaunt, other charecters, commissars mostly) can defeat them? in close combat no less.

>> No.20192746

There were a lot of shamans and they all committed ritual suicide at once lending all their power to one man.

Over the millennia he grew in power and knowledge until he became immensely powerful and then with the belief of billions he became a god,

He tried to stamp out this belief though because he saw it as the only way for humans to survive so the belief in him as a god only really flourished after he was on the golden throne and technically dead

>> No.20192755


Superior skills can beat superiority.

>> No.20192756

Are there followers of Chaos who still believe in what they fought for during the Horus Heresy or would they all have been corrupted into gibbering avatars of rage?

>> No.20192770

Probably the marines in general but that is because once you go from aspirant to neophyte or recruit the training goes from hell mode to hell mode ^ 100000000000000000 the officio is just hell mode ^ 10

Regular humans can beat them through a variety of means but the most popular is plot armour.

In other cases it can be overconfidence, surprise, good use of knowledge and skills or even just plain luck.

>> No.20192785

Quite a few still follow their original beliefs from the heresy but many have forgotten them due to millennia of warp contamination or endless warp drug use, there are the rare case of new marines being made by the chaos legions and warbands like the iron warriors with the daemonculaba and the chaos gods basically turning some of their followers into marines through chaos dickery.

The ones most likely to have lost their way are the ones like berserkers of Khorne, noise marines or champions of Nurgle since they exemplify their gods.

>> No.20192810

Not as much of a question, but more of a blatant request:

Does anyone have some official art of Imperial Guardswomen, or at least halfway-decent fan-art? Pinup-ish stuff is not what I'm looking for, but that's all I've been able to find.

>> No.20192866


Tenshi could probably wipe out entire armies by herself.

>> No.20192885
File: 221 KB, 966x870, 1335375025154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why did the emperor wait 30,000 years before finally deciding to take the reigns of mankind? I mean did the previous centuries not show hum how insane humans are and how prone to self destruction?

Or did he try a few times but fail in the previous attempts?

>> No.20192907

He guided humanity from the shadows for the 30,000 years until he felt he needed to reveal himself and take control.

He tried leading people to do things but they never worked out so he put things in motion for him to rise up and rule all humanity for their own good.

>> No.20192944

Well yes , I know thats what he did, it was more the reason he did it that way I was wondering. Was he not really into political leadership?

>> No.20192955

funny that. Assassin can kill Marine like any other target. I'd say Officio is way more brutal in training. Marines operate in squads with full army support provided by Imperial Guard or something. Assassins operate alone, with no support whatsoever

>> No.20192963

He did it because people would have noticed if the same dude ran everything all the time and they weren't ready for the truth that a gigantic superman who lived forever should lead them mainly.

He also kept on the move a fair bit so he couldn't really be stuck governing one area when he had plots on the go everywhere else

>> No.20192972

That doesn't make their training any harder.

Marines train for about 18-20 hours a day, officio operatives need to sleep and rest more than marines

And one beating the other is reliant upon the situation

>> No.20192989

The emps mind is made up of over 1000 shamans they obviously thought it through and said this is a good idea.

And to be fair humans did a pretty good job till we failed.

>> No.20192992
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Was emperor Toyosatomimi no Miko?

>> No.20192993

>1. Do Inquisitors have some sort of 'Formal' training?
>2Blood Games. do they do it till death like real thing?

>> No.20193005

Inquisitors tend to pick up people they find promising. They become acolytes. Acolytes have to prove their worth to eventually become an Inquisitor.

>> No.20193018

yeah, but Eisenhorn mentioned something about his days in Inquisition school.

>> No.20193023

Inquisitors get formal training in various fields but there isn't really a formalized inquisitor course.

Inquisitors are recruited as acolytes of which the survivors and more capable ones rise in the ranks.

Then the ones who show true promise get promoted to interrogator and they continue working under their inquisitor until they feel the interrogator has earned their position and they then are put forward for full inquisitor status.

The blood games I am not sure about but most references in 40k to blood games is to the death, but these are always either alien arenas like the dark eldars or imperial worlds using exotic creatures and humans / captured aliens for blood sport.

>> No.20193054

you got me wrong. I mean The Blood Games. do these are actually going till someone dies?

>> No.20193057

That's when he mentions hanging with Edor while training under their master right?
I think that was actually interrogator training that they underwent in that reference since most the time they don't get much specific inquisition training prior to that point as inquisitorial stormtroopers are trained from childhood at the schola progenium and the rest of their agents are recruited for specific skill sets like scum, rogue traders, psykers, savants and the like

>> No.20193085

Ah no despite the name the blood games don't end in death.
There is a HH short story which explains it where basically once you are caught and disarmed / restrained you are considered dead. The target changes but often it is something like "kill the leader of the custodes"

>> No.20193117

how much danger beings like Ahriman, Lucius, Kharn pose to Imperium? are they as dangerous as Apex Twins?

>> No.20193155

They are largish threats but not really that huge.
Abbadon is probably the biggest single person threat the imperium has currently because he somehow keeps convincing the chaos forces to launch black crusades but otherwise they are mostly too absorbed in their own pursuits to be that huge a threat.

Having said that Kharn's pursuit is killing everyone,
Lucius's is raping then killing everyone and Ahriman's is finding the knowledge to kill everyone. They just are taking their time about it

>> No.20193181

1. Space marine DNA is probably normal human, but they probably don't have special not shooting blanks after a centry or less.

2. Ork Gun tech works better than it should in orky hands. This might be a wauugh! effect but it could just be orky have fancy safeties that nobody else understands, and that jam the fuck out of a gun when triggered.

Wierdboys are psykers. They just channel the powers of the orky gods and orks, and so when they over draw, generally their head explodes instead of summoning a daemon and what non, because orks don't need daemons.

3. Imperials need more time for the emprah and imperial mankind to function as a pure warp power source, so when a imperial psyker perils, they don't run the risk of summoning a chaos daemon, but maybe just explode in radiance, and summon a living saint or something.

Do eldar and nids do perils of the warp? If so, what can happen if they fail. Do the rpgs cover this (I know that wierdboyz PP into perils of the waugh instead of warp)

>> No.20193197

I think eldar can peril but I am not sure about in TT in the RPG's anyone can peril but certain things give you a reroll

Nids I don't think can peril but thats because they sort of pull an ork and don't directly use the warp as power.

That's part of their whole shadow in the warp bit though

>> No.20193282

I always though that Elder's peril of the warp was emotions. if they get too Emotional Slaanesh eats their souls.because every elder is some sort of spyker, each have this danger (even when they have sex)

>> No.20193341

Well perils of the warp is actually them losing control of their powers and the warp opening up to say hi.

So they can cause it by losing control of their emotions but they can also do it by pushing themselves too far with their powers.

That is why the craftworld eldar use soulstones and the path system because it protects them from slaanesh upon death and it keeps their emotions in check with training and ritual.

The eldar psykers do use a lot of foci that enable them to draw on more of the energy of the warp and protect them from it though

>> No.20193355

And yeah ever eldar is a psyker unlike humans but they are also much controlled than the average human psyker who is like a force of nature for how they manipulate their powers

>> No.20193401

Eldar I believe do suffer from perils the warp, but their entire race is psychic. So they know how to protect themselves, and that's generally to not have strong emotions.

Tyranids dont have perils the warp, they get their psychic mojo from The Hivemind.

The Emperor created AdMech, he's the omnnisah and they'd still have their power. This is due to the fact when age of strife hit, AdMech was still sending out ships and had a vast empire before Da Big E decided to step out the shadows.

Imperial Cult could lose power, then again it's become so ingrained. Da Big E would probably have to accept that he can't force his atheistic views on people.

Only thing that would really change, is that majority of what was lost during the Horus Heresy & beyond would return.

>> No.20193420

I think he would work to get rid of most of the religion from the AdMech because while they existed they were scientists and critical thinkers not a bunch of priests.

The Ecclesiarchy would be a tough one, I think he would agree with the Promethean creed which shows him more how he wanted to be seen so he might try and make that the dominant creed once he saw that outright elimination would not work

>> No.20193570

So Eisenhorn memotized Malus Codicum by the end. why he only uses Daemon summoning/binding/banishing rituals? he only used Thrall and Warp Explosion rituals 1 time. if he used them more often, he could be Powerful indeed (even without them, he is still powerful spyker and master swordsman though)

>> No.20193584

He doesn't use them because he sees it as being a line he won't step over.

Quite a large part of the book is him trying to deal with the problems faced by him not wanting to betray his principles but sacrificing them and himself to protect those close to him and perform his job.

The powers he is shown using are the ones he probably saw as reasonable cost for reasonable reward.

>> No.20195385

What side is Alpha Legion actually on?

>> No.20197041


>> No.20197158

What happens if Kroot or Tyranid eats the Emperor?

>> No.20197485

What are the three biggest threatening factions to the 40k galaxy?

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