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ITT: Imperial Guard being awesome.

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Anybody with insight of DH here?
Would hate to make a thread just for it, but does anybody know what the "Seen This Before" special rule from the Verispex Adept rank actually is supposed to do?

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Investigation [descriptor] is usually on things like perception.

Basically, the verispex adept gets to just call up having seen it before on his files, letting him make int tests when other stats would be required.

Handy when you've got unatural int and all that crap, but not particularly spectacular.

A picture thread on the subject is one of the better places to ask questions; doubles the utility of the thread don't it?

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let me just say; cool as this may be; it is the opposite of why i like the IG. it's all about a bunch of people fighting in a galaxy of HOLY SHIT THEY FUCK IS THAT?!?! and through bravery; personal heroics; and waves of bodies; they always come out on top.

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He didn't make the thread, I did.

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ITT: buttawful fanart mostly
God damn Cadians are ugly anyways

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>hurrrrg lemme put a kopinski painting on a forest background, smudge some red onto it and add a So Deep quote from Gaunt about honor or some shit
>get reposted everywhere

Positively plebian.

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C'est la vie. I have the same opinion about those recolours of B&W images that get posted all the time.

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Right with you. Those look awful, and I'm just unspeakably disappointed to see it's inspired GW to take up the practice themselves with the 6th ed rulebook.

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>Positively plebian.
I love you Anon

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Shit, they did?

I haven't taken a close look at the book yet.. that's unbelievably disappointing.

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>black man
well that's a first

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Inquisitor in Dawn of War, and the Salamanders.

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>a first
take a close look at the image above your post

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Actually I just hopped onto the first best thread that looked halfway related.

But what you pointed out is just the obvious. Aside from the fact that there are only two skills that do have the descriptor and are not Int anyway. Those are Inquiry and Interrogation.
My question now is this: Do I need the skills or do I replace the whole test? If I need the skill, do I get the modifiers I bought for those?
Can I make just any knowledge test, since they are all investigation skills?

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The Salamanders are more like [random ethnic group] put through sixty hours of 4000 watt tan machine.

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you need the skills.
You're just replacing what stat they are based off of.

If this sounds rather underwhelming, it is. There's some remnants of before FFG took over the franchise there, and not-temple-assassin is an "error" of the player.

You can do way better elsewhere.

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Basically, if you have ass perception and godly Int, it lets you avoid having to buff Per to obscenity.

You don't need any Investigation skills once you've got that talent, unless you want the +10 and +20.

Whilst we're at it, can you half-action aim in melee? There doesn't seem to be anywhere that says you can't. Which makes an all-out-attack pretty shitty. Only an extra +10 for forfeiting your reaction...

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>>20183843 here

>>20183860 is right, my mistake.

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Only for a few, but yeah, it looks awful.
Idiots need to know how to add color without fucking up the value contrast, because B&W composition is all in the contrast and it looks fuckterrible if you just digitally brush color patches on.

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Going from the BC rules [DH is pretty old, no longer have that book] you can aim, yes. Some advantages can be gained using all-out instead in melee though, but that involves some talents. Decent enough when charging too [can't aim and charge after all]

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Doubt that was you, as I'm the one you called yourself.

But yes; 60 is correct, it does also let you not take the skills themselves, though odds are by the time you got there you had them already.

Nevertheless, it is an underwhelming ability overall, though perhaps not as bad as the poor stormtrooper special.

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Ok, then. Looks like I need to restructure my build a little, then.
And you can aim in melee. I don't know if a whole round makes any sense, but you theoretically could.
And yes, all-out sucks a lot. Only real reason is Frenzy, which leaves you no real choice.

I don't think you can combine a charge with an all-out attack in DH. Or can you?

Underwhelming? I don't think so. It gives you access to all knowledge skills and the whole rest of investigation stuff for a measly 600 points, all in all. Possibly at rank two.
Shit's broken, yo.

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Nah the verispex adept is awesome. Why?

It's an alternate rank ONE.

Yeah, you can get Jaded, Total Recall, Scholastic Lore (Any) (Not to mention Talented - ALL Scholastic Lores), as well as (I believe) Medicae & Tech Use. It's infinitely better than your alternate Rank 1, gives you a lot more to draw from.

Not to mention, for an adept to not have to sink any experience into buffing perception frees up a lot of XP for other stuff - I suggest buying contacts.

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>bolt pistols firing red laser beams
>banner pole goes to the center of a banner copied off that big Kopinski painting of charging cadians

Not to mention abominable color and value use, terrible perspective, and an overuse of texture brushes.
I feel pretty certain in blaming Dawn of War for this shitpile.

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Only War/Black Crusade combat rules allow it, I suggest switching to them, they're infinitely better.

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The big problem here is parry not being a skill in DH. That makes it kinda hard to implement.
Elsewise, yeah. OW combat rules are a given.
Holding people down with semi-automatic fire seems a little odd but gives lasguns a little plus.

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Best Guard picture ever.

captcha: eporthi greatest.

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moar lulzy like this, craks me up err time, current desktop aswell

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but the best guard picture ever has been posted here already (>>20183753)

or maybe the one with all the different standard bearers from different regiments kneeling in front of the leader of a crusade.

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I miss the 2nd edition Cadian uniform.

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haha why have i never seen this before

moot fucked us with captcha

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It's really a splendid bit of design. It looks archaic and clunky and world-warsy but is also grounded in the future. The new one is much too sleek.

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>It's really a splendid bit of design.
well, there's a reason for that

the new armour is too clunky. It doesn't look like something a military would actually issue. On the miniatures at least (I was surprisingly alright with the gear in Space Marine).

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remember his sacrafice.

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>remember something that never happened
superior Hero reporting in.

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Can you please not remember it with craptastically bad fanart?
It's a fine subject to art up on, but nobody so far has produced a good image of it. Maybe I will someday when I'm not lazy and uninspired.

>pic related; I painted this for Chapter Master. It's based on Jes Goodwin's unused IG designs for 2e.

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if i had anything better. i would post it.

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>tectico Krieg
Sorry, Captcha, I don't have any krieg in my 40k folder, there's enough on the internet already.

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IG Thread? I'll dump what I have.

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While we're on the topic of Pius, though, let's just be clear: while I'm sure the Heresy Series will get around to implementing it somehow, it has thus far never been stated that Olanius Pius interposed himself between the Emperor and Horus aboard the battle barge of the latter above Terra. Accounts of that duel have *always*, since they were first written, had Sanguinius and an Imperial Fists terminator, later a Custodian, play the martyrs.

It has only been stated that, in the 41st millennium, a time when the truth of the Heresy is so repressed and distorted that most people believe shit on the level the primarchs having been giants who destroyed planets with every step they took (canon; see 4th ed rulebook), and only the ancient Space Marine chapters of the early foundings have any notion of the details at all, some Guardsmen revere him as a martyr, an ordinary Guardsman who took a hit for the Emperor from Horus at some point during the conflict.

I'm actually glad he's getting turned into some kind of Highlander immortal illuminatus with the Heresy series instead of being the ordinary guardsman he's worshipped as. It's good when that series actually makes some myths turn out to be false.

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and that's all I got. I thought my IG Art folder was larger, but I guess not.

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Other way around.
Was him, then retconned into the custodes, he just wasn't reconned from being a saint.

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Do I even need to say it at this point?

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>the new armour is too clunky. It doesn't look like something a military would actually issue. On the miniatures at least (I was surprisingly alright with the gear in Space Marine).

It's clunky in terms of big chunky plates, and of course it's something no real army would use. But it's *sleek*, is the problem. In spite of being chunky and awkward, it's smooth and high-tech looking. Whereas the old armor was these heavy looking plates, sleeves always rolled up implying that they got in the way too much, great stuff. It didn't just look implausible, it looked uncomfortable and crude and that's what Guard stuff should look like IMO, at least for the standard-tech-base regiments. I play Mordians; snazzy and comfy but utterly doomed.

Can we take a moment to mourn what could have been, though? Jes Goodwin's IG. A roughly standardized uniform with modularity and subtle regional variation. Uncomfortable, bulky, gothic. Gas-masky and heavy. The best parts of Krieg, Vostroyans and Cadians all rolled into one. Even though I play Mordians I think it's a shame they gave 2e IG over to the Perry twins and their historical tendencies.

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The account of the Emperor vs Horus, as written by Bill King (you can read it here: http://www.inisfail.com/archives/emperor-vs-horus.html), has only ever featured the Imperial Fist (in the first version, as printed in Realm of Chaos) and the Custodian (as printed in the Heresy artbooks). There have never been any other direct accounts of the events, and even indirectly, none have mentioned Pius.

Olanius Pius was never, not once, mentioned in any account set in M31. Only ever as a note about the practices of Guard regiments in M41. I think it's very appropriate that he's got a tenacious cult in real life too, but it's not true and deal/w.

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This gif is fucking amazing.

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>A roughly standardized uniform
Absolutely not. The freedom of design is unarguably the best thing about the IG.

>Even though I play Mordians I think it's a shame they gave 2e IG over to the Perry twins and their historical tendencies.
I'm upset about your opinion.

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God I love Bill Kings writing. The Siege of Terra short story is aces. I keep it in a text file.

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I fucking love all the IN SPACE IG is about


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>Olanius Pius was never, not once, mentioned in any account set in M31
not entirely the case. He's mentioned to have "saved the Emperor from a deathstrike by Horus on Terra"

however Horus never set foot on Earth during the siege. His whole gambit was lowering his shields and bringing the Emperor to him.

At one point in time there was indeed a rumour that Pius saved the Emperor. But it was proven entirely false within the very same edition with Bill King's story. Not only did they mention Horus never touching earth's soil, but they also showed that it was in fact an Astarte that took the blow for the Emperor.

Anyways, more Macharius.

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i disagree with you. ollanius pius is who opened the emperor's eyes to horus' utter corruption.

by laying down his own life, to buy the emperor precious seconds, it steeled His Emperorness' resolve, and allowed Him to finally strike down horus utterly. Saint Ollanius Pius, Ave Imperator.

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>Amerigo Secundus
Am I the only one that thinks that this must be what 40k Andrew Jackson would look like?

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I generally prefer Fantasy to 40k (puff those sleeves broski) but the IG's diversity is the only field where 40k is absolutely 100% better than Fantasy. WHF is limited by geographic and cultural constraints, 40k literally lets you come up with any concept you want for a planet or a culture or a guard unit as long as it fits into vague guidelines. You can come up with any fucking unit idea you want and then give it lasguns and it fits in the universe.

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I agree for different reasons. Standardization doesn't hold up from a lore perspective - most planets provide their own equipment and materials for their IG and PDF regiments, though in some cases it's multiple planets working together. These materials are tithed along with men, roughly held to standards, and then distributed by the Munitorium. The scale of WH40K wouldn't allow for standardized uniforms- at least, not in the corrupt and indolent phase of existance the current imperium is, where they give anything a pass so long as it works. During the great crusade I can imagine more strict requirements and greater standardization, but the Imperium of the 41st millennium is bloated and packed to the brim with inefficiency.

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It's actually supposed to be the teenage insurgents from Red Dawn ("Wolverines regiment exalted")

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I disagree with you but I'm sure you're a good person with good taste and I too can appreciate the direction IG has eventually taken with fluff. I think cadians and catachans are an awful waste of potential in any direction.
The horus heresy project should have started and ended with his blurbs.
Pic related

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Well, I got the reference there, but just looking at the picture, with the long coat and wild-ish hair, I just see Andrew Jackson.

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>I think cadians and catachans are an awful waste of potential in any direction.
I like them both but I definitely think they shouldn't be, like, the ONLY guys available. Which is a hard thing to ask for with miniatures.

Just like Special Characters, established regiments should really just be there as inspiration for you to make your own. Warhammer is about creativity and investment not just "pick the best army".

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The regional variation in Goodwin's design mostly accounts for that. Designs become more corrupted and personalized as they propagate across the galaxy by the Imperium's slow communications. I feel if they'd taken his guardsmen, we'd ideally have a couple flexible plastic kits using it (the greatcoat style and the stripped down ganger/deathworld style) and a handful of metal oddball Guard regiments showing all the potential of the galaxy. Like the current situation, basically, but with much better looking Cadians and Catachans. Or Aquitaine and Necromundans, as the case may be.

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...was intending to keep posting images with every reply. Running low now. Here's an unfinished IG commander for Chapter Master.
>Flamboyant regiments the best regiments

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>God I love Bill Kings writing. The Siege of Terra short story is aces. I keep it in a text file.

Is it available online anywhere or am I going to have to ask you for an upload?

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>The horus heresy project should have started and ended with his blurbs.
it's nice to see a few people on /tg/ with this opinion.

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Don't think this one is Bill King, but for completeness,

Then the finale

And the brilliant account from a Thousand Sons marine is in Dark Communion, here:
Which, compared to the full story, shows what parts of the battle Karlsen has chosen to forget.

And Bjorn's story pic related, and as far as I know that's Bill Kings entire work on the Heresy?

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Ger: http://youtu.be/RxManCpDrtQ

Eng: http://youtu.be/rNHkWrUcLvU

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As far as I'm concerned, the Horus Heresy series does nothing for 40k. In fact, it divides the fanbase (since the fanbase is mostly Marine players anyways) into two camps, one of which prefers to imagine M31 and one which prefers M41. The M31 camp is pretty exclusively Imperial and Chaos Marine players, of course. And you end up with all these Marine players yammering on about Legion this and Primarch that and it's a big circlejerk of things pretty entirely irrelevant to the M41 Warhammer 40,000 setting. And it's like yellow lego people and flesh-toned lego people. Mixing just ain't right. It's like the Dune prequels, except it happened to an ongoing series with a game attached and people are plunking down their goddamn pre-imperial cyborg separtist armies (or whatever, too long; didn't remember those books) against my classic fremen.

And as a separate issue, it's not written very well and it sure does drag on.

>> No.20185047

And also a pic to accompany my hopeless whining.

(I really do get that people can find the books enjoyable, and there's nothing wrong with that, and they should keep having fun. My issue is that they seep into M41 material [and fan work] too much and that disrupts the integrity of the setting)

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>> No.20185090

It would be cause for concern if the setting ever had any integrity in the first place. It never did, though.

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and now Forgeworld is hopping on the wagon.

I can't blame them for mining such an obvious cash-cow, and I am kinda interesting in whatever miniatures they'll end up making.. but... it's just not as interesting as "40k", for a variety of reasons.

cool story, bro

>> No.20185440

Forgeworld models of Horus Heresy suits and such can be used by any player styling his army on having lots of older equipment (A Dark Angels successor springs to mind can't remember the name).

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>a commissar is knocked out by the force of an ork stikkbomb
>hours later he awakens and sees all his men slaughtered by orkz
>as he stands up and looks around he sees two groups of orkz fighting
>one wins easily, spots him then forms in crude lines
>the commissar, being a good servant of the emperor, charges them with sword in hand
>right before he gets close enough to strike the nearest ork they all salute and the nob in charge of them says 'left tent gore fists at yer service commiesar'
>the orkz are all standing at the closest imitation of attention they can muster
what happens next

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Of course they can, but if they ever meant to be making different marks of PA for collectors with themed armies and if they ever were No Really Guys Not Making the Heresy like they used to claim, they would have made a Mk8 set by now. They were always meant to be for pre-heresy/heresy collectors firstly, and for M41 collectors second. Badab was a test product for Horus Heresy, that was clear from the start and even more so now.

>> No.20185805

>they would have made a Mk8 set by now.
or even Thunder Armour. TechnoBarbarians would be the best skirmish game since GorkaMorka.

>and yes I'm kinda bitter since the Mk1 and Mk8 are the two sets I'm most interested in purchasing

>> No.20185904

Love <3~

Seriously though, I can't be the only one who's sick of hearing about and seeing art of Death Corp am I? The only reason the forgeworld models are cool is because they're forgeworld and high quality, not a fan of the aesthetic. I'd much sooner buy forgeworld cadians.

>> No.20186102

I liked the old 2e Cadians. I loved the Colonial Marines look they had. I never liked the new ones.

>> No.20186145

Well, I also hate Armageddon steel legion, so most people consider me odd for that.
Dunno, just don't like the hunchback, riflebutt-less lasguns.

>> No.20186327

>don't like the hunchback, riflebutt-less lasguns.
Really? I like their practicality.

It's the same reason why I like the Elysian weapons. It just makes sense for a mechanized/airborne force to have stuff that's more compact

>also the steel legion rifles do have stocks. They fold out.

>> No.20186366

>on a fucking laser gun


>> No.20186396

>>on a fucking laser gun
Because nobody knows how the fuck a lasgun works and it looks cool?

>> No.20186406


That's heresy, I ain't gotta explain shit.

>> No.20186412

so it takes up less physical space?

I guess you mean "why would they want to preserve barrel length", but that can be waved away with "the laser is stronger/more accurate with a longer barrel because SCIENCE".

Actually going by the sniper rifle designation of "Long-Las" I think that might be the case

>> No.20186461

recently i've taken a liking with Tallarn
The Battle of Tallarn must have been one of the most craziest shits to witness ever

>> No.20186472

Better focusing in a longer barrel. Bam. Science'd.

>> No.20186501

Once the Death Korps were a new thing and refreshingly bleak. Now they aren't. So it goes.

>> No.20186536

>Actually going by the sniper rifle designation of "Long-Las" I think that might be the case

Eh, the long-las is a silly abnett invention that doesn't make sense anyways
>taking wind into account when making a shot

Guard snipers should use needle rifles like the rest of the Imperium.

>> No.20186553

I love you OP. I have order from Forgeworld to get Krieg troopers, but they look so much better than the regular Guard.

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>> No.20186569

>> No.20186592

It's stated that the Guard use all kinds of rifles- needle included. Wtf r u smokin

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>> No.20186618

>> No.20186629

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>> No.20186707

I'm smoking long-lases are dumb.

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>> No.20186726

What's wrong with using a laser as a sniper weapon?

>> No.20186731

The Emperor is my shield.
And I am his sword.
As He protects me from the horrors of the Warp.
My lasgun brings His light into the darkness.

>> No.20186738

Just here for your obligatory reminder that DKoK are based more off WWI Franco-Belgians than Germans.

Also, does Only War have /tg/'s approval?

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>> No.20186764

rolled 6, 5, 3 = 14

Same thing that's wrong with laser weapons in general- in any kind of atmosphere their range will drop off dramatically.

I still maintain Las-Guns are not, infact, lasers, but small packet particle accelerators. This would explain their ability to occasionally blow chunks out of flash, and the concussive force of shots. Moreover a lucky shot would still go through and through and all wounds would still be cauterized. The only reason Las-Guns are considered Lasers is because people are dumb and GW came up with the idea in the 80's.

>> No.20186766

I want to make an army based off the late french Army'd Afrique. Zouaves, Sipahis, Tiralliuers. Seems like a cool aesthetic

>> No.20186772


>> No.20186791

Nothing at all, they should all be pretty excellent sniper weapons. But long-lases are dumb. Make a laser longer and suddenly it acts like a conventional projectile sniper rifle? Oh Abnett, you so silly.

>> No.20186795


I just finished the beta adventure with my group and wrote up another short mission we'll be starting soon. We've had a great time so far with it. Of course, they completely broke the mission by stealing the Hellhound and killing the entire enemy force with roadside bombs, but it has my personal approval.

>> No.20186810

What's to say in 40k there aren't laser-based weapons that don't suffer from this fault as notably?

>> No.20186840

I haven't read the rules, but based on its description I pre-emptively hated it. A guard RPG, said I, should be about Guardsmen doing Guardsmen things, not about a rag-tag bunch of diverse specialists having adventures.* Having Commissar, Psyker, Priest, and Tech-Priest character options to me suggested that it leaned towards the latter. Was I wrong? Should I change my views?

*Unless it was specifically Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers: The RPG

>> No.20186844 [DELETED] 

You know, Abnett is not the sole protrayer of long-lases. And the Munitorum Manual gives a pretty good reason imo of the modification need-
"A long las in modified standard pattern lasgun with... a strengthened barrel... the strengthened barrel allows for increased range and creaty accuracy."

>> No.20186854


Bitches don't know 'bout my Poilus?

>> No.20186859

You know, Abnett is not the sole protrayer of long-lases. And the Munitorum Manual gives a pretty good reason imo of the modification need-
"A long las is modified standard pattern lasgun with... a strengthened barrel... the strengthened barrel allows for increased range and creaty accuracy."

>> No.20186871

Pretty certain he was the first, with the Gaunt books.
A strengthened barrel would make sense- if it were to allow the gun to fire more powerful shots without destroying itself, like a hot-shot lasgun. That would be okay. There's not really any reason it should be more accurate or longer ranged because of a strengthened barrel, and that doesn't explain why the strengthened barrel is *long*.

>> No.20186873


Admittedly, Physics can be handwaved away on anything involving the warp. But Lasguns don't involve the warp. They're lasguns. They're manufactured enmasse specifically because they're cheap, durable, can be used in almost any environment, and don't jam (easily) according to fluff.

But lasers are anything but.

Besides, like I said, packet particle accelleration would
1. Give you the 'stabbing light' contrails frequently described (lasers aren't colored)
2. Blow chunks out of enemies as sometimes described
3. Cauterize wounds as described.

The only difference is, it's not a laser. The Barrel would also serve an actual function for propelling the packet. A barrel - at least one as long as a guns - serves absolutely no purpose for a laser.

>> No.20186899

TO be fair, to accuratly simulate guardsman duties any RPG would require sitting around in a billet swilling dishwater cafe and eating soylent protien bars while insects eat you alive and artillery bombards the fuck out of an enemy you can't even see while you wait to recieve the order to charge so you can slip and drown in waist high water.

>> No.20186905

>Buy Gorgon Passenger Set
>Cut Kriegers apart and touch up parts cut apart with green stuff
>Proud owner of 50 DKoK for cheaper than Cadians

>> No.20186949

>about a rag-tag bunch of diverse specialists having adventures
Yeah it's basically that. It's stupid as shit as a premise. Still worth playing if you enjoy Dark Heresy without all the poor quality and lack of ammunition.

>> No.20186970

I still see little resemblance, except for the leggings. And the Krieg helmet heavily resembles the stalhelm.
Furthermore, Krieg still incorporates a lot of other German-inspired names and appearances into its army. The Gotterdammerung artillery piece is the most blatant of this, incorporating actual German, while the Blitzen AA guns heavily resemble with German 88 guns.

>> No.20186991

Why can't lasers have color? And explain to me, how in Physics terms, a laser gun can't work. I'm interested in this shit.

>> No.20187002

So like Dark Heresy: The Deathwatching?

Or, I mean, it could be a succession of large battle scenes interspersed alternated with more mundane scenarios highlighting the moral ambiguities and deadly choices of warfare. With a few off days sipping awful soup tossed in, too.

>> No.20187013

Or it could be this and not over-dramatized bullshit.

>> No.20187031

>little resemblance
aside from the mask they're practically identical, man. The helms even share the little ridge at the top

>> No.20187048

It could be anything war-related, really, if it was about ordinary Guardsmen.

If it's about a bunch of highly distinct, very specific classes working together, it allows only a much narrower range of scenarios.

>> No.20187108 [DELETED] 

I'd still say it looks a lot more like this. And again, this still doesn't explain away the heavy use of German-looking and German-sounding stuff.

>> No.20187136


The coats, boots, putees, etc. are all similar. The helmet is an amalgam. Top half is very similar to French Adrian helmet, bottom half similar to German stalhelm.

Tactically they're very French as well. Infantry lead attacks, tanks used to consolidate, emphasis on advancing with artillery and the "cult of the bayonet".

German terms aside, they're very French.

>> No.20187163

Maybe this thread can help me, trying to create small 'lost' legion made from Cadian/Catachan/SM scouts models

has anyone tried this?
success/fail stories?

>> No.20187182

Except for the fact that their homeworld's name is KRIEG. German for WAR. 0/10, you're in massive denial.

>> No.20187205

Well, no, you are wrong, and right.

I'm currently running two games.

One is where I have a Medicae, a Heavy Weapons Specialist, an Operator, a Sergeant, and a Commissar. They serve as a regular squad, minus Commissar but he might as well be colored as a Lieutenant for the leadership role he serves. The Sergeant keeps the squad in line and is a badass, like most sergeants. Everyone serves their roles and they mostly have a regular, non-dramatic realistic tale to tell. Hell, their first mission they completely missed their drop site(They are Armoured Regiment, their tank was being dropped from a shuttle).

Then I have my other game with a different group. I have an Ogryn, a Tech-Priest, an Operator, a Commissar. It's the Commissar's personal comand squad while the Tech-Priest tags along because he's got nothing better to do. In the fourth session, the Commissar personally decapitated the enemy commander, a mutant three times his size, with a powersword. They are in an Airborne Regiment, and they are ARC squad. Assault-Recon-Combat Squad. They do stuff from fight alongside the local Inquisitor to spearheading the orbital invasion.

You can have both, you close minded little man.

>> No.20187220


I already addressed the language/terminology. An unbiased individual would at least realize the DKoK are the 40K-ification of the French/German stereotypes associated with WWI.

I, however, am biased and see far more similarities in the French column.

>> No.20187248

He said Germans terms aside dude.

>> No.20187298

DKoK also commonly wear the German spike helmet. They commonly wear black/grey uniforms. A shade usually worn by the WW1 German Army. The German Army pioneered the use of breech loading Krupp artillery, arguably the first modern "howitzer". The DKoK is a siege regiment, that primarily employs their own detachments of heavy siege artillery. They share only the most general of equipment and doctrine with the french.

>> No.20187316

Guys, guys guys.


How bout we just agree the Death Korps is BOTH German and French influenced? Hmmm?

>> No.20187320


>concussive force of shots

Light has force, lrn2physics.

>> No.20187334

Anyone got some custom regiments based off the Calixis Sector?

Here's one my group made for the Beta adventure in Only War.

501st Vitrian Siege Regiment
The origins of 501st Vitrian Siege Regiment lie with the Heronoris 88th and their heroic defense of Spire City from the Obsidian Tooth Orks. Accompanying them was a Confessor by the name of Vitrian, and during the final hours of the siege, he told the Heronoris 88th that if the Emperor gave them victory they would not rest until all Orks had been cleansed from the Sector. Though the confessor died during the battle, the Heronoris 88th, against all odds, repelled and destroyed the Orks. The survivors, not fit for service in the wake of such brutal fighting, were granted settlement rights to Spire City. Mindful of the their promise, they raised the next generation to be superb Ork fighters. The best of them would be formed into regiments so that they might carry on their sacred duty to cleanse all worlds of the vile green skins.
The 501st Vitrian Siege Regiment wear tough, practical clothing including black combat boots, yellow coveralls, and a green trench coat. Much of their equipment has a heavy, weighted look about it, as if it could be used to bludgeon an Ork to death. The regimental banner consists of a burning white spire set in a black background.

>> No.20187339

>DKoK also commonly wear the German spike helmet.
Show me a Korpsman wearing a pickelhaube

I double-dog dare you.

They have many inspirations from the Germans, but that is not one of them.

>> No.20187343

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Fellowship, -3 Intelligence, +3 Toughness, +2 Weapon Skill, +3 Willpower.
Starting Skills: Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy, Imperial Creed), Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Tech-Use.
Starting Talents: Hatred (Orks), Nerves of Steel, Rapid Reaction, Street Fighting, Unshakeable Faith.
Only One Life to Give: So driven to martyrdom are the Vitrian, that it can drive them to take unnecessary risks, lamenting that they can only sacrifice themselves once. Vitrian characters must pass an Ordinary(+ 10) Willpower Test in order to retreat from combat or otherwise act in the interests of self-preservation.
Untempered Zeal: The pious spirit of the Vitrian is almost unmatched in its ferocity, and while their faith is closer to the violent ardour of the fanatic than the divine clarity of the Adepta Sororitas, it is nonetheless inspiring to behold. Vitrian characters may re-roll any failed Charm Test to inspire religious fervour or righteous hatred in others.
Wounds: Characters from this regiment begin with +2 starting Wounds.
Standard Regimental Kit: 1 M36 lasgun and 6 power packs, great weapon, knife, flak armour, 1 respirator, 4 empty sandbags, 1 entrenching tool, 2 frag grenades, 2 photon grenades, uniform, poor weather gear, rucksack, basic toolkit, mess kit and water canteen, blanket and sleep bag, rechargeable lamp-pack, grooming kit, dog tags, Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer, 2 weeks’ rations, chrono, micro-bead, photo-visors, 1 box of 6 screamers per squad.
Favoured Weapons: Autocannon, Meltagun.

>> No.20187372

You lose.

>> No.20187379


That would depend largely on the Commissar in question, wouldn't it?

There's very different brands of Commissar in WH40k lore. Some are the glory for the first man to die type, some might consider putting the orks to some useful purpose.

>> No.20187393

shit, wrong pic, hold on a sec.

>> No.20187395


I lol'd.

>> No.20187414


That's the barrel of his rifle and the bayonet, broski.

>> No.20187424

here it is.

>> No.20187457

that's a conversion

>> No.20187464

Seriously? My friend's whole regiment looks like this. I guess that changes things.

>> No.20187535

The finest Guardsman in the Galaxy, right here.

>> No.20187568


>> No.20187609


>> No.20187666

inb4 the spike is a wholly different material to the rest of the mini and was clearly added as an afterthought

>> No.20187675



>> No.20187689

This couldn't fit into any of the other 40shit threads why?

>> No.20187716


>> No.20187794


>> No.20187805

Lastrati Redemption Corps, Fourth Light Infantry.

When the Black Templars purged the planet Lastrati a second time, the Marshal Gervhart decided to allow the faithful to live instead of destroying them along with the heretics the Templars had found. However, Gervhart met much scrutiny from his fellow brothers in the Chapter, and eventually Gervhart was relieved of his duty as Marshal since he was considered weak for not ridding the Imperium of Lastrati forever. He died as a Sword Brother in the Third War for Armageddon.

Because of this, the Lastrati Redemption Corps adopted their name. They fight to show the Black Templars that Gervhart did not make a mistake in sparing them. They fight on to give redemption to Gervhart, so he may be rewarded the title of Marshal once again, even if it will be posthumously. As it's been nearly four thousand years since the Second Lastrati purge they have had more than enough time to renew their numbers, but sadly their planet has little in the way of resources.

Lastrati Regiments are part warrior, part preacher. Wherever they go, they bring the word of the Emperor with them. The Fourth Light Infantry have Colonel Sopen, a brave, fearless man who has been seen on the front taking the forward battlefield role expected of a Captain or Major instead of a Colonel. His men see him as a true soldier, instead of some Officer not interested in their quest to redeem Gervhart.

>> No.20187821

Characteristic Modifiers: 3+ to Willpower, Fellowship, Agility, –3 to Toughness.
Skills: Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy), Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Intimidate.
Talents: Resistance(Fear), Sprint.
Starting Aptitudes: Willpower

Long Live Gervhart!: The Lastratin do not regard death in the quest to redeem Gervhart as anything to fear, and face the prospect of righteous sacrifice gladly. Lastratin characters may choose to start with one of the following: Nerves of Steel, Orthoproxy, or Unshakeable Faith.

Our Lives of the Quest: So driven to redemption are the Lastratin, that it can drive them to take unnecessary risks, lamenting that they can only sacrifice themselves once. Penitent characters must pass an Ordinary (+10) Willpower Test in order to retreat from combat or otherwise act in theinterests of self-preservation.

Untempered Zeal: The pious spirit of the Lastratin is almost unmatched in its ferocity, and while their faith is closer to the violent ardour of the fanatic than the divine clarity of the Adepta Sororitas, it is nonetheless inspiring to behold. Penitent characters may re-roll any failed Charm Test to inspire religious fervour or righteous hatred in others.

Starting Wounds: Penitent characters increase their starting
Wounds by +2.

Standard Kit: One M36 Lasgun and six charge packs per Player Character (Main Weapon), three frag grenades and three smoke grenades per Player Character, One Knife, One Flak Vest, One Flak Helmet, One Micro-bead, One respirator, Four weeks of rations, One uniform, One purity seal, Poor weather gear Rucksack or sling bag, One set of basic tools, One mess kit and one water canteen, One blanket and one sleep bag, One rechargeable lamp pack, One grooming kit, One set of cognomen tags, One primer.

>> No.20187832



>> No.20187835

Not having traitor guard...I am dissapoint /tg/

>> No.20187859

It's entirely because of the iron rod that you have stuck about two feet up your butt.
/tg/ likes 40k more than it likes your system, boo hoo.

>> No.20187902


/tg/ owes its existence to 40k you faggot.

>> No.20187921


>> No.20187983

uh, the OP says "Imperial" Guard

not "Dirty, Dumb, Chaos scum" Guard

>> No.20188010

Told Status?

Told: []
Not Told: []
The Emperor's Toldden Throne: [X]

>> No.20188015



>> No.20188017

Only War fags, what's the most useful things you get for your standard regimental kit?

>> No.20188040

I thought this would be obvious but.


>> No.20188103

your Uplifting Primer, of course.

>> No.20188118

After all, you do NOT want to run out of toilet paper in the field.

>> No.20188130


What about stuff you can get? Like optional equipment?

>> No.20188153


>> No.20188164

Micro-beads, fuckin', micro-beads.

>> No.20188177

One copy of Boku no Pico for every guardsman.

>> No.20188209



Now, let that be a lesson to all of you. wear your ear protection and watch your mouths.

>> No.20188223


I would say as a Guardsman your single most valuable piece of equipment is your Standard Issue Wheelbarrow for carrying your HUGE BRAZEN BALLS OF STEEL INTO BATTLE.

>> No.20188228

40k noob, here. I have an Only War question.
Has anybody tried or heard of anybody trying to make mixed regiments? I was under the impression they're relatively common, what with IG consistently taking massive casualties and regiments being combined, but the beta seems to very much stick with the creation or use of a single regiment for all PCs.
If one were to mix regiments, how would you handle "per squad" kit items?

>> No.20188229

bad end

>> No.20188244



>> No.20188252

40k is shit. It's just a bunch of over-sized, 2 dimensional assholes with big guns killing random shit.

Honestly one of the worst rpg's ever made

>> No.20188254

i did it with those squads having their regimental gear. but no replacement gear besides what's in the new regimental kit

>> No.20188263


We'll be doing something like that over the next semester. The GM wanted it to be like the A-Team, but then we all called it Galactic All-Stars.

Mixed-teams become weird when vehicles are assigned, but otherwise work out fine.

>> No.20188278


>> No.20188287

Um ACTUALLY, lasers, particularly pulsed [a single pull of the trigger could be putting out numerous pulses, as they could be on the order of miliseconds of duration], do in fact cause rapid ablation and can cause what's basically miniature dust explosions.

Technically, this is to their disadvantage: if the first pulse sublimates the surface of the target, the second one is expending its energy exciting the same material that has already been removed. The temporary plasma and minute explosion caused by this could look nifty and all that, but that is technically a greatly reduced amount of energy imparted to the target.

tldr: Lasguns cause little explosions because they're inefficient pulse lasers.

>> No.20188291

Boo a-hoo hoo

>> No.20188340


>> No.20188386



>> No.20188390


If we're gonna have real talk about lasguns for a minute I have a couple questions that arose from painting way too many guardsmen:

1. Why is there a shell ejection port on a laser gun?

2. Are those stocks really made of wood? WOOD? In grimdark grimdark there's still nice pretty forests and lumberjacks?

(Assumedly grimdark, cybernetically enhanced lobotomized lumberjacks with chainsaw arms who eat sawdust. But still wear red flannel. Grimdark Canada.)

>> No.20188401


>> No.20188419

>1. Why is there a shell ejection port on a laser gun?
Pretty sure that's meant to allow access to the focal lenses or some such bullshit.

>> No.20188433

>1. Why is there a shell ejection port on a laser gun?
There isn't. That's used to check the remaining charge in a power pack... or maybe set the power of your shots... it's inconsistent and hardly ever mentioned anymore. Take a look at >>20183708, notice how they're glowing red/orage/white.

>2. Are those stocks really made of wood? WOOD? In grimdark grimdark there's still nice pretty forests and lumberjacks?
in many places. Usually just there to be destroyed and show how horrible and grim war is, but they exist.

>> No.20188438

while we're on the topic of the guard being awesome, my local redshirt got in Aeronautica and was passing it around the campfire. Got a look at the Avenger.

Gonna have to go from memory here...

-Heavy support choice for Guard, Sisters. 150pts.

-Forgot the armor profile. Expect flying Rhino stats. BS3.

-comes with a pair of lascannons (I'm pretty sure its actually 2 lascannons, not twinlinked.

-the gatling cannon is 36" S7 AP3! delicious.

-can purchase a huge array of extra wing hardpoint armament, including bombs, missiles, rocket pods (see valkyrie underwing ordnance from guard codex)
Also, incredibly juicy, can strap on a pair of autocannons for 30pts. (yes, in addition to your double las and your fuckmarines cannon)

-Has strafing run rule (BS4 against most ground targets)

-Armored cockpit- basically extra armor for flyers. mitigates/stunned shaken.

-the heavy stubber from the rear gunner can choose targets independently of the pilot.

>> No.20188439


>1. Why is there a shell ejection port on a laser gun?
because it was designed by cramming an industrial cutting laser's guts into the bluprints for a regular old gun they found STC prints of. cant go changing stuff unless its absolute necessity.

>2. Are those stocks really made of wood? WOOD? In grimdark grimdark there's still nice pretty forests and lumberjacks?
the stocks are made from whatever the particulat manufacturing world making that lasgun has avalible. mkany probably are wood.

>> No.20188441

>Lasers don't have color
You entertain me.

They're plenty colorful to those its directed towards, if within the visible spectrum. In fact, unlike the rainbow on your trousers, lasers are a very tight, preferably single-exact-wavelength emission. A maser, stimulated UV or xaser would of course not be visible to the naked eye.

Red is a very easy one to achieve, and has a longer wavelength than things like blue. Decent for getting through dust and all, whereas a higher frequency, while carrying more energy, also loses it more easily to the atmosphere. Low wavelengths would effectively overpenetrate the target, while higher ones quickly begin to suffer from interference. Given how much additional energy is poured into a hellgun, I would not be surprised for them to be in the green or blue spectrums, given how little range they have comparatively to how much extra power is poured into the unit.

The low RoF of a Long-Las can make sense, if using a different power distribution system and possibly a larger bore. The unit requires additional time to recover to an excited state after releasing a massive set of pulses at very high frequency; peak-discharge capacitors need a moment to recharge from the actual power-pack.

>> No.20188465


Theres also some universal upgrade options for all imperial flyers, each 5 or 10 points a piece.

-Flare. Flyer drops a flare on a point on the table in its flight path. Units within X distance of the flare ignore night fighting.

-distinctive/unique paintjob. Friendly units within X distance of the flyer reroll leadership checks because they go "Yay! the red baron!" However, if the flyer is shot down, they get sad. (Didn't look up a lot of these rules myself, had it explained to me by the redshirt. I don't really think its that great of an upgrade anyways so who gives a shit...)

Chaff- One time use, gives the flyer a 4+ invulnerable save against a missile.
(The redshirt distinctively said MISSILE, leading me to believe that it actually has to be a 'missile' like a krak, hunter-killer, etc. Not just any incoming AA fire.)

>> No.20188489

Solid-state lasers have few moving parts, and this is quite advantageous. Beyond the peak-discharge capacitors, power-supply connections, and the actual lasing chamber and system assembly [oh and also a trigger], its more about putting them in a frame you can hold intuitively. as far as the laser itself is concerned you could have it as a fucking periscope on a tentacle of cables leading to a battery, but even techpriests find that offputting enough that they actually plug the weapon portion at the tip of a ballistic mechadendrite as if they'd just removed the handle and the stock [which chances are is exactly what they've done].

>> No.20188505

The chaff bit makes sense. It's used to confuse the bits of weapons that allows them to lock on.
So weapons that are 'dumb' or controlled by a living thing will ignore the chaff. While 'smart' weapons with it's own sensors and controls may go for the chaff.

>> No.20188510

Oh man, the new jet interface for CAS in ACE2. So good.

>> No.20188517

yeah, putting it in the frame of an autogun or anything else with the dimensions to fit the pieces in it would probably be standard practice. Long as its solid and not too insulating the laser won't be too picky.

>> No.20188521



>> No.20188554


>> No.20188572


>-the gatling cannon is 36" S7 AP3! delicious.
how many shots?

>> No.20188606

Probably 4
Beefed up assault cannon

>> No.20188611


>> No.20188612


Is that a... Guardsman Medic?


>> No.20188615

heavy 7.

>> No.20188629



>> No.20190410

Is there any official art (or halfway decent fan-art) of Guardswomen?

>> No.20190682

>Hereticis Incendendum Sunt
>understands latin enough to use future passive participle/gerundive
>hereticus in dative/ablative

>> No.20190837

As you know! Moast of oua battle brothars are shtehtioned in SPEHSS, Pruhpeared to deep strike! Oua perimeter has been
pruhpeared in the even dat oua enehmies should be so bald and so foolish. We have plehced numerous beacons, allowing for
muhltiple, simuln-tehneous and devashtehting defensive deep strikes

The Codecks astartees nehmes this maneuvah Steel Rehn. We will descend upon the foe, we will ovawhelm them - we will leave none
alive! Meanwhile oua ground fawses will ensue the full defense of oua headkwaters

We are the spehss mahrens! WE ARE THE EMPRA'S FUREH!

>> No.20190857

Romanes Eunt Domus!

>> No.20193749

Damn that sucks. Have you no shame?

>> No.20193841


how in the bloody hell did an entire guard regiment get itself classified?

>> No.20193924


Crazy ass inquisitors.

>> No.20194101


Have you read the first "Macharius" book? He hasn't missed a beat. I'll admit I was a bit lost during the first readthrough, but the second time... I should never have doubted the man. He knows his stuff.

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