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I hear you mouthbreathing sperglords are "raiding" /x/.

LOL, nice job.

Now go back to arguing over whose 100-sided dice are more accurate.


pic related: HAHA ITS YOU

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I think I know that guy...

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How do you raid /x/? It's the only board where shitposting actually improves the quality of the board, because the quality of the genuine discussion is so low to begin with.

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/tg/ doesn't raid people, we're too lazy.

Try /b/

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He seems pretty chill.

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>over whose 100-sided dice are more accurate

What the fuck does this every mean?

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you know I love to eat hotdogs, they're really good.

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I have no idea.

Perhaps you argue over who gets to be Dungeon Master?

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Try /b/, we don't raid people. Too lazy, too much infighting.

If someone is raiding you, and claiming they're from us? They're just faggots, ignore them as we don't want any claim to them.

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It helps to use your sage to make disparaging comments.

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Eesh. The trolls aren't even trying anymore.

>> No.20182237

>pic related: HAHA ITS YOU

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But if you're talking about them in the plural, it's clearly "dice". No one here is going to argue otherwise.

And this board isn't pathetic enough to bother raiding other boards. You're being lied to.

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Where did you get that notion?
A sudden outburst of discussion about monetary politics and historical arms?
Or has somebody started to post alien tits?

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/tg/ is going to be the next /v/ at this rate.

>> No.20182257


If he shaved and maybe washed his hair, that guy'd look presentable.

And /x/ has gone to shit ever since 14/15 threads are "how do I magic" "ask me anything" "lololol i troll u" "ghosts dont real" and every remotely creepy story is herded into a "nope" thread and promptly forgotten so that we may discuss how nothing happened at the olympics more.
I could easily mistake a raid for normal everyday /x/ with how ungodly shitty it has become.

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This came from a /b/ thread that thought /x/ and /tg/ were fighting, and now they're trying to incite wrath among both sides by claiming they're from the other side.

Maybe in 2008 /b/ would have been skilled enough to pull this off, but not now, for certain.

Also, sage

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Okay, I'll try harder:

-Most of you are probably on /r9k/ regularly
-Most of you have never had a girlfriend
-Most of you have pockets CHOCK FULL of spaghetti

Shall I go on?

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Only if you want.

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Say what? Do I only get three sage's per thread?

>> No.20182285

Preview here.

>> No.20182290

No, yes, and that's a retarded mee mee. Give it another shot if you want.

>> No.20182291

not really sure what any of that means

but you seem to be having fun so i guess


i think

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Speaking of raiding, I had my group of orc PCs raid an elf village recently and they captured a young female elf. I'm still thinking of a proper use for her, maybe you'd like to shine some light on it /tg/?

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Whelp, pulling out the sage for Elf Slave Wat Do?

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Teach her to be a powerful mage.
I'm pretty sure elves are good at that.
And you orcs could probably use the support.

>> No.20182310

Sponsor her education and use her to manage your finances so you can establish a lasting nation rather than causing some damage, dying, and being forgotten.

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" Anonymous 08/04/12(Sat)18:21 No.10661168
If /tg/'d help us drive out the tinfoils so we can return to being a community based around creepypasta, ghost stories and HOW I SOMMON SUCXUBUXS GISE, I'd be more than happy. Hell, I would gladly allow this board to suffer through a week-long, full-on raid from /bee/ if I thought it would help."

I think /x just requested that we march to their aid...?

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I also wanted to raise a question about the /tg/s opinion of superiority of 4th ed. over 3.5, now that we have Pathfinder looming on the horizon. Do you reckon that this opinion is still valid?

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Sage can be used for a variety of rasins, and not all of them involve insulting people or a thread in any respect. While it's arguable that this thread could use some disparaging comments, a sage doesn't by default mean that you're intending it that way.

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Give her a spanner and a vibrator.

>> No.20182346


I'm a friend of this player, and was thinking about playing the elf.

We've been trying to stat my character, what do you think are realistic stat adjustments for a female?

>> No.20182350

You're definitely getting closer to hitting the mark. Still too obvious though.

>> No.20182354

-4 str

>> No.20182361

Holy shit, I know that guy...

>> No.20182362

-4 strength

>> No.20182389


Actually, that would be a big help.


>> No.20182401

We were thinking about it. There were a few guys all gung ho about it. Not sure what happened to them.

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So what is the greatest foes of /x?
And how do you suggest we battle them? A constant stream of historical soldiers and over-the-top shouting about fighting the barbarian hordes, maybe?

>> No.20182418

It's the "2/10 would not bang" guy, we had him post somewhere and he included some more pictures of himself. Shame that I only saved this one.

I'm also running out of subjects that are not "I think Imperial Guard is overpowered and Space Marines could use some more love since I've been losing with them quite a lot, especially that 6th ed is coming soon."

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Literal white-knighting

>> No.20182487


>> No.20182497

It's easy to troll them. If you want huge threads full of tinfoil raeg all you have to do is post about the following topics:

-Aliens did/didn't build the pyramids.
-Aspartame/fluoride is/isn't a nefarious government plot to control minds.
-The Illuminati does/doesn't real
-Write shitty creepypasta and then defend it bitterly

Oh, and anything regarding 2012 is always warmly received.

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It's not whiteknighting...we could actually use a reduction in the tinfoils.

>> No.20182515

Can we still be very over-the-top shakespearian and dress up in armour?

>> No.20182527


Oh, and make up a symbol, claim it to be a "sigil" that you dreamed up last night and you may have used it to invoke a malevolent demon.

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>> No.20182559


Just as long as whenever someone compliments your cosplay, you say "Gramercy!"

Are a lot of you guys renfags, too?

>> No.20182565

I remember those times when I thought /x/ is raiding /tg/ and it was just Unknown Armies thread. Still have nightmares about the Naked Goddess hentai and little girls molested by crazy alien octopus.

>> No.20182577

Well! We are all independent warriors here...
the rest can stay here and have tea.


>> No.20182580

Renfag meaning Renaissance reenactor or something? I'm not, but there are quite a few LARPers on /tg/. Hungarian LARP fag is probably one of the better known.

>> No.20182583

sage ya wanker

>> No.20182593

Can I have tea and then join the fight?

>> No.20182598


>> No.20182609

Let's not raid /x/. We're not /b/, we're classier than that. If we DID do a raid, we shouldn't be going over there trying to run people away. We need to go over there with quality content and encourage what makes /x/, /x/.

>> No.20182624

Yes, meaning that.

LARPers like "LIGHTNING BOLT!" kind of LARPers?

>> No.20182625

I only see bad things coming of this.

>> No.20182627

....I'll bring the guardsmen.....

>> No.20182628


>> No.20182632

oh come on, everyone knows that true knights and gentlemen screem WAAAGH when going into battle

>> No.20182644


>Implying people WANT to be the Dungeon Master

You've never tried setting up an RP, have you?

>> No.20182666


Oh God, not this shit. Don't fucking do it, you fags, it's what the /b/tards orchestrating this want.

>> No.20182678

Hahaha, some of them yeah. Not Hungarian LARP fag though. They bash each other around with metal swords and shit. Looks really fun, a bit painful.

>> No.20182681

Singt das Pal/x/tinalied!
Auf zu Schlachten und blutig Morden!

>> No.20182706


Well, no weirder than anybody on /x/.

I fancy myself as a rational person, often very skeptical of paranormal claims.

But I still want to believe.

>> No.20182715

Hmm, you know, I haven't been to /x/ in years! I should go look!

>/x/ front page is entirely conspiracy theories, DID OUR SPELLZ WORK GAIZE, aliens

Wha-what happened to the wonderful /x/ of yesteryear and it's entertaining, self aware, creepy atmosphere?

>> No.20182756

Oh, and another troll tip: go around telling everyone whose opinion you don't agree with a "disinfo agent".

Drives 'em nuts.

>> No.20182757

/b/ happened. And it's about to happen to us, if these stupid white knights don't calm the fuck down and stop trying to impress their board waifu.

Your board sucks now /x/. It's your own fucking fault and we're not here to fix it.


>> No.20182760

Is it true mighty Ward that you delivered the worthwhile armies from the grasp of Cruddace by redirecting him onto the Tau?

Thank you based Ward!

>> No.20182780

Ask us why we hate Ward.

>> No.20182784

>board waifu

Since when did /tg/ get involved in faggatory.

>> No.20182787

Be sure to mention that the Fluff is meaningless and that only the game rules matter.

>> No.20182791


We currently blame summerfags. But it's been going downhill for years now.

A lot of people actually believe it's the work of government "disinformation agents" who are hell-bent on sabotaging the board away from "the truth".

>> No.20182798

I'm a bit sad. I used to like /x/ 2 years back. That summertime endless /b/ raid broke it so badly it never recovered.

>> No.20182814


Oh, lighten up.

It would give you sperglords something to do outside of arguing who got more "XP" on your last "raid".

>> No.20182827

disinfo agent, ignore

>> No.20182832

We're tsundere as fuck for Ward. Any consensus that existed for hating him has long since deteriorated.

>> No.20182849


We're not /v/, and considering how you seem to let fly with insults the moment someone says something contrary to the plan of raiding /x/, I'd suspect you're trying to troll both boards by orchestrating a raid.

>> No.20182857

I think this doesn't work anymore.
Every noob and his dog are by now informed about how we had both worse rules and even worse fluff than Ward's stuff.
Don't we have anything fresher than that?

You hit me. Have a Blue.

>> No.20182859

What the hell are you on about? xp on raids is /v/. There are no raids in traditional gaming.

>> No.20182878

Hi /b/.

Fuck off now, please.

>> No.20182891

Well, there's still arguing that Tau are the "Good Guys' of 40k. Though most people are no longer bothered by TIDF. I haven't even seen him around for a while, even in Tau threads.

>> No.20182904

Looks like /b/ has decided to raid us for not falling for such obvious faggotry.

>> No.20182906


Nope, I'm a full-on /x/phile.

Actually never realized this board was as aspie as arcanine.


>> No.20182907

Go away /b/.

>> No.20182918

Come to think of it, he did not show up in the Blue threads.
Should there be reason for hope this failure got a job or bit a bullet?

>> No.20182919

>arguing who got more "XP" on your last "raid".

>> No.20182923

>Refusing to raid.

Pick one, faggot.

>> No.20182924


Your Autism Spectrum Disorder is showing.

>> No.20182925

>in charge of looking down on any other board

>> No.20182942




Please kill yourself.

>> No.20182946

Maybe he got tired of rollplaying the Water Caste.
Maybe he just got bored and removed his name and trips.

>> No.20182961


What, you guys can't pull yourselves away from your female elf plushie long enough to have some fun?

>> No.20182966

haha, get a load of this guy. I kind of wish someone would raid /x/, though. It'd be nice for them to have some decent posting for a change.

>> No.20182968

I was a contender for lord of my area this year. Missed my shot because of that GODSBEDAMNED DOG.
Captcha: Jonicat that
I agree Captcha, I agree.

>> No.20182969


Confirmed for shit stirring /b/tard.

>> No.20182974

your succubus and tulpa are disappointed in you right now

>> No.20182975

/b/ had fun with its raids. Look at the shape /b/ is in now.

>> No.20182986

Come to think of it, you seem to 'possibly' know a lot about TIDF.

As /jp/ will cetainly concur, this is our definition of fun.
You don't get more than roleplaying and writing out of us.

>> No.20182989


/b/ has been fucked since its inception

>> No.20182997


>> No.20183006

/b/ rode a wave of fun for a few years, too bad it crashed into the ground years ago, and people are still trying to ride it now.

>> No.20183011

>thinks raiding boards is fun.

>> No.20183012


But, you can roleplay on /x/.

Just go on and say that you're some kind of government agent/time traveler/alien hybrid. Samefag and ask yourself some questions to get it going and they WILL respond.

Works like a charm every time.

>> No.20183013

I've had broken ribs before. Some of the shit we do makes Pro rugby look tame.

>> No.20183020

I've only encountered him once. Told him he was essentially basing his life on toys. The only reason I know anything other than he loves Tau is someone was explaining him to /d/ once.

>> No.20183022


Okay, I'll admit it was fun back when we lieked mudkipz.

But it's been bad for much longer.

I miss double nigger.

>> No.20183040


God damn, you aren't even an old /b/tard, no wonder you're so shitty at raids.

>> No.20183055

The wave of fun crashed into the sand of shit we had been creating all along.
And then soon the surfers took to find another un-soiled place to use their boards, and ride a wave of fun once more.
Meanwhile people on /b/ are trying to swim on that same wave of fun /b/ had all that time ago, and are only succeeding in wallowing in the sands of shit.

>> No.20183059

Hey guys,
I'm the /x/phile who first made the "request." (OMG im gunna be famuos all over 4chan xD) Not relevant, but hey, my post might lead to something absolutely wonderful.

Even so, I don't believe that even a raid could accomplish much in the long run. But we really could use a purging of the conspiracyfags. They took our board, drove off our OC and everyone who wants serious discussion about paranormal subjects (silly as they might be), and any attempts at doing either of them is met with hostility both on the board and on the archive, where a bunch of faggots are doing their best to ensure that no OC is permanently saved.

We aren't asking you to become /b/ or our personal army lulz, but I know of quite a few e/x/iles who moved over to you guys when our board became shit. If you aren't willing to do it for us, then do it for your brothers. And if those guys aren't around anymore, then do it anyway. If you succeed, we'll look back on this with appreciation and gratitude, even if you won't be welcomed with open arms.

>> No.20183063

sage goes in all fields.

>> No.20183111


The problem is, /x/ has been overwhelmed by /b/. As you know, /b/ takes shit personally and loves raids. If /tg/ raided /x/, we'd be raided by /b/, and that's some shit we don't want.

As always, you're welcome to camp out here with us, we've got Call of Cthulhu and cookies.

>> No.20183123


I believe this image is appropriate.

>> No.20183140

Mmm, lemon flavored Gatorade...

>> No.20183156

More than anything I'm surprised /b/ actually managed to raid another board. It's been how long since they've done this? I didn't think the curent generation of /b/tards had it in them.

>> No.20183157

It's got electrolytes, which are what plants crave y'know.

>> No.20183206

They don't. /tg/'s still going business as normal. Even a portion of /x/ is just ignoring it and moving on.

>> No.20183237

Why would /tg/ raid /x/? /x/ is (or used to be) /tg/'s creepy waifu.

>> No.20183245

Well I'm aware that we are fine but I took a quick look at /x/... Are you telling me that's normal for them?

>> No.20183258

Yeah, it's kind of sad isn't it?

>> No.20183275

>implying I have imperfect vision and shitty facial hair.

That's dangerously close to heresy.

>> No.20183280


>> No.20183281

Well no, I wasn't saying that. But...They aren't exactly acting like anything is different, are they?

>> No.20183304

Did someone say heresy? I got a new Bolt Pistol and I've been meaning to try it out.

>> No.20183312

i smell heresy

>> No.20183334


What's wrong with your hair?

>> No.20183336

Most Commisars use Laz pistols.

>> No.20183345

I think he painted it on.
Also, it looks like someone photoshopped his eyes into being crooked.

>> No.20183356


>> No.20183359

>no rainbow socks

Cmon, you know we absolutely fucking LOVE long socks with rainbow patterns

>> No.20183364


The closest we could actually come to fixing /x/ would be to have the occasional wandering fa/tg/uy start up a few threads and/or contribute some writefaggotry.

>> No.20183373

That could actually work.
Eventually they'd learn and mimic, making their own threads.

>> No.20183378

we should just nuke /x/ from orbit and hope it dies.

>> No.20183394

That's one of the oldest drawings of /x/-tan. The design hadn't been finalised yet.

>> No.20183407


Exactly. I still think even /tg/ could stand to learn this lesson somewhat. I see massive anti-quest threads and nostalgia threads, but no one bothers to make the threads they clearly want, and it's pretty depressing. The most constructive way to drown out anything on 4chan is via enjoyable content.

>> No.20183411

Actually, 100-sided dice is correct as the use of 2d10 is the most common way to determine a random integer between one and one hundred.

/tg/ is raiding /x/? I had no clue

>> No.20183420

We don't raid.

>> No.20183441

I vote we force /x/ to supply a tithe to /tg/ of reference material, stories, and character pictures. This in exchange for their continued, pitiful, existence.

>> No.20183456

Yep. It predates the rainbow socks.

You could consider them a gift from /tg/ to /x/ early in the relationship.

>> No.20183541

We don't, but at this point I'd consider a raid on /pol/ entirely justified.

>> No.20183566

A lot of racist shitheads go to /tg/ too. I doubt it'd work. Picture related. /tg/'s fake, tongue in cheek parody has drawn actual skinheads.

>> No.20183569

I don't see why. They don't have anything that interests us. They don't do anything we do the "wrong" way. We have absolutely nothing in common.

>> No.20183612

I've been on tg for like six years, its always been like this. As far back as I can remember, tg and everywhere in the universe, has always been pining that "things used to be better"

>> No.20183796

God no. They're bunch of psychopaths. This place would become shithole central if we did. They harass people and get them fired from their jobs. Just let them fester in their shithole. That's what moot made it for.

>> No.20183873

That's it, guys. We HAVE to break up with x. I want c

>> No.20183892

Pretending things used to be better is one of the oldest games of pretend.

Why wouldn't we play it?

>> No.20183948

I was wondering how many of you think Game of Thrones is quality television.

>> No.20185601

So does /x/ ever talk about stuff like Toynbee or that one manuscript with the weird illustrations in it?

>> No.20185613

Voynich? Not for a while.

>> No.20185630

Why would anyone bother raiding what is widely considered the worst board on 4chan

>> No.20185777


>> No.20185815

First season was legit good but the show went downhill during season 2. It's still pretty good quality though for a show with a smaller budget than Camelot.

>> No.20187252

We had a Toynbee thread a month or two ago.

>> No.20187263

Know how I know you're full of shit?

Because you're implying that 4chan gathers together to come to a consensus about which boards are good and bad.

4chan doesn't come to a fucking consensus about anything... that's why it's so great. We argue about absolutely everything until we find the fucking truth.

>> No.20187351

>raiding /x and all 7 of its users

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