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Hey /tg/ i need to come up with a mission for my rogue trader group by tomorrow night, if anyone has any p;re mades or could let me use a mission of theirs it would be awesome!

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I had one that was "warp storm cleared out, get to settlin!"

The objectives were:

1) get transportation for colonists (imperial navy or space marines <more on the marines later>)
2) get colonists (either through church or criminals)
3) oh shit, remnants of the storm! navigate through to safety!

As an added bonus, local chapter X has a squad that was lost in the storm who had terminator armor and they want it back. Unfortunately, they lack the man power to go and fetch it and as such would appreciate it if you would be a buddy and pick it up. Grabbing the armor gets you in really good with the chapter but you could also sell it for fat stacks of profit.

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